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Burn! Strong military cup basketball final


  Recently, the final of the third "Strong Military Cup" in the Eastern Division of the Navy came to a successful conclusion in the indoor basketball hall of a naval detachment in the theater. This is not only a "trump card confrontation" between the needle tip and Maimang, but also a "deep exchange" to enhance the friendship between comrades. Inside and outside the stadium, the officers and men honed their skills in the game by making friends and helping each other, and enhanced their feelings in exchanges. (Chang Le, Li Kai, Chen Zesheng
, Li Henghui)


The Clippers officially gave up the deal, Harden! American media analyzes bearded reality: reconciliation with 76ers is the most feasible.

On September 18, Beijing time, the famous Windhost said that it was the Clippers who proposed to end Harden’s trading negotiations. Earlier, it was reported that the 76ers insisted on asking for a high price, and the teams including the Clippers were unable or unwilling to meet it. In the end, Harden’s trading negotiations broke down. Then the question is coming. It seems that joining the Clippers is hopeless. What should Harden do next?

The US media said that Harden had too few choices. "The disgruntled defender strongly urged to leave the 76ers, but his choices were obviously limited due to a series of related factors."

An important constraint is the new labor agreement, which may have a great impact on Harden’s career. If he chooses to refuse to report to the 76ers training camp, he will be severely punished, which will cast a shadow over his future career and even pay a high price.

It is understood that refusing to play for the 76ers for a long time will deprive him of the right to sign and negotiate with any team unless the 76ers approve it. In essence, 76 people have the absolute initiative.

So what should Harden do next? The US media said that the most feasible way for Harden at present is to reach a settlement with the 76ers, fulfill the contract, and strive to achieve mutual respect and understanding. Considering the high asking price of the 76ers and the limited number of teams interested in Harden, the deal seems unlikely. At the same time, any persistent resistance will lead to an unfavorable situation, which will not only damage his financial prospects, but also affect Harden’s reputation and future career.

Harden has already torn his face with the 76ers executives, but if the deal can’t be reached, he can only reconcile with the other party, which is also the most pragmatic solution. How Harden should deal with this situation, let us wait and see. The opening day of the 76ers training camp is getting closer and closer. Will Harden show up on time?

The last straw! Apply for a transaction! Resolutely leave the stag

How long has it been since you heard Ibaka’s name? At present, he is still a free agent and nobody cares! Recently, Ibaka talked about the situation in the Bucks last season in an interview. He is still very dissatisfied: "I don’t want more playing time when I leave the Bucks. What I want is communication. You should tell me in advance whether I will play or not."

Ibaka pointed the finger at coach Buden holzer: "Before joining Bucks, the coach told me that I wouldn’t have much playing time. I know that, and I will be ready to play. When Dallo and Portis were injured, you refused to let me play.When they came back from injury, you suddenly called me on, and I hadn’t played for three weeks."

Ibaka went on to say, "Will you fight or not? Have no communication with me beforehand! I can’t stand this, I can’t stand it, apply for a transaction. " In the offseason in 2022, Ibaka signed the Bucks for $2.91 million a year.I haven’t played since January 4 this year. On February 10th, Ibaka was sent to the Pacers by the Bucks and was immediately laid off.

In the 2022-23 season, Ibaka played only 16 games in the Bucks, averaging 11.6 minutes per game.Only got 4.1 points and 2.8 rebounds, with three hit rates: 48.1%, 33.3% and 61.5%.On January 11th, the reporter asked Ibaka, "What role did Coach Buden ask you to play in the team?" Ibaka replied, "Which coach? I have no comment. "

Ibaka also compared Tyrone Lu with Buden holzer: "I was not like this when I was on the Clippers (2021-22 season), and I respected Lu’s guidance very much.He will call me in the morning and say that he will give young people more opportunities this week, and I will answer no problem at all. No matter what happens, Tyrone Lu will communicate with me in advance."

In fact, Ibaka’s appeal is also very simple: let me know in advance whether I am allowed to play or not. Obviously, Buden didn’t do it. He probably felt that Ibaka was dispensable in the team and didn’t give the veteran enough respect. Last season’s regular season, although the Bucks ranked first in the league, Buden still finished class in May this year.

Ibaka was born on September 18th, 1989, and will turn 34 next month. The free market has been open for more than a month, and the big lists of each team are almost full. It is difficult for Ibaka to return to the NBA. Ibaka’s total salary in his career exceeds 140 million US dollars, and he can enjoy life completely. He has frequently attended fashion activities in the last six months.

Ibaka signed two big contracts in his career:In 2012, Thunder was renewed for $48 million in four years; In 2017, the Raptors were renewed for $65 million in three years.In the 2018-19 season and 2019-20 season, he averaged 15+8 in the regular field for two consecutive years, which is worthy of an annual salary of 20 million! The entire NBA career averaged 12.2 points, 7.1 rebounds and 1.9 blocks!

Ibaka won the blocked shot twice in the regular season and was selected as the best defensive team for a while three times! During the thunder, he was a blocking machine!3.7 blocks per game in 2011-12, 3 blocks per game in 2012-13 and 2.7 blocks per game in 2013-14.In 2014, Ibaka fought with injuries, which was a turning point in his career.

Ibaka should have had a better career! That thunder has also become the regret of many fans.

Beat Cape Verde! China men’s basketball team started the journey of Trentino Cup, and Cui Yongxi showed his super strength!

The Italian Trentino Cup officially kicked off, and the China men’s basketball team ushered in its first opponent, the Cape Verdean men’s basketball team, which beat Nigeria to the World Cup. There are four teams participating in the Trentino Cup, namely China, Italy, Cape Verde and Turkey. The winner of the first day will compete for the title in the final the next day. Unfortunately, China men’s basketball team was unable to send player Li Kaier in this national team debut.

In the end, the China men’s basketball team defeated the Cape Verdean men’s basketball team with an impressive score of 86-66, and will also face the winner between Italy and Turkey.

Cui Yongxi played in the game for 16 minutes and 52 seconds. His shooting percentage was as high as 8 of 9, and his 3-pointers were 2 of 3. He contributed 18 points, 4 rebounds and 1 assist, showing his comprehensive offensive ability. Fang Shuo also performed well, scoring 11 points, 4 assists and 3 rebounds. In addition, Zhang Zhenlin contributed 10 points and 2 rebounds, Wang Zhelin and qi zhou scored 9 points and 8 points respectively, and Hu Jinqiu and Zhu Junlong also contributed 8 points and 6 points respectively. In addition, players such as Zhao Jiwei, Zhao Rui and Fu Hao also added firepower to the China men’s basketball team.

In this game, the China men’s basketball team has made remarkable progress on the offensive end. First of all, they used more pick-and-roll tactics, providing more choices and moving space for the team. Secondly, players create more opportunities and empty spaces in the basket by running without the ball. Finally, the team has also improved the passing and flowing of the ball, which can make better use of space and realize the transfer of the ball and teamwork.

Generally speaking, China men’s basketball team won a remarkable victory in the first match of the Italian Trentino Cup. The excellent performance of players such as Cui Yongxi and the overall offensive improvement of the team left a deep impression on people. We are full of expectations for the performance of the China men’s basketball team in the next game, and believe that they can continue to show their outstanding strength and bring more glory to the basketball cause in China. Come on, China Men’s Basketball Team!

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Why did Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team only give Yi Jianlian a one-year Class C contract? Many considerations behind the renewal of contract

Why did Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team only give Yi Jianlian a one-year Class C contract? Many considerations behind the renewal of contract

Guangdong men’s basketball team and Yi Jianlian completed the contract renewal, but the contract period is only one year, and it belongs to the C contract. There are many considerations behind this decision. Although Yi Jianlian has achieved great success for the team in the past, the team must face the reality that his age and physical fitness are gradually declining. In order to maintain the team’s long-term competitiveness, Guangdong men’s basketball team had to handle the contract renewal with caution, and restricted Yi Jianlian’s contract selection. In the past few years, Yi Jianlian has been one of the core players of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team. His joining has brought outstanding performance to the team, helped the team win the league championship many times and won a series of personal honors. His skill and leadership make him an indispensable part of the team.

However, with the passage of time, Yi Jianlian inevitably faces the problems of age and physical fitness. In the past few seasons, his performance on the court has gradually declined, which has aroused the concern of the team management. As a top basketball club, Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team must always remain competitive. With the rise of a new generation of players and the strengthening of other teams, the team must constantly adjust its tactics and lineup. For Yi Jianlian’s contract renewal, the management must carefully consider the long-term development of the team. His contract period is limited to one year, precisely for greater flexibility in the future, so as to make strategic adjustments and reconstruction when necessary. However, restricting Yi Jianlian’s contract choice is not a simple decision.

As a team leader and senior player, Yi Jianlian’s influence and experience on the court are irreplaceable. His guidance and leadership on the court is very important for the growth of young players. Teams must balance the relationship between maintaining competitiveness and cultivating new people. Therefore, the management must find a suitable way to keep Yi Jianlian’s leading position and prepare for the team’s future. In addition to the stadium performance, the team’s financial situation is also one of the factors to consider renewing the contract. As a top star, Yi Jianlian’s salary is naturally higher. The team must carefully consider the salary structure and budget in the contract renewal to ensure the overall financial health. The restriction of class C contracts can also help the team avoid the potential risks brought by long-term contracts.

Although Yi Jianlian only won a class C contract for one year, it does not mean that the team does not attach importance to his value and contribution. On the contrary, it is recognition and respect for his past performance. At the same time, this is also to adapt to the ever-changing basketball environment, so that the team can better cope with challenges in the future. Generally speaking, Guangdong men’s basketball team is faced with many considerations when renewing Yi Jianlian’s contract. His past contribution, the reality of declining age and physical fitness, and the long-term competitiveness and financial situation of the team have all become important factors affecting the decision-making. Restricting Yi Jianlian’s contract term and type reflects the team’s cautious attitude towards future strategic planning and development. As fans, we are looking forward to the arrival of the new season and believe that the Guangdong men’s basketball team can continue to achieve brilliant results in the new challenges.

Official announcement! Lakers Pelican Exposed 3-for-1 Earthquake Trade, and Lillard’s second in charge assisted James to win the championship!

Last season, the Lakers stopped the Western Conference. Many fans said that the main reason for the failure was that the team didn’t have a suitable starting outside point guard. In most cases, the Lakers relied on James to organize the attack, but it was a bit difficult for a 38-year-old man to attack and defend. Therefore, the Lakers hope to get a high-quality perimeter player in the offseason trade, and Pelican mccollum has always been the target player that the Lakers want to trade.

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From the beginning of the offseason, Lakers fans have been paying attention to the King’s Hill. But in fact, mccollum is a better player than Hilde, who can attack with the ball on his own and has excellent ability without the ball. As a starting point of tactics, it can lighten James’ burden, and as a pitcher, it can adapt to the space lineup. Of course, mccollum also has shortcomings. His shortcoming is that his choice is sometimes bad and he feels bad. However, he usually has CIC when he is not allowed to score three points, and every year, three points in the regular season will explode. In particular, the open three-pointer is very accurate, and there are too many strong shots in the Trailblazers. It is definitely more sure that there is an open space in the Lakers.

CJ mccollum entered the NBA through the draft in 2013, and played for Portland Trailblazers and New Orleans Pelicans successively, and was elected as the fastest-growing player in 2015-16. For mccollum, being traded to the Pelican was the worst choice he made. Last season was the season of mccollum’s overall decline, and both ends of the offensive and defensive responsibilities were beyond their capabilities. The middle-distance hit rate is at a new low, and the ability to handle the ball is seriously insufficient.

Anyone who has watched the game knows that mccollum is the second-in-command in the practical sense on the Pelican Stadium this season. It is too difficult for this old man to serve his two eldest brothers. He has suffered shoulder injuries and hand injuries, and played 75 games more than Yingge and Zion combined. Shoulder injury and hand injury are fatal to the players who mainly shoot, especially for mccollum, who has an average talent. Personally, I am not critical of cj’s performance on the court, but also optimistic about Big Brother’s shooting callback next season, and both ends of the offense and defense should reduce the burden on cj.

This is also the main reason why mccollum applied for trading. He did the dirtiest and most tiring job in Pelican, but he got far less than others. More importantly, there was not so much attention and competition here, and it seemed that he had completely missed the championship. So it may be the best choice for him to leave now.

According to sources, if Pelican chooses to trade mccollum, the team that Pelican wants to join most is the Los Angeles Lakers, because he wants to attack the championship at the last moment of his career. The bargaining chip that the Lakers can provide is Russell +2 second rounds.

After getting mccollum, the Lakers will officially welcome the "Big Three" team again. Although the previous Big Three all ended in failure, mccollum’s play is perfectly adapted to James and Davis, and it can also help the team more favorably. On the offensive end, there is mccollum’s organization. I believe the team’s attack will be smoother, and mccollum himself is a dual-capable defender who can organize and score points. Isn’t this the kind of player that James wants and the Lakers want? If Russell was replaced by mccollum last season, do you think the Lakers can still regret being out?

The latest news of CBA! Wang Shouqiang became the coach of Fujian, Huo Nan became the coach, and the veteran of Guangdong returned.

In CBA, Wang Shouqiang is regarded as a legendary player. After all, there is little news since he retired. However, Fujian Men’s Basketball Team officially announced that Wang Shouqiang officially joined the team as a coach to assist Zhu Shilong. For the Liaoning men’s basketball player in the future, it is really unexpected to return to CBA as a coach after many years.

As a former manager of Nanjing Tongxi, Huo Nan had poor performance in the team period, and he also left the CBA last summer. According to the latest news, Huo Nan became the coach of Guizhou Team in Super League Three, and his first show also led the team to victory.

Guangdong Hongyuan’s coaching team has been adjusted a lot in recent seasons, but the veteran Taylor has never given up. Although he has received invitations from other teams, the veteran has decided to return in the new season and give Du Feng the greatest help.

Most of the first CBA players in Liaoning men’s basketball team have become coaches. In recent seasons, Wu Qinglong, Li Xiaoyong, Wu Naiqun, Zheng Yonggang, Jie Jun and others have all worked in CBA teams, but as an important player in Liaoning men’s basketball team at that time, Wang Shouqiang has disappeared from fans’ sight for a long time.

However, in the new season, Wang Shouqiang also returned to CBA as the coach of Fujian Men’s Basketball Team, which surprised many media people. After all, Wang Shouqiang has left China basketball for many years and only coached in the echelon before.

Huo Nan can be said to be an all-round talent in basketball in China. He has been a coach, a boss and a popular commentator. After leaving Nanjing Tongxi, Huo Nan’s exposure was not high, and he often commented on the competition. However, he now has a new identity, that is, the coach of the Guizhou team in the Super Three League.

In the latest Super Triathlon, Huo Nan made his debut and led the team to win the game. For Huo Nan, he expressed his hope to help promote Guizhou basketball and cultivate more three-person basketball talents.

In this offseason, Guangdong Hongyuan continued to adjust the coaching team. Former CBA referee Wei Guoliang joined as an assistant coach, and veteran Taylor also completed the contract renewal and officially returned to the team.

As the technical coach of Guangdong Hongyuan during the championship period, Taylor was recognized by Zhu Fangyu and Du Feng. After last season, the contract between the two sides expired. It is understood that several CBA teams sent invitations to Taylor, but Taylor finally chose to return to Guangdong Hongyuan!

The Xinjiang team brought in the insider, and Fan Ziming was traded to Li Muhao to join Shenzhen, with poor performance.

Xinjiang team is about to introduce a No.4 inside foreign aid, which is undoubtedly a great improvement to the team’s strength. As one of the most competitive teams in CBA, Xinjiang team has always been famous for its strong rebounding ability. This time, the introduction of foreign aid in the No.4 position has injected a boost into the team’s rebounding performance. In modern basketball games, the importance of rebounding is self-evident. Rebound can not only improve the team’s scoring efficiency, but also limit the opponent’s second attack opportunity and strive for more attack opportunities for the team. The addition of foreign aid in the fourth position means that the Xinjiang team will have greater advantages in rebounding. First of all, the height and wingspan of the foreign aid inside the fourth position are usually longer, which makes them have a stronger advantage in rebounding competition. They can take advantage of their height and wingspan to better seize offensive and defensive rebounds, increase scoring opportunities for the team and reduce opponents’ scoring opportunities. Secondly, the foreign aid inside the fourth position usually has excellent physical fitness and strong physical confrontation ability. They can engage in fierce hand-to-hand combat with their opponents in the rebounding competition and win more rebounds. At the same time, they can also limit their opponents’ scoring opportunities in the basket through physical confrontation and provide solid defensive support for the team. In addition, the addition of foreign aid in the No.4 position will also bring more tactical choices to the Xinjiang team. They can play an excellent low-post scoring ability on the offensive end and provide a variety of scoring methods for the team. On the defensive end, their presence can effectively block the opponent’s inside scoring route and improve the overall defensive strength of the team.It is a wise decision for Xinjiang team to introduce a foreign aid inside the No.4 position. This will not only enhance the team’s competitiveness in rebounding, but also bring more tactical choices to the team.

Xinjiang team has strong foreign aid ability, and Farr left to join the NBA. Recently, the news that China basketball community is excited came. Farr, a foreign aid of Xinjiang Blue Team, successfully joined the NBA, becoming the first player to land in the American professional basketball league in the history of China basketball. This news not only cheered the basketball fans in Xinjiang and China, but also injected new impetus into the development of basketball in China. As a foreign aid of Xinjiang team, Farr showed excellent basketball skills and strong personal ability. His performance in CBA has attracted much attention, averaging more than 25 points per game, and his assists and steals are also in the forefront of the league. His departure will undoubtedly bring some troubles to the Xinjiang team, but it also proves the strength of Xinjiang’s foreign aid. Xinjiang team has always attached great importance to the introduction of high-level foreign aid, and their ability and experience have played a vital role in the development of the team. Through the exchange and study with foreign players, the young players of Xinjiang team have got great growth and improvement. This is also one of the reasons why the Xinjiang team can remain competitive in the domestic league. Farr’s joining the NBA is an important milestone for China basketball. This is not only a breakthrough for China players on the international stage, but also an important symbol of the development of basketball in China. I hope Farr can continue to play an outstanding role in the NBA and set up a better image for China basketball. At the same time, the Xinjiang team also needs to find a suitable replacement to fill the vacancy of Farr. This is a great challenge for the team, but it is also an opportunity. By introducing new foreign aid,Xinjiang team has the opportunity to train more excellent players and enhance the strength and competitiveness of the whole team. Xinjiang team has strong foreign aid ability. The news that Farr left to join the NBA brought good news to the basketball circle in China, and also injected new impetus into the development of Xinjiang team and China basketball.

Fan Ziming would have been traded to Beijing Shougang team, but it didn’t happen in the end. This news has aroused widespread concern and discussion. As one of the important teams in CBA league, Beijing Shougang team has always attracted much attention. Fan Ziming is a young and promising player, and his joining will undoubtedly bring new vitality and opportunities to Shougang team. Fan Ziming performed well last season, and his average score and rebounds were significantly improved. His shooting skill is exquisite, his breakthrough ability is strong, and he also shows excellent ability on the defensive end. These advantages make him the object of chasing by various teams. However, the deal failed to be reached, which is undoubtedly a pity for Fan Ziming. Why didn’t Fan Ziming join Shougang team? There may be many reasons for this. First of all, there may be some bottlenecks in the negotiations between teams. The transaction involves many levels of interests and contract issues, which requires in-depth discussion and consultation between all parties. Secondly, the team may have made a decision considering other players. Each team has its own development plan and strategy, and they need to comprehensively consider the overall strength of the team and the matching of players. Finally, Fan Ziming’s personal will is also an important factor. As a player, he has the right to choose his next home, which does not depend entirely on the wishes of the team. In any case, Fan Ziming’s failure to join Shougang doesn’t mean that his career is over. On the contrary, it may be a new starting point. Fan Ziming can continue to improve his technical level and team value through harder training and competition. He can look for other opportunities,Strive for better development space for yourself. For the fans, although they lost an excellent player, they can still look forward to Fan Ziming’s wonderful performance in other teams. It is a regrettable news that Fan Ziming failed to join the Beijing Shougang team. However, this is also a common situation in sports. In competitive sports, every decision will affect the future of the team, and these decisions often need to be weighed between the interests of all parties.

Fan Ziming: The contract amount gap is not my focus. Recently, the transaction between Beijing Shougang Team and Xinjiang Team has attracted wide attention. In this transaction, Fan Ziming became the focus. Interestingly, however, Fan Ziming didn’t care too much about the difference in contract amount. On the contrary, he pays more attention to his playing time and opportunities. In Fan Ziming’s view, staying in Beijing Shougang team will give him more opportunities to play. As a player, getting enough exercise and playing time is very important for personal development. In Shougang team, Fan Ziming has established his own position and played an important role in the team. He is also very familiar with the team’s tactical system and coaching team, which makes it easier for him to adapt to the needs of the team. On the other hand, the Xinjiang team’s signing efforts are very strong, and it is possible to introduce more inside players. Although this means that Fan Ziming’s competition in the team will become more intense, he is not afraid of challenges. Fan Ziming believes in his own strength and ability, and he is willing to improve himself by competing with other players. In addition, the Xinjiang team also has a potential young inside player Qu Xiaoyu. The young player showed excellent performance last season and is expected to become a rotation player of the team. Fan Ziming is full of expectations for training and playing with such excellent players, and he believes that this will have a positive impact on his growth. Fan Ziming doesn’t care much about the difference in contract amount, but pays more attention to his playing time and opportunities. Stay in Beijing Shougang team, he can get more exercise and development opportunities;Joining the Xinjiang team, despite greater competitive pressure, can grow together with excellent players.

Fan Ziming was traded to Xinjiang team, which was undoubtedly a major turning point for him. However, this does not mean that he will stay in Xinjiang for a long time. For a young player, frequent trading is undoubtedly a tiring thing. As a potential basketball player, Fan Ziming’s career has just begun. However, due to various reasons, he has experienced many transactions. This undoubtedly brought him great pressure and confusion. First of all, frequent transactions make it difficult for Fan Ziming to adapt to the new environment and team culture. Every time he joins a new team, he needs to adapt to a new coach, new teammates and new ways of playing. This undoubtedly has a negative impact on a player’s development, because he can’t settle down and concentrate on improving his skills and abilities. In addition, frequent transactions have also brought a mental burden to Fan Ziming. He needs to face the pain of leaving his old teammates and coaches, and at the same time meet new challenges. This uncertainty and instability will undoubtedly make him feel anxious and uneasy. However, Fan Ziming can also learn some valuable lessons from this experience. First of all, he can learn to adapt to changes and quickly adapt to the new environment. This will be a crucial skill for his career development. Secondly, he can learn to keep a positive attitude and stick to it no matter what difficulties and challenges he faces. Fan Ziming’s being traded to Xinjiang team may continue to be traded, which is undoubtedly a heart-wrenching thing for him. However, by learning to adapt to changes and keep a positive attitude, he can overcome these difficulties and succeed in his basketball career.

Li Muhao left Beijing Shougang to join Shenzhen team, which attracted wide attention in CBA league. As a new star in the domestic basketball field, Li Muhao’s transfer is not only an important decision for him personally, but also has a far-reaching impact on the two teams and the whole league. First of all, Li Muhao’s departure from Beijing Shougang means that the Beijing team will lose an excellent defender. In the past few seasons, Li Muhao has shown excellent skills and talents, and has become the scoring weapon and organizational core of the team. His departure will bring certain challenges to the Beijing team, and it is necessary to readjust the tactical system and team lineup. However, for Li Muhao personally, joining the Shenzhen team is undoubtedly a better choice. Shenzhen team has always performed well in the league, with strong strength and excellent coaching team. Joining the Shenzhen team will provide Li Muhao with more development opportunities and challenges, which will help him to further improve his strength and level. Secondly, the transfer of Li Muhao has also had a certain impact on the league pattern. As a member of CBA league, the transfer of each player will have an impact on the competitiveness and strength distribution of each team. Li Muhao’s joining the Shenzhen team will further strengthen the team’s strength in the backcourt and enhance its competitiveness. At the same time, it also brings some pressure to other teams, and it is necessary to introduce new players or readjust tactics to cope with the rise of Shenzhen team. It is a wise choice for Li Muhao to leave Beijing Shougang and join Shenzhen team, which is not only beneficial to his personal development, but also has a positive impact on the league pattern.I believe that with his joining, Shenzhen team will achieve better results in future competitions and inject new vitality and competitiveness into CBA league.

Li Muhao’s transaction value is low, and no team has taken over. Recently, rumors about Li Muhao’s transaction are endless. However, surprisingly, his trading value has fallen into a trough, resulting in no team willing to take over him. This phenomenon has aroused extensive discussion and thinking. First of all, we need to realize the impact of Li Muhao’s poor performance in the past competitions. As a professional basketball player, his performance is directly related to the team’s performance and reputation. However, in recent seasons, Li Muhao’s technical level has not been significantly improved, and he often makes mistakes at critical moments, which greatly reduces the team’s trust in him. Therefore, even if a team is interested in him, they will worry about whether he can play his due role in the team. Secondly, Li Muhao’s low transaction value is also related to his contract. It is reported that there are some problems in the remaining years and salary of his contract. Teams tend to choose players whose contracts are flexible and meet the needs of the team, rather than choosing a player with many contract problems. This is one of the reasons why no team has taken over Li Muhao at present. In addition, we can’t ignore the influence of the highly competitive trading market on the trading value of Li Muhao. Nowadays, the competition in the basketball world is extremely fierce. In order to enhance their strength, teams often choose to trade players who can have an immediate impact. As a substitute player, Li Muhao’s trading value is relatively underestimated. The team is more inclined to bring in star players who can change the trend of the game, rather than a substitute with limited trading value.To sum up, Li Muhao’s low transaction value and no team to take over is not caused by a single reason. His technical performance, contract situation and fierce competition in the trading market have all affected him. However, we should also see that Li Muhao still has the potential and opportunities to improve itself.

Shenzhen team will sign Li Muhao, whose performance in Beijing Shougang team is average. The news caused heated discussion and doubts among the fans. As a young player, there is no doubt that Li Muhao has potential for development, but his performance in Shougang did not meet people’s expectations. First of all, we can’t judge Li Muhao’s ability solely by his performance in Shougang. Every player needs to adapt to the new environment and tactical system, especially when he moves from one team to another. There may be differences between Shenzhen team and Shougang team, so we can’t draw conclusions too early. Secondly, Li Muhao’s age and experience is also an important consideration. He is only 23 years old and has a lot of room for growth. Although his performance in Shougang team is average, it doesn’t mean that he has no potential for improvement. Shenzhen team may have seen his potential, and hope that by training and training him, he can play a greater role in the team. Finally, we can’t ignore the overall strategic arrangement of the team. The Shenzhen team may have their own plans and strategies, and they may have signed Li Muhao for some consideration. They may take a fancy to some of his characteristics, or think he can play a unique role in the team. We can’t know the specific plans of the Shenzhen team, but we can believe that they have their own considerations and decisions. Li Muhao’s decision to join the Shenzhen team has aroused people’s concern and controversy. However, we can’t jump to conclusions too early. We should give him some time and opportunities to adapt to the new environment. Only when he really integrates into the team and shows his strength,We can make an accurate evaluation of this signing.

Li Muhao’s contract is too big and his performance is not good. This is a question that puzzles fans and media. As a top player, he was expected, but failed to live up to his expectations. No matter on or off the court, he seems to have not found a way to adapt himself. First, let’s look at the scale of his contract. Li Muhao’s contract amount is huge, which makes the fans more critical of his performance. After all, a high-paying contract usually brings people higher expectations. However, this does not mean that he should bear excessive pressure. Every player has ups and downs, especially when they are in a new environment. Secondly, we need to realize that Li Muhao may face some challenges. Moving to a new team often takes some time to adapt to the new tactical system, teammates and coaches. This adjustment period is necessary for any player, but it is especially important for an international player. Therefore, we cannot easily deny his talent and potential. In addition, Li Muhao’s performance may also be influenced by other factors. Physical condition, injury problems or the pressure of personal life may have a negative impact on his play. As fans, we should give him enough understanding and support, not excessive criticism. Finally, we can’t ignore the value brought by Li Muhao. He is an excellent player and role model both on and off the court. His skills and experience can have a positive impact on the team. Despite his poor performance at present, we must believe that he has the ability to rally and show his strength.To sum up, Li Muhao’s contract amount is huge, but we can’t just measure his performance by it. The difficulties and challenges he faces also need to be fully understood and tolerated. As fans and media, we should give him support and encouragement, believing that he can overcome difficulties and show his true strength.

Welcome to read this article. The introduction of No.4 inside foreign aid by Xinjiang team will bring great improvement to the team. The importance of rebounding in modern basketball games is self-evident. This introduction will enhance the competitiveness of the team in rebounding competition and bring more tactical choices to the team. Thank you for reading!

The strongest surface is 178! It’s only three points+18 points per game but it’s worth 46 million. Is the Spurs wrong?

We all know that the strongest 175 on the surface is Thomas Jr. After all, he averaged 28 points when he played for the Celtics. You know, in the NBA, there are many people, and even some stars can’t do it. "I can’t even get 28 points per game, not to mention being only 1.75 meters tall. Editors believe that after Thomas Jr., there are 178 other strongest players on earth. He is Graham who is currently playing for the Spurs.

Many people may not be familiar with Graham, but he is one of the three young players of the Hornets (Washington, Graham and bridges), and the current three young players are a bit mediocre. Washington will stay in the team, but the core position will be Gibb. "The road to three goals. Bridges was suspended for domestic violence last season and needs to be suspended for 10 games before coming back next season. Graham left the Pelicans first, and then the Spurs. It was traded. "

Recently, Graham was asked about his current contract status on Pinson’s podcast. "46 million dollars in four years (2021 agreement)," Graham said. In this regard, Pingsen’s response is: "What’s wrong with me? I cried, you are only 5 feet 10 inches (1m 78, Graham’s nominal height is 1m 85), oh, I can’t shoot three points. " ——pointers Nothing ! "

Graham’s official height is 1.85 meters, but his actual barefoot height may be only 1.78 meters. As a rookie, he averaged 18.2 points, 3.4 rebounds, 7.5 assists and 1 steal, making him one of the best 178 players on the planet. His shooting success rate is 38.2.%+37.3%. Besides his inefficiency, many people think that he can at least be the leader of the weak team. However, this was later proved to be a mistake, because Graham’s career was not efficient.

Graham’s salary now is by no means high, but after all, compared with the superstar’s salary of 40 million to 50 million, Graham’s annual salary now is only the middle class level, and it was barely considered when he played for Tottenham last season. There. "He can contribute 13 points, 2.6 rebounds and 4 assists per game, but his shooting percentage is only 38%+35.8%. As Pinson said, Graham’s career three-point shooting percentage is 35.6%, and he is undoubtedly an excellent three-point shooter. "

But I can’t say anything else. His career shooting percentage is only 37.2%, less than 40%. Because of his short stature and poor ability to face opponents, his defensive data is poor. But such a player died over the age of 30 and eventually quit the NBA. You got a contract with three-pointer ability and 10 million yuan because of him, but your next contract may come from the basic salary. What do you think? We welcome your comments.

La Liga-Barcelona lost 1-2 to Huangshe, and the three-game winning streak was ended. Lewan broke the goal and was unbeaten in the top four in six rounds.

Live on May 21 ST, Beijing time at 3: 00 am on May 21 ST, the 35th round of La Liga in the 2022-23 season started to compete at Camp Nou, and Barcelona played at home against the Royal Society. In the first half, merino scored the first goal. In the second half, Cerro expanded the score, and Lewan headed back a city. In the end, Barcelona lost 1-2 to the Royal Society at home, and the three-game winning streak of the Barcelona League was ended. The Royal Society was unbeaten for six consecutive rounds. In terms of standings, Barcelona scored 85 points and locked in the championship. Huang Sheji ranked fourth with 65 points, 5 points ahead of Huang Qian, the fifth place.

[Key Events of Competition]

In the 5th minute, Comte’s possession in the midfield was broken, Thurot advanced and made a cross, and merino followed the low shot into the net, making Barcelona 0-1 Royal Society! ↓

In the 71st minute, Derong’s frontcourt dribbling was broken, and the imperial club’s counterattack opportunity, Zubimendi’s horizontal knocking, Cerro succeeded in calmly pushing against Ter stegen, Barcelona 0-2 Royal Society! ↓

In the 89th minute, Phelan broke through the cross on the right, and lewandowski grabbed the header to score a goal, making Barcelona 1-2 Royal Society! ↓

[Moment of Competition Focus]

The 15th minute, Rafinha steals the ball in the frontcourt, Lewan picks it up and passes it to the goal. Dembele’s header is blocked by Remiro. ↓

In the 26th minute, Rafinha made a cross from the bottom, and Levan headed the ball slightly higher. ↓

In the 31st minute, Cerro made a low cross, Ali Shaw shot low in the restricted area, and Ter stegen saved the danger with his legs. ↓

The 36th minute, Dembele’s wonderful performance. ↓

In the 65th minute, Kubo Jianying took a free kick and Thurot headed the ball from close range. ↓

In the 80th minute, Kubo Jianying’s shot in the restricted area was blocked, and Rico’s periphery shelled the door again, and Ter stegen bravely resolved it. ↓

After the game, Harvey comforted the Barcelona players. ↓

[Starting and substitution information of both parties]

Barcelona starters: 1- Ter stegen, 28- Bald, 15- Christensen, 23- Conde (45’17- Marcos Alonso), 18- Alba, 5- busquets (83’24- Eric Garcia), 19- Casey (62’10- Faty).

Substitutes did not play: 13- Pe? a, 20- Robertot, 31- Astraga.

Royal Social Starts: 1- Remiro, 15- Rico, 5- Luis Zubeldia (80’20- Pacheco), 24- Lenomande, 6- Elustondo, 8- merino, 3- Zubimendi, 4- Illarramendi (57’18- Groosa Bell), 11- Ali Shaw.

Substitutes did not appear: 16- Guevara, 2- Sola, 13- zubiaurre, 22- Turrientes, 17- Navarro, 12- Mu? oz, 10- Oyarzabal.