Unveiling the mystery of the Easy Team, Hollywood’s top entertainment companies participated.

Unveiling the mystery of the Easy Team, Hollywood’s top entertainment companies participated.

  From Yi Jianlian’s participation in the draft, to the signing of the contract by the United Arab Emirates and his landing in Milwaukee in early October, he started his career as a rookie season. There is always a China man standing beside the United Arab Emirates who is in great contrast with his height.

  After a period of study, Yi Jianlian’s English has basically passed the test, and his listening and speaking skills are very strong. Only in some formal occasions, he still needs to translate for emergency. As a member of his agent team, Lu Yu temporarily took on the role of translator, but his duties are far greater than translation. He must work closely with Bucks, arrange food, clothing, housing and training for the United Arab League, and keep close contact with Guangdong Hongyuan Club. More importantly, he and the company he represents are responsible for the commercial development of Yi Jianlian.

  Just like Yao Ming has a powerful "Yao Team" behind him, Yi Jianlian, who has just entered the NBA, also has a huge team of brokers behind him. Team Yi consists of two main parts. One is basketball affairs, and the person in charge is Dan Fagan, the fourth agent in NBA. Besides the United Arab League, Fagan’s NBA stars are Marion, Richardson, Terry and Alston. Fagan is an independent agent in NBA, and he owns a company.

  In the Yi Team, Fagan and his company are mainly responsible for the basketball affairs of the United Arab League, and the United Arab League also has a Chinese agent, Zhao Gang. In the last 15 years, Fagan is one of the strongest agents in the NBA. Fagan, who graduated from Yale Law School, personally negotiated a player contract worth 750 million dollars in the last five years. He is the pioneer of "one-year player selection" contract and "sign first and then change" in NBA. Fagan and his agent team once suffered great pressure on Yi Jianlian’s rookie contract signing, but as a result, the Bucks paid unprecedented attention to Yi Jianlian.

  In addition, the Easy Team also has an important component, the commercial development team, and an important force leading the commercial development of the United Arab League is Curtain Company, which is one of the three major film and television entertainment brokerage companies in Hollywood, with a history of 109 years in film, television and other media. Curtain company gathers the elites of the business broker team, and its strength involves sports, television, movies, music and other aspects. Yi Jianlian came to Los Angeles in early April. In three months, he attended the premieres of Pirates of the Caribbean III and Shrek II, and made his appearance in front of mainstream American media and audiences, thanks to the powerful influence of Curtain Company in the film and television industry. Lu Yu, a member of Yizhi Team, is the representative of Curtain Company in charge of Yi Jianlian’s market and business development. He graduated from Shanghai International Studies University, worked for the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and the British BBC and Channel 4. He holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and a master’s degree from the University of Southern California, and won the New America Media Award in the United States.

  "Yi Jianlian has great market value. He joined the NBA in the crucial year of preparing for the Olympic Games in China, and his growth has received great attention. Bucks attach great importance to him and will also focus on developing the China market. " A senior sports brand expert said, "As long as he can perform well in the NBA and develop well, his commercial value can even refer to Yao Ming."

  Yizhi team has been discussing the signing of Yi Jianlian with many famous brands, and Yi Jianlian will also use his performance on the court to win the future for himself. (Zhang Yi)


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