Chongning Institute successfully completed the security work of the 2023 Chongning Town Rural Mini Marathon.

Chongning Institute successfully completed the security work of the 2023 Chongning Town Rural Mini Marathon.

On April 16th, the first Chongning Town "Inheriting Red Genes and Cohesing Endeavour" 2023 Chongning Village Mini Marathon was held in Chongning Street, Chongning Town, Linwei District, Weinan City. More than 600 professional athletes and runners from all over the world participated in the competition. This marathon is the first grand event in the history of Chongning Town. In order to complete the security work with high standards and high quality, under the overall arrangement of the public security brigade, Chongning of Linwei Public Security Bureau, in close cooperation with the patrol special police brigade and Linwei traffic police brigade, carefully explored the scene, scientifically distributed police force, adhered to the whole process of the event, and made every effort to ensure the smooth progress of the event.

On the day before the competition, the police of Chongning Institute carefully surveyed the site, actively communicated with the heads of various departments, studied the traffic situation of the site and surrounding roads in detail, scientifically set up posts along the route and surrounding intersections, distributed police forces, and tried their best to eliminate all kinds of unsafe hidden factors. During the competition, all the police officers on duty in the institute arrived at their posts at 7: 00 a.m. to maintain the order at the event site and around the track, guide the crowd in time, patiently answer the questions about road control during the competition, and actively publicize the knowledge of public security prevention to the people around the venue and along the road, urging the people to do a good job of self-prevention to avoid property losses and prevent various accidents.

During the security period, the auxiliary police officers of the whole institute were full of energy, strict in police appearance, obedient to orders and standardized in duty. With the strong cooperation of the volunteers, they gave full play to the spirit of dedication and courage to take responsibility, adhered to civilized duty and enthusiastic service, and provided real-time guidance, guidance and diversion to the masses. The stadium was orderly, effectively ensuring the safety of the event site and the personal and property safety of the masses, fully demonstrating the good mental outlook and team image of the public security organs, and successfully completing the security of the marathon.


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