Keep the sunshine in your heart and send the warmth like spring to the hearts of the masses.

Keep the sunshine in your heart and send the warmth like spring to the hearts of the masses.

  "Spring, son … … Hang in there and stand up … … Spring will definitely stand up … …” Wang Chunchun in the emergency room has stopped breathing, and his father, who is nearly eighty years old, is still mumbling.

  In the first line of anti-epidemic, I fought continuously and went deep into the jurisdiction for more than 20 days without stopping. On February 11th, Wang Chunchun, the fourth-level police chief of the new site police station of Tiefeng Branch of Qiqihar Public Security Bureau, Heilongjiang Province, who has been sticking to his post for more than 20 days, collapsed in his post because of overwork when he was performing the task of sealing and controlling in the community. He was only 32 years old and died unfortunately after being rescued.

  On February 16th, Zhao Kezhi, State Councilor and Minister of Public Security, signed an order to posthumously award Wang Chunchun the title of second-class hero of the national public security system.

  At most, check more than 2,500 clues a day.

  Since joining the public security work in December 2014, Wang Chunchun has served as a member of the patrol special police detachment of Qiqihar Public Security Bureau and a member of the new site police station of Tiefeng Branch. He is currently the fourth-level sheriff and deputy director of the new site police station of Tiefeng Branch of Qiqihar Public Security Bureau. In 2016, he was awarded by the Municipal Public Security Bureau. In 2017 and 2018, he won personal third-class merit for two consecutive years. In 2017, he was rated as an outstanding civil servant.

  "Wang Chunchun is the representative of the police who fought in the front line of epidemic prevention in Qiqihar City. Their spirit of selfless dedication and selfless dedication is awe-inspiring." Gao Deyi, deputy mayor of Qiqihar City and director of the Public Security Bureau, said.

Wang Chunchun was in the process of sealing and controlling before his death. (data picture)

  In 2019, Wang Chunchun, who has been a police officer for five years, became the fourth-level police chief and deputy director of the new site police station of Tiefeng Branch of Qiqihar Public Security Bureau, and was responsible for eight communities including Shangpin Park and Jingxin Garden in the jurisdiction of the new site police station. After the outbreak of COVID-19, Wang Chunchun was mainly responsible for the inspection of about 200 buildings in eight communities. The front-line police force is tight. Wang Chunchun has to be on a 24-hour regular shift every three days. He usually has to shoulder the duties of a deputy shift and patrol the "nine small" places in his jurisdiction.

  During the epidemic period, every day, different units will push a large number of personnel information to the police station for verification and landing. The information provided is only the name and ID number, and one person’s information will correspond to multiple phone numbers. The police need to call one by one to ask about the household registration, time, purpose, residence, action track, peers, trains, fever symptoms and other information. When not out of the field, Wang Chunchun has been sitting in front of the computer in the office, checking information one by one, and tirelessly repeating "check — — Call — — At most, more than 2,500 clues have to be checked in one day.

  On one occasion, when Cui Hongyu, an auxiliary police officer, assisted Wang Chunchun to verify the information, he was upset by various negative emotions of the people on the phone, but Wang Chunchun took the phone and carefully and patiently verified it, without any confusion.

  Wang Chunchun knows that as a people’s policeman, it is his duty and mission to curb the spread of the epidemic, safeguard the country’s political security and social stability, and protect the lives and health of the people. On January 23, he sent his wife and 16-month-old son to his mother-in-law in Zhaozhou, Daqing, and set foot on the front line of the war "epidemic". From that day on, he didn’t go home for more than 20 days and always worked in the police station. "So I have no worries. Please rest assured that I will do all the competent work. " He said to the director Zhang Tiejun.

  On the New Year’s Eve, the community aunt sent a steaming bowl of jiaozi to Wang Chunchun in the police car: "Son, eat jiaozi wrapped in aunt’s bag, just like the New Year’s Eve dinner that mom made for you." Wang Chunchun ate jiaozi, thinking of her old mother who was ill in bed at home and her father’s bony back. Wang Chunchun said with tears: "Aunt, this is the most fragrant and fragrant jiaozi I have ever eaten in the New Year."

  A versatile worker and a pillar of business.

  In the new construction site police station, Wang Chunchun is recognized as the most capable community policeman and public security policeman. He has a versatile job and is the pillar of his business. Whether in the security and stability work, the special struggle to eliminate evils, or in handling public security cases and basic work at the grassroots level, he is always ahead.

  There is a work log on Wang Chunchun’s desk, which is full of architectural plans of the jurisdiction. Director Zhang Tiejun introduced that every time Wang Chunchun went out to visit, he would take this notebook with him, draw the floor plan of the building, analyze whether there were any potential safety hazards, and eliminate them with the masses in time. There are more than 2,000 households in the area under Wang Chunchun’s jurisdiction. He has been to every household, and the people in the jurisdiction know him. He always rushes to the first place in his work, and he ranks in the top five in the overall situation for three consecutive years.

  The story of Wang Chuntian serving the masses is endless. In August 2018, when Wang Chuntian visited the hardware market in his jurisdiction, some merchants reported that the hardware of the wire box in front of his store was stolen from time to time. Although the loss was not great, he had to find professionals to cut off power for maintenance after each incident, and his daily operations were affected. Despite the hot weather, Wang Chunchun endured mosquito bites during the day and at night. After a week of staying around the clock, he decisively attacked and arrested the suspect when he committed the crime again. On December 16, 2018, when Wang Chunchun visited the community, he learned that the residents on the second floor of Unit 1 in a certain community changed their kitchens privately, which caused the oil smoke to flow to the residents’ homes on the first floor, and there were many disputes for this reason. Wang Chunchun patiently persuaded the two sides to resolve the contradictions and disputes.

  Since joining the public security work, Wang Chunchun has actively participated in reception and on-site mediation for more than 700 times, successfully mediating 387 contradictions and disputes, effectively avoiding more than 200 administrative and criminal cases. Due to outstanding work performance, in September 2019, the "Spring Police Office" named after him was set up in the construction community of the new site police station. From the day the police office was set up, people’s praise never stopped. Whether it is freezing in the cold or windy, this police office named "Spring" can always warm people’s hearts and bloom a flower of harmony between the police and the people.

  "Communist party member only feels when it takes root at the grassroots level."

  In 2019, Wang Chuntiancheng was preparing for party member. After returning home, he hugged his wife tightly and said that this was the most exciting thing since he joined the police. The expression on his face was even happier than being rewarded and commended.

  Wang Chunchun is proud to be a Communist party member, and he always demands himself according to party member’s standards in his work. Especially since the anti-epidemic work was carried out, the temperature in Qiqihar has been low, about MINUS 15 degrees Celsius during the day and as low as MINUS 20 degrees Celsius at night. The icy cold wind has not affected his and his comrades’ inspections.

  After more than 20 days of sticking to the front line of anti-epidemic, Wang Chunchun put the photo of his wife and son in the nearest place of the centrifugal mouth of his pocket on the police uniform. When he was tired and cold, he turned out the photo and took a look, as if he could dispel all the cold and fatigue in an instant and regain his strength.

  On the evening of January 27th, Wang Chunchun originally made an appointment with his parents to go home and have a look, but someone in the Shangpin owners’ group of the park in the jurisdiction sent a photo, saying that there was a private car with Hubei license that had never been seen before in the garage of the community, out of fear of the epidemic, the owners’ group exploded in an instant, and they were all worried about whether someone had come back from Hubei to hide their whereabouts. Wang Chunchun immediately took the initiative to investigate. After a night’s investigation, he learned that the owner of the car was in Hubei Province and originally planned to return to Qiqihar in April. The car has been in Qiqihar City. He immediately contacted the person in charge of the community and gave accurate information back to the owner, which promptly eliminated the panic of the people in the jurisdiction and gave the people a "reassuring". The next morning, Wang Chunchun started a new job and never went home again.

  For more than 20 days, Wang Chunchun had almost no rest. He is busy checking whether there are any privately operated shops in the jurisdiction, persuading residents who have to go out for a walk to go home quickly, checking the clues of people returning to Qiqihar from other places, and promoting the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control … … … Every day, Wang Chuntian will inspect the key communities within his jurisdiction at least once.

  "I feel distressed when I look at the child’s working state in spring. During the time when I worked together, I saw the duty and mission of a policeman in him, and I also saw the initial intention and belief of preparing party member. He set a benchmark for all our staff in the front line of epidemic prevention and control. " Sister Hui Fen, deputy secretary of Muhai Community who works with Wang Chunchun, said.

  Because of his good writing style, the sub-bureau asked Wang Chunchun to work in the office several times, but he didn’t agree. He always felt that only at the grassroots level could he exercise himself and temper himself.

  "The Communist party member took root at the grassroots level. This time, I saw that all walks of life were at the forefront of party member. Through this anti-epidemic, I really felt the vanguard and exemplary role of Communist party member." Wang Chunchun said to his good friend Han Qi.

  At noon on February 11th, Wang Chunchun received a phone call from Dong Lina, the head of a community in his jurisdiction, and agreed to work together to resolve conflicts, targeting several elderly people who have opinions on epidemic prevention and isolation. At that time, Wang Chunchun suddenly felt a little unwell. Without saying anything, he and the auxiliary police Cui Hongyu rushed to the community. "Sister Dong, which building are we going to?" At 14: 54, Wang Chuntian stopped the police car to meet Dong Lina. However, as soon as the voice just fell, he fainted. Cui Hongyu immediately called 120. At about 15 o’clock, Wang Chunchun was taken to a nearby hospital, and his father was later taken to the hospital by the police. However, despite all efforts, Wang Chunchun still failed to get out of the emergency room … …

  On Wang Chunchun’s desk, there was a box of yogurt and an orange quietly, which was sent by the community resident Lang Dajie on the morning of Wang Chunchun’s sacrifice. Before he could eat it in spring, the work log with the floor plan of the area was spread out, and the police uniforms were neatly hung in the closet … … Everything looks the same as usual, but only the policeman Wang Chunchun, who is always sunny, is missing.


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