BYD Han DM-i Champion Edition and Han DM-p Test Drive will reproduce strong "Han" strength.

BYD Han DM-i Champion Edition and Han DM-p Test Drive will reproduce strong "Han" strength.

The popularity of Han DM-i Champion Edition and Han DM-p Ares Edition has been rising since they went on the market, which can be described as a combination of two swords, reshaping the pattern of strong Han and verifying the flagship benchmark.

On June 11th, Anhui Station, the peak test drive meeting of Han DM-i Champion Edition and Han DM-p Ares Edition with the same price of oil and electricity, was held grandly. Difen people gathered together and experienced the core product strength of Han DM-I Champion Edition and Han DM-p Ares Edition in a deep test drive, and jointly experienced and felt the quality and core concept of BYD Wangchao.

The event officially kicked off, and Mr. Wang Chun, the operation manager of Anhui Region in the Central Theater of BYD Dynasty Network Sales Division, delivered a speech on the stage, conveying the core concept of BYD. The Han DM-I Champion Edition and the Han DM-p Ares Edition are rejuvenated, and will be empowered with top-level core technologies in the future, just to exceed users’ expectations and provide a subversive and full-scene car experience!

This test drive will provide multiple test drive experiences in the professional test drive venue, including 100-meter acceleration, snake-shaped pile winding, continuous curve, brake lane change and blind driving experience. The perfect performance of BYD Han-Tang Champion Edition will be interpreted from four aspects: "power", "operability", "comfort" and "safety", so that everyone can feel the advantages of Han-Tang Champion Edition in an all-round way and bring a brand-new driving experience to media guests.

At the event site, media representatives also shared his high praise for BYD Han DM-I Champion Edition and Han DM-p Ares Edition, and believed that BYD brand has always adhered to the concept of "born for high-end", always adhered to technological innovation and quality improvement, and will continue to lead China brand to break through.

At this test drive meeting, the champion version of Han DM-i came with three innovations: color, chassis and experience, and launched a 200km pure electric endurance version, which will be determined to completely subvert the mainstream B sedan market! At the same time, BYD’s first DM-p version of the super hybrid coupe also made a stunning debut hand in hand, meeting the individual needs of users in multiple dimensions with its triathlon of concept, temperament and strength!

Under the new energy east wind, the brand of China has risen strongly. With the strength of hard-core products, Han DM-i has rapidly increased its quantity, fully occupied more than 200,000 mid-to-high-end car markets, and gradually grasped the market dominance. Nowadays, the brand-new Han DM-i Champion Edition adheres to the market strategy of "the same price for oil and electricity", takes advantage of the situation, advances strategically within 200,000 yuan, and carries out subversion to the end!

At the same time, in order to further respond to the market demand and meet the needs of personalized users, Han DM series has newly launched Han DM-p Ares Edition! The new car pays tribute to Huo Qubing, the God of War, and draws inspiration from the famous sentence of Xin Qiji’s famous work "Never Meet Le Jingkou Beigu Pavilion Nostalgia", "Think of that year, Jin Ge Tiema swallowed Wan Li like a tiger", in the name of God of War, conveying China’s self-confidence and China’s strength.

Han DM-i Champion Edition and Han DM-p Ares Edition mark BYD’s continuous innovation and efforts in the field of new energy vehicles, and the products with high quality and high price also represent the rapid development of China’s automobile industry.


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