Return to the origin of life, fashion need not be deliberate | Shanghai Fashion Week in Spring and Summer of 2024

Return to the origin of life, fashion need not be deliberate | Shanghai Fashion Week in Spring and Summer of 2024

Interface journalist | Zhou Fangying

Interface News Editor | Lou Qinqin

Yearly Plan Spring/Summer 2024 series "Walking by Heart" depicts the diverse faces of contemporary women’s rich inner world through simple and exquisite modernist design. This season continues the brand’s neat and bright style, and at the same time achieves a high degree of unity in color, fabric and tailoring, and outlines a coherent and dynamic outline like flowing water.

Choose natural and elegant low saturation colors, such as soft fog gray, turquoise, and moonlight white, which are fresh and quiet. The seemingly fuzzy and soft-focus tone sets off the simplicity and neatness in the cutting language. The casual combination of denim trousers and T-shirts interprets pragmatic aesthetics in a simple and elegant style. Signboard items such as vests, long skirts and windbreakers can be stacked and matched, or they can be presented alone, creating a rich sense of hierarchy.

This season, a large number of environmentally friendly natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, silk and linen, wool, etc., are used to balance practicality and shaping style. Through the comfort of fabric touch, we can create a confident and stretched wearing experience and promote a more independent clothing consciousness. YEARLY PLAN always pursues the concept of "year-round wardrobe" and provides consumers with lasting and effective choices with high-quality production.

Simple but rich, consistent and firm, YEARLY PLAN provides modern women with the possibility of finding themselves with an inclusive attitude. This is a journey of thinking, and it is also a practice towards more free and independent fashion expression.

Tommy Zhong’s spring/summer 2024 series reconstructs the subconscious prototype-the image of a free woman running in the summer jungle. Designers draw inspiration from Yuan Ye where flowers are blooming, and capture the moment when the sun pours down and the colors flow with the running figure. Lightweight and comfortable fabric texture and flowing and graceful tailoring release women’s vitality and self-confidence.

This season, a large number of natural fabrics, such as silk organza, are used, showing a comfortable feel as smooth as gypsum and as refreshing as a breeze. The exclusive development of woven fabric and three-dimensional printing endows clothing with unique texture and level like oil painting: just like the jumping green in Monet’s works, and like the smart white with hazy water vapor. Pure and hazy colors and flowing picture aesthetics naturally arouse the emotional resonance of the viewer.

This series provides a free and free portrayal for women. See through the collocation of tulle and corset, the movement of slit long skirt, unrestrained silhouette, soft waist collapse and asymmetric design can all improve comfort. TOMMY ZHONG uses the running of Yuan Ye in summer to show the confidence and autonomy of contemporary women. She can stride forward, stop and watch, and have a free dialogue with herself and the world. Through the clever use of colors, fabrics and tailoring, designers outline a vibrant and tense fashion portrayal, showing the true self of women from the inside out.

The designer brand Jiasheng’s latest spring/summer 2024 collection, with the theme of "Not old enough", interprets the beauty of old age from a unique perspective and discusses the relationship between clothing and age. Inspired by the old people living in the city, Jiasheng used a playful technique to integrate their time traces and life details into the design.

This series uses faded colors and worn prints to show the texture of articles fading and aging over time. Elements in the life of the elderly, such as keychains, reading glasses and bags, have also become fashion embellishments. The sense of relaxation of fabric comes down in one continuous line with oriental aesthetics, and bamboo mat printing and simple silhouette set off each other. Inspired by the overlapping layers of the elderly, the designer tried to splice the double neckline with the fabric to create a sense of humor.

Bright yellow-green and light blue, with retro stripes and plaid, the collision of colors has enhanced the vitality of this mix. Stage installations and performances are also accompanied by "Lao", and the audience can interact with the sand hammer performance.

Students pay attention to the beauty of old age from the perspective of students, hoping to bring more comfortable and relaxed experience through design. This is an attempt to interpret Chinese aesthetics with contemporary artistic techniques, which makes people embrace old age with a broader mind.


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