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Let online celebrity Highway Be Applauded and Seated —— Observation on the Opening of Duku Highway in Xinjiang

  Guangming Daily reporter Villi Shangjie

  In summer, Qiaoerma Castle Peak in Nileke County, Yili Prefecture, Xinjiang, is like Dai, full of green. On the morning of June 10th, the opening ceremony of Duku Highway, known as "the most beautiful highway in China", was held here. More than a thousand self-driving cars from all over the country set out from all over the Duku Highway to visit this "most beautiful highway" and the beautiful scenery along the way.

  Duku Highway crosses Tianshan Mountain from dushanzi area, Karamay City to Kuqa City, with a total length of more than 560 kilometers.

  How can this road, which only runs for five months a year, attract tourists from all over the world? How to create a richer and more diverse travel experience for tourists? How does online celebrity Highway Keep Tourists’ Heart? The reporter interviewed this.

  The scenery along Duku Highway is pleasant. Photo courtesy of Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Hall

  1 Stimulate the effect of tourist business cards

  Viewed from the sky, Duku Highway runs through the middle section of Tianshan Mountain like a dragon, connecting the north and south of Tianshan Mountain in series. The scenery along the highway is picturesque and dizzying.

  Walking on this road, you can "see the four seasons in one day and different days in ten miles". All the way, through the Red Gorge, the Dragon Pond, the forest and the meadow, the four seasons alternate, which is beautiful.

  At the opening ceremony, Deng Chunhua, a 61-year-old tourist from Hubei, could not hide his inner excitement. Since 2020, she has been driving with her husband "two people and one car" for three consecutive years. She said that she couldn’t get enough of the unique natural scenery along the Duku Highway. Last year, she didn’t go all the way because of the mudslide. This year, she made special arrangements early and waited for the official passage of this day.

  People often say that the most beautiful scenery is on the road. Xinjiang tourist business card — — This is especially true for Duku Highway.

  On the Duku road trip guide map, the beautiful scenery along the route is dotted: starting from dushanzi area, all the way through Dushanzi Grand Canyon and Baili Gallery — — Tamboura, air grassland — — Nalati grassland, nine bends and eighteen bends — — Bayinbuluke and the Pearl of Tianshan Mountains — — Large and small Longchi, Kuqa Grand Canyon and other scenic spots, one road allows tourists to enjoy most of the fine scenery in the north and south.

  Gobi, grassland, lakes, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, canyons … … The photos of various landscapes along the way have aroused the admiration of tourists and tourism practitioners. Song Bo, the person in charge of the enterprise engaged in tourism management, said that this "most beautiful highway", which spans more than 560 kilometers and runs through the northern and southern Xinjiang, "contracted" 80% of the beautiful scenery in Xinjiang and brought a steady stream of passengers. His company has opened six RV camps in Xinjiang.

  Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, whether the Duku Highway can be opened to traffic as scheduled this year and whether foreign tourists can enter Xinjiang smoothly has become a problem that Song Bo has been worried about. You know, this highway is only open for five months a year, and there will be a lot of losses if it is delayed for one day.

  "We will create all convenient conditions for tourists entering Xinjiang, and help the development of tourism enterprises through various measures such as lowering, returning, slowing down, awarding and supplementing." The words of the relevant person in charge of the Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Office gave Song Bo a "reassurance".

  Five prefectures (cities) along the Duku Highway have also made great efforts to organize and arrange a series of colorful cultural feasts, such as Akon singing, grassland Nadam, Qiuci mural exhibition, dream lighting festival, tent camping festival, bonfire food festival, etc., so that tourists have more expectations for travel besides driving.

   2 linkage to do "corridor economy"

  Speaking of the changes that Duku Highway has brought to tourism and life, Nurguli Alabek, the head of Tekes County Zhaile Ecological B&B Park, seems to have endless words.

  "Today’s rural tourism has developed from a farmhouse to a high-end homestay. My homestay has invested more than 3 million yuan, focusing on ethnic customs. Although affected by the epidemic in recent years, I can earn hundreds of thousands of yuan every year, which is much better than doing other businesses. " Nurguli Alabek told reporters.

  In the eyes of local people, Duku Highway is not only a landscape road, but also a happy road. It not only bears the heavy responsibility of the traffic arteries in the northern and southern Xinjiang, but also looks like a winding river, which transports a steady stream of tourists along the route and makes people living here feel the vitality brought by the tourism economy. In the tourist season of 2019, this road carries a maximum of 20,000 self-driving cars per day.

  North village, Agger Township, Kuqa City is the first stop for Duku Highway to enter southern Xinjiang. Since last year, taking advantage of its unique geographical position, north village has invested more than 10 million yuan to comprehensively upgrade the village’s tourism facilities, increased amusement projects, and formed a new rural tourism model of "village committee+company+farmer", which has become the punching point of online celebrity. Nowadays, the villagers have eaten tourist meals, and the collective income of the village has also increased from less than 50,000 yuan in 2020 to 350,000 yuan in 2021.

  Yan Naimin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Xinjiang Department of Culture and Tourism, said that in recent years, various states (cities) along the Duku Highway have continuously improved supporting services such as sightseeing stops, signage systems, service areas and parking areas, accelerated the construction of self-driving camps and improved supporting facilities. Around Xinjiang, exquisite tourist scenic roads and go on road trip routes have been built around scenic roads such as G217, G219 and S101, which has promoted the construction of tourist node cities, tourist towns and characteristic tourist villages along the way, and the "corridor economy" linked by transportation and tourism has become increasingly popular.

  Only by constantly improving the infrastructure can online celebrity’s highways become more popular. In 2019, Xinjiang Transportation Department started the highway disease treatment and service quality improvement project in the Duku section of G217 line, and in 2020, it started the second phase of the Duku highway improvement project. During the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Xinjiang will continue to build the cultural and tourist destination of the Silk Road in southern Xinjiang, the Tianshan tourism industrial belt and the rural tourism destination, and scenic roads such as Duku Highway will play a role in it.

   3 improve the service extension chain

  With the rapid development of tourism industry and the promotion of information wave, tourists’ demand for personalized tourism is increasingly strong, especially with the change of tourism market structure and travel mode, tourists put forward higher requirements for intelligent customized services and the integration and sharing of public information in tourist destinations.

  In order to improve the tourist experience, Xinjiang insists on paying equal attention to sightseeing and leisure tourism products. The latest statistics show that there are 73 self-driving caravan camps under construction and planned in Xinjiang, and 48 camps are in operation; There are 3,217 travel agents operating self-driving travel products in Xinjiang on major online travel agency platforms in China, and there are more than 600 brands of self-driving travel products, among which 30% are self-driving travel products with the theme of hotel accommodation, travel photography service and discovering the countryside.

  In addition to enriching the tourism experience, how to improve the service and extend the chain in the development of online celebrity highway has also become a key issue for Xinjiang tourism departments to think about.

  "We should rely on the highway network, take key scenic spots and scenic spots with development potential as key nodes, and promote high standards, high levels and high quality ‘ Transportation+Tourism ’ Comprehensive development system. " Yan Naimin said that Duku Highway is a representative highway of Xinjiang landscape, and it is also a beautiful business card for Xinjiang tourism. Xinjiang will further build the most beautiful self-driving highway brand in China, integrate the tourism resources in the areas along the route, improve the regional tourism system, jointly promote the healthy development of go on road trip, a single-depot highway, and create a more attractive tourist landscape for tourists.

On October 9th, the trend of big companies was tracked: NVIDIA cancelled the offline meeting of Israeli AI Summit, and vision china was formally prosecuted! The company responded …

(Original title: Tracking the trend of big companies on October 9: NVIDIA canceled the offline meeting of Israeli AI Summit, and vision china was formally sued! Company response …)

The financial sector reported on October 9 that the big companies that deserve attention today are: NVIDIA canceled the offline meeting of the Israeli AI Summit, Country Garden is considering announcing the overseas debt restructuring plan in the near future, and Cangzhou Bank clarified that the loan data owed by Netcom Evergrande was seriously inaccurate, and the amount involved was 346 million yuan.


NVIDIA cancels offline meeting of Israeli AI summit.

Worried about the Israeli security situation, technology giant NVIDIA will cancel the offline meeting of the annual AI Summit scheduled to be held in Tel Aviv on October 15th and 16th. According to the original plan, NVIDIA will show its latest progress in the field of artificial intelligence at the AI Summit, and Huang Renxun, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, will also give a keynote speech at the AI Summit.

Ali responded to the rumor that Luohantang was closed: Luohantang and Luohantang brands continue to exist.

Recently, in response to the rumor that "Luohantang is closed, Alibaba will fade out its concern for social affairs", the relevant person in charge of Alibaba said that the news is not true, and Alibaba’s attention and investment in digital economy innovation has never weakened. With the continuous advancement of 1+6+N organizational change, the organizational relationship, team composition and work focus of Luohantang have been adjusted. The research work of digital economy and the research ecology of Luohantang have been continued by Luohantang Digital Economy Research Institute, and Luohantang and Luohantang brands have continued to exist. At present, preparations for the start of new teams and new jobs are being stepped up. (Zhongxin Jingwei)

Country Garden is considering announcing its overseas debt restructuring plan in the near future.

Country Garden is considering announcing its overseas debt restructuring plan in the near future. Previously, all nine domestic bonds owned by Country Garden have been successfully extended. These nine bonds are: 16 Biyuan 05, 21 Bidi 03, 20 Bidi 03, 19 Bidi 03, 21 Bidi 04, 21 Bidi 01, 21 Bidi 02, 16 Tengyue 02 and 20 Bidi 04. (Cailian)

Cangzhou Bank clarified that the loan data owed by Netcom Evergrande was seriously inaccurate and the amount involved was 346 million yuan.

Recently, Cangzhou Bank responded to the contents of Cangzhou Bank involved in the online transmission of "Detailed List of Bank Loans Due by Evergrande". Cangzhou Bank said that as of October 6, 2023, the loan amount of Cangzhou Bank to Evergrande Group and its affiliated enterprises was 346 million yuan, and the borrower was Cangzhou Hengxiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., with sufficient land and commercial stores as collateral, and the overall risk was controllable, which would not have a significant impact on the bank’s management and asset quality. According to the announcement, in order to recover the loan in full, Cangzhou Bank filed a civil lawsuit with Cangzhou Intermediate People’s Court in July 2022 and won the case, and is currently implementing the collateral disposal procedure according to law. Cangzhou Bank said that the loan data of Cangzhou Bank involved in the "Detailed List of Bank Loans Due to Evergrande" is seriously inaccurate, so please don’t believe it and spread it, and the Bank will reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility against the disseminators.

Hainan Airlines: The follow-up flight plan of Israel route continues to be implemented and has not been adjusted for the time being.

On October 9, Hainan Airlines announced the flight plan and special ticket handling of Israel route. At present, Hainan Airlines has three direct flights to Israel, namely, Beijing = Tel Aviv, Shanghai = Tel Aviv and Shenzhen = Tel Aviv, with two round trips per week. In order to ensure the normal travel of passengers to the maximum extent, the follow-up flight plan of Hainan Airlines Israel route continues to be implemented and has not been adjusted for the time being. Hainan Airlines will pay close attention to the changes in overseas security situation, carefully assess security risks, dynamically adjust relevant flight plans and announce them as soon as possible. (@ Hainan Airlines)

Amazon Cloud Technology changed coaches in Greater China

On October 9th, Matt Garman, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing and Service of Amazon Cloud Technology, announced the change of leaders in Greater China. Chu Ruisong will succeed Elaine Chang as Vice President of Amazon Global and Executive Director of Amazon Cloud Technology in Greater China.

Nezha Auto set up a polymerization technology company in Anhui, and its business scope includes auto parts manufacturing.

Tianyancha App shows that recently, Haozhi Polymerization Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. was established, with Peng Qingfeng as the legal representative and a registered capital of 100 million RMB. Its business scope includes auto parts research and development, auto parts and accessories manufacturing, electronic components and electromechanical components equipment manufacturing, artificial intelligence application software development, and motor manufacturing. According to the shareholder information, the company is wholly owned by Hezhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., a related company of Nezha Automobile.

FF Delivers FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance to Jia Yueting

According to FaradayFuture WeChat WeChat official account, on October 9, 2023 (October 8, California, USA), Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc., a global shared intelligent electric travel eco-company, delivered the FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance to Jia Yueting, the founder and chief product and user eco-officer of the company, at the delivery co-creation day held at the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles.

Vision china responded by being sued by photographer Dai Jianfeng: resolutely support solving problems through legal channels.

On October 9th, @ vision china Weibo forwarded a message from photographer Dai Jianfeng, expressing firm support for solving the problem through legal channels. Earlier on the same day, photographer Dai Jianfeng @Jeff’s starry sky tour released Weibo, saying, "I have filed a lawsuit with the People’s Court of Heping District of Tianjin for @ vision china illegally selling my photos without my permission and claiming compensation from me, so as to safeguard my legitimate rights and interests through legal channels."

Bojun Technology: At present, it supplies the M5, M7 and new M7 models for Celeste Group.

Bojun Technology disclosed the announcement of abnormal fluctuations in stock trading, and the company noticed that there were media reports that the automobile and auto parts sectors of the company were affected by the unexpected sales of the new M7. The company has cooperated with Celestial Group since 2019, and currently supplies the M5, M7 and new M7 models for Celestial Group. The company’s 2022 annual sales revenue to Cyrus Group was 78.65 million yuan, accounting for 5.65% of the company’s 2022 annual operating income. The sales revenue of Cyrus Group did not have a significant impact on the company’s overall operating performance.

Power investment in energy: the project of jointly developing new energy base in the northeast of Wulanbuhe desert with Mengneng Group was established.

Power investment energy announcement, jointly developing a new energy base project in the northeast of the desert with Mengneng Group, and plans to invest in the establishment of a joint venture company, Inner Mongolia Wulanbuhe Energy Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 20 billion yuan; The total planned new energy capacity of the project is 12 million kilowatts, including 3.5 million kilowatts of wind power and 8.5 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power. Relying on the original site of surrounding power plants (including near areas), it will expand and upgrade 4 million kilowatts of coal-fired power. According to the project application plan, the total investment of the project is 77.1 billion yuan.

Xiaomi Group: It cost about HK$ 23.87 million to buy back 2 million shares.

Xiaomi Group (01810.HK) announced that it spent HK$ 23,870,300 to buy back 2 million shares at a price of HK$ 11.9-11.98.

This article comes from: financial circles

Author: GY

What about BYD Tang DMi Champion Edition?

On the track of new energy vehicles, the competition is unprecedented, and the "involution" is quite serious. Each manufacturer has made use of their own strengths, making new energy vehicles blossom in recent years, which is unprecedented in prosperity. The iterative speed of technology and products is quite fast. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, there is only a small change in a few years. In the era of new energy vehicles, I can’t wait to launch a heavy technology every other year. It is in this context that China’s new energy vehicles have achieved unprecedented development.

BYD has become a well-deserved leader in the field of new energy vehicles. It is the earliest automobile enterprise in China to enter the field of new energy vehicles, and it is also the automobile enterprise with the most complete technical reserves and the richest product matrix. In the past 2022, BYD’s annual sales of new energy vehicles exceeded 1.86 million, and both hybrid and pure electric products were welcomed by the market unprecedentedly.

As the earliest product released by BYD, Tang has been well received by the market since its listing. With the iteration of BYD technology, BYD’s latest generation of Tang DMi Champion Edition was released last month, and it received favorable comments from consumers after its release. What about Tang DMi Champion Edition?

First of all, from the appearance, the biggest highlight is the newly added glacier blue color matching, which is also my favorite color, giving people a fresh feeling, which is not available in previous models; In addition, some changes have taken place in the rim style of the champion version, and the tire specification has been upgraded from 245/45 R20 to 255/50 R20, which can also make the tire grip stronger; The chassis of the champion version is also a brand-new upgrade. The whole vehicle adopts aluminum alloy multi-link suspension structure and is equipped with FSD variable damping system, which allows vehicles to easily pass through even on bumpy roads and enhance the driving experience. Finally, the fast charge power and discharge function of the vehicle are improved a lot compared with the previous models. The maximum discharge power can reach 6.6kw, the maximum fast charge power can reach 40kw (previously 25kw), and it takes only 22 minutes to charge 30%-80%.

I believe that with the release of the champion version of Tang DMi, BYD will definitely bring more and more surprises to the market.

Sailis automobile’s leading extended range technology, thanks to AITO, the M9 battery life reaches 1402 kilometers.

  On December 26th, the new flagship model AITO Wenjie M9 of Celestial Automobile was officially released. After AITO Wenjie M7, it injected explosive extended-range models into the new energy automobile market. He Liyang, president of Sailis Automobile, revealed at the press conference that as a hot choice this year, AITO has set a total of 120,000 new M7 units, and will achieve a monthly delivery capacity of up to 30,000 units to meet the strong market demand. As the flagship SUV model of panoramic wisdom, AITO asked the M9 to release it for two hours, and it has already gained more than 10,000. To achieve this result, Sailis’ leading extended range technology — — Super electric drive intelligent technology platform (DE-i) has played an important role.

Sailis's leading extended range technology, thanks to AITO's M9 battery life of 1402km _fororder_image001

  Solve the three major pain points of users

  The continuous exploration and upgrading of extended range technology is one of the core development principles of Sailis Automobile’s insistence on innovation. After years of high capital investment and several rounds of upgrade iterations, Sailis has firmly established a leading position in the field of extended range technology of new energy vehicles. The super electric drive intelligent technology platform (DE-i), which has been developed since 2016, has realized a platform and multi-technical route solution, which is suitable for multi-scenarios and multi-modes such as pure electricity and extended range.

  After solving the anxiety of charging energy and mileage of users of new energy vehicles, Sailis has been walking nonstop. Aiming at the three main pain points of users of extended-range vehicles: power loss, soaring energy consumption and increased noise in extreme feed mode, it has been optimized and improved to create an extended-range technology with "intelligence, efficiency and no feeling" as the core.

  Under the control of the "intelligent brain" of the DE-i platform, the energy system can fundamentally stop running under extreme feeding conditions, thus avoiding the occurrence of power loss and ensuring the driving experience to the extreme. The highest power generation efficiency of generators on DE-i platform is over 95%, and the highest oil-electricity conversion rate is increased from 3.27 kWh/L in the previous generation to 3.44kWh/L, and the area above 3.0kWh/L accounts for more than 40%.

  Based on the fact that users value NVH performance and pursue non-inductive switching between different modes, the DE-i platform is based on assembly efficiency map and NVH map, and combines the actual operating conditions and usage scenarios of the vehicle to optimize the strategy, and develops the driving power generation strategy including start-stop strategy and different working conditions, and determines the best power generation control strategy based on the principle of NVH performance priority to achieve the optimal NVH effect.

Sailis's leading extended range technology, thanks to AITO's M9 battery life of 1402km _fororder_image002

  Extended range technology leading the industry generation

  Empowered by Celestial’s leading extended-range technology, AITO’s M9 has super high thermal efficiency, with CLTC’s comprehensive endurance of 1,402 kilometers and acceleration of 4 seconds per 100 kilometers. Larger power generation makes it possible to maintain strong power for continuous high-speed driving, and realize quiet power generation without power failure for long-distance driving, which has undoubtedly become the strongest extended-range vehicle choice in SUV.

Sailis's leading extended range technology, thanks to AITO's M9 battery life of 1402km _fororder_image003

  Celestial’s leading extended-range technology has been repeatedly recognized by the industry, and this year it was awarded the "China Heart" 2023 Top Ten New Energy Vehicle Power System Award; In the Certificate of Energy Conversion Rate of Range Extender for Electric Vehicle issued by CARRIER of China Automotive Institute, with an oil-electricity conversion rate of 3.44kWh/L, Sailis became the first and exclusive enterprise in the industry to obtain this certificate. Its powerful NVH performance has also won the AAA certificate of Silent Star certified by China Automotive Research Huacheng. The top certification endorsement from the industry fully proves the comprehensive professional leadership of Sailis Automobile in the field of extended range technology.

  Facing the increasingly fierce competition in the new energy vehicle market, Sailis Auto has successfully injected powerful explosive products such as AITO Jiejie New M7 and AITO Jiejie M9 into the market with its strong technical strength and competitive advantages. With the world’s attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, and the strong support of national local policies, Sailis will surely usher in a broader brand development future with the upward development trend of new energy automobile market, bringing more and better explosive products to the market. (Source: Sailis Automobile)

360 new streaming media rearview mirror opens the era of intelligent driving for the whole people

  On May 8, 360 mobile phone N series and 360 smart new product launch conference was held in Beijing. At the press conference, Deng Qiuwei, president of 360 Intelligent, presented the new product "360 intelligent cloud Mirror S800" with the driving recorder.

360 conference

  Insiders pointed out that the number of cars in China has been rising year after year, the road driving environment has become more and more complicated, and the problem of driving safety has attracted much attention.

360 conference

360 conference

  In the era of great security, smart cars deepen the 360IoT ecology.

  In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet of Things, everything related to human production and life is closely connected with the Internet, giving birth to wearable devices, smart homes, car networking and so on.

360 conference

  As an Internet company known for its "security", 360 has gradually expanded its development direction from online network security to the big security category of offline life scenes in recent years.

  Previously, in the 360 smart cameras introduced by 360, the artificial intelligence algorithm combined with image deep learning technology can accurately identify human-shaped changes, prompt users of dangerous situations in time, and ensure the personal and property safety of users.

  The 360 sweeping robot released at the end of 2017 is implanted with driverless technology to help housewives and urban white-collar workers free themselves from busy household cleaning work. The above-mentioned 360 smart products all implement artificial intelligence technology into the physical products and specific businesses, and constantly strengthen and expand the IoT ecological layout of 360.

360 conference

  Fundamentally solve the problems of blind spots in driving rear view and hidden dangers in manual control equipment, which is also a brand-new practice and exploration of IoT ecological layout in 360 under the background of great security trend.

  Streaming media rearview mirror, 360 driving recorder adds power.

  At the new product launch conference, the 360 intelligent cloud Mirror S800 attracted participants’ attention with its 8.8-inch high-definition screen and simple and atmospheric design appearance.

360 conference

360 conference

  At the same time, it is equipped with HDR wide dynamic range imaging technology, intelligent voice interactive system with 100,000 deep learning trainings, ADAS advanced driver assistance with visual ability and 360 OS for Car operating system independently developed by 360, which further aroused the participants’ attention and hot discussion on the 360 intelligent cloud Mirror S800.

360 conference

360 conference

360 conference

  According to the report "2017 China Intelligent Driving Recorder Market Special Analysis" released by Analysys, from the second quarter of 2016 to the second quarter of 2017, 360 Driving Recorder occupied the leading position in the industry with its excellent user reputation and brand effect. In the whole year of 2017, the shipment of 360 driving recorders exceeded 2 million units, and the cumulative sales since 2015 has exceeded 6 million units.

  With the advent of the 360 intelligent cloud Mirror S800, the composition of 360 smart products has become richer and richer, and it can meet the needs of more users in different life scenarios. The development of 360 in the driving recorder industry will also open up a new runway under the leadership of new products.

360 conference

  360 mobile phone N7 release: large memory and long battery life to create a lasting high-energy gaming experience.

  In addition, at this conference, the long-awaited 360 mobile phone N7 also appeared together.

360 conference

360 conference

360 conference

360 conference

360 conference

Old Hong Kong stars cluster together in Tik Tok, which is a bit of a painting style. ……

  The writer of this article is @Noodles of Xiaowan family.

  The shadow bugs in the world all begin with movies that eat away at the world.

  No star can guarantee that he will always be popular.

  Those who became famous overnight, or those who worked hard,The star aura will fade sooner or later..

  However, the fading of the aura mentioned here actually mainly means that the film and television works are less or relegated to a secondary role, which does not mean that they are really "out of breath".

  Carman Lee and Benny Chan’s "Embarrassing Dance"

  For example, outside the big screen and screen, on the short video platform.You can often brush some familiar faces.Then click on their homepage and find that the number of fans is millions, which is not as lonely as you think.

  Indeed,Short videos are becoming a place for the older generation of stars to gather popularity again.Sometimes a video clip and a beauty mix can make them turn red quickly.

  For example, the 1.8 billion broadcast shared before, this old film unexpectedly shot to fame in Tik Tok, which made Zhu Shimao fire again.

  Today, we choose a few of them.LaogangxingSee what their styles are in Tik Tok.

  First of all, look at the first place, the eternal "Zhan Zhao" in the hearts of countless audiences.Kenny Ho.

  Kenny Ho in his thirties.

  Handsome Kenny Ho relies onMan called hero.The Chinese heroes in the movie andBao Qingtian.Zhan Zhao in the series has become a generation of heroes in the hearts of mainland audiences, and his "Zhan Zhao" has been irreplaceable for more than 20 years.

  Kenny Ho, 60 years old.

  Although he has already retired for many years, Kenny Ho insists on fitness all the year round, and he can’t see that he is already.61 years old"Old age".

  Most of the videos released by Kenny Ho on Tik Tok are also related tofitnessandScientific dietYes, there are a series of demonstrations of fat burning action, which is not difficult.

  Another immortal male god similar to Kenny Ho isThe Bund"Li Ding" in the movie.Ray Lui, this year65 years old, also often share a lot.Home fitness actionandHealth "tips".

  Donnie Yen, Carina Lau, Rosamund Kwan and other friends have all appeared in his small video, and Lv Liangwei also loves painting.Chinese paintingThe cover of his home page is a picture of a peacock he drew.

  After talking about the immortal male god, let’s look at the immortal goddess-"Little Dragon Girl"Carman Lee.

  Since her official comeback in 2014, Carman Lee has appeared more and more frequently on the online platform. She plays with Tik Tok with a young mind and often ranks in the forefront of the list of love DOU.

  In addition to continuing the "fairy" painting style, Carman Lee also likes hair.fitnessVideo.

  Last year, Xiaowan shared an article about the nine years when the little dragon girl disappeared. What did she experience? Why did the little dragon girl become a fitness expert? There are answers.

  Similar to Carman Lee is "Zhou Zhiruo" in the 1994 edition of "Eternal Dragon Slayer".Kathy CHAU; Chow Hoi Mei.

  Kathy CHAU was a great beauty in the 1980s and 1990s, and her Hong Kong beauty videos have been widely played in Tik Tok, bilibili.

  After the new millennium, she entered the mainland and appeared in many costume dramas, such as Legend of the Condor Heroes and Legend of Wu Mei Niang, while Kathy CHAU, who has reduced her performance in front of the stage in recent years, showed it to her heart’s content in Tik Tok.Enjoy the lazy attitude of life.

  Most of the videos sent are related tofood and clothingtravelpetAbout, the style of painting is both cute and funny. No wonder the personal label says "I’m Garfield, I love sleeping".

  A great beauty who also became popular as early as the 1980s.Irene WanThere is also a Tik Tok account.

  The goddess is 54 years old this year, and her appearance and figure are in good shape. However, the video is full of beautiful girlish style, which is relatively lacking in personal characteristics, so the number of fans is low.

  Deric WanIn those days, it was familiar to countless audiences.TVB hong kong drama spokespersonWhen he was young, he became famous for his high face value and his free control of positive and negative angles.

  However, due to the complicated love story and the complicated gossip, Deric Wan’s popularity after 2000 is no longer the same as before, and his TV series is also inferior to that of TVB, so he gradually became silent.

  Nowadays, uncle Deric Wan, who is over 50 years old, often.Bask in one’s daily life, especially the video of my daughter.

  After the starlight and the ups and downs of life,Return to and enjoy the mundane lifeActually, it is a good choice.

  This is also the same point of many old Hong Kong stars mentioned above, and it is also another support point for them to continue to gather popularity beyond their actor status (past classic roles and sentimental cards).

  After all, in the era of short video, everything is necessary.have/keep both feet on the ground.

  Note: Some pictures in this article are from Douban and the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us actively.


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  A generation of sexy and precocious goddesses, from the age of 14 to today.



2023 Chengdu International Auto Show: large-scale, high-standard, popular and effective.

The 2023 Chengdu International Auto Show is not only a hearty car buying feast, but also a diverse festival carnival, and it is also a dedication performance of "Chengdu has achieved its dreams and achieved its market". ……
Guests bring rain, and rainy days bring wealth.
August 25th, 2023. Western China International Expo City. The 26th Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition was grandly opened in the intermittent autumn rain.

After three years of epidemic and the growing voice of "consumption degradation", the automobile market urgently needs a "happy rain" to boost market confidence, promote automobile consumption and release industrial vitality.
As the largest auto show in the west, Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition has long been not only a platform for major manufacturers to display new cars and new technologies, but also a weather vane and compass for automobile consumption in the west.
Therefore, at this year’s Chengdu Auto Show, we not only saw the gathering of 129 world-renowned automobile brands including German, American, legal, Japanese, Korean, joint venture and independent, but also saw the influx of senior executives of major automobile brands. The importance of Chengdu Auto Show can be seen.

The figures are undoubtedly the best explanation: on the first day of the opening ceremony, Chengdu Auto Show held 66 new car conferences, and unveiled 68 first-time models, including 26 world-first models, 31 national first-time models and 11 regional first-time models; More than 3,400 media and 9,900 journalists were present.
"This is the Chengdu Auto Show with the largest scale, the highest specifications and the largest number of participating brands I have ever seen. The status and value of Chengdu Auto Show are becoming more and more prominent. " At the "2023 China Auto Pioneer Forum" on the opening day of the auto show, Liu Xiaoyong, president of Auto Watch magazine, one of the organizers of the forum, said with deep feelings.

The "2023 China Auto Pioneer Forum" with the theme of "Hot AI" has been widely participated and praised by people from all walks of life in government, manufacturers, industry and media. The forum conducted in-depth discussions on how the new technological revolution represented by AI will reshape the ecology of the automobile industry and how to empower automobile marketing, leaving a colorful color for the 26th Chengdu International Auto Show with a cross-disciplinary ideological confrontation and wisdom collision.
There are many new cars, media like clouds, pioneer forums and high-level gatherings ….. It cannot be said that this year’s Chengdu Auto Show is very "international". But you think this is all the highlights of this year’s auto show, and you are wrong.
In addition to the exhibition hall of nearly 200,000 square meters in the West International Expo City, the Chengdu Auto Show has already extended the "booth" to a broader space in the city.
This is a scene that can only be seen at Chengdu Auto Show: on the opening day, many classic cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and Bentley took "Running through Rongcheng" as the theme, and from Sanhe Classic Car Museum to Xibo City via Tianfu Avenue, passers-by all stopped to watch and share their passion.

Not only that, this year’s auto show also brought an auto show aesthetic party in conjunction with Wangfujing Department Store, and built a small red book Cheyouhui chengdu railway station in conjunction with Xiaohongshu. The fashion aesthetics kept playing, and the car was modified to the end.
In addition, the online promotion of the auto show is also synchronized, creating a wonderful night-to-night live broadcast of the auto show, deeply combining with Sichuan observation and leading a large number of talented anchors to broadcast the grand event of the auto show in real time, and showing the charm of the auto show in all directions. There is also a car model billboard on the Tik Tok platform, which can call your favorite car model with one click, and fully ignite the public’s enthusiasm for watching and playing cars.
In fact, this is not the most exciting. It has always been a habit of Chengdu people to buy a car at the auto show, because cars are more polite and affordable. This year, in order to maximize the sales of participating brands, the organizing Committee of the auto show is even more "unprecedented ‘ Money ’ For example, the activity of "the highest cash prize of 49,999 yuan for car purchase" was launched, one per day. At the same time, there are also five cash gifts of 4999 yuan and many trendy digital gifts of hundreds to thousands of yuan every day.

There is a real boldness in the big hand. This means that the ten-day auto show, just a lottery, the auto show organizing Committee will send more than one million.
In the conspicuous position of this year’s investment promotion manual of Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition, a sentence is written: "Enjoy Rongcheng, promote industry, strengthen economy and control the future". The seemingly simple 12 words mean the mission of Chengdu Auto Show for many years.
Ms. Yang Huilan, general manager of Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Center, said: "This year, in addition to upgrading the auto show, we also shoulder the heavy responsibility of boosting market confidence and driving the recovery of industrial kinetic energy. How to attract more consumers to the scene and help exhibitors sell cars is the top priority of our work. "
This year’s Chengdu International Auto Show will not disappoint car buyers. In addition to the car purchase gift prepared by the organizing Committee of the auto show, the organizing Committee also specially joined forces with major automobile manufacturers to jointly bring the biggest discount for car buyers to buy cars at the reserve price. At the same time, in order to reassure consumers, the organizing Committee also selected nearly 100 popular models in conjunction with more than 20 mainstream brands to provide in-depth test drive services for car buyers at the auto show.

Not only that, in addition to striving for more and greater benefits for car buyers, this year’s Chengdu International Auto Show has also made great efforts to benefit the people and facilitate the people: the auto show site has not only added a number of consulting services, maternal and child lounges, large luggage storage, infirmary and other humanized services, but also equipped with free drinking points, mobile phone charging piles and other infrastructure; In the parking area and outdoor square outside the exhibition hall, there are "free bus shuttle bus" and "free battery car ferry" for seamless connection, which can be described as the service to consumers’ hearts.
Large scale, high specification, popular and good effect. This is undoubtedly the emerging advantage and charm of this year’s Chengdu Auto Show, which is both international and full of fireworks. The two complement each other, just like a window opened to the world. Through this window, the world will not only see a hearty car-buying feast and a multi-faceted festival carnival, but also a show of "Chengdu has achieved its dreams and achieved its market".
From now until September 3rd, the 26th Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition will continue to be staged in the West China International Expo City. If you want to feel how "enjoying Rongcheng intelligently and seeing the future" works, you may wish to check in. (Qin Tongzi)

[See you at 8: 00] A cadre from Shaanxi took an Audi car and broke into the venue. The Commission for Discipline Inspection intervened in the investigation.

At 8 o’clock every day, CCTV will sort out the big and small things that happened around us within 24 hours.


● the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued opinions on supporting Shenzhen to build a pioneering demonstration zone in Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

● The report on the effect of tobacco control in smoke-free cities was released, and the number of smoke-free cities increased significantly. Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen scored the top three in tobacco control law enforcement.

● Do rural "married women" have the qualification to divide fields? In 2018, China’s Rural Land Contract Law was revised, stipulating that even if villagers move into cities with their families, they cannot recover their land.

● China ETC service platform is officially put into operation, and car owners can apply for ETC online for free.

● The Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court recently issued a white paper, saying that in the past 10 years, there have been frequent incidents in school bullying, and nearly 70% of juvenile delinquency has been affected by unhealthy networks.

● On the 18th, Fuzhou police informed that FedEx Company of the United States had initiated an investigation into the gun-related express delivery in China.

● PricewaterhouseCoopers released the ranking of the top 100 global market capitalization companies in 2019, and Alibaba and Tencent ranked seventh and eighth.

● Shanxi retired for 14 years and was expelled from the party. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison for contract fraud.

● The Supervision Committee of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Jiayu County, Xianning City, Hubei Province issued a reminder notice on organizing the "school banquet" to rectify the unhealthy trend of "school banquet" and "teacher banquet".


● On the evening of 17th local time, a bomb exploded at the wedding banquet hall of a hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, which has killed at least 63 people and injured 182 others.

● The Russian emergency service department said that a tourist bus had a traffic accident in the east of Moscow, with 32 Russian citizens on board and 15 people slightly injured.

● 18th, "International Military Competition — 2019 "fell in Moscow. China’s land, sea and air teams won gold and silver in many competitions, such as "suvorov assault", "safe environment", "air darts" and "landing at sea".

● Disagreements among members of Congress who oppose Brexit without agreement have increased the possibility of Brexit without agreement in Britain.

● The Serbian Defense Minister stated that Serbia will not join NATO and will continue to maintain military neutrality.

● Dissatisfied with the forensic judgment of "suicide", Epstein’s team of lawyers said that they would re-investigate.

● On the 18th, the International Sand Sculpture Festival held in Israel opened, and vivid sand sculptures such as beauty and beast, mermaid and ugly duckling were exhibited.

● A study in South Korea pointed out that a kimchi drink helps to thicken the hair on the top of the head and grow new hair within a few weeks.

[hundred States]

● Net exposure A cadre in Dingbian County, Shaanxi Province rushed into the venue by Audi, and the local discipline inspection commission intervened in the investigation, and Zhang Hongxue, deputy director of Dingbian County People’s Social Security Bureau, has filed a case review.

● "A-level scenic spot defense war" in Pingyao ancient city, Shanxi Province, banned 518 out-of-store business households.

● Recently, a firefighter in Anji, Zhejiang Province was killed while rescuing his father and son who fell into the water. Comrade-in-arms recalled: Open his locker, and it is full of medicines for treating falls and injuries.

● On August 15th, a donkey friend was on his way through Gongga Mountain privately, and he was suspected of having a rebellion and died unfortunately.

● The public security organs in Yantai successfully cracked a fraud case of a mega-webcast platform posing as a beauty anchor, and frozen more than 19 million yuan of funds involved.

● Recently, a man in Binzhou City, Shandong Province cursed the collapse of the typhoon building online and was arrested for 14 days on suspicion of seeking trouble.

● A man wearing a security uniform at Beijing South Railway Station claimed that he could bring people into the station quickly and defraud passengers of money. He has been detained by Beijing Railway Police.

Visual sense

● Recently, in Linfen, Shanxi Province, tourists enjoyed the "Rainbow Gate" landscape at Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River in Jixian County.

● The vending machines in Hortington Beach, USA are completely self-service. If you want to buy a car inside, you need to place an order online, get a token after you pay, and the car will be sent out after you put it in.


● "Business as usual is no longer an option, and the dangerous decline of nature is unprecedented."

— — Hyvonnet, secretary-general of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), said.


● On the 18th, the 2019 Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship kicked off. China’s women’s volleyball team beat Sri Lanka 3-0 to get off to a good start in the Asian Championships.

A serious flood disaster occurred in Ningguo City, Anhui Province. Recently, the office of Ningguo Municipal People’s Government received a total donation of 10,000 yuan. After searching, the anonymous donor named Le Jinmei, 72 years old, is a sanitation worker.

See you at 8 o’clock tomorrow!

Editor: Xiao Xiao Zhu Chunyan

Peier’s outdoor debut Shenzhen COSP International Outdoor Exhibition ended successfully.

On the afternoon of Saturday, March 16th, 2024, COSP Shenzhen International Outdoor Exhibition ended successfully in Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center. Peier Outdoor also emerged in this exhibition, and defined the concept of "outdoor mobile home" with an innovative attitude, which was very popular.

In this COSP Shenzhen International Outdoor Products Exhibition, nearly 400 outdoor head and waist enterprises gathered together, with distinctive product features and strong lineup. This also reflects that the outdoor industry, like a shot in the arm, stimulates the vitality of the economy and surrounding industries under the overall economic downturn.

We learned at the scene that the outdoor exhibition area of Guangdong Peier was bursting with popularity and crowded with people. As an enterprise with a number of patented technologies and advocating a brand-new concept of outdoor life, they have unveiled six series of products, including tent series, temperature control series, energy series, sleeping series, washing series and outdoor kitchen series, turning camping equipment into an outdoor mobile home. Their products are novel in design, and their patented fabrics are unique in the industry.

The first show of scientific and technological innovation invites outdoor people to go to mountains and seas together.

There are two main products on the exhibition site of Peier: mini villa and classic B&B tent, both of which are novel in shape and full of black technology. We learned at the scene that these two tents are air-conditioned tents, and they all use patented technology cloth to achieve thermal insulation effect. At the same time, it is used together with the outdoor air conditioner of Peier temperature control series products, so that every user who experiences it is full of praise. Feel the nature outdoors and enjoy the comfort of home at the same time, which is what Peier people have been trying to do.

In addition, the ingenuity of Peier’s outdoor camping equipment is reflected in all aspects, including exquisite and lovely children’s tents, lightweight and advanced outdoor toilets, blackened and fierce cassette ovens, waterproof and high-value camping lights, etc. Not only beautiful, but also practical practitioners.

Peier people strive for perfection, CCTV live interview

The partner of Peier Outdoor is an industrialist, who embodies the spirit of Excellence in every detail of the product. We have our own high standards for quality control and product innovation. From research and development to production to sales, it is a layer-by-layer selection. Peier goes forward in the outdoors and is committed to delivering high-quality outdoor equipment products to everyone who loves the outdoors.

Miss Li, a live experience user, said, "It’s the first time I’ve heard of a tent with air conditioning. I must come and experience it."

At the scene, Mr. Yang said after experiencing the omelet table, "After looking at the table and outdoor chairs for so long, this table is the strongest. Do you sell this table?" Wait for a series of favorable comments.

On-site activities of the exhibition are crowded with people.

During the three-day exhibition, the outdoor booth of Peier attracted many exhibitors to stop, and the staff at the scene always enthusiastically and patiently guided and explained. The characteristics and advantages of the exhibits in this exhibition are fully displayed under the explanation of Peier staff. On-site professional visitors and exhibitors have shown strong cooperation intention after they have a certain understanding of the products.

Through the appearance of this exhibition, we have reason to believe that Peier Technology will contribute to the prosperity and development of outdoor camping industry with a more mature and professional attitude.

[See you at 8: 00] If you have this set of RMB in your hand, hurry to the bank outlet.

  [See you at 8: 00] If you have this set of RMB in your hand, hurry to the bank outlet.

  At 8 o’clock, witness the news every day. CCTV will sort out the big and small things that happened around us within 24 hours for you.


  If you have this set of RMB in your hand, go to the bank outlet to exchange it.

  "In less than 10 days, we will say goodbye to the fourth set of RMB that has been circulating for more than 30 years!" The People’s Bank of China recently announced that the fourth set of RMB bonds will stop circulating from May 1, 2018, and the deadline for centralized exchange is April 30, 2019. If you have the fourth set of RMB in your hand, go to the bank outlet to exchange it.

  On March 22, 2018, the People’s Bank of China announced that it decided to stop the fourth set of RMB 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 10 yuan, 5 yuan, 2 yuan, 1 yuan, 20-cent banknotes and 10-cent coins (hereinafter referred to as the fourth set of RMB partial coupons) from circulating in the market on May 1, 2018. According to the arrangement of the central bank, the centralized exchange period of the fourth set of RMB coupons is from May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019. During this period, holders can go to the business outlets of banking financial institutions for exchange.


  The maritime navigation picture of the first ship of China’s 10,000-ton destroyer was first made public.

  On the 22nd, Weibo, the People’s Navy, made public the picture of the first ship of a 10,000-ton destroyer sailing at sea for the first time. This type of ship is a new type of 10,000-ton destroyer independently developed by China. It has successively broken through a series of key technologies such as the overall design, information integration and final assembly construction of large ships, equipped with new air defense, anti-missile, anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons, and has strong information perception, air defense and anti-missile capabilities. It is a landmark warship for the navy to realize strategic transformation and development.

  These 20 3A hospitals will give priority to the "emergency classification" from next month.

  From May 1st, the emergency treatment methods of 20 major hospitals, including Beijing Tongren Hospital, Beijing Children’s Hospital and Beijing Friendship Hospital, will be changed one after another: patients will no longer be treated according to "first come, first served", but will be sorted according to the severity of illness. Patients will collect vital signs before seeing a doctor, and the level will be judged by machines and professional medical staff. The critically ill patients will be given priority to rescue, and the mild patients will be delayed.

  On the vision china incident by the Supreme Court: You can’t just identify the ownership of photos with watermarks.

  In response to the recent "vision china Copyright" incident, Lin Guanghai, vice president of the Third People’s Court of the Supreme People’s Court, said on the 22nd that the evidence of the ownership of photo works should be strictly examined, and the ownership of rights should not be determined only by taking the watermark as the signature of the photo author, so as to prevent one-sidedness and simplification.

  There is no open fire in Hulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia, and it has been completely turned into a guard to clean up.

  On April 22, the reporter learned from the forest and grassland fire prevention and extinguishing headquarters in Hulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region that as of 20: 00 on April 21, there was no open fire in the fire fields of Xinbaerhu Zuoqi, Chenbaerhu Banner, Manzhouli and Xinbaerhu Right Banner in Hulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia, and the left-behind team was fully guarding and monitoring the overseas fire and cleaning up the entry fire field.

  Central Bank: The new version of the credit report did not collect personal water and electricity payment information.

  The central bank answered a reporter’s question about the construction of the second-generation credit information system, saying that the upgrading and optimization of the credit information system is still in progress, and there is no clear online timetable. The credit information system has not collected personal water and electricity payment information. The credit reports inquired by financial institutions and the public have not changed, and they are not the so-called new credit reports. At the same time, the central bank responded that compared with the current version of the credit report, the proposed new version of the credit report has added some information, such as nationality and other information in the basic personal information, and information such as joint loan, personal guarantee for legal person and legal person guarantee for individual has been added in the credit information. According to the central bank, as far as this upgrade is concerned, the institutions and types of data submitted to the credit information system have not changed much before and after the upgrade, so the impact on personal economic life will not change much.

  A cadre of Lanzhou Health Bureau died of drinking at a party.

  The Propaganda Department of Qilihe District Committee of Lanzhou City, Gansu Province announced through the "Qilihe Release" WeChat WeChat official account that on April 12, 2019, Gao Xzhong, a cadre of the Education Center of Health and Health Bureau of Qilihe District of Lanzhou City, contacted Gao Xzhu and others through Yang Xhong, director of his office, to meet for dinner and drinking at the "Today’s X Zhai" teahouse in Guazhou Road, Qilihe District, Lanzhou City. During the dinner, the dinner party staff found that Gao X was pale and unwell after drinking a few drinks, and called 120 emergency number in time. By the time the emergency personnel arrived, Gao X was dead. After the incident, the Qilihe District Party Committee and the district government attached great importance to it and asked the District Health and Health Bureau to fully cooperate with relevant departments to do the investigation, verification and after-treatment work. At present, seven dinner parties and the families of the deceased are actively negotiating to solve the aftermath.

  Zhou Bin, the former deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Wuhan Municipal Committee, was opened.

  According to the news of the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhou Bin, the former deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Wuhan Municipal Committee, was expelled from the party and public office after the disciplinary review and supervision investigation by the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and submitted to the provincial party Committee for approval; The suspected crime was transferred to the procuratorate for review and prosecution according to law.


  Sri Lankan government says local extremist groups plan bombings: with international assistance.

  According to comprehensive reports, a Sri Lankan government spokesman said in Colombo on the 22nd that the local Islamic extremist organization NTJ(National Thowheed Jamath) was behind the Easter attacks on Sunday.

  Rajitha Senaratne, a spokesman for the Sri Lankan government and Minister of Health and Medicine, was quoted by the British newspaper The Guardian as saying that the terrorist organization behind the explosion that caused heavy casualties was the local Islamic extremist organization "NTJ".

  Sri Lanka’s president declared the 23rd a day of mourning and a state of emergency would be entered.

  According to foreign media reports, a series of bombings occurred in Sri Lanka on the 21st, killing 290 people and injuring more than 500 others. President Sirisena declared the 23rd a national day of mourning. Sri Lanka will implement laws on the prevention of terrorism and declare a state of emergency.

  North Korea confirms that Kim Jong-un will visit Russia soon and will hold talks with Putin.

  Korean Central News Agency issued a document early on April 23rd, saying that at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will visit Russia soon. This will be the first meeting between the two leaders, and it will also be eight years later that the top leader of North Korea will visit Russia again.

  Park geun-hye applied to stop imprisonment for low back pain, and the prosecution made a decision as soon as this week.

  Former South Korean President park geun-hye served a prison sentence for many crimes. His lawyer submitted an application to the prosecution for stopping the execution of imprisonment on the 17th, on the grounds that his back pain was unbearable and he could not sleep normally. According to the latest news, South Korean prosecutors will decide on 25th or 26th at the earliest whether park geun-hye can suspend his sentence.

  Does Boeing 787 have serious security risks? Internal staff: I will never take it.

  The 787 Dreamliner produced by Boeing Company of the United States belongs to Boeing’s main model, but some American media reported that it was found that the quality of the 787 passenger aircraft produced by Boeing factory was poor. In order to finish the shipment as soon as possible, the factory did not hesitate to use broken parts, and a large number of sharp metal fragments, even light bulbs and short ladders, were often left inside the fuselage, posing serious security concerns. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) investigated the accident and issued instructions to Boeing, but it was not listed as a safety accident.

  Boeing 787 Dreamliner was launched in 2007, and its fuselage is made of carbon fiber, which helps to save fuel, thus attracting a large number of orders. The plant in North Charleston, North Carolina is one of the two Boeing plants in the United States that produce 787. The New York Times collected hundreds of internal emails from Boeing, and visited more than a dozen current or former employees of the factory. He found that Boeing employees had reported to FAA many times that there were defects in the production process and the fuselage was covered with debris, and the company had pressured employees to conceal violations.

  Clayton, who used to work as a mechanic in the factory, said that he often found metal fragments near the wires at the bottom of the cockpit, which was quite dangerous. "I told my wife that I would never take a Boeing 787."


  The head teacher in high school slapped the two boys in the face. Official: Suspension inspection

  Recently, a video of a teacher slapping, pulling hair and kicking students in the classroom caused controversy. On April 22nd, the reporter confirmed from the Propaganda Department of Xuanwei Municipal Committee that the teacher involved was Chen Mou, the head teacher of Class 88, Grade One, No.9 Middle School in Xuanwei City. Chen Mou found that two students were eating snacks and talking during the unified self-study in the school, and criticized the improper behavior of corporal punishment of students during education. In response to this matter, on April 22, a staff member of the Propaganda Department of Xuanwei Municipal Committee of Yunnan Province told the reporter that the incident occurred at around 20: 50 on April 13, 2019. After the incident, the school attached great importance to it and communicated with the parents of the students in time to obtain the understanding between them. Two students are now in normal classes at school, and the class teacher involved has been suspended for inspection. The school will take a warning, strengthen the construction of teachers, and prevent similar incidents from happening again.

  SF responded to the courier’s private unpacking: zero tolerance has started the investigation.

  On April 22nd, netizen @ Double Chin Fairy Pei Jinjin said that SF Express opened the customer’s package privately, added her WeChat message to harass, and scattered the courier on the bed, pretending it was his girlfriend’s item. In this regard, SF Group officially apologized and said that it would never tolerate or condone any misconduct that violated laws, regulations and corporate codes of conduct. SF has initiated an investigation.

  Fun run, a woman from Leshan, Sichuan, was sentenced to death in the first instance.

  According to the WeChat WeChat official account news of Leshan Intermediate People’s Court, on the morning of April 22, 2019, Leshan Intermediate People’s Court publicly pronounced the "green heart road murder case" according to law. Defendant Li Jian was sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life and fined 15,000 yuan for committing intentional homicide, robbery and theft.

  Sixteen defendants in Jiangsu poisoned dog case were sentenced to more than 5.6 million public welfare claims.

  Recently, Jiangsu poison dog case was pronounced in the first instance. Sixteen defendants, including Liu and harmful food, were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from six years to one year, with fines ranging from 550,000 to several thousand yuan, and five defendants, including Qian, were also sentenced to pay compensation of 5,674,168 yuan. And publicly apologize in the national media!

  Villagers flip over their new houses and shoot to celebrate scaring more than 10,000 rabbits next door and being awarded 440,000 yuan in compensation.

  Firecrackers were set off to celebrate after Cai opened the new house in Xinyi, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The loud noise led to the abortion and death of the mother rabbit and the death of the rabbit in the Zhang farm next door. In desperation, Zhang appealed to Xinyi Court for compensation. On April 22, the xinyi city People’s Court announced the verdict of the second instance of this case, and Cai compensated Zhang for a loss of more than 440,000 yuan.

  Wonderful! The man had a car accident on the way to steal a car.

  Recently, Suqian, Jiangsu. A man stole a car, had a car accident on the way, and was injured. He reluctantly went to a nearby parking lot to steal another car, and was arrested by the police. After investigation, the man was also suspected of drunk driving and had a criminal record of theft. At present, he has been detained.

  The female driver crashed into the tunnel wall and died. She drove for 34 minutes and checked her mobile phone 30 times.

  Recently, in Sanming, Fujian, a car suddenly ran out of control and crashed into the tunnel wall, and the female driver died on the spot. After investigation, the police found that the driver had four illegal acts during driving, such as speeding, changing lanes in the tunnel, using a mobile phone and not wearing a seat belt, and looked at the mobile phone 30 times during the 34 minutes of driving.


  [Chen Lijun] broke the world record three times

  The 2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Qualifying Tournament entered the second competition day yesterday. In the men’s 67kg class, the China team sent a team named Li Lijun and Feng Ludong to play. In the snatch competition, Chen Lijun took the lead all the way, and set a new snatch record in the third place with a score of 154 kg. In the subsequent clean and jerk competition, the advantage of the Chenli Army was even more obvious, setting a new world record for clean and jerk with 185 kg, and at the same time increasing the total world record to 339 kg.

  [Master Dou] "Crispy helmet video" client: can’t find a job and can’t live a normal life.

  According to The Paper, several videos of "crispy helmet" unexpectedly became popular on the Internet, and aroused public concern about the quality of the helmet. Master Dou, the protagonist of the video in the storm of public opinion, told reporters that he used to do odd jobs on the construction site and "eat a bite", but since the video of "crispy helmet" was widely spread, he has not found a job recently.

  "I used to find a living one every day. Why don’t you look for me now?" Helpless, Master Dou had to return to his hometown in the countryside first, full of worries about his future life.

  See you at 8 o’clock tomorrow!