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"No Devil Left" is a spy war in the earthquake reality (Figure)


  On March 26, the idol action drama "X Female Agent" will take over "No Devil Left". Tang Yan, an actress who became very popular because of rumors of a breakup, took up a gun for the first time in the play, challenging the image of a "ghost girl agent".


  On March 7, when the wonderful curtain was about to open, the main actors of the two dramas took the lead in coming to Hangzhou and appeared at the recording site of Zhejiang Satellite TV’s large-scale emotional intelligence variety show "Ace Mission Impossible". Yu Zhen, Tang Yan, and Hua Shao, the famous mouth of Zhejiang Satellite TV, had a "battle of wits and courage" first, and made a clean breast of all kinds of wonderful scenes before and after these two upcoming anti-Japanese and spy wars.


  "Ace Mission Impossible" laughed at the end, and Yu Zhen showed off in an ostentatious manner.


  This time, the crew of "Leave None Devils" who came to record "Mission Impossible" was all men-Yu Zhen, Song Jialun and Ma Shaohua, the "devil-abusing trio".


  "What a coincidence! This time on this program, the three of us are exactly the same as in "No Devil Left". The two of them, one is my eldest brother and the other is my brother, sacrificed first, and I lived to the end … and got the prize. "


  Yu Zhen, who just got off the stage, cheerfully "reported the situation" to the reporter, which showed that he was in a good mood.


  "My wife and I are at home at ordinary times. Generally, my wife and I like to watch such quiz shows. I will often answer many questions in front of the TV. This move … or this advantage is also a big reason why my wife likes me more. "


  Yu Zhen opened the chatterbox: "When we watch it together at home, she will applaud me,’ Oh, you can do this problem … you can do that problem!’" Later, when I was busy with other things, she would shout to me: hey, what is this question and what are the answers? Then I was in the kitchen, or in the bathroom, and I told her’ the answer is C’. When the answer was revealed later, she shouted,’ It’s really C!’ "He said more and more energised, and his hands kept gesticulating all over his face, showing off in an ostentatious manner.


  When Yu Zhen couldn’t "show off", Song Jialun and Ma Shaohua on his side were silent. Yu Zhen turned to look at them and said nobly, "I won this game, so today’s dinner is on me!" I am in Hangzhou, pick a restaurant and eat! "


  "No Devil Left" is better than grounding gas, and the pig slayer interprets the revenge of grassroots.


  In "No Devil Left", Zhuang Jizong, the pig-slayer played by Yu Zhen, is a common people living at the lowest level. He killed the devil angrily with a polished pig-slaying knife, and the encirclement and suppression of the devil did not rely on any careful plan, but on the rampage when he met the devil.


  "After meeting Li Zhankui, who is also full of hatred for the devils, Zhuang Jizong, who is impulsive and brave, and Li Zhankui, who is flexible and calm, became brothers and fought against the devils together." During the war, Zhuang Jizong learned to control his emotions and learn the sense of teamwork. Especially after joining the Eighth Route Army, the organization and discipline made Zhuang Jizong grow rapidly and became the soul of the anti-Japanese guerrillas in Liulin Town.


  When it was broadcast on local TV stations, No Devil Left, which was regarded as a "high-quality anti-Japanese drama" by the audience, was ranked as the number one viewing champion for many times. Yu Zhen said: "What impressed me most about this script is that the characters are very grassroots and real. I have played many anti-Japanese heroes in the past, whether it is "Secret Service Group 5" or "emissaries", they are all charming people in suits and ties. Such a pig butcher is really challenging for me. "


  Yu Zhen emphasized that Zhuang Jizong’s role is better than grounding gas: "In the past, there has never been a story of a pig killer picking up a gun to fight against Japan on the screen. This is the way for the bottom people to grow up in a special historical environment." In his eyes, this grass-roots spirit that runs through the whole play is the biggest highlight of "No Devil Left".


  The pig-killing knife can also kill devils, so there is a real prototype in World War II.


  Pig-killing knives, even stones and slingshots, seemingly insignificant things, were used by pig-killing craftsman Zhuang Jizong as weapons to punish cruel devils in Leave None Devils. However, the devils have plenty of guns in their hands, which can be said to be "armed to the teeth." Fighting against hot weapons with cold weapons has repeatedly succeeded. Will it be a way of "entertaining anti-Japanese dramas" as many netizens have said?


  "Zhuang Jizong is not a pig-killing knife, but a bundle of pig-killing knives. He uses various means to kill pigs to kill devils." Yu Zhen stressed to reporters, "He basically relies on sneak attack, just like special forces, but there is actually no frontal battlefield. I remember that during World War II, in the occupied areas of Europe, someone used a very old-fashioned gun at home to kill the Germans. But he is fighting alone, and in our play, fortunately, I have my eldest brother (Li Zhankui) to help me. Moreover, they all ambush in places like the narrow path on a dark night,’ stabbing a knife for a place’. " Yu Zhen believes that this truly reflects what is the "Wang Yang Sea of People’s War".


  In the play, the pig-killing knife lies in Zhen’s hand, and the knife falls from his hand, and he is playing tiger and tiger. However, recalling the process of killing pigs, Yu Zhen "has a lingering fear". He admits that he is actually most afraid of killing pigs.


  "The crew bought half a pig from the market and invited a professional pig killer to teach me to kill pigs. This is really a technical job." Yu Zhen recalled: "In order to let the pigs walk peacefully, I took a knife in one hand and fed the old corn beans in the other. It was still raining. The pig is quite uncooperative, refuses to eat, and keeps screaming. It was a short scene, but it was a toss-up. I was so timid that I collapsed at that time, so that I left sequelae after the scene, and I dare not eat pork in the future. "


  "X Female Agent" challenges Tang Yan, and many beautiful women dare to shoot after drinking.


  The crew of "No Devil Left" is "the man in power", so the crew of "Female Agent X" who stepped onto the stage of "Ace Mission Impossible" this time is "the mobilization of beautiful women". Tang Yan, a popular actress in the Mainland, Kong Wei, a big-mouthed beauty with the reputation of "Julia Roberts in China", and Coco and Wendy in Hua Dan. This beautiful landscape eclipsed Luo Jin and Zhang Xilin, two male compatriots in the crew.


  "X Female Agent" tells the story of Zhong Li (Tang Yan), a straightforward girl with vigorous skills and a dream of justice, who was selected as a member of the agent training camp with Tan Ruiling (Coco) and Luo Yifei (Wendy) during the Republic of China. Together, she experienced cruel international agent training, fought bravely with other students on the special training battlefield, forged a deep sisterhood, and grew into a calm, tenacious, capable and beautiful elite female agent …


  For Tang Yan, the No.1 female, Agent X is a great breakthrough for her. "The story of this play is different from any play I have shot before in terms of rhythm, suspense and action design." Tang Yan revealed to reporters that this is also the first time that she has performed as a girl with kung fu skills, and filming is very enjoyable. "Zhong Li is an agent who is the least like an agent. She is known as the Ghost Horse Elf. She has a tortuous life and is pure and straightforward. I hope the audience of Zhejiang Satellite TV will like it."


  For these "Charlie’s angels", it’s already a lot of suffering in the "special training", but it’s even more difficult to learn to play with guns. "I remember shooting the gun for two nights at the beginning …" Coco revealed.


  Why is this happening? "Because our training ground is indoors, the gunshots are ten times louder than those outside, and the bang is particularly scary." They quickly found a solution. "Everyone has a little wine, and with the strength of wine, they can carry it through the gunfire."



Of the ten best spy war dramas, Secret and Great can only rank sixth, and the top five are well deserved.

After the ending of "Hidden and Great", the endings of various characters in the play caused a wave of topics, and even small characters such as section chief Kong and secretary Fang were pulled out by the audience to discuss who was smarter and had a better ending. No matter from the audience rating or topic popularity, Hidden and Great is one of the best spy war dramas this year.

In addition to Hidden and Great, this year, many spy war dramas such as Chance, Aim, Man in the Game, Qiu Chan, etc. were broadcast. When a number of TV dramas of the same type are broadcast together, it is always inevitable to be "evaluated" together. In terms of word-of-mouth and popularity, "The Man in the Bureau" is at the bottom. Although there are Pan Yueming’s name blessings, Zhao Da’s support and Zray’s leading role, the endless plot bugs and chaotic narrative logic still make the opening of the play abandoned. Even the audience who especially like spy dramas can’t help but vomit the "divine logic" of the plot. Such a level of spy war drama simply can’t enter the list of excellent spy war dramas.

The popularity of "Aiming" is relatively high. After all, the drama sells well. The third cooperation between Huang Xuan and Yang Caiyu, Michael Chen’s transformation as the villain, the powerful actors Wang Longzheng and Yao Anlian joined in, and the director 500 is also a director with relatively high popularity this year. The theme is also novel, telling the peak confrontation between two snipers.

The powerful cast and creative team eventually lost to the poor ability of the screenwriter, not only the protagonist could not be established, but even the most basic idea of events was untenable. Don’t say that compared with the previous excellent spy war dramas, even in several spy war dramas broadcast this year, "Aiming" is not excellent, but it can only be said that it is slightly better than "The Man in the Bureau". If word of mouth is put aside, "Aiming" barely ranks tenth only by popularity. After all, people’s ratings are still good.

If aiming can rank tenth, odds can rank ninth. Supposedly, The Chance is not as popular as The Aim, but it is better in narrative and word of mouth. After all, it is a series produced by Liu Yunlong, the godfather of spy war. Although the overall quality of the series is not as good as Kite and Plot Plot Plot, there are still fewer bugs, which is better than the narrative of The Aim and The Player.

Eighth: The Peace Hotel, perhaps many fans of spy war dramas don’t agree with the author’s ranking, and think that the Peace Hotel is not so good. There are many reversals in the plot that are a bit "reversal" and "reversal". For example, Dou Shixiao’s transformation is a bit unexpected, and there is a lack of corresponding bedding in front, but the hidden line in the play has given a weak hint, which is not far-fetched.

The biggest surprise of the play lies in the roles of the hero and heroine. Chen Jiaying, played by Chen Shu, is amazing in both face value and IQ. This kind of heroine is better than many "Bai Lianhua" and "silly white sweet" heroines, which is very enjoyable to watch, and Wang Dading, who is both good and evil, plays cool humor and inserts comedy factors into the exciting plot. It is very beautiful and fun. This kind of spy war drama is excellent.

Seventh: Cliff. The author is not very optimistic about this drama, but overall, the plot stands, the actors perform well, and the seventh place should be a good ranking.

The sixth is "Hidden and Great", which is the best achievement in this year’s spy war drama. As the title implies, the characters in the play are all ordinary people in that era, male patrons Yao Dong and high flyers of Soochow University. They joined the police station with beautiful ideals, but they were excluded everywhere. Later, they were led by Xia Jicheng and Shen Qinghe, underground members of the Communist Party of China, joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) and gradually grew into excellent revolutionary fighters.

Xia Jicheng, as a "god" figure in the play, has been unanimously loved and recognized by the audience. Even Wang Longzheng, who plays Xia Jicheng, has made a hit with this role. It can be seen that a good cast can always bring good popularity to the actors. On the other hand, the characters that make the audience like can certainly attract the audience to follow the drama all the time.

In addition, the warm and beautiful tone and relaxed and natural narrative of the drama make people feel indescribable and comfortable while chasing the drama. It is amazing that the spy war drama can still be filmed like this, and the rhythm is not so exciting, but there is always an inexplicable attraction that draws you to watch. This dramatic tension is well worth playing with. The high popularity and high reputation of the play also show the success of the play.

The top five spy war dramas are Assassination, Before Dawn, Pretender, Latent and Kite, which have stood the test of time and deserve to be ranked first.

Of course, this is just the author’s opinion. I believe everyone has their own standards in mind. You can leave a message and discuss it together! Text/Xi Mei

New quality productivity in China, talent+computing power+big model … Beijing builds the highland of artificial intelligence industry.

  In the just-concluded two sessions of the National People’s Congress, new quality productivity has become a hot word of concern to everyone. So what exactly is new quality productivity?

  Generally speaking, the new quality productivity is an advanced productivity that innovation plays a leading role, gets rid of the traditional economic growth mode and productivity development path, has the characteristics of high technology, high efficiency and high quality, and conforms to the new development concept. The characteristic is innovation, the key is high quality, and the essence is advanced productivity.

  Scientific and technological innovation is the core element of developing new quality productivity. What is the ecology and development path of China’s new quality productivity at present? How to make the new quality productivity develop vigorously according to local conditions? Let’s see how the six science and technology innovation centers distributed in China’s east, west, north and south gather innovation resources, build service platforms, and break through industrial barriers, and become the source and incubator of new quality productivity in China.

  The layout of China’s "3+3" Science and Technology Innovation Center has basically taken shape.

  Report to the 20th CPC National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed: promoting the construction of international and regional science and technology innovation centers as a whole.

  How to understand the science and technology innovation center? To sum up, it is a city or urban agglomeration that occupies a leading and dominant position in scientific research, technological development and industrial innovation in the world or within a certain country. Their innovative resources are intensive and their innovative achievements are rich. Scientific and technological elements can play a key role in strategic emerging industries or future industrial development, and they are the integration of scientific centers, technological centers and industrial centers.

  From 2016 to 2022, the state has successively approved the construction plans of six science and technology innovation centers, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Chengdu-Chongqing, Wuhan and Xi ‘an. Up to now, the overall layout of China’s "3+3" science and technology innovation centers has basically taken shape, and the space has been fully deployed from the developed eastern regions to the central and western regions. The construction of three international science and technology innovation centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and three nationally influential science and technology innovation centers in Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan and Xi ‘an is progressing steadily.

  Beijing: Building the Highland of Artificial Intelligence Industry

  Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center has many national laboratories, national scientific research institutions, high-level research universities and leading scientific and technological enterprises, ranking first in the country in terms of R&D investment and scientific and technological innovation achievements in quantity and quality. It has continuously produced international leading achievements in the fields of brain science research, quantum technology and artificial intelligence model development, and won some major international awards in theoretical physics, life sciences and mathematics. At present, in Beijing, the construction of three new national laboratories, Zhongguancun, Changping and Huairou, is accelerating.

  This is Beijing, and an international science and technology innovation center is being built. The artificial intelligence industry is one of the leading industries in Beijing. In 2023, the core output value of Beijing’s artificial intelligence industry is expected to exceed 250 billion yuan, and the scale of radiation output value will exceed one trillion yuan, making it a leader in the development of artificial intelligence in China. Beijing has six national key laboratories in the field of artificial intelligence, and three national engineering research centers in video and visual technology, deep learning technology and application, forming a high-level scientific research base integrating basic research, personnel training and high-level academic exchanges. The number of artificial intelligence-related enterprises in Beijing is about 2,200, and 40% of the artificial intelligence enterprises in China gather here. In 2023, the total amount of financing in the field of artificial intelligence was about 22.3 billion yuan, accounting for about a quarter of the country.

  Visiting large model research institutions and entering Beijing Zhiyuan Research Institute

  From ChatGPT, a big language model that became popular in the field of artificial intelligence in 2022, to Sora, a big video generation model that appeared at the beginning of this year, "big model" has undoubtedly become a hot word in the current technology industry. How is Beijing’s research and development work in the field of large models progressing? In 2018, with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Beijing Municipality, Beijing Zhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute was established as a new research institution jointly established by several superior units in the field of artificial intelligence in Beijing. What achievements have they made in recent years, what projects are they studying, and what are their plans for the future?

  In a laboratory, researchers are using large model technology to concentrate multimodal tasks such as semantic analysis, visual recognition and motion capture on a robot dog platform for testing and training. In another laboratory, researchers use large models to train and generate pictures and videos.

  Wang Xinlong, a researcher at Beijing Zhiyuan Research Institute:Multi-modal big model is to hope that it can be exposed to various modes like us, and at the same time, it can create new texts, new images, new videos and audio.

  From ChatGPT, a big language model that became popular in the field of artificial intelligence in 2022, to Sora, a big video generation model that appeared at the beginning of this year, "big model" has undoubtedly become a hot word in the technology industry. The origin of this technological innovation comes from a paper called BERT published by Google in 2018. BERT model has set 11 records for natural language processing. It can learn from massive unlabeled data of multiple tasks and perform various language tasks such as knowledge answering, context filling, text understanding, etc. This technology has opened a new artificial intelligence paradigm and brought brand-new inspiration to the founding team of Beijing Zhiyuan Research Institute, which was just established at that time.

  After careful analysis and preparation, in October 2020, Zhiyuan Research Institute identified the research direction as a new opportunity for artificial intelligence-big model, and soon gathered 100 top scientific research forces composed mainly of professors, doctors and graduate students from various disciplines. It took only five months to train and release the first big model of Chinese language in China, named "Enlightenment". In the following three months, Enlightenment 2.0 was released with 1.75 trillion parameters, which was the largest artificial intelligence model in the world at that time.

  At the same time that Zhiyuan Research Institute invested in large-scale model research, OpenAI of the United States released a large-scale model ChatGPT with larger parameters. In a larger-scale training, the large-scale model showed a more powerful emergence of intelligence, which further confirmed the arrival of a new intelligent era. As a new R&D institution, Beijing Zhiyuan Research Institute, with its early layout and early investment, has enabled China to rapidly iterate in the era of large models and accumulated a large number of technical and industrial talents. In 2021, they began to take the lead in the research and development of a new generation of artificial intelligence, aiming to build an open and open artificial intelligence model system.

  Huang Tiejun, Chairman of Beijing Zhiyuan Research Institute:Our new mission is whether we, as an institution, can provide an open-source technology system for the development of this industry and bring everyone’s innovative power into play under such a rapid development state. This system is that all codes are completely open, and our mission is to promote the development of this field.

  How is the new R&D institution new? Visiting Beijing Tongyan Institute

  Up to now, seven or eight large model industry transformation projects have been developed from the early team of Zhiyuan Institute, and related companies have been established, and the project transformation has been initially completed.

  The exploration of cutting-edge technology is uncertain, and the explosion of large-scale model is also an accident in technical iteration. In order to stay in the first echelon of global artificial intelligence research, Beijing gives full play to the advantages of scientific research resources and talents, and actively arranges new R&D institutions in the field of artificial intelligence around different paths such as large model, general agent and scientific intelligence. So how new are the new R&D institutions in this field? What is being developed now?

  Walking into Beijing Institute of General Intelligence is like walking into an artificial intelligence training base. They are building a general agent that is "value driven" rather than "data driven". Its name is "Tongtong", which can exist in the virtual world or be combined with robots to give them the ability to judge value. In the background, we can adjust the value dimension of "Tongtong", for example, let her be a clean child.

  Chen Hao, Deputy Director of Advanced Technology Center of Beijing General Institute of Artificial Intelligence:It can learn some new knowledge and value incrementally through multi-modal interaction, through its own exploration and interaction between people, so its difficulty first needs to have very strong abilities of vision, language, understanding, reasoning, induction and summary. On the basis of these abilities, it is possible for her to develop a higher level of real-time online learning ability.

  Although the large-scale model technology can emerge intelligence, it also consumes a huge amount of computing power. The technical team of the Institute hopes to explore a general agent driven by value, which can consume as little computing power as possible and realize intelligence.

  The technical route is unique, and the form of scientific research organization is also explored across borders. This is a robot named "very happy". To achieve such a technical effect, the team has crossed the boundaries of multimedia, machine learning, psychology and other disciplines.

  Director, Frontier Research Center, Beijing General Institute of Artificial Intelligence a surnamesongrandRobot includes cognition, reasoning, and then psychology, etc., which is a very cross-disciplinary talent. Then our entire research center has seven laboratories, including computer vision, natural language robots, etc., which is a very complex talent training system.

  In 2023, Beijing, the top scientific and technological innovation cluster in the world, ranked fourth.

  The foundation of innovation is talent. The data shows that there are more than 40,000 core technical talents in the field of artificial intelligence in Beijing, accounting for 60% of the country. A total of nine universities in Beijing have set up artificial intelligence colleges or research institutes, accounting for 20% of the country. Beijing is building a highland of artificial intelligence industry and plans to form a complete industrial ecology.

  From two perspectives, in terms of computing power, Beijing has deployed more than 10,000 P of intelligent computing power, effectively supporting the iteration of large-scale model development. You may not have a concept of this. Experts told us that the computing power of 1000P is equivalent to 500,000 PC computers. For example, for the data exploration of 200,000 stars, it would take an experienced scientist 169 days to complete it in the traditional way, but now it only takes 10.02 seconds.

  In terms of data, the first batch of "Chinese Internet Corpus" will be opened to build the first national data basic system pioneer area in China.

  In addition, in the Global Innovation Index 2023 released by the World Intellectual Property Organization, Beijing ranks fourth in the world in the ranking of the world’s top scientific and technological innovation clusters. In this ranking system, the concept of science and technology cluster is interpreted as "science and technology hub", which refers to the region with the largest number of inventors and scientific authors in the world. It can be said that the strength of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center can also be felt from this ranking.

  Expert analysis: What are the advantages and characteristics of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center?

  The Regulations on the Construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center came into effect in March.

  On March 1 this year, the Regulations on the Construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center came into effect, which clarified the leadership system for the construction of international science and technology innovation centers, gave full play to the advantages of Beijing’s science and technology resources, and formed a strong joint effort. Clarify the strategic planning and construction layout of the international science and technology innovation center, and provide important guidance for future construction and development. We also look forward to Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center contributing more innovative R&D achievements to China and the world.

Mistaking bald heads for football AI’s poor eyesight is not only due to less training.

  Photo courtesy of vision china

  Ai growing pains

  Editor’s note In recent years, artificial intelligence has developed rapidly and its application fields have been expanding. However, at the same time, AI "rollover" cases are frequently searched. Based on this, this edition opens the column "AI Growing Pains" to focus on AI "rollover" events, analyze the phenomenon, analyze the reasons, explore the solutions, and look forward to its growth.

  Intern reporter Dai Xiaopei

  After the game, it is probably unprecedented for fans to ask referees to wear hats or wigs.

  At the end of October, Scottish fans experienced an "unforgettable" football match. In the Scottish Football Champions League match between Furness and Elven, the AI cameras on the sidelines turned a blind eye to whether the players passed the ball or attacked with the ball. Instead, they followed a linesman and took a close-up of "C position" from time to time. It turned out that the AI camera mistakenly identified the referee’s bald head as a football, so he chased the whole game crazily.

  Fans who watched the 90-minute game at home spent most of their time not watching the ball, but watching the bald heads. Many netizens joked that this game really "saw a loneliness".

  Why does the AI camera regard the bald head as a football? What do we need to do to prevent AI from making similar mistakes? Can you think that AI is "weak" when there is a "rollover" incident?

  Unconscious "provocation" from bald referees

  From direct participation in sports events to recording athletes’ performance, to live broadcast of competitions and analysis of athletes’ health status, AI is becoming the darling of the sports world. A few months ago, Barcelona Football Club (Barcelona) also joined hands with video technology company Pixellot to create an artificial intelligence coaching solution.

  Unexpectedly, AI, which has made great strides in sports, unexpectedly encountered an unconscious "provocation" from a bald linesman. Because the linesman’s bald head is too bright and the sun shines, the AI camera can’t tell which is the ball and which is the head. Previously, because the Furness team said that the AI tracking technology they used could clearly transmit the live images to the homes of every season ticket buyer, so that fans who could not go to the home due to the COVID-19 epidemic would not miss any game.

  It is reported that the camera used in the live broadcast of this competition is the multi-camera system provided by Pixellot, which cooperates with Barcelona. The system is powered by NVIDIA’s graphics processor (NVIDIA GPU), and the captured video resolution can reach 8K. These cameras can be installed in a fixed position without being manipulated by the camera operator. In order to capture the key moments, Pixellot collected hundreds of thousands of hours of sports videos to train its algorithm on the NVIDIA GPU of the local workstation.

  With a huge amount of available data, using deep learning algorithms and high-performance GPU computing blessing, it has three major driving forces to push AI forward. Why did Pixellot’s AI camera "roll over"?

  After the event, the relevant clubs and the technology companies that make cameras reflected. The problem seems very clear: the size and shape of football are similar to those of a human head, and the direct sunlight makes the AI camera fall into "confusion". I hope this will not happen again, because the Furness team responded that it knew the problem and will improve the next game to bring a better experience to the audience.

  Pixellot also said that it is not difficult to solve this problem. The existing target detection and tracking technology is mature. Pixellot didn’t consider the influence of bald head in the design stage, so it needs to collect some data of football and bald head to fine-tune the algorithm to eliminate the interference from bald head.

  Some technicians said that not only "this is a ball" data set, but also a "this is not a ball" data set is needed when training the AI camera of the live ball game. Bald head, bright white shoes, lighting, balls on the training ground next to the competition field and balls used by players to warm up are all interference factors that need to be considered when training AI.

  AI "poor eyesight" is the norm.

  Although the performance of AI cameras can be improved by increasing data "feeding", strengthening training and improving algorithms, some professionals believe that with the gradual expansion of AI application scenarios, such "rollover" incidents will exist for a long time.

  “AI‘ Rollover ’ It’s normal, no ‘ Rollover ’ It’s strange. " Professor eecs and Huang Tiejun, president of Beijing Zhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, spoke frankly when interviewed by Science and Technology Daily reporter.

  Huang Tiejun believes that on the surface, the failure of the AI ? ? camera may be due to insufficient pre-training, but the main reason is that the current computer identification system is only trained with specific data. For example, in the above example, the neural network trained with a large number of football videos has surpassed humans in identifying football, but it ignores that this network is more sensitive to bald heads.

  It is common to recognize or "turn a blind eye" unknown objects at random.

  Machine vision is to endow the machine with visual perception, so that the machine has the scene perception ability similar to that of biological vision system, which involves optical imaging, image processing, analysis and recognition, execution and other components.

  "Take the camera as AI ‘ Eyes ’ In real scenes, there is still a long way to go for AI to recognize football and baldness like human eyes. " Huang Tiejun said.

  When can I finish this road and even realize that the eye of AI surpasses the human eye?

  It depends on when machine vision will bridge the gap with biological vision. "The brain in the skull senses the outside world in real time through more than 3 million nerve fibers, of which there are more than 1 million behind each eye." Huang Tiejun said, "The machine vision developed to this day is still a drop in the bucket compared with the biological vision system that took hundreds of millions of years to evolve."

  The human eye has strong adaptability, can identify targets in complex and changing environments, has advanced intelligence, and can use logical analysis and reasoning ability to identify changing targets and summarize laws. On the other hand, machine vision can use artificial intelligence neural network technology, but it can’t identify the changing target well. Due to the constraints of hardware conditions, the current general image acquisition system has poor color resolution.

  "Compared with biological visual neural networks, the visual neural networks of artificial intelligence are far apart in structure and scale, so their functions are much worse." Huang Tiejun said, "In real applications, machine vision ‘ Rollover ’ It is not an accident. It is only a case to identify the bald head as a football. Similar problems actually exist in large numbers. "

  Huang Tiejun said: "This time, the technology provider can make up for the loophole that the bald head mistakenly thinks of football, but there are still more loopholes. Deceiving the face recognition system with antagonistic picture training is only the tip of the iceberg."

  Different technical routes are racing.

  "Machine vision based on deep learning has made great progress in image recognition, but it has not really solved the perception problem." Huang Tiejun believes that deep learning is far from grasping the complexity of human visual system.

  Deep learning is based on the training of image and video big data, which is far from the biological vision that actively perceives the dynamic world, and it is still not out of demand for computing power. For example, if the video frame rate is increased from 30 to 30,000, the computing power of deep learning needs to be increased by 1,000 times.

  Biological neural network is a pulse neural network, which is more suitable for completing visual information processing. Huang Tiejun believes that learning from the neural network structure and information processing mechanism of biological vision system and establishing a new set of brain-like vision information processing theory and technology is the hope of restarting machine vision.

  Experts said that there are two main technical routes to develop artificial machine vision. One is to build a powerful intelligent system by collecting more data, increasing the amount of data and strengthening training; The second is to imitate the biological nervous system, follow the gourd painting gourd ladle, clarify the structure and even mechanism of the biological nervous system, and develop future intelligence on this basis.

  Huang Tiejun believes that the second path is more effective than the first one. "In a short time, the first one is easier to achieve results. But in the long run, it is more direct to start with biological neural networks and more confident to achieve the goal. "

  At present, most AI scholars support the first path, that is, to develop artificial intelligence including machine vision through "big data+big computing power". Huang Tiejun set foot on the road taken by a few people because he firmly believed that the biological visual neural network had great potential to be tapped. "Biological brain is the product of hundreds of millions of years of evolution, and it is the best transcendental structure. Powerful intelligence must rely on complex structures and stand on the shoulders of evolution. It seems difficult, but it is the fastest. "

  Turing, the "father of computer science", has long expressed his admiration for the biological brain. At the beginning of 1943, Shannon suggested that "cultural things" could be instilled in the electronic brain. Turing once retorted in public: "No, I’m not interested in building a powerful brain. What I want is just an ordinary brain, just like the head of the chairman of AT&T."

  Is developing machine vision, or artificial intelligence, starting from scratch, imitating biological neural networks, or is there another way? There is no conclusion yet. On different tracks, artificial intelligence is accelerating.

  Although there are many cases of AI "rollover", such as the practicability of Google AI eye disease diagnosis system is greatly reduced in Thailand, Tencent AI translation made a joke at the Boao Forum in 2018. But the AI era is accelerating and unstoppable.

  "It must be admitted that AI has indeed solved many practical problems, and it will gradually replace some functions of people. But we can’t exaggerate it too much. It is still far from our imaginary intelligence and needs more breakthroughs. " Huang Tiejun said that to keep an open mind and bridge the gap between "experimental simulation" and "real world", the development of AI technology has a long way to go.

Requirements for studying in the United States for music majors, recommended by American Music Study University.

American universities are very famous. The United States has always been famous for its excellent traditional teaching, so many students will choose to study in the United States. So what are the requirements for studying in the United States for music majors? Let’s take a brief look.

1. Language requirements

For international students, they need to provide language scores of TOEFL or IELTS. Generally speaking, independent conservatories require TOEFL iBT80, and IELTS 6.5 is the standard for direct admission to universities. Some schools with substandard scores can provide double admission.

2. GRE scores

Generally speaking, GRE is required only for music majors with strong theoretical research when applying for graduate students. Most schools like instrumental performance, vocal music and jazz performance do not require GRE, but pay more attention to students’ performance ability and skills.

3. GPA scores

Excellent performance in school is also a necessary condition for competing for a good school. Generally, GPA is required to be 3.0 or above, and most of the average GPA in the United States is calculated by 4.0. Excellent GPA is very advantageous for applying for music schools in comprehensive universities.

4. Professional level

The professional level is the most important link in the process of applying to American Conservatory of Music for students majoring in music studying in the United States. Whether it’s mailing the video of the exam track requirements or attending the on-site interview at school, it’s best to choose the most mature track you play, instead of deliberately choosing the more difficult and uncommon track in order to win the favor of the examiner. In that case, a little negligence will expose your shortcomings and leave a bad impression on the examiner.

1. Juilliard School of Music

Located in new york, Juilliard Conservatory of Music is one of the most famous and outstanding conservatories in the world. Founded in 1905, it is famous for cultivating top musicians, singers and dancers. Juilliard offers a wide range of music courses, including orchestral music, vocal music, piano, composition and jazz. The school has a first-class team of teachers and advanced facilities to provide students with high-quality education and performance opportunities.

2. Berkeley Conservatory of Music

Berkeley Conservatory of Music, located in Boston, Massachusetts, is a modern and jazz music school. Founded in 1945, it is considered as one of the best modern conservatories in the world. Berkeley Conservatory of Music is famous for its innovative educational methods and rich and varied music courses. The teachers of the school come from all over the world, and students will have the opportunity to participate in various music projects and performances.

3. Cornell University Conservatory of Music

Cornell University Conservatory of Music, located in Ithaca, New York, is a college of Cornell University. Founded in 1868, it is one of the oldest conservatories in America. Cornell University Conservatory of Music offers a variety of music courses, including classical music, vocal music, composition, music technology and so on. The college has first-class facilities and teachers, providing students with rich academic and performance opportunities.

These are all the relevant contents about "Requirements for Studying in the United States for Music Majors". Students who want to study in the United States can make appropriate preparations for studying abroad to avoid unnecessary troubles in studying abroad.

> > get the white paper on studying abroad for free, and learn about the conditions, fees, starting time and gold content of each university.

Hot search explosion! This snack, which everyone loves, collapses, and the cost is ridiculously low. What kind of meat is used?

  Baked starch sausage

  It is a "online celebrity snack" that many people love to eat.

  But recently,

  The starch sausage was "collapsed"

Hot search explosion! This snack, which everyone loves, collapses, and the cost is ridiculously low. What kind of meat is used?

  Baked starch sausage at roadside stalls all over the country

  The price is generally 2-3 yuan/root.

  In the wholesale market

  The price of starch sausage is about 0.5-0.6 yuan per root.

  The cost price of factory production is lower.

  At this price.

  Is there meat in the starch sausage?

  What kind of meat, if any?

  If there is no meat

  Where does the meat flavor of starch sausage come from?

Hot search explosion! This snack, which everyone loves, collapses, and the cost is ridiculously low. What kind of meat is used?

  Five common starch sausage products bought by reporters in the market

  The meat in the starch sausage is mostly bone mud.

  Commonly used in pet food production.

  A comprehensive observation of the five brands of starch sausage with high sales volume on the market at present shows that there is little difference in the ingredient list, and they are basically composed of meat, water, starch, white sugar, monosodium glutamate, spices and other seasonings, as well as additives such as sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium pyrophosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and temptation red, totaling 15 or 6 components.

Hot search explosion! This snack, which everyone loves, collapses, and the cost is ridiculously low. What kind of meat is used?

  List of ingredients for starch sausage products

  According to the General Rules for Labeling in prepackaged foods, all ingredients should be arranged one by one in descending order of adding amount when manufacturing or processing food, but the "starch sausage" ranked first in the ingredient list is meat.

  The staff of a starch sausage manufacturer in Henan revealed that they all use chicken and chicken bone paste, and duck meat is cheaper, and most of them are starch.

  At present, most of the people who sell chicken bone paste are merchants who operate pet food, and the merchants said: "Bone paste is not recommended for people to eat, and barbecue is not good."

Hot search explosion! This snack, which everyone loves, collapses, and the cost is ridiculously low. What kind of meat is used?

  The picture shows the "chicken bone paste" product searched and displayed on the e-commerce website.

  He Jiguo, an associate professor in the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering of China Agricultural University, once said that the use of chicken neck mud and chicken rack mud instead of the original meat is essentially adulterated and shoddy, and the nutrients in it can’t be absorbed by the human body.

  The staff of the starch sausage manufacturer also revealed that the ex-factory price of starch sausage is 80 yuan/box, and each box contains 120 pieces, totaling 24 kg. If you get more goods, you will get a gift, which is basically 50 cents to 60 cents.

  Starch sausage has less meat but full of "meaty taste"

  There is essence blessing.

  It is difficult for consumers to tell what kind of meat is in the starch sausage when they eat it.

  On the one hand, because the amount of starch sausage meat is small; On the other hand, an important ingredient in the seasoning of starch sausage is essence. Judging from the samples of the five brands of starch sausage purchased, all the ingredients have flavors. The staff of the above-mentioned Henan starch sausage enterprise also directly said, "Don’t worry about less meat and no meat flavor, there are flavors.

Hot search explosion! This snack, which everyone loves, collapses, and the cost is ridiculously low. What kind of meat is used?

  Henan Shuangrun Food Co., Ltd. Flavor Barbecue Pork Sausage Enterprise Standard Screenshot

  There is no special national standard for starch sausage

  Although it looks like ham sausage, starch sausage is not produced according to the national standard of ham sausage, and there is a certain gap between the physical and chemical indexes of the product and ham sausage, so it can not be regarded as ham sausage product.

  According to the national standard, the sausage is in accordance with the General Rules for the Quality of Ham Sausage (GB/T 20712-2022). In terms of physical and chemical requirements, the starch contents of ordinary, excellent and super ham sausages are ≤10.0g/100g, ≤8.0g/100g≤6.0g/100g respectively.

  Taking the enterprise standard "Sausage" (Q/PFY 0006S-2023) of Panshan Fuyu Food Co., Ltd. as an example, the starch contents of three products, namely sausage, skin sausage and vermicelli sausage, are ≤10%≤10% and ≤25% respectively.

  However, other starch sausage manufacturers did not even limit the starch content of starch sausages.

  So, is there enough meat and corresponding protein in the starch sausage?

  As it turns out, there is no clear standard requirement in this respect …

  The protein content of the sample starch sausage purchased by the reporter is 5.295.5g/1009, which is lower than the most common standard of ham sausage. However, most enterprise standards for starch sausage do not make clear requirements for protein and other indicators.

  In addition, there is no special national standard for starch sausage, and the reference standard seems to be vague.

  A person from a standardized technical consulting company said that to formulate enterprise standards, it is necessary to refer to the raw material list and technological process of products and then synthesize multiple national standards or industry standards. If the national standard of cooked meat products is used as the basis for enterprise standards, as long as the meat in their products meets the national standard of cooked meat products. Of course, because there is more starch in starch sausage, you can also choose to use the national standard of starch products as the basis of enterprise standard.

  According to the relevant regulations, the description of enterprise standards should specify the contents that are stricter than the national or local food safety standards. However, in the enterprise standards of Panjin Yufei Food Co., Ltd., Henan Shuangrun Food Co., Ltd. and Panshan Fuyu Food Co., Ltd., only "the lead limit index is stricter than the national standard" is mentioned.

  The standard of starch sausage has not become higher for more than ten years.

  Water and fat in enterprise standards

  The content is getting higher and higher

  Although it has existed in the market for more than ten years, the standard of starch sausage has not improved obviously with the development of economy and society, but there are some signs of relaxation.

Hot search explosion! This snack, which everyone loves, collapses, and the cost is ridiculously low. What kind of meat is used?

  Screenshot of vermicelli sausage (Q/PFY 0004S-2013)

Hot search explosion! This snack, which everyone loves, collapses, and the cost is ridiculously low. What kind of meat is used?

  Screenshot of vermicelli sausage (Q/PFY 0004S-2013)

  Comparing the two standards, we can see that there is more water and more fat under the new enterprise standard of starch sausage of Panshan Fuyu Food Co., Ltd.

  In this regard, an expert who did not want to be named suggested that when consumers choose meat products, it is recommended to check the nutrition label and try to choose products with less fat and lower sodium content.

  Netizens are hotly discussing:

  The pure starch in the picture has meat?

  A few years ago,

  Ham sausage pursues more meat

  Adding starch will be rejected.

  Today, some consumers are

  Turn your head and pursue starch sausage

  Some people think they eat starch sausage.

  It’s not for meat.

  "Starch sausage, since the name is starch.

  There is no demanding meat quantity. "

  "The price of starch sausage is only scary when there is meat."

  "But I don’t like eating any meat."

Hot search explosion! This snack, which everyone loves, collapses, and the cost is ridiculously low. What kind of meat is used?

Hot search explosion! This snack, which everyone loves, collapses, and the cost is ridiculously low. What kind of meat is used?

Hot search explosion! This snack, which everyone loves, collapses, and the cost is ridiculously low. What kind of meat is used?

Hot search explosion! This snack, which everyone loves, collapses, and the cost is ridiculously low. What kind of meat is used?

Hot search explosion! This snack, which everyone loves, collapses, and the cost is ridiculously low. What kind of meat is used?

Hot search explosion! This snack, which everyone loves, collapses, and the cost is ridiculously low. What kind of meat is used?

  Comprehensive Guangzhou Daily, Yangguang.com, Hubei Jingshi, comments from netizens, etc.

Source: Xinmin Evening News

Cai Zhenhua: The difficulty of foot reform does not hinder confidence to get out of the road of football with China characteristics

  BEIJING, Beijing, March 19 (Reporter Wang Muqing) On the occasion of the second anniversary of China’s football reform, the China Football Association organized an in-depth discussion among people in the football field. Facing the reporter, Cai Zhenhua, president of the Football Association, bluntly said that after the first step of the Overall Plan is basically completed, it will move towards the second step in the future. He said that when China’s football reform enters the deep water area, it will be confident that it can embark on a football road with China characteristics.

  The first step of foot reform has basically completed the goal of moving towards the second step in the future

  On March 8, 2015, the General Office of the State Council officially issued the Overall Plan for Football Reform and Development in China. In the past two years, the development of football in China has gone beyond the level of sports, including the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries and commissions, which have been deeply involved in the reform of football in China.

  Li Yuyi, executive deputy director of the State Council Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference Office and vice chairman of China Football Association, concluded: "‘ Three steps ’ The first step of the strategy has achieved initial results. " The so-called first step is clearly defined in the Master Plan: improving the environment and atmosphere of football development, rationalizing the football management system, formulating the medium-and long-term development plan of football, innovating the football management mode with China characteristics, and forming a pattern of coordinated development of football career and football industry.

  Speaking of this achievement, Cai Zhenhua said: "The first step has been basically completed, and (in the future) it is necessary to move forward to the second step." According to the Plan, the second step includes a substantial increase in the youth football population, the organization and competition level of professional leagues reaching the first class in Asia, the national men’s soccer team being in the forefront of Asia, and the women’s soccer team returning to the ranks of world-class strong teams.

  "No matter the colleagues in the football field, the society and the media, everyone has given great affirmation to the football reform in the past two years. However, the new contradictions of new problems arising in the development process need to be solved one by one. " Cai Zhenhua said, "We are confident that as long as we are on the right track and stick to the football reform, we believe that the hope of football in China will surely emerge. We will work hard to speed up this pace. "

  Football reform has entered the deep water area and is confident of stepping out of the road of football with China characteristics

  Cai Zhenhua said frankly that the reform of football in China is not a certain field, but all-round. At present, 94% of the primary tasks have achieved phased results, which can be copied and popularized. However, when the reform enters the deep water area, the difficulty will surely increase.

  He bluntly pointed out: "From the China Football Association to the local football association to the sports department, this reform is to change your own life, so it is very difficult."

  However, Cai Zhenhua believes that the initial results of the reform will give you confidence in the determination to deepen the reform: "As long as we respect the laws of football development, social development and market development, and learn from the experience of world football powers, we will certainly be able to combine China’s national conditions and embark on a football road with China characteristics."

  In the face of people in the football world, Cai Zhenhua mentioned a lot of exciting information, such as the goal of adding 60,000 football venues in 2020; For example, according to the international football industry accounting for 40% of the sports industry, by 2025, the football industry in China should reach at least 2 trillion yuan. He bluntly said that how to achieve this goal will be an important symbol to measure the success of the reform.

Peier’s outdoor debut Shenzhen COSP International Outdoor Exhibition ended successfully.

On the afternoon of Saturday, March 16th, 2024, COSP Shenzhen International Outdoor Exhibition ended successfully in Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center. Peier Outdoor also emerged in this exhibition, and defined the concept of "outdoor mobile home" with an innovative attitude, which was very popular.

In this COSP Shenzhen International Outdoor Products Exhibition, nearly 400 outdoor head and waist enterprises gathered together, with distinctive product features and strong lineup. This also reflects that the outdoor industry, like a shot in the arm, stimulates the vitality of the economy and surrounding industries under the overall economic downturn.

We learned at the scene that the outdoor exhibition area of Guangdong Peier was bursting with popularity and crowded with people. As an enterprise with a number of patented technologies and advocating a brand-new concept of outdoor life, they have unveiled six series of products, including tent series, temperature control series, energy series, sleeping series, washing series and outdoor kitchen series, turning camping equipment into an outdoor mobile home. Their products are novel in design, and their patented fabrics are unique in the industry.

The first show of scientific and technological innovation invites outdoor people to go to mountains and seas together.

There are two main products on the exhibition site of Peier: mini villa and classic B&B tent, both of which are novel in shape and full of black technology. We learned at the scene that these two tents are air-conditioned tents, and they all use patented technology cloth to achieve thermal insulation effect. At the same time, it is used together with the outdoor air conditioner of Peier temperature control series products, so that every user who experiences it is full of praise. Feel the nature outdoors and enjoy the comfort of home at the same time, which is what Peier people have been trying to do.

In addition, the ingenuity of Peier’s outdoor camping equipment is reflected in all aspects, including exquisite and lovely children’s tents, lightweight and advanced outdoor toilets, blackened and fierce cassette ovens, waterproof and high-value camping lights, etc. Not only beautiful, but also practical practitioners.

Peier people strive for perfection, CCTV live interview

The partner of Peier Outdoor is an industrialist, who embodies the spirit of Excellence in every detail of the product. We have our own high standards for quality control and product innovation. From research and development to production to sales, it is a layer-by-layer selection. Peier goes forward in the outdoors and is committed to delivering high-quality outdoor equipment products to everyone who loves the outdoors.

Miss Li, a live experience user, said, "It’s the first time I’ve heard of a tent with air conditioning. I must come and experience it."

At the scene, Mr. Yang said after experiencing the omelet table, "After looking at the table and outdoor chairs for so long, this table is the strongest. Do you sell this table?" Wait for a series of favorable comments.

On-site activities of the exhibition are crowded with people.

During the three-day exhibition, the outdoor booth of Peier attracted many exhibitors to stop, and the staff at the scene always enthusiastically and patiently guided and explained. The characteristics and advantages of the exhibits in this exhibition are fully displayed under the explanation of Peier staff. On-site professional visitors and exhibitors have shown strong cooperation intention after they have a certain understanding of the products.

Through the appearance of this exhibition, we have reason to believe that Peier Technology will contribute to the prosperity and development of outdoor camping industry with a more mature and professional attitude.

Liu Xiaolan, Vice President of TCL Huaxing: Panel demand recovery continues to lay out folding screens and car screens.

China Securities Network News (Reporter Wan Yu) Liu Xiaolan, vice president of TCL Huaxing, a subsidiary of TCL Technology, said in an interview with china securities journal recently that on the whole, the panel industry will continue to recover in demand this year, and TCL Huaxing will need to fix production, maintain healthy inventory and optimize the supply chain system to ensure delivery when the market changes. At the same time, TCL Huaxing will continue to lay out and maintain a high growth rate in the fields of fast-growing folding screens and car screens.    

Since the fourth quarter of last year, panel prices have continued to rise, and the panel industry has attracted the attention of investors. According to the research report of Huaxi Securities, the price of TV panels in early March is close to the high price in September last year. Due to the better downstream demand expectation and the early stocking of the whole machine factory, the current supply and demand are still tight. Huaxi Securities expects that the price of TV panels will still rise in the second quarter, and the price of TV panels is expected to break through the high level last year.    

Regarding the trend of the panel industry, Liu Xiaolan thinks that with the moderate economic recovery in China and the downward inflation in Europe and America, the overall purchasing power of consumers is rising, and the sales of TV, notebook computers, monitors and other products will be driven by the superposition of domestic "618" and summer holidays. On the demand side of the panel, she predicts that this year will be more optimistic than last year. On the supply side, panel enterprises have generally changed their business philosophy, from pursuing full production and full sales to fixing production according to demand. As a whole, the inventory of the panel industry is relatively healthy, and the panel price is relatively stable, so there is no more ups and downs.  

She introduced that TCL Huaxing will pay close attention to the changes in demand and ensure the flexibility of factory production, so that it can timely respond to the adjustment of production brought about by changes in the market. As a head enterprise, TCL Huaxing has built its own moat in the upstream supply chain. The company will also give full play to this advantage, continue to strengthen cooperation with the upstream supply chain, especially the strategic partners of key materials, establish strong links, share information, optimize the supply chain system, and ensure that TCL Huaxing’s factory can respond to uncertain situations in time and ensure the delivery of the whole supply chain.    

TCL Huaxing is also actively deploying in the fast-growing sub-categories such as folding screens and car screens. Liu Xiaolan said that folding screen mobile phones have become a fast-growing segment of mobile phone products in recent years. TCL Huaxing has launched a number of folding screen products, and has industry-leading technologies such as LTPO and PLP. On the one hand, the company will continue to make breakthroughs in folding screen technology in the future, reducing the weight and thickness of the screen, extending the battery life and service life. On the other hand, it will start with materials and design, reduce the cost of folding screens, and make folding screens more widely used in mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other products.    

TCL Huaxing’s shipments of in-vehicle screens also maintained a high growth trend. TCL Huaxing did not enter the in-vehicle field for a long time. Last year, the shipments were about 5 million pieces. Although the shipments were not large, the growth rate was large, which doubled and reached the first place in the industry. "In the past, we only made efforts on high-end car screens. At that time, we didn’t have a production line of amorphous silicon," Liu Xiaolan said. "After the mass production of t9 production line last year, we developed a lot of amorphous silicon car displays, and we will catch up with them at a very fast speed."    

The "drama essence" company behind "Cang Lan Ji"

Author | Weinika

Editor | Li Chunhui

The drama powder of the three ancient dolls in the summer file fell into a heated debate about the ranking. But no matter what criteria you use,From the perspective of publicity, Freesia is the best and richest.

There are only 90 Weibo hot searches in the long broadcast cycle of 56 episodes of "Splendid Star"; Also divided into two parts, 59 episodes of "Aquilaria Resina", 116 hot searches in Weibo; But "Freesia Tactics" has not been broadcast yet, so far it has reached 131 hot searches in Weibo.

The image comes from the hot search engine, and the data ends on August 27th.

The gap in Tik Tok’s hot list is even wider. From the second day of its broadcast, Freesia has been on the hot list, with an average of 5 hot list topics per day and up to 10 hot list topics per day. And "brilliant star" has never been on a hot list. Although Aquilaria Resinatum is on the list almost every day, the number is small, 1-4, and not all of them are positive topics.

It is clear at a glance that the cost of the publication of Canglan strategics is plentiful. It is needless to say that its broadcasting platform, iQiyi, is now open source and thrifty, and its consistent announcement strategy. Why is the film so exciting? It has to be said that the magical company behind "Freesia", which was established only four years ago, suddenly became popular-stellar gravity.

The general impression it gives the people who eat melons is that the boss, Wang Yixi, is very skillful, and he always replies to fans or publishes small essays. For example, he cries on the high-speed rail when he hears that the heat is breaking through. The impression given to insiders is that they are rich and know nothing else.

Nowadays, because of the discussion of freesia, many drama fans begin to hope that the gravity of stars will inherit the mantle of ancient dolls. In their view, Tang people declined from brain drain, and Zhouyi declined from the break of capital chain. The stellar gravity found the behind-the-scenes team of the Tang people, and the boss was a rich second generation who was not short of money, so he completely filled the shortcomings.

Is this really the case?

A producer who knows rice circles better than "Yu Ma"

Wang Yixu, the boss of Stellar Gravitation, Yu Zheng, the boss of Entertainment Film and Television, Liu Ning, the vice president of Perfect World, and Yang Xiaopei, the boss of Xixi Film, were honored as "Four Fine Producers" by netizens for their frequent essays and responses to netizens.

But after careful study, Wang Yixu is actually different from other producers. Most producers are keen to tell about the difficulty of the production process in order to win the sympathy of the audience; Or a online celebrity posture that wants to make a debut and constantly expresses itself. For example, Zheng Zheng often takes his own selfie after losing weight successfully. However, Yu Zheng’s essays are not all self-expression. To be honest, he is sometimes regarded as a reasonable guest who exposes the situation of the industry.

And Weibo, who is in Wang Yixu’s list, mistakenly thinks that Hard Candy has clicked into some big powder Weibo.He doesn’t look much like a producer. He doesn’t have any self-expression, but more like a fan operator.

For a drama project, from shooting to broadcasting, he constantly released various photos taken without watermark, and constantly drew prizes for fans who forwarded photos, and often forwarded fans’ second-generation videos, comic books and so on. In addition to "Freesia Tactics", YCY and Ding Yuxi’s "Lucky at Seven o’clock", which has not yet been broadcast, are also being reprinted wildly by Wang Yixu.

This kind of high-frequency fan interaction has made the series warm up in the starring powder circle and the core drama powder circle before it started broadcasting. I have to say that Wang Yixu knows the way of rice circles and uses it for the promotion of dramas.

Esther Yu and Dylan were suspected of quarreling in the live broadcast of "Freesia", but neither side responded afterwards. However, Wang Yixu responded positively to fans that Wang Hedi had "coaxed" Esther Yu, and they often quarreled. As soon as this word came out, the cp powder in a group of plays could not stop hitting the real cp.

Even the drama attracted less investment, and Wang Yixu did not forget to affirm the efforts of fans. Wang Yizhen called "black spots" (black powder, I really didn’t see any producer directly use this kind of rice circle language) to make "Canglan tactic", which was not optimistic at first. Later, due to the efforts of fans, the data records of the same type of members of iQiyi were constantly refreshed.

Isn’t this the most familiar powder abuse routine for Xiufen? Telling the helpless story that the project is not optimistic creates an illusion that "my brother only has fans", thus enhancing the stickiness and initiative of fans.

In fact, Wang Yixu’s skillful marketing of rice circles was first applied to SNH48 whitehairpin, the star of the play, during the period of "Chasing the Ball", and he bought 1,000 numbers for whitehairpin to play the list and vote in the general election, but he failed to bring a red drama series successfully.

When the IP drama "Fox Demon Little Matchmaker" of Guoman was played, Wang Yizhen was even more perfect.Netizens’ first impressions of the play are: xx appeared on the Internet, xx denied it, and then Wang Yizhen personally refuted the rumor or responded ambiguously to the rumor.Obviously, it is not a super IP, but it gives the whole story of who will play the little dragon girl and who will play Lin Daiyu more than ten years ago.

Male starring candidates from JC-T, Li Xian, Chen Xiao, Cheng Yi to Liu Yuning, slipped through the first-line niche; Liu Shishi, Angelababy and Ni Ni were chosen as the leading actresses in Yang Mi.I slipped through 85 flowers, as if half the entertainment circle were competing for the role of the play.

Later, Yang Mi and Simon joined the group "The Fox Demon Little Matchmaker Moon Red", which was thought to be settled. Who knows that the rumors about Liu Shishi’s acting are still going on, and Wang Yixu replied to a private letter from netizens that there will be no change in the selection of Huaizhu. Although he didn’t name names, Liu Shishi, who was sealed by many fans, will still star in The Fox Demon Little Matchmaker Bamboo Industry.

A new generation of Tang people?

In Weibo, Wang Yixu mentioned that he had watched the dramas of the Tang Dynasty since he was a child, which immediately triggered many netizens’ discussion about using stellar gravity to mark the Tang Dynasty. So, does this young company, which is only 4 years old, really have the potential to inherit the mantle of the Tang Dynasty?

Judging from the layout of the original star gravity, it is obviously not focused on Xianxia ancient dolls.In 2018, the star gravity, which entered the industry for the first time, invested a lot of literary films.. Including "A Cloud Made of a Rain in the Wind" directed by Lou Ye, "The Poet" starring Song Jia and Zhu Yawen, and "Punch Mom" starring Tan Zhuo. These movies have a high probability of losing money.

Only the film "Get My Brother Away" which cooperated with Wanda made a small profit. However, in 2020, Stellar Gravity and Wanda still have a contract dispute lawsuit without public ruling, which shows that Stellar Gravity is not going well in the film field.

In 2019, the sand sculpture drama "Once upon a time, there was a Lingjian Mountain" was a small reputation and popularity, and the focus of stellar gravity seemed to turn to the field of TV dramas. The play of stellar gravity is no different from that of most film and television companies. From buying IP and hoarding IP to signing authors, screenwriters, directors and actors, it involves the development of the whole industry chain.

Many people behind the scenes have a suffix of "Star Project" in the subtitle of "Freesia Tactics". This "Star Project" is a plan to train new people by stellar gravity, which means that many of these behind-the-scenes teams are self-trained. Including directors Yi Zheng and Qian Jingwu of Freesia, chief screenwriter Liu Xiaolin of the first draft, chief screenwriter Jinjin Bai of the final draft, screenwriter Zhang Li, co-screenwriter Cao Xiaotian, visual effects producer Ye Zi, music director Huang Yi, etc.

Looking through it, the "Star Project" also includes signed writers/screenwriters: Wuzai, Jiulu Feixiang, Taotao Round, Jane Dark, etc. Jiulu Feixiang also has two ancient puppet works "With the Phoenix" and "Protecting the Heart" adapted by other families. Artists’ brokerage is not outstanding. At present, Guo Xiaoting is a bit famous, and Ryan has a contract dispute lawsuit with Stellar Gravity.

In fact, most film and television companies with production ability have a set of their own training teams. The famous midday production system mostly comes from the "Shandong Gang" of Shandong film and television. A stable and efficient production team can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles.

However, this kind of situation is rarely publicly marked like stellar gravity, and it has a title. The previous person who emphasized his own team was 500.

The arc alliance initiated by 500 includes director Wang Siyang, group B director Song Xiao, screenwriter Yu Xiaoqian, photography director Liu Yingjian, lighting director Sun Jingliang, action director Li Yinghui and so on. They will also add a suffix "A·L·U", which is the abbreviation of "ARC LIGHT UNION" in the subtitle display of "Black Storm".

This approach is equivalent to branding the production team.With the accumulation of word-of-mouth of subsequent works, it can not only cultivate mature behind-the-scenes personnel, but also increase brand value and social status.

However, whether the plan can be successful depends on whether there are successive successful works. Because they are satisfied with "Freesia", the audience who are expecting stellar gravity to inherit the mantle of the Tang Dynasty will have to wait patiently for the broadcast of the next ancient puppet by stellar gravity.

However, stellar gravity can still carry out such deep-pocketed marketing in the case of saving money in the whole industry, and Hard Sugar Jun is inevitably curious about its capital background.

where is the money to come from?

It is rumored in Jianghu that Wang Yixu is a rich second generation "idolize Big Brother".The first company he founded in 2015, Shanghai Renxiang Culture, is mainly engaged in star data analysis and provides fan data algorithm services for video websites.Therefore, it is not surprising that Wang Yixu knows the way of rice circles.

Wang Yixu’s other background can only be found that he attended the Ivy League University jointly founded by Tencent and cheung kong graduate school of business Chuangchuang Community, and studied Tencent’s business model and cultural and creative industries. Whether the "money" of stellar gravity comes from Wang Yixu or not, Hard Sugar Jun is skeptical.

According to Tianyancha information, Wang Yizhen’s financial situation in 2018-2019 may not be particularly optimistic. There were two cases in which the equity was pledged, and the pledgee was Bank of Beijing Shanghai Branch. Equity pledge refers to the act of pledging the company’s equity as a guarantee. Generally speaking, the major shareholder is short of money or the company is not well managed to pledge the equity.

Zhang Yucheng, another founder of the company, was also pledged in 2018. The biggest change in 2019 is that the investors of financial capital, Wang Zheng, Shi Bo and Tang Yizhen, successively withdrew from Zhang Yucheng’s Wuren film and television culture.

However, Hard Sugar Jun prefers that the "money" of stellar gravity comes from Zhang Yucheng.According to the data of Zhang Yucheng searched on the Internet, he studied in Shenzhen International Exchange College, a famous aristocratic school in Shenzhen. He is a full-time international high school authorized by many foreign institutions, which specializes in training students going abroad. The annual tuition fee is as high as 278,000.

Zhang Yu graduated from University College London with a bachelor’s degree in statistics, economics and finance, and graduated from Cambridge University with a master’s degree in economics and finance. From 2013 to 2015, he worked in the investment banking department of Huatai United Securities, which ranked in the top five in China.

He should have started his business in 2015 and caught up with Wang Yizhen. The capital operation of stellar gravity is probably handled by Zhang Yucheng. In 2018, there may be some situations in the capital behind the two. But soon in July 2019, stellar gravity introduced the investment of iQiyi.

In August, 2020, Star Gravitation cooperated with Zhongshi Mingda Culture Media to establish Quality Gravitation Culture Media Company. The controlling party behind Zhongshi Mingda Culture Media is Tik Tok’s Quantum Jump Technology.In other words, after the investment of long video investor iQiyi, Stellar Gravity introduced the capital of short video byte system.

What’s more worth mentioning is that Wang Jianjun, the mysterious director of Stellar Gravity. He has the employment information of directors, supervisors and legal persons of 62 companies, among which there are many companies with state-owned background, belonging to China Huadian Group, Jinneng Holding Group and Shanxi Financial Investment Holding Group.

It seems that stellar gravity is not only a long and short video, but also a director with such a background. It is not surprising that he has money. However, if you have money, you will have money. If the gravity of the stars can really stably output high-quality ancient dolls, it will benefit the younger generation of viewers. Of course, it is best not to rot.