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Yang Mi, Nikki, Raquel and Guan Xiaotong, they are the goddess of beautiful legs in the entertainment circle.

Yang Mi, Nikki, Raquel, Guan Xiaotong

1905 movie network news An actress’s lack of aura depends on whether her legs are beautiful or not. As an entertainment circle that never lacks beautiful women, there are not many actresses with beautiful legs. Just recently, Yang Mi, Nikki, Raquel and Guan Xiaotong were praised by netizens as the goddess of beautiful legs in the entertainment circle by virtue of their "beautiful legs".


Yang Mi is not afraid of severe cold and shows long legs.

Yang Mi legs

Every time Yang Mi attends an event, it can trigger a craze. Recently, Yang Mi attended a grand ceremony in a starlight dress. At that time, the weather was cold, and the temperature had reached below zero. However, Da Power was still wearing a metallic dress with sloping shoulders despite the cold, showing off snow-white shoulders and slender legs, and her good figure was revealed.


Nikki’s leg frequency hot search crushed the stars

Li Xi Yu mei tui

As a member of Yang Mi’s general, Nikki is the one whose beautiful legs are no less than or even more than the boss’s great power. Earlier, with the role of Xia Qiao in Beautiful Li Huizhen, Nikki’s long legs successfully captured netizens, and "Nikki’s legs" once boarded a hot search, as long as she was with her, she was crushed by her beautiful legs.


Raquel Weibo Xiumei legs attract netizens to watch.

Raquel legs

Recently, Raquel, the national eldest sister-in-law, showed off her beautiful legs in Weibo and wrote an essay: She was said that her legs were not good-looking since she was a child, but who knows … Now basking in the sun … I feel much more confident about my legs … Therefore, I have learned a truth: if others say that you are not good, you can bask in it. Maybe that’s what makes you different … Just like when I was growing up, I was always called hunchback … Now they only envy me. This article attracted countless netizens to watch, and her beautiful legs also became a hot topic among netizens.


Guan Xiaotong’s slender legs alone are one meter long.

Guan Xiaotong legs

Recently, Guan Xiaotong took part in an activity, singing and dancing at the scene. A pair of long legs were amazing, and her beautiful legs were full of talents. No wonder she succeeded in "capturing" Lu Han, and the news of Guan Xiaotong’s big dance also attracted the attention of many netizens. Guan Xiaotong, who was born as a child star, grew up in the spotlight. At 1.73 meters, she has a perfect figure, and her slender legs are one meter long. Can the goddess of beautiful legs do without her?

Today’s football recommendation analysis score forecast Bologna VS Lazio La Palmas VS Atletico Madrid

In the 11th round of Italian first-class football league, Bologna played against Lazio at home. Bologna’s scoring efficiency is good this season, but there are many draws. In the last round, Sassuolo was tied, and all the away games were tied this season. Bologna has been unbeaten in the last 9 games, with 3 wins and 6 draws, and all three victories were won at home. Lazio beat Fiorentina 1-0 in the league on Tuesday morning, and Inmobile scored a 90-minute penalty to help the Biancocelesti score all three points. At present, Lazio has won three consecutive victories in the league, while 2 wins and 3 losses in the away game, and defeated Sassuolo as a guest to end the two-game losing streak in the away game. This season, the Biancocelesti’s attack is average, with only 13 goals scored in 10 rounds and 12 goals conceded.

Lazio won 1 win and 1 draw against Bologna last season and remained unbeaten. However, in four consecutive seasons, Lazio only scored 2 draws and 2 losses without winning, and even failed to score in the last three games. The data of this game is insufficient for Lazio’s support. After all, as a traditional strong team in the league, the tie is not easy to overestimate when its reputation and status are dominant.

Therefore, the home team, Boluo, is always in Asia, and it is expected that the match will be more exciting than the match 1 midfielder. The right pair is in charge. The performance in the field is stable and has the strength advantage, while Lazio needs to show better performance in the away game to continue its unbeaten record.

Las palmas beat Manakol 3-0 in the last round and won two consecutive victories, in good shape. The team has a strong offensive ability, scoring only 9 goals in the past 5 rounds, but the defensive quality has improved, losing 4 goals in the past 5 rounds. This season, it has achieved 4 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses, ranking 10th in the league. Sandro ramirez, Fabio Gonzá lez and others were plagued by injuries or missed the game. It must be difficult for this field to face the former bitter Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid beat Aravis 2-1 in the last round, and the team’s morale is like a rainbow. So far this season, it has achieved 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, and its performance is excellent, ranking third in the league. In the last five rounds, he scored a total of 12 goals, averaging 2.4 goals per game. The quality of the team’s defense is very high, and he lost 6 goals in the past five rounds. French striker Gleizman scored 7 goals, and Morata scored 6 goals, which was the main scorer of the team. At present, Victor vitolo, Depe, Mandawa, etc. in the team are plagued by injuries or absent from the game. Atletico’s players can always adapt to different competition environments and play well. Their tactical flexibility and adaptability enable them to always have an advantage in away games.

To sum up, I think Atletico Madrid will win on the road. Although we know that the away game is full of challenges, Atletico’s strength, experience and tactical flexibility all indicate that they will win this victory. I believe they will show their advantages in the competition and finally win.

Interview | Behind the scenes of "Save the Water": Xin Yunlai fiercely practiced flower swimming and flipped his nose.

Special feature of 1905 film network After the seven-day National Day holiday, the single-day film arrangement and single-day box office ranking of the film "Five Boys Drowning in the Water" rose against the trend, and many viewers praised the film as "the best domestic youth film this year", and the douban score gradually rose to 7.4 points after the score was opened.

Under the pressure of the government, the film didn’t get much attention during the National Day, and the box office was not as good as expected. However, as the first film focusing on synchronized swimming in China, it still involved the unpopular event of men’s synchronized swimming, which also brought the sport to the public.

Zhang Xi, a former national synchronized swimmer, is the synchronized swimming coach of this film, who is responsible for training five leading actors and designing the flower show in the film.

Synchronized swimming, known as "underwater ballet", is a water sports event that combines swimming, skills, dance and music. Zhang Xi introduced that this is a sport with a relatively high threshold. Flower-swimming athletes need not only the high cardio-pulmonary ability of swimmers, but also the flexibility of dancers, as well as the ability to appreciate music and count beats, which is comprehensive and cumbersome. "Many technical movements may be impossible for athletes to do when they retire."

It is an impossible task for these five young actors who are not good at swimming to learn synchronized swimming in two months to meet the requirements of performance and shooting. During these two months, they trained for about 8 hours every day, basically without rest. Finally, in their efforts, they succeeded in achieving their goals.

Zhang Xi revealed that the actor has the worst coordination among these five people, and he has to complete the highlight action of "back flip". He worked hard during the training period. Every morning from 5: 00 am, he first practiced somersault and then practiced water movements with others, and suffered a lot of injuries, but he didn’t shout bitterness or tiredness. "This is why every time I watch a movie and see Xiao Xin jumping on the rooftop, I will burst into tears." Li Xiaoqian, who plays the swimmer Gao Fei, can’t swim at all. He also learned to swim in two months.

At the end of the film, a group of male high school students finally completed the performance of group synchronized swimming after all difficulties. This big show has three links in total and more than 40 people participated in the performance. Zhang Xi said that the overall movement arrangement jumped out of the professional movements of traditional synchronized swimming, and highlighted the characteristics of "show". First, it was a uniform queue, then it was a hilarious dance on land, and finally it was arranged for the different personalities of the five characters.

In the general cognition of the public, synchronized swimming is a female sport, but in recent years, the situation of men’s synchronized swimming has also developed positively. In the 2015 Kazan World Swimming Championships, male synchronized swimmers were allowed to participate for the first time, and in the 2017 FINA World Championships, China also sent mixed doubles for the first time. Although there is no such event in the Olympic Games now, Zhang Xi believes that it will definitely be included in the future.

Zhang Xi is also the founder of the first synchronized swimming club in Beijing, and has trained many young synchronized swimming talents. She revealed that at present, the ratio of male and female students she leads is only 20 or 30 to 1, and the number is very small. In her view, men’s synchronized swimming also has its own unique beauty. "It’s just not promoted enough, and there is no need to emphasize gender in this project. It is definitely a particularly eye-catching glory for boys to join."

As a third-generation flower tourist in China, Zhang Xi witnessed the difficult development of synchronized swimming in China. "We have worked hard from generation to generation to climb to the current runner-up position, and the gap with Russia has gradually narrowed, which is not easy."

She thinks that the appearance of "Five Boys Who Save the Water" is a good opportunity to let more people know about synchronized swimming, change the prejudice against men’s synchronized swimming, and better appreciate the beauty and beauty of this sport.

[Interview Record]

1905 Movie Network: When did these "five teenagers" start to learn synchronized swimming, and what was the length and intensity of training?

Zhang Xi:From July 5 last year, we made a preliminary evaluation of their water-based and coordination. After the test, we found that strictly speaking, none of them could swim. When we met with the director, we thought it was an impossible task.

We trained for two months at that time, and it was really difficult to reach the level of shooting, but it turned out that we did it. The training intensity in those two months was quite strong, and I don’t remember any rest. Basically, their daily arrangement is 4 to 5 hours of water training during the day and 5 to 4 hours of physical coordination and dance training in the afternoon. In this way, there are at least about 8 hours of land and water training every day.

1905 Movie Network: The climax at the end of the movie is men’s collective synchronized swimming. What is the style pursued in action arrangement?

Zhang Xi:The whole show is divided into three parts. The first part is the feeling of "grand parade", which is neat and spectacular as soon as it comes up. It’s all a big queue and a large square, including the selection of the music "March of Iron and Steel", which is very exciting and exciting. I hope it will give people a sense of visual impact as soon as it comes up.

The second part focuses on the dance on land, which is a feeling that a high school student is relatively active, playful and noisy. When entering the water again, it is to arrange each action for each character separately according to their personality. For example, Zhang Wei, who is the captain, is persistent and hard-working, so the action is relatively serious, and the most lively is Ququ.

We didn’t design the movements so professionally. There are also women’s synchronized swimming and professional teams in the movies, which are all recognized as flower swimming in the traditional sense. Generally, there are eight people in the team competition of flower tour, and there are more than 40 people in our big show. We still have to jump out of the traditional concept of flower tour to express it.

1905 Movie Network: Zhang Wei, the leading actor, has a backflip action to complete. Why did he design this action?

Zhang Xi:At the beginning of the training, the director repeatedly asked me what action was representative in the flower swim, so the back flip was a relatively representative action with certain difficulty. Of course, in the professional arena, this is not a particularly difficult action, but it is also impossible for ordinary people to complete. In the action sequence of synchronized swimming, this is a throw-and-take lift, which is quite difficult, and he has to complete a week of somersault at the same time.

1905 Movie Network: Is it difficult for Xin Yun to practice this action?

Zhang Xi:Very big, because Xiao Xin’s personal physical condition can be said to be the most rigid among the five people, and his coordination is not so good. That’s why every time I watch a movie, I see Xiao Xin jumping on the rooftop, and tears come to my eyes. Because I fully knew how difficult it was for Xiao Xin when he was training at that time, and he suffered many injuries because of training, both his waist and wrist, including his nose, were smashed many times.

He never shouted tired, I can’t do it, I lost my temper, and I had to rest when I was injured, never. In the later period, he worked much harder than others, and others only had to complete normal training every day. In addition to these, he had to practice somersaults himself. From 5 o’clock every day, he came back to practice water movements with everyone after learning, and it took about two months to complete this movement. So he is not only the captain in this movie, but also a leading role among these five people.

1905 Movie Network: What is the training status of others? Did they train for two months before reaching the standard?

Zhang Xi:We were training every day in Beijing. At that time, Li Xiaoqian, who played goofy, was the worst swimmer. Compared with others, he couldn’t swim at all, but he was from a sports school and the best swimmer in the film, so the task given by the director at that time was to practice it within two months. He also worked hard, and it took him two months.

When we were training, there was a sports school team training beside us. Every day before class, I called several players to come and compete with him, so in the end, Li Xiaoqian’s level was basically the same as theirs, including seeing him compete with the swimming captain in the movie, which was all because he really swam.

1905 Movie Network: Synchronized swimming has always been a women’s sport. What do you think is the dilemma of men’s synchronized swimming?

Zhang Xi:Synchronized swimming only joined the mixed doubles in world-class competitions a few years ago, and some boys joined it, but it was not the mainstream. Men’s synchronized swimming is well developed in many European countries, and the event itself originated in Europe. People don’t know it so narrowly, including many competitions, such as the European Championship, where there are men’s single or double events.

The feeling of flower tour in our domestic public is still a feminized project that little girls are practicing, so when selecting talents and recruiting professional teams in various places, parents will think that little boys are not suitable for this.

However, boys have natural advantages in height, arm span and leg length, and the beauty shown in the water is no less than that shown by girls. His sense of existence is stronger, his sense of strength is stronger, and his visual impact is different. So I think we just haven’t promoted it enough, and there is no need to emphasize gender so much in this project. It is definitely a particularly bright glory for boys to join in.

For example, when we go abroad to participate in competitions, many of the opening performances are the fathers of the players. Because they train with their children, they will also do volunteer work in the team, and they will also form a father team of their own. Therefore, it is not necessary to have a particularly high professional direction at the beginning, so that everyone is willing to come in first and think this is a very interesting project.

1905 Movie Network: How many athletes are engaged in men’s synchronized swimming in China now, and has it increased in recent years?

Zhang Xi:There are more and more places, but on the whole, there are only a dozen in the country. Professional teams in various provinces and cities, including the national team, are recruiting all the year round, but the direction is relatively vertical. Instead of recruiting from the public, they go to some professional colleges, such as dance colleges and swimming teams. A few years ago, most of the selections were transferred from other teams, and now they are slowly starting from scratch. It doesn’t matter if there is no foundation for choosing this project. You can train if you meet the physical conditions.

Men’s synchronized swimming is less known in the society, so this film is just right, and when you watch it, it may open up a new idea.

Half a month after the implementation of the purchase tax law, 4S shop visits: How much can you save by buying a car?

  【Minsheng investigation bureau

  Editor’s note:

  This is the People’s Livelihood Investigation Bureau, which has never been seen before, investigating the changes in people’s livelihood. Pay attention to what you want to pay attention to and what you don’t, and investigate what you want to see and what you don’t see.

  Chinanews. com client Beijing, July 17 th:Half a month after the implementation of the purchase tax law, 4S shop visits: How much can you save by buying a car?

  Author Zhang Xu

  "There is a vehicle purchase tax concession for buying a car in July!"

  In July, many consumers received calls from 4S stores. The background was that the Vehicle Purchase Tax Law was officially implemented on July 1. Among them, the most striking thing is to cancel the minimum taxable value and pay the vehicle purchase tax according to the transaction price of naked cars.

  Now, half a month after the implementation of the policy, what changes have it brought to consumers’ car purchase?

  Buy 100,000 cars and pay less than 1,700 yuan in vehicle purchase tax.

  "I bought a car with a price of 100,000 yuan after the discount. Because I don’t have to pay the vehicle purchase tax at the guide price, I lost more than 1,700 yuan. Before the 4S shop said that there would be a discount when buying a car in July, it was true! "

  Mr. Chen from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, had heard from the sales of 4S stores that the Vehicle Purchase Tax Law was implemented on July 1, so he chose to hold money for purchase, and the less tax paid made him the first beneficiary of the Vehicle Purchase Tax Law.

  The Vehicle Purchase Tax Law clearly states that the tax payable by consumers to buy vehicles will depend on the actual amount paid, which is also commonly known as the transaction price of naked cars. The purchase tax rate is 10%, and taxable value does not include 13% value-added tax.

  A salesperson of a Buick 4S shop calculated an account for the reporter of Zhongxin. com: Take Buick Hideo 18T automatic elite as an example, the manufacturer’s guide price is 135,900 yuan, the store sales discount is 45,000 yuan, and the consumer actually pays 90,900 yuan.

  Before the implementation of the New Deal, consumers have to pay the vehicle purchase tax of 135,900 ÷ (1+13%) × 10% = 12,026 yuan, and after the New Deal, it is 90,900 ÷ (1+13%) × 10% = 8,044 yuan, which can save consumers 3,982 yuan.

  "Vehicles are generally sold at a price lower than the manufacturer’s guide price, but before paying taxes, they paid taxes according to the guide price. In fact, they paid more money." The salesperson said.

  Compared with the previous Provisional Regulations on Vehicle Purchase Tax, the Vehicle Purchase Tax Law, which came into effect on July 1, canceled the collection of purchase tax for expenses other than consideration.

  What is the extra cost? Insiders explained that it mainly refers to the handling fee, transportation and loading and unloading fee, collection money, advance payment, etc. charged to the buyer outside the sales price.

  That is to say, "if these expenses are incurred in buying a car, they will also be taxed according to the previous provisional regulations. Now, canceling out-of-price fees can save money for consumers to a certain extent. "

  Can you save money by canceling the minimum taxable price?

  It is worth noting that the Vehicle Purchase Tax Law abolished the minimum taxable price.

  "Previously, the minimum taxable value was reported by the manufacturer, and State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China checked with reference to the average market transaction price. What is the minimum taxable value for each car? Consumers are not clear. After the implementation of the Vehicle Purchase Tax Law, the tax payable is calculated according to the total price paid by consumers to dealers when buying a car. The specific cost is clear at a glance. " Some insiders said.

  Many times, consumers get a lot of discounts when buying a car, and the actual transaction price is lower than the lowest in taxable value, but they have to pay taxes according to the lowest taxable value, which makes consumers spend more money.

  Therefore, whether the New Deal can save money after implementation depends mainly on whether the preferential price of vehicles is lower than the previous lowest taxable value.

  "For example, the actual transaction price of the Mercedes-Benz ELA200 that I sold before July with a manufacturer’s guide price of 269,800 yuan was 209,800 yuan. If the tax was calculated according to the actual transaction price, I should pay 18,566 yuan, but the consumer actually paid 19,000 yuan. This is because before the implementation of the new tax law, if the transaction price is lower than the minimum taxable price, tax should also be paid at the minimum taxable price. After July 1 ST, the minimum taxable price was cancelled, and it is enough to pay taxes according to the actual transaction price. " Mr. Qin, manager of a Mercedes-Benz 4S store in Chaoyang, Beijing, introduced to the reporter.

  Refund of car can be refunded, and the car with 120,000 yuan can be refunded more than 8,000 yuan in two years.

  In order to better protect the interests of consumers, the Vehicle Purchase Tax Law has also added a tax refund clause. Taxpayers who return vehicles with vehicle purchase tax to vehicle production enterprises or sales enterprises may apply to the competent tax authorities for refund of vehicle purchase tax in accordance with relevant regulations, and the amount of tax refund shall not be negative.

  The amount of tax refund is based on the tax paid, and it will be deducted by 10% every full year from the date of tax payment to the date of applying for tax refund.

  For example, if a consumer buys a car with a price of 120,000 yuan and pays a vehicle purchase tax of 10,619 yuan, if he needs to return the car for some reason after using it for 2 years, he can also apply for a refund of part of the vehicle purchase tax, and the refund amount is 10,619× (1-2× 10%) = 8,495 yuan. This is a big plus for consumers.

  At the same time, the new regulations clarify that the vehicle purchase tax is levied once and only in the purchase process. For the purchase of vehicles that have been subject to vehicle purchase tax, that is, used cars, taxes are no longer levied. However, if the vehicle purchased is tax-free or tax-reduced, if it is no longer within the scope of tax exemption or tax reduction due to transfer or change of use, it shall pay the vehicle purchase tax before handling the vehicle transfer registration or change registration.

  The "cover-up method" of unreasonable charges in 4S stores is difficult to work.

  The incident of defending the rights of female owners of Mercedes-Benz in Xi ‘an before made the charging chaos of car dealers appear. One of them involves the "blind eye method" that merchants play when helping consumers pay the purchase tax.

  According to industry insiders, in the fierce market competition, many 4S stores will take the licensing procedures as value-added services, which is profitable. Take a car with a fare of 100,000 yuan as an example. When actually paying the purchase tax, you need to deduct 13% of the value-added tax. The purchase tax should be paid on the basis of 87,000 yuan, and the tax rate of 10% needs to pay 8,700 yuan.

  When the merchant collects and pays the vehicle purchase tax, it will be calculated at 100,000 yuan, and the consumer will be charged 10,000 yuan accordingly. "Consumers generally can’t see the tax payment invoice and don’t know how much they have paid. Many consumers don’t know how to calculate it, and the difference between them is taken away by dealers. " The sales manager of a 4S shop revealed.

  Cui Dongshu, Secretary-General of the All-China Passenger Transport Association, believes that the new vehicle purchase tax policy standardizes the formulation standards of taxable value, defines the taxable value when consumers buy cars, and effectively improves the problem of high taxable value in the past based on the actual price of cars, which is conducive to protecting consumers’ rights and interests and further reducing the cost of cars.

  However, it also brings a problem: the vehicle purchase tax in taxable value depends on the sales price indicated on the unified invoice for motor vehicle sales. Will there be tax evasion caused by the low invoice price?

  In this regard, the staff of Wuhan Municipal Taxation Bureau said that the collection of vehicle purchase tax has been upgraded from "provisional regulations" to "law", and there is illegal risk for dealers to deliberately write down sales invoices; At the same time, the implementation of the tax law itself means that the risk prevention and control work of the tax department will be more rigorous. The invoice amount paid by the taxpayer will be automatically compared in the system, and relevant risk data will be pushed. The tax department will analyze the risk data and deal with it according to the tax administration law.

  Will car sales increase under the influence of new purchase tax regulations?

  In addition to the implementation of the Vehicle Purchase Tax Law, another background of the automobile market in July was that after cleaning up the inventory of the national five vehicles in many places, the national six standard cars became the main products in the market.

  In a number of 4S stores in Beijing, the reporter saw that unlike the vehicles that were still being promoted at the end of June, the new cars are now labeled as meeting the national six standards. "We concentrated on cleaning up the inventory of the National Five in June, and it has been basically cleared. Now we sell all the models of the National Six." The salesperson told the reporter.

  Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary-General of China Automobile Industry Association, pointed out that from January to May, the automobile production and sales in China were at a low level, which was mainly manifested by weak market consumption, insufficient consumer confidence and obvious wait-and-see mood, due to the macro-economy and the early implementation of the national six emission standards in some areas.

  Shi Jianhua believes that in the second half of this year, with the increasing number of vehicles that meet the national six standards, as well as the effects of a series of policy measures such as tax reduction and fee reduction, and the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and the Ministry of Commerce jointly announced the "Implementation Plan for Promoting the Updating and Upgrading of Key Consumer Goods and Smooth Resource Recycling" (2019— The implementation of the Notice of 2020 will play a positive role in promoting the passenger car market, and the production and sales of new energy vehicles will continue to maintain rapid growth. (End)

There are many things to see in the new round of financial opening-up when foreign capital comes to China.

  At the 14th Beijing International Finance Expo, more than 150 Chinese and foreign financial institutions gathered to show the latest achievements in financial risk prevention and control, smart financial services and inclusive finance innovation. Spring light photo (people’s vision)

  In the process of expanding financial openness, China has also actively initiated the establishment of international financial institutions such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The picture shows the headquarters building of the AIIB in Beijing Financial Street. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Kaixiang photo

  Financial opening will directly serve the economic and trade exchanges between China and overseas. The picture shows a busy scene in Chongqing Central Station of China Railway Lianji at Chongqing Railway Port on May 7 this year. Photo by Sun Kaifang (People’s Vision)

  Not long ago, Guo Shuqing, President of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, China, said that on the basis of in-depth study and evaluation, 12 new measures to expand the opening up of the banking and insurance industries will be introduced in the near future. In recent days, people from all walks of life have been paying more and more attention to the opening up of China’s financial industry. Insiders pointed out that China’s new round of measures to expand the opening of banking and insurance industry not only responded to the concerns of foreign financial institutions, but also met the needs of China’s own economic and financial development.

  These opening measures are not only conducive to enriching market players, stimulating market vitality, but also improving the management level and competitiveness of the financial industry; It is also conducive to learning from international advanced concepts and experiences, expanding product and service innovation, and increasing effective financial supply, which embodies the meaning of China’s economic development towards high quality.

  Foreign investment in China "has a bigger door and a wider road"

  — — Expanding financial openness will help improve the business space and convenience of foreign-funded institutions in China.

  In early May, a message released by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange aroused widespread concern. This information shows that since the beginning of this year, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange has approved a total of 13 qualified foreign institutional investors (QFII) with a total investment quota of 4.74 billion US dollars, exceeding the total amount approved in 2018; A total of 12 RMB qualified foreign institutional investors (RQFII) were approved to invest a total of 24 billion yuan, exceeding half of the total amount approved in 2018. This means that the door for foreign capital to enter China is getting wider and wider.

  "China’s determination to open wider to the outside world and a series of reform measures it is promoting have made China’s financial market more and more attractive to foreign investment. China’s stock market and bond market have been included in several global important indexes one after another, which also makes foreign capital have a strong allocation demand for China’s financial market. In the first quarter, overseas institutions bought a net of US$ 19.4 billion in Chinese stocks and US$ 9.5 billion in Chinese bonds, a substantial increase compared with the same period last year and the fourth quarter. The State Administration of Foreign Exchange will continue to actively support the expansion of the financial market to the outside world, meet the expanding investment needs of overseas investors in China’s financial market, and attract long-term global capital to enter China’s financial market. " The relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange said.

  Beyond the implementation level, 12 new initiatives issued by China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, China, have attracted more attention. Specifically, these measures mainly include: canceling the upper limit of the shareholding ratio of a single Chinese bank and a single foreign bank to Chinese commercial banks at the same time; Cancel the total assets requirement of $10 billion for foreign banks to set up foreign-funded corporate banks in China and $20 billion for foreign banks to set up branches in China; Cancel the $1 billion total assets requirement for overseas financial institutions to invest in trust companies; Allow overseas financial institutions to invest in foreign-funded insurance companies in China; Allow foreign insurance group companies to invest in the establishment of insurance institutions; At the same time, relax the access policy for Chinese and foreign financial institutions to invest in the establishment of consumer finance companies; Cancel the approval of foreign banks to start RMB business, and allow foreign banks to operate RMB business when they start business.

  Xiao Yuanqi, spokesperson of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, China, said that the 12 new opening-up measures are aimed at further improving the foreign investment and business environment in the financial sector and stimulating the vitality of foreign investment in the development of China’s financial industry. "For example, if the relevant restrictions on the ratio of foreign shares are abolished, foreign investors can freely choose to operate in China by means of equity participation, joint venture or sole proprietorship, so as to further promote fair competition between Chinese and foreign investors. For another example, canceling the quantitative access requirements for institutions such as total assets and comprehensively evaluating the qualifications of applicants with more prudent conditions can attract more high-quality foreign-funded institutions with professional characteristics, which will help to further enrich financial market players and improve the supply of financial services. In addition, measures to expand the scope of foreign-funded business will further expand the space for foreign-funded institutions to operate in China and enhance their operational convenience. "

  Ceng Gang, deputy director of the National Finance and Development Laboratory, believes that the new opening policy is the implementation and deepening of the general direction and policy principles of financial opening in the previous stage. "For example, at the same time, the upper limit of the shareholding ratio of foreign banks to Chinese commercial banks is cancelled, which reflects the consistency standard of foreign capital and Chinese capital; For another example, canceling the approval of foreign banks to start RMB business and allowing foreign banks to operate RMB business when they start business is also a manifestation of promoting more full competition in the market. " Ceng Gang said.

  The "catfish effect" will expand.

  — — The entry of "small but beautiful" and "small but refined" foreign capital will make China’s financial system more balanced.

  The impact of the new round of financial opening policy is undoubtedly enormous. It is understood that at present, the banking and insurance industry in China has formed a multi-ownership structure of state-owned, private and foreign capital. Among them, private capital has accounted for 43%, 56%, 83% and 49% of the total share capital of joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, rural commercial banks and insurance companies respectively. Foreign banks and foreign insurance companies account for 1.64% and 6.36% of assets in China.

  Guo Shuqing pointed out that financial management departments adhere to internal and external consistency, treat all domestic and foreign entities fairly and equally, and cooperate and compete under the same rules to form a win-win situation. He said that by further opening up and building a fair and consistent market environment, it will be more conducive to the full competition of banking and insurance institutions, optimize the shareholding structure, standardize shareholder behavior, and form a reasonable and diverse market system.

  Take "allowing overseas financial institutions to invest in foreign-funded insurance companies in China" as an example. Before liberalization, the overseas shareholders of foreign-funded insurance companies should be insurance companies; After liberalization, allowing qualified non-insurance financial institutions to hold shares in foreign-funded insurance companies can enrich the types of shareholders and sources of funds of foreign-funded insurance companies. "At present, China insurance market has introduced six foreign insurance brokerage companies. Cancelling the requirements of relevant business years and total assets will help encourage and guide high-quality foreign-funded insurance brokerage companies with significant late-comer advantages to enter the China market, and help China deepen exchanges and cooperation with advanced international counterparts. " Xiao Yuanqi said.

  According to Dong Ximiao, vice president of Chongyang Financial Research Institute of China Renmin University, the launch of a new round of opening-up measures in the financial industry will help to introduce small and medium-sized foreign financial institutions with characteristics and advantages, improve the unbalanced domestic financial institution system, promote more cooperation between domestic and foreign small and medium-sized financial institutions in terms of equity, business and products, and also help finance to better serve private small and micro enterprises.

  "Previously, the foreign capital introduced by China was basically a top-level large-scale well-known foreign-funded institution. The cancellation of scale restrictions is conducive to the relatively small scale of foreign capital introduction, especially the better development, ‘ Small and beautiful ’ 、‘ Small but refined ’ Small and medium-sized foreign capital entered China. The introduction of these small and medium-sized foreign-funded institutions, on the one hand, is conducive to the enrichment of the main level of the financial industry in opening up to the outside world, and improves the unbalanced state of China’s financial system; On the other hand, it is conducive to the formation of ‘ Catfish effect ’ To promote full competition in the financial industry, so that private enterprises and small and micro enterprises in the real economy can get more support. " Dong Ximiao told reporters.

  Peng Zhiwei, director of the Department of International Economics and Trade of Nankai University, pointed out in an interview with this reporter that a direct effect of China’s new round of measures to expand financial openness is to promote competition in the domestic financial industry and improve the efficiency of the financial market in allocating factors and resources. "Today, China’s economy is seeking higher quality development, so the financial industry should also carry out supply-side reform. At this time, further opening up the financial sector is obviously conducive to promoting reform and accelerating the upgrading of China’s financial industry. "

  Quickly add whip to "enter the competition"

  — — The new action of financial opening to the outside world has better responded to the real needs and concerns of foreign capital.

  Swiss bank’s shareholding in UBS Securities increased to 51%, achieving absolute control; Jordan Arab Bank and Morocco Foreign Trade Bank successfully set up Shanghai branch; Allianz (China) Insurance was approved to build and became the first foreign insurance holding company in China; S&P was allowed to enter China’s credit rating market; American Express initiated the establishment of a joint venture company in China, and the application for preparing a bank card clearing institution has been examined and approved … … With the last round of financial opening, foreign financial institutions are more and more actively deploying the China market.

  Nowadays, the new round of financial opening policy has obviously further increased China’s attractiveness to overseas financial institutions. Dbs group said that the implementation of the open policy has enabled foreign banks to have a more level playing field in China. After more reforms, DBS Bank is more willing to invest in China and expand its business in China. Morgan Stanley predicts that with the increase of China A-share market in MSCI Emerging Markets Index, the proportion of foreign investors holding China A-shares will increase from 2.6% to about 10% within 10 years, which is expected to bring hundreds of billions of dollars into China capital market every year.

  As the largest foreign-funded property insurance company in China market, AXA Tianping will be 100% wholly owned by French AXA, and it is the first wholly foreign-funded company among the top 20 property insurance companies in China. In recent years, the continuous opening of China’s financial industry, especially the rapid growth of the insurance industry, has strengthened AXA Tianping’s confidence in expanding the layout of the China market.

  Wei Zewei, Executive Chairman and CEO of AXA China, said that insurance regulators are promoting market liberalization and providing foreign investors with the same level of market access as domestic enterprises, and positive changes can be seen everywhere. "We have always been full of confidence in the China market and believe that the China market has great growth potential. Now we have become a leading foreign-funded life insurance and property insurance company in China. In the future, AXA Tianping will continue to devote itself to serving the China market and further deepen the insurance industry to provide more humanized services, so as to ‘ Quality ’ Win. "

  "According to the data of the Ministry of Commerce, in the first quarter, 9,616 foreign-invested enterprises were newly established nationwide, and the actual use of foreign capital was 242.28 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.5%; In March, the actually used foreign capital increased by 8% year-on-year. Among them, high-tech manufacturing and high-tech service industries have increased substantially, and the investment in China by economies such as the United States, Japan, South Korea and the European Union has increased rapidly. A large number of foreign investments in China also show that the new situation of economic development requires China to provide more diversified, more open and more effective financial services. Expanding financial openness is obviously beneficial to the development of this open economy. It can be said that the new round of financial opening-up measures has better responded to the actual needs and concerns of foreign investment. " Peng Zhiwei said. (Our reporter Wang Junling.)

Open the fig leaf of "high-priced domestic beauty": from the light of domestic products to the "price assassin", is the way out for head players such as Polaiya to become "all-round fighters" in the f

In recent years, the new brand of beauty that has been popular on the internet has been inseparable from the label of "domestic products" at the beginning of its debut. It is not only suitable for Chinese skin, but also relatively low in price, and can be used as a cheap substitute for big brands. However, 79 yuan’s Hua Xizi eyebrow pencil sent Li Jiaqi to the forefront. Netizen said that although it doesn’t sound too expensive, the eyebrow pencil weighs only 0.08 grams.The price per gram is more expensive than gold.. So,Hua Xizi has become the latest currency unit on the Internet.There is a ridicule that "the exclusive monetary unit of migrant workers: 1 flower west =79 yuan".

With the continuous fermentation of Li Jiaqi’s remarks in the live broadcast room, the cost performance of some domestic beauty products has been pushed to the forefront. After a media reporter counted more than 30 eyebrow pencil products of 19 makeup brands on the market, the results showed that the price per gram of eyebrow pencil of 14 brands exceeded that of 100 yuan, and the eyebrow pencil products of Mao Geping ranked first among the domestic makeup brands, with the price per gram reaching 1,222.2 yuan. Even if the unit price is not mentioned,There is still a hidden trend behind this-cheap domestic makeup products are getting smaller and smaller.. Insiders pointed out that in the past, small weight was the advantage of domestic products, and consumers also had a good impression on small weight. Because the iteration rate of cheap domestic cosmetics is high, for consumers, the trial and error cost of small grams of products is low. However, when the cheap domestic make-up products are getting smaller and smaller, consumers’ feelings are:On the surface, the price advantage within 100 yuan has been maintained, but in fact it is a disguised price increase..

However, there is another voice on social media that it is unfair to look at the price per gram. Some people suggest that the cost of cosmetics is not only the internal material, but also the packaging design, etc. "We can’t rudely take gram weight as the basis of price comparison", "Overall parity is also parity.”。 Another practitioner said that although it is not wrong to calculate directly according to the figures, cosmetics can’t be completely calculated like this, because many local brands almost never trade at the original price, and these pricing are illusory. "You will see discounts in many brands all the year round. In the live broadcast room, some of them are buy one get one free, even buy one get two free, and there are other complimentary items. And such pricing combined with large discounts,In order to stimulate consumers to buy.. "

From the Light of Domestic Products to the "Price Assassin": "Abnormal Marketing" Behind Small Grams

From being praised as "good quality and low price" in the past to being repeatedly questioned as high price now, when did the change of domestic beauty products happen? Insiders pointed out that,The price increase began when Internet brands began to seize the share of offline brands.. In the past, the adjectives’ good quality and low price’ and’ cheap big bowl’ all referred to domestic products, such as Nature Hall and Baique Ling. As more and more Internet brands begin to advertise with the help of KOL and platforms, everything will be different. Some insiders also bluntly said,The rise of live e-commerce has actually disrupted the price system of domestic beauty products. To some extent, this is also one of the big backgrounds of the general price increase of domestic products..

In fact, the raw materials and production technology of cosmetics only account for a small part of its cost. However, for the new domestic beauty brands that spend a lot of money on marketing,Often dubbed "working for KOL". Guojin Securities Research Institute has combed how the cosmetics industry chain distributes profits. A cosmetic, the brand takes most of the gross profit, and when it reaches the sales channel, it will be divided into a big slice. For the new domestic brands that started online, KOL, such as anchors and grass bloggers, must be given quite high profits. People in the industry bluntly say that, after all, high-priced cosmetics,More expensive in brand premium, marketing and sales. After these expenses are added, products with a cost of several dollars can sell for hundreds of dollars..

Overall, analysts said,There are only three ways to increase the price of domestic beauty products: product upgrading, "taking the opportunity" to increase the price; The discount is reduced and the hand price is increased; Directly push high-priced products or product lines.. Polaiya is a "typical" price increase by upgrading. According to the relevant research report of Ping An Securities Research Institute, in February 2020, the company launched Ruby Essence 1.0 at a price of 249 yuan /30ml, with an average 8.3 yuan per ml. In February, 2021, Ruby Essence 2.0 came out at a price of 279 yuan /30ml, with an average increase of 12.48% per milliliter of 9.3 yuan. At the same time, there are also brands that raise prices in disguise by reducing discounts. Some insiders said that consumers are very sensitive to the price of brands that have a certain popularity or often appear in the live broadcast room of the head anchor. Therefore, brands generally do not directly raise prices.Instead, the cost is reduced by reducing discounts, reducing/changing gifts, etc., or indirectly increasing the terminal price..

Finally, it is the "ultimate magic weapon" of price increase: directly pushing high-priced product lines. Considering that most domestic products are started by soliciting customers at low prices, they want to open up new high-end customers without incurring spit.Opening a separate high-end line is the best choice.. Among this kind of players, analysts pointed out that the typical ones are the high-end product line AOXMED launched by Betani, and the cutting-edge brands that directly locate the high-end, such as Chapter 14 and Wenmo.

In addition, with the rapid outbreak of the domestic cosmetics market and the increasingly fierce competition, it is obvious that consumers can’t be retained by marketing alone, and the general OEM model of domestic cosmetics has also led to many problems such as product homogeneity and poor quality control. Only products that are really easy to use can retain consumers. As a result, domestic makeup brands have made great efforts in research and development. Analysts said that several head make-up brands have also invested a lot of money in R&D. From the marketing war to the R&D war, domestic make-up began to adhere to the "long-term doctrine" and went to the second half.Facing the increasingly complex market environment, self-built factories have become a key step for domestic cosmetics brands to seek "transformation", but it is not easy to build a complete and efficient supply chain.This means that the brand has changed from a light asset model to a heavy asset operation, with high cost, long payback period and various problems in production management, all of which need to be dealt with by enterprises one by one. Even so, for domestic makeup brands, the transformation is imminent.Only by producing and developing products with better quality can we retain consumers with more mature minds and finally break through..

Head players stage "ranking" to chase the future market or only accept "all-round fighters"

Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that in the first half of 2023, the total retail sales of cosmetics in China increased by 8.6% year-on-year to 207.1 billion yuan, which is more than the total retail sales of cosmetics in 2015. The rapid expansion of the market has made China the largest overseas market for international beauty groups, and also allowed many local beauty companies to taste the fruits of victory. But,It is impossible for any industry to stay in a high-speed growth environment all the time.. Some analysts said that although the development of the industry has matured, consumer demand has always been difficult to meet expectations. After experiencing a rush from 0 to 1, local beauty began to slow down and enter a cyclical adjustment.

In addition,Domestic beauty companies began to stage a ranking chase.The scale of head enterprises continues to grow, but the gap is narrowing. According to the revenue scale of the semi-annual report, shanghai jahwa, which owns many skin care brands such as Yuze and herborist, still ranks first with 3.629 billion yuan. At the same time, the latest revenue of Polaiya, a latecomer, reached 3.627 billion yuan, only 2 million yuan behind shanghai jahwa. Huaxi Bio, on the other hand, bit behind with a scale of 3.076 billion yuan. Betani’s 2.368 billion yuan is not far from Shuiyang’s 2.29 billion yuan.

Analysts pointed out that domestic beauty companies that have gained market share in the past few years,Began to scramble to get out of the comfort zone. Huaxi Bio, Polaiya, shanghai jahwa and other track head players make new decisions at this crossroads. In the short-term interests and long-term benefits, the latter is chosen to seek a more stable chassis to confront possible opportunities and shocks. Under the background that the domestic consumption market is still in the recovery stage and the traditional cosmetics giants still firmly grasp the advantages of the industry,High-margin products have also become a "breakthrough" weapon for domestic beauty products..

Shanghai jahwa said in the semi-annual report that since the second quarter, the company has adjusted its business strategy and increased the investment in brand fees.Skin care products with high gross profit and rapid development have achieved recovery growth, which has promoted the structural optimization of gross profit margin.And digested the pressure brought by overseas business. Polaiya said that during the reporting period, the company wasContinue to consolidate the "big single product strategy", focusing on the three family series of Shuangkang, Ruby and Yuanli.

Obviously, under the impetus of these head enterprises,The cosmetics market in 2023 is opening a "hardcore war" of speed and strength.. Enterprises are faced with a comprehensive test of hematopoietic capacity, channel capacity and independent scientific research capacity. The upper limit of an enterprise’s development will no longer be determined by the longboard, but by its comprehensive strength. According to analysts, it can be seen from the interim report that China cosmetics enterprises are constantly refreshing their performance in each other’s "involution", forming a benign industry competition environment. But in the future cosmetics market,The future market may only accept "all-round fighters"In order to go to a broader world stage and compete with international beauty giants.

This article comes from Cailian Association.

Sports Network | Manchester City defended the Premier League three times in advance, and Bayern lost the initiative to win the championship.

On a night full of surprises, Manchester City won the Premier League trophy three times ahead of schedule, while Bayern suffered a reversal and handed over the Bundesliga championship initiative to Dortmund.

In the early morning of 21st, in the 37th round of Premier League, Odegard’s passing mistake led Arsenal to lose 0-1 to Nottingham Forest, and fell behind Manchester City by 4 points with one round left. At this point, this season’s Premier League "finale" was announced in advance, and Manchester City defended the league title.

In the Bundesliga, Bayern lost to Leipzig 1-3-only one point ahead of Dortmund in the case of one more game. If Dortmund wins all the remaining two rounds, it will break Bayern’s record of 10 consecutive championships.

Odegard made a mistake in passing the ball, and Woniy took the lead in scoring.

Arsenal lost and Manchester City won three rounds ahead of schedule.

Before the game against Nottingham Forest, Arsenal had already lost the top position, but they were still working hard for the theoretical possibility of winning the championship.

However, in the early morning of 21st, Arsenal, who fought away from home, was first scored by their opponents in the first half-in the 19th minute, Odegard made a mistake in passing the ball, and the forest quickly counterattacked, and Avonii took the lead in scoring.

Since then, Arsenal still find it hard to find a good opportunity in the frontcourt. In the end, they lost to Nottingham Forest 0-1 away, 4 points behind Manchester City with one round left, and Manchester City locked in the league title this season.

Manchester City won the Premier League three times in a row.

"First of all, congratulations to Manchester City for winning the championship, but this is a sad day for us. Now we must face the reality."

Arsenal coach Artta concluded after the game, "This is my responsibility, and I will bear it. Sometimes the game will be beautiful, and sometimes it won’t. This is sports. We have been working hard for this goal for 11 months and have been ahead for so many days. "

Arsenal scored 81 points after 37 rounds of league matches, and it is impossible for them to surpass Manchester City with 85 points, while Manchester City, which has not played for three rounds, won the championship without a fight.

After winning the championship this season, Manchester City also succeeded in winning the Premier League three times in a row-they won the championship in 2020-2021, 2021-2022 and 2022-2023.

With the title of the league title confirmed, Premier League officials said that after Manchester City’s home game against Chelsea, the awarding ceremony of the league title will be held at Etihad Stadium.

Gnabry volleyed the goal and Bayern scored 1-0.

Bayern suffered a reversal in Leipzig, and the Bundesliga champion was in suspense again.

An unplanned reversal lost, so that Bayern’s team history record may have stopped at 10 times.

In the early morning of May 21st, Bayern, who was at home, suffered a reversal in Leipzig when he scored the first goal, and finally lost the game 1-3.

Because Bayern is playing at home, many legendary Bayern stars are specially present to help out. However, after losing, the camera caught Robben and Ribery in the audience, and the two famous players looked dignified …

Leimer equalised for Leipzig.

In the stadium, fans are also extremely disappointed with the process and results. The game is not over yet, and a large number of fans have left the stadium.

The German media "Pictorial" commented: "This kind of scene is rare because Bayern has the reputation of reversing at the last moment of the game. But the fans in this game don’t believe the team can do it. "

"I can’t explain this performance. Our state has always been good before. I saw our spirit in training in the team. I can’t explain everything on the court." Tuchel said this after the game.

Nkunku took the penalty and hit it.

It is worth mentioning that as a "fire coach", tuchel obviously failed to meet the team’s expectations.

After tuchel took office, Bayern lost to Frejborg in the German Cup and Manchester City in the Champions League, and has lost four games in various competitions. When nagel Mann coached this season, Bayern lost three games in Bundesliga.

Today, Bayern may not even be able to keep the Bundesliga title-in the case of a preliminary match, Bayern is only one point ahead of Dortmund. If Dortmund wins the remaining two rounds, they will break Bayern’s record of 10 consecutive championships.

Solas Roy scored another penalty.

Firmino scored a curtain call and Liverpool drew.

On the evening of May 20th, in the 37th round of the Premier League, Liverpool drew 1-1 with Villa at home, and there was little hope of qualifying for the Champions League.

In the 27th minute, Douglas Lewis passed the ball to the back to send an assist, and Ramsey pushed the goal. Until the 90th minute, Salah made a cross and sent an assist. firmino scored a curtain call at home and the score was fixed at 1-1.

Lewis crosses, Ramsey points back and grabs the goal.

"When I first came to Liverpool, the climate, football and everything here were not easy to adapt to, but it was the same for everyone."

"But we have achieved everything here, and we have won everything together. I am very proud of this history and the achievements we have made together. "

He finished his curtain call with a goal, and when he was about to bid farewell to Liverpool, firmino was elected as the best player in the Premier League official selection.

Firmino equalized the score.

"I am very excited and happy to finish the last game accompanied by fans, family, friends and everyone, especially when I scored the last goal at home."

Before this game, Liverpool officials have confirmed that four players, including firmino, will leave the team freely after their contracts expire this summer.

In another match, Manchester United beat Bournemouth 1-0. Like Newcastle, they were three points ahead of Liverpool in one game. As long as they draw in the next round, they will qualify for the Champions League.

Casemiro barb goal, Manchester United win 1-0.

Wu Lei shoots Javier red, and the harbor is 2-0 Meizhou.

On May 20th, the eighth round of the 2023 Super League continued, and Shanghai Harbour was a guest to challenge Meizhou Hakka.

In the first half, Lei Wu assisted Lv Wenjun to score a goal, and in the second half, Oscar assisted Lei Wu to score a goal. In the end, Haigang beat Meizhou 2-0 away and led the standings unbeaten in eight rounds.

In the 26th minute of the game, the seaport played a subtle match. paulinho cut into the front of the restricted area on the right and obliquely passed the back point. Lei Wu headed back, and Lv Wenjun sideways volley scored. After VAR confirmed that the goal was valid, the seaport led Meizhou 1-0.

Lv Wenjun sideways volley scored.

Later, Javier, the harbor coach, was too excited to protest against the violation of Caron by the referee, and was sent off with a red card.

Until the 94th minute, the seaport fought back, Oscar sent the ball behind him, and Lei Wu scored low in the restricted area, and the seaport scored 2-0 in Meizhou. So far, the seaport has remained unbeaten for eight rounds.

At the press conference after the game, Augustine, assistant coach of Harbor Team, said: "The progress of the game is as we expected. It is a very difficult game. We can see that the strength of both sides is very close and the game is very tight."

"Now, in fact, the season is still in its infancy. We will not pay too much attention to the ranking in the standings. There is still room for improvement in the performance of the team. I hope to help the team improve through day-to-day training."

Lei Wu sealed the victory.

League of Legends mid-season championship: China team locked the championship in advance

On May 20th, according to Xinhua News Agency, the League of Legends Mid-season Championship (MSI) in 2023 was staged in London, England. BLG from China’s LPL Division defeated T1 from South Korea’s LCK Division 3-1, and joined forces with JDG, another team from LPL Division.

This is the first time that the LPL team has joined forces in the League of Legends international competition, and it also means that the China team will win the MSI championship trophy for the third consecutive year.

JDG won the championship by beating BLG in the final of LPL Spring Tournament. As the top seed in the division, JDG directly entered the winning and losing group stage, and passed all the way. In the winner group final held on the 18th, it beat T1 3-2, taking the lead in getting the final tickets.

After breaking through from the finalists, BLG swept C9 from the LCS Division in North America, but then lost to JDG 0-3 and fell into the loser group. However, they quickly adjusted their state, and after defeating the European LEC team G2, they swept the top seed GEN in LCK division.

In the final of the loser group, facing T1, BLG was robbed of map resources by its opponents in the first game, and gradually fell into a difficult situation. However, in the key team battle, it seized the opponent’s mistakes and went to the next city first. Then they pursued the victory and won the match point 2-0 first.

Although T1 stubbornly pulled back a game, BLG focused on the opponent’s going down in the fourth game and established an advantage early. Although there was a mistake in the middle period, it still narrowly missed the game and locked the final seat.

After the game, Zhao Jiahao (ID: Elk), an excellent ADC player in this field, said that it was not easy for the team to go all the way to the final, and it was very happy to beat two Korean teams. Facing JDG in the final again, the team will play better than in the spring finals.

China Normal University men’s basketball team reached the top eight for the first time.

On May 20th, the 25th China University Basketball League Men’s Top 32 Competition continued, with teams from East China Normal University, Tsinghua University, civil aviation university of china and Shanghai Jiaotong University taking the lead to break through and get tickets for the quarter-finals. Among them, the men’s basketball team of East China Normal University achieved the best results in team history and broke into the top eight for the first time.

On that day, the first quarter-finals battle was held between East China Normal University and Ningbo University. Facing the men’s basketball team of Ningbo University, the last quarter-finals team, East China Normal University took the lead in finding the rhythm in the opening chaos, opening the gap and maintaining the leading position throughout the first half.

Easy-side battles, although Ningbo University briefly recovered its touch to catch up with the score, it is inevitable that it will be disrupted in the face of the opponent’s "three-point rain". In the end, with a score of 94-77, East China Normal University had the last laugh, which was the first time in the team’s history that it advanced to the top eight in the Chinese College Basketball League.

Sun Liuqing, head coach of East China Normal University, said after the game: "We won today because of the players’ desire for victory and positive fighting attitude. To be honest, our team is not mature this year. Many players have graduated, and almost a set of main lineups have graduated. The team is in the stage of alternating old and new. "

"Being able to achieve such a result is the result of the collective efforts of the team members, and it is also inseparable from the strong support given by the opening school to our team members’ daily training support and academic arrangements."

China University Basketball League is sponsored by China University Sports Association, operated exclusively by Orange Lion Sports and assisted by Kangpaisi Sports.

Theme activities of Shanghai Sports Museum opened.

On May 18th, the theme activity of "May 18th International Museum Day" of Shanghai Sports Museum was held in the Sports Building.

This year coincides with the 20th anniversary of UNESCO’s adoption of the Convention for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The Shanghai Sports Museum and the Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center cooperated for the first time to jointly plan and launch the theme exhibition of "Martial Arts, Heritage and Art".

With sports culture as the link, the theme exhibition of sports and intangible cultural heritage brings together 19 national and municipal intangible cultural heritage projects in Shanghai from the perspective of "big sports" integrating sports, health care, folk customs and performances. There are 54 sets of 79 exhibits distributed in 3 unit showcases, and there are also large-scale exhibition areas, multimedia sand tables and touch screens to show the charm of intangible cultural heritage projects in a three-dimensional way.

Since 2018, Shanghai Sports has adhered to the recording, protection and dissemination of intangible culture. In the past five years, 19 documentaries of sports intangible items, such as Jingwu Wushu, Chuanquan and Bagua Palm, have been filmed. Since 2022, the series of activities of "Sports Intangible Cultural Heritage" has entered four towns, including Wujing Town in Minhang District, Xinhong Street, Beixinjing Street in Changning District and Hudong Xincun Street in Pudong New Area.

With the aim of "inheriting sports culture and carrying forward sports spirit", Shanghai Sports Museum has devoted itself to creating public sports cultural space and urban sports cultural coordinates with Shanghai culture characteristics since it was officially opened to the outside world in July 2021.

The national football team plays today! Hit the Asian Cup semi-finals, the two favourites to win the championship are out, which is a lesson for Japan and South Korea.

The quarter-finals of the U20 Asian Cup are in full swing! China men’s soccer team is about to face the powerful Korean team in the quarter-finals! In the two Asian Cup knockout matches completed before this, the two favourites to win the championship were all out!

Host Uzbekistan vs Australia! Uzbekistan successfully drew Australia and dragged the game into a cruel penalty shootout. In the final penalty shootout, Uzbekistan advanced to the top four of the U20 Asian Cup with a total score of 6-5. Another game, the same is to defeat the strong with the weak! Iraq beat Iran 1-0 to advance to the top four! Two other places will be promoted soon. China and South Korea, Japan and Jordan will compete for the last two semi-finals of the Asian Cup!

China U20 men’s soccer team returned to the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup after 9 years! In the death group, China suffered a severe reversal when it led Japan 1-0 in the opening match, and got a good start 1-2. After that, the national football team broke out in desperation, defeated Saudi Arabia 2-0 in the qualifying battle, and drew Kyrgyzstan 1-1 in the final qualifying key battle to successfully qualify for the second place in the group! In the face of South Korea, the China team has no retreat, and it is expected that the national youth players will show their fighting spirit and fighting spirit and do every detail as they did against Saudi Arabia.

Against the powerful Korean team, the China men’s soccer team is not without opportunities! This year’s China U20 national football team clearly identified its position, adhered to the defensive counterattack and achieved great success, which was also able to miraculously qualify in the death group! Now, if we continue to stick to the defensive counterattack strategy, the miracle is likely to be continued! After three group matches, China U20 national football team’s ability to fight is constantly improving, and the goalkeeper’s brave play and the defense of China men’s football team are reassuring!

The future of China Men’s Football Team is in Xinjiang! Up to 7 players in the current U20 National Youth Team are from Xinjiang! Those who can’t kill us will only make us stronger! Every time the South Korean team fails to attack, it is an accumulation of opportunities for the national youth soldiers! With a good defense, China only needs a defensive counterattack to kill South Korea and advance to the Asian Cup semi-finals!

If miracles have color, it must be red! Looking forward to our national youth fighters, in the life-and-death war with South Korea, there will be no regrets! China’s men’s soccer team won the U20 Asian Cup, dating back to 1985, and the men’s soccer team in South Korea and China looked forward to a miracle.