The fashion of "slowing down" is more advanced! 60+ Mom’s elegance is not lost, but her style is quite different.

The fashion of "slowing down" is more advanced! 60+ Mom’s elegance is not lost, but her style is quite different.

I don’t know when the pace of the times has become faster and faster, especially for fashion. The style that was popular some time ago will soon be ignored, and the popularity will change. Even young people are tired of chasing it, not to mention mature women who love beauty. If they want to keep their fashionable image, they have to pay more attention.

Can you slow down the fashion? This question seems to contradict the concept of fashion, but as long as we observe it carefully, we can still find many elegant mature beauties, who seem to be independent of the fashion tide and gradually explore a kind of "slow fashion". Without being disturbed by the hurried style, they can not use fashionable items, but still make people feel advanced, such as fashion bloggers Miki and mom.

Compared with Miki’s exquisite elegance, the style of this fashion blogger to be introduced to you in this issue is more gentle, but also more pyrotechnic, simple and natural without losing advanced. Next, let’s take a look at what unique dressing cheats this 60+ fashionista has.

Step 1 choose a gentle and energetic color scheme

After entering the age of 50, many mature women will decorate themselves with colorful clothes, hoping to brighten themselves with bright colors, but the result often runs counter to our expectations, but it is easy to appear gaudy.

In order to show the sense of high class, we must first learn to choose the main color of clothes for ourselves.Mature and elegant women are more suitable for gentle and energetic colors.. For example, those with low saturationApricot pink, can be used as the main color of the coat, not noisy and not eye-catching.

For those colors with high saturation, there are also corresponding methods to deal with them. When you have a long ginger coat in your closet,If you don’t want to appear too ostentatious, remember to use dark colors to weaken the agitation caused by bright colors..

Because the coat is bright enough, the inner coat, hat and shoes will not look dim if they are all black. You can choose turtle neck and loafers with confidence, and you will be beautiful.

For colors that are already mature, such asDark brown, tea brown, cyan grayAnd other colors, more importantly, use collocation to add vitality and avoid appearing old-fashioned.

If the clothing is of the same color, then the accessories should not follow the rules. It is recommended to use a light-colored bag or hat to match it.

2. Add age-reducing elements

Women always want to look younger than their actual age, and the most important thing to reduce age is not to wear the same style as young people, but to fully express the beauty of this age with appropriate clothes.

Add classic decorative patterns to clothes.Can help us do this.Checked grainIt is a design that never tires of seeing. Nowadays, young people often wear plaid shirts, but the style of plaid is also exquisite. For women with gentle temperament,Large plaid is more suitable than small plaid, and light plaid is more suitable than dark plaid..

in additionWave pointIt is also a design that is very suitable for elegant women to reduce their age. Wearing a polka-dot shirt as an interior can wear a playful feeling even if the whole body is black.

When matching inside, let the exposed part keep the edge neat on the first day, so as not to destroy the overall dressing texture.

It is safer and more versatile to apply design induction to the bottom dress than the top, and the half-length polka-dot dress is a very versatile item. Among them, the key point to pay attention to is the size of the wave point.

In regular printing,Wavelet points look more dynamic.When matching shirts, you can use a doll collar as a backdrop, andLarge wave points have wider applicability.The gas field is more stable. Remember to outline the waistline when wearing it, and easily create a youthful state.

Irregular printing, with the jumping of wavelet points and the elegance of large wave points, should not forget to echo through the version of doll collar or the gas field of black and white color matching.

3. The layering of the upper and lower two-piece suit

In autumn and winter, it is the time for women with good clothes to play, and they can make amazing effects by overlapping and matching. Among them, the clever use of the long skirt can make the simple upper and lower two-piece suit wear a layered feeling.

The layering comes from the silhouette. If you have a pleated long skirt, remember to match the top according to the pleated style.The pleated skirt has a great sense of volume, and the top version should be designed with gorgeous outward expansion., such as bat sleeves and lantern sleeves, you can choose a solid color style.

If the pleated skirt is patterned, it will look fancy if it is exposed too much, so it is suitable for long coats., and use plain and clean colors to combine. The figure below follows this matching idea, and through appropriate proportion adjustment, the color of the skirt and the plain color inside form a natural sense of harmony.

When matching long coats and long skirts, it is suggested that they should be of the same color.As shown in the picture below, it is gray and black. If it is a color system, you can use a combination of light blue and purplish blue, light coffee color and dark coffee color, so as not to destroy the vertical lines of modeling, visually postpone the line of sight, and achieve a high decorative effect.

Ok, that’s it for this issue about 60+ fashion mom’s dressing sharing. Do you like her style? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to share your opinion. See you next time ~Elise

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