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What is the best life of the zodiac? I feel my accuracy! Look at yours quickly

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The ancestors of China people were very wise, and they used the twelve branches of the earth to assign twelve kinds of animals to mark the year, which is called the Zodiac Chronology.
Every person born in one year has a corresponding animal sign, and after twelve years, he will be reincarnated. From ancient times to the present, no one does not know what he belongs to, whether it is ordinary people or emperors and dignitaries.
Everyone in the zodiac has their own temper and personality, and people in different zodiac signs have different fates.
Rats are smart, have strong insight, always pay attention to details overlooked by others, are good at understanding people’s hearts and seizing opportunities, and have strong environmental adaptability and adaptability.
There is a mortar on the head of the word "mouse", which means "hit repeatedly, but never broken, never exhausted". Although people who belong to the mouse are hit, they can improvise and have tenacious vitality, and one day they will turn over and come through thick and thin.
If rats can know how to be contented, overcome greed, and learn to be tolerant of people and things, the road of life will be smooth.
People who belong to the ox are honest and steady, and never believe in getting something for nothing. No matter how hard it is, they always do things step by step, taking no risks and taking no chances. The career established slowly and steadily when you are young will be smooth sailing and promoted step by step after middle age.
"Look at a thousand fingers coldly, bow down and be a willing ox". People who belong to the ox have a strong sense of justice, a sense of responsibility, and are keen to resist injustice. They hate people who are shrewd, thoughtful and hypocritical, and attach great importance to feelings and righteousness. As long as they are recognized friends, they will be devoted to them.
If people who belong to cattle know how to be flexible, listen to other people’s opinions, and don’t get bogged down, their career development will be more handy.
Tiger people are tenacious, ambitious, have very strong self-confidence, like to take risks and challenges, never bow their heads when they encounter great difficulties, and never give up until they reach their goals.
The tiger is the king of the mountain forest. People who belong to the tiger are born with their own leader’s aura, have the domineering spirit of the king, have a chivalrous heart, love to hoe the strong and help the weak, support the weak, but pretend to be strong when they are injured, and hide in an unmanned place to heal alone.
If a tiger learns to communicate and cooperate with others, consult with others when something happens, and avoid making enemies, his career will be in by going up one flight of stairs, and he will win the support of all.
People who belong to rabbits have keen intuition, have a keen insight into people’s hearts and have a good eye for people and things. Elegant, gentle and kind, with a simple heart, always treats people around you kindly.
In China mythology, the rabbit is an elf in the middle of the moon, accompanying Chang ‘e, and pounding the elixir of life under the osmanthus tree on a full moon night, so the rabbit is also a symbol of longevity. People who belong to rabbits know romance very well, and they yearn for a peaceful and quiet life.
If rabbit people can stick to their initial intentions, be kind to others, accumulate good deeds and become virtuous, good luck will continue, and their lives will be leisurely and elegant.
Dragon people have lofty ideals and strong enterprising spirit, high vision, boldness and boldness than ordinary people, and they don’t like pestering over trivial matters, let alone gossiping, being frank and sincere, and hating despicable and hypocritical acts.
The dragon is the favored son of heaven, and it is blessed by heaven. People who belong to the dragon are blessed with good fortune, and they will come through thick and thin and be happy.
If people who belong to the dragon can have a kind heart, be generous and measure others, life will step into a glorious road, and the rest of their lives will be safe and prosperous.
People who belong to snakes are naturally mysterious. They hide their joys and sorrows in their hearts. Their likes and dislikes are beyond words. Their emotions are invisible, calm and steady, and they can cope with all kinds of situations calmly.
Snakes are also known as "Little Dragons" among the people. People who belong to snakes are naturally intelligent, profound in thought, unwilling to be mediocre, and slowly accumulate strength. Once the time is ripe, "Little Dragons" will turn into "real dragons", which means that "Jin Lin is a thing in the pool, and he will turn into a dragon when he meets a storm".
If people who belong to snakes can be less suspicious, be frank and relative in everything, and be generous and generous in dealing with others, they will be less affected by many storms and good luck will continue.
People who belong to the horse are full of blood, free and easy, have a compassionate heart, always think of others, like to help others, bear everything by themselves, and yearn for a free and unrestrained life.
As the saying goes, "Lyu3 bu4 among people, a red rabbit in a horse", and the ancients called outstanding talents "a swift horse". People who belong to a horse combine talent and courage. If they can persist in their ideals, Do not forget your initiative mind will surely meet Bole, and "the seven stars are hanging high outside the Milky Way, and the heaven and the earth will gallop".
If people who belong to the horse can guard against arrogance and rashness, act calmly, be modest and low-key, not only will they have the help of nobles, but their fortune will be smooth and smooth, and everything will be solved.
People who belong to the sheep are pure and kind, gentle and considerate, do not like to show off, are soft outside and rigid inside, and have a strong vitality and willpower inside.
Oracle Bone Inscriptions with the word "sheep" has two horns on it, which means "everyone" and is beneficial to everyone. In China culture, sheep is the most harmonious and beautiful animal, which benefits people.
People who belong to the sheep have a gentle personality, and have a self-sacrificing mind. They are blessed by God and have no great disasters in their lives.
"You can’t hurt others, and you can’t prevent others." People who belong to the sheep should learn to protect themselves, know others with their eyes, and not be used by malicious people.
Monkeys are lively and versatile, quick-witted, witty, chivalrous, caring for others, and have a good popularity.
"Monkey" and "Hou" are homonyms. Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, the monkey has been a symbol of auspiciousness and nobility. In New Year pictures, a little monkey is often painted riding on a big monkey, which means "Hou will be sealed for generations". A monkey’s life is full of gold, and his life is full of good luck and extravagance.
If people who belong to monkeys can get rid of their impatient temper, endure in adversity, converge in prosperity, look down on gains and losses, and follow the fate wholeheartedly, they will live a happy and prosperous life.
Source: vision china
People who are chickens are frank and straightforward, say what they think in their hearts, have flexible minds, delicate minds, are hardworking and kind, have a sense of responsibility and care for their families very much.
Chickens are the animals of Sichen. "The cock crows all over the world." Chickens will crow at dawn, so the ancients thought that chickens had the ability to foresee. People born in the Year of the Rooster often have foresight and can seize the opportunity and win the initiative.
If people who are chickens can cultivate their patience and take every step of life in a down-to-earth manner, the future will be infinitely bright.
People who belong to dogs have sensitive insight, value human feelings and morality, have a sense of justice, are magnanimous and careless, generous and generous, have a strong sense of responsibility, and treat relatives and friends with affection and righteousness.
In ancient times, when night came, dogs kept watch at home and were the most loyal and reliable friends of people. People born in the year of the dog are sensitive and loyal, and can get the appreciation of the nobles and rise to the top.
If people who belong to dogs can not stick to the rules, learn to be flexible and not blindly persistent, life will be prosperous and smooth.
People who belong to the pig are simple and kind, easy-going, informal, optimistic and open-minded, sincere to friends and caring for their families in every possible way.
The word "home" covers a pig. In the eyes of the ancients, a pig at home can only be called a "home" if it has a certain living guarantee, so the pig also means wealth and happiness. People born in the year of the pig are blessed and well-fed.
If people who belong to pigs can have their own opinions, learn to refuse, don’t covet ease and enjoyment, and do more good deeds, they will be blessed with profound blessings and enjoy endless blessings throughout their lives.

Is it going to snow in Wuxi?

February 3rd is the traditional "off-year" in South China.

"Little Year" is the prelude to "Big Year"

The Spring Festival is getting closer and closer.

So what will the weather be like in the next few days?

The latest release of Wuxi meteorology

According to @ Wuxi Meteorological Forecast

There is still obvious precipitation in our city today and tomorrow.

On the 5th, even the rainy weather will end.

On June 6-7, the city was dominated by changes in the cloud system.

But the weather is not too good, there is still weak rain and snow.

In terms of temperature, the short-term temperature is not too high.

The highest temperature is around 5℃

The latest release of Jiangsu meteorology

According to @ Jiangsu Meteorological Forecast

It will be rainy (snowy) in the province in the next three days.

Today is day to night.

There is snow or sleet in the area north of the Yangtze River.

Among them, along the central and western regions between Huai and Jianghuai

Moderate to heavy snow, local snowstorm

Other areas are cloudy with little to moderate rain.

National scope

It starts today (February 3)

Large-scale rain and snow weather in central and eastern China entered the strongest period.

Parts of Hunan, Hubei, Henan and Anhui

Will become a concentrated area of freezing rain and heavy snowfall.

There will be a heavy snowstorm in the local area

Under the pressure of rain and snow

The temperature in most parts of central and eastern China is lower than normal.

South China will also usher in a significant cooling from the 5 th

Do you expect snow?

Original title: "Is it going to snow in Wuxi? 》

"Human Comedy" Allen cross-border beauty blogger recommended bitch color for Wang Zhi.

1905 movie network news Directed by Sun Zhou, starring Allen, Wang Zhi and Luno, and starring Yam Tat-wah, Jin Shijie and Pan Binlong, The Comedy on Earth will be released nationwide on March 29th. Recently, Allen and Li Jiaqi, the first lipstick brother, have a wonderful live broadcast. In the live broadcast, Allen accepted many tests, exchanged lipstick with Li Jiaqi, and remotely picked "bitch color" for Wang Zhi … … During the period, fans interacted enthusiastically and praised over 6.15 million.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, Li Jiaqi, the first brother of lipstick, brought the ultimate test of lipstick. There were many problems in price, color and texture, which made Allen, the "straight man of steel", look reluctant and shy frequently, and the number of barrage interactions soared due to funny reactions. Allen, on the other hand, was highly praised by Li Jiaqi, the "first brother of lipstick", and could consider becoming a beauty blogger.

When Allen meets dead Barbie powder, "it may be put on and she will die", which is simply invincible. Incidentally, I also praised Li Jiaqi for "I’ve seen you paint this, and it looks very nice", and they exchanged blows with each other very seriously.

Hard-core Allen uniform lipstick "Devil" Li Jiaqi recommended bitch color for Wang Zhi.

Allen and Li Jiaqi put lipstick on each other to set off the barrage, and straight man Allen made her beauty debut, wearing a "green" uniform of "devil" Li Jiaqi, looking like a doctor on the operating table, holding lipstick and saying "Ah, (open your mouth)" to Li Jiaqi. Li Jiaqi carefully selected the most popular blood orange number for Allen and painted it himself, which made fans very moved.

On the way to the live broadcast, Allen did not forget his wife, Wang Zhi, in "Comedy on Earth" and invited Li Jiaqi to pick the color number for Wang Zhi. In the film, Pu Tong (Allen) and Mi Mi (Wang Zhi), a coward, accept the pressure of life and meet several "old drivers" by accident. Allen also describes Mi Mi as a shrew in vernacular, asking Li Jiaqi if she is a shrew and has no desire to survive.


The film Human Comedy will be shown nationwide this Friday.

Diving events at the World Swimming Championships started.

Original title: The diving event of the World Swimming Championships started.

On February 2nd, the contestants warmed up before the women’s 1m springboard preliminaries. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Yuan photo

On the same day, the diving event of the 2024 World Swimming Championships started in Doha, Qatar.

On February 2nd, Georgia’s Shariya competed in the women’s 1m springboard preliminaries. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Yuan photo

On February 2nd, Nihlsson jaouad gharib of Sweden took part in the women’s 1m springboard preliminaries. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Yuan photo

On February 2nd, Gillette of France was in the women’s 1m springboard preliminaries. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Yuan photo

On February 2, Finland’s Harselska competed in the women’s 1m springboard preliminaries. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Yuan photo

On February 2nd, Switzerland’s Heimberg competed in the women’s 1m springboard preliminaries. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Yuan photo

The price of New Year’s Eve dinner in Guangzhou has increased by 20% to 30% compared with previous years [Figure]

    Caption: Last New Year’s Eve, Li Lianghuan’s family had dinner at home. You can have a holiday on New Year’s Eve this year. Will many people go home to cook New Year’s Eve? Reporter/Sun Tao photo

    The price of New Year’s Eve dinner in Guangzhou has generally increased by 20% to 30% compared with previous years, and the reservations for New Year’s Eve dinner in major restaurants are basically full.

    "Moonlight, according to the hall; Picking betel nuts at the end of the year. " Nursery rhymes describe the scene of a family sitting around the house and enjoying a home-cooked New Year’s Eve dinner. For busy Guangzhou people, it seems that they have been away for many years. Since the beginning of this year, with the implementation of the Labor Contract Law and the rising price of ingredients, the cost of the catering industry is at an all-time high. The price of New Year’s Eve in Guangzhou has generally increased by 20% to 30% compared with previous years, and the reservations for New Year’s Eve in major restaurants have been basically full. Under such a background, the trend of going home for a reunion dinner is quietly returning.

    "Hot Booking" Booking starts from Mid-Autumn Festival.  

    Additional service charge, minimum consumption, no self-help dishes … Compared with weekdays, during the Spring Festival, Xiguan Family added a lot of "rules" to the banquet reservation, but it still could not stop the full business. The last two rounds of reunion dinner have been booked 93%, and the opening dinner on the second day of the new year has also been booked without a table left.  

    Yesterday afternoon at 2: 30, after the rice market, Deng Xiaoxiao, director of the business department of Guangzhou Xiguan Shijia Garden Restaurant, was still busy. A thick stack of orders for the reunion dinner was piled up in front of the table, and she looked through it carefully. According to Director Deng, Xiguan aristocratic family has set up more than 130 banquets, and the reunion dinner is divided into two rounds. At present, 93% of them have been booked.  

    "The booking tide began to appear after the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the private rooms were fully booked as early as one month ago," said Director Deng. In addition, the Xiguan family’s New Year’s dinner on the second day of the year was also fully booked. Yesterday, many guests still came to ask for reservations. Looking closely at the New Year menu launched by this restaurant, the lowest price for 10 people/seat reaches 900 yuan, plus a 10% service charge, and all discount cards will be stopped.

    In addition, many branches of Taihu Seafood Restaurant, Shiweitian (Xingang Store) and Lianxianglou have set the minimum consumption for the New Year’s Eve dinner.  

    The day before yesterday, Director Zhao of Guangzhou Restaurant Group said in an interview that the "reunion dinner" at noon on New Year’s Eve this year has also begun to flourish, and Tianhe and other new city branches have accepted nearly 50% of lunch reservations.

    "Generally, there are many people from other provinces who book lunch. They don’t care too much about time." According to director Zhao’s analysis, because of the holiday on New Year’s Eve, some citizens have begun to plan to travel or return home to visit relatives, so they should finish the reunion dinner early; In addition, the dinner reservation is not in place is also one of the influencing factors.

    It is understood that since last month, the reservation of group dinner in Guangzhou restaurants has been hot. As far as the evening market is concerned, all the branches in the city have been fully booked in the first round, and the second round has also been booked for about 50%.  

    Manager Huang Li of the sales department of Hongxing Seafood Restaurant said that this year’s reunion dinner was cancelled. "The main thing is to let the guests eat with peace of mind, without rushing to catch their lives. It is understood that the restaurant’s reunion dinner was fully booked as early as the beginning of January, and some citizens came to the restaurant to make reservations last November.

    "three jobs" in the annual festival of "price scanning" increases costs  

    As the prices of agricultural and sideline products such as pork, grain and oil and energy have all risen sharply this year, and the labor contract law stipulates that triple wages on holidays will increase labor costs, the price of this year’s reunion dinner has also risen accordingly. According to the reporter’s investigation, the quotation of group dinner in middle and high-end restaurants in Guangzhou has generally increased by 20% to 30%.

    The biggest price increase of this year’s New Year’s Eve dinner is the suckling pig. Director Zhao of Guangzhou Restaurant Office said, "The suckling pig that sold more than 200 yuan last year has doubled to more than 400 yuan this year. However, last year, the purchase price of suckling pigs was only 10 yuan/kg, and this year it actually rose to 50 yuan/kg, and the cost was nearly three times more expensive. " Director Zhao estimates that the overall cost will increase by 40%-50% this year. The person in charge of Hongxing Seafood Restaurant said that this year’s skinned suckling pigs rose from 388 yuan last year to 488 yuan each.

    "Last year’s package in 1000 yuan rose to 1,200 yuan this year, but the content remained unchanged." Director Zhao said that in order to make it acceptable to the public, Guangzhou restaurant tried to control the increase in the price of dishes. For example, in the collocation of dishes, we will pay attention to skills and avoid using too much raw materials with excessive increase.  

    Despite the sharp increase in prices, Director Zhao was pleasantly surprised to find that many citizens’ spending power has improved significantly. "Many guests are more generous and refreshing when ordering food than in previous years."  

    It is an indisputable fact that the price of reunion dinner has risen. In addition to the rising price of food raw materials, the increase in labor costs is also a major reason. 

    Starting this year, the legal holiday of the Lunar New Year will be advanced to the 30th. According to the newly implemented Labor Contract Law, you must pay three times the usual salary, commonly known as "three jobs". Xie Huixin, HR manager of Hongxing Catering Group, told reporters a few days ago that the contract employees who went to work at the age of 30 this year can get "three jobs", but there are still many employees asking for a holiday. At present, the company is still recruiting.

    "This has not affected the overall cost." Director Zhao of Guangzhou Restaurant Group Office introduced that although all the grass-roots employees in the restaurant had to come back to work overtime on New Year’s Eve, it did not affect the overall cost of paying employees three jobs on the same day. "The three-day holiday of the Spring Festival used to be from the first day to the third day, but this year it was advanced, which is equivalent to the three jobs of the third day being transferred to New Year’s Eve."

    Director Zhao also said that it will be individual small restaurants that will have a greater impact. "Many restaurants will consider the cost relationship and would rather not do it."

    "This year’s" Labor Contract Law "was promulgated, and we will definitely act in accordance with the legal provisions". Liang Weiming, executive deputy general manager of Xiguan Shijia Garden Restaurant, said that in the face of the rising cost of human resources and raw materials, it is really difficult to run a restaurant.

    The shrinking of "quality foresight" reunion dinner is worrying.

    In business, merchants will not lose money in doing business. Some citizens are worried that the dish head (weight) of the reunion dinner will shrink. According to relevant personages of the Consumer Council, the weight of the New Year’s Eve dinner is not enough and the materials used are not fresh, which has always been a hot issue of complaints.

    Master Liu, who has worked as a "kitchen boss" (executive chef) in many restaurants, told reporters that there are many ways for restaurants to reduce costs and customers’ satisfaction with dishes. For example, to make a white-cut chicken, the price of authentic Hainan Wenchang chicken is more than 30 yuan. If it is changed to Guangxi chicken, Ma chicken and the like, it only costs more than 20 yuan, or choose some smaller chickens and use seasoning to save it. Generally, people who don’t eat chicken will not find it.

    Often go "? Mr. Di Dan Liang of Guangzhou also complained that when he went to many restaurants to eat recently, he found that the head of the dish was small, and many dishes with vegetarian dishes reduced the weight of vegetarian dishes. Mr. Liang asked for a "red onion" in a restaurant in Panyu yesterday. Bone ",and found that there are more onions than ribs.

    "Everything is expensive now, and it is not unacceptable for you to raise the price." Mr. Liang said that this practice of insisting on prices on the surface, but raising prices in disguise in secret, is really difficult to feel at ease.  

    He Jian ‘an, director of the Complaints Department of Guangzhou Consumer Council, said that during the New Year’s Eve dinner last year, consumer complaints mainly focused on the following points: First, the weight of the dinner was not enough and the materials used were not fresh. Second, the scheduled reunion dinner was temporarily cancelled by the restaurant (default). Third, the weight is insufficient, and the materials used are smaller than usual. Fourth, it is difficult to guarantee the service and hygiene level of the reunion dinner.

    Director He reminded consumers that it is necessary to pay attention to hygiene when eating dinner in restaurants, and it is difficult to guarantee the hygiene of many restaurants during the dinner. In addition, we should take good care of the elderly and children.  

    ■ New Year’s Eve returns to the New Year’s Eve holiday to redo home cooking.

    According to the new holiday method, many people have been liberated since the 30 th of this year. "It is estimated that many people will go home to cook again." Director Liang of Xianzuiju Restaurant in Yuexiu District introduced that this may have a certain impact on small and medium-sized restaurants.

    Ms. Zeng, who lives in Dongshankou, chose her own reunion dinner this year. Talking about having a family reunion dinner in previous years, Ms. Zeng joked that it was really "annoying": in order to book a better position, Ms. Zeng had to ask an acquaintance to make a reservation several months in advance, and many times the dishes could not be decided in advance. "It’s all Italian dishes, sweet and sweet, and a hundred children and grandchildren. You really need to know what he gives you to eat, and you won’t know until New Year’s Eve." After the reunion dinner last year, Ms. Zeng’s family helped the elderly and took care of the young. They waited for more than an hour in Xiguan and couldn’t get a taxi. The old man almost incontinence on the side of the road.

    Ms. Zeng recalled that more than ten years ago, the family had a family reunion dinner in a warm home: the hand-made seaweed pig (getting rich) and boiled chicken were placed on the table, and the children lit incense sticks to worship their ancestors under the instruction of the old man. As a daughter-in-law, Ms. Zeng was responsible for cooking in the kitchen. "After the New Year’s Eve, adults will take their children to the Flower Street and return home at about 11 pm to welcome the new year with firecrackers."

Editor: Feng Ye

What is football? What are the advantages of playing football?

What is football? What are the advantages of playing football?

What is football?

Rugby, a kind of ball games, is popular in Britain, America, Australia, Japan and other countries. Originated in rugby, England in 1823, it was originally named Rugby Football, or rugby for short. It is called rugby in China because it is spherical like an olive. Rugby is a city in the middle of England, where there is a Rugby School, which is the birthplace of rugby.

What are the advantages of playing football?

More effectively improve that function of the respiratory system.

Rugby is a combination of running and leg sports. In the process of running, passing the ball, shooting the ball, etc., the depth of breathing will be strengthened, so that more oxygen will be inhaled and more carbon dioxide will be discharged, so that the vital capacity will be increased and the lung function will be strengthened. This is because the main respiratory muscle groups (diaphragm, intercostal muscle, levator costalis muscle, upper and lower serratus muscle, etc.) and respiratory auxiliary muscle groups (scalene muscle, sternocleidomastoid muscle, pectoralis minor muscle, pectoralis major muscle, etc.) strengthen contraction, and promote the development of these muscles, thoracic expansion, chest cavity volume increase, alveoli develop well, respiratory strength increase, vital capacity, lung ventilation and suction (photo) Studies have pointed out that people who exercise regularly have strong physical adaptability, and their breathing appears stable, deep and even, and the frequency is also slow. When they are quiet, their breathing frequency is 7-11 times/minute, while those who do not exercise have a breathing frequency of 12-18 times/minute, and women are 2-3 times faster than men.

Prolong life more effectively.

A ten-year study shows that people who don’t exercise are 42% more likely to die young than those who often play football. 5%。 The reason is that if you don’t exercise, you will accelerate aging in many places, and even get old before you get old. And these people who don’t exercise have lower resistance to cancer, heart and so on than those who play football.

Strengthen the bones of the legs.

Rugby is the best exercise for training legs. In the process of continuous leg exercise, the blood supply of bone is improved due to the promotion of metabolism, and the morphological structure and function of bone have undergone good changes: the bone density is thickened, which makes the bone thicker, the arrangement of bone trabeculae is more orderly and regular according to different pressures and tensions, and the protrusions attached to muscles on the bone surface are more obvious. These changes make the bone stronger and stronger, thus improving the functions of bone in bending, bending, compression and torsion. Insisting on physical exercise can also enhance the strength around the joint, and the joint capsule and ligament are also thickened, thus increasing the stability of the joint; At the same time, physical exercise makes the joint capsule, ligament and muscles around the joint stretch, thus improving the flexibility of the joint.

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Guangzhou carries out special activities for automobile consumption, and the maximum subsidy for purchasing qualified automobiles is 5,000 yuan/vehicle.

Viewpoint Network News: Recently, Guangzhou launched the special automobile consumption activity of "Guangdong enjoys buying cars in the New Year and being polite" in 2024.

According to the information from official website of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, individual consumers can enjoy the activity subsidy after purchasing a new non-operating passenger car from January 25th to February 3rd, 2024, completing the registration of the new car, and uploading the new car driving license and other materials. The subsidy target is individual consumers who buy new cars from Guangzhou automobile sales enterprises participating in this activity and complete motor vehicle registration during the activity.

The subsidy standard is divided into two grades. The first file: the unified invoice for motor vehicle sales includes tax of 100,000 yuan (inclusive) to 200,000 yuan (inclusive), and the subsidy is 3,000 yuan/vehicle. The second file: the unified invoice for motor vehicle sales includes tax of more than 200,000 yuan (excluding 200,000 yuan), and the subsidy is 5,000 yuan/vehicle. Applicants are required to complete the subsidy application from January 25th to February 3rd.

It is also known that some automobile brand dealers have also introduced various promotional measures. For example, the Cadillac XT5 clearance discount reached 100,000 yuan; FAW Audi A4L, A6L and Q5L also have cash discounts of 80,000-90,000 yuan for individual models; Faw Toyota imported Crown sportcross dual-engine premium edition with a preferential margin of 80,000 yuan.

This article comes from: Viewpoint. com


Zhang Xuhao held a "pit" for four years.

Original liuyong juchao WAVE

Text | liuyong

Editor | Yang Xuran

One day in December 2021, Zhang Xuhao released a circle of friends:

"Our aim is that 2680 yuan must be used in playgolf for everyone to learn golf. In fact, this movement is very simple and very civilian, and it cannot be demonized by past thinking. "

Only then did people find out what Zhang Xuhao had been doing quietly in recent years.

Back in April 2018, he sold "Hungry" to Alibaba for $9.5 billion, and then fell into silence-perhaps this silence is just an external manifestation of enjoying life.

In fact, people found that after he left hungry, he registered several companies soon: in March 2018, he registered Shanghai Puguan Business Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership) and set foot in the consulting field, but at present it shows that it has been cancelled; In April of the same year, Shanghai Yuduo Business Consulting Co., Ltd. was registered with a registered capital of 5 million yuan.

Since then, he has taken a stake in Shanghai Yangwan Network Technology, which is a blockchain company mainly established by technical backbones who have been working hard with Zhang Xuhao for many years, but there is no following after 2020.

Besides, he once worked as an investment partner in Yuanjing Capital, an Ali-based capital company. But this is not the career he wants.

Until now, Zhang Xuhao, with a fiery personality and a strong desire to win, finally returned to the battlefield with another attitude. It’s just that few people can imagine that his eye will be on golf-it’s hard to be called an excellent track, so that to many people, his second venture is a bit like a ticket game, even a bit like into the pit.


Expensive consumption

A veritable "minority movement"

"Golf is actually not difficult. The small white group only needs 10 classes, which is only 2680 …"

Just like the low-price strategy adopted when he was hungry, Zhang Xuhao still wants to stick to the low-price model this time. He believes in the development potential of China’s sports industry, and thinks that it is not necessary to imagine golf as unattainable. "Golf is actually very simple".

The origin of golf in China happened to be the same year that Zhang Xuhao was born. At that time, for the purpose of providing leisure and entertainment for foreign businessmen, golf courses first appeared in cities where foreign companies gathered, such as Guangzhou and Shanghai. In other words, it is aimed at high-income business people from the beginning.

Golf courses usually serve urban business people.

In the actual stadium operation, from design to maintenance and operation, it also shows that this is a veritable "minority" movement.

Head leopard research institute has calculated such an account:

First of all, the design of golf courses is very professional, but there is a serious shortage of talents in this respect in China, so it is usually necessary to hire foreign designers. Generally, the design cost of an 18-hole standard course is as high as 500 thousand to 2 million dollars, and the design price of celebrities is higher. For example, the design cost of two courses designed by professional golfer Tiger Woods under the name of Beijing Tianan Holiday Golf Club is as high as $16.5 million;

Secondly, the investment in fixed assets and daily maintenance of golf courses are "burning money". Golf courses must occupy a lot of land. The standard 18-hole course is usually about 750 to 1500 mu, and the cost of land acquisition accounts for 70% of the total fixed assets cost. The remaining 30% is spent on paving lawns and importing some professional maintenance equipment such as punching machines and lawn mowers.

At the same time, lawn maintenance also needs a lot of water. According to the report, its average water consumption is 46 times that of cereal crops of the same area, and the daily water consumption of standard courses is as high as 2,000 to 2,500 tons, which is a huge burden for cities with high water consumption costs.

Therefore, the tax authorities in China set the business tax of golf and other industries at 20%, and some areas also levy high water resource use fees on water used in special places such as golf courses, which will inevitably further push up its operating costs.

The agency estimates that it usually takes 14 years for a standard golf course to recover the cost of fixed assets.

The high fixed cost of golf courses has created high prices.

All this is bound to be passed on to consumers without exception. At present, golf in China is basically a private venue, with a membership system, and the individual price is higher. Generally speaking, the price of a membership card is in the range of more than 100,000 to hundreds of thousands or even millions of RMB, and the individual plays a game in the range of two or three thousand yuan.

PLAYGOLF CLUB tries to break such a high-priced convention-the exquisite 20-seat private room of 50 square meters distinguishes the prices of visitors and members. The price of two-hour leisure package visitors is 1040 (weekdays) and 1280 yuan (holidays), and the member is 1000 yuan; The exclusive package for 4 hours (including one extra hour) costs 1560 yuan (weekdays) and 1920 yuan (holidays) for visitors and 1500 yuan for members.

In addition, the training course for "Xiaobai" is 2680 yuan for 10 classes.

Compared with other professional courses, the price offered by Zhang Xuhao is not much different from that of a bowling or tennis game, and it is really very close to the people, which may attract a group of urban middle class. However, the question is whether there are enough consumers, and whether it can help Zhang Xuhao cover all costs and even profits by taking the volume.


Desolate battlefield

Golf has neither a huge mass base nor a future.

Zhang Xuhao has a lasting enthusiasm for sports, and his habit of playing basketball continued until he was hungry.

Obviously, golf has become his latest hobby. He once said that the balance required by golf is his pursuit, and he also tried to turn this hobby into his next career. In order to promote the project, he spent 150 million yuan to renovate Huangxing Golf Course, which may be the biggest investment since he was hungry after selling it.

However, the golf course in China has never been seen in sturm und drang. According to the statistics of Huajing Industrial Research Institute, the size of China’s golf market in 2020 is only about 10.26 billion yuan, up 4.37% year-on-year-which is already a good year for this sport in recent years.

However, this figure is still in sharp contrast with the rapid growth of economy and residents’ consumption expenditure in the past years: in 2021, the per capita consumption expenditure of residents actually increased by 12.6%, reaching 24,100 yuan, of which the expenditure on culture and education increased rapidly, with the per capita consumption expenditure on education, culture and entertainment increasing by 27.9%, accounting for 10.8% of the per capita consumption expenditure.

The ugly data indicates that golf has neither a huge mass base nor a bright future.

Golf is a typical foreign product.

As early as 1997, the State Council issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening Land Management and Effectively Protecting Cultivated Land", which laid the policy tone for strict examination and approval of new golf courses. Until 2003, the then Ministry of Land and Resources regarded the golf project as a local "image project" and demanded that "no land should be submitted for approval".

Since then, this policy has been reiterated again and again. By 2014, the phenomenon of official corruption involving high consumption of golf balls was extremely common, which even stimulated the official to check and rectify the industry.

"Corruption in playing golf illegally" once became a high-frequency word. For example, Bai Enpei, the former secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, was exposed to play golf three times a week and usually played with businessmen. "Playing golf is gambling. If any developer wants to send money to him, then play golf, deliberately lose to him, and bribe in disguise …"

The National Development and Reform Commission and other 11 departments jointly requested to sort out the existing golf courses, of which more than 100 closed down and only 400 remained.

It’s hard to say whether Zhang Xuhao was influenced by his hobbies.

This situation did not basically end until 2016. In the following six years until today, golf has been officially restored as a sport, but in all sports industries, it still hides in a dark corner and becomes synonymous with corruption and luxury. It is divorced from most people’s lives, floating in the air like clouds, but it is not white and beautiful.


start a new undertaking

The "phantom of the policy" has never subsided.

Unlike the hungry from scratch that catered to the rise of takeout and the popularity of smart phones, Zhang Xuhao now faces a completely different reality.

As mentioned above, the fate of golf seems to have ushered in a turning point after 2016, and the outside world is optimistic about the future development prospects. But in fact, the "phantom of the policy" has never subsided, and the construction of new golf courses is still banned.

Even PLAYGOLF is not a new project. It is just that Zhang Xuhao has integrated several golf clubs that were originally subcontracted by Huangxing Sports Park and re-opened them in the name of golf training ground after spending 150 million yuan to rebuild them. Even today, some public opinion still thinks that Zhang Xuhao has played a policy "edge ball".

PLAYGOLF project integrates several clubs in Shanghai.

In fact, the scale of golf industry in China has been hovering at a low level in recent years, which not only has the influence of past policies, but also has the factors of weak consumption.

Statistics show that the number of golf facilities in China in 2019 was 380, down 1.3% year-on-year; The number of golf holes in China is 8,360, down 5.5% year-on-year. Of course, the golf market in China will still grow by 4.4% in 2020, but the main reason may be the investment in youth training supported by the state.

When Zhang Xuhao aimed at the middle-income group of 400 million in the future, it probably didn’t consider the possibility that the situation of this group would deteriorate. Although the total economic output of China has successively exceeded the scale of 100 trillion yuan and 110 trillion yuan, the economic growth rate has rapidly dropped from "9" to "5" in the past 10 years. It is extremely doubtful whether the high-speed growth of first-tier cities with concentrated golf courses such as Beijing and Shanghai will be more unsustainable due to economic restructuring and other reasons.

As a result, the general social anxiety leads to weak consumption, which has become one of the main economic problems facing China at present. From the actual situation since 2020, the urban middle class is becoming increasingly cautious in consumption, and it is doubtful whether experiencing golf will become a part of their consumption list.

Zhang Xuhao is the biggest entrepreneur in the history of golf industry.

What’s more, the short-term impact of the epidemic is like a house leak that rains all night.

Established in 2020 and after more than 300 days and nights of renovation, when PLAYGOLF CLUB announced its "return" in March 2021, the COVID-19 epidemic was still not over. In fact, in the past year or so, PLAYGOLF CLUB has been repeatedly closed for business-of course, there are also reasons for renovation and maintenance.

On April 25th, it said in an article on the official website "When the Pause button was pressed in Shanghai" that it was the 25th day that it was impossible to practice in PLAYGOLF CLUB …

Going against the current at this historical node, the resistance that Zhang Xuhao faced in his new career can be imagined.

In those days, when he was hungry, Zhang Xuhao cashed in billions of huge wealth, and in a few years, he walked the road of many entrepreneurs all his life. This is his success. But I’m afraid the money was not burned casually.


Write it at the end

Most successful entrepreneurs can’t copy their own legends. How many people succeeded in digging up the first bucket of gold in life, but they only stopped at the first bucket of gold.

For example, in the internet field, in the past, there were not a few people who sold their companies and gained huge wealth in the internet field, and there were not a few entrepreneurs who rejoined the business world, but there were almost no winners again.

For Zhang Xuhao, Hungry’s entrepreneurial experience is full of legend, and he has gained the wealth and success that countless people hope to achieve. As a post-80s rich man in the sunshine, we hope his experience can inspire more people. I hope that his golf popularization route is only a temporary misfortune, just like the early days of the take-away market, which is "mistaken" by more people.

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Original title: "Zhang Xuhao held a" pit "for four years | Tide"

From January to New Year’s Eve, what about our festivals and oral folklore?

Cover journalist Li Yuxin
"The sound of firecrackers is one year old, and the spring breeze warms Tu Su." When I heard that this poem began to appear frequently, it goes without saying that the pace of the Lunar New Year is not far away. Looking forward to it for a year, the Spring Festival, which belongs to the most grand traditional festival of China people, is just around the corner.
In the old days, there was a proverb in Chengdu, which was called "carrots are sweet and sweet, and it is necessary to celebrate the New Year when you see them." In fact, for the old Chengdu people, the "New Year" clock has already rung when they enter the twelfth lunar month, that is, the twelfth lunar month. For more than a month before and after the Spring Festival, ordinary people spent it in an atmosphere full of rich flavor of the year and lively joy. From the Laba Festival on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, to the "small year" on the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month, and then to the 24th of the twelfth lunar month, "it took Chengdu people more than a month to finish the New Year, and the content of the Spring Festival was very rich." In the description of folklore expert Liu Xiaochang, the joyful and lively flavor of the year seems to reverberate through time and space.
Folk expert Liu Xiaochang
Don’t blame strict and strict, spring and winter pay in the first month.
Slight cold January 5 (the third day of the twelfth lunar month)
Slight cold, the penultimate solar term among the 24 solar terms, is also the fifth solar term in winter. According to "twenty-four solar term", "On the December Festival, the cold at the beginning of the month is still small, so the clouds are big." It shows that slight cold means cold air accumulated for a long time, which means that the weather is cold but not yet extreme. Like great cold, slight summer heat, great summer heat and summer heat, it is a solar term indicating the change of temperature.
The arrival of the slight cold solar terms also means that the coldest time of the year has arrived. According to Liu Xiaochang, as far as Chengdu is concerned, the temperature in the mild cold season is actually lower than that in the severe cold season. "Therefore, there is a saying that a slight cold is better than a great cold. However, whether it is cold or not in the slight cold season in Chengdu does not depend on the solar terms. What is important is to see whether the cold air is strong. "
In this season, walking in the streets and lanes of Chengdu, I suddenly smell a touch of dark fragrance. Don’t doubt that this is the wintersweet that is proudly open and fragrant in the cold winter. "In the slight cold season, Chengdu can be described as a fragrant city." At this time, flower farmers from Gaodianzi in the eastern suburbs, Flower Zhaobi and Baihuatan in the western suburbs, Phoenix Mountain in the northern suburbs and other places, carrying flower baskets and pushing floats, peddling wintersweet along the street …
"For thousands of years, Chengdu people have loved plum blossoms." Liu Xiaochang said that during the Southern Song Dynasty, the poet Lu You lived in Chengdu and wrote a poem "Plum Blossom Jueju", in which he wrote, "When I traveled to the west of Jincheng City, I was drunk for plum blossoms. Twenty miles of incense, Qingyang Palace to Huanhuaxi ". It can be seen that at that time, Chengdu people loved plum blossoms.
The wind and the meaning of the twelfth lunar month have been in spring, and when it is scattered, it has passed my neighbor.
January 10th of Laba Festival (the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month)
Labazhou (Tuyuan Network)
When it comes to Laba Festival, the first thing that comes to mind is naturally the warm and delicious Laba porridge that night. In Liu Xiaochang’s description, the "New Year" of Chengdu people in the old days began from Laba Festival, which is the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. "In the old days, on the day of Laba Festival, every household in Chengdu cooked Laba porridge, sacrificed ancestors and had family reunion. Everyone in the family eats a bowl of Laba porridge and presents it to relatives and friends to celebrate the family in this form. "
Laba porridge, also known as "seven treasures and five flavors porridge", "Buddha porridge" and "everyone’s rice", is a kind of porridge made of various ingredients. As early as the Song Dynasty, there were written records about Laba porridge. In the Southern Song Dynasty, Wu Zimu’s "Meng Liang Lu" contained: "On the eighth day of this month, the temple was called Laba. Temples such as Dasha have five-flavor porridge called Laba porridge. " Therefore, the history of drinking Laba porridge has been thousands of years.
Liu Xiaochang said that the ingredients of Laba porridge are exquisite. The ingredients for cooking Laba porridge are mostly cereals such as rice, glutinous rice, coix seed and millet, as well as beans such as red beans, soybeans, rice beans, mung beans and kidney beans, or cooked with dried fruits such as red dates, peanuts, coix seed, lotus seeds, chestnuts, walnuts, longan, ginkgo and almonds. "This pot of porridge is very rich in ingredients. In fact, there are far more than eight kinds. How to cook it depends mainly on the family’s family scenery and the income."
The old snow has not disappeared yet, and the new snow has a family.
January 20th of the Great Cold (the 18th day of the twelfth lunar month)
As the folk saying goes, "A slight cold and a great cold, there is no wind and it is cold" and "A slight cold and a great cold, and it is cold in a ball". It can be seen that in the severe cold season, the weather has been extremely cold. Because of the severe cold solar terms, it is generally in the period of "March 9th".
In ancient times, there was no accurate weather forecast, and people passed it on from mouth to mouth, and invented a folk method to calculate the dates of cold days and warm flowers in spring, called "Counting Nine". According to the folk algorithm, the number nine is counted from the date of the 24 solar terms "Winter Solstice", and every nine days is counted as a "nine", and so on. Generally speaking, "March 9th" is the coldest time in a year. There is a saying that "3949, pigs and dogs freeze to death". When you count to nine "nine days", that is, when you count to 9981 days, it will be deep in spring and warm in the day.
The Great Cold is the last of the 24 solar terms. After the severe cold, it will be beginning of spring, and people will usher in the solar cycle of the new year. Because the New Year’s Day is just around beginning of spring, the new year’s flavor is getting stronger when the cold comes. As a result, the customs of the great cold solar terms are mostly related to the Lunar New Year. People "sweep the dust" and "paste the windows", get rid of old cloth and new ones, clean up and wait for the arrival of the new year. At the same time, we should also "go to the market" to buy La Worship supplies and buy new year’s goods.
In addition to the spring thunder in the dark, the snow is not over yet.
Off-year January 2526 (Lunar December 23-24)
As soon as the new year arrives, people are busy sweeping dust and offering sacrifices to stoves. Off-year has always been regarded as the beginning of a "busy year". Due to the different customs in the north and south, the days called "off-year" are different, usually on the 23rd or 24th of the twelfth lunar month. "On the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month, Chengdu people shouted off-year, and on this night, Master Kitchen God was sent to heaven. Every household in Chengdu has to offer sacrifices to the kitchen stove, that is, to the kitchen god. " Liu Xiaochang said.
Yao Wenhan in Qing Dynasty’s Celebration of the New Year’s Eve
Folk sacrificial stoves originated from the ancient custom of worshipping fire. The kitchen god’s duty is to take charge of the kitchen fire and manage the diet. Later, it was expanded to investigate the good and evil in the world, so as to reduce good and evil. The Ci of Sacrificing a Kitchen by Fan Chengda in the Song Dynasty: "According to the ancient legend, on the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month, the kitchen ruler spoke to the sky … and sent you to the Tianmen to get drunk. Don’t go back to the clouds, begging for profit from the market."
"According to folklore, the kitchen god of every household in the past was sent to earth by the Jade Emperor to protect and observe the good and evil of this family. Seeing how many good deeds and evil deeds this family has done in this year, Kitchen God should remember them one by one. On the night of the twenty-third day of the twelfth lunar month, the Kitchen God will go to heaven and tell the Jade Emperor what this family has done in the past year, so as to bring misfortune and happiness. " Liu Xiaochang said, therefore, it is especially necessary to be cautious on this day, especially to warn your own dolls not to swear, so as not to be unclear.
The roar of firecrackers, the old one year has passed; The warm spring breeze came to the new year, and people drank happily the newly brewed tu su wine.
January 31st, New Year’s Eve (29th day of the twelfth lunar month)
When New Year’s Eve arrives, it means that the old year is over and the new year is replaced. Because New Year’s Eve often falls on the 29th or 30th day of the twelfth lunar month, it is also called New Year’s Eve. But this year’s New Year’s Eve, not on New Year’s Eve. As early as more than ten days ago, the topic # Spring Festival in 2022 has no 30th anniversary # on the hot search. According to astronomical experts, this is mainly related to the "Shuowangyue". The change of the moon is called a Shuowangyue once a week, with an average period of 29.5 days. It happens that the twelfth lunar month is a small moon in 2022, so there is no 30. But experts say that as long as the first day of the first month is still there, the night before is New Year’s Eve.
Qing Leng Mei’s "Spring Scene"
On New Year’s Eve, the most important thing for China families is the reunion dinner. For the old Chengdu people, it is no exception. "In fact, since the twelfth lunar month, every household in Chengdu has begun to prepare. Even people who have no money should try their best to cut a few kilograms of fresh meat and make some bacon to hang on the stove. Some people are very capable, making their own cakes, steaming rice cakes and making candy. " Liu Xiaochang described it.
"A meal to send the old age, spicy fresh food miscellaneous a few feast. Happy to be in the sky, a family size and reunion. " In the past, there was a Zhuzhi poem written in Chengdu, which is a true portrayal of the Chengdu People’s League Year. Of course, besides the reunion dinner, there are many traditional customs on New Year’s Eve, such as offering sacrifices to ancestors, putting up Spring Festival couplets, hanging New Year pictures in stick grilles, guarding the old age, and giving lucky money … The heads of families sit around a table and watch the children happily receive the red envelopes. The New Year’s Eve on the table is full of red couplets and window grilles. For Chinese people, a year’s hard work should be for the reunion and warmth of this moment.

There are many things to see in the new round of financial opening-up when foreign capital comes to China.

  At the 14th Beijing International Finance Expo, more than 150 Chinese and foreign financial institutions gathered to show the latest achievements in financial risk prevention and control, smart financial services and inclusive finance innovation. Spring light photo (people’s vision)

  In the process of expanding financial openness, China has also actively initiated the establishment of international financial institutions such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The picture shows the headquarters building of the AIIB in Beijing Financial Street. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Kaixiang photo

  Financial opening will directly serve the economic and trade exchanges between China and overseas. The picture shows a busy scene in Chongqing Central Station of China Railway Lianji at Chongqing Railway Port on May 7 this year. Photo by Sun Kaifang (People’s Vision)

  Not long ago, Guo Shuqing, President of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, China, said that on the basis of in-depth study and evaluation, 12 new measures to expand the opening up of the banking and insurance industries will be introduced in the near future. In recent days, people from all walks of life have been paying more and more attention to the opening up of China’s financial industry. Insiders pointed out that China’s new round of measures to expand the opening of banking and insurance industry not only responded to the concerns of foreign financial institutions, but also met the needs of China’s own economic and financial development.

  These opening measures are not only conducive to enriching market players, stimulating market vitality, but also improving the management level and competitiveness of the financial industry; It is also conducive to learning from international advanced concepts and experiences, expanding product and service innovation, and increasing effective financial supply, which embodies the meaning of China’s economic development towards high quality.

  Foreign investment in China "has a bigger door and a wider road"

  — — Expanding financial openness will help improve the business space and convenience of foreign-funded institutions in China.

  In early May, a message released by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange aroused widespread concern. This information shows that since the beginning of this year, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange has approved a total of 13 qualified foreign institutional investors (QFII) with a total investment quota of 4.74 billion US dollars, exceeding the total amount approved in 2018; A total of 12 RMB qualified foreign institutional investors (RQFII) were approved to invest a total of 24 billion yuan, exceeding half of the total amount approved in 2018. This means that the door for foreign capital to enter China is getting wider and wider.

  "China’s determination to open wider to the outside world and a series of reform measures it is promoting have made China’s financial market more and more attractive to foreign investment. China’s stock market and bond market have been included in several global important indexes one after another, which also makes foreign capital have a strong allocation demand for China’s financial market. In the first quarter, overseas institutions bought a net of US$ 19.4 billion in Chinese stocks and US$ 9.5 billion in Chinese bonds, a substantial increase compared with the same period last year and the fourth quarter. The State Administration of Foreign Exchange will continue to actively support the expansion of the financial market to the outside world, meet the expanding investment needs of overseas investors in China’s financial market, and attract long-term global capital to enter China’s financial market. " The relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange said.

  Beyond the implementation level, 12 new initiatives issued by China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, China, have attracted more attention. Specifically, these measures mainly include: canceling the upper limit of the shareholding ratio of a single Chinese bank and a single foreign bank to Chinese commercial banks at the same time; Cancel the total assets requirement of $10 billion for foreign banks to set up foreign-funded corporate banks in China and $20 billion for foreign banks to set up branches in China; Cancel the $1 billion total assets requirement for overseas financial institutions to invest in trust companies; Allow overseas financial institutions to invest in foreign-funded insurance companies in China; Allow foreign insurance group companies to invest in the establishment of insurance institutions; At the same time, relax the access policy for Chinese and foreign financial institutions to invest in the establishment of consumer finance companies; Cancel the approval of foreign banks to start RMB business, and allow foreign banks to operate RMB business when they start business.

  Xiao Yuanqi, spokesperson of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, China, said that the 12 new opening-up measures are aimed at further improving the foreign investment and business environment in the financial sector and stimulating the vitality of foreign investment in the development of China’s financial industry. "For example, if the relevant restrictions on the ratio of foreign shares are abolished, foreign investors can freely choose to operate in China by means of equity participation, joint venture or sole proprietorship, so as to further promote fair competition between Chinese and foreign investors. For another example, canceling the quantitative access requirements for institutions such as total assets and comprehensively evaluating the qualifications of applicants with more prudent conditions can attract more high-quality foreign-funded institutions with professional characteristics, which will help to further enrich financial market players and improve the supply of financial services. In addition, measures to expand the scope of foreign-funded business will further expand the space for foreign-funded institutions to operate in China and enhance their operational convenience. "

  Ceng Gang, deputy director of the National Finance and Development Laboratory, believes that the new opening policy is the implementation and deepening of the general direction and policy principles of financial opening in the previous stage. "For example, at the same time, the upper limit of the shareholding ratio of foreign banks to Chinese commercial banks is cancelled, which reflects the consistency standard of foreign capital and Chinese capital; For another example, canceling the approval of foreign banks to start RMB business and allowing foreign banks to operate RMB business when they start business is also a manifestation of promoting more full competition in the market. " Ceng Gang said.

  The "catfish effect" will expand.

  — — The entry of "small but beautiful" and "small but refined" foreign capital will make China’s financial system more balanced.

  The impact of the new round of financial opening policy is undoubtedly enormous. It is understood that at present, the banking and insurance industry in China has formed a multi-ownership structure of state-owned, private and foreign capital. Among them, private capital has accounted for 43%, 56%, 83% and 49% of the total share capital of joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, rural commercial banks and insurance companies respectively. Foreign banks and foreign insurance companies account for 1.64% and 6.36% of assets in China.

  Guo Shuqing pointed out that financial management departments adhere to internal and external consistency, treat all domestic and foreign entities fairly and equally, and cooperate and compete under the same rules to form a win-win situation. He said that by further opening up and building a fair and consistent market environment, it will be more conducive to the full competition of banking and insurance institutions, optimize the shareholding structure, standardize shareholder behavior, and form a reasonable and diverse market system.

  Take "allowing overseas financial institutions to invest in foreign-funded insurance companies in China" as an example. Before liberalization, the overseas shareholders of foreign-funded insurance companies should be insurance companies; After liberalization, allowing qualified non-insurance financial institutions to hold shares in foreign-funded insurance companies can enrich the types of shareholders and sources of funds of foreign-funded insurance companies. "At present, China insurance market has introduced six foreign insurance brokerage companies. Cancelling the requirements of relevant business years and total assets will help encourage and guide high-quality foreign-funded insurance brokerage companies with significant late-comer advantages to enter the China market, and help China deepen exchanges and cooperation with advanced international counterparts. " Xiao Yuanqi said.

  According to Dong Ximiao, vice president of Chongyang Financial Research Institute of China Renmin University, the launch of a new round of opening-up measures in the financial industry will help to introduce small and medium-sized foreign financial institutions with characteristics and advantages, improve the unbalanced domestic financial institution system, promote more cooperation between domestic and foreign small and medium-sized financial institutions in terms of equity, business and products, and also help finance to better serve private small and micro enterprises.

  "Previously, the foreign capital introduced by China was basically a top-level large-scale well-known foreign-funded institution. The cancellation of scale restrictions is conducive to the relatively small scale of foreign capital introduction, especially the better development, ‘ Small and beautiful ’ 、‘ Small but refined ’ Small and medium-sized foreign capital entered China. The introduction of these small and medium-sized foreign-funded institutions, on the one hand, is conducive to the enrichment of the main level of the financial industry in opening up to the outside world, and improves the unbalanced state of China’s financial system; On the other hand, it is conducive to the formation of ‘ Catfish effect ’ To promote full competition in the financial industry, so that private enterprises and small and micro enterprises in the real economy can get more support. " Dong Ximiao told reporters.

  Peng Zhiwei, director of the Department of International Economics and Trade of Nankai University, pointed out in an interview with this reporter that a direct effect of China’s new round of measures to expand financial openness is to promote competition in the domestic financial industry and improve the efficiency of the financial market in allocating factors and resources. "Today, China’s economy is seeking higher quality development, so the financial industry should also carry out supply-side reform. At this time, further opening up the financial sector is obviously conducive to promoting reform and accelerating the upgrading of China’s financial industry. "

  Quickly add whip to "enter the competition"

  — — The new action of financial opening to the outside world has better responded to the real needs and concerns of foreign capital.

  Swiss bank’s shareholding in UBS Securities increased to 51%, achieving absolute control; Jordan Arab Bank and Morocco Foreign Trade Bank successfully set up Shanghai branch; Allianz (China) Insurance was approved to build and became the first foreign insurance holding company in China; S&P was allowed to enter China’s credit rating market; American Express initiated the establishment of a joint venture company in China, and the application for preparing a bank card clearing institution has been examined and approved … … With the last round of financial opening, foreign financial institutions are more and more actively deploying the China market.

  Nowadays, the new round of financial opening policy has obviously further increased China’s attractiveness to overseas financial institutions. Dbs group said that the implementation of the open policy has enabled foreign banks to have a more level playing field in China. After more reforms, DBS Bank is more willing to invest in China and expand its business in China. Morgan Stanley predicts that with the increase of China A-share market in MSCI Emerging Markets Index, the proportion of foreign investors holding China A-shares will increase from 2.6% to about 10% within 10 years, which is expected to bring hundreds of billions of dollars into China capital market every year.

  As the largest foreign-funded property insurance company in China market, AXA Tianping will be 100% wholly owned by French AXA, and it is the first wholly foreign-funded company among the top 20 property insurance companies in China. In recent years, the continuous opening of China’s financial industry, especially the rapid growth of the insurance industry, has strengthened AXA Tianping’s confidence in expanding the layout of the China market.

  Wei Zewei, Executive Chairman and CEO of AXA China, said that insurance regulators are promoting market liberalization and providing foreign investors with the same level of market access as domestic enterprises, and positive changes can be seen everywhere. "We have always been full of confidence in the China market and believe that the China market has great growth potential. Now we have become a leading foreign-funded life insurance and property insurance company in China. In the future, AXA Tianping will continue to devote itself to serving the China market and further deepen the insurance industry to provide more humanized services, so as to ‘ Quality ’ Win. "

  "According to the data of the Ministry of Commerce, in the first quarter, 9,616 foreign-invested enterprises were newly established nationwide, and the actual use of foreign capital was 242.28 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.5%; In March, the actually used foreign capital increased by 8% year-on-year. Among them, high-tech manufacturing and high-tech service industries have increased substantially, and the investment in China by economies such as the United States, Japan, South Korea and the European Union has increased rapidly. A large number of foreign investments in China also show that the new situation of economic development requires China to provide more diversified, more open and more effective financial services. Expanding financial openness is obviously beneficial to the development of this open economy. It can be said that the new round of financial opening-up measures has better responded to the actual needs and concerns of foreign investment. " Peng Zhiwei said. (Our reporter Wang Junling.)