The price of New Year’s Eve dinner in Guangzhou has increased by 20% to 30% compared with previous years [Figure]

The price of New Year’s Eve dinner in Guangzhou has increased by 20% to 30% compared with previous years [Figure]

    Caption: Last New Year’s Eve, Li Lianghuan’s family had dinner at home. You can have a holiday on New Year’s Eve this year. Will many people go home to cook New Year’s Eve? Reporter/Sun Tao photo

    The price of New Year’s Eve dinner in Guangzhou has generally increased by 20% to 30% compared with previous years, and the reservations for New Year’s Eve dinner in major restaurants are basically full.

    "Moonlight, according to the hall; Picking betel nuts at the end of the year. " Nursery rhymes describe the scene of a family sitting around the house and enjoying a home-cooked New Year’s Eve dinner. For busy Guangzhou people, it seems that they have been away for many years. Since the beginning of this year, with the implementation of the Labor Contract Law and the rising price of ingredients, the cost of the catering industry is at an all-time high. The price of New Year’s Eve in Guangzhou has generally increased by 20% to 30% compared with previous years, and the reservations for New Year’s Eve in major restaurants have been basically full. Under such a background, the trend of going home for a reunion dinner is quietly returning.

    "Hot Booking" Booking starts from Mid-Autumn Festival.  

    Additional service charge, minimum consumption, no self-help dishes … Compared with weekdays, during the Spring Festival, Xiguan Family added a lot of "rules" to the banquet reservation, but it still could not stop the full business. The last two rounds of reunion dinner have been booked 93%, and the opening dinner on the second day of the new year has also been booked without a table left.  

    Yesterday afternoon at 2: 30, after the rice market, Deng Xiaoxiao, director of the business department of Guangzhou Xiguan Shijia Garden Restaurant, was still busy. A thick stack of orders for the reunion dinner was piled up in front of the table, and she looked through it carefully. According to Director Deng, Xiguan aristocratic family has set up more than 130 banquets, and the reunion dinner is divided into two rounds. At present, 93% of them have been booked.  

    "The booking tide began to appear after the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the private rooms were fully booked as early as one month ago," said Director Deng. In addition, the Xiguan family’s New Year’s dinner on the second day of the year was also fully booked. Yesterday, many guests still came to ask for reservations. Looking closely at the New Year menu launched by this restaurant, the lowest price for 10 people/seat reaches 900 yuan, plus a 10% service charge, and all discount cards will be stopped.

    In addition, many branches of Taihu Seafood Restaurant, Shiweitian (Xingang Store) and Lianxianglou have set the minimum consumption for the New Year’s Eve dinner.  

    The day before yesterday, Director Zhao of Guangzhou Restaurant Group said in an interview that the "reunion dinner" at noon on New Year’s Eve this year has also begun to flourish, and Tianhe and other new city branches have accepted nearly 50% of lunch reservations.

    "Generally, there are many people from other provinces who book lunch. They don’t care too much about time." According to director Zhao’s analysis, because of the holiday on New Year’s Eve, some citizens have begun to plan to travel or return home to visit relatives, so they should finish the reunion dinner early; In addition, the dinner reservation is not in place is also one of the influencing factors.

    It is understood that since last month, the reservation of group dinner in Guangzhou restaurants has been hot. As far as the evening market is concerned, all the branches in the city have been fully booked in the first round, and the second round has also been booked for about 50%.  

    Manager Huang Li of the sales department of Hongxing Seafood Restaurant said that this year’s reunion dinner was cancelled. "The main thing is to let the guests eat with peace of mind, without rushing to catch their lives. It is understood that the restaurant’s reunion dinner was fully booked as early as the beginning of January, and some citizens came to the restaurant to make reservations last November.

    "three jobs" in the annual festival of "price scanning" increases costs  

    As the prices of agricultural and sideline products such as pork, grain and oil and energy have all risen sharply this year, and the labor contract law stipulates that triple wages on holidays will increase labor costs, the price of this year’s reunion dinner has also risen accordingly. According to the reporter’s investigation, the quotation of group dinner in middle and high-end restaurants in Guangzhou has generally increased by 20% to 30%.

    The biggest price increase of this year’s New Year’s Eve dinner is the suckling pig. Director Zhao of Guangzhou Restaurant Office said, "The suckling pig that sold more than 200 yuan last year has doubled to more than 400 yuan this year. However, last year, the purchase price of suckling pigs was only 10 yuan/kg, and this year it actually rose to 50 yuan/kg, and the cost was nearly three times more expensive. " Director Zhao estimates that the overall cost will increase by 40%-50% this year. The person in charge of Hongxing Seafood Restaurant said that this year’s skinned suckling pigs rose from 388 yuan last year to 488 yuan each.

    "Last year’s package in 1000 yuan rose to 1,200 yuan this year, but the content remained unchanged." Director Zhao said that in order to make it acceptable to the public, Guangzhou restaurant tried to control the increase in the price of dishes. For example, in the collocation of dishes, we will pay attention to skills and avoid using too much raw materials with excessive increase.  

    Despite the sharp increase in prices, Director Zhao was pleasantly surprised to find that many citizens’ spending power has improved significantly. "Many guests are more generous and refreshing when ordering food than in previous years."  

    It is an indisputable fact that the price of reunion dinner has risen. In addition to the rising price of food raw materials, the increase in labor costs is also a major reason. 

    Starting this year, the legal holiday of the Lunar New Year will be advanced to the 30th. According to the newly implemented Labor Contract Law, you must pay three times the usual salary, commonly known as "three jobs". Xie Huixin, HR manager of Hongxing Catering Group, told reporters a few days ago that the contract employees who went to work at the age of 30 this year can get "three jobs", but there are still many employees asking for a holiday. At present, the company is still recruiting.

    "This has not affected the overall cost." Director Zhao of Guangzhou Restaurant Group Office introduced that although all the grass-roots employees in the restaurant had to come back to work overtime on New Year’s Eve, it did not affect the overall cost of paying employees three jobs on the same day. "The three-day holiday of the Spring Festival used to be from the first day to the third day, but this year it was advanced, which is equivalent to the three jobs of the third day being transferred to New Year’s Eve."

    Director Zhao also said that it will be individual small restaurants that will have a greater impact. "Many restaurants will consider the cost relationship and would rather not do it."

    "This year’s" Labor Contract Law "was promulgated, and we will definitely act in accordance with the legal provisions". Liang Weiming, executive deputy general manager of Xiguan Shijia Garden Restaurant, said that in the face of the rising cost of human resources and raw materials, it is really difficult to run a restaurant.

    The shrinking of "quality foresight" reunion dinner is worrying.

    In business, merchants will not lose money in doing business. Some citizens are worried that the dish head (weight) of the reunion dinner will shrink. According to relevant personages of the Consumer Council, the weight of the New Year’s Eve dinner is not enough and the materials used are not fresh, which has always been a hot issue of complaints.

    Master Liu, who has worked as a "kitchen boss" (executive chef) in many restaurants, told reporters that there are many ways for restaurants to reduce costs and customers’ satisfaction with dishes. For example, to make a white-cut chicken, the price of authentic Hainan Wenchang chicken is more than 30 yuan. If it is changed to Guangxi chicken, Ma chicken and the like, it only costs more than 20 yuan, or choose some smaller chickens and use seasoning to save it. Generally, people who don’t eat chicken will not find it.

    Often go "? Mr. Di Dan Liang of Guangzhou also complained that when he went to many restaurants to eat recently, he found that the head of the dish was small, and many dishes with vegetarian dishes reduced the weight of vegetarian dishes. Mr. Liang asked for a "red onion" in a restaurant in Panyu yesterday. Bone ",and found that there are more onions than ribs.

    "Everything is expensive now, and it is not unacceptable for you to raise the price." Mr. Liang said that this practice of insisting on prices on the surface, but raising prices in disguise in secret, is really difficult to feel at ease.  

    He Jian ‘an, director of the Complaints Department of Guangzhou Consumer Council, said that during the New Year’s Eve dinner last year, consumer complaints mainly focused on the following points: First, the weight of the dinner was not enough and the materials used were not fresh. Second, the scheduled reunion dinner was temporarily cancelled by the restaurant (default). Third, the weight is insufficient, and the materials used are smaller than usual. Fourth, it is difficult to guarantee the service and hygiene level of the reunion dinner.

    Director He reminded consumers that it is necessary to pay attention to hygiene when eating dinner in restaurants, and it is difficult to guarantee the hygiene of many restaurants during the dinner. In addition, we should take good care of the elderly and children.  

    ■ New Year’s Eve returns to the New Year’s Eve holiday to redo home cooking.

    According to the new holiday method, many people have been liberated since the 30 th of this year. "It is estimated that many people will go home to cook again." Director Liang of Xianzuiju Restaurant in Yuexiu District introduced that this may have a certain impact on small and medium-sized restaurants.

    Ms. Zeng, who lives in Dongshankou, chose her own reunion dinner this year. Talking about having a family reunion dinner in previous years, Ms. Zeng joked that it was really "annoying": in order to book a better position, Ms. Zeng had to ask an acquaintance to make a reservation several months in advance, and many times the dishes could not be decided in advance. "It’s all Italian dishes, sweet and sweet, and a hundred children and grandchildren. You really need to know what he gives you to eat, and you won’t know until New Year’s Eve." After the reunion dinner last year, Ms. Zeng’s family helped the elderly and took care of the young. They waited for more than an hour in Xiguan and couldn’t get a taxi. The old man almost incontinence on the side of the road.

    Ms. Zeng recalled that more than ten years ago, the family had a family reunion dinner in a warm home: the hand-made seaweed pig (getting rich) and boiled chicken were placed on the table, and the children lit incense sticks to worship their ancestors under the instruction of the old man. As a daughter-in-law, Ms. Zeng was responsible for cooking in the kitchen. "After the New Year’s Eve, adults will take their children to the Flower Street and return home at about 11 pm to welcome the new year with firecrackers."

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