Sports Network | Manchester City defended the Premier League three times in advance, and Bayern lost the initiative to win the championship.

Sports Network | Manchester City defended the Premier League three times in advance, and Bayern lost the initiative to win the championship.

On a night full of surprises, Manchester City won the Premier League trophy three times ahead of schedule, while Bayern suffered a reversal and handed over the Bundesliga championship initiative to Dortmund.

In the early morning of 21st, in the 37th round of Premier League, Odegard’s passing mistake led Arsenal to lose 0-1 to Nottingham Forest, and fell behind Manchester City by 4 points with one round left. At this point, this season’s Premier League "finale" was announced in advance, and Manchester City defended the league title.

In the Bundesliga, Bayern lost to Leipzig 1-3-only one point ahead of Dortmund in the case of one more game. If Dortmund wins all the remaining two rounds, it will break Bayern’s record of 10 consecutive championships.

Odegard made a mistake in passing the ball, and Woniy took the lead in scoring.

Arsenal lost and Manchester City won three rounds ahead of schedule.

Before the game against Nottingham Forest, Arsenal had already lost the top position, but they were still working hard for the theoretical possibility of winning the championship.

However, in the early morning of 21st, Arsenal, who fought away from home, was first scored by their opponents in the first half-in the 19th minute, Odegard made a mistake in passing the ball, and the forest quickly counterattacked, and Avonii took the lead in scoring.

Since then, Arsenal still find it hard to find a good opportunity in the frontcourt. In the end, they lost to Nottingham Forest 0-1 away, 4 points behind Manchester City with one round left, and Manchester City locked in the league title this season.

Manchester City won the Premier League three times in a row.

"First of all, congratulations to Manchester City for winning the championship, but this is a sad day for us. Now we must face the reality."

Arsenal coach Artta concluded after the game, "This is my responsibility, and I will bear it. Sometimes the game will be beautiful, and sometimes it won’t. This is sports. We have been working hard for this goal for 11 months and have been ahead for so many days. "

Arsenal scored 81 points after 37 rounds of league matches, and it is impossible for them to surpass Manchester City with 85 points, while Manchester City, which has not played for three rounds, won the championship without a fight.

After winning the championship this season, Manchester City also succeeded in winning the Premier League three times in a row-they won the championship in 2020-2021, 2021-2022 and 2022-2023.

With the title of the league title confirmed, Premier League officials said that after Manchester City’s home game against Chelsea, the awarding ceremony of the league title will be held at Etihad Stadium.

Gnabry volleyed the goal and Bayern scored 1-0.

Bayern suffered a reversal in Leipzig, and the Bundesliga champion was in suspense again.

An unplanned reversal lost, so that Bayern’s team history record may have stopped at 10 times.

In the early morning of May 21st, Bayern, who was at home, suffered a reversal in Leipzig when he scored the first goal, and finally lost the game 1-3.

Because Bayern is playing at home, many legendary Bayern stars are specially present to help out. However, after losing, the camera caught Robben and Ribery in the audience, and the two famous players looked dignified …

Leimer equalised for Leipzig.

In the stadium, fans are also extremely disappointed with the process and results. The game is not over yet, and a large number of fans have left the stadium.

The German media "Pictorial" commented: "This kind of scene is rare because Bayern has the reputation of reversing at the last moment of the game. But the fans in this game don’t believe the team can do it. "

"I can’t explain this performance. Our state has always been good before. I saw our spirit in training in the team. I can’t explain everything on the court." Tuchel said this after the game.

Nkunku took the penalty and hit it.

It is worth mentioning that as a "fire coach", tuchel obviously failed to meet the team’s expectations.

After tuchel took office, Bayern lost to Frejborg in the German Cup and Manchester City in the Champions League, and has lost four games in various competitions. When nagel Mann coached this season, Bayern lost three games in Bundesliga.

Today, Bayern may not even be able to keep the Bundesliga title-in the case of a preliminary match, Bayern is only one point ahead of Dortmund. If Dortmund wins the remaining two rounds, they will break Bayern’s record of 10 consecutive championships.

Solas Roy scored another penalty.

Firmino scored a curtain call and Liverpool drew.

On the evening of May 20th, in the 37th round of the Premier League, Liverpool drew 1-1 with Villa at home, and there was little hope of qualifying for the Champions League.

In the 27th minute, Douglas Lewis passed the ball to the back to send an assist, and Ramsey pushed the goal. Until the 90th minute, Salah made a cross and sent an assist. firmino scored a curtain call at home and the score was fixed at 1-1.

Lewis crosses, Ramsey points back and grabs the goal.

"When I first came to Liverpool, the climate, football and everything here were not easy to adapt to, but it was the same for everyone."

"But we have achieved everything here, and we have won everything together. I am very proud of this history and the achievements we have made together. "

He finished his curtain call with a goal, and when he was about to bid farewell to Liverpool, firmino was elected as the best player in the Premier League official selection.

Firmino equalized the score.

"I am very excited and happy to finish the last game accompanied by fans, family, friends and everyone, especially when I scored the last goal at home."

Before this game, Liverpool officials have confirmed that four players, including firmino, will leave the team freely after their contracts expire this summer.

In another match, Manchester United beat Bournemouth 1-0. Like Newcastle, they were three points ahead of Liverpool in one game. As long as they draw in the next round, they will qualify for the Champions League.

Casemiro barb goal, Manchester United win 1-0.

Wu Lei shoots Javier red, and the harbor is 2-0 Meizhou.

On May 20th, the eighth round of the 2023 Super League continued, and Shanghai Harbour was a guest to challenge Meizhou Hakka.

In the first half, Lei Wu assisted Lv Wenjun to score a goal, and in the second half, Oscar assisted Lei Wu to score a goal. In the end, Haigang beat Meizhou 2-0 away and led the standings unbeaten in eight rounds.

In the 26th minute of the game, the seaport played a subtle match. paulinho cut into the front of the restricted area on the right and obliquely passed the back point. Lei Wu headed back, and Lv Wenjun sideways volley scored. After VAR confirmed that the goal was valid, the seaport led Meizhou 1-0.

Lv Wenjun sideways volley scored.

Later, Javier, the harbor coach, was too excited to protest against the violation of Caron by the referee, and was sent off with a red card.

Until the 94th minute, the seaport fought back, Oscar sent the ball behind him, and Lei Wu scored low in the restricted area, and the seaport scored 2-0 in Meizhou. So far, the seaport has remained unbeaten for eight rounds.

At the press conference after the game, Augustine, assistant coach of Harbor Team, said: "The progress of the game is as we expected. It is a very difficult game. We can see that the strength of both sides is very close and the game is very tight."

"Now, in fact, the season is still in its infancy. We will not pay too much attention to the ranking in the standings. There is still room for improvement in the performance of the team. I hope to help the team improve through day-to-day training."

Lei Wu sealed the victory.

League of Legends mid-season championship: China team locked the championship in advance

On May 20th, according to Xinhua News Agency, the League of Legends Mid-season Championship (MSI) in 2023 was staged in London, England. BLG from China’s LPL Division defeated T1 from South Korea’s LCK Division 3-1, and joined forces with JDG, another team from LPL Division.

This is the first time that the LPL team has joined forces in the League of Legends international competition, and it also means that the China team will win the MSI championship trophy for the third consecutive year.

JDG won the championship by beating BLG in the final of LPL Spring Tournament. As the top seed in the division, JDG directly entered the winning and losing group stage, and passed all the way. In the winner group final held on the 18th, it beat T1 3-2, taking the lead in getting the final tickets.

After breaking through from the finalists, BLG swept C9 from the LCS Division in North America, but then lost to JDG 0-3 and fell into the loser group. However, they quickly adjusted their state, and after defeating the European LEC team G2, they swept the top seed GEN in LCK division.

In the final of the loser group, facing T1, BLG was robbed of map resources by its opponents in the first game, and gradually fell into a difficult situation. However, in the key team battle, it seized the opponent’s mistakes and went to the next city first. Then they pursued the victory and won the match point 2-0 first.

Although T1 stubbornly pulled back a game, BLG focused on the opponent’s going down in the fourth game and established an advantage early. Although there was a mistake in the middle period, it still narrowly missed the game and locked the final seat.

After the game, Zhao Jiahao (ID: Elk), an excellent ADC player in this field, said that it was not easy for the team to go all the way to the final, and it was very happy to beat two Korean teams. Facing JDG in the final again, the team will play better than in the spring finals.

China Normal University men’s basketball team reached the top eight for the first time.

On May 20th, the 25th China University Basketball League Men’s Top 32 Competition continued, with teams from East China Normal University, Tsinghua University, civil aviation university of china and Shanghai Jiaotong University taking the lead to break through and get tickets for the quarter-finals. Among them, the men’s basketball team of East China Normal University achieved the best results in team history and broke into the top eight for the first time.

On that day, the first quarter-finals battle was held between East China Normal University and Ningbo University. Facing the men’s basketball team of Ningbo University, the last quarter-finals team, East China Normal University took the lead in finding the rhythm in the opening chaos, opening the gap and maintaining the leading position throughout the first half.

Easy-side battles, although Ningbo University briefly recovered its touch to catch up with the score, it is inevitable that it will be disrupted in the face of the opponent’s "three-point rain". In the end, with a score of 94-77, East China Normal University had the last laugh, which was the first time in the team’s history that it advanced to the top eight in the Chinese College Basketball League.

Sun Liuqing, head coach of East China Normal University, said after the game: "We won today because of the players’ desire for victory and positive fighting attitude. To be honest, our team is not mature this year. Many players have graduated, and almost a set of main lineups have graduated. The team is in the stage of alternating old and new. "

"Being able to achieve such a result is the result of the collective efforts of the team members, and it is also inseparable from the strong support given by the opening school to our team members’ daily training support and academic arrangements."

China University Basketball League is sponsored by China University Sports Association, operated exclusively by Orange Lion Sports and assisted by Kangpaisi Sports.

Theme activities of Shanghai Sports Museum opened.

On May 18th, the theme activity of "May 18th International Museum Day" of Shanghai Sports Museum was held in the Sports Building.

This year coincides with the 20th anniversary of UNESCO’s adoption of the Convention for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The Shanghai Sports Museum and the Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center cooperated for the first time to jointly plan and launch the theme exhibition of "Martial Arts, Heritage and Art".

With sports culture as the link, the theme exhibition of sports and intangible cultural heritage brings together 19 national and municipal intangible cultural heritage projects in Shanghai from the perspective of "big sports" integrating sports, health care, folk customs and performances. There are 54 sets of 79 exhibits distributed in 3 unit showcases, and there are also large-scale exhibition areas, multimedia sand tables and touch screens to show the charm of intangible cultural heritage projects in a three-dimensional way.

Since 2018, Shanghai Sports has adhered to the recording, protection and dissemination of intangible culture. In the past five years, 19 documentaries of sports intangible items, such as Jingwu Wushu, Chuanquan and Bagua Palm, have been filmed. Since 2022, the series of activities of "Sports Intangible Cultural Heritage" has entered four towns, including Wujing Town in Minhang District, Xinhong Street, Beixinjing Street in Changning District and Hudong Xincun Street in Pudong New Area.

With the aim of "inheriting sports culture and carrying forward sports spirit", Shanghai Sports Museum has devoted itself to creating public sports cultural space and urban sports cultural coordinates with Shanghai culture characteristics since it was officially opened to the outside world in July 2021.


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