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Douban 9.1, a high-scoring movie that watched millions of people cry, poked the biggest pain in our hearts.

Talking about psychology in the original building


It is said that the love of parents is the greatest love, but there is also a kind of love of relatives in this world. Whenever I think of her, many childhood memories will always emerge in my mind, and the softest place in my heart will feel warm. She is my grandmother.

The film love changes that I want to share with you today is a touching film about my grandmother.

This movie was released in South Korea in 2002, and it won the box office championship for four weeks in a row, becoming the highest-grossing movie of that year, and the netizens on Douban also scored 9.1.

Some netizens commented that watching the film reminds me of my grandmother, and every shot grandma appears is a tear …


Xiangyu, the hero of the story, is a little boy who grew up in a single-parent family.

Mother sent Xiangyu to her grandmother’s house in the country for a few days to facilitate her work.

On the way to grandma’s house, bumpy mountain roads, crowded buses and rustic country uncles and aunts chattered about chickens and ducks …

All these make Xiangyu, a city child, feel deeply disgusted and disgusted.

Xiangyu’s grandmother’s village is a very poor place. There are no entertainment facilities and places in the village, only a small grocery store, and grandma’s home is even more dilapidated.

Grandma is an old man in her seventies, her face is covered with wrinkles, and her back has been bent by perennial farm work.

Besides, grandma can’t read and is mute.

After her mother took Xiangyu to her grandmother’s house, she turned around and left.

Looking at this old and dumb grandmother, Xiangyu is full of disdain and disgust.

Grandma wanted to touch his head, and he was too dirty to avoid it. Grandma wanted to take his hand home, but he also forced it off and even made a gesture to hit someone.

There is no way, grandma hunched in front, followed by Xiangyu did not forget to scold: idiot.

Grandma just looked back at Xiangyu from time to time, for fear that he didn’t keep up.

This is the scene of the first meeting between grandparents and grandchildren, without a trace of warmth and touching.

In the evening, when having dinner, grandma brought Xiangyu food. He threw all the food into grandma’s bowl and only ate the canned food he brought.

Grandma’s eyesight is dim, and it is very laborious to thread the needle. She wants Xiangyu to help.

Xiangyu first pretended not to hear the video game, and after repeated requests from her grandmother, she got up impatiently to help.

Xiangyu’s game machine was out of power, so he pestered his grandmother to give him money to buy batteries, but her grandmother had no money, so she could only keep apologizing to Xiangyu.

He searched every corner of grandma’s house, but he didn’t find any money. He was so angry that he kicked the clay pot that grandma cherished and threw away her only pair of shoes.

Grandma without shoes can only walk barefoot on the rocky mountain road.

Xiangyu still refused to let it go. He took advantage of his grandmother’s sleep and pulled out her hairpins, hoping to exchange them for money to buy batteries.

When my grandmother woke up, she found that the hair clasp was missing, so she had to fix her hair with a spoon.

Xiangyu wanted to eat KFC, but grandma didn’t understand. He showed it to her like a rooster.

Grandma looked at Xiangyu’s cock and thought he wanted to eat chicken, so she braved the heavy rain and walked a long, long mountain road and bought a chicken.

After the stew, grandma brought the chicken to Xiangyu, but Xiangyu looked disgusted and cried and overturned his job, cursing grandma: you are a liar who knows nothing.

Grandma doesn’t know what to do, so she can only silently turn around and pick up the bowl that Xiangyu threw away, pick up the rice grains on the ground and stuff them into her mouth, for fear of wasting them.

Looking at Xiangyu who fell asleep in anger, grandma was full of guilt.

In the town, Xiangyu saw his little friend and was afraid that his grandmother would embarrass him, so he left his grandmother alone and went home by car with his partner.

Finally, in order to save money, grandma had to walk home alone.

Xiangyu’s personality is so capricious and stubborn, but grandma always only cares and tolerates him.

Grandma learns to ponder over his toys and wants to know more about her grandson’s world.

Xiangyu was afraid of going to the toilet alone at night, so grandma squatted barefoot and watched.

Grandma took Xiangyu to the town to sell melons, because grandma couldn’t speak. At the end of the day, none of them were sold.

But even if there is no income at the end of the day, grandma still takes Xiangyu to buy new shoes.

Take him to eat a meal in Zhajiang Noodles, and grandma only ordered one for Xiangyu, watching by herself.

In the face of her grandson’s unreasonable demands, my grandmother waved "I’m sorry" on her chest again and again and apologized to her grandson.


Grandma’s clumsy love made Xiangyu more headstrong at first, but as time went by, grandma’s love penetrated into Xiangyu’s heart, and he gradually changed, no longer just thinking about himself.

When grandma was not at home, it rained heavily. Xiangyu hurried to collect clothes. After collecting his own clothes, he saw that grandma’s clothes were still outside, and went out to collect grandma’s clothes.

Grandma got sick because she got wet in the rain. He would cover her with a quilt and put a towel on her forehead, hoping that she would get better soon.

On grandma’s sick day, he never cooked, and he prepared breakfast for grandma.

When grandma goes home, Xiangyu will take the initiative to take the bag in her hand.

Grandma bought him chocolate cakes, and he secretly stuffed one into her bag.

I accidentally fell down the hillside and was injured. When I saw my grandmother, Xiangyu jumped into her arms and cried bitterly.

Xiangyu’s dislike and complaint about his grandmother at first gradually turned into love and dependence. He is increasingly inseparable from his grandmother, and some even don’t want to return to the city.

Just when the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren improved, Xiangyu received a letter from his mother to take him home.

Xiangyu is full of sadness for his grandmother, and he doesn’t trust her to live alone. He teaches her to read and write letters.

He said to grandma:

Because you can’t talk on the phone, you should write to me.

Grandma, if you are sick, send me a blank piece of writing paper. I know it’s you, and I’ll be right back.

Speaking of which, Xiangyu has been sobbing, and grandma has secretly wiped her tears.

The day of parting still came, and Xiangyu helped grandma put on her needle and thread, which was enough for grandma to use for a while.

On the bus leaving, Xiangyu learned the gesture of grandma’s apology and gestured "I’m sorry" on his chest over and over again.

With the bus gone, grandma walked back to her hut alone.

After watching the movie, I remembered what Stefanie sang in the song "Good Youth":

Remember that someone is waiting at the end of the world, no matter how far away it is, don’t come back.

Affection is often the most easily overlooked emotion.

In many people’s childhood, there are always people who regard us as treasures in their hands and are willing to leave us the most precious things she has.

But because we are loved, we often have nothing to hide, dislike and blame them, and even never take the time to get to know them. It is not until we grow up that we find that the love we once ignored is so precious.

In the movie, my grandmother is old, and she is very indifferent to life and death. Even the old woman who runs a convenience store said flatly to her grandmother:

Come and see me again, before we die.

Xiangyu, on the other hand, didn’t understand grandma’s love until he left. Before he could figure out how to respond to grandma, he was about to leave her side.

In the future, how many opportunities will he have to repay his grandmother?

Don’t wait until it’s too late to try to make up for it.

Take advantage of this holiday, spend more time with them and listen to their stories when you have time. Only companionship is the longest confession.

Yunnan hosts the 5th International Students’ Cultural Exchange Week.

Original title: The 5th International Student Cultural Exchange Week was held in our province.

Recently, the 5th International Students’ Cultural Exchange Week in Yunnan Province was held in Kunming and Yuxi.

The theme of this exchange week is "Youth without Borders Developing to the Future", and 60 teachers and students from 19 countries participated in five universities: Yunnan University, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine, Dali University and Yuxi Normal University. The campers visited Yunnan Provincial Museum, yunnan military academy, Dounan Flower Shooting Center, Yuxi Happy Town, Chengjiang Fossil Land Natural Museum, Mafang Village, Fuxian Lake, and other places to experience the charm of Yunnan’s excellent traditional culture and the achievements of rural revitalization, national unity, scientific and technological innovation and ecological civilization.

Through cultural exchange, campers have a deeper understanding of "there is a life called Yunnan" Li Hongchang, a Myanmar student at Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that this activity gave him a more comprehensive and three-dimensional understanding of China and Yunnan, and he would learn more about China culture during his next study abroad. Tai Longkang, an international student from Laos in Yunnan University, said that after returning to school, he will be a folk messenger to promote friendly exchanges between China and Laos.

It is understood that the cultural exchange week for overseas students in Yunnan Province has been successfully held for five times, aiming at building a learning exchange platform for young students at home and abroad, spreading culture, enhancing friendship and promoting the communication between the people. There are more than 80 countries of international students, and the number exceeds 10,000.

The event was hosted by Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Yunnan People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Yuxi Municipal Government, Yunnan Youth Federation and Yunnan Student Federation.

The picture shows the campers experiencing the making of non-legacy handmade kites. (Reporter Deng Qingwen)

Going north and going south-the exchange between Hong Kong and mainland youth has narrowed their spiritual distance

  Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, June 21st (Reporter Chen Ji Zhan Yan) Since he went to Beijing to work in Internet advertising in 2000, Zhang Longhua, a Hong Kong native, has experienced several entrepreneurial stories spanning Beijing, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

  His latest entrepreneurial project is the mobile Internet video teaching platform "Xiumiao". This platform was released in Hong Kong at the end of 2015 and landed in the mainland at the beginning of the following year. Zhang Longhua set up the company in Hong Kong Science Park and the mainland branch in Shenzhen Qianhai Youth DreamWorks, and went back and forth to the two places once a week as usual.

  Xiu Miaoduo invited a Hong Kong tutor to teach the course, covering life skills such as speech skills, social etiquette, love and marriage. "Not only the first-tier cities in the mainland have demand for these courses, but many second-and third-tier cities have wine tasting classes, etiquette classes, etc., and there are many people attending classes." Zhang Longhua said, "Because people are striving for progress, and they are constantly pursuing the enrichment of social skills and the improvement of their self-cultivation."

  At the end of 2014, Qianhai Administration, Shenzhen Youth Federation and Hong Kong Youth Federation initiated the establishment of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth DreamWorks, and so far 77 Hong Kong entrepreneurial teams including Xiumiao have been hatched. Qianhai also provided 666 internship positions for young people in Hong Kong, received 8,000 students from Hong Kong colleges and universities for study and exchange, and attracted more than 100 Hong Kong youth entrepreneurial teams to participate in the first Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

  Going north to start a business is behind the enthusiastic struggle of young people in Hong Kong and the help of government departments. It is understood that in the past three academic years, more than 170,000 Hong Kong students participated in the mainland exchange program. In April 2014, the Hong Kong SAR Government launched the Youth Internship and Exchange Funding Scheme in the Mainland, which further promoted Hong Kong young people’s understanding of the job market and development opportunities in the Mainland.

  Close to the water tower, Qianhai has opened a channel for the flow of talents between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In addition to promoting more than 10 kinds of Hong Kong professionals such as certified tax agents, certified accountants and housing managers to practice directly in Qianhai, it also levies personal income tax on overseas talents including high-end talents from Hong Kong at a rate of only 15%.

  After starting a business, Zhang Longhua is still infatuated with the strong historical and humanistic atmosphere in the north, which is also one of the reasons why the vast mainland attracts him. "I like history very much. At that time, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, I would go to the Great Wall every month and visit Shichahai every week or two." He said.

  Multi-culture, international vision and open concept … … A "Pearl of the Orient", which blends East and West, has also attracted many young people from the mainland to show their great ambitions during the 20 years since returning to the motherland.

  Unlike Zhang Longhua, Zhao Xiaoshuang, a mainland exchange student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, prefers to go into nature and "see the sea through the mountains". "Hong Kong’s natural environment is well protected. It’s not very troublesome to go to an island by boat. The scenery is beautiful and natural. This is a particularly good place in Hong Kong. " She said.

  The year after Hong Kong’s return, Hong Kong universities began to recruit mainland students by entrusting 10 mainland universities. In 2003, the Ministry of Education officially agreed that Hong Kong universities should recruit self-funded undergraduates in six provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Fujian. Over the past decade or so, the scope of enrollment has gradually expanded.

  In 2009, after graduating from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Zhao Xiaoshuang was admitted to the Department of Social Work of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, worked in Hong Kong for more than four years, returned from studying abroad for one year, and worked as an exchange student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Zhao Xiaoshuang, who originally went south, claimed to be "led by curiosity". She said that there are many advanced things in social work and charity in Hong Kong, and I want to learn about them myself.

  Mr. Wang, from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, chose the multimedia major of the School of Design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University to further study and improve himself after graduating from a creative cartoon in Hong Kong.

  After living in Hong Kong for more than five years, Mr. Wang has been able to skillfully hear Cantonese and got married here. In cafes in Hong Kong, he has taught Mandarin one-on-one with Hong Kong friends for countless times. "More and more Hong Kong people have this will because their business is related to the mainland and they have to speak Mandarin." Mr. Wang said.

  In 2011, as a financial consultant, Chen Zhihao, a Hong Kong resident, was still fluent in Mandarin when he came to meet his first mainland client in Longgang, Shenzhen. This mainland customer is a primary school teacher with a monthly income of 5,000 yuan. Although the business was not concluded, she became good friends with Chen Zhihao.

  During the past six years, Chen Zhihao’s clients were mainly mainland youths, who were distributed in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places. His life was like a pendulum, and he frequently traveled between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. He met his girlfriend in Shenzhen, a Guiyang girl who graduated from Hong Kong University.

  "The biggest feeling of working and living in the mainland is that people have a positive attitude towards work and life and work hard. I learned a lot from my girlfriend. " Chen Zhihao said.

  The Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, said that apart from politics and economy, the mainland and Hong Kong are also closely related to social and livelihood issues. Cultural exchanges between the two places are becoming more and more frequent. At present, there are more than 520,000 Hong Kong people living, working and studying in Guangdong Province for a long time.

  Many customers at work have become friends in Chen Zhihao’s life. "Basically, they eat together, watch movies together and chat together. I often recommend them to watch some good movies in Hong Kong." Chen Zhihao said, "I am doing myself well, in fact, I am promoting Hong Kong well."

81 movies get together for the 40-day Lunar New Year, waiting for the "head work"

  Zhong Han Jian gong bo

  "Is it a New Year’s Eve file now?" Not long ago, Hu Youqi, a citizen, found on the ticketing platform that the platform and the cinema had already marked the Lunar New Year file early, and many recently released films also used it as a label for publicity.

  Data from Cat’s Eye Professional Edition shows that this year’s Lunar New Year file runs from November 24th to December 31st. As of 16: 00 on December 18th, 81 films (including reruns) have been locked in this schedule, and the national box office this year has exceeded 52.906 billion yuan. With the further promotion of the Lunar New Year file, people in the industry generally believe that this year’s movie box office will hit 55 billion yuan, which is the same as 2017.

  Many viewers found that, unlike the impression that the New Year’s Eve files are mainly comedic family movies, this year’s New Year’s Eve files are not only rich in types, but also have a good reputation. However, compared with previous Chinese New Year’s Eve movies, which have produced many annual box office champions and box office masterpieces that broke 1 billion yuan, Across the Furious Sea, which topped this year’s Chinese New Year’s Eve movie, currently has a box office of only 546 million yuan, lacking a "head work" matrix with a double harvest of box office reputation to drive the film market to by going up one flight of stairs.

  Has the New Year’s Eve changed?

  There is no standard answer as to when the Lunar New Year file will start. Usually, a movie is a hit around December, even if the Lunar New Year file is opened.

  On November 30th, the film "Hot Search" starring Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang and Justin was released, saying that it was "the first to open the curtain of the year-end Lunar New Year"; On December 1st, NI YAN and Seven starred in the film Goodbye, Li Kele, which is also called "the first shot of Chinese New Year". Hu Youqi has some doubts: "Isn’t the New Year’s Day to the Spring Festival?"

  In fact, with the development of the film market in China, the time of the New Year’s Eve is quietly changing.

  When will the Lunar New Year file become a schedule? The reporter interviewed a number of people in the industry, and almost everyone agreed that this concept entered the film industry in China, which originated from the film Party A and Party B, which was released at the end of 1997 and was dubbed as the "New Year’s Film", which made a box office story at that time. Since then, more and more films have chosen to be released during this period, among which the head films are often star-studded and commercial.

  Previously, the industry once divided New Year’s Eve files into broad and narrow sense. The broad New Year’s Eve files include two major festivals, New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, which last for about one and a half months. There is no standard answer as to when the Lunar New Year file will start. "Usually, a movie is popular around December, even if the Lunar New Year file is opened".

  Wang Ce, a member of the Shanghai Film Criticism Society and a senior screenwriter, said that the Lunar New Year file continued the idea that many lively comedies in China and Hong Kong were shown together during New Year’s Day and Spring Festival. "But at that time, the film supply was small, and the cycle of a film was as long as one to two months. With the increase in film supply, it has now been subdivided into multiple schedules. "

  On the movie data platforms such as Cat’s Eye and Lighthouse, the New Year’s Eve file is different from the New Year’s Eve file, New Year’s Day file and Spring Festival file. The New Year’s Eve file refers to more than one month from late November to December 31, while the New Year’s Eve file only refers to a day on December 31. There are still many cases of "stalls" in one day, such as Tanabata stalls and 520 stalls, which have emerged in recent years. According to insiders, the film market is now well supplied and the film screening cycle is shortened. Often, the first week or even the first day of the box office determines the follow-up trend of a film box office. In this case, it is not unexpected to subdivide the schedule. The film will arrange the release time according to the theme, investment and market expectation. Wang Ce said that the Spring Festival is a big schedule. Usually, films with larger investment and higher expectations will be released, and films with less competitiveness will be released on New Year’s Day.

  A few days ago, the reporter saw in Daguangming Cinema that the December News posted at the gate of the cinema was a collection of 13 films such as Hot Search and Wonka from Aquaman 2, and posters of recently released films such as Three Battalions, Crossing the Sea and Breaking Point were placed in the hall, but the words "New Year’s Eve File" did not appear. The staff of Daguangming Cinema introduced that in the past, the concept of New Year’s Eve was relatively broad, basically starting from the end of November and early December until the Spring Festival, but now it is gradually subdivided into New Year’s Day and Spring Festival. "We usually say New Year’s Eve, which generally means that when the New Year is approaching, at least after the end of December, it will start with Party A and Party B at the earliest, and then a series of films such as Let Bullets Fly, It’s too embarrassing for people to travel again have good box office output in this period. After the breakdown of the schedule in recent years, the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year file is not as strong as before, and the explosion point is more concentrated in the Spring Festival file. "

  "The concept of the schedule is more of a B-end concept. For the audience, the centralized release of the demand for watching movies is often accompanied by legal holidays, and the main box office output of the Lunar New Year file is still on New Year’s Day and other festivals." Zhang Tong, a senior analyst at Cat’s Eye Research Institute, said that in 2010, 2011 and 2012, domestic box office champions, Let Bullets Fly, flowers of war, and The Way of Water, were all released in the New Year’s Eve file. In recent years, the New Year’s Eve file also produced Sheep Without A Shepherd’s Ip Man 4, Shock Wave 2’s manslaughter 2 and Avatar: The Way of Water. "Famous in 2021 and Nobody in 2018 were both released in mid-November, and both of them have achieved good box office results in the traditional off-season of the film market."

  Can it hit 55 billion yuan?

  This year is the year with the most and most lively New Year movies, but there is still a lack of "head works" with a double harvest at the box office.

  The film market in China has recovered strongly this year. Data from Cat’s Eye Professional Edition shows that this year’s Spring Festival file became the second in history with 6.765 billion yuan; After that, the box office of the "May 1 ST" file was second only to the same period in 2019 and 2021; The box office of the summer file exceeded 20.62 billion yuan, breaking the record of the highest box office, the highest number of people and the total number of times in the summer file of China Film History. With the release of many films for the Lunar New Year, the industry is optimistic that the total box office of this year’s films will hit 55 billion yuan.

  "In 2023, the overall performance of the China film market was remarkable, and the market quickly recovered its vitality." In Zhang Tong’s view, many masterpieces have emerged during the Spring Festival, summer vacation, National Day and other holiday periods, and new audiences continue to enter the market. "This year’s head films generally have a strong family viewing attribute, and the proportion of older audiences has increased compared with previous years."

  This year, there are 81 movies in the Lunar New Year, which is not surprising to some people in the industry. In 2019, there are also 70 movies in the Lunar New Year. The staff of Daguangming Cinema said: "This year’s Lunar New Year’s files have diverse styles and themes to meet the needs of audiences of different ages." Ma Ye, president of Baiying (Beijing) Cinema Management Co., Ltd., believes that this year is the year with the most and most lively New Year movies.

  However, at present, Across the Furious Sea, which was released on November 25th, is still the leading movie at the box office, with a cumulative box office of 546 million yuan. Compared with this year’s Spring Festival movie "Man Jiang Hong" and "Wandering Earth 2", and the summer movie "Put all your eggs in one basket", "Disappeared She" and "Goddess the First Part", there is still a lack of "head movies" with strong box office, topics and reputation.

  "Up to now, this year’s Lunar New Year file has indeed not seen a large-scale film to incite the market to watch movies." Zhang Tong said that the highlight is the films released at the end of the year. Apart from Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Bright Stars, two Hong Kong films, Goldfinger, Sneak, and the workplace satirical comedy The Annual Meeting can’t stop! ",New Year’s classic IP" If You Are the One 3 "are all worth looking forward to. The staff of Daguangming Cinema also revealed that, according to the usual practice, "hot movies are basically released in the last two days of the year, and it is difficult to predict whether the annual box office can reach 55 billion yuan, but the overall momentum of the film market is good".

  Rui Cui, Liu Xiang and bid for the Olympic Games, directors of "Lost She" and "Put All Your Eggs", which achieved good box office results this summer, are all young directors who have not been well known by the public, and many films released recently have a good reputation. "The number of bad films has decreased this year, which is a good phenomenon." Wang Ce said that with the recent survival of the fittest in the industry, what remains is a relatively mature professional force. In his view, the current audience has "changed a batch" compared with a few years ago, the attraction of big-name directors and famous actors has declined, and the audience pays more attention to themes and stories. For creators, it is necessary to think about why the audience comes to see and create more viewing motives for the audience; On the other hand, the audience is also diverted, and the market is more subdivided. Different types of films such as suspense, science fiction and pure love have their own audience groups. Focusing on a niche type can also have a good market return. "The establishment of the film industrialization system is not only aimed at technology, special effects and service, but also includes R&D planning, script creation, process management, etc. In the past, screenwriters could create with their heads closed, and now they may have to consider the market more. When the entire large industrial system is perfect, no link can be built behind closed doors. "

  People in the industry generally have confidence in the China film market next year. "Next year, a large number of domestic films with rich and diverse types will be reserved." Wang Ce revealed that at present, the film industry has maintained a good development momentum, and the audience need not worry about the "film shortage" next year. Next, films such as Mr. Red Carpet will be shown in the Spring Festival, and a large number of films such as "Feng Shen II" are expected to meet the audience next year.

  Ritual sense attracts young people?

  Movies have social attributes. Watching movies on special holidays is a cost-effective entertainment consumption for young audiences.

  Recently, the movie "Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Bright Stars" has attracted the attention of people in the industry and the public: the director is a newcomer, the actor is not a flow star, and the theme is the fantasy love of the minority. However, the pre-sale box office exceeded 100 million yuan 23 days before the release, making it the earliest pre-sale movie and the fastest pre-sale movie for the New Year.

  "In my impression, the Lunar New Year files and movies are all family fun types." Hu Youqi found that there are many suspense and crime themes in recent Lunar New Year movies, as well as Goodbye, Li Ke Le and Dog God with pet themes. In the past, the typical Lunar New Year movies only had the traditional blockbuster Neptune 2: The Lost Kingdom and the established IP If You Are the One 3. According to the data from Taobao Film, there are more than 100,000 movies "wanted to see", among which "plot crime" accounts for 3 movies.

  "Suspense movies are a niche theme for the industry and the audience. These films have a small investment and a low box office ceiling, and usually choose a small schedule or a cold schedule." Wang Ce believes that although there are suspense films such as "Disappeared She" and "Put All Your Eggs on One Egg" exploding in the market this year, they rely more on the topic heat and are unrepeatable. "In the future, suspense films may not become a popular theme, but at present, as a mature market type and insurance investment theme, it may form a fixed output ratio in the domestic film market."

  In the eyes of the industry, with the renewal of movie audiences, young moviegoers are more willing to choose niche and personalized themes. The change of the New Year’s Eve schedule also makes more movies with rich themes and relatively small investment willing to choose this schedule. "Judging from the distribution of the schedule and its impact on the whole year’s market, the Lunar New Year file is expected to continue the heat at the end of the year until the beginning of next year before the Spring Festival file next year, which will play an important role in preheating and undertaking the Spring Festival file next year." Zhang Tong said.

  In addition to the quality of the film, the film side has also begun to exert its strength in marketing and distribution, enriching the movie-watching experience of fans. "Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, bright stars" released on December 30, 1314 cinemas across the country will hold "snow field" activities at 13: 14 on the same day, which is considered by the industry as an important reason for the film’s pre-sale box office to outshine others. According to the data of Cat’s Eye Professional Edition, among the users who buy pre-sale tickets for "Twinkle, Twinkle and Bright Stars", the population under 25 is over 80%. On social media, many viewers who bought advance tickets showed their ticket purchase records, expecting the movie to "snow" when it was released.

  "As a kind of entertainment consumption content, movies not only have commodity attributes, but also have social attributes. Young audiences are the main consumers of social activities. They are more active and pay more attention to the sense of ceremony. On some special holidays, watching movies is a cost-effective entertainment consumption for young audiences. " Zhang Tong said.

  In order to create such a sense of ceremony, many cinemas have made innovations. Located on the first floor of Jing ‘an MOHO, Baiying Sanke Yinghua is a compound space combining a cinema and a restaurant. Ma Ye introduced that this year’s summer file was very busy during the National Day holiday, and the film market was relatively weak in November. Everyone took the opportunity to thoroughly clean the interior and carpets of the cinema, and carried out equipment maintenance, maintenance and staff training, so as to welcome the movie-watching craze with a better look after the opening of the Lunar New Year file.

  Bai Ying San Ke Ying Hua also designed a series of activities to create a sense of ceremony. For example, on December 16, Shanghai ushered in a cooling down, and the cinema chose to hold the "Winter Night Jazz Trio" on the same day to attract the audience with movie music; From December 20th to 25th, the stamp-stamping activity sought after by young people was introduced. With the ticket stubs exchanged for stamp-collecting cards on that day, the stamps of Wonka, Aquaman 2 and Detective Conan were hidden in the cinema space for the audience to find and stamp, and there would be staff dressed as NPC (non-player role) to interact with the audience. "We left these activities to create a sense of theater ceremony to young employees to plan independently, to attract the audience to stay in the theater for a while and leave an impression outside the film. When the audience has memories and emotional connections with the cinema, it is difficult for them to leave. "

(Liberation Daily)


The Best Lifestyle: Immersion Life

In life, there is such an immersive happiness, which seems to accelerate the passage of time:

When doing some things, such as sitting by the sea quietly watching the sea, concentrating on reading a book, cooking favorite food seriously …

This kind of immersive experience, called "flow" by psychologist Mihaly, is a positive psychological experience, that is, the sense of fulfillment gained when focusing.

Immersed in the present, satisfaction arises spontaneously, and life becomes more comfortable. This is the immersive life.

Such a lifestyle can not only heal the body and mind, but also be a good way to resist disorderly life.

"Out of control" life will consume people’s mood.

The quality of life often depends on one’s ability to control consciousness.

In this world, unpleasant things often happen. I used to think that I was disappointed that my efforts were fruitless because I was not lucky enough and my ability was not strong enough. Later I realized:

Excessive internal friction is trapping us in an out-of-control life.

If you are always entangled in all kinds of unknown anxieties, you will eventually be unable to concentrate on your daily work and life, leading to out of control.

The way to relieve pain is to spend time on the right things.

Buffett once shared an investment viewpoint.

He said that in some areas, he resolutely refused to invest because he lacked understanding and could not control it.

Life is the same, wasting energy on unnecessary things will only make people impetuous and consume our attention.

Leave the limited time to the thing you love most, and you can get unlimited happiness.

A focused life is a great wisdom.

There are many things you can do in your life, but what is really important is to stay focused.

Yuan Longping, the "father of hybrid rice", devoted himself to cultivating excellent hybrid rice all his life and made remarkable achievements, which not only filled the stomachs of China people, but also had a far-reaching influence in the world.

Opportunities are infinite, but everyone’s time, energy and talent are limited, so if you want to be excellent, you must concentrate.

Wang Yangming once put forward a method: "the power of refinement."

The so-called "Jingyi" means focusing on the present.

If a person wants to succeed in a certain field, he needs to gather all his efforts and do it to the extreme.

Only by focusing can we constantly break through ourselves and pursue the limit wholeheartedly without being biased by other things.

Whether a person succeeds or not does not depend on how much he chooses, but on staying focused and deeply ploughing.

Staying focused and immersed is a great wisdom. When you are seriously involved in one thing, you can get happiness.

Immersive life, starting from these three points.

Only when you decide your own pace can you reap the happiness of enjoying yourself and experience the fun brought by immersive life.

If you want to live an immersive life, you may wish to make changes in the following aspects:

If you want to study, put down your mobile phone, stay away from the internet and concentrate on reading;

If you want to relax, put aside your worries and stop worrying about work or study.

Abandoning distractions and focusing on doing things can not only improve efficiency, but also enjoy the sense of fulfillment brought by the realm of selflessness.

"The antonym of anxiety is concreteness."

It is better to take every step of the moment in a down-to-earth manner than to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss in the imagination of the future.

There is no road to life in vain. Every step is silently accumulating confidence, which can also bring us closer to the ideal distance.

There is a saying: "When the inner time and space becomes smaller, we are easy to panic and move blindly like trapped mice, but in fact we have been living in a bigger time and space."

Enrich your heart by reading and traveling.

Once you find that the world is so big and your heart can become wider, you will no longer be troubled by the outside world.

In this regard, with a peaceful and comfortable attitude, to pursue the life you want.

Everyone is searching.
Immersion life immersion daily immersion housework What does immersion life mean? What are immersion experiences? What is immersion happiness?


Reading for the aged

A good article worth reading

Immersive experience, called "flow" by psychologist Mihaly, is a kind of positive psychological experience, that is, the sense of fullness gained when focusing.

Immersed in the present, satisfaction arises spontaneously, and life becomes more comfortable. This is the immersive life.

Such a lifestyle can not only heal the body and mind, but also be a good way to resist disorderly life.

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Autumn waters are the same as the sky.

Happiness is closer when everything is free.

06-21 18:32




Xiaoyuan 198033

For example, focus on cooking when cooking, and focus on farming when farming, and your heart will be very calm.

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Escape nl

Living in the present, living in this moment is an immersive life.

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Tell the truth Lw2zq

The point is that there are no unpleasant things. Very happy.

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Stubborn and lost M0

There is no best in the world, only better. There is no best in the world, only better. A good lifestyle depends on your health and longevity. (Beijing People Branch)

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Opportunities are infinite, but everyone’s time, energy and talent are limited, so if you want to be excellent, you must concentrate.

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Feel the golden heart ball in winter at Wuzu Temple.

I am very focused when playing games. Is this an immersive lifestyle?

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DNP keeps the heart from shedding.

We can never change the world, but the world can’t change me easily.
Loneliness makes us outstanding.
Chuang Tzu wrote a story about Kun Peng in Happy Travel.
Everyone’s pattern is different, and their thoughts and practices will naturally be different. Kun and Xuegui don’t understand the responsibility of Kun Peng, and Kun Peng naturally despises the "freedom" between flying Artemisia.
People are either lonely or vulgar.
Life is a journey from Beiming to Nanming. Your world, they don’t understand.
In this world, many roads can only be walked by one person, and many things can only be done alone.
Instead of losing yourself in the vain excitement, it is better to stick to your heart and be yourself.
In this world, each of us is struggling to walk alone, and few people know how to feel the same.
A soul that can stand loneliness will always be stronger.

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There is no more.

Fans will invite you to watch the dark reality revenge movie "Rage" for free, scan the code and read the mobile version.

  The film Angry Tide tells the story of the mysterious killer Chen An.Revenge for love and stir up the black police gangMulti-forces thus expand.A full-time scuffle, the whole process of high-burning, vigorous stimulation, hormone off the charts.

  film"Angry Tide" focuses on the overseas dark crime industry chain.Pay attention to social security. Mysterious killerChen An stirred up many forces, and the black police gang was caught in the whirlpool of revenge, which made the fate of the characters and the direction of the story full of suspense.,And through the extreme violence aesthetics, it brings the audience the emotional release of the end of the year. besides,The film passedplot of a playReversal, surprise giftLeave suspense and puzzles to the end of the film.At the same time lead to crimeHuman nature, etc.Discussion of problems, watching movies with high energy in the whole process.While experiencing the adrenaline rush,It also brings emotional resonance and realistic thinking to the audience..

  Jinyun North Network Fans Association will invite netizens to the cinema to watch the movie.raging tide》。

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Vote "War or Peace" in 2024? Lai Qingde’s "independence" pit is bottomless, which is the biggest source of war in the Taiwan Strait!

Once the Taiwan Province Strait is confronted with each other because of "Taiwan independence" or external interference and intervention, Taiwan Province, the treasure island, will become a battlefield of war, and the people living in this land will be trapped and turned into "cannon fodder". This is the basic logical judgment of public opinion on the influence of "Taiwan independence" on the trend of the situation in the Taiwan Strait. The results of many polls on the island also show that the mainstream public opinion agrees with this judgment more than 50%.
On January 13th next year, Taiwan Province will vote for a new leader. Facing the retrogression and countercurrent of cross-strait relations under the DPP’s ruling for many years, the Taiwan Province Strait has been shrouded in a green haze. The election in early 2024 will determine whether the future of Taiwan Province people can shine under the sunshine of peace.
Is it war or peace? The mainland has repeatedly called for the broad masses of Taiwan Province compatriots to make correct choices at critical moments. There are still about 30 days left before the election. Despite all the old routines and tricks, such as smearing rival candidates and spreading rumors about the mainland’s "intervention" in the Taiwan election, the poll of Lai Qingde and Xiao Meiqin, the "independent combination" launched by the Democratic Progressive Party, has continued to decline, and the gap with Hou Youyi and Zhao Shaokang of the Kuomintang of China has been within the error range.
It is shameless to cling to "Taiwan independence" and "going to China"! (Painter: Nuowan)
Digging the "independence" pit is too deep to arouse doubts, and the United States advises to rely on "freezing independence"
Since entering the election, Lai Qingde, who calls himself a "pragmatic Taiwan independence worker", has tried to downplay his label of "Taiwan independence", tried to get close to Tsai Ing-Wen’s vague line on cross-strait policy, and used a set of untenable logic of "preparing for war to avoid war" to muddle through.
However, since entering politics, Lai has dug himself a bottomless "independence" pit, and suddenly and deliberately changed. Obviously, smart non-green voters in Taiwan Province will not be fooled. According to the island polls of different institutions and different periods, Lai’s support can only be circled on the basic disk of green camp, which is firmly suppressed by this ceiling.
An out-and-out "Taiwan independence worker" and an out-and-out "troublemaker." Lai Qingde has been named by the Taiwan Affairs Office many times. It is said that three American scholars who have deep ties with the DPP recently jointly wrote an article urging Lai Qingde, who is also the party chairman, to consider freezing the so-called "Taiwan independence party program". The United States released unusual signals at a delicate moment before the election, which aroused public concern on the island, indicating that Biden’s government was worried that the ingrained "Taiwan independence" ideology would become the most uncontrollable time bomb in the Taiwan Strait.
Lai Qingde, on the other hand, avoided talking about freezing the "Taiwan independence party program", but continued to advocate the rotten stalk of "the United States supports Taiwan Province". US President Biden has made it clear more than once that he does not support "Taiwan Province independence". At the recent regular press conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson, also pointed out that Lai Qingde dared not mention that the United States clearly indicated that it did not support "Taiwan independence", and could only do something out of context to deceive people and defraud votes.
"Root-searching, soul-breaking" and "cultural Taiwan independence" become "cultural orphans"
Recently, a video of a Chinese teacher from a well-known girls’ school in Taiwan Province denouncing the "shamelessness" of the "China-oriented" curriculum on the island became popular, and Taiwan Province therefore set off another round of public opinion "counterattack" against the DPP for years. There is criticism from public opinion that this female teacher has hit a sore point with the "Taiwan independence" DPP government. "Shameless" means "de-China" and "Taiwan independence".
The DPP’s so-called "Taiwan independence" argument is based on the "cultural Taiwan independence" route of "de-China" on the island. Cutting off cross-strait cultural ties and shaping a so-called "Taiwan Province’s main culture" are the evil ways of "digging into the roots", "pulling out the bones" and "breaking the soul", which has plunged young people in Taiwan Province into cultural confusion and pushed Taiwan Province to the edge of the so-called "cultural orphan" and "historical orphan".
Zhu Fenglian also said at the above-mentioned press conference that it must be pointed out that any act of "de-China" cannot change the Chinese cultural identity and the Chinese national identity deeply rooted in Taiwan Province society, and cannot separate the historical ties between the two sides of the strait and the blood ties between compatriots on both sides of the strait. The DPP authorities’ forgetting their ancestors will surely meet with stronger opposition from compatriots on both sides of the strait.
Make the right choice and use votes to sweep away the source of peace in the Taiwan Strait.
Both the "Taiwan independence party program" and the "Taiwan independence curriculum program" derived from it are the bane to change the status quo that both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to the same China and lead the Taiwan Strait to a dangerous war. Choosing Lai Qingde means choosing a blind alley of "Taiwan independence". The mainland has repeatedly called for "I hope that the broad masses of Taiwan Province compatriots will understand the general trend and make a correct choice at a critical moment", that is, they do not want the election results next year to run counter to the track of peaceful development of cross-strait relations.
Peace is in the best interests of the people of Taiwan Province. It is the right choice to sweep away the scourge of peace in the Taiwan Strait, let the "peace saboteurs" step down and create a vast space for compatriots on both sides of the strait to seek, protect and share peace. (Text/Yan Xintai, this article does not represent the view of China Taiwan Province Network)

Highlights of the Super League finale: Shenzhen farewell battle, Dalian Nantong who was downgraded, Shenhua Zhejiang for the third place.

11moonfoursunhalf past three p.m.,2023The 2008 Super League is about to usher in a grand finale.eightThe Super League will kick off at the same time.16This team will play the last Super League match of this season. Advance at Shanghai seaportoneAfter winning the Super League championship, there are still several games worthy of attention in this round of Super League: First, the Shenzhen team, which has been demoted in advance, will face Beijing Guoan at home, which is not only a farewell battle for Shenzhen’s Super League, but also a farewell battle for football; Second, Dalian people.VSShanghai Harbor and Nantong ZhiyunVSThe results of these two games in Tianjin Jinmen Tiger will determine which team will be relegated; Third, Shanghai Shenhua will face Zhejiang at home, and the two teams will fight for the third place in the league to win the Asian League next season.2Qualifications for the competition.

ShenzhenVSBeijing Guoan.Shenzhen, which has been demoted in advance, will face Beijing Guoan at home, before Shenzhen.29Only won the last game.threeThe field is flat.threeField, come on.12Points, booked a demotion quota early, Beijing Guoan.48Super-ranked in sub-rankingssixA, the two sides this season’s first leg Beijing Guoan home.5:0Beat Shenzhen team. The result of this game has little influence on the ranking of both sides, but for the Shenzhen team, this is not only their last Super League game, but even the last battle of the team. According to relevant media reports, Shenzhen Football Club’s current unpaid wages (including tax) are approaching.10With the current situation, it is even difficult to pass the qualification examination of next season’s China A, and the possibility of dissolution is not ruled out. Even with the efforts of all parties, Shenzhen, which will play in China A next season, may be an all-China class like Guangzhou, and its return to the Super League will be in the foreseeable future. Therefore, there may be many Shenzhen fans going to the scene to watch the final game of Shenzhen’s Super League.

Dalian peopleVSShanghai seaport.Dalian people are currently20Super-ranked in sub-rankings15Name, lag behind the first14The famous Nantong branch cloud2Points, this round will be their relegation battle of life and death; Shanghai Seaport won the championship ahead of schedule in the last round, and this round has nothing to ask for, the first round between the two sides.1:1Draw. Dalian people are the first in the Super League.22wheel2:1After defeating Shenzhen, since thensevenThe super league only took it.2At present, the team, like the Shenzhen team, is in a crisis of survival. If relegation fails, it is likely to be abandoned by investors and become a "child without milk" next season. If Dalian people don’t win this game, they will definitely be relegated. If they win, it depends on the result of Nantong Zhiyun’s game. Therefore, for Dalian people, this game is not only a battle of relegation, but also a battle of life and death. If they win, they may not live, but if they lose, they will definitely die.

Nantong zhiyunVSTianjin Jinmen tiger.Another relegation battle was launched between Nantong Zhiyun and Tianjin Jinmen Tiger. Nantong Zhiyun is currently22Lead Dalian people in points2Rank first14Bit, as long as the final round wins, it will be relegated to success; If Nantong Zhiyun draws in the final round and Dalian wins, the two teams will score the same point, but because of their record relationship (Nantong Zhiyun plays Dalian)oneflatoneNegative), Nantong Zhiyun will be relegated, and Dalian people will be relegated successfully; If Dalian people don’t win, then Nantong Zhiyun can avoid relegation regardless of the outcome. Tianjin Jinmen tiger is currently accumulating.45Super-ranked in sub-rankingseight, both sides in the first round1:1Draw.

Shanghai ShenhuaVSZhejiang.This will be the most close match in this round, and the two teams are currently tied.fifty-twoPoints, Shenhua because of mutual record (Shenhua away in the first round1:0Won) ranked third, Zhejiang ranked fourth. After this round, there may be several results: if Shanghai Shenhua wins, it will rank third, and the Zhejiang team will determine the ranking with Chengdu; If Shenhua draws Zhejiang and Chengdu Rongcheng wins, then the three teams will be tied.53Points, compare the small cycle record between the three teams to determine the ranking, Chengdu Rongcheng2winoneflatoneThe best negative record ranked third, Shanghai Shenhua.onewin2flatoneNegative ranking fourth, Zhejiangonewinoneflat2Negative ranking fifth; If Shenhua loses to Zhejiang, then Zhejiang will rank third and Shanghai will rank fourth or fifth. The third team in the league can play in the AFC Champions League next season.2(After the restructuring, the second-level club competition of AFC is called AFC Champions League.2)。

Shanghai Shenhua has also entered the semi-final of the FA Cup. Their opponent is Qingdao Manatee. If they beat Qingdao Manatee, they will face Taishan in Shandong in the final. The FA Cup champion will participate in the AFC Champions League Classic next season together with the Super League champion (the first-level club competition of the AFC after the restructuring). By the way, the status of the cup champion is the same as that of the league champion, higher than that of the runner-up, which is extremely rare in leagues all over the world.

Shandong TaishanVSHenan.Shandong Taishan failed to win the Shanghai seaport in the last round, and has missed the Super League championship in advance. Currently,55Leading Shanghai Shenhua and Zhejiang teams.threePoints, due to the mutual advantage with Shanghai Shenhua and the same record with Zhejiang, and the total goal difference far exceeds that of Zhejiang team, Shandong Taishan has ensured the first place in the league regardless of the outcome of the final round.2First name. In addition, Shandong Taishan has entered the FA Cup final, and the opponent will be the winner between Shanghai Shenhua and Qingdao Manatee. If Shandong Taishan wins the FA Cup, then Shandong Taishan will play in the AFC Champions League next season with Shanghai Harbour. If Shandong Taishan loses in the FA Cup, it will be ranked first in the league.2Play in the AFC Champions League play-offs next season.

Therefore, for Taishan Mountain in Shandong Province, the final match of the Super League is not important, what is important is the FA Cup final. Henan team is currently36Super-ranked in sub-rankings10Bit, has been relegated ahead of schedule, the first round at home.0:1Losing to Shandong, the result of this league is not important for both sides, friendship comes first, and the game comes second.

Chengdu RongchengVSMeizhou Hakka.Chengdu Rongcheng is here.29Rear product of wheel50Super-ranked in sub-rankingsfiveName, if Chengdu Rongcheng wins this round and Shanghai Shenhua and Zhejiang draw, then Chengdu Rongcheng will rank first with the small round record between the three teams.threeName; Or Shanghai Shenhua beat Zhejiang this round and Shandong Taishan or Shanghai Shenhua won the FA Cup this season, then the Super League won the first place.fourA team will also have the opportunity to participate in the AFC Champions League next season.2Therefore, the final round of Chengdu Rongcheng is still motivated. However, for Chengdu Rongcheng fans, the most regrettable thing is that Miami International canceled coming to China and missed the opportunity to watch Messi’s game at home. Meizhou Hakka at present34Super-ranked in sub-rankings11Bit, relegation success in advance, has no desire. The first leg of the league between the two sides is Meizhou Hakka home.3:1Defeat Chengdu Rongcheng.

Cangzhou xiongshiVSQingdao manatee.Because of the relationship between Miami International and Messi, Qingdao Manatee is the hottest Super League team in recent years, and its popularity even exceeds that of Shanghai Harbour. Unfortunately, like Chengdu Rongcheng, it finally missed the opportunity to play against Messi. Cangzhou Xiongshi is currently30Super-ranked in sub-rankings12Qingdao manatee27Super-ranked in sub-rankings13Bit, both teams have been relegated ahead of schedule. By the way, Cangzhou Lions have already surpassed the Super League.eightIt’s not how well the Cangzhou lions played in the early stage, but that there are too many bad teams in the Super League, and the first round between the two sides.1:1Draw.

Changchun YataiVSThree towns in Wuhan.Changchun Yatai is currently39Super-ranked in sub-rankingsnineThree towns in Wuhan.48Super-ranked in sub-rankingssevenThree towns in Wuhan are at home in the first round of the two sides.2:1Beating Changchun Yatai, the result of this game will not have a big impact on the ranking of the two teams in the Super League this season. Considering that the three towns in Wuhan will have the AFC Champions Group match next, this game may give more opportunities to substitute players and young players.

No matter how many problems there are in the Super League, after all, this is our own league. I hope more fans can support the Super League.

Remarks: The pictures are from the Internet.

Today’s Film Review | "China Ping Pong": A Ping Pong Journey from Low Valley to Nirvana

1905 movie network news The film, directed by and starring Deng Chao, recently released a preview, focusing on the Guoping Men’s Team in "Extraordinary Years"."China table tennis can beat Europe? Can China players still beat Waldner? Can China still reach the top of the world? Do you believe it? "

"China table tennis can beat Europe? Can China players still beat Waldner? Can China still reach the top of the world? Do you believe it? "

This sports movie, with four characters of "China Ping-Pong" that the audience are very familiar with, attracted many audiences’ expectations after the announcement. Hong Fan, an associate professor in the Literature Department of Beijing Film Academy, said: "Sports genre films are all about a champion in the final analysis, while" China Table Tennis "is a story about how the China men’s team once reached the peak, and how to get back to the peak when it fell into a desperate trough, which is more attractive than the conventional story of becoming a champion. The overall tone of the trailer is rather depressing. The head coach’s training methods, the arrangement of troops and even some of his personnel arrangements and management have also been questioned. The leaders are dissatisfied with him, and the media has put forward all kinds of particularly harsh opinions. The people are also very dissatisfied, and all kinds of heavy burdens have come to their faces. In this case, how to counterattack the Jedi constitutes a powerful and realistic drama conflict in the film. "

"Let me spell it again anyway."

This kind of story has really broken many people’s previous established impression of the king’s table tennis as "invincible" and made the audience more curious about the film. The compilation of "China Table Tennis" is based on real history. During that unforgettable period, the China table tennis team was in an absolute dominant position in the World Table Tennis Championships from 1981 to 1987, winning all the important awards and gold medals. However, in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games and the 1989 World Table Tennis Championships, China lost to Sweden in five games. In the Chiba World Table Tennis Championships in 1991, the China Men’s Team had fallen to the seventh place, which was a very bad result. After the 42nd World Table Tennis Championships, China still failed to achieve good results as expected. It was at this time, under the leadership of Waldner, that the Swedish team won the World Table Tennis Championships for three consecutive years. It was not until 1995, as described in the film, that the China table tennis men’s team returned to its peak in the 43rd Tianjin World Table Tennis Championships, ending a depressed period of six years.

It can be seen that the development of table tennis in China is not smooth sailing. This history itself has the potential to become a good movie, and it is easy to hit the audience’s flash point. Sports-themed movies are special action movies, and China Ping Pong will show some very interesting action wonders, showing the beautiful movements of athletes and the state of the ball flying back and forth through different photography angles. Because of the particularity of table tennis, it not only pays attention to antagonism, but also includes some tactical arrangements. It is very likely that the film will focus on the China table tennis men’s team competition. This team competition will naturally have strategies similar to Tian Ji horse racing, so some people say that sports genre films are special war films in peacetime.

Hong Fan mentioned: "Movies are also very similar to kung fu movies. Each different athlete has different stunts, some are horizontal shots, some are vertical shots, some are near-table fast breaks, and some are far-table pulls. The men’s team was able to win an important victory in this World Table Tennis Championships because there was a secret weapon, a player named Ding Song, who played a special game of chopping, which made foreign athletes uncomfortable. Therefore, we see that the special skills of each athlete provided by the film are just like the Kunlun School and the Shaolin School in the martial arts film. In terms of audio and video, there are still many expectations. "

When it comes to China Ping-Pong, many people will bid for the first time the film that reflected the China women’s volleyball team, and the latter finally gained 836 million box office. In order to impress the audience in the end, sports films not only provide authenticity, mass base and drama, but also have emotional problems at the core. There is a very important reason for Leap’s success, which shaped the character Lang Ping. She finally succeeded under pressure and defeated foreign teams. This role can arouse the audience’s personal feelings, let them bring in coaches and athletes, and overcome all kinds of difficulties to make a comeback. Later, it also created a positive image of different industries and jobs under the background of China, and this spirit of struggle can infect everyone.

Leap, when the national flag of China was raised and the national anthem sounded, the sense of honor of the whole people made the film no longer a story of a sports team, and this spirit of women’s volleyball has become a major theme in sports. I hope "China Ping Pong" can continue to inherit and carry forward the success of the film Leap, from shaping the personal feelings of the characters so that the audience can resonate, to effectively build a sense of national honor, and even go further than Leap to create a different glory.

[Table Tennis] The ITTF announced the return of men’s and women’s singles World Cup, and the tournament will be held in Macau in April next year.

Following the success of the first ITTF mixed team World Cup in Chengdu in 2023, the ITTF announced on December 11th that the men’s singles World Cup and the women’s singles World Cup will also return. These two traditional ITTF events will be held in April, 2024 in China and Macau, the largest indoor gymnasium-Macau Galaxy Variety Hall.

The Galaxy Variety Hall, which can accommodate as many as 16,000 spectators, is the top indoor venue in Asia at present, equipped with the first-class technology and entertainment facilities in Asia, which will bring unprecedented experience to the audience.

The ITTF World Cup is one of the "three major competitions" of table tennis (Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cup), and it is an important part of table tennis players’ personal Grand Slam. In 1980, the first ITTF Men’s Singles World Cup was held in Hongkong, China, and Guo Yuehua of China won the championship. In 1996, the first ITTF Women’s Singles World Cup was also held in Hongkong, and China’s Deng Yaping won the championship. However, in 2020, the ITTF announced the cancellation of the World Cup, which also led to the player’s grand slam achievement missing an important event.

At the press conference on the 11th, Petra Sorin, president of ITTF and member of the International Olympic Committee, said: "The mixed team World Cup in Chengdu in 2023 has achieved remarkable success, which also laid the foundation for the future. On this basis, we are pleased to announce that the men’s singles and women’s singles World Cup held in Macau, China in April 2024 will return, and the mixed team competition will be held in Chengdu next November. I believe that we will once again witness unforgettable events, which will further enrich the legacy of the ITTF World Cup. "

Text | Reporter Lu Hang
Figure | vision china
Editor | Hao Haoyu
Proofread Zhang Jialiang