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Lying at home for three years, not working, 0 socializing: Why don’t young people want to go to work?

Source: Business Insight
The punk in the world I recently experienced is a young man who has been lying dead at home for three years.
I lay dead at home for three years, tied to my bed, and didn’t go out more than 500 meters in Fiona Fang. I only went to supermarkets and small shops downstairs to replenish food.
In the past three years, he has no job, socializes, rents a room of eight square meters, eats a mountain of snacks and instant noodles, drinks three or four tons of cola, and his only companion is a mobile phone. He has watched more than 100 large-scale series.
What supports his corpse life is savings, flowers, online loans and credit cards from all walks of life. ….
For a while, there were quite a lot of people who were lying dead. Some of them were lying dead for two years, from 280 kg to 180 kg, and their desires were lost, and they could not feel the joys and sorrows.
Some people are slightly better. Although they are lying dead, they earn 300 yuan a day, 100 yuan for staying in hotels, 100 yuan for smoking, surfing the Internet in eat areca and eating in 100 yuan.
Some people have been lying dead for two years, owing 50 thousand, taking their girlfriends and ready to go out to work.
I remember, KnowYourself sent an article to analyze the unique "squatting clan" phenomenon in the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
"This group of people is highly educated, unemployed, neither bloody nor struggling. They rent houses in first-tier cities, can’t go home, can’t stay, and do nothing all day."
The "squatting clan" is the product of this era. They fully verified the sentence "Efforts may not be successful, but it is really comfortable not to work hard".
I think, if it’s a wolf-like 996 enterprise, they will say lightly when they see the above "people lying dead and squatting". They are simply wasting their lives.
But when I see them, I will only think that they are really brave and really punk.
Speaking of it, I am also a "squatter". I haven’t been to work for more than a year. I tried to go to work in the middle, but I will run away in less than a day. My daily life is to stay in the rental house, sleep at dawn, get up at dark, and stay indoors for half a month at the longest.
The only difference with them is that I spent most of my time at home wondering how to make money, never giving up making money, and even more reluctant to give up socializing and turn myself into a real marginal person.
I spent a year in prison, reviewing and reflecting, but more often, I just felt so cool that I flew, and I didn’t have to fight the morning and evening peaks, and I didn’t have to see annoying leaders and colleagues, so I lived a super peace every day.
But what I really hate is work, and what I escape from is life?
Actually, it’s not. On the contrary, I love working more at home. What I hate is just going to work. As the Round Table School said, we just hate the environment and timetable under the organization, and it feels like a trapped animal.
Of course, squatting people like us, based on the society, are annoying anyway.
I will be accused of not working hard, not struggling, and living in vain. I have been squatting for a year, and many enthusiastic friends and former colleagues have come to introduce my work. Every time, the reason can’t escape: "If you go on like this, it will be abolished. You should return to the mainstream society."
Sometimes, our choice is not a way of life, but rather a kind of violation and resistance. As long as you don’t struggle, you will become a monster and waste in the eyes of normal people, so you are doomed to be forgotten and marginalized.
I can’t help it. The concept of "struggling all my life" is becoming popular among our young people. If anyone doesn’t abide by it, he is not worthy of being a young man in the 21st century, and is doomed to live only in a rented house.
The schedule of "Tsinghua Xueba", which was hotly searched some time ago, shows that there is almost no entertainment in their day.
Go to bed at 1 am, get up at 6 am every day, wash and eat breakfast for 40 minutes, and start a planned study at 6: 40. The time from 9 pm to 1 am is fully arranged.
In this regard, the official said: it is difficult to learn like this and not to be a tyrant.
Others directly say, "People who are better than you work harder than you." The subtext is: "What do you have that Bilian doesn’t struggle for? 」
Not long after this incident, many universities began to imitate it.
I think that since students can’t be self-disciplined, it’s simply mandatory: no sleeping in, and no one can be on the dormitory bed after nine o’clock.
The university was originally a free and inclusive place, but now it has been wrapped up in layers and turned into a wolf university.
To put it bluntly, they were forced to struggle every day, go to bed early and get up early when they should be naive and romantic.
With all due respect, why is society so cruel to young people like me?
At the beginning of junior high school, I vaguely remember that my family said that it would be easy to get into key days.
Initial promotion: getting into the key points is equal to half the threshold of entering the university.
Gao Shengda: It’s really easy to go to college after the college entrance examination, so you can play at will.
And then after entering the university?
Still have to go to bed early and get up early every day, and strive hard to learn from Tsinghua.
Some people will definitely say, sleep less and work harder today, so you can relax after work!
Sorry, at this time, Ma Yun will come out and tell you that the 996 job is a blessing that my generation has repaired.
Liu Qiangdong will tell you that you don’t deserve to be my brother if you don’t struggle.
Young people who die suddenly in the workplace will tell you that fighting all their lives is a fair death.
The above is the life of young people in the 21st century.
In this way, our young people are really miserable. The happy and free time of our life only stays in kindergarten (maybe not yet), and it is always far from happiness.
When you finally see through it and you can choose not to struggle in life, someone will tell you with their ears: a life without hard work and struggle is waste.
It’s not that I hate disapproving of efforts, but that I hate the urgency and anxiety of young people under this atmosphere.
When I was a child, I was forced to learn the laws of the jungle at once;
Mingming didn’t sleep well all his life, and he was accused of not working hard enough;
Obviously, I chose a lifestyle that makes me comfortable, or I was accused of wasting my life.
Think about the "squatters". What are they? It is necessary to be observed with a magnifying glass, because choosing to give up the struggle is considered to be a psychological problem.
I wonder if our times advocate "hard work" so much that everyone seems to be winding up, as if life without hard work is not worth living.
Obviously, some people are lazy by nature and are not interested in anything, but they are forced to make progress by the values of this society and try their best to find goals worth fighting for all their lives.
Chen Danqing, the Round Table School, said: Some people are born uninterested in this world, but they can’t choose to be born. They looked at the world and found nothing to live, so they chose to leave.
There is a real example in Japan. A 56-year-old man has been unemployed at home for a long time because he failed to study at a young age and repeatedly hit a wall when looking for a job, and he has stayed here for 30 years.
After his parents died, he was found starving to death at home.
The body was decomposed when it was found, and the house was full of rubbish.
Many people say that this person deserves it, but I just feel sad when I think that a group of people are living out of place in this shoulder-to-shoulder world.
This kind of tragedy is quite common in Japan, and the day when distance spreads among us is just around the corner.
But if we say that the social atmosphere at this time can be less anxious about selling, and we don’t exaggerate our efforts and squeeze the existence of young people, will they not feel that they are useless and unworthy to live in the world?
Instead, can you face life positively and really find other meanings of your life besides struggle?
I don’t object to the defensive lifestyle of "squatting people" who choose to escape and stay at home.
And those who are superior and advocate hard work and selling anxiety, please shut up, no one is nobler than anyone else.
Hard work is an achievement that everyone can achieve if they are enough, but it takes courage to let go of the secular lifestyle.
Too much emphasis on hard work and selling anxiety will only backfire, trigger the phenomenon of squatting and lead to tragedy.
Please don’t say anything: "Master xx skills, work hard and catch up with your peers with a monthly income of 10 million."
I just want to ask you why you should catch up with your peers. I’m not interested.
Can you just be yourself?
Under the phenomenon of squatting, it is because many people no longer believe in social stability, nor do they believe that success and class leap can be achieved by long-term diligent efforts.
Although we have the right to choose not to work hard and struggle, it is necessary to earn a decent money that will not cause trouble to others and parents.
There are also many young people around me who don’t go to work. Apart from writing articles for the media like me, there are also illustrators, photographers, screenwriters, craftsmen, pastry chefs, and even people who have nothing to do to run errands and walk dogs. ….
In today’s society, there are actually many choices to choose a career freely, work for yourself and not starve to death. Lying in bed waiting for death and bearing huge debts is the greatest support for "hard-working monsters".
The biggest problem of squatting people is that they confuse the concepts of "going to work" and "working".
Those who clamor for not going to work all day may just not want to work. Work has a strong driving force. Chen Danqing said that he didn’t like going to work either, but he could wake up like a bug and work until late at night.
Simply put, work is for others, and work is for yourself.
You don’t have to struggle and work hard, but you must live decently for what you like.
Whether we like it or not, we came here after all. Since we are here, we might as well go out of the rental house and see the sun.

Strong cold air comes with snow and snow. It snows in many places in Zhejiang. What about you?

"Source of this article: Zhejiang Rong Media"
Zhejiang News Client Editor Fu Lingli Xu Ting
Snow is coming! Snow is coming!
She came to us in the expectation of everyone.
Known as the "coldest cold wave since this winter" arrived in Zhejiang, and a wide range of weather finally opened. It is this cold wave with strong strength, fierce cooling and wide influence that will make Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai feel zero-degree crit.
Snow-capped wonders appear in Daming Mountain in Lin ‘an.
Last night (December 24th)
It snowed lightly in the high mountain area of Daming Mountain in Lin ‘an, Hangzhou.
The branches formed a beautiful spectacle of snow.
Wan Ru walked into a white fairy tale world.
(The above picture was taken by the mountain sentry of Daming Mountain in Lin ‘an, at an altitude of 1483 meters.)
(Zhejiang news client reporter Liu Jian correspondent Chen Wencai Yang Qi)
Snowfall in many places in Chun ‘an County.
From the early morning of December 25th.
Snow fell in Yaoshan Township, Chun ‘an County.
In the early morning of December 25th, on the third day after the winter solstice, it was snowing in Banqiao Natural Village, Wenjia Village, Fu Wang Township, Chun ‘an County.
Fine snow covered the whole mountain, and the tourist attractions and facilities in Banqiao Natural Village and the houses near the distant mountains in the whole village became "gray-headed" and became the first movement to play in winter.
Banqiao Natural Village, with an average elevation of 1,100 meters, is the highest natural village in Chun ‘an County. Because of its topographical characteristics, the first snow in Chun ‘an County falls here every year, which is also the place where the snow scene lasts for the longest time.
On the morning of December 25th.
Zhongshan Township, Tonglu County, Hangzhou City
Jinglinsi Natural Village in Dashi Village ushered in the first snow this winter.
Shuangping Natural Village, Jinling Village, Pingmen Township, Chun ‘an County, with an altitude of more than 900 meters, is the highest village in Pingmen Township.
At about 4 am on December 25, the screen door ushered in bursts of snow.
So far, the snow is 1-2 cm, and the ground and crops have been covered with snow, adding beautiful colors to the earth.
Tortoise shell village in shilin town, Chun ‘an County, with an altitude of more than 600 meters, is the highest village in shilin town.
At about 6 o’clock in the morning on December 25, the hawksbill village ushered in new snow. At present, there is no snow on the ground, but the snow is still underground.
Tonglu Gaoliangting Village ushered in the first snow.
On the morning of December 25th, the Gaoliangting Village, the highest elevation in Hecun Township, Tonglu County, ushered in the first snow. The snow in the morning has reached a thickness of 3 cm. The Shengxianli International Ski Resort located in Gaoliangting Village will welcome more than 700 tourists that day.
(Zhejiang News Client Sharing Alliance Zhongshan Micro-Rong Station Zheng Zerui Wang Wei Micro-Rong Station Xu Liangjun Pingmen Micro-Rong Station Yu Rongxiao Shilin Micro-Rong Station Jiang Wenfan Hecun Micro-Rong Station Zhang Li Correspondent Yang Qi)
Main urban area
Did the friends in Hangzhou see it? Welcome friends from Zhejiang to bask in the snow ~ Video coordinates: West of Hangzhou.
(According to @ Zhejiang Weather)
Snowflakes are floating in Simingshan National Forest Park.
December 25th.
Snowflakes are floating in Simingshan National Forest Park in Ningbo.
A thin layer of snow has been faintly visible on the road and on the car.
(According to Yongpai client)
Many places ushered in the first snowfall this winter.
The cold wave affected the temperature greatly. On the morning of December 25th, the first snowfall this winter began in Huzhou.
This morning, there was light snow in mountainous areas such as Anji Shanchuan Township, Tianhuangping Town and Baofu Town, and the grassland scenic spot on the mountains and rivers was beautiful.
Correspondent Yin Jie photo
In Changxing County, it began to snow in Fangjiazhuang Village, heping town, Chaotuo Village, Xiaopu Town and Maoli Town of Si ‘an. As of 10: 00 am on the 25th, snow was still falling in some areas, and roofs, trees and vegetable fields were covered with a layer of snow.
Affected by the cold wave, from the night of December 24th to the early morning of 25th, there was sleet in some areas of Moganshan area in Deqing, and the temperature dropped to minus 4℃ in the morning. Due to the low temperature and moisture in the mountainous area, the mountains and trees are covered with layers of transparent ice crystals, and the rime scene of Yushu Qionghua appears. The white and glittering frost flowers are covered with branches, as if putting on a layer of white sweater for Moganshan.
Share Alliance Deqing Station Baiyu
(Reporter Li Shichao Ye Shilei Meng Lin Editor Xu Fang)
Snowflakes are floating in many places
On the morning of December 25th.
It began to snow in many places in Shaoxing
Shangyu Lingnan, Xinchang County shaxi town
Shihuang Town of Shengzhou, Changle Town of Shengzhou and other places.
Snowflakes are floating.
(Zhejiang News Client reporter Jin Hanqing Sun Liang Zhu Yinyan Gan Wei Sharing Alliance Shao Rong+)
Snowfall occurred in Wucheng District.
From 20: 00 on 24 December to 7: 00 on 25 December
Snowfall has occurred in Beishan Station, Luodian Town, Wucheng District, Jinhua.
Netizen who lives in Panqian Village, Jin Huashan
Photographed the world of snow and ice wrapped in white.
(According to Jinhua Daily)
The snow scene is picturesque
The first snow in Quzhou this winter fell early this morning!
Early in the morning, Xiaobian enjoyed the beautiful snow scene in the circle of friends!
Shimen Mountain, Dajuyuan Village, Liang Shi Town, Kecheng District. Ark photo
Longyou liuchun lake. Longyou release
(According to Pocket Quzhou)
Is it snowing in your place?

A variety of power, plug-in version of pure battery life of 100km! New Golf Family Official Map Released

A variety of power, plug-in version of pure battery life of 100km! New Golf Family Official Map Released

Recently, Volkswagen released the exterior map of the new golf family. This new car is a mid-term modified model, offering a variety of power systems and body forms, including standard version, high-performance GTI model, plug-in hybrid GTE model and station wagon Variant.

From the appearance, the new car adopts brand-new design elements. The headlight group has been changed into a single light source, equipped with a penetrating light strip, and at the same time, there is a luminous Volkswagen LOGO on the lower side. The front enclosure has been redesigned to be more dynamic, and the left front fender is equipped with a charging interface, suggesting that the car may be a plug-in hybrid version.

In addition, in terms of color, the new car has added four new color options: crystal ice blue, anemone blue, oyster silver and black ebony, and provided five wheels with different sizes ranging from 16 inches to 19 inches to choose from. Some models can also be equipped with a two-color body with a black roof.

For the interior, the new car is equipped with a brand-new MIB4 intelligent entertainment system. The control panel of the low version is 10.4 inches, and the high version is 12.9 inches; The air conditioning control system has also been completely redesigned, using the touch slider to replace the traditional physical buttons.

In terms of power system, the new Golf will provide a 1.5T turbocharged gasoline engine, a 1.5eTSI twin-vortex turbocharged diesel engine, a 2.0T turbocharged gasoline engine and a 1.5T plug-in hybrid version. According to different vehicle configurations, the new car is matched with different types of transmissions such as 6-speed manual transmission and 7-speed powershift.

The battery capacity of the plug-in hybrid version has been increased from 10.6kWh to 19.7kWh, making its pure electric cruising range reach 100 kilometers. In addition, the car supports AC charging (maximum power is 11 kW) and DC fast charging (maximum power is 50 kW).

11 departments carried out golf course cleaning and rectification "looking back" and found two serious problem courses.

  Cctv newsAccording to the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, in 2022, 11 departments, including the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Water Resources, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the General Administration of Market Supervision, the General Administration of Sports, the former China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and National Forestry and Grassland Administration, jointly deployed and carried out the "looking back" work of cleaning and renovating golf courses, guiding all localities to strictly implement the "two responsibility", carrying out solid on-site inspections, and severely investigating and In the "looking back" of cleaning up and renovating in 2022, two serious problem courses were found, including Datong Tulin Eco-tourism and Sightseeing Park in Shanxi and Jinwan Hotel Golf Course in Honghu, Hubei. At present, the relevant local governments have resolutely banned the above-mentioned stadiums and seriously investigated the responsibilities of relevant units and personnel.

Short videos and live broadcasts share traditional skills, and Pu ‘er tea merchants accelerate their growth in Tik Tok e-commerce.

Light gray walls, log-colored tables and chairs, metallic lamps and doorframes, and bare cement ceiling … Is it hard to imagine that this is an office of a Pu ‘er tea brand?

Jeep’s office

In my impression, Pu ‘er tea was drunk after the 60s and 70s. It pays attention to tasting, collecting, investing and giving gifts. It has strong nonstandard attributes, a lot of knowledge and a high cognitive threshold. It is the talk of those rich enthusiasts. And a Pu ‘er tea company should have a lot of dark wooden furniture, including wood carvings and screens, which will burn incense.

But this Pu ‘er tea brand — — Jeep — — The office is very young, not only in decoration, but also in product color matching and design.

Zhang Yu, the founder of Jeep, was born after 1985. He was very young and energetic. In our interview, he not only talked about Kan Kan, a tea industry, but also often mentioned many favorite categories and brands of young people, such as new tea and coffee. It is obvious that he is thinking about how to make more young consumers fall in love with tea.

I learned from my communication with Zhang Yu that, in his view, the Pu ‘er tea collection market dominated by the post-60s and post-70s is gradually shrinking, but the younger generation of post-80s and post-90s gradually developed the habit of drinking tea. The main consumption of Pu ‘er tea is shifting to the younger generation of mass consumers, just like the style presented by this company.

However, Pu ‘er tea formed the threshold of cognition, purchase and drinking in the last stage, which made mass consumers flinch from Pu ‘er tea for a long time.

How to reduce the threshold and information gap of Pu ‘er tea, let more mass consumers drink Pu ‘er tea, and let Pu ‘er tea, an intangible craft, be passed down? Zhang Yu has gradually explored the answer in the past 10 years.

Zhang Yu, a native of Kunming, Yunnan, helped his classmates to buy tea at the tea market for the first time 10 years ago, which became an opportunity for him to get started in the tea industry. In the process of learning Pu ‘er tea, Zhang Yu gradually perceived the cultural connotation and charm of Pu ‘er tea, and founded Jeep in 2012. In the early days of its establishment, she also emphasized the interest of Pu ‘er tea tasting and collection, and called on young people to become Pu ‘er tea players. At that time, slogan was called "player Pu ‘er".

After predicting the trend change of consumer groups, Zhang Yu decided to break through the circle of Pu ‘er tea enthusiasts and push Pu ‘er tea to the younger generation of mass consumers.

He began to improve the fermentation technology of Pu ‘er tea, and changed the prohibitive "heap taste" of traditional cooked tea. Establish a product identification system to reduce the difficulty for consumers to identify products. Only by simplifying these two ends can Pu ‘er tea penetrate into the public, just like Suntory, Oriental Leaf and other ready-to-drink tea brands.

In terms of channel selection, Jeep laid out online channels closer to mass consumers from the beginning, and insisted on exporting popular science content in the tea industry.

In 2020, Jeep entered Tik Tok E-commerce as the core content export platform and main sales channel. Through the strong content attributes of Tik Tok e-commerce and the ability to undertake live broadcasts and shelves, Jeep can not only popularize science and show the products, origin and cultural charm of Pu ‘er tea to more mass consumers through short videos, but also undertake consumers’ purchasing needs through live broadcasts and shelf scenes, so that more consumers can fall in love with and drink Pu ‘er tea.

Push Pu ‘er tea to the mass market through standardization.

Although the history of Pu ‘er tea can be traced back to the Eastern Han Dynasty, it has been popularized in the mass market for nearly 20 years.

In ancient times, Pu ‘er tea was mainly used for court enjoyment and gifts to foreign missions. In modern times, it has been run by Yunnan state-owned enterprises, with export as the core sales model. For a long time, even Yunnan locals did not drink Pu ‘er tea. Until the state-owned enterprises were restructured in 2004, Yunnan Menghai, Lincang, Xiaguan and other Pu ‘er tea factories were transformed into private enterprises, and more self-employed and capital entered the Pu ‘er tea industry. In addition, under the influence of caravan entering Beijing and celebrity auction in 2005, Pu ‘er tea gradually entered the mass market.

In the first five years, Pu ‘er tea experienced a national tea drinking craze, and it was favored by fat-reducing people around 2010 and ushered in a wave of dividends in the mass consumer market. But what really made Pu ‘er tea develop at a high speed was the "Shantou Tea" culture that rose in 2008.

Shantou tea is a special name of Pu ‘er tea ancient tea tree, which grows on many hills in four major producing areas of Yunnan. Because of the differences in microclimate and tea farmers’ initial processing technology, it forms "one mountain blindly". The mountains are also divided into grades because of different factors such as altitude, tea tree year and scarcity.

Pu ‘er tea at this stage, like wenwan and wine, has formed several major characteristics in everyone’s cognition — — Products are non-standard, expensive and opaque, with value-added properties and high learning threshold. It coincides with the rise of the middle class after 1960s and 1970s, and Shantou tea has become their product to establish identity labels because of its nonstandard and scarcity.

In the eyes of these old tea drinkers, non-standard is the charm of Pu ‘er tea, but since 2017, the main consumption of Pu ‘er tea has gradually changed, and after 80 s and 90 s, tea is slowly started. These consumers’ pursuit of value-added and collection of Pu ‘er tea is weak, and they care more about cost performance, taste and brand identity. Shantou culture has become the threshold for their consumption of Pu ‘er tea.

In 2017, Jeep changed slogan into a "rational Pu ‘er tea player". In those years, Zhang Yu has been studying how to standardize the production and products, so as to lower the cognitive and consumption threshold of Pu ‘er tea and lay the foundation for the popularization of Pu ‘er tea.

On the production side, Jeep has gradually standardized the initial production, fermentation and storage of Pu ‘er tea in the past 10 years.

For example, the traditional fermentation process of Pu ‘er cooked tea is limited by the fermentation environment and industrial development, and the tea produced by the same fermentation process may have different tastes and is prone to odor (heap taste). In 2016, Jeep introduced the meta-cooked fermentation process to improve the fermentation environment and conditions, and reduce the non-standard and odor problems caused by the fermentation process.

Zhang Yu is introducing the upgrade of meta-cooked fermentation technology.

On the consumer side, Jeep established a digital system in 2019 based on the name of the mountain. According to the degree of entry, the producing area of main ingredients, the tenderness of raw leaves, and the grade of main ingredients, even novices can easily find out the right tea. They also gradually improved the product form. Apart from the traditional big tea cakes, they also introduced small tea cakes, 7 grams of sprouted cakes, 2 grams of "daily tea" camellia oleifera abel. and teabags. Since 2021, they have also opened 10 tea shops in Kunming to "drink tea in the mountains".

Digital System of Jeep’s Products

Jeep makes "drinking tea" more and more convenient, which is more suitable for mass consumers, especially young people. These products let us see the whole process of a consumer from beginner to enthusiast, similar to the advanced journey from ready-made coffee, instant coffee to coffee beans.

Reach the mass consumers online.

From the first day of brand establishment, Jeep has been based on online channels, which is also a more efficient way to reach mass consumers.

Traditional offline tea shops are engaged in tasting business, and the daily average flow of people is not high. Therefore, it is necessary to enlarge the customer unit price of a single transaction to balance the expenses of the store. Therefore, many Pu ‘er tea shops have high prices, and they are not priced, and they are completely priced by people. Non-standard, opaque and humanized sales model has become an obstacle for mass consumers to spend in stores. Online channels can reduce intermediate costs, unify products and pricing throughout the network, and remove the information difference of prices.

However, there are also problems such as high trust cost and difficulty for users to taste drinks online. Therefore, from the very beginning, Jeep tried to reduce the information gap in the industry, build trust and brand awareness through sales model innovation and content science popularization, and let more mass consumers know about Pu ‘er tea and Jeep.

In 2013, Jeep pioneered the online pre-sale of spring tea (several batches of Pu ‘er tea newly sprouted in spring). By broadcasting the pictures and videos of Chashan in the store, it showed the whole process of Pu ‘er tea from germination to suppression, allowing users to see the birth process of tea cakes in real time. In 2016, Jeep launched the popular science program "Chashan slang" on several video platforms. By introducing the knowledge of Chashan, Yunnan tea and the founder’s thinking on the tea industry, consumers can know more about Pu ‘er tea and Jeep.

After switching to multiple content platforms, Jeep began to synchronize short videos of popular science in Tik Tok in 2019, and laid out e-commerce in Tik Tok in 2022. Nowadays, e-commerce in Tik Tok has become the core content channel and one of the most important sales channels of Jeep, which makes Jeep reach more relatively young consumers.

Jeep’s Chashan slang has been serialized for more than 1000 issues.

The core reason why Jeep is deeply involved in e-commerce in Tik Tok is that in an e-commerce platform that started with content, good content can play a greater role, which not only plays the role of popular science, but also incites natural traffic, so that potential users can understand and buy products more conveniently and directly through the collaboration between live broadcast rooms. The pre-sale mode of spring tea mentioned above can also be presented to consumers more timely and comprehensively through short videos and live broadcasts.

Focusing on the category, Zhang Yu believes that the efficiency improvement brought by the combination of product and effect will be more obvious than other categories. Because Pu ‘er tea is a category with low maturity and the mass consumption is still in the training stage, there are no head brands and explosive items, but there are more long tail brands and products. Through the content and the mechanism of Tik Tok e-commerce, Pu ‘er tea merchants can more accurately match their products to personalized consumers with potential needs.

This mechanism has also driven the growth of Pu ‘er tea industry in Tik Tok. According to official data, since 2021, the scale of Pu ‘er tea business in Tik Tok has increased 15 times.

Zhang Zhiwei, the ceramic tea operation manager of Tik Tok e-commerce comprehensive business, also mentioned at the Yunnan Industrial Belt Forum that many of the 10 million users who bought Pu ‘er tea in Tik Tok e-commerce in the past year were not overlapping users of offline tea merchants. "What do Pu ‘er tea merchants think is the most valuable for Tik Tok e-commerce? It’s not sales, the most important thing is new customers. 」

Interest in e-commerce growth in Tik Tok

In Tik Tok e-commerce, Jeep continues to play the team’s content, achieving the integration of product and effect based on the linkage of short video and live broadcast, and carrying the repurchase with shelf scenes, which is also the core of many industrial belt merchants we have interviewed in the past to produce explosive products and brand voices in Tik Tok e-commerce.

In the content scene, in addition to exporting brand values and tea industry thinking, Jeep now has more content based on products.

Focusing on a product, Jeep will trace back to the production process of the product, explain the taste and brewing method of the product, and brew and taste tea soup in the user’s tea drinking scene through the scene content.

In Jeep’s daily topic "What do employees of tea enterprises drink", employees of different departments will brew or drink Jeep’s products in real office scenes such as workstations, tea rooms and tea tables. As Pu ‘er tea lovers, they will output the flavor characteristics, drinking methods, suitable scenes/seasons, product characteristics and so on during the sharing process, which are all dimensions that consumers are more interested in.

Daily topic "What do employees of tea enterprises drink"

In some products, Jeep will also export brand values through the thinking behind the products. Zhang Yu also hopes to increase the proportion of this part in the future and form a value resonance with users.

Through short videos and live broadcasts, Jeep’s efficiency in obtaining market feedback is also improving. After a new product is launched for three days, they can evaluate the product volume in the future through the content and the efficiency of product transaction, and make better product planning. After the content is released, the brand team of Jeep will quickly adjust the focus and rhythm of the content and optimize the products according to the data and comments of the content. "Basically, the results and feedback can be run in one week. 」

After Tik Tok e-commerce was upgraded to a global interest e-commerce, Jeep also began to lay out shelf scenes, put on shelves products, decorated shops, titles and details pages, and optimized shelf details such as product display on the home page through data analysis.

Jeep’s shop in Tik Tok e-commerce

In Zhang Yu’s view, when users repurchase, the most efficient way is to enter the shelf instead of entering the live broadcast room. Therefore, merchants must set up the shelf e-commerce to serve the user’s purchase link. In 2023, the proportion of Jeep’s shelf sales has increased from 13% at the beginning of the year to 27%, effectively undertaking the search and repurchase of old users.

The Jeep team said that they will continue to optimize the shelf e-commerce, especially the keywords, and use shopping malls and search keywords to obtain natural traffic. "This is the most obvious way to improve sales in the past six months, and it is also worth continuing to invest in the layout section. 」

Looking back on the past ten years, Jeep has promoted the standardization of technology and products step by step, and promoted the spread and inheritance of Pu ‘er tea among more mass consumers through the innovation of online sales model. On December 20th this year, Tik Tok E-commerce also launched a special support activity for revitalizing the industrial belt in Yunnan, attracting more Tik Tok E-commerce users to pay attention to and buy Yunnan Pu ‘er tea through special tracing, marketing support and publicity.

Jeep’s team told Narrow Broadcast that Tik Tok Electric Chamber of Commerce joined forces with high-quality authors to trace the origin and lead consumers to understand the origin, technology and industrial belt brand. The special event of Huanxin Intangible Cultural Heritage Yunnan Station will join KOL such as @ Yuqianpu, @ JiaoyouTea Teaset, @ Chi Rui to introduce intangible cultural heritage tea making skills and promote Yunnan Pu ‘er tea through short videos and live broadcasts.

In addition to content support, Tik Tok E-commerce also continues to provide live training for businesses in Yunnan Pu ‘er tea industry belt. In the past two years, the platform has been trained in product selection and live broadcast skills, and Jeep has also participated. Tik Tok e-commerce will also regularly explain the new policies of the platform to merchants, so as to help brands better follow the trends and play changes.

Since its launch in August this year, "Huanxin Intangible Cultural Heritage" has been carried out in Jingdezhen Ceramics, Yixing Zisha, Donghai Crystal and other industrial belts, helping more industrial belt brands, like Jeep, and rejuvenating intangible cultural heritage industries through multi-field collaboration of global interest e-commerce.

Baihe county, Shaanxi province: nightlife changes in a poor county

Night in Qiaoergou Scenic Area of Baihe County. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Hanshe
Xinhua News Agency, Xi ‘an, November 26th (Reporter Zhang Bin, Xu Han) At 90: 00 pm, a county town is often cut into completely different shapes. Wang Yinchun, who lives in Baihe County, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province, is deeply touched by this.
"Before this time, the noise of pedestrians on the street, the hawking in shops and the horn of cars will make it very lively. But after this point, people suddenly dispersed, and the county town suddenly calmed down and there was a sense of’ emptiness’. " Wang Yinchun grew up, worked and lived here.
There was no nightlife in the small town in the past, especially in Baihe County, deep in Qinba Mountain.
Baihe County, located in the depths of the mountains at the junction of Shaanxi and Hubei, is a typical mountainous county and a deep poverty-stricken county in China.
In the past, after dark, the local people’s night life was all in front of the TV, in the mahjong room and by the river bank. Cinemas, bookstores, stadiums … The "standard" in these cities was once a "scarce product" for a poor county. Watching a movie, Baihe people have to go across the province to Shiyan City, Hubei Province, and the round trip is nearly 200 kilometers.
From a piece of data, we can also see one or two reasons for the lack of nightlife in Baihe County: "The soil is not three inches thick and the land is not 100 acres flat", and the poor industrial base forces many people to go out to work, among which Baihe County, with a population of 210,000, once accounted for 60,000 people.
"People are out, how can we get busy?" Lu Chuanzhen, director of Baihe County Cultural Center, said that when it came to organizing cultural activities, the first difficulty was to find someone, and it was even more difficult to find the right person.
Change is happening quietly.
Since the launch of poverty alleviation, Baihe County has created employment opportunities for more and more fellow villagers based on the actual situation in the region, through ex situ poverty alleviation and relocation, development of characteristic industries and establishment of community factories.
In a toy factory not far from the county seat, workers are processing toy parts. They used to be "drifting in the north (Beijing)" and "drifting in the deep (Shenzhen)", but now these wanderers have become "returning geese".
This is a new latitude aesthetics bookstore in the county. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Bin photo
Now, at 90 o’clock in the evening, in Qiaoergou, a local cultural and tourist scenic spot, red lanterns light up the silent ancient city along Qingshiban Road, which has become a preferred punching place for locals and tourists. In the "latitude aesthetics" book bar, the cultural complex composed of books, coffee and handicrafts makes the small town have an urban style; In the newly-built cinema, domestic and international blockbusters are released simultaneously.
"When we first opened, most of them were young people. Now more and more young people are bringing their parents. We have become a new place for family gatherings." Li Xing, the person in charge of Baihe Cinema, said, "In summer, some fellow villagers have to hurry to see a movie after finishing their work."
Gao Fuhong, director of the Propaganda Department of Baihe County Committee, said that in the past, industries were sluggish and cultural life was lacking. Counties and towns were unattractive, making it difficult to keep local people, let alone attract foreigners. Nowadays, the county has vigorously developed a variety of industries and created a variety of cultural places, giving fellow villagers a place to pursue spiritual and cultural life, and the county towns and villages are gradually full of vitality.
In Baihe cinema, two children are waiting for a movie. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Hanshe
This kind of scene not only appears in Baihe County, but also in many places in Qinba Mountain. Many places are constantly consolidating industries, providing employment, and constantly creating colorful entertainment methods to add vitality to the countryside and seek happiness for fellow villagers.
Soon, the celebration party starring local people in Baihe County will begin. Lu Chuanzhen said: "Now all kinds of cultural activities are doing very well. In the past, we had to rely on the cultural backbones of towns to ask for programs everywhere. Now there are many programs organized by fellow villagers themselves, and we have to cut some as appropriate. "

Going north and going south-the exchange between Hong Kong and mainland youth has narrowed their spiritual distance

  Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, June 21st (Reporter Chen Ji Zhan Yan) Since he went to Beijing to work in Internet advertising in 2000, Zhang Longhua, a Hong Kong native, has experienced several entrepreneurial stories spanning Beijing, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

  His latest entrepreneurial project is the mobile Internet video teaching platform "Xiumiao". This platform was released in Hong Kong at the end of 2015 and landed in the mainland at the beginning of the following year. Zhang Longhua set up the company in Hong Kong Science Park and the mainland branch in Shenzhen Qianhai Youth DreamWorks, and went back and forth to the two places once a week as usual.

  Xiu Miaoduo invited a Hong Kong tutor to teach the course, covering life skills such as speech skills, social etiquette, love and marriage. "Not only the first-tier cities in the mainland have demand for these courses, but many second-and third-tier cities have wine tasting classes, etiquette classes, etc., and there are many people attending classes." Zhang Longhua said, "Because people are striving for progress, and they are constantly pursuing the enrichment of social skills and the improvement of their self-cultivation."

  At the end of 2014, Qianhai Administration, Shenzhen Youth Federation and Hong Kong Youth Federation initiated the establishment of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth DreamWorks, and so far 77 Hong Kong entrepreneurial teams including Xiumiao have been hatched. Qianhai also provided 666 internship positions for young people in Hong Kong, received 8,000 students from Hong Kong colleges and universities for study and exchange, and attracted more than 100 Hong Kong youth entrepreneurial teams to participate in the first Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

  Going north to start a business is behind the enthusiastic struggle of young people in Hong Kong and the help of government departments. It is understood that in the past three academic years, more than 170,000 Hong Kong students participated in the mainland exchange program. In April 2014, the Hong Kong SAR Government launched the Youth Internship and Exchange Funding Scheme in the Mainland, which further promoted Hong Kong young people’s understanding of the job market and development opportunities in the Mainland.

  Close to the water tower, Qianhai has opened a channel for the flow of talents between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In addition to promoting more than 10 kinds of Hong Kong professionals such as certified tax agents, certified accountants and housing managers to practice directly in Qianhai, it also levies personal income tax on overseas talents including high-end talents from Hong Kong at a rate of only 15%.

  After starting a business, Zhang Longhua is still infatuated with the strong historical and humanistic atmosphere in the north, which is also one of the reasons why the vast mainland attracts him. "I like history very much. At that time, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, I would go to the Great Wall every month and visit Shichahai every week or two." He said.

  Multi-culture, international vision and open concept … … A "Pearl of the Orient", which blends East and West, has also attracted many young people from the mainland to show their great ambitions during the 20 years since returning to the motherland.

  Unlike Zhang Longhua, Zhao Xiaoshuang, a mainland exchange student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, prefers to go into nature and "see the sea through the mountains". "Hong Kong’s natural environment is well protected. It’s not very troublesome to go to an island by boat. The scenery is beautiful and natural. This is a particularly good place in Hong Kong. " She said.

  The year after Hong Kong’s return, Hong Kong universities began to recruit mainland students by entrusting 10 mainland universities. In 2003, the Ministry of Education officially agreed that Hong Kong universities should recruit self-funded undergraduates in six provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Fujian. Over the past decade or so, the scope of enrollment has gradually expanded.

  In 2009, after graduating from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Zhao Xiaoshuang was admitted to the Department of Social Work of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, worked in Hong Kong for more than four years, returned from studying abroad for one year, and worked as an exchange student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Zhao Xiaoshuang, who originally went south, claimed to be "led by curiosity". She said that there are many advanced things in social work and charity in Hong Kong, and I want to learn about them myself.

  Mr. Wang, from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, chose the multimedia major of the School of Design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University to further study and improve himself after graduating from a creative cartoon in Hong Kong.

  After living in Hong Kong for more than five years, Mr. Wang has been able to skillfully hear Cantonese and got married here. In cafes in Hong Kong, he has taught Mandarin one-on-one with Hong Kong friends for countless times. "More and more Hong Kong people have this will because their business is related to the mainland and they have to speak Mandarin." Mr. Wang said.

  In 2011, as a financial consultant, Chen Zhihao, a Hong Kong resident, was still fluent in Mandarin when he came to meet his first mainland client in Longgang, Shenzhen. This mainland customer is a primary school teacher with a monthly income of 5,000 yuan. Although the business was not concluded, she became good friends with Chen Zhihao.

  During the past six years, Chen Zhihao’s clients were mainly mainland youths, who were distributed in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places. His life was like a pendulum, and he frequently traveled between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. He met his girlfriend in Shenzhen, a Guiyang girl who graduated from Hong Kong University.

  "The biggest feeling of working and living in the mainland is that people have a positive attitude towards work and life and work hard. I learned a lot from my girlfriend. " Chen Zhihao said.

  The Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, said that apart from politics and economy, the mainland and Hong Kong are also closely related to social and livelihood issues. Cultural exchanges between the two places are becoming more and more frequent. At present, there are more than 520,000 Hong Kong people living, working and studying in Guangdong Province for a long time.

  Many customers at work have become friends in Chen Zhihao’s life. "Basically, they eat together, watch movies together and chat together. I often recommend them to watch some good movies in Hong Kong." Chen Zhihao said, "I am doing myself well, in fact, I am promoting Hong Kong well."

Vote "War or Peace" in 2024? Lai Qingde’s "independence" pit is bottomless, which is the biggest source of war in the Taiwan Strait!

Once the Taiwan Province Strait is confronted with each other because of "Taiwan independence" or external interference and intervention, Taiwan Province, the treasure island, will become a battlefield of war, and the people living in this land will be trapped and turned into "cannon fodder". This is the basic logical judgment of public opinion on the influence of "Taiwan independence" on the trend of the situation in the Taiwan Strait. The results of many polls on the island also show that the mainstream public opinion agrees with this judgment more than 50%.
On January 13th next year, Taiwan Province will vote for a new leader. Facing the retrogression and countercurrent of cross-strait relations under the DPP’s ruling for many years, the Taiwan Province Strait has been shrouded in a green haze. The election in early 2024 will determine whether the future of Taiwan Province people can shine under the sunshine of peace.
Is it war or peace? The mainland has repeatedly called for the broad masses of Taiwan Province compatriots to make correct choices at critical moments. There are still about 30 days left before the election. Despite all the old routines and tricks, such as smearing rival candidates and spreading rumors about the mainland’s "intervention" in the Taiwan election, the poll of Lai Qingde and Xiao Meiqin, the "independent combination" launched by the Democratic Progressive Party, has continued to decline, and the gap with Hou Youyi and Zhao Shaokang of the Kuomintang of China has been within the error range.
It is shameless to cling to "Taiwan independence" and "going to China"! (Painter: Nuowan)
Digging the "independence" pit is too deep to arouse doubts, and the United States advises to rely on "freezing independence"
Since entering the election, Lai Qingde, who calls himself a "pragmatic Taiwan independence worker", has tried to downplay his label of "Taiwan independence", tried to get close to Tsai Ing-Wen’s vague line on cross-strait policy, and used a set of untenable logic of "preparing for war to avoid war" to muddle through.
However, since entering politics, Lai has dug himself a bottomless "independence" pit, and suddenly and deliberately changed. Obviously, smart non-green voters in Taiwan Province will not be fooled. According to the island polls of different institutions and different periods, Lai’s support can only be circled on the basic disk of green camp, which is firmly suppressed by this ceiling.
An out-and-out "Taiwan independence worker" and an out-and-out "troublemaker." Lai Qingde has been named by the Taiwan Affairs Office many times. It is said that three American scholars who have deep ties with the DPP recently jointly wrote an article urging Lai Qingde, who is also the party chairman, to consider freezing the so-called "Taiwan independence party program". The United States released unusual signals at a delicate moment before the election, which aroused public concern on the island, indicating that Biden’s government was worried that the ingrained "Taiwan independence" ideology would become the most uncontrollable time bomb in the Taiwan Strait.
Lai Qingde, on the other hand, avoided talking about freezing the "Taiwan independence party program", but continued to advocate the rotten stalk of "the United States supports Taiwan Province". US President Biden has made it clear more than once that he does not support "Taiwan Province independence". At the recent regular press conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson, also pointed out that Lai Qingde dared not mention that the United States clearly indicated that it did not support "Taiwan independence", and could only do something out of context to deceive people and defraud votes.
"Root-searching, soul-breaking" and "cultural Taiwan independence" become "cultural orphans"
Recently, a video of a Chinese teacher from a well-known girls’ school in Taiwan Province denouncing the "shamelessness" of the "China-oriented" curriculum on the island became popular, and Taiwan Province therefore set off another round of public opinion "counterattack" against the DPP for years. There is criticism from public opinion that this female teacher has hit a sore point with the "Taiwan independence" DPP government. "Shameless" means "de-China" and "Taiwan independence".
The DPP’s so-called "Taiwan independence" argument is based on the "cultural Taiwan independence" route of "de-China" on the island. Cutting off cross-strait cultural ties and shaping a so-called "Taiwan Province’s main culture" are the evil ways of "digging into the roots", "pulling out the bones" and "breaking the soul", which has plunged young people in Taiwan Province into cultural confusion and pushed Taiwan Province to the edge of the so-called "cultural orphan" and "historical orphan".
Zhu Fenglian also said at the above-mentioned press conference that it must be pointed out that any act of "de-China" cannot change the Chinese cultural identity and the Chinese national identity deeply rooted in Taiwan Province society, and cannot separate the historical ties between the two sides of the strait and the blood ties between compatriots on both sides of the strait. The DPP authorities’ forgetting their ancestors will surely meet with stronger opposition from compatriots on both sides of the strait.
Make the right choice and use votes to sweep away the source of peace in the Taiwan Strait.
Both the "Taiwan independence party program" and the "Taiwan independence curriculum program" derived from it are the bane to change the status quo that both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to the same China and lead the Taiwan Strait to a dangerous war. Choosing Lai Qingde means choosing a blind alley of "Taiwan independence". The mainland has repeatedly called for "I hope that the broad masses of Taiwan Province compatriots will understand the general trend and make a correct choice at a critical moment", that is, they do not want the election results next year to run counter to the track of peaceful development of cross-strait relations.
Peace is in the best interests of the people of Taiwan Province. It is the right choice to sweep away the scourge of peace in the Taiwan Strait, let the "peace saboteurs" step down and create a vast space for compatriots on both sides of the strait to seek, protect and share peace. (Text/Yan Xintai, this article does not represent the view of China Taiwan Province Network)

[Table Tennis] The ITTF announced the return of men’s and women’s singles World Cup, and the tournament will be held in Macau in April next year.

Following the success of the first ITTF mixed team World Cup in Chengdu in 2023, the ITTF announced on December 11th that the men’s singles World Cup and the women’s singles World Cup will also return. These two traditional ITTF events will be held in April, 2024 in China and Macau, the largest indoor gymnasium-Macau Galaxy Variety Hall.

The Galaxy Variety Hall, which can accommodate as many as 16,000 spectators, is the top indoor venue in Asia at present, equipped with the first-class technology and entertainment facilities in Asia, which will bring unprecedented experience to the audience.

The ITTF World Cup is one of the "three major competitions" of table tennis (Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cup), and it is an important part of table tennis players’ personal Grand Slam. In 1980, the first ITTF Men’s Singles World Cup was held in Hongkong, China, and Guo Yuehua of China won the championship. In 1996, the first ITTF Women’s Singles World Cup was also held in Hongkong, and China’s Deng Yaping won the championship. However, in 2020, the ITTF announced the cancellation of the World Cup, which also led to the player’s grand slam achievement missing an important event.

At the press conference on the 11th, Petra Sorin, president of ITTF and member of the International Olympic Committee, said: "The mixed team World Cup in Chengdu in 2023 has achieved remarkable success, which also laid the foundation for the future. On this basis, we are pleased to announce that the men’s singles and women’s singles World Cup held in Macau, China in April 2024 will return, and the mixed team competition will be held in Chengdu next November. I believe that we will once again witness unforgettable events, which will further enrich the legacy of the ITTF World Cup. "

Text | Reporter Lu Hang
Figure | vision china
Editor | Hao Haoyu
Proofread Zhang Jialiang

Five suggestions for buying a car in 2024

There are 33 days left in 2023, and in the coming year of 2024, many friends should have the demand of buying a car for the first time, changing it and increasing it. The picture shows that the car has summed up five suggestions for buying a car in 2024 based on the current development trend of the automobile industry and personal judgment.

First, new energy sources are preferred, and pure fuel vehicles are not recommended.

Many people may be reluctant to accept the fact that pure fuel vehicles are declining, but the fact is that fuel vehicles are accelerating to withdraw from the historical stage, at least in China. According to the monthly report of the Association, the market penetration rate of new energy vehicles has reached 38% in October 2023, and in January this year, the market penetration rate of new energy was still 25.7%. Compared with the same period of last year, the penetration rate of new energy market increased by 7.8% in October.

In terms of sales volume, of the 2.03 million new cars sold in October 2023, 770,000 were new energy vehicles, and the remaining 1.26 million were pure fuel vehicles. This comparison really shows that fuel vehicles are still difficult to hide the king’s demeanor, but if we compare the growth rate in the same period, it means that pure fuel vehicles are showing signs of decline-in November, the sales of new energy vehicles increased by 38% year-on-year, while the sales of pure fuel vehicles increased by -2.1%. In January, which was hit hardest by new energy, the sales of pure fuel vehicles increased by an astonishing -44.5% year-on-year.

It is not difficult to see that the pure fuel vehicle is going downhill as a whole, and there is no possibility of any return to life. In 2024, pure fuel vehicles, especially those below 200,000, will disappear faster. The newly listed consumer-grade vehicles are basically plug-in, extended-range or pure electric vehicles, and new pure fuel vehicles will be limited to joint venture brands and a few performance vehicles. For most consumers, accepting new energy sources may become the norm, because there are really not many pure fuel new cars to choose from.

In addition, it is still about wallets. 2024 is the penultimate year of new energy purchase tax exemption, and by 2026, new energy purchase tax will not be completely exempted. So, get on the bus when you get on, don’t hesitate, the later the fuel car changes, the greater the loss. You may not believe me, but the second-hand car association will give you lessons.

Second, program extension and multi-gear plug-in hybrid priority program extension

It is not yet clear who can laugh at the end between the extended program and the plug-in hybrid, but in the coming and foreseeable year of 2024, the extended program is undoubtedly the better solution.

Extended programs are often ridiculed as backward technology, but the answer given by the market is not the case. The sales volume of new energy terminals in October 2023 showed that the sales volume of plug-in hybrid vehicles in October was 159,000, and the sales volume of extended-range vehicles in the same period was 72,200, with a year-on-year increase of 211%. No matter what industry it is, "joining if you can’t beat it" is an eternal road. At first, you only wanted to extend your journey. Now Deep Blue, Wenjie, Zero Run, Lantu and even BYD have all joined the ranks of extending your journey. Only Tucki and Weilai are the independent new energy brands that firmly adhere to the pure circuit line, and the sales of the latter have reached the "not very good" range.

At the same time, the self-owned brands that adhere to the multi-gear plug-in hybrid technology route are also uncomfortable. How many of the 159,000 plug-in new cars are BYD’s single-gear plug-in, I think you have a good idea.

Undoubtedly, in the coming year of 2024, with the continuous decline in the price of raw materials for batteries, there will be more and more extended-range models for large batteries. A very simple question, when the extended pure electric mileage comes to about 350 kilometers, what are the advantages of plug-in hybrid models with 55 kilometers and 120 kilometers of pure electric battery life? Not to mention the multi-speed plug-in hybrid vehicle with complex technology and easy failure.

Third, the conditions allow priority to choose the smart driving version.

Nowadays, the development speed of new cars is really fast, and electrification is accompanied by intelligence. Of course, the intelligence here is not a disappearing gear handle and an increasingly large central control screen, but an increasingly advanced auxiliary driving function. When quite a few people are not used to giving the throttle to the adaptive cruise system, the tram has entered the stage of giving the steering wheel to the auxiliary driving system.

Then the two-day video of Smart World S7 and Ideal Unmanned parking service shows us to some extent the normal state of parking in the basements of first-and second-tier cities after two or three years-the basements of big shopping malls are full of cars with drivers who have no one to find their own parking spaces, and in most cases, they may be better and more courteous than human drivers.

Intelligent driving is not limited to unmanned parking service, but also point-to-point navigation assistance. At present, most car companies’ intelligent driving schemes are still in semi-closed road environment such as expressway/urban expressway, which is only the initial stage of pilot assistance. The higher level is the navigation assistance of complex urban roads, and the foreseeable ultimate goal is the point-to-point navigation assistance. At present, the intelligent driving technology of some car companies has actually reached the point-to-point level of navigation assistance, but the policies, regulations and road environmental conditions have not yet reached the practical level. In the future, with the improvement of regulations and urban infrastructure, point-to-point navigation assistance will no longer be a scene unique to science fiction films.

In the coming year of 2024, most trams with a price of more than 150,000 yuan should provide a smart driving version, which usually uses the suffix of MAX or I, and the price is usually about 20,000 yuan more expensive than the ordinary version. At the same time, there may be a new trend that all new cars have the redundancy of intelligent driving hardware. If you want to open the intelligent driving function in the future, you only need to purchase the service and push the intelligent driving function through OTA.

Therefore, considering the change cycle of 5-6 years, if you buy a tram next year, it is recommended to give priority to the intelligent driving version. If conditions do not permit, try to choose a model with intelligent driving hardware redundancy that can be upgraded through OTA, so that you can upgrade to the intelligent driving version at any time when future conditions permit. The intelligent driving era will not be too far away.

Fourth, independent brand new energy gives priority to big manufacturers and their sub-brands.

Needless to say, in recent years, new energy sources of independent brands have emerged in an endless stream, and many of them are short-lived. The latter are basically "new forces" without endorsement from big manufacturers. Other things aside, just by fighting the price war, the big manufacturers will persist longer than the new forces, and the after-sales and supply chain of the big manufacturers will be more complete, at least there will be no crisis in the car machine.

At the same time, the self-owned brand new energy sub-brands are actually doing very well, and the level of adjustment is inevitable, but at least the hardware is full, and more than 200,000 double wishbone air suspensions are arranged for you. The same price can be given priority.

Fifth, buy early and enjoy the discount for buying late.

This is applicable at any time, because the development of science and technology is a process of continuous innovation and progress, and everyone may be backstab. For example, when you are still immersed in the expectation and joy of waiting for your car to be transported to the delivery center, the APP highlights the push of the smart driving version of the same model.

At this time, you should learn to comfort yourself that "buy early and enjoy the discount when you buy late". In the new energy era, new cars come out faster than mobile phones. No matter when you buy a car, there are always better and more advanced models on the market, and the models that can afford and meet your needs are the most suitable. In short, the best scenery is always in the distance, and it is wonderful to learn to enjoy the present.