Sailis automobile’s leading extended range technology, thanks to AITO, the M9 battery life reaches 1402 kilometers.

Sailis automobile’s leading extended range technology, thanks to AITO, the M9 battery life reaches 1402 kilometers.

  On December 26th, the new flagship model AITO Wenjie M9 of Celestial Automobile was officially released. After AITO Wenjie M7, it injected explosive extended-range models into the new energy automobile market. He Liyang, president of Sailis Automobile, revealed at the press conference that as a hot choice this year, AITO has set a total of 120,000 new M7 units, and will achieve a monthly delivery capacity of up to 30,000 units to meet the strong market demand. As the flagship SUV model of panoramic wisdom, AITO asked the M9 to release it for two hours, and it has already gained more than 10,000. To achieve this result, Sailis’ leading extended range technology — — Super electric drive intelligent technology platform (DE-i) has played an important role.

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  Solve the three major pain points of users

  The continuous exploration and upgrading of extended range technology is one of the core development principles of Sailis Automobile’s insistence on innovation. After years of high capital investment and several rounds of upgrade iterations, Sailis has firmly established a leading position in the field of extended range technology of new energy vehicles. The super electric drive intelligent technology platform (DE-i), which has been developed since 2016, has realized a platform and multi-technical route solution, which is suitable for multi-scenarios and multi-modes such as pure electricity and extended range.

  After solving the anxiety of charging energy and mileage of users of new energy vehicles, Sailis has been walking nonstop. Aiming at the three main pain points of users of extended-range vehicles: power loss, soaring energy consumption and increased noise in extreme feed mode, it has been optimized and improved to create an extended-range technology with "intelligence, efficiency and no feeling" as the core.

  Under the control of the "intelligent brain" of the DE-i platform, the energy system can fundamentally stop running under extreme feeding conditions, thus avoiding the occurrence of power loss and ensuring the driving experience to the extreme. The highest power generation efficiency of generators on DE-i platform is over 95%, and the highest oil-electricity conversion rate is increased from 3.27 kWh/L in the previous generation to 3.44kWh/L, and the area above 3.0kWh/L accounts for more than 40%.

  Based on the fact that users value NVH performance and pursue non-inductive switching between different modes, the DE-i platform is based on assembly efficiency map and NVH map, and combines the actual operating conditions and usage scenarios of the vehicle to optimize the strategy, and develops the driving power generation strategy including start-stop strategy and different working conditions, and determines the best power generation control strategy based on the principle of NVH performance priority to achieve the optimal NVH effect.

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  Extended range technology leading the industry generation

  Empowered by Celestial’s leading extended-range technology, AITO’s M9 has super high thermal efficiency, with CLTC’s comprehensive endurance of 1,402 kilometers and acceleration of 4 seconds per 100 kilometers. Larger power generation makes it possible to maintain strong power for continuous high-speed driving, and realize quiet power generation without power failure for long-distance driving, which has undoubtedly become the strongest extended-range vehicle choice in SUV.

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  Celestial’s leading extended-range technology has been repeatedly recognized by the industry, and this year it was awarded the "China Heart" 2023 Top Ten New Energy Vehicle Power System Award; In the Certificate of Energy Conversion Rate of Range Extender for Electric Vehicle issued by CARRIER of China Automotive Institute, with an oil-electricity conversion rate of 3.44kWh/L, Sailis became the first and exclusive enterprise in the industry to obtain this certificate. Its powerful NVH performance has also won the AAA certificate of Silent Star certified by China Automotive Research Huacheng. The top certification endorsement from the industry fully proves the comprehensive professional leadership of Sailis Automobile in the field of extended range technology.

  Facing the increasingly fierce competition in the new energy vehicle market, Sailis Auto has successfully injected powerful explosive products such as AITO Jiejie New M7 and AITO Jiejie M9 into the market with its strong technical strength and competitive advantages. With the world’s attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, and the strong support of national local policies, Sailis will surely usher in a broader brand development future with the upward development trend of new energy automobile market, bringing more and better explosive products to the market. (Source: Sailis Automobile)


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