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Live football 2021

Introduction of Live Football 2021 Game

The live football 2021 game is a very fun mobile phone game of sports competition. The picture of the game is very real, and players can feel the most exciting actual combat game.

In the game, players can feel the feeling of sweat dripping on the green grass. There are a lot of star data in the game, so players can form their own teams and have a wonderful showdown. Players who are interested in this game should make an appointment quickly!

Game features of live football 2021

Biggest club

Use the world’s big clubs, such as Bundesliga champion FC Bayern München, La Liga champion FC Barcelona and football giant Manchester.
United and PES exclusive partner Juventus!


Build a dream team from scratch and play against real opponents around the world.

Highlights of Live Football 2021 Game


Online PvP activities with the theme of real rivals and other heavy events.

Masters league

Take charge of your club in the fascinating single-player mode and guide them to the top of the world.

Amazing! Liaoning team’s new foreign aid performed well, and Yang Ming took action and partnered with Molander.

Many fans have doubts about the level of foreign aid in NBL league, especially when Hudson can easily score more than 40 points per game. However, we should not ignore some players in this league that are worth looking forward to, such as Gyllenhaal of Shandong Men’s Basketball Team and others. In addition, the performance of the new foreign aid introduced by Liaoning team recently was also excellent. He contributed 18 rebounds, close to 40 points, which helped the team win at home and relieved Hudson’s huge burden.

Indeed, Hudson, as the top foreign aid in NBL league, has always been the scoring champion and offensive core of Liaoning team. However, it is very unhealthy to rely on one person for a long time, and no team should rely solely on one person’s scoring ability. Such dependence will bring great risks to the team, because the opponent can launch strict defense against this player and suppress his scoring efficiency.

MEK’s joining has brought new hopes and choices to Liaoning team. He showed excellent rebounding ability and scoring ability, which added powerful firepower to the team inside. The arrival of Mack made Liaoning team’s attack more diversified, and the opponent could no longer simply pay attention to Hudson, which also gave Hudson a chance to rest and reduced his pressure and burden.

In the daze of Liaoning men’s basketball team, fans began to look for the candidate who could fill the vacancy of inside strength. As a foreign aid of Fujian men’s basketball team, MEK has always left a deep impression on people. He has a height of 2.11 meters, which most fans know, but his flexibility makes people admire him. He can even pull out and shoot three-pointers, which is really remarkable.

Perhaps it is precisely because of this all-round performance that Yang Ming should not hesitate to inspect Meike. With Molander’s partner, the inside strength of Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team will be greatly strengthened. Once they really cooperate, their opponents will be at a loss. Holding high the banner of MEK, the inside of Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team will become strong and invincible.

However, at this critical moment, problems began to emerge. The biggest problem of Liaoning team in NBL league is that the inside strength is too poor, which is naturally a fact that can be seen by the naked eye. They tried every means, constantly changing foreign aid, hoping to find the right person to fill this vacancy.

They chose Meck, or more accurately, Makor Meck, which became their light of hope. He is the cousin of Fujian men’s basketball team’s foreign aid Meike, and this blood connection is really exciting. The two men are similar in style and figure, which undoubtedly brings more expectations to the fans.

On this stage of basketball playoff, the inside strength of Liaoning men’s basketball team has become the focus of attention. Han Dejun and Li Xiaoxu, the veteran team, have gradually shown signs of fatigue under the erosion of years. Wu Changze’s leaving the team on loan cast a shadow over the inside strength of Liaoning men’s basketball team. Molander’s injury problem also makes people worry. At this time, it seems that the sudden appearance of Meck gave the team a brand-new hope.

Meck’s height is remarkable. The height of 2.11 meters can almost sweep the audience, but it has unexpected flexibility. He can not only grab a strong rebound inside, but also pull it out to make a breakthrough. This combination of height and flexibility is like an unstoppable basketball giant.

In addition to his height and flexibility, Meck also has a fairly good three-point shooting percentage. In this game, he scored 2 out of 4, which is quite rare. This kind of performance has amazed the fans outside the stadium, and calling Meike directly is the third foreign aid that Liaoning men’s basketball team needs.

The new season is coming, and the inside strength of Liaoning men’s basketball team will definitely decline. Veterans are getting older, and injuries often plague the team. Under such circumstances, as a cheap basketball player, MEK is undoubtedly a new supplement to the team’s inside strength.

Under the close relationship between Yang Ming and NBL Liaoning team, he naturally paid more and more attention to Meck’s performance. Once, Yang Ming was there to cheer for the Liaoning team, and this relationship also provided convenience for him to visit Meike. Therefore, in the face of MEK, Yang Ming must not hesitate. Otherwise, not surprisingly, other CBA teams will definitely take the lead and bring MEK into their ranks.

Epic deal, the Lakers offer Harden 5 for 1.

5 for 1, Harden will join the Los Angeles Lakers. Recently, according to American media reports, the Los Angeles Lakers made a deal negotiation with the management of the 76ers. They are willing to offer Hakimura, Vincent, Vanderbilt and Russell, as well as the second round of draft picks to get Harden, and the 76ers are also evaluating the deal, and it is expected that a consensus will be reached soon.

Mutual benefit Zhang! Fujian Men’s Basketball Team Official: Li Zhanglin officially joined the team.

Live broadcast on August 4 th, Fujian men’s basketball team officially announced that Li Zhanglin officially joined the team.

The original text reads:

In order to better prepare for the new season and improve the team’s competitive level. Fujian SBS Xunxing Basketball Club reached the following intentions with Shanxi SDIC Professional Basketball Club and the players themselves: Li Zhanglin joined Fujian SBS Xunxing Basketball Club.

Our club will submit the registration materials to the CBA League. After approval and publicity, Li Zhanglin will officially become a registered player of our club and represent our club in the CBA League in the new season.

Li Zhanglin was born on July 29, 1997, with a height of 2.03 meters. He is a power forward in the field. As the scoring king of CUBA history, in 2019, Li Zhanglin was selected for the Olympic men’s basketball team. Li Zhanglin was selected by Shanxi Guotou Professional Basketball Club in the third place in the first round of CBA draft in 2021. He also represented the men’s basketball team of Shanxi Fenjiu Co., Ltd. in the CBA League for two seasons. In the 2021-2022 season, Li Zhanglin played 9.9 minutes per game, scored 3.3 points and 1.8 rebounds, and hit 42.9% from three-pointers. In the following season, due to injuries and other factors, Li Zhanglin only played two games. Welcome Li Zhanglin to join Fujian SBS Xunxing Basketball Club, and expect him to play more exciting games with his teammates through his own performance, so as to help Fujian Xunxing Men’s Basketball Team in the new season.

Thanks to the strong support of Shanxi SDIC professional basketball club, I look forward to maintaining good cooperation and exchanges with my brother clubs and contributing to the development of the club and the league together. At the same time, I also thank the fans for their support and encouragement to Fujian SBS Xunxing Basketball Club. The home team will also work hard and go all out to create better results in the new season!

Run-up bounce 90 cm! How fierce is Curry, who claims to be a floor runner, to participate in the NBA physical examination?

Run-up bounce 90 cm! How fierce is Curry, who claims to be a floor runner, to participate in the NBA physical examination?

Warriors guard Curry recently participated in a program to answer his question about vertical bounce. Curry said that he didn’t know the answer either. Before the joint trial in 2009, he probably jumped 70 or 80 centimeters, but it doesn’t matter now, because he has long been playing on the floor.

"That’s a good question, but I don’t even know the answer myself. I think when I participated in the joint trial before the draft in 2009, I jumped about 28 inches (71 cm), maybe 32 inches (81 cm). But it doesn’t matter now, I play floor flow. " Curry said.

It seems that Curry really doesn’t know the vertical bounce at his peak. Perhaps, as a shooter, Curry knew from the beginning that athletic ability was not his advantage, and he didn’t care.

But in fact, Curry’s athletic ability is not bad.

According to the statistics of NBA official website, when Curry participated in the joint trial training before the NBA draft in 2009, the maximum vertical bounce in situ was 75cm.

What is this concept? In contrast, Harden’s in-situ vertical bounce at that time was 80 cm, Holliday.

And Terry Evans are both 72.4 cm.

At that time, Curry’s run-up vertical bounce was up to 90 cm, which was the same as Griffin’s. Harden is 94 cm, and Holliday and Terry Evans are 86 cm.

Although Terry Evans and Holliday are not outstanding defenders, their athletic abilities are at least impressive. But at least at the time of physical measurement, Curry was better than Evans and Holliday in vertical bouncing.

Now, the athletic ability is really insignificant to Curry. With so many years of playing, the stability and speed of the hand and the ability of physical confrontation are what Curry values most.

Curry is not the greatest shooter.

Looking at this title alone, it is estimated that it will attract a large number of people’s refutation, and even the siege of Curry fans. Because, since Curry was born and succeeded, when it comes to the greatest shooter in history, many people will say it is the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry.

There is no doubt that Curry’s epoch-making unparalleled archery and his series of shocking performances and achievements make him deserve to be considered by many people. Curry is the strongest and greatest shooter in history, no one, no doubt! But in fact, Curry should not be defined as a shooter, even if the word greatest is added in front, it is still not suitable. Not because he is not qualified to be the greatest shooter, but because his performance has already surpassed the realm of a shooter.

Let’s see, what was the previous definition of a shooter? Of course, most of his scores come from shooting, and he often shoots at fixed points, or throws after catching the ball, even if there are not many jump shots. Why? Because most shooters used to rely on people to feed the ball, and their function was relatively simple, that is, shooting. Besides, they didn’t do much work. Therefore, in fact, the shooter is not valued by everyone. Even if there are Ray Allen and Miller, they are also not among the top players. In short, their independent attack with the ball is not strong enough, their performance is limited, and their influence on the game is limited. Of course, this is relatively top-notch.

Curry, on the other hand, is completely different. He broke people’s inherent impression of the shooter. He not only has the advantages of traditional shooters, but also has many weaknesses that traditional shooters don’t have, or lack. He can drive the game by holding the ball himself, and his independent scoring ability is super strong, and his scoring explosive power is also historical. His deterrent power to the opponent’s team can start from half-time. His influence on the game and the team, his dribbling ability, field vision and scoring skills all made him rise to the discussion of the greatest players in history.

And the achievements he has made in leading the team have made him no longer in the ranks of shooters. All-vote MVP, four championships, and his influence on the basketball game have brought about changes that have promoted him to the ranks of the greatest players. So, stop saying that Curry is a shooter, even the greatest.

How much do you know about the champions of the five major leagues? Manchester City Manchester United Bayern ranked in the top three!

After 33 years of waiting, Naples finally won the top league title in Italy again. For many fans, this long time may have felt quite long. However, in the five major leagues, there are still many giants whose champions are even longer than those in Naples!

Today, Xiaobian will take you back to see how long the champion shortage of the top five leagues has been:

No.1 Manchester City (44 years)

The Premier League in 2011-2012 is really an incredible season. Since local investors took over Manchester City, the strength of the team has been continuously improved, but to become a giant, they also need a Premier League championship trophy.

In this season, Manchester City successfully defeated the powerful Manchester United, twice defeated its opponents, and even scored an amazing score of 6:1 at Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United. Balotelli won the first battle in this game!

Before the last round of this season, Manchester City and Manchester United scored the same points, but Manchester City has the advantage of goal difference. As long as they win the last game, they can win the championship. However, in the face of the average strength of queens park Rangers, Manchester City fell behind 1-2 in 90 minutes.

On the other side, when Manchester United fans began to cheer for the team to win the championship, they didn’t expect Zhe Ke and aguero to score key goals one after another in injury time to help Manchester City win the victory. Aguero undressed to celebrate the scene has also become one of his personal classic shots.

And Manchester City won the championship this time, which has been 44 years since their last top English league title!

Second Manchester United (41 years)

Manchester United was a blockbuster in Ferguson’s era and swept England. Under Ferguson’s command, Manchester United won 13 Premier League titles in total! After Ferguson retired, Manchester United missed the top league title in England for a long time, and the best record was only the runner-up in the Premier League.

In the 1910-11 season, Manchester United won the top league championship in England, which was the second top league championship trophy in the team’s history. However, since then, the team has been in a downturn for a long time. Coupled with the influence of various unexpected factors, such as the outbreak of two world wars, football is no longer the main focus of people’s lives.

In the sixth League One season after the end of World War II, that is, the 1951-1952 season, Manchester United finally got its wish and stood on the podium of the top league in England.

Busby’s greatest contribution to Manchester United is definitely not from the so-called "winning the cup again after many years". Busby’s exciting factors are more from the vigorous exploration of young players. It is in this reasonable process of changing old and new that Manchester United’s record can always remain in the first group in the 1950s.

Third Bayern (37 years)

Perhaps you can’t imagine that Bayern Munich, which has occupied the dominant position in the Bundesliga for a long time, has also experienced the history of not winning the top league championship for 37 years.

In the 1931-1932 season, Bayern won the first national championship in the team’s history. Then World War II made Bayern go through various storms, and the German Jewish coach was forced to leave, which never recovered.

It was not until the 1968-1969 season that Bayern finally won the first Bundesliga championship in their team’s history, and it has been 37 years since they won the national championship last time.

At present, Bayern has won ten consecutive championships in the Bundesliga, and even this season, it is still expected to win the championship, and eleven consecutive championships are just around the corner!

4th Liverpool (30 years)

Since winning the top league title in England in 1989-1990, Liverpool has been unable to win the Premier League title for 30 years, although they have achieved the achievement of "five crowns" and won the Champions League trophy twice. In addition, they also set a runner-up record with the highest points in the Premier League.

In the 2019-20 season, Liverpool finally got what they wanted. Under the leadership of Uncle Zha, they scored 32 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses and 99 points. This is also their 19th league championship trophy.

5th Inter Milan (17 years)

During Moratti’s time, Inter Milan created brilliant achievements. However, when Massimo Moratti first entered Mei Acha, Inter Milan seemed to be a star black hole. Despite Moratti’s huge investment in the team, many bad transfer transactions and changing coaches make it impossible for the team to remain competitive in the league.

From the 1988-1989 season, Inter Milan could not win the domestic league championship again. Although they have also made some achievements in the European arena, they only won the UEFA Cup.

Due to the outbreak of Calciopoli, Juventus was punished by demotion. Therefore, Inter Milan was declared as the champion of Serie A in 2005-2006, which ended their 17-year championship drought and delighted the fans.

In the 2006-2007 season, Inter Milan performed well, accumulating 97 points with 30 wins, 7 draws and 1 loss, and successfully winning the league title. This moment actually marks the end of the championship drought that Inter fans have longed for for for many years.

Goodbye Alonso, a move by Real Madrid may make the Dragon Team wait another year!

Ancelotti’s not leaving? Alonso’s not coming?

The whole world is full of news that Carlo Ancelotti will be fired by Real Madrid. Some people say that after the departure of Fatty An, Xabi Alonso, the original meritorious service of Real Madrid, is going to replace Carlo Ancelotti. It is said that Lafayette appreciates his ability and courage not to throw the pot.

Who knows that the news that Ancelotti is not leaving suddenly came out these days.

It is reported that the President of Real Madrid has discussed with Ancelotti about the follow-up signings of Real Madrid, which positions need to be reinforced, who should go and who should stay. It is proper that Ancelotti has no intention of leaving!

It seems that Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid has not won enough championships!

Speaking of Alonso, he had to say a few more words. After retiring, he came to the pharmaceutical factory and brought the pharmaceutical factory into the semi-finals of the Europa League. He had no choice but to meet Mourinho’s Rome and lost. It seems that there will be another famous and handsome man in the world football.

Will Alonso return to Real Madrid to coach in the future? Probably, after all, the time of living here is wonderful.

Maybe it will be the time for the Dragon Team to return to Real Madrid again, if not for other reasons, for inheritance and dreams.

Interview with Morgan! C Ronaldo: Messi is the best player I have ever played against! But the strongest in history is someone else.

Just last week, world superstar Cristiano Ronaldo played in the preliminaries against Ireland on behalf of the Portuguese national team. He reversed the lore game with a double pressure whistle, and at the same time, the number of goals scored by his national team was officially raised to 111, which directly broke the world football record of 109 goals scored by the legendary Iranian striker ali daei, and Cristiano Ronaldo also successfully ranked first in the men’s football adult national team.

Statistics after the game show that Cristiano Ronaldo scored only 37 goals when he reached the 100 milestones in the Portuguese national team. However, Cristiano Ronaldo quickly stepped into gear to speed up. In the next 80 games, the Portuguese superstar bombarded 74 goals, which opened the process of refreshing the world record.

It is worth mentioning that among the 111 goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal, 64 goals were scored in the World Cup preliminaries or the European Cup qualifiers, while in the European Cup finals and the World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 21 goals, in addition, five goals were scored in the Europa League, two goals were scored in the Confederations Cup, and only 19 goals were scored in the friendly match of Portugal.

After Cristiano Ronaldo, who broke the record and made history, returned to Britain, the famous British journalist piers morgan made an exclusive interview with Cristiano Ronaldo. Among the British journalists, perhaps only Morgan could make Cristiano Ronaldo forget his fatigue and go to the appointment happily. In this interview, the Portuguese superstar also spoke his mind, but he thought he was stronger than Messi.

Piers morgan asked: Who is the best player you have played against? C Ronaldo answered directly without hesitation: Messi! Morgan was a little surprised and then asked, Really? Cristiano Ronaldo smiled again and answered affirmatively: Messi is definitely the best player I have ever played against. But Pierre, you’re asking a little wrong question. Morgan: Well, to be correct, how should I ask? I see, I should ask you, who do you think is the best player in history? C Ronaldo replied seriously: I think I know the answer. Later, after the interview, piers morgan revealed: "Cristiano Ronaldo thinks he is the best player in the history of football, and I agree with him very much." Want to know more exciting content, come and pay attention to the football express

What happened to the Champions League? Diaz’s field data: 1 goal, 2 assists and 4 key passes scored 9.4 points.

Live on May 21 ST, Milan beat Sampdoria 5-1 in this round of Serie A. The data of Dias, who performed well, are as follows:

Play for 70 minutes

1 ball

Expected goal 0.61

2 assists

Expected assists 0.69

53 touches of the ball

37 passes and 29 successes, with a success rate of 78%.

Four key passes

2 crosses, 1 success

1 long pass, 1 success

Create major opportunities twice

1 shot, 0 success

Four times, three times.

11 confrontations and 6 successes

Lost the ball 12 times.

Two fouls

Three fouls

Two interceptions

Get 9.4 points.