Curry is not the greatest shooter.

Curry is not the greatest shooter.

Looking at this title alone, it is estimated that it will attract a large number of people’s refutation, and even the siege of Curry fans. Because, since Curry was born and succeeded, when it comes to the greatest shooter in history, many people will say it is the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry.

There is no doubt that Curry’s epoch-making unparalleled archery and his series of shocking performances and achievements make him deserve to be considered by many people. Curry is the strongest and greatest shooter in history, no one, no doubt! But in fact, Curry should not be defined as a shooter, even if the word greatest is added in front, it is still not suitable. Not because he is not qualified to be the greatest shooter, but because his performance has already surpassed the realm of a shooter.

Let’s see, what was the previous definition of a shooter? Of course, most of his scores come from shooting, and he often shoots at fixed points, or throws after catching the ball, even if there are not many jump shots. Why? Because most shooters used to rely on people to feed the ball, and their function was relatively simple, that is, shooting. Besides, they didn’t do much work. Therefore, in fact, the shooter is not valued by everyone. Even if there are Ray Allen and Miller, they are also not among the top players. In short, their independent attack with the ball is not strong enough, their performance is limited, and their influence on the game is limited. Of course, this is relatively top-notch.

Curry, on the other hand, is completely different. He broke people’s inherent impression of the shooter. He not only has the advantages of traditional shooters, but also has many weaknesses that traditional shooters don’t have, or lack. He can drive the game by holding the ball himself, and his independent scoring ability is super strong, and his scoring explosive power is also historical. His deterrent power to the opponent’s team can start from half-time. His influence on the game and the team, his dribbling ability, field vision and scoring skills all made him rise to the discussion of the greatest players in history.

And the achievements he has made in leading the team have made him no longer in the ranks of shooters. All-vote MVP, four championships, and his influence on the basketball game have brought about changes that have promoted him to the ranks of the greatest players. So, stop saying that Curry is a shooter, even the greatest.


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