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Ten world-class classic TV dramas that you can’t stop watching, but unfortunately they are all made abroad.

Because we started late in the field of film and television, compared with our production level in Europe and America, we may still have some shortcomings, but we have been making progress.

I believe that in the near future, we can also produce world-class classic TV dramas.

The following small series recommends 10 world-class classic TV dramas, all of which are world-class classics. Once you can’t stop watching them, you can even watch them over and over again.

Especially in the last two movies, it makes people forget about tea and rice.

one、《The Walking Dead》

Chinese name "The Walking Dead", this film can be said to be the pinnacle of "Walking Dead" movies.

The film started in 2010 and ended in 2022, lasting 12 years, with a total of 117 episodes.

It tells the story of a world full of zombies. Survivors are intrigued with each other for survival and resources. The protagonist Rick insists on his own principles, but when faced with life and death, he has to fight back with a gun.

This film is very classic, which not only reflects the goodness of human nature, but also exposes the evil of human nature.

Friends who like watching doomsday movies, this drama must not be missed.

Two、《House of Cards》

Chinese "House of Cards", a political drama series produced by Netflix, is adapted from michael dobbs’s novel of the same name.

Directed by James Frey and david fincher, adapted by Beau Willimon, starring kevinspacey fowler, robin wright, michael kelly, Lars Micol Sen, kate mara and Christine Connolly.

The play mainly describes the story of a cold-blooded American congressman and his equally ambitious wife "operating power" among the top in Washington.

Frank Underwood, the hero, is the whip of the majority party in the US House of Representatives and a wily professional politicians. He firmly believes that the newly elected President of the United States and his aides betrayed him, so he vowed to oust this president, and he launched a series of arrangements by hook or by crook.

The finished version of the first season of House of Cards premiered globally on Netflix on February 1, 2013, and now it has been broadcast to the fifth season.

The excellent production and compact plot of this play make it enjoy high reputation and attention all over the world. These TV dramas are all classics, with excellent plots and actors’ performances, which are worth staying up late to watch.

3、《Breaking Bad》

Breaking Bad: It tells the story of an ordinary high school chemistry teacher who, after discovering that he has cancer, began to use his knowledge to make drugs, and then gradually became a drug tycoon.

His purpose of making drugs is actually very simple, just to earn more money for his family. He is actually a very loving person.

However, he ignored the love of others!

four、《The Big Bang Theory》

"The Big Bang Theory" This is a CBS comedy, which is very classic. It mainly tells some happy stories that a group of theoretical physicists and their friends met in their lives.

The script and actors of the play are excellent, especially Jim Parsons and Johnny Garic.

5、《The Wire》

FireWire, a HBO political drama, takes Baltimore as the background and discusses the relationship among drugs, politics, media and community. The script of the play is excellent, and there are many excellent actors, including Dominic West, Ian McShane and Wendell Pierce.


Lost is an ABC sci-fi TV series, which tells the story of survivors living on a desert island after a plane crash. The plot of the play is very complicated, and there are many amazing reversals.

This TV series is very popular in China. When I was studying English at school, the teacher took this gathering as an example.

seven、《The West World》:

"westworld" is a sci-fi series released by HBO in 2016. The idea originated from the 1973 film of the same name, with jonathan nolan as the general director, michael crichton as the chief screenwriter and Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins and ed harris as the main actors.

The play tells the story of a giant high-tech adult paradise with westworld as its theme, which provides tourists with the satisfaction of killing and sexual desire. With the receptionists’ independent consciousness and thinking, they begin to doubt the nature of the world, and then wake up and resist human beings.

This TV series is very classic, but because it is a restricted TV series, it may not be watched in China.

8、《Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.》

S.H.I.E.L.D. or S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, this TV series is very well-known in China.

It is a real-life sci-fi action series produced by Marvel TV, and it is also a part of Marvel movie universe.
The series is adapted from the Marvel comic organization SHIELD, but the protagonist is a human agent, not superheroes such as Iron Man and Hulk.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is a special force of the International Security Council dedicated to dealing with all kinds of strange events.
In addition, in Marvel Comics movies, the former director of SHIELD is Nick Fury, and the former commander is Maria Hill. In the drama, the main opponent is the evil organization Hydra founded and continued by Red Skull …

9、《Game of Thrones》

Chinese name "Game of Thrones", I believe many people have seen this drama.

Quan You is almost the ceiling of TV series, and no TV series can compare with it in terms of popularity.

This is a fantastic drama set in the overhead world of Westeros, which is loved by audiences all over the world with its wonderful plot and high-level cast. It includes a large number of violent and pornographic scenes, as well as complex character relationships and reversed plots, which makes it difficult for the audience to extricate themselves.

In particular, "Dragon Mother" Amelia, with her beautiful face, reaped waves of audiences.

Once the play is on, you can’t spare time for dinner!

Ten"Prison Break"

Why put Prison Break at the last finale? Because it is the most classic TV series in my heart.

Before I met my girlfriend when I first went to college, I met her first. In order to catch up with her, I suffered for a week (one episode a week), and then downloaded it by software and saved it on the hard disk. During the holiday, I watched it with my classmates, and I really didn’t think about tea and rice.

Prison Break is a story about saving lives. The protagonist Michael is an architect, and his brother was framed, which happened to be in the prison he designed.

In order to save his brother, Michael was deliberately arrested and then began his escape plan from prison. The process of his escape from prison, his successful escape, his re-imprisonment in his escape career, and his final collection of evidence in order to get rid of the crime …

Michael is a genius here, he is proficient in the application of mechanics, mathematics, chemistry and so on. The most important thing is that he is also a thief and handsome!

Wentworth Miller’s wonderful performance also won him the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

This is a TV series not to be missed, super classic and personal favorite!

Original Gao Hongbo was elected as the new head of the Football Association? Name: Not elected, in charge of youth training, Sun Wen in charge of women’s football!

Original title: Gao Hongbo was elected as the new head of the Football Association? Name: Not elected, in charge of youth training, Sun Wen in charge of women’s football!

Gao Hongbo, the name has been widely known in the football field in China. As an excellent coach, his team has made remarkable achievements in the international arena for many times. But the glory behind it is his love for football, courage to challenge and persistent pursuit of success.

Gao Hongbo’s football career began when he was a teenager. As a talented player, his performance on the court always attracts people’s attention. However, his real talent lies in his understanding of football and insight into the game. This makes him soon be considered as a future coach material.

Gao Hongbo’s coaching career began in domestic clubs. Here, he showed his excellent tactical vision and ability to cultivate players. His team has a distinctive style, good at controlling the ball and attacking quickly, which also won him the title of "representative of offensive football".

Gao Hongbo’s takeover of the China national team was an important turning point in his career. Faced with numerous challenges and pressures, he did not flinch, but insisted on his football philosophy and led the team out of a distinctive development path. Under his leadership, the China team has achieved good results in many international competitions, among which the most talked about is that he led the men’s U15 team to beat the Japanese team in the East Asian Cup to win the championship.

In addition to the success of the national team, Gao Hongbo’s emphasis on youth training is also praised by people. He believes that a strong youth training system is the cornerstone of the long-term development of football in China. Therefore, he invested a lot of energy in the field of youth training, hoping to cultivate more talents for China football.

Gao Hongbo’s football career is full of challenges and glories. His success is not only because of his talent and hard work, but also because of his love for football and persistent pursuit of his dreams. He is the pride of China football and all football fans.

Recently, the personnel changes of the Football Association have attracted the attention of the majority of fans. Although many fans expect Gao Hongbo to become the new head of the Football Association, in fact, Gao Hongbo is not interested in this position, and he is more willing to devote his energy to the youth training and the league. Ran Xiongfei revealed that Song Kai, the former director of Liaoning Sports Bureau, may become the new head of the Football Association. In addition, Sun Wen will be responsible for the construction of women’s national team and echelon, while Sun Jihai may become the new executive committee of the Football Association.

The personnel adjustment of the Football Association is very important for the future development of football in China. The new team needs to have clear goals and strategies to ensure that China football can achieve better results in the international arena.

Gao Hongbo’s emphasis on youth training once again emphasized the core position of youth training in football development. A strong youth training system can transport a large number of talents for the national team and ensure the sustainable development of football in China.

Sun Wen will be responsible for the construction of women’s national team and echelon, which means that women’s football will face new challenges and opportunities. How to ensure the sustainable development of women’s football is a problem that Sun Wen and the whole Football Association need to think about.

The recent personnel changes of China Football Association have aroused widespread concern. Many fans expect Gao Hongbo to be the new head of the Football Association, but Gao Hongbo is not interested. He is more willing to devote his energy to youth training and league matches, which once again emphasizes the importance of youth training in football development. During Gao Hongbo’s coaching career, he faced not only the opponents in the competition, but also the doubts and pressures from outside. Whenever the China team is in trouble and the result of the game is not satisfactory, there are voices questioning his coaching ability. However, Gao Hongbo never gave up lightly. He always believed in his football philosophy, and believed that only through continuous efforts and innovation can China’s football become brilliant.

His tenacity and perseverance also deeply influenced his players. Under his leadership, China’s players have not only improved their skills, but also exercised their psychological quality. He always encourages players to have confidence, dare to show themselves in the game, not afraid of failure, and have no regrets as long as they work hard.

Besides taking the game seriously, Gao Hongbo treats the players as his own children. He cares about the growth and development of every player, not only giving them guidance on the court, but also giving them care and help in life. This profound friendship between teachers and students also makes the players respect and trust him more.

Generally speaking, Gao Hongbo is not only an excellent coach, but also an excellent life mentor. With his own experience and wisdom, he has trained outstanding players from generation to generation for China football and laid a solid foundation for the future of China football.

Ran Xiongfei’s report mentioned that Song Kai, the former director of Liaoning Sports Bureau, may become the new head of the Football Association. This news has also attracted the attention of many fans. Song Kai’s appointment means that the Football Association will face new development opportunities and challenges.

At the same time, Sun Wen will be responsible for the construction of the women’s national team and echelon. This is an important decision, because women’s football has faced many challenges in recent years. Sun Wen’s appointment means that the women’s football team will have the opportunity to usher in new development.

And Sun Jihai may become the new executive committee of the Football Association. His recent outstanding performance in youth training has also added points to his position in the Football Association.

Generally speaking, the new team of the Football Association will face many challenges, but it is also full of opportunities. We expect them to lead China football to new heights.

Editor in charge:

Japan’s soccer basketball aims to win the world championship and establish a youth training model with low utility.

Live broadcast: On September 18th, today, Jin Xing, the founder and president of Oriental Qixing, who has been deeply involved in youth training for many years in titan sports, wrote in detail what he saw and heard during his field trip to Japanese basketball youth training. The original text is as follows:

I was shocked by the performance of the Japanese men’s basketball team in the World Cup, and the previous trip to Japan was really fruitful for me.

After several days of field trips, one of the simplest conclusions is that,The development of Japanese basketball and Japanese football comes down in one continuous line. They both aim to win the world championship, hoping to bring happiness to Chinese people.Make plans around this goal, implement it at a specific time, and implement it to specific people and things. Therefore, the development of Japanese basketball keeps pace no matter where and at what age.

Under the big goal,Japan has established a training system of double pyramid model, that is, the two development directions of mass and elite.. The mass direction is to cultivate lifelong sports hobbies, while the elite direction is to select and cultivate national talents. But the most important thing is the foundation of the double pyramid: youth training based on stimulating interest and cultivating socialization ability.

Although the double pyramid culture system has different purposes, it is connected with each other. Nowadays, these Japanese national players, who are all-powerful in the World Cup, began to receive basketball training from the perspective of cultivating interest, and later gradually showed their interest and talent in basketball.

The training of Japanese basketball is not so utilitarian. Their idea is that basketball needs to bring happiness to children and cultivate good personality.When watching Japanese youth training, we observed that in addition to cultivating children’s basketball ability, coaches also paid great attention to children.Etiquette and courtesy, cooperation ability, leadership, self-management ability and problem-solving ability.The cultivation of these five aspects.

Of course, this is also related to Japan’s positioning and high requirements for coaches.In the Japanese basketball system, the coach’s duty is to "send the players where they want to go and reach their destination." In other words, the coach’s position is "supporter"They don’t define children by their own likes and dislikes, respect their individuality and encourage their creativity. In such a free environment, they can stimulate their self-confidence and leadership, and dare to take responsibility and fight at critical moments. It is the coach’s mission to encourage children to enjoy happy games and improve themselves from setbacks.

Japan is currently in the process of youth training.Denied the concept of "victory first". You can pursue victory, but you should also enrich your life and learn the necessary value of life. This is the real victory.

After teenagers gradually formed good interests and basketball habits, the pyramid system for elites began to select materials. Japan’s selection priority is different from China’s. In the past few years, China’s selection was based on height, speed, technology and ball dealer, while Japan’s selection was based on technology first, then ball dealer, and then height and speed.

After the selection is confirmed, the Japan Basketball Association will organize the best players of all ages in the country for training. Every long holiday of more than three days, the best children of U14, U16 and U18′ s age will get together and get to know each other, laying a foundation for fighting side by side in the future.

In the past few years, the road for Japanese children to develop overseas in high school and university has also been completely opened, and more and more Japanese players have gone to the United States and Australia to receive higher-level training.

The double pyramid model makes Japanese basketball youth training systematic and can be implemented in every stage. Combined with the campus, it is natural to continuously transport talents for Japanese basketball. On the other hand, in the youth training of basketball in China today, we have players with better static talent and more extensive attention and participation in basketball, but there are still many unsatisfactory places in terms of goal consensus and systematization. In addition,The most fundamental point is that our youth training is too utilitarian.. I hope we can make it clear in the youth training that interest and victory are not contradictory, but should be combined with each other. On the one hand, the mission of youth training is to help China basketball expand the basketball population base, and at the same time to train basketball talents for the country.


3 for 1! Cappella’s trading plan: Eagle Stud teenager+first round, 18+8 blocked Wang helped Trey Yang.

In the offseason this summer, the Hawks renewed Dezhangtai Murray, traded Corinth, introduced Fernando, Mills and Matthews, and adjusted the team lineup.

At present, the Hawks plan to rebuild the team around Treyan and Dezhangtai Murray, and the management is ready to continue to introduce and strengthen, so as to enhance the strength and depth of the lineup.

According to the report of Brett Siegel, Eagle has been evaluating the trading market in clint capela this summer, trying to trade cappella before the start of the new season.

Of course, the reality is that the Eagle’s intention to trade cappella is not groundless, and it can even be said that it has a long history.

After all, during this summer’s offseason, the Hawks did explore a potential deal about cappella, and cappella was once put on the shelf!

In this regard, the US media ClutchPoints recently re-analyzed and re-evaluated the idea that the Eagle intends to trade clint capela.

ClutchPoints, an American media, thinks that in the potential deal in cappella, a candidate worthy of eagle’s attention is Pacers insider myles turner!

With the emergence of this idea, the US media also gave their own opinions and suggestions, and envisaged a 3-for-1 trading scheme.

The specific 3-for-1 trading scheme is as follows:

Eagles sent clint capela+Jay Johnson +2024 first-round signing (from Kings) and traded from Pacers to myles turner.

Turner played for the Pacers last season, and his performance was remarkable. Turner played 62 games in the whole regular season, and his attendance rate was quite good.

At the same time, Turner averaged 18 points, 7.5 rebounds, 1.4 assists and 2.3 blocks per game when he played 29 minutes per game.

For the eagle, Turner is 2.11 meters tall, with a wingspan of 2.24 meters. He has excellent physical fitness and athletic ability. He was elected as the blocked shot king of the season, and the performance of the defensive end should not be underestimated.

Turner, who is 27 years old, has obviously not reached the peak of his career, and has the potential to become a DPOY in the league. He is a powerful space insider.

In addition, compared with cappella, Turner plays a more outstanding role on the offensive end, and has a good three-pointer, which is more practical and functional.

By the side of Treyan and Dezhangtai Murray, Turner’s improvement and promotion at both ends of the game will bring great help to the Hawks.

It is no exaggeration to say that with the combination of three giants: Treyan+Dezhangtai Murray+Turner, the Hawks will definitely have a chance to attack the playoffs in the East in the future!

In contrast, on the Pacers’ side, trading Turner’s team needs to be rewarded, and cappella and Jay Johnson are really worth betting on.

Last season, cappella averaged 12 points, 11 rebounds and 1.2 blocks in regular games, and 8.3 points, 8.3 rebounds and 1 steal in the playoffs.

Jay Johnson played for the Hawks last season, averaging 5.6 points, 4 rebounds and 1.2 assists in the regular game and 4.3 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1.3 assists in the playoffs.

For the Pacers, cappella, 29, is in his prime, and has rich playoff experience and personal ability.

However, Jay Johnson, who is only 21 years old, is young enough, his potential and talent have not been fully realized, and he has good training value and development space.

In the Pacers’ lineup, alongside halliburton and Hilde, cappella can be a qualified inside defense gate.

Young teenager Jay Johnson can provide good instant combat power, inject vitality and energy into the pacers, and enhance the strength and depth of the lineup!

More importantly, in this 3-for-1 trading scheme, the walkers can also get a first-round sign that may be valuable in the future, which is really an option worth considering for the walkers!

Finally, as a fan, are you optimistic that the Hawks will use the above 3-for-1 trading scheme to dig the corner and block Wang Turner? Welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments section!

24-year-old won four times for a while! NBA Salary Expert: He will be the first Mr. with an annual salary of 80 million.

There are only five places in the NBA every year, and it is not easy to be selected for a while. Some superstar players have never been selected for a while, such as Anthony, Carter, Pierce and Ray Allen. However, there are also some talented players who have been selected for several times at a young age. For example, Duncan and Durant have been selected for four times before the age of 25.

In addition to these two talents, there is also a young player in the NBA who has achieved this feat. He is 24-year-old Dancsics. At present, Dancsics has played in the NBA for five seasons. Except for the first season, he didn’t win the honor of the best team, and he won the best team for four consecutive years from the second season. For today’s Dancsics, it’s common to average 30+7+7 per game. With his data, as long as the number of appearances reaches the standard, he will be a strong candidate every season.

The new NBA season is about to begin, and Dancsics should continue to play explosive data in the new season. As long as he doesn’t suffer serious injuries, it should be certain that he will enter the best team in the 2023-24 season. According to the analysis of salary expert Bobby Marks, Dancsics is eligible to sign a five-year super-maximum salary contract of $318 million, but he can’t renew it in 2024, because his participation period is less than six years. He can sign a contract renewal in 2025 and it will take effect in the 2026-27 season.

Furthermore, Bobby Marks said: If the salary cap increases by 10% in the next three years, the total contract value of Dancsics will reach $367.5 million in five years, and the annual salary of this contract will be $83.6 million in the last year. Dancsics will become the first player in the NBA with an annual salary exceeding $80 million.

In addition to Dancsics, Tatum’s next contract will be very amazing. Bobby Marks analyzed that Tatum has been qualified to sign a contract worth $303 million in 2024 (according to the salary cap’s 5% growth forecast). If the salary cap’s 10% growth forecast, Tatum’s contract will become $338 million, which will be the largest contract in NBA history. But when Dancsics signs a new contract in 2025, it will break Tatum’s record.