Wuxi Zhijia Operation Service Center officially put into use.

Wuxi Zhijia Operation Service Center officially put into use.

    On October 20th, 2023 Wuxi Intelligent Networked Automobile Ecology Conference, the frontier dialogue session of the 2023 World Internet of Things Expo, was held in Wuxi Economic Development Zone. At the meeting, Wuxi Zhijia Operation Service Center and Intelligent Networked Automobile and Vehicle Networking Joint Laboratory were officially put into use. Many experts in the field of intelligent sensors and representatives of upstream and downstream ecological enterprises in the industrial chain discussed new technologies, new applications and industrial development ideas around the development trend of intelligent networked automobile and automobile semiconductor industry, innovation and application of key technologies of sensors, chip technology breakthroughs and other related topics.

    In recent years, Wuxi has deeply implemented the leading strategy of strengthening the city by industry and the core strategy of innovation-driven, taking the Internet of Vehicles and intelligent networked vehicles as the main direction in the field of Internet of Things, built the first national-level vehicle networking pilot area in China, and won the first batch of pilot cities for the coordinated development of smart city infrastructure and intelligent networked vehicles in China.

    Wuxi Economic Development Zone, as the core plate of Wuxi intelligent networked automobile application and industrial development, actively seized the "new track" for the development of intelligent networked automobile industry, focused on "333+5" modern industrial clusters such as Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, targeted the intelligent networked automobile and car networking industry, and successively released a number of industrial plans such as intelligent networked automobile, energy storage and new energy, and integrated circuits, and gathered a number of industrial ecological enterprises such as Cheliantianxia, Iflytek and Konoway.

(2023 Wuxi Intelligent Networked Automobile Ecology Conference Site)

  At the meeting, Ding Rongjun, academician of China Academy of Engineering, chief scientist of CRRC and dean of School of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering of Hunan University, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Coordinated Development of Power Semiconductor and System Technology for Intelligent New Energy Vehicles", sharing new ideas around the demand of new energy vehicles for electric drive systems, technical characteristics and applications of power devices, and technical trends of power semiconductors in the future.

(Wuxi Zhijia Operation Service Center and Intelligent Networked Automobile and Vehicle Networking Joint Laboratory officially put into use)

  Wuxi Zhijia Operation Service Center and Intelligent Networked Automobile and Vehicle Networking Joint Laboratory were officially put into use at the meeting, injecting new development momentum into Wuxi Intelligent Networked Automobile Eco-industry.

  It is reported that Wuxi Zhijia Operation Service Center plans to build four centers: Intelligent Networked Business Service Center, Intelligent Networked Supervision and Operation Center, Intelligent Networked Car Parking and Maintenance Center and Intelligent Networked Simulation Test Center, so as to build a full chain service system of intelligent networked industrial chain. The intelligent networked automobile and vehicle networking joint laboratory will focus on building the world’s leading component-level antenna test system, the first domestic test system supporting 5G-V2X, the C-V2X test system with independent intellectual property rights, and the electromagnetic darkroom supporting millimeter waves, aiming at serving intelligent networked automobile and vehicle networking enterprises and promoting industrial development.

  In the release of intelligent networked automobile new products, the Automobile Sensor Branch of China Automotive Engineering Society released the report framework of sensor series selection, Wuxi Chelian Tianxia Information Technology Co., Ltd. released the remote Xinghan H-X9 intelligent cockpit domain controller, and Wuxi Intelligent Control Research Institute of Hunan University released the mine intelligent driving system.

(Signing Ceremony of Intelligent Networked Automobile Ecological Project in Wuxi Economic Development Zone)

  During the conference, 12 intelligent networked automobile eco-chain projects, such as leading microelectronic vehicle-level communication chip project, automotive acoustics intelligent electronics project and Moji Zhixing two-wheeled vehicle intelligent project, were officially signed, covering vehicle-level chip, active noise reduction, sensor product testing and other sub-industrial fields.

  "This conference will share development experience and discuss development plans, which will promote the comprehensive construction of a higher energy level, better quality and more distinctive car networking industry ecology, and lead the accelerated development of the intelligent networked automobile industry. Wuxi will vigorously support cutting-edge teams and key enterprises at home and abroad to settle down and take root in Wuxi with stronger and more comprehensive policy support, more intimate and professional government services, and warmer and more personalized talent services. " Jang Jin, vice mayor of Wuxi, said.

  The theme of the 2023 Wuxi Intelligent Networked Automotive Ecology Conference is "Networked Intelligence, Sensing the Future". There is an ecological conference and two sub-forums on intelligent electric vehicle sensors, domain controllers and intelligent cockpits, attracting more than 300 representatives from universities and research institutes, intelligent networked automotive eco-enterprises and investment institutions to attend the conference. (Yin Qing)


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