Yang Mi, Nikki, Raquel and Guan Xiaotong, they are the goddess of beautiful legs in the entertainment circle.

Yang Mi, Nikki, Raquel, Guan Xiaotong

1905 movie network news An actress’s lack of aura depends on whether her legs are beautiful or not. As an entertainment circle that never lacks beautiful women, there are not many actresses with beautiful legs. Just recently, Yang Mi, Nikki, Raquel and Guan Xiaotong were praised by netizens as the goddess of beautiful legs in the entertainment circle by virtue of their "beautiful legs".


Yang Mi is not afraid of severe cold and shows long legs.

Yang Mi legs

Every time Yang Mi attends an event, it can trigger a craze. Recently, Yang Mi attended a grand ceremony in a starlight dress. At that time, the weather was cold, and the temperature had reached below zero. However, Da Power was still wearing a metallic dress with sloping shoulders despite the cold, showing off snow-white shoulders and slender legs, and her good figure was revealed.


Nikki’s leg frequency hot search crushed the stars

Li Xi Yu mei tui

As a member of Yang Mi’s general, Nikki is the one whose beautiful legs are no less than or even more than the boss’s great power. Earlier, with the role of Xia Qiao in Beautiful Li Huizhen, Nikki’s long legs successfully captured netizens, and "Nikki’s legs" once boarded a hot search, as long as she was with her, she was crushed by her beautiful legs.


Raquel Weibo Xiumei legs attract netizens to watch.

Raquel legs

Recently, Raquel, the national eldest sister-in-law, showed off her beautiful legs in Weibo and wrote an essay: She was said that her legs were not good-looking since she was a child, but who knows … Now basking in the sun … I feel much more confident about my legs … Therefore, I have learned a truth: if others say that you are not good, you can bask in it. Maybe that’s what makes you different … Just like when I was growing up, I was always called hunchback … Now they only envy me. This article attracted countless netizens to watch, and her beautiful legs also became a hot topic among netizens.


Guan Xiaotong’s slender legs alone are one meter long.

Guan Xiaotong legs

Recently, Guan Xiaotong took part in an activity, singing and dancing at the scene. A pair of long legs were amazing, and her beautiful legs were full of talents. No wonder she succeeded in "capturing" Lu Han, and the news of Guan Xiaotong’s big dance also attracted the attention of many netizens. Guan Xiaotong, who was born as a child star, grew up in the spotlight. At 1.73 meters, she has a perfect figure, and her slender legs are one meter long. Can the goddess of beautiful legs do without her?

BYD Han DM-i Champion Edition and Han DM-p Test Drive will reproduce strong "Han" strength.

The popularity of Han DM-i Champion Edition and Han DM-p Ares Edition has been rising since they went on the market, which can be described as a combination of two swords, reshaping the pattern of strong Han and verifying the flagship benchmark.

On June 11th, Anhui Station, the peak test drive meeting of Han DM-i Champion Edition and Han DM-p Ares Edition with the same price of oil and electricity, was held grandly. Difen people gathered together and experienced the core product strength of Han DM-I Champion Edition and Han DM-p Ares Edition in a deep test drive, and jointly experienced and felt the quality and core concept of BYD Wangchao.

The event officially kicked off, and Mr. Wang Chun, the operation manager of Anhui Region in the Central Theater of BYD Dynasty Network Sales Division, delivered a speech on the stage, conveying the core concept of BYD. The Han DM-I Champion Edition and the Han DM-p Ares Edition are rejuvenated, and will be empowered with top-level core technologies in the future, just to exceed users’ expectations and provide a subversive and full-scene car experience!

This test drive will provide multiple test drive experiences in the professional test drive venue, including 100-meter acceleration, snake-shaped pile winding, continuous curve, brake lane change and blind driving experience. The perfect performance of BYD Han-Tang Champion Edition will be interpreted from four aspects: "power", "operability", "comfort" and "safety", so that everyone can feel the advantages of Han-Tang Champion Edition in an all-round way and bring a brand-new driving experience to media guests.

At the event site, media representatives also shared his high praise for BYD Han DM-I Champion Edition and Han DM-p Ares Edition, and believed that BYD brand has always adhered to the concept of "born for high-end", always adhered to technological innovation and quality improvement, and will continue to lead China brand to break through.

At this test drive meeting, the champion version of Han DM-i came with three innovations: color, chassis and experience, and launched a 200km pure electric endurance version, which will be determined to completely subvert the mainstream B sedan market! At the same time, BYD’s first DM-p version of the super hybrid coupe also made a stunning debut hand in hand, meeting the individual needs of users in multiple dimensions with its triathlon of concept, temperament and strength!

Under the new energy east wind, the brand of China has risen strongly. With the strength of hard-core products, Han DM-i has rapidly increased its quantity, fully occupied more than 200,000 mid-to-high-end car markets, and gradually grasped the market dominance. Nowadays, the brand-new Han DM-i Champion Edition adheres to the market strategy of "the same price for oil and electricity", takes advantage of the situation, advances strategically within 200,000 yuan, and carries out subversion to the end!

At the same time, in order to further respond to the market demand and meet the needs of personalized users, Han DM series has newly launched Han DM-p Ares Edition! The new car pays tribute to Huo Qubing, the God of War, and draws inspiration from the famous sentence of Xin Qiji’s famous work "Never Meet Le Jingkou Beigu Pavilion Nostalgia", "Think of that year, Jin Ge Tiema swallowed Wan Li like a tiger", in the name of God of War, conveying China’s self-confidence and China’s strength.

Han DM-i Champion Edition and Han DM-p Ares Edition mark BYD’s continuous innovation and efforts in the field of new energy vehicles, and the products with high quality and high price also represent the rapid development of China’s automobile industry.

Let online celebrity Highway Be Applauded and Seated —— Observation on the Opening of Duku Highway in Xinjiang

  Guangming Daily reporter Villi Shangjie

  In summer, Qiaoerma Castle Peak in Nileke County, Yili Prefecture, Xinjiang, is like Dai, full of green. On the morning of June 10th, the opening ceremony of Duku Highway, known as "the most beautiful highway in China", was held here. More than a thousand self-driving cars from all over the country set out from all over the Duku Highway to visit this "most beautiful highway" and the beautiful scenery along the way.

  Duku Highway crosses Tianshan Mountain from dushanzi area, Karamay City to Kuqa City, with a total length of more than 560 kilometers.

  How can this road, which only runs for five months a year, attract tourists from all over the world? How to create a richer and more diverse travel experience for tourists? How does online celebrity Highway Keep Tourists’ Heart? The reporter interviewed this.

  The scenery along Duku Highway is pleasant. Photo courtesy of Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Hall

  1 Stimulate the effect of tourist business cards

  Viewed from the sky, Duku Highway runs through the middle section of Tianshan Mountain like a dragon, connecting the north and south of Tianshan Mountain in series. The scenery along the highway is picturesque and dizzying.

  Walking on this road, you can "see the four seasons in one day and different days in ten miles". All the way, through the Red Gorge, the Dragon Pond, the forest and the meadow, the four seasons alternate, which is beautiful.

  At the opening ceremony, Deng Chunhua, a 61-year-old tourist from Hubei, could not hide his inner excitement. Since 2020, she has been driving with her husband "two people and one car" for three consecutive years. She said that she couldn’t get enough of the unique natural scenery along the Duku Highway. Last year, she didn’t go all the way because of the mudslide. This year, she made special arrangements early and waited for the official passage of this day.

  People often say that the most beautiful scenery is on the road. Xinjiang tourist business card — — This is especially true for Duku Highway.

  On the Duku road trip guide map, the beautiful scenery along the route is dotted: starting from dushanzi area, all the way through Dushanzi Grand Canyon and Baili Gallery — — Tamboura, air grassland — — Nalati grassland, nine bends and eighteen bends — — Bayinbuluke and the Pearl of Tianshan Mountains — — Large and small Longchi, Kuqa Grand Canyon and other scenic spots, one road allows tourists to enjoy most of the fine scenery in the north and south.

  Gobi, grassland, lakes, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, canyons … … The photos of various landscapes along the way have aroused the admiration of tourists and tourism practitioners. Song Bo, the person in charge of the enterprise engaged in tourism management, said that this "most beautiful highway", which spans more than 560 kilometers and runs through the northern and southern Xinjiang, "contracted" 80% of the beautiful scenery in Xinjiang and brought a steady stream of passengers. His company has opened six RV camps in Xinjiang.

  Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, whether the Duku Highway can be opened to traffic as scheduled this year and whether foreign tourists can enter Xinjiang smoothly has become a problem that Song Bo has been worried about. You know, this highway is only open for five months a year, and there will be a lot of losses if it is delayed for one day.

  "We will create all convenient conditions for tourists entering Xinjiang, and help the development of tourism enterprises through various measures such as lowering, returning, slowing down, awarding and supplementing." The words of the relevant person in charge of the Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Office gave Song Bo a "reassurance".

  Five prefectures (cities) along the Duku Highway have also made great efforts to organize and arrange a series of colorful cultural feasts, such as Akon singing, grassland Nadam, Qiuci mural exhibition, dream lighting festival, tent camping festival, bonfire food festival, etc., so that tourists have more expectations for travel besides driving.

   2 linkage to do "corridor economy"

  Speaking of the changes that Duku Highway has brought to tourism and life, Nurguli Alabek, the head of Tekes County Zhaile Ecological B&B Park, seems to have endless words.

  "Today’s rural tourism has developed from a farmhouse to a high-end homestay. My homestay has invested more than 3 million yuan, focusing on ethnic customs. Although affected by the epidemic in recent years, I can earn hundreds of thousands of yuan every year, which is much better than doing other businesses. " Nurguli Alabek told reporters.

  In the eyes of local people, Duku Highway is not only a landscape road, but also a happy road. It not only bears the heavy responsibility of the traffic arteries in the northern and southern Xinjiang, but also looks like a winding river, which transports a steady stream of tourists along the route and makes people living here feel the vitality brought by the tourism economy. In the tourist season of 2019, this road carries a maximum of 20,000 self-driving cars per day.

  North village, Agger Township, Kuqa City is the first stop for Duku Highway to enter southern Xinjiang. Since last year, taking advantage of its unique geographical position, north village has invested more than 10 million yuan to comprehensively upgrade the village’s tourism facilities, increased amusement projects, and formed a new rural tourism model of "village committee+company+farmer", which has become the punching point of online celebrity. Nowadays, the villagers have eaten tourist meals, and the collective income of the village has also increased from less than 50,000 yuan in 2020 to 350,000 yuan in 2021.

  Yan Naimin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Xinjiang Department of Culture and Tourism, said that in recent years, various states (cities) along the Duku Highway have continuously improved supporting services such as sightseeing stops, signage systems, service areas and parking areas, accelerated the construction of self-driving camps and improved supporting facilities. Around Xinjiang, exquisite tourist scenic roads and go on road trip routes have been built around scenic roads such as G217, G219 and S101, which has promoted the construction of tourist node cities, tourist towns and characteristic tourist villages along the way, and the "corridor economy" linked by transportation and tourism has become increasingly popular.

  Only by constantly improving the infrastructure can online celebrity’s highways become more popular. In 2019, Xinjiang Transportation Department started the highway disease treatment and service quality improvement project in the Duku section of G217 line, and in 2020, it started the second phase of the Duku highway improvement project. During the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Xinjiang will continue to build the cultural and tourist destination of the Silk Road in southern Xinjiang, the Tianshan tourism industrial belt and the rural tourism destination, and scenic roads such as Duku Highway will play a role in it.

   3 improve the service extension chain

  With the rapid development of tourism industry and the promotion of information wave, tourists’ demand for personalized tourism is increasingly strong, especially with the change of tourism market structure and travel mode, tourists put forward higher requirements for intelligent customized services and the integration and sharing of public information in tourist destinations.

  In order to improve the tourist experience, Xinjiang insists on paying equal attention to sightseeing and leisure tourism products. The latest statistics show that there are 73 self-driving caravan camps under construction and planned in Xinjiang, and 48 camps are in operation; There are 3,217 travel agents operating self-driving travel products in Xinjiang on major online travel agency platforms in China, and there are more than 600 brands of self-driving travel products, among which 30% are self-driving travel products with the theme of hotel accommodation, travel photography service and discovering the countryside.

  In addition to enriching the tourism experience, how to improve the service and extend the chain in the development of online celebrity highway has also become a key issue for Xinjiang tourism departments to think about.

  "We should rely on the highway network, take key scenic spots and scenic spots with development potential as key nodes, and promote high standards, high levels and high quality ‘ Transportation+Tourism ’ Comprehensive development system. " Yan Naimin said that Duku Highway is a representative highway of Xinjiang landscape, and it is also a beautiful business card for Xinjiang tourism. Xinjiang will further build the most beautiful self-driving highway brand in China, integrate the tourism resources in the areas along the route, improve the regional tourism system, jointly promote the healthy development of go on road trip, a single-depot highway, and create a more attractive tourist landscape for tourists.

The "common fault" of abnormal sound of BYD Qin engine needs to be diagnosed and treated

China Consumer News reported (Su Bingjie, reporter Geng Ji ‘an): "Since I bought this BYD Qin hybrid car, there have been constant problems, and I went to the 4S shop for repair at two ends every three days." Recently, Mr. Ren, a consumer in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, told the reporter of China Consumer News that more than a dozen BYD car owners had the same experience. What kind of problem is it that makes car owners so upset? The reporter of China Consumer News launched an investigation.

It’s annoying to buy a new car

Mr. Ren told reporters that at the end of April 2016, he went to Shenzhen and bought BYD Qin 2014 (BYD7150WTHEV2) hybrid car that he had been paying attention to for a long time at Shenzhen Jinhuanyi 4S store. When the pure electric mileage reached more than 3,000 kilometers, Mr. Ren found that his car had a "disease"-when the throttle was increased, the engine would have an abnormal sound. The staff of the 4S shop told Mr. Ren that if the engine needs to be replaced for renovation, the bearings should also be replaced. Because the abnormal noise was not very loud at that time, Mr. Ren gave up the idea of maintenance.

The good times didn’t last long. In October 2016, Mr. Ren’s car "relapsed" and it was more serious than before. Mr. Ren told the reporter that in pure electric mode, when the vehicle speed is kept at about 30 km/h, the vehicle with the accelerator pedal will be "frustrated", and at the same time, the engine compartment will make an abnormal noise. With the increase of driving mileage, the "frustrated" and abnormal noise will become louder and louder. Mr. Ren sent the car to BYD authorized service shop for testing, and the result was that there was something wrong with the motor transmission assembly. After replacing the transmission sub-assembly, when the mileage of the car increased by more than 3000 kilometers in pure electric mode, "frustration" and abnormal sound appeared again.

What bothers Mr. Ren is that the old car disease has not been treated and new diseases have been added. With the increase of mileage, Mr. Ren found that when the vehicle is fully charged, it can only last for more than 40 kilometers in pure electric mode. "When I bought a car, BYD claimed that it could charge 13 kWh. However, the new car can only charge 10-11 kWh when it is fully charged, and it can only charge 8-9 kWh when it is used for less than two years. BYD claims that in pure electric mode, the cruising range of the vehicle under comprehensive working conditions can reach 70 kilometers, and now it can only travel for more than 40 kilometers. " Mr. Ren told reporters.

Complaints are not a case.

According to the investigation by the reporter of China Consumer News, there are 11 car owners who can get in touch with Mr. Ren in a similar situation. They all bought BYD Qin’s 2014 1.5T flagship version, and the vehicles all had different degrees of "frustration" and abnormal noise. The problem still exists after four car owners have changed the transmission. Six people reported that the vehicle’s full battery life was less than 45 kilometers.

Mr. Zhang, the owner of Sanmenxia City, told the reporter that in less than three years, he has replaced two transmissions, and the problem remains unsolved.

Mr. Ren said that many owners of BYD Qin all over the country have reported such problems in their vehicles, and even more vehicles lost power due to transmission failure during driving, which was bad on the road.

According to official public information of BYD, the charging capacity of Ferrous lithium phosphate power battery used by BYD Qin is 13kw/h, 90% of the system uses pure electric mode in hybrid mode, and the driving mileage under comprehensive working conditions can reach 70km.

In response to the problems reflected by consumers, the reporter of China Consumer News called BYD’s official customer service number for consultation. BYD staff said that the battery capacity drop and abnormal noise are technical problems and need to be tested at local authorized stores. For the case that the vehicle has a battery life of less than 70km in pure electric mode, the staff said that the battery life of 70km in pure electric mode is the test data under comprehensive working conditions, and the specific battery life has a certain relationship with the road conditions, climate conditions, driving conditions, temperature, load, electrical appliance use, etc. It is suggested that the owner contact the authorized point designated by the manufacturer and said that this situation will be fed back to the relevant departments of the company.

Mr. Ren told the reporter that after discovering that there was a problem with the vehicle, he had a BYD authorized service shop for testing, and the results showed that it was normal. The tester explained that the abnormal noise might be caused by driving habits. "If only one person has this problem, it can be explained in this way, but is it because of driving habits that more than a dozen people have the same problem? I can’t accept this explanation. I have contacted 4S stores and manufacturers many times, but I have never been able to get a reasonable explanation. " Mr. Ren said.

● Expert opinion

Suspected of false propaganda

On April 13th, Zhao Jiqiang, secretary general of Henan Automobile Industry Chamber of Commerce, told reporters that the development of new energy vehicles is still in its infancy, the technical level is still restricted, and the industry standards are not standardized and unified. The technology of battery industry is still in the stage of civilian development. At present, the detection of battery capacity used in automobiles is not standardized. There are differences between real electricity and virtual electricity in batteries, and there will be errors between conversion. BYD, as an automobile manufacturer that independently develops batteries, has its own battery testing institutions and standards. As for whether BYD’s battery capacity has a false standard, it can only be known by testing the battery capacity by the authoritative testing organization of the state. However, from the time when the vehicle can charge 13 kWh to the later 8-9 kWh, it shows that the melting capacity of the battery has changed when charging, and there may be problems with the quality of the battery, which will affect the endurance of the car to a certain extent.

Ge Rui, a lawyer of Henan Haoying Law Firm, believes that if the problems reflected by the car owners are true after being tested by the appraisal agency, then BYD’s publicity will violate Article 9 of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law. "Operators shall not use advertisements or other methods to make misleading false propaganda on the quality, ingredients, performance, use, producer, expiration date and place of origin of the goods, and advertising operators shall not represent, design, produce and publish false advertisements under the circumstances of knowing or should know. If the owner can collect the evidence of fraudulent propaganda of BYD manufacturers, he can ask the merchants to "return one and lose three" according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law.

Li Hansheng, director of the Complaints Department of Henan Consumers Association, said in an interview with China Consumer News that Henan Consumers Association has received 12 complaints about abnormal sound of BYD Qin series vehicles, and manufacturers should consider recalling defective cars and eliminating the defects of automobile products through measures such as repair, replacement and return. At present, Henan Consumers Association has communicated and discussed with BYD Henan institutions for many times, instructing Yadi manufacturers to work out detailed solutions to the problem of abnormal sound that consumers have concentrated on.

China Consumer News will continue to pay attention to the progress of the incident. (Geng Ji ‘an)

The starting price is about 120,000, and BYD Qin L officially appeared.

At the Beijing Auto Show, BYD’s brand-new model, Qin L, was officially unveiled. The car was positioned between Han and Han, and adopted a brand-new interior and exterior design language. It is reported that it will be equipped with a fifth-generation DM hybrid system.

Sports design

Yan value modeling is a highlight of Qin L. The interior of the large-size air intake grille is decorated with lattice chrome trim, which has a strong sense of movement. The black trim above connects the long and narrow headlight groups on both sides, which is similar to the model. There are ventilation slots on both sides of the grille, which adds a sense of layering.

However, the new car does not adopt the popular hidden door handle, but the traditional shape. The slip-back body is more dynamic, and the internal shape of the penetrating structure is somewhat similar to BYD Han’s "Chinese knot". In addition, the design of the airflow diffuser of the lower bumper has a good sense of movement.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4830/1900/1495mm and the wheelbase is 2790 mm. A lap bigger than Qin PLUS, positioning a B-class sedan.

The interior design is more concise.

Entering the car, the biggest feeling of the new car is that it is more concise. The floating central control panel is adopted. According to different configurations, the high-equipped model is a 15.6-inch central control panel, and the low-equipped model is a 12.8-inch central control panel, and equipped with DiLink intelligent network connection system.

In addition, Qin L adopts a newly designed three-spoke D-shaped steering wheel and an 8.8-inch embedded instrument panel, and the auxiliary instrument panel is equipped with a 15W mobile phone for wireless charging. The design of shift lever area is consistent with that of Song L and other models.

Brand-new insertion and mixing system

In terms of power, it is reported that Qin L will be equipped with the fifth-generation DM hybrid system. The power system consists of a 1.5-liter engine and a motor. According to the information declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the maximum power of the engine is 74kW, and the driving motor is available in two options: 120kW and 160kW.


If BYD uses Qin PLUS to seize the A-class car market, then Qin L, as a B-class car, will seize the mid-class car market with BYD Han. After all, the mid-class car market is still dominated by joint venture models such as Camry, Accord and Teana.

In addition, combined with the price of Qin PLUS and Han, the starting price of Qin L is expected to be around 120,000, and the price of the main model will be between 120,000 and 150,000, which is likely to become an explosive model.

Huawei’s unmanned parking service video exposure, how strong is the intelligent driving of Zhijie S7?

According to the official announcement, Zhijie S7, the first pure electric car in Huawei’s smart car selection business, has exceeded 10,000 units in three days of pre-sale. The popularity of the new car is quite high, but after all, it has not been tested on the spot. Perhaps everyone is constantly worried about the strength of the intelligent S7, especially the intelligent driving that is known as "far ahead".

Recently, however, a real video about unmanned parking service in the parking lot of Zhijie S7 appeared on the Internet. Because it is not a formal functional test, this video is only used as a reference to evaluate the assisted driving ability of Zhijie S7. Today, let’s take a look at the leopard in the tube through video to see how strong Huawei ADS2.0 intelligent driving system is.

As a model featuring "intelligent driving", the intelligent driving ability of Zhijie S7 affects the hearts of many netizens. Combined with the current video of Zhijie S7 in the parking lot, it is not difficult to find that Zhijie S7 still has some dry goods at the level of assisted driving.

The video content includes one-button automatic parking, reversing to avoid passing cars, pedestrian avoidance, roaming to find parking spaces, automatic rearview mirror parking, real-time viewing/control of APP, one-button calling and other functions. In some links, Zhijie S7 shows amazing performance. For example, when passing cars, vehicles will automatically identify the lane width. If only one lane is allowed, vehicles will stop or even reverse. Where two lanes are allowed to pass, Zhijie S7 will do its part and go through decisively, and the whole logical judgment is very clear.

In addition, in the part of one-button calling function test, Zhijie S7 is parked in the multi-storey parking lot, and it calls Zhijie S7 to find someone through APP. Zhijie S7 is quite reliable in the whole route planning. Compared with many car companies in the industry who rely on accurate map navigation to find people, it has indeed improved a lot.

To tell the truth, in the automobile industry, as early as the era of fuel vehicles, many car companies, including joint venture car companies, have used their brains to use the parking lot, but there are not many car companies that can actually be widely used, and most of them have become a gimmick. As a model with intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving ability, Zhijie S7 has perfect functions and scenes of unmanned parking, and the driving logic of the vehicle has a complete loop. Looking at the whole automobile circle, Zhijie S7 has absolute hard power to compete with Tucki, Tesla and other car companies that focus on intelligent driving.

On the other hand, the development of intelligent assisted driving can not only rely on the research and development and testing of car companies, but also rely on the continuous use of car owners in the process of use, and car companies continue to optimize solutions to further promote the development of intelligent assisted driving. But at this stage, the vast majority of consumers are only interested in intelligent assisted driving, but it is rare to really apply intelligent assisted driving boldly, which is largely due to their own safety considerations. The development of intelligent driving technology is still lacking.

Combined with other aspects, Zhijie S7 adopts a very streamlined design, a closed grille, a sharp shovel and a low-lying body, and the overall visual feeling is biased towards young sports. The size of the whole vehicle has reached 4971/1963/1461mm and the wheelbase is 2950mm, which is a conventional C-class car in the new energy automobile industry.

Intellectual S7 can see Huawei’s shadow in many places. On the one hand, Zhijie S7 is equipped with HarmonyOS system developed by Huawei, so that the car system of Zhijie S7 can be interconnected with Huawei mobile phones, tablets and other mobile terminals. On the other hand, the motor system and chassis of Zhijie S7 all adopt Huawei’s technology. According to the application data and official data of the new car, the maximum endurance of Zhijie S7 can reach 800+ kilometers, and the acceleration of the most powerful four-wheel drive version is 3.3s, which is a little faster than Porsche’s Taycan.

Generally speaking, the logic of Huawei ADS2.0 intelligent driving system is still very clear, and the ability of pre-judgment even exceeds that of many old drivers. Of course, as a part of the advanced intelligent driving system, parking and driving in the parking lot is only a small fragment of the whole intelligent driving test. In other car scenes, how will Zhijie S7 behave? It is worth looking forward to! Welcome to pay attention to "car territory without borders", leave a message in the comment area below and share your views.

Show you the Chery Tiggo 8 PRO: the appearance is very fashionable, medium-sized SUV, three sets of power.

Chery has a variety of SUVs on sale, among which the Tiggo 8 series has a high popularity. A few days ago, we learned that Chery Tiggo 8 series will add a new car-Tiggo 8 PRO, which will be officially listed on May 18th. The design style of the new car has changed, the interior style is more simple, and the power provides three options: 1.6T, 2.0T and Kunpeng DHT hybrid. It is understood that it will focus on young consumers. So, is this new car worth starting with? Let’s take a look at it together.

In terms of appearance and style, the whole vehicle continues to adopt the 8 family-style design of Tiggo, but some adjustments have been made in the front face. The front face adopts an air intake grille resembling the X shape, and the internal style is dot matrix with a little gradual effect, which will have a certain visual impact from a distance. Headlights are connected with chrome-plated decorations on both sides of the logo, and fog lamp areas on both sides of the grille are recessed inward, and black decorations are added.

The body shape still retains the overall style of Tiggo 8, and chrome-plated decorative strips are added in many places of the body. With the embellishment of the waistline, the whole body looks more layered. The wheel hub is available in R18 and R19 sizes, and the latter looks more harmonious with the larger body.

At the rear of the car, the popular through taillight group design is adopted, and the light source style is solid line and dot matrix collocation design. The light source is simple, but the recognition is high. The bottom adopts a bilateral four-outlet exhaust layout, and the lower enclosure is decorated with silver, which is thicker in style.

The interior of Chery Tiggo 8 PRO adopts a simple design, and the full LCD instrument and the central control panel are integrated, both of which are 12.3 inches in size. There is a touch button under the air outlet, but whether the light display will reflect light remains to be measured later. The three-position multi-function steering wheel also adopts a flat-bottom design. There are many function buttons and knobs on both sides of the low gear handle, and the car is also equipped with ambient lights.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the car are 4745/1860/1745mm and the wheelbase is 2710 mm. Next, let’s take a look at the spatial performance of the new car. The height of the experiencer is 178cm. When the front seat is adjusted to the minimum, there is still 1 punch and 3 fingers in the head space, which is relatively rich. Here in the back row, there is still about 1 punch in the head space, mainly because the top of the back row is hollowed out, so the head space is more abundant, and there are 2 punches left in the legs. Although this car is a medium-sized SUV, the head space performance is relatively good, but the leg space is slightly insufficient.

The new Tiggo 8 PRO fuel version is equipped with 1.6T and 2.0T turbocharged engines respectively, with a maximum power of 145kW and a maximum torque of 290n m.. The latter has a maximum power of 187kW and a maximum torque of 390 N m.. The high-profile models also provide a four-wheel drive system. The gearbox is matched with a 7-speed wet dual clutch gearbox. In addition, the new car will also provide a choice of hybrid models, which are equipped with Kunpeng DHT hybrid.

The overall design of Tiggo 8 PRO is mainly young and fashionable, and the main consumer groups it faces after listing are young people. However, although the car is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, from the overall performance, it is more inclined to a compact SUV. The competition at this level is also fierce, so the new car of Tiggo 8 PRO will undoubtedly face a lot of competitive pressure. How the follow-up performance is still to be tested by the market.

The water is too deep, and this Volvo XC60, which is 40,000 lower than the market price, exposes the cheating tricks of used car dealers.

Hello, everyone, I’m Guangyao, the inspector of the car inspector. Although I look good, I’m an old driver who has repaired cars. Now I’m a used car inspector of the car inspector. It’s my duty to avoid everyone’s car purchase risks. Welcome to watch this interesting story about used car inspection.

Old drivers all know that the policy of restricting the relocation of used cars in the National Five-Year Plan has been liberalized, and the nationwide circulation has immediately formed a scale. For consumers, the convenience of buying cars in different places has been greatly improved! However, Guangyao reminds everyone that buying second-hand cars in different places is particularly easy to be pitted. Everyone should be cautious. Before looking at the car, hold the money bag tightly, and don’t give it out easily until you know the exact condition of the car, otherwise you may fall into the double torture of money and spirit! We have encountered too many such cases, so I will pick one out here to share with you, hoping to learn from it!

In other words, a good brother from Nanchang photographed a used car in Ningbo in a live broadcast room. In November 2018, 19 Volvo XC60 (parameter picture) four-wheel drive Zhiyuan version was licensed, and the market price was 200,000-210,000. As long as the live broadcast room was more than 180,000, the anchor said that the car had changed its front mouth, but it sold very cheaply. After the live broadcast room, there was no such price! My good brother thought, it’s not unacceptable to say anything before, so he paid a deposit of 10 thousand in advance and took the preferential places first! But eldest brother still has a little distrust of car dealers, so he entrusted Guangyao to do a comprehensive test!

Good brother himself was not present, and we kept online communication. When Guangyao heard him talk about the price, he had doubts. Can you get a discount of 30,000-40,000 yuan by changing the front set? I won’t believe Guangyao. It is estimated that the main structure of the car body should be damaged! Look at the real car! According to the address provided by the eldest brother, Guangyao came to the garage where the vehicle was located. Tell the car dealer what he came for, but the car dealer is also honest, saying that the front of the car hit and the airbag was blown up. See for yourself the rest! Guangyao took the car keys and started testing!

Car model: 2019 T5 four-wheel drive Zhiyuan Edition

Factory date: October, 2018

Apparent mileage: 75784KM

Official guidance: 421,900

Car dealer’s quotation: 185,800 yuan

Just look at the appearance, the color is still good! Since it is a set of front mouth, the front bumper must have been disassembled and replaced, and the inspection is indeed true. There are paint marks on the corners, and the details are rough, which is obviously not the original process!

The front cover is painted evenly on the whole surface, and then the inside is opened. At first glance, the fixing screws have no traces of turning off the paint, but don’t be confused by the surface phenomenon. If you look closely, you can find that the surface of the screws is painted, and the bottom circle has obvious displacement, which means that the screws must have been removed! Moreover, some holes on the inside of the cover are rough in workmanship and the color inside is wrong, indicating that the front cover has also been replaced!

Needless to say, the water tank frame, radiator, fan and headlights have not been replaced. Let’s focus on whether the structural parts have been moved!

The paint thickness of the left fender skeleton was measured, and the data came to 647μm, which is sheet metal shaping! The outer leaf iron sheet should also be reimbursed! Injury to the structural parts, this is not a simple front mouth set, it should be an accident car!

Look at the right fender skeleton again. Although the thickness of the paint on it is in the normal standard, the solder joints below are all redone through the gap observation. This is cutting and welding! It’s worse than the left!

Moreover, the thickness of the paint on the right shock absorber tower top is not quite right, which is much higher than that on the left, but the area is not large. It must have been painted, which should be related to the accident ahead!

Looking down at the right front longitudinal beam, although the deformation trace is not too obvious, it can still be seen with the naked eye! Seeing this situation, Guangyao probably knows what this XC60 is about! It’s not just a set of front mouths, it’s already a national standard major accident car! Take a small notebook and write it down first, and then see if there is any more damage under the chassis!

The engine was not damaged, and no traces of oil leakage were found. The intake manifold was just disassembled, probably by cleaning carbon deposits, and the problem was not serious!

The pawl screw is still in the original factory appearance, so it can be seen that the engine has not been hoisted and maintained. If the mileage is really more than 70,000, there will be basically nothing wrong with the engine and gearbox! It’s not time to break down!

After measuring the paint surface along the left, I quickly walked around and found that except for the original paint on the roof, none of the other places ran away, including the rear of the car! Partial sheet metal scraping putty, of course, this is also expected!

When entering the car, Volvo’s interior feels low-key and honest, less dazzling, but the materials and workmanship are more exquisite. In order to make the car have no odor, it is basically environmentally friendly materials, and the owner is practical!

First, look at the color of the interior, which depends on observing the main driver’s seat, door handle, steering wheel, window button, air conditioning button, accelerator brake pedal, gear handle, etc., which are often used at ordinary times. By comprehensive comparison, the overall wear and tear of the interior is not very serious, basically in line with the current mileage!

There is little difference between the mileage read by Obd computer and the meter, and the results obtained by running the average speed of conversion of time with the engine are basically the same, and the vehicle really has no meter adjustment!

The accident at the front of the car is not small. According to Volvo’s safety factor, the main driver’s airbag and seat belt will definitely trigger protection! Observe that the fixing screw of the seat belt has indeed been removed, but the manufacturing date conforms to the original assembly procedure. It is estimated that the locking mechanism inside has been repaired, and the original seat belt has not been changed! The airbag is better distinguished, the skin on the surface is obviously newer than the steering wheel, and the disassembly hole is also punctured!

The main driver’s seat has been removed, whether it was accidentally removed or for other reasons, there is no way to guarantee this! However, it is certain that there is no trace of sediment residue in the harness at the bottom of the seat! Combined with the steering column, threshold gap, under the carpet and other positions, Guangyao confirmed that there is no water soaking in the vehicle!

I thought the function buttons should be in good condition and effective, but I didn’t expect a light switch to fail! If this is repaired, it is estimated that the assembly will have to be replaced!

Finally, the detection of the chassis, which is also our most important project, has disappeared, leaving the engine and gearbox exposed! It is estimated that the fender was reimbursed by the front accident!

The fixing screw of the engine oil pan has been removed, and the color of the oil pan is obviously relatively new. It may be that the bottom is cracked and damaged, and it has been repaired and replaced, but as far as this problem is concerned, it is not serious!

There is nothing wrong with the gearbox oil pan, which is neither disassembled nor deformed! This 8AT gearbox is well matched with the 2.0T engine!

This is the point. Do you know where this is? This is the lower part of the top of the damping tower with high paint thickness. From below, it can be clearly seen that this piece is made up and has been cut and welded! This position is the same as the right front longitudinal beam, as long as there are deformation, cutting, welding, folding and other conditions, it can be directly designated as a major accident car!

The situation of the lower longitudinal beam is not much better, and the deformed position has not been corrected and maintained! It may be that the deformation is not large, so the repairman does not care!

There was another unexpected discovery under the chassis. The inner plate of the left rear fender was cut and welded. It seems that this XC60 has an accident in more than one place! Although the accident here is nothing compared with the previous one, it is also a big flaw! You must give feedback to customers! That’s why we should insist on detecting the chassis, because this position is not on the chassis, and we can’t see it at all!

There is no suspense in the conclusion of this XC60, a major accident car! I called my good brother to report the car condition. My good brother couldn’t believe it. Although I made preparations that the car condition didn’t meet expectations, it was too different! The front fender skeleton is cut, the rear fender inner panel is cut, the shock absorber seat is cut, and the longitudinal beam is deformed. This is not a sword stuck in the heart of the good brother, but four swords! Good brother, let Guangyao report the car inspection as soon as possible, so that he can return the car and refund the deposit!

But the deposit is not so easy to refund, and the car dealer has a hundred reasons to refuse you! Good brother tried to find the other party’s theory several times without a result, and went to the live broadcast room to complain and was blacked out! I thought I found a cheap one, but I didn’t expect it to be a protracted war! Big brother still has his own business to take care of, which makes him physically and mentally haggard! So, if you see a particularly cheap used car, you really need to keep your eyes open!

The fans nodded to show that they understood! Ok, that’s all for today’s testing sharing. I’m a used car testing technician from the car inspector. Like it, like it, and spray it if you don’t like it. I repair cars more, study less, and write poorly. Please bear with me. Car inspector, I would like to be your friend who knows cars best!

What brand does Lexus belong to? Which brand does Lexus belong to?


Link Auto is a sub-brand of Geely Automobile.Which brand does it belong toIt is a joint venture between Geely and Volvo. Lectra’s models are010203Wait. withLingke 03For example, it is based on the CMA platform jointly developed by Geely and Volvo, and it is the first sedan model launched by the Lectra brand. In terms of power,Lingke 03It is equipped with a 1.5T direct injection engine with a maximum power of 132kw and a peak torque of 265nm. The transmission system is matched with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. In terms of body size,Lingke 03Its length, width and height are 4658mm, 1840mm and 1459mm respectively.

Lingke Automobile is an automobile brand positioning in the middle and high-end market, and its product line is rich, including SUVs, cars and other models. As a sub-brand of Geely Automobile, Link Automobile has been strongly supported by Volvo in design, quality and technology. Linke brand inherits Volvo’s safety technology, comfort and luxury feeling, and integrates it into its own models to create automobile products that meet the needs of modern consumers. Among them,Lingke 01It is the first model launched by the Lectra brand. It is a medium-sized SUV with stylish design and luxurious and comfortable interior. It is equipped with Volvo’s Drive-E series 2.0T engine and has excellent power performance.Lingke 02It is a compact SUV, which adopts the unique design concept of "urban opposition aesthetics" of Lectra brand, with fashionable and dynamic appearance, simple and atmospheric interior, equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T engines and excellent performance. butLingke 03It is the first sedan model launched by the Lectra brand. Its exterior design is fashionable and exquisite, and its interior is luxurious and comfortable. It is equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T engines, with excellent power performance and moderate body size. It is a car suitable for urban driving. On the whole, Link Auto is a young, fashionable and high-quality automobile brand, and its products have high cost performance and are deeply loved by consumers.

On October 9th, the trend of big companies was tracked: NVIDIA cancelled the offline meeting of Israeli AI Summit, and vision china was formally prosecuted! The company responded …

(Original title: Tracking the trend of big companies on October 9: NVIDIA canceled the offline meeting of Israeli AI Summit, and vision china was formally sued! Company response …)

The financial sector reported on October 9 that the big companies that deserve attention today are: NVIDIA canceled the offline meeting of the Israeli AI Summit, Country Garden is considering announcing the overseas debt restructuring plan in the near future, and Cangzhou Bank clarified that the loan data owed by Netcom Evergrande was seriously inaccurate, and the amount involved was 346 million yuan.


NVIDIA cancels offline meeting of Israeli AI summit.

Worried about the Israeli security situation, technology giant NVIDIA will cancel the offline meeting of the annual AI Summit scheduled to be held in Tel Aviv on October 15th and 16th. According to the original plan, NVIDIA will show its latest progress in the field of artificial intelligence at the AI Summit, and Huang Renxun, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, will also give a keynote speech at the AI Summit.

Ali responded to the rumor that Luohantang was closed: Luohantang and Luohantang brands continue to exist.

Recently, in response to the rumor that "Luohantang is closed, Alibaba will fade out its concern for social affairs", the relevant person in charge of Alibaba said that the news is not true, and Alibaba’s attention and investment in digital economy innovation has never weakened. With the continuous advancement of 1+6+N organizational change, the organizational relationship, team composition and work focus of Luohantang have been adjusted. The research work of digital economy and the research ecology of Luohantang have been continued by Luohantang Digital Economy Research Institute, and Luohantang and Luohantang brands have continued to exist. At present, preparations for the start of new teams and new jobs are being stepped up. (Zhongxin Jingwei)

Country Garden is considering announcing its overseas debt restructuring plan in the near future.

Country Garden is considering announcing its overseas debt restructuring plan in the near future. Previously, all nine domestic bonds owned by Country Garden have been successfully extended. These nine bonds are: 16 Biyuan 05, 21 Bidi 03, 20 Bidi 03, 19 Bidi 03, 21 Bidi 04, 21 Bidi 01, 21 Bidi 02, 16 Tengyue 02 and 20 Bidi 04. (Cailian)

Cangzhou Bank clarified that the loan data owed by Netcom Evergrande was seriously inaccurate and the amount involved was 346 million yuan.

Recently, Cangzhou Bank responded to the contents of Cangzhou Bank involved in the online transmission of "Detailed List of Bank Loans Due by Evergrande". Cangzhou Bank said that as of October 6, 2023, the loan amount of Cangzhou Bank to Evergrande Group and its affiliated enterprises was 346 million yuan, and the borrower was Cangzhou Hengxiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., with sufficient land and commercial stores as collateral, and the overall risk was controllable, which would not have a significant impact on the bank’s management and asset quality. According to the announcement, in order to recover the loan in full, Cangzhou Bank filed a civil lawsuit with Cangzhou Intermediate People’s Court in July 2022 and won the case, and is currently implementing the collateral disposal procedure according to law. Cangzhou Bank said that the loan data of Cangzhou Bank involved in the "Detailed List of Bank Loans Due to Evergrande" is seriously inaccurate, so please don’t believe it and spread it, and the Bank will reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility against the disseminators.

Hainan Airlines: The follow-up flight plan of Israel route continues to be implemented and has not been adjusted for the time being.

On October 9, Hainan Airlines announced the flight plan and special ticket handling of Israel route. At present, Hainan Airlines has three direct flights to Israel, namely, Beijing = Tel Aviv, Shanghai = Tel Aviv and Shenzhen = Tel Aviv, with two round trips per week. In order to ensure the normal travel of passengers to the maximum extent, the follow-up flight plan of Hainan Airlines Israel route continues to be implemented and has not been adjusted for the time being. Hainan Airlines will pay close attention to the changes in overseas security situation, carefully assess security risks, dynamically adjust relevant flight plans and announce them as soon as possible. (@ Hainan Airlines)

Amazon Cloud Technology changed coaches in Greater China

On October 9th, Matt Garman, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing and Service of Amazon Cloud Technology, announced the change of leaders in Greater China. Chu Ruisong will succeed Elaine Chang as Vice President of Amazon Global and Executive Director of Amazon Cloud Technology in Greater China.

Nezha Auto set up a polymerization technology company in Anhui, and its business scope includes auto parts manufacturing.

Tianyancha App shows that recently, Haozhi Polymerization Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. was established, with Peng Qingfeng as the legal representative and a registered capital of 100 million RMB. Its business scope includes auto parts research and development, auto parts and accessories manufacturing, electronic components and electromechanical components equipment manufacturing, artificial intelligence application software development, and motor manufacturing. According to the shareholder information, the company is wholly owned by Hezhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., a related company of Nezha Automobile.

FF Delivers FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance to Jia Yueting

According to FaradayFuture WeChat WeChat official account, on October 9, 2023 (October 8, California, USA), Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc., a global shared intelligent electric travel eco-company, delivered the FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance to Jia Yueting, the founder and chief product and user eco-officer of the company, at the delivery co-creation day held at the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles.

Vision china responded by being sued by photographer Dai Jianfeng: resolutely support solving problems through legal channels.

On October 9th, @ vision china Weibo forwarded a message from photographer Dai Jianfeng, expressing firm support for solving the problem through legal channels. Earlier on the same day, photographer Dai Jianfeng @Jeff’s starry sky tour released Weibo, saying, "I have filed a lawsuit with the People’s Court of Heping District of Tianjin for @ vision china illegally selling my photos without my permission and claiming compensation from me, so as to safeguard my legitimate rights and interests through legal channels."

Bojun Technology: At present, it supplies the M5, M7 and new M7 models for Celeste Group.

Bojun Technology disclosed the announcement of abnormal fluctuations in stock trading, and the company noticed that there were media reports that the automobile and auto parts sectors of the company were affected by the unexpected sales of the new M7. The company has cooperated with Celestial Group since 2019, and currently supplies the M5, M7 and new M7 models for Celestial Group. The company’s 2022 annual sales revenue to Cyrus Group was 78.65 million yuan, accounting for 5.65% of the company’s 2022 annual operating income. The sales revenue of Cyrus Group did not have a significant impact on the company’s overall operating performance.

Power investment in energy: the project of jointly developing new energy base in the northeast of Wulanbuhe desert with Mengneng Group was established.

Power investment energy announcement, jointly developing a new energy base project in the northeast of the desert with Mengneng Group, and plans to invest in the establishment of a joint venture company, Inner Mongolia Wulanbuhe Energy Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 20 billion yuan; The total planned new energy capacity of the project is 12 million kilowatts, including 3.5 million kilowatts of wind power and 8.5 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power. Relying on the original site of surrounding power plants (including near areas), it will expand and upgrade 4 million kilowatts of coal-fired power. According to the project application plan, the total investment of the project is 77.1 billion yuan.

Xiaomi Group: It cost about HK$ 23.87 million to buy back 2 million shares.

Xiaomi Group (01810.HK) announced that it spent HK$ 23,870,300 to buy back 2 million shares at a price of HK$ 11.9-11.98.

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