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The ancestors of China people were very wise, and they used the twelve branches of the earth to assign twelve kinds of animals to mark the year, which is called the Zodiac Chronology.
Every person born in one year has a corresponding animal sign, and after twelve years, he will be reincarnated. From ancient times to the present, no one does not know what he belongs to, whether it is ordinary people or emperors and dignitaries.
Everyone in the zodiac has their own temper and personality, and people in different zodiac signs have different fates.
Rats are smart, have strong insight, always pay attention to details overlooked by others, are good at understanding people’s hearts and seizing opportunities, and have strong environmental adaptability and adaptability.
There is a mortar on the head of the word "mouse", which means "hit repeatedly, but never broken, never exhausted". Although people who belong to the mouse are hit, they can improvise and have tenacious vitality, and one day they will turn over and come through thick and thin.
If rats can know how to be contented, overcome greed, and learn to be tolerant of people and things, the road of life will be smooth.
People who belong to the ox are honest and steady, and never believe in getting something for nothing. No matter how hard it is, they always do things step by step, taking no risks and taking no chances. The career established slowly and steadily when you are young will be smooth sailing and promoted step by step after middle age.
"Look at a thousand fingers coldly, bow down and be a willing ox". People who belong to the ox have a strong sense of justice, a sense of responsibility, and are keen to resist injustice. They hate people who are shrewd, thoughtful and hypocritical, and attach great importance to feelings and righteousness. As long as they are recognized friends, they will be devoted to them.
If people who belong to cattle know how to be flexible, listen to other people’s opinions, and don’t get bogged down, their career development will be more handy.
Tiger people are tenacious, ambitious, have very strong self-confidence, like to take risks and challenges, never bow their heads when they encounter great difficulties, and never give up until they reach their goals.
The tiger is the king of the mountain forest. People who belong to the tiger are born with their own leader’s aura, have the domineering spirit of the king, have a chivalrous heart, love to hoe the strong and help the weak, support the weak, but pretend to be strong when they are injured, and hide in an unmanned place to heal alone.
If a tiger learns to communicate and cooperate with others, consult with others when something happens, and avoid making enemies, his career will be in by going up one flight of stairs, and he will win the support of all.
People who belong to rabbits have keen intuition, have a keen insight into people’s hearts and have a good eye for people and things. Elegant, gentle and kind, with a simple heart, always treats people around you kindly.
In China mythology, the rabbit is an elf in the middle of the moon, accompanying Chang ‘e, and pounding the elixir of life under the osmanthus tree on a full moon night, so the rabbit is also a symbol of longevity. People who belong to rabbits know romance very well, and they yearn for a peaceful and quiet life.
If rabbit people can stick to their initial intentions, be kind to others, accumulate good deeds and become virtuous, good luck will continue, and their lives will be leisurely and elegant.
Dragon people have lofty ideals and strong enterprising spirit, high vision, boldness and boldness than ordinary people, and they don’t like pestering over trivial matters, let alone gossiping, being frank and sincere, and hating despicable and hypocritical acts.
The dragon is the favored son of heaven, and it is blessed by heaven. People who belong to the dragon are blessed with good fortune, and they will come through thick and thin and be happy.
If people who belong to the dragon can have a kind heart, be generous and measure others, life will step into a glorious road, and the rest of their lives will be safe and prosperous.
People who belong to snakes are naturally mysterious. They hide their joys and sorrows in their hearts. Their likes and dislikes are beyond words. Their emotions are invisible, calm and steady, and they can cope with all kinds of situations calmly.
Snakes are also known as "Little Dragons" among the people. People who belong to snakes are naturally intelligent, profound in thought, unwilling to be mediocre, and slowly accumulate strength. Once the time is ripe, "Little Dragons" will turn into "real dragons", which means that "Jin Lin is a thing in the pool, and he will turn into a dragon when he meets a storm".
If people who belong to snakes can be less suspicious, be frank and relative in everything, and be generous and generous in dealing with others, they will be less affected by many storms and good luck will continue.
People who belong to the horse are full of blood, free and easy, have a compassionate heart, always think of others, like to help others, bear everything by themselves, and yearn for a free and unrestrained life.
As the saying goes, "Lyu3 bu4 among people, a red rabbit in a horse", and the ancients called outstanding talents "a swift horse". People who belong to a horse combine talent and courage. If they can persist in their ideals, Do not forget your initiative mind will surely meet Bole, and "the seven stars are hanging high outside the Milky Way, and the heaven and the earth will gallop".
If people who belong to the horse can guard against arrogance and rashness, act calmly, be modest and low-key, not only will they have the help of nobles, but their fortune will be smooth and smooth, and everything will be solved.
People who belong to the sheep are pure and kind, gentle and considerate, do not like to show off, are soft outside and rigid inside, and have a strong vitality and willpower inside.
Oracle Bone Inscriptions with the word "sheep" has two horns on it, which means "everyone" and is beneficial to everyone. In China culture, sheep is the most harmonious and beautiful animal, which benefits people.
People who belong to the sheep have a gentle personality, and have a self-sacrificing mind. They are blessed by God and have no great disasters in their lives.
"You can’t hurt others, and you can’t prevent others." People who belong to the sheep should learn to protect themselves, know others with their eyes, and not be used by malicious people.
Monkeys are lively and versatile, quick-witted, witty, chivalrous, caring for others, and have a good popularity.
"Monkey" and "Hou" are homonyms. Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, the monkey has been a symbol of auspiciousness and nobility. In New Year pictures, a little monkey is often painted riding on a big monkey, which means "Hou will be sealed for generations". A monkey’s life is full of gold, and his life is full of good luck and extravagance.
If people who belong to monkeys can get rid of their impatient temper, endure in adversity, converge in prosperity, look down on gains and losses, and follow the fate wholeheartedly, they will live a happy and prosperous life.
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People who are chickens are frank and straightforward, say what they think in their hearts, have flexible minds, delicate minds, are hardworking and kind, have a sense of responsibility and care for their families very much.
Chickens are the animals of Sichen. "The cock crows all over the world." Chickens will crow at dawn, so the ancients thought that chickens had the ability to foresee. People born in the Year of the Rooster often have foresight and can seize the opportunity and win the initiative.
If people who are chickens can cultivate their patience and take every step of life in a down-to-earth manner, the future will be infinitely bright.
People who belong to dogs have sensitive insight, value human feelings and morality, have a sense of justice, are magnanimous and careless, generous and generous, have a strong sense of responsibility, and treat relatives and friends with affection and righteousness.
In ancient times, when night came, dogs kept watch at home and were the most loyal and reliable friends of people. People born in the year of the dog are sensitive and loyal, and can get the appreciation of the nobles and rise to the top.
If people who belong to dogs can not stick to the rules, learn to be flexible and not blindly persistent, life will be prosperous and smooth.
People who belong to the pig are simple and kind, easy-going, informal, optimistic and open-minded, sincere to friends and caring for their families in every possible way.
The word "home" covers a pig. In the eyes of the ancients, a pig at home can only be called a "home" if it has a certain living guarantee, so the pig also means wealth and happiness. People born in the year of the pig are blessed and well-fed.
If people who belong to pigs can have their own opinions, learn to refuse, don’t covet ease and enjoyment, and do more good deeds, they will be blessed with profound blessings and enjoy endless blessings throughout their lives.

Rural teachers issued a document pointing to formalism and were led to meet the local county government late at night to respond.

CCTV News:On October 10th, Li Tiantian, a female teacher of Taozixi School in Yongshun County, Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan Province, published an article entitled "A Group of Rural Children Being Destroyed" in her WeChat official account. The article mentioned: "Since the beginning of school, the school has conducted inspections almost every week, and we will take students to clean up every two days. It is common to suspend classes and sweep the floor. My Chinese class has stagnated. Sometimes it is even necessary to sweep the floor two or three days in advance, sweeping it around, treating the symptoms rather than the root cause. After the inspection, the students’ behavior habits are still the same. In addition, teachers have to visit to help the poor. I have five poor households, so I have to contact them frequently. No, this weekend, teachers will visit the team again, calculate the income of ordinary people, collect and sort out information, and fill in all kinds of materials. There were several times to check the emergency, and our teacher had to stop classes and go to the government to work overtime, leaving the classroom empty. "

The leader made an appointment late at night because he issued a document pointing to formalism.

On the evening of October 15th, Teacher Li Tiantian sent a message to a circle of friends, saying, "The bureau called and asked me to rush to the city immediately, because the director wanted to see me and discuss how to deal with the article, saying that it had brought them great losses! What should I do? "

Li Tiantian, female teacher of Taozixi School, Yongshun County, Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan Province:The county also gave me a job, which means that I wrote the truth, but it is detrimental to the image of teachers. As a public official, I can’t send it like this. Then, they kept urging me to delete it. The principal said that if you didn’t delete it, all major media reporters would come to the school to cover it, which was too stressful. I thought about it and deleted it.

With the heat of the incident escalating, the main leaders of the Xiangxi Municipal Committee affirmed Li Tiantian’s move and her personal situation improved. State leaders criticized the Yongshun County Education and Sports Bureau for using relatives to pressure and talk late at night, and promised that the county education and sports bureau would not make things difficult for Li Tiantian again, which would not affect its future development.

Li Tiantian, female teacher of Taozixi School, Yongshun County, Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan Province:The whole process of the incident is that after I wrote the article and posted it to myself in WeChat official account, there were thousands of readings, and many netizens added my WeChat at the beginning, saying that it was well written and true. Netizens from all over the country recognized that what I wrote was similar to their local situation, and they themselves were caught in this dilemma.

Reporter:Are you worried?

Li Tiantian:A little worried.

Reporter:Do you have any future plans, or do you want to stay in this school?

Li Tiantian:Yes, because I had thought about leaving here, but the parents in our class kept me, but they still didn’t want me to leave, hoping that I could take their students out of school. Now it’s the fourth grade, so I’m very reluctant. Besides, I’ve been teaching with that student for two or three years, and I have feelings for him.

Reporter:In fact, a lot of disappointment, this matter may have a certain impact on you these days.

Li Tiantian:These influences, which others will not know, are very subtle. Leaders always say, I will reassure you, what are your needs and requirements. Including the leaders above are very concerned about you, but in fact many changes are subtle.

On the 21st, the commentator of Half-monthly Talk published a comment entitled "Please leave a quiet desk for Li Tiantian", saying that as a grass-roots party and government leader, we should focus on solving problems, not solving people who reflect them.

Li Tiantian: It’s a bit lonely to go to work normally.

Recently, some media reported that teacher Li Tiantian was cut off from her job at school after posting a critical article on formalism. So, what is her situation now? Why did she post at that time?

Li Tiantian, a teacher at Taozixi School in Yongshun County, Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan Province:This is a report error, the workload is not reduced but adjusted, but the teachers in our school have adjusted. At present, my life has not been affected, and I go to work normally. I just say that you have such a thing, and everyone is afraid of being implicated. Maybe many people will not say how they want to play with you. Some people think that I have affected the year-end performance appraisal. Because of the pressure of public opinion, no one is embarrassed, but the situation is still relatively lonely.

For me, writing something like that is out of an instinct, and a subconscious is supporting me to do such a thing. This pressure is not borne by me alone. At that time, he asked me to sign and admit that my words were one-sided. I was only targeting a school. Recently, many netizens added me and sent me text messages, and they also confided in me, saying that you expressed our feelings, saying that it is the same here. There are countless inspections, large and small, and a lot of energy is spent on the inspection, various materials and forms. For example, netizens in Shandong, Henan and all over the country added me, and they all talked about this matter.

That article only put forward some suggestions on the current situation of education, why it caused such a sensation and made leaders so nervous. I think there are still many problems, that is, why it is true, and why many people don’t want to talk about it to our teachers, but they dare not talk about it, which is why it has become like this.

The local county government responded that an investigation team has been set up.

These days, a rural teacher in Yongshun County, Hunan Province, published a document criticizing the formalism of rural primary schools, which attracted many people’s attention. Although the article was issued on October 11 and was deleted that night, the development of the matter and related responses and responses have always made progress. The day before yesterday (20th), there was a response from the local county government office, which said: "Yongshun County has set up an investigation team led by the Supervision Committee of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection to investigate the problems reflected by Teacher Li Tiantian and the media, and the problems found in the investigation will be rectified in time and dealt with seriously, and the results will be announced in due course."

Lying at home for three years, not working, 0 socializing: Why don’t young people want to go to work?

Source: Business Insight
The punk in the world I recently experienced is a young man who has been lying dead at home for three years.
I lay dead at home for three years, tied to my bed, and didn’t go out more than 500 meters in Fiona Fang. I only went to supermarkets and small shops downstairs to replenish food.
In the past three years, he has no job, socializes, rents a room of eight square meters, eats a mountain of snacks and instant noodles, drinks three or four tons of cola, and his only companion is a mobile phone. He has watched more than 100 large-scale series.
What supports his corpse life is savings, flowers, online loans and credit cards from all walks of life. ….
For a while, there were quite a lot of people who were lying dead. Some of them were lying dead for two years, from 280 kg to 180 kg, and their desires were lost, and they could not feel the joys and sorrows.
Some people are slightly better. Although they are lying dead, they earn 300 yuan a day, 100 yuan for staying in hotels, 100 yuan for smoking, surfing the Internet in eat areca and eating in 100 yuan.
Some people have been lying dead for two years, owing 50 thousand, taking their girlfriends and ready to go out to work.
I remember, KnowYourself sent an article to analyze the unique "squatting clan" phenomenon in the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
"This group of people is highly educated, unemployed, neither bloody nor struggling. They rent houses in first-tier cities, can’t go home, can’t stay, and do nothing all day."
The "squatting clan" is the product of this era. They fully verified the sentence "Efforts may not be successful, but it is really comfortable not to work hard".
I think, if it’s a wolf-like 996 enterprise, they will say lightly when they see the above "people lying dead and squatting". They are simply wasting their lives.
But when I see them, I will only think that they are really brave and really punk.
Speaking of it, I am also a "squatter". I haven’t been to work for more than a year. I tried to go to work in the middle, but I will run away in less than a day. My daily life is to stay in the rental house, sleep at dawn, get up at dark, and stay indoors for half a month at the longest.
The only difference with them is that I spent most of my time at home wondering how to make money, never giving up making money, and even more reluctant to give up socializing and turn myself into a real marginal person.
I spent a year in prison, reviewing and reflecting, but more often, I just felt so cool that I flew, and I didn’t have to fight the morning and evening peaks, and I didn’t have to see annoying leaders and colleagues, so I lived a super peace every day.
But what I really hate is work, and what I escape from is life?
Actually, it’s not. On the contrary, I love working more at home. What I hate is just going to work. As the Round Table School said, we just hate the environment and timetable under the organization, and it feels like a trapped animal.
Of course, squatting people like us, based on the society, are annoying anyway.
I will be accused of not working hard, not struggling, and living in vain. I have been squatting for a year, and many enthusiastic friends and former colleagues have come to introduce my work. Every time, the reason can’t escape: "If you go on like this, it will be abolished. You should return to the mainstream society."
Sometimes, our choice is not a way of life, but rather a kind of violation and resistance. As long as you don’t struggle, you will become a monster and waste in the eyes of normal people, so you are doomed to be forgotten and marginalized.
I can’t help it. The concept of "struggling all my life" is becoming popular among our young people. If anyone doesn’t abide by it, he is not worthy of being a young man in the 21st century, and is doomed to live only in a rented house.
The schedule of "Tsinghua Xueba", which was hotly searched some time ago, shows that there is almost no entertainment in their day.
Go to bed at 1 am, get up at 6 am every day, wash and eat breakfast for 40 minutes, and start a planned study at 6: 40. The time from 9 pm to 1 am is fully arranged.
In this regard, the official said: it is difficult to learn like this and not to be a tyrant.
Others directly say, "People who are better than you work harder than you." The subtext is: "What do you have that Bilian doesn’t struggle for? 」
Not long after this incident, many universities began to imitate it.
I think that since students can’t be self-disciplined, it’s simply mandatory: no sleeping in, and no one can be on the dormitory bed after nine o’clock.
The university was originally a free and inclusive place, but now it has been wrapped up in layers and turned into a wolf university.
To put it bluntly, they were forced to struggle every day, go to bed early and get up early when they should be naive and romantic.
With all due respect, why is society so cruel to young people like me?
At the beginning of junior high school, I vaguely remember that my family said that it would be easy to get into key days.
Initial promotion: getting into the key points is equal to half the threshold of entering the university.
Gao Shengda: It’s really easy to go to college after the college entrance examination, so you can play at will.
And then after entering the university?
Still have to go to bed early and get up early every day, and strive hard to learn from Tsinghua.
Some people will definitely say, sleep less and work harder today, so you can relax after work!
Sorry, at this time, Ma Yun will come out and tell you that the 996 job is a blessing that my generation has repaired.
Liu Qiangdong will tell you that you don’t deserve to be my brother if you don’t struggle.
Young people who die suddenly in the workplace will tell you that fighting all their lives is a fair death.
The above is the life of young people in the 21st century.
In this way, our young people are really miserable. The happy and free time of our life only stays in kindergarten (maybe not yet), and it is always far from happiness.
When you finally see through it and you can choose not to struggle in life, someone will tell you with their ears: a life without hard work and struggle is waste.
It’s not that I hate disapproving of efforts, but that I hate the urgency and anxiety of young people under this atmosphere.
When I was a child, I was forced to learn the laws of the jungle at once;
Mingming didn’t sleep well all his life, and he was accused of not working hard enough;
Obviously, I chose a lifestyle that makes me comfortable, or I was accused of wasting my life.
Think about the "squatters". What are they? It is necessary to be observed with a magnifying glass, because choosing to give up the struggle is considered to be a psychological problem.
I wonder if our times advocate "hard work" so much that everyone seems to be winding up, as if life without hard work is not worth living.
Obviously, some people are lazy by nature and are not interested in anything, but they are forced to make progress by the values of this society and try their best to find goals worth fighting for all their lives.
Chen Danqing, the Round Table School, said: Some people are born uninterested in this world, but they can’t choose to be born. They looked at the world and found nothing to live, so they chose to leave.
There is a real example in Japan. A 56-year-old man has been unemployed at home for a long time because he failed to study at a young age and repeatedly hit a wall when looking for a job, and he has stayed here for 30 years.
After his parents died, he was found starving to death at home.
The body was decomposed when it was found, and the house was full of rubbish.
Many people say that this person deserves it, but I just feel sad when I think that a group of people are living out of place in this shoulder-to-shoulder world.
This kind of tragedy is quite common in Japan, and the day when distance spreads among us is just around the corner.
But if we say that the social atmosphere at this time can be less anxious about selling, and we don’t exaggerate our efforts and squeeze the existence of young people, will they not feel that they are useless and unworthy to live in the world?
Instead, can you face life positively and really find other meanings of your life besides struggle?
I don’t object to the defensive lifestyle of "squatting people" who choose to escape and stay at home.
And those who are superior and advocate hard work and selling anxiety, please shut up, no one is nobler than anyone else.
Hard work is an achievement that everyone can achieve if they are enough, but it takes courage to let go of the secular lifestyle.
Too much emphasis on hard work and selling anxiety will only backfire, trigger the phenomenon of squatting and lead to tragedy.
Please don’t say anything: "Master xx skills, work hard and catch up with your peers with a monthly income of 10 million."
I just want to ask you why you should catch up with your peers. I’m not interested.
Can you just be yourself?
Under the phenomenon of squatting, it is because many people no longer believe in social stability, nor do they believe that success and class leap can be achieved by long-term diligent efforts.
Although we have the right to choose not to work hard and struggle, it is necessary to earn a decent money that will not cause trouble to others and parents.
There are also many young people around me who don’t go to work. Apart from writing articles for the media like me, there are also illustrators, photographers, screenwriters, craftsmen, pastry chefs, and even people who have nothing to do to run errands and walk dogs. ….
In today’s society, there are actually many choices to choose a career freely, work for yourself and not starve to death. Lying in bed waiting for death and bearing huge debts is the greatest support for "hard-working monsters".
The biggest problem of squatting people is that they confuse the concepts of "going to work" and "working".
Those who clamor for not going to work all day may just not want to work. Work has a strong driving force. Chen Danqing said that he didn’t like going to work either, but he could wake up like a bug and work until late at night.
Simply put, work is for others, and work is for yourself.
You don’t have to struggle and work hard, but you must live decently for what you like.
Whether we like it or not, we came here after all. Since we are here, we might as well go out of the rental house and see the sun.

The biggest match-fixing case in snooker history! The secret means have caused many people to take risks, and it will take time for the "China Legion" to get out of the shadows.

According to the news, on June 7th, Beijing time, the World Snooker Tour (WST) issued a statement that the disciplinary committee of the independent World Professional Billie and Snooker Association (WPBSA) had ruled on 10 players accused of match-fixing, and imposed life-long bans on Liang Wenbo and Li Hsing, and long-term bans on other related players. Liang Wenbo and Li Hsing were banned for life, which also set a precedent in snooker.
It is reported that the situation of this case is that after the warning issued by IBIA in August 2022, the integrity department of WPBSA cooperated closely with Sportradar Company to conduct a detailed investigation, and finally accused 10 snooker players of seriously violating the WPBSA code of conduct. The 10 players were suspended before these violations were decided.
The case was heard in London before, and the players attended the hearing in person or by video, with the free WPBSA players’ associations as legal representatives or assistance.
On June 6, 2023, local time, the disciplinary court announced its investigation results of controversial allegations and its decision on sanctions.
Life-long ban sets a precedent
Take Liang Wenbo as an example, he was accused of manipulating many games; Contact multiple players to manipulate multiple games; Trying to obstruct the investigation; Not cooperating with WPBSA’s investigation Li Hsing, another player who was banned for life, was charged with the same thing, and one more thing was added: betting in snooker. According to Beijing Youth Daily, this time Liang Wenbo and Li Hsing were sentenced to life ban, which set a precedent.
Some media analysts believe that because snooker requires high accuracy, it is relatively difficult to judge whether it is a mistake or a fake ball, which also causes the phenomenon that fake balls are repeatedly banned in snooker competitions to some extent.
▲ Liang Wenbo. Image source/network
On December 1, 2018, Cao Yupeng, a 28-year-old China player, was banned by WPBSA for six years because he made profits for himself and his relatives and friends by playing fake ball. In 2022, he returned to the ranks of professional players early because of his good performance, and he also entered the ranking match several times. Yu Delu, 31, was banned for 10 years, and now he can only hang out in Chinese billiards.
The most severe punishment in the international arena is Stephen Lee, a talented player who was banned for 12 years in 2013 because of his long-term match-fixing and match-fixing, which is the most severe punishment made by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association before punishing China players.
The secrecy of trading has caused many players to take risks.
Earlier, according to the analysis of Li Xiaolong, a senior snooker media person quoted by Yangguang. com, due to the nature of snooker, it is difficult to define the performance of the players in the game, so the content of the game on the field is difficult to be used as evidence to judge the match-fixing. More cases of match-fixing are caused by the monitoring of abnormal bets by gambling companies and other off-site evidence.
Jinling Evening News had previously written that a snooker master can throw a ball in the dark, so that you can’t grasp the evidence completely. Only through the drastic changes in betting can you see some clues, but not every investigation has results, so many players will take risks.
According to Observer. com, as one of the latest international sports organizations in the world, the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association, which was not established until 1968, has been established. Since its establishment, a large number of snooker players have been investigated and even banned for allegedly accepting benefits for gambling groups, including many world-class athletes. Scottish "wizard" john higgins, the four-time world champion and the holder of 31 world snooker titles, was even praised by the then famous British gossip newspaper News of the World "fishing law enforcement" in 2010.
In this "fishing law enforcement", Higgins and his agent, former director of the World Federation of Taiwan, Pat Mooney, agreed to lose the match in several different games in exchange for a total reward of 300,000 euros. They further discussed with the fishermen how to cover up the scam, which games and opponents to choose, and how Higgins would get money.
▲ Yan Bingtao. Image source/network
After the incident, Mooney had to resign from his post in the World Taiwan Federation, while Higgins was suspended for six months and fined 75,000 pounds. In addition, Ai Bodun, Maguire and many other famous players have also been investigated for gambling.
Many affected players have high hopes.
The incident had a great impact on China snooker. Among the 10 people punished, there were experienced veterans like Liang Wenbo, and young players like Yan Bingtao and Zhao Xintong who had high hopes. After Ding Junhui, the latter two are the only China players who have won the "three major competitions (British Championship, World Championship and Masters)" in snooker.
Zhao Xintong is 25 years old. In 2021, he defeated Belgian player Luca Brecel in the final of the snooker British Championship, and won the first "three competitions" championship in his career.
Followed by Yan Bingtao, the "post-00" player broke out in 2021, defeating neil robertson, Stephen Maguire, Stuart Bingham and john higgins to win the snooker Masters. He is the second youngest athlete to win the Masters Championship, second only to Ronnie O’Sullivan, who won the championship in 1995 at the age of 19.
▲ Zhao Xintong. Image source/network
Even Luning and Li Hsing, who are not ranked high, have reached the final of the ranking tournament when they are in excellent condition. Veteran Liang Wenbo won the English Open in 2016.
Media: Living in the UK is fragmented and loosely managed.
For this match-fixing case, Observer.com once commented that this incident reminded all China snooker players that no matter how bad the atmosphere in the international arena is and how good the immediate interests are, the behavior that violates sports ethics is the red line and cannot be touched. Like all other sports, only a healthy, positive and fair environment can help snooker develop better in China.
According to the analysis of Beijing Youth Daily, most of the China snooker players in their perennial life in the UK were originally on their own, and the management was relatively loose. Most of the players themselves bear the expenses of studying abroad, playing and living, and there are not too many strict constraints. In this case, some bad habits are bred in the hands of the ball, and even behaviors that violate morality and the rules of snooker are difficult to be detected in time, and they can only rely on self-discipline. Coupled with the fact that the prize money of the world snooker tournament is low in recent years, the harsh survival forces the players to take risks, which leads to sad results. The heavy penalty for them also sounded the alarm for other players.
Young man Si Jiahui: A glimmer of "the darkest hour"
According to Zhongxin. com, the 2023 World Snooker Championships closed on the 2nd Beijing time, and the latest world ranking of snooker was also released.
China’s Zhao Xintong ranked 11th, the highest in the China Legion, and Yan Bingtao ranked 23rd. Unfortunately, however, both players were banned for one year, eight months and five years for this accusation of match-fixing. China’s players, Ding Junhui can be called "the only one left" among the famous players, still ranked 17th, and is expected to return to TOP16 (the top 16 in the world) in the new season. However, China teenager Si Jiahui, who reached the semi-final of this World Championships, rose 44 places in a row, from the 80th place before the competition to the 36th place.
▲ Si Jiahui. Image source/Xinhua News Agency
In addition, the top 60 players from China are: Zhou Yuelong 27th, Fan Zhengyi 34th, Pang Junxu 35th, Cao Yupeng 42nd, Xiao Guodong 43rd, Lv Haotian 47th, Wu Yize 51st, Yuan Sijun 52nd, Tian Pengfei 55th and Zhang Anda 60th. It seems that it will take some time for these young players to rank among the top players in the world.
Attachment: Penalty decision made by WPBSA (partial)
Liang Wenbo was sentenced to a life-long ban on snooker and paid a fee of 43,000 pounds.
Liang Wenbo was found to have violated the code of conduct, as follows:
He manipulated or participated in manipulating five snooker matches from July 24th to September 28th, 2022.
From July 24 to December 13, 2022, he recruited, induced, lured, persuaded, encouraged or assisted players to manipulate 9 games.
During the period from September 1, 2019 to December 31, 2022, he made bets on the snooker competition in violation of regulations.
He threatened another player and asked him to delete the information on his mobile phone, which was corrupt.
He threatened another player and tried to persuade him not to assist WPBSA in the investigation.
On or after September 1, 2022, when he knew about WPBSA’s investigation, he covered up or tried to cover up his participation in match-fixing by deleting the information on his mobile phone and asking other players to delete the information on their mobile phones.
He didn’t cooperate with WPBSA investigation, didn’t attend the interview and provided the materials required by WPBSA investigation.
2. Li Hsing was sentenced to be banned from participating in snooker competitions for life and paid a fee of 43,000 pounds.
Li Hsing was found to have violated the code of conduct, as follows:
He manipulated or participated in manipulating five snooker matches from July 24th to September 29th, 2022.
During the period from July 24th to December 13th, 2022, he solicited, induced, lured, persuaded, encouraged or assisted players to manipulate seven snooker matches.
During the period from September 1, 2019 to December 31, 2022, he made bets on the snooker competition in violation of regulations.
On or after September 1, 2022, when he knew about WPBSA’s investigation, he covered up or tried to cover up his participation in match-fixing by deleting the information on his mobile phone and asking other players to delete the information on his mobile phone.
3. Luning was sentenced to an eight-year ban, which was reduced to five years and four months until April 6, 2028 after his cooperation and guilty plea, and he paid a fee of 7,500 pounds.
Luning was found not to be involved in inducing others to manipulate the game. He accepted the following charges:
In the 2014-2015 season, he manipulated three snooker competitions he participated in.
On July 23, 2022, he manipulated a snooker competition he participated in.
During the period from September 1, 2019 to December 31, 2022, he made bets on the snooker competition in violation of regulations.
On or after September 1, 2022, when he knew about WPBSA’s investigation, he covered up or tried to cover up his participation in game fixing by deleting the information on his mobile phone.
4. Yan Bingtao was sentenced to seven years and six months’ ban, which was reduced to five years until December 11, 2027 after his cooperation and guilty plea, and he paid a fee of 7,500 pounds.
Yan Bingtao accepted the following charges:
He manipulated a game he participated in on August 29, 2016.
He manipulated three snooker competitions he participated in between March 3, 2022 and September 29, 2022.
During the period from September 1, 2019 to December 31, 2022, he made bets on the snooker competition in violation of regulations.
5. Zhao Xintong was sentenced to a ban of 2 years and 6 months, which was reduced to 1 year and 8 months until September 1, 2024 after his cooperation and guilty plea, and he paid a fee of 7,500 pounds.
Zhao Xintong accepts the following charges:
On March 3 and March 11, 2022, he was the party of two snooker matches manipulated by another player.
During the period from September 1, 2019 to December 31, 2022, he made bets on the snooker competition in violation of regulations.
The defendant may appeal against the decision of the disciplinary court before June 20, 2023.
The upstream news is integrated from the news on Zhongxin. com, Beijing Youth Daily Observer Network and Jinling Evening News.
Editor: Xu Yuanzhe
Editor: Yang Li Guan Yi
Audit: Feng Fei

On New Year’s Eve, Guangzhou’s household registration window opened normally! Click to view more office arrangements for the Spring Festival holiday.

The reporter learned from the Press Office of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau that according to the notice of the General Office of the State Council, the Spring Festival holiday will be closed from February 10th to February 17th, 2024 (from the first day of the lunar calendar to the eighth day of the lunar calendar), and the city’s household registration window will be closed to the outside world, during which only the "urgent business" account cancellation business will be accepted (appointment-free).
Among them, on February 3 (Saturday), February 4 (Sunday), February 9 (New Year’s Eve) and February 18 (Sunday), the public can make an appointment to attend the household administration business (office hours are 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00).
Guangzhou police reminded that during the holiday period, the online household registration room of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau normally accepts the online household registration and resident ID card business. Eligible citizens can log on to the WeChat WeChat official account of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau and enter the household registration service interface through the menu of "Government Service"-"Household Administration"-"More", in which the relevant information can be found in the "Service Matters" column. Citizens who meet the conditions for self-service of resident identity cards can also choose to go to the nearest self-service card machine for resident identity cards.
Text | Reporter Min Min Correspondent Gong Xinwen

The doctor tells you that crossing your legs and listening to jokes can affect your blood pressure.

This often happens in hospitals. Patients say that their blood pressure is high, but when they go to the hospital, their blood pressure is normal. Recently, 100 patients were investigated by the Department of Cardiology of the hospital, and less than 5% of them can correctly measure blood pressure. The director of the department said that the blood pressure of the same person is different at the same time because of the influence of posture and emotion, and the maximum difference can be 10mmhg, which causes some patients to misjudge their blood pressure, delay their illness or overuse drugs.
17th is World Hypertension Day, and this year’s theme is "Know Your Blood Pressure". The reporter interviewed the director of cardiology and asked the doctor to teach you how to measure your blood pressure.
Posture influence
Legs cocked, low blood pressure rose by 6mmhg. Doctor: Blood pressure is different with different force.
At 14: 00 on the 16th, the reporter measured his blood pressure in the cardiology clinic, and sat in the correct posture as instructed by the director. At this time, his blood pressure was 132/88. After rest, the left arm was measured in the same posture, and the blood pressure value was 132/86. The director said that the blood pressure values of the left and right arms are different. Normally, the blood pressure value of the right arm should be high. If the left side is high, arteriosclerosis may occur. When continuously measuring blood pressure, the interval should be more than 2 minutes to ensure vasodilation, otherwise the blood pressure value will be inaccurate.
Five minutes later, according to the director’s instructions, the reporter tilted his legs and left the back of the chair. At this time, the measured value is 130/94, the high pressure drops by 2mmhg, and the low pressure rises by 6mmhg. The director said that after changing posture, the degree of exertion changed, and the blood pressure also increased. This measurement is also inaccurate.
◎ Focus on the correct posture for measuring blood pressure: sitting upright, leaning back against the back of the chair, landing on both feet, putting your arms on the armrest and table, and measuring blood pressure with your right arm.
Emotional influence
The last time I went to the toilet, the pressure dropped by 4mmhg.
Doctor: If you hold your urine tight, your blood pressure will rise.
At 14: 20, after drinking a lot of water, the reporter measured the blood pressure again according to the director’s request. At this time, the blood pressure value of the right arm was 133/90. After taking a two-minute rest after going to the toilet, the blood pressure value was measured again, which was reduced to 130/86.
The doctor said that when people hold their urine, they are mentally nervous, so their blood pressure will rise accordingly. After emptying the bladder, people’s body and mind will unconsciously relax. At this time, taking a correct posture to measure blood pressure is the real blood pressure value.
◎ Focus on the correct measurement state: the self-measured blood pressure value is a reference value, and only when the posture and state are the same every time can blood pressure be effectively monitored. Therefore, to ensure the correct posture, rest quietly for 5 minutes, ban smoking or drinking coffee within 30 minutes, and empty the bladder, which is the standard measurement state.
Listen to a joke: high blood pressure rises by 5mmhg. Doctor: Blood pressure will rise regardless of sadness or joy.
"Blood pressure is controlled by emotions. Some people think that people who are irritable have high blood pressure. In fact, regardless of sadness or joy, people’s blood pressure will rise."
At 14: 40, the director told a joke when taking blood pressure. After the reporter laughed, the blood pressure value was 135/94, which was 5mmhg higher than before. Because it was not accurate, the blood pressure value was measured again within 1 minute, and it was 138/95, and then it was 141/95. People with normal blood pressure have detected high blood pressure.
People’s blood pressure is controlled by emotions, and it will fluctuate after emotions, and the blood pressure value will fluctuate by 2-10mmhg, which means that some people will have a cerebral infarction or myocardial infarction because of their high blood pressure after being overjoyed or furious.
◎ Focus on the correct measurement interval: blood pressure measurement should be repeated at intervals of more than 2 minutes, and the average of the two readings should be taken for record. If the interval is not enough, the blood vessels can’t relax effectively, which will make the blood pressure rise, and each time it is higher than the last time, which will easily make patients misjudge and take antihypertensive drugs excessively.
Life newspaper reporter Xu Riming

Strong cold air comes with snow and snow. It snows in many places in Zhejiang. What about you?

"Source of this article: Zhejiang Rong Media"
Zhejiang News Client Editor Fu Lingli Xu Ting
Snow is coming! Snow is coming!
She came to us in the expectation of everyone.
Known as the "coldest cold wave since this winter" arrived in Zhejiang, and a wide range of weather finally opened. It is this cold wave with strong strength, fierce cooling and wide influence that will make Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai feel zero-degree crit.
Snow-capped wonders appear in Daming Mountain in Lin ‘an.
Last night (December 24th)
It snowed lightly in the high mountain area of Daming Mountain in Lin ‘an, Hangzhou.
The branches formed a beautiful spectacle of snow.
Wan Ru walked into a white fairy tale world.
(The above picture was taken by the mountain sentry of Daming Mountain in Lin ‘an, at an altitude of 1483 meters.)
(Zhejiang news client reporter Liu Jian correspondent Chen Wencai Yang Qi)
Snowfall in many places in Chun ‘an County.
From the early morning of December 25th.
Snow fell in Yaoshan Township, Chun ‘an County.
In the early morning of December 25th, on the third day after the winter solstice, it was snowing in Banqiao Natural Village, Wenjia Village, Fu Wang Township, Chun ‘an County.
Fine snow covered the whole mountain, and the tourist attractions and facilities in Banqiao Natural Village and the houses near the distant mountains in the whole village became "gray-headed" and became the first movement to play in winter.
Banqiao Natural Village, with an average elevation of 1,100 meters, is the highest natural village in Chun ‘an County. Because of its topographical characteristics, the first snow in Chun ‘an County falls here every year, which is also the place where the snow scene lasts for the longest time.
On the morning of December 25th.
Zhongshan Township, Tonglu County, Hangzhou City
Jinglinsi Natural Village in Dashi Village ushered in the first snow this winter.
Shuangping Natural Village, Jinling Village, Pingmen Township, Chun ‘an County, with an altitude of more than 900 meters, is the highest village in Pingmen Township.
At about 4 am on December 25, the screen door ushered in bursts of snow.
So far, the snow is 1-2 cm, and the ground and crops have been covered with snow, adding beautiful colors to the earth.
Tortoise shell village in shilin town, Chun ‘an County, with an altitude of more than 600 meters, is the highest village in shilin town.
At about 6 o’clock in the morning on December 25, the hawksbill village ushered in new snow. At present, there is no snow on the ground, but the snow is still underground.
Tonglu Gaoliangting Village ushered in the first snow.
On the morning of December 25th, the Gaoliangting Village, the highest elevation in Hecun Township, Tonglu County, ushered in the first snow. The snow in the morning has reached a thickness of 3 cm. The Shengxianli International Ski Resort located in Gaoliangting Village will welcome more than 700 tourists that day.
(Zhejiang News Client Sharing Alliance Zhongshan Micro-Rong Station Zheng Zerui Wang Wei Micro-Rong Station Xu Liangjun Pingmen Micro-Rong Station Yu Rongxiao Shilin Micro-Rong Station Jiang Wenfan Hecun Micro-Rong Station Zhang Li Correspondent Yang Qi)
Main urban area
Did the friends in Hangzhou see it? Welcome friends from Zhejiang to bask in the snow ~ Video coordinates: West of Hangzhou.
(According to @ Zhejiang Weather)
Snowflakes are floating in Simingshan National Forest Park.
December 25th.
Snowflakes are floating in Simingshan National Forest Park in Ningbo.
A thin layer of snow has been faintly visible on the road and on the car.
(According to Yongpai client)
Many places ushered in the first snowfall this winter.
The cold wave affected the temperature greatly. On the morning of December 25th, the first snowfall this winter began in Huzhou.
This morning, there was light snow in mountainous areas such as Anji Shanchuan Township, Tianhuangping Town and Baofu Town, and the grassland scenic spot on the mountains and rivers was beautiful.
Correspondent Yin Jie photo
In Changxing County, it began to snow in Fangjiazhuang Village, heping town, Chaotuo Village, Xiaopu Town and Maoli Town of Si ‘an. As of 10: 00 am on the 25th, snow was still falling in some areas, and roofs, trees and vegetable fields were covered with a layer of snow.
Affected by the cold wave, from the night of December 24th to the early morning of 25th, there was sleet in some areas of Moganshan area in Deqing, and the temperature dropped to minus 4℃ in the morning. Due to the low temperature and moisture in the mountainous area, the mountains and trees are covered with layers of transparent ice crystals, and the rime scene of Yushu Qionghua appears. The white and glittering frost flowers are covered with branches, as if putting on a layer of white sweater for Moganshan.
Share Alliance Deqing Station Baiyu
(Reporter Li Shichao Ye Shilei Meng Lin Editor Xu Fang)
Snowflakes are floating in many places
On the morning of December 25th.
It began to snow in many places in Shaoxing
Shangyu Lingnan, Xinchang County shaxi town
Shihuang Town of Shengzhou, Changle Town of Shengzhou and other places.
Snowflakes are floating.
(Zhejiang News Client reporter Jin Hanqing Sun Liang Zhu Yinyan Gan Wei Sharing Alliance Shao Rong+)
Snowfall occurred in Wucheng District.
From 20: 00 on 24 December to 7: 00 on 25 December
Snowfall has occurred in Beishan Station, Luodian Town, Wucheng District, Jinhua.
Netizen who lives in Panqian Village, Jin Huashan
Photographed the world of snow and ice wrapped in white.
(According to Jinhua Daily)
The snow scene is picturesque
The first snow in Quzhou this winter fell early this morning!
Early in the morning, Xiaobian enjoyed the beautiful snow scene in the circle of friends!
Shimen Mountain, Dajuyuan Village, Liang Shi Town, Kecheng District. Ark photo
Longyou liuchun lake. Longyou release
(According to Pocket Quzhou)
Is it snowing in your place?

Is it going to snow in Wuxi?

February 3rd is the traditional "off-year" in South China.

"Little Year" is the prelude to "Big Year"

The Spring Festival is getting closer and closer.

So what will the weather be like in the next few days?

The latest release of Wuxi meteorology

According to @ Wuxi Meteorological Forecast

There is still obvious precipitation in our city today and tomorrow.

On the 5th, even the rainy weather will end.

On June 6-7, the city was dominated by changes in the cloud system.

But the weather is not too good, there is still weak rain and snow.

In terms of temperature, the short-term temperature is not too high.

The highest temperature is around 5℃

The latest release of Jiangsu meteorology

According to @ Jiangsu Meteorological Forecast

It will be rainy (snowy) in the province in the next three days.

Today is day to night.

There is snow or sleet in the area north of the Yangtze River.

Among them, along the central and western regions between Huai and Jianghuai

Moderate to heavy snow, local snowstorm

Other areas are cloudy with little to moderate rain.

National scope

It starts today (February 3)

Large-scale rain and snow weather in central and eastern China entered the strongest period.

Parts of Hunan, Hubei, Henan and Anhui

Will become a concentrated area of freezing rain and heavy snowfall.

There will be a heavy snowstorm in the local area

Under the pressure of rain and snow

The temperature in most parts of central and eastern China is lower than normal.

South China will also usher in a significant cooling from the 5 th

Do you expect snow?

Original title: "Is it going to snow in Wuxi? 》

"Human Comedy" Allen cross-border beauty blogger recommended bitch color for Wang Zhi.

1905 movie network news Directed by Sun Zhou, starring Allen, Wang Zhi and Luno, and starring Yam Tat-wah, Jin Shijie and Pan Binlong, The Comedy on Earth will be released nationwide on March 29th. Recently, Allen and Li Jiaqi, the first lipstick brother, have a wonderful live broadcast. In the live broadcast, Allen accepted many tests, exchanged lipstick with Li Jiaqi, and remotely picked "bitch color" for Wang Zhi … … During the period, fans interacted enthusiastically and praised over 6.15 million.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, Li Jiaqi, the first brother of lipstick, brought the ultimate test of lipstick. There were many problems in price, color and texture, which made Allen, the "straight man of steel", look reluctant and shy frequently, and the number of barrage interactions soared due to funny reactions. Allen, on the other hand, was highly praised by Li Jiaqi, the "first brother of lipstick", and could consider becoming a beauty blogger.

When Allen meets dead Barbie powder, "it may be put on and she will die", which is simply invincible. Incidentally, I also praised Li Jiaqi for "I’ve seen you paint this, and it looks very nice", and they exchanged blows with each other very seriously.

Hard-core Allen uniform lipstick "Devil" Li Jiaqi recommended bitch color for Wang Zhi.

Allen and Li Jiaqi put lipstick on each other to set off the barrage, and straight man Allen made her beauty debut, wearing a "green" uniform of "devil" Li Jiaqi, looking like a doctor on the operating table, holding lipstick and saying "Ah, (open your mouth)" to Li Jiaqi. Li Jiaqi carefully selected the most popular blood orange number for Allen and painted it himself, which made fans very moved.

On the way to the live broadcast, Allen did not forget his wife, Wang Zhi, in "Comedy on Earth" and invited Li Jiaqi to pick the color number for Wang Zhi. In the film, Pu Tong (Allen) and Mi Mi (Wang Zhi), a coward, accept the pressure of life and meet several "old drivers" by accident. Allen also describes Mi Mi as a shrew in vernacular, asking Li Jiaqi if she is a shrew and has no desire to survive.


The film Human Comedy will be shown nationwide this Friday.

How did the National Open University exam come?

The undergraduate course of National Open University is recognized by the state. The undergraduate course of the National Open University is the undergraduate course of the Open University, including the undergraduate course of the National Open University and the undergraduate course of the open universities in various provinces and regions. It is an open education and a series of national education. So how did the National Open University exam come? If you have any doubts about this aspect of the National Open University, you can take a look at it with Xiaobian.

1. Written test

Some courses in the Open University may arrange traditional written tests, and candidates need to take the tests at the designated time and place, and complete multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions and short-answer questions on the test paper.

2. Online examination

With the development of technology, more and more open universities switch their examination methods to online examination. Candidates can log in to the online examination system within a specified period of time and complete the examination of the corresponding subjects. Online exams may take the form of multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, short answers, etc., which are subject to the provisions of the Open University.

3. Practical assessment

Some professional open university courses may also involve practical assessment, such as experimental operation, demonstration, field trip and so on.

4. Paper report/homework

Some courses may require students to submit reports or assignments to assess students’ ability to understand, analyze and apply the course content.

1. Have People’s Republic of China (PRC) nationality, abide by the Constitution and laws, and have good conduct and professional ethics.

2. Persons with high school (including vocational high school, technical secondary school and technical school) and above.

3. At least 18 years old, in good health, with the basic learning ability needed to complete their studies.

4. Meet the requirements for applying for majors offered by the National Open University.

The above is related to the National Open University, and candidates can take it as a reference, which is subject to the official announcement! Candidates who want to get more information about China Open University, such as registration time, examination time, application conditions, preparation knowledge and related news, please pay attention to the China Education Online Channel of China Open University.