Cancelo sent a farewell message.

Cancelo sent a farewell message.

On the morning of March 11th, Beijing time, Bayern player Cancelo posted a farewell message on his personal social media to his Song Shiquan pet.

Cancelo wrote: "Your time here is short, but it is enough to make the story between us eternal! You in my heart forever, my loyal friend. Rest in peace in the starry sky, and we will meet again one day … "

Cancelo sent a farewell message to Song Shiquan, and his sentimentality at this time was related to his recent bad mood because he couldn’t play football.

Cancelo’s recent situation in Bayern Munich is not good. Since Manchester City joined Bayern on loan, Cancelo has won the starting opportunity in the first few games. In recent games, he has mostly sat on the bench, sometimes sitting on the whole game. This situation makes Cancelo, who has a high heart, a little depressed. On the training ground, he sometimes works alone and seems to have a bad relationship with his teammates. This has greatly reduced his expectation of a complete transfer to Bayern next season.

Originally, before the deadline of the international transfer window, Cancelo joined expect the unexpected on loan. Sources pointed out that due to personality reasons, he had conflicts with the coach and teammates in Manchester City, which led to Guardiola finally losing patience with him and determined to clean Cancelo. Bayern Munich immediately expressed their interest in Cancelo when they learned about it, and the two sides quickly reached an agreement, which made Cancelo rent Bayern like lightning.

It is reported that, in view of Cancelo’s personality, Bayern has decided not to buy him out after the loan, and Guardiola will not let him return to Manchester City. In this case, Barcelona expressed interest in him. It’s just that Barcelona is also very strange. How can such an excellent player, who was selected as the best team in the Premier League season, not start in Manchester City and Bayern? This makes Barcelona cautious about introducing him.


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