"Human Comedy" Allen cross-border beauty blogger recommended bitch color for Wang Zhi.

"Human Comedy" Allen cross-border beauty blogger recommended bitch color for Wang Zhi.

1905 movie network news Directed by Sun Zhou, starring Allen, Wang Zhi and Luno, and starring Yam Tat-wah, Jin Shijie and Pan Binlong, The Comedy on Earth will be released nationwide on March 29th. Recently, Allen and Li Jiaqi, the first lipstick brother, have a wonderful live broadcast. In the live broadcast, Allen accepted many tests, exchanged lipstick with Li Jiaqi, and remotely picked "bitch color" for Wang Zhi … … During the period, fans interacted enthusiastically and praised over 6.15 million.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, Li Jiaqi, the first brother of lipstick, brought the ultimate test of lipstick. There were many problems in price, color and texture, which made Allen, the "straight man of steel", look reluctant and shy frequently, and the number of barrage interactions soared due to funny reactions. Allen, on the other hand, was highly praised by Li Jiaqi, the "first brother of lipstick", and could consider becoming a beauty blogger.

When Allen meets dead Barbie powder, "it may be put on and she will die", which is simply invincible. Incidentally, I also praised Li Jiaqi for "I’ve seen you paint this, and it looks very nice", and they exchanged blows with each other very seriously.

Hard-core Allen uniform lipstick "Devil" Li Jiaqi recommended bitch color for Wang Zhi.

Allen and Li Jiaqi put lipstick on each other to set off the barrage, and straight man Allen made her beauty debut, wearing a "green" uniform of "devil" Li Jiaqi, looking like a doctor on the operating table, holding lipstick and saying "Ah, (open your mouth)" to Li Jiaqi. Li Jiaqi carefully selected the most popular blood orange number for Allen and painted it himself, which made fans very moved.

On the way to the live broadcast, Allen did not forget his wife, Wang Zhi, in "Comedy on Earth" and invited Li Jiaqi to pick the color number for Wang Zhi. In the film, Pu Tong (Allen) and Mi Mi (Wang Zhi), a coward, accept the pressure of life and meet several "old drivers" by accident. Allen also describes Mi Mi as a shrew in vernacular, asking Li Jiaqi if she is a shrew and has no desire to survive.


The film Human Comedy will be shown nationwide this Friday.


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