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Let online celebrity Highway Be Applauded and Seated —— Observation on the Opening of Duku Highway in Xinjiang

  Guangming Daily reporter Villi Shangjie

  In summer, Qiaoerma Castle Peak in Nileke County, Yili Prefecture, Xinjiang, is like Dai, full of green. On the morning of June 10th, the opening ceremony of Duku Highway, known as "the most beautiful highway in China", was held here. More than a thousand self-driving cars from all over the country set out from all over the Duku Highway to visit this "most beautiful highway" and the beautiful scenery along the way.

  Duku Highway crosses Tianshan Mountain from dushanzi area, Karamay City to Kuqa City, with a total length of more than 560 kilometers.

  How can this road, which only runs for five months a year, attract tourists from all over the world? How to create a richer and more diverse travel experience for tourists? How does online celebrity Highway Keep Tourists’ Heart? The reporter interviewed this.

  The scenery along Duku Highway is pleasant. Photo courtesy of Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Hall

  1 Stimulate the effect of tourist business cards

  Viewed from the sky, Duku Highway runs through the middle section of Tianshan Mountain like a dragon, connecting the north and south of Tianshan Mountain in series. The scenery along the highway is picturesque and dizzying.

  Walking on this road, you can "see the four seasons in one day and different days in ten miles". All the way, through the Red Gorge, the Dragon Pond, the forest and the meadow, the four seasons alternate, which is beautiful.

  At the opening ceremony, Deng Chunhua, a 61-year-old tourist from Hubei, could not hide his inner excitement. Since 2020, she has been driving with her husband "two people and one car" for three consecutive years. She said that she couldn’t get enough of the unique natural scenery along the Duku Highway. Last year, she didn’t go all the way because of the mudslide. This year, she made special arrangements early and waited for the official passage of this day.

  People often say that the most beautiful scenery is on the road. Xinjiang tourist business card — — This is especially true for Duku Highway.

  On the Duku road trip guide map, the beautiful scenery along the route is dotted: starting from dushanzi area, all the way through Dushanzi Grand Canyon and Baili Gallery — — Tamboura, air grassland — — Nalati grassland, nine bends and eighteen bends — — Bayinbuluke and the Pearl of Tianshan Mountains — — Large and small Longchi, Kuqa Grand Canyon and other scenic spots, one road allows tourists to enjoy most of the fine scenery in the north and south.

  Gobi, grassland, lakes, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, canyons … … The photos of various landscapes along the way have aroused the admiration of tourists and tourism practitioners. Song Bo, the person in charge of the enterprise engaged in tourism management, said that this "most beautiful highway", which spans more than 560 kilometers and runs through the northern and southern Xinjiang, "contracted" 80% of the beautiful scenery in Xinjiang and brought a steady stream of passengers. His company has opened six RV camps in Xinjiang.

  Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, whether the Duku Highway can be opened to traffic as scheduled this year and whether foreign tourists can enter Xinjiang smoothly has become a problem that Song Bo has been worried about. You know, this highway is only open for five months a year, and there will be a lot of losses if it is delayed for one day.

  "We will create all convenient conditions for tourists entering Xinjiang, and help the development of tourism enterprises through various measures such as lowering, returning, slowing down, awarding and supplementing." The words of the relevant person in charge of the Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Office gave Song Bo a "reassurance".

  Five prefectures (cities) along the Duku Highway have also made great efforts to organize and arrange a series of colorful cultural feasts, such as Akon singing, grassland Nadam, Qiuci mural exhibition, dream lighting festival, tent camping festival, bonfire food festival, etc., so that tourists have more expectations for travel besides driving.

   2 linkage to do "corridor economy"

  Speaking of the changes that Duku Highway has brought to tourism and life, Nurguli Alabek, the head of Tekes County Zhaile Ecological B&B Park, seems to have endless words.

  "Today’s rural tourism has developed from a farmhouse to a high-end homestay. My homestay has invested more than 3 million yuan, focusing on ethnic customs. Although affected by the epidemic in recent years, I can earn hundreds of thousands of yuan every year, which is much better than doing other businesses. " Nurguli Alabek told reporters.

  In the eyes of local people, Duku Highway is not only a landscape road, but also a happy road. It not only bears the heavy responsibility of the traffic arteries in the northern and southern Xinjiang, but also looks like a winding river, which transports a steady stream of tourists along the route and makes people living here feel the vitality brought by the tourism economy. In the tourist season of 2019, this road carries a maximum of 20,000 self-driving cars per day.

  North village, Agger Township, Kuqa City is the first stop for Duku Highway to enter southern Xinjiang. Since last year, taking advantage of its unique geographical position, north village has invested more than 10 million yuan to comprehensively upgrade the village’s tourism facilities, increased amusement projects, and formed a new rural tourism model of "village committee+company+farmer", which has become the punching point of online celebrity. Nowadays, the villagers have eaten tourist meals, and the collective income of the village has also increased from less than 50,000 yuan in 2020 to 350,000 yuan in 2021.

  Yan Naimin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Xinjiang Department of Culture and Tourism, said that in recent years, various states (cities) along the Duku Highway have continuously improved supporting services such as sightseeing stops, signage systems, service areas and parking areas, accelerated the construction of self-driving camps and improved supporting facilities. Around Xinjiang, exquisite tourist scenic roads and go on road trip routes have been built around scenic roads such as G217, G219 and S101, which has promoted the construction of tourist node cities, tourist towns and characteristic tourist villages along the way, and the "corridor economy" linked by transportation and tourism has become increasingly popular.

  Only by constantly improving the infrastructure can online celebrity’s highways become more popular. In 2019, Xinjiang Transportation Department started the highway disease treatment and service quality improvement project in the Duku section of G217 line, and in 2020, it started the second phase of the Duku highway improvement project. During the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Xinjiang will continue to build the cultural and tourist destination of the Silk Road in southern Xinjiang, the Tianshan tourism industrial belt and the rural tourism destination, and scenic roads such as Duku Highway will play a role in it.

   3 improve the service extension chain

  With the rapid development of tourism industry and the promotion of information wave, tourists’ demand for personalized tourism is increasingly strong, especially with the change of tourism market structure and travel mode, tourists put forward higher requirements for intelligent customized services and the integration and sharing of public information in tourist destinations.

  In order to improve the tourist experience, Xinjiang insists on paying equal attention to sightseeing and leisure tourism products. The latest statistics show that there are 73 self-driving caravan camps under construction and planned in Xinjiang, and 48 camps are in operation; There are 3,217 travel agents operating self-driving travel products in Xinjiang on major online travel agency platforms in China, and there are more than 600 brands of self-driving travel products, among which 30% are self-driving travel products with the theme of hotel accommodation, travel photography service and discovering the countryside.

  In addition to enriching the tourism experience, how to improve the service and extend the chain in the development of online celebrity highway has also become a key issue for Xinjiang tourism departments to think about.

  "We should rely on the highway network, take key scenic spots and scenic spots with development potential as key nodes, and promote high standards, high levels and high quality ‘ Transportation+Tourism ’ Comprehensive development system. " Yan Naimin said that Duku Highway is a representative highway of Xinjiang landscape, and it is also a beautiful business card for Xinjiang tourism. Xinjiang will further build the most beautiful self-driving highway brand in China, integrate the tourism resources in the areas along the route, improve the regional tourism system, jointly promote the healthy development of go on road trip, a single-depot highway, and create a more attractive tourist landscape for tourists.

Huawei’s unmanned parking service video exposure, how strong is the intelligent driving of Zhijie S7?

According to the official announcement, Zhijie S7, the first pure electric car in Huawei’s smart car selection business, has exceeded 10,000 units in three days of pre-sale. The popularity of the new car is quite high, but after all, it has not been tested on the spot. Perhaps everyone is constantly worried about the strength of the intelligent S7, especially the intelligent driving that is known as "far ahead".

Recently, however, a real video about unmanned parking service in the parking lot of Zhijie S7 appeared on the Internet. Because it is not a formal functional test, this video is only used as a reference to evaluate the assisted driving ability of Zhijie S7. Today, let’s take a look at the leopard in the tube through video to see how strong Huawei ADS2.0 intelligent driving system is.

As a model featuring "intelligent driving", the intelligent driving ability of Zhijie S7 affects the hearts of many netizens. Combined with the current video of Zhijie S7 in the parking lot, it is not difficult to find that Zhijie S7 still has some dry goods at the level of assisted driving.

The video content includes one-button automatic parking, reversing to avoid passing cars, pedestrian avoidance, roaming to find parking spaces, automatic rearview mirror parking, real-time viewing/control of APP, one-button calling and other functions. In some links, Zhijie S7 shows amazing performance. For example, when passing cars, vehicles will automatically identify the lane width. If only one lane is allowed, vehicles will stop or even reverse. Where two lanes are allowed to pass, Zhijie S7 will do its part and go through decisively, and the whole logical judgment is very clear.

In addition, in the part of one-button calling function test, Zhijie S7 is parked in the multi-storey parking lot, and it calls Zhijie S7 to find someone through APP. Zhijie S7 is quite reliable in the whole route planning. Compared with many car companies in the industry who rely on accurate map navigation to find people, it has indeed improved a lot.

To tell the truth, in the automobile industry, as early as the era of fuel vehicles, many car companies, including joint venture car companies, have used their brains to use the parking lot, but there are not many car companies that can actually be widely used, and most of them have become a gimmick. As a model with intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving ability, Zhijie S7 has perfect functions and scenes of unmanned parking, and the driving logic of the vehicle has a complete loop. Looking at the whole automobile circle, Zhijie S7 has absolute hard power to compete with Tucki, Tesla and other car companies that focus on intelligent driving.

On the other hand, the development of intelligent assisted driving can not only rely on the research and development and testing of car companies, but also rely on the continuous use of car owners in the process of use, and car companies continue to optimize solutions to further promote the development of intelligent assisted driving. But at this stage, the vast majority of consumers are only interested in intelligent assisted driving, but it is rare to really apply intelligent assisted driving boldly, which is largely due to their own safety considerations. The development of intelligent driving technology is still lacking.

Combined with other aspects, Zhijie S7 adopts a very streamlined design, a closed grille, a sharp shovel and a low-lying body, and the overall visual feeling is biased towards young sports. The size of the whole vehicle has reached 4971/1963/1461mm and the wheelbase is 2950mm, which is a conventional C-class car in the new energy automobile industry.

Intellectual S7 can see Huawei’s shadow in many places. On the one hand, Zhijie S7 is equipped with HarmonyOS system developed by Huawei, so that the car system of Zhijie S7 can be interconnected with Huawei mobile phones, tablets and other mobile terminals. On the other hand, the motor system and chassis of Zhijie S7 all adopt Huawei’s technology. According to the application data and official data of the new car, the maximum endurance of Zhijie S7 can reach 800+ kilometers, and the acceleration of the most powerful four-wheel drive version is 3.3s, which is a little faster than Porsche’s Taycan.

Generally speaking, the logic of Huawei ADS2.0 intelligent driving system is still very clear, and the ability of pre-judgment even exceeds that of many old drivers. Of course, as a part of the advanced intelligent driving system, parking and driving in the parking lot is only a small fragment of the whole intelligent driving test. In other car scenes, how will Zhijie S7 behave? It is worth looking forward to! Welcome to pay attention to "car territory without borders", leave a message in the comment area below and share your views.

Great spring scenery, you might as well follow the footsteps of the ancients.

Stepping in the spring has existed since ancient times. This spring, many people had to cancel their outing because of the epidemic.

If you stay at home, you might as well have a "spring outing". Those "flowers" in the history of art may give you more beautiful feelings this spring.

In ancient times, spring outing was an outdoor activity that people liked in spring. Especially in the Tang Dynasty, spring outing was an open social custom in the Tang Dynasty, which flourished on the third day of March every year. This activity was recorded in Zhang Xuan’s famous "You Chuntu, the wife of the State of Guo" in the Tang Dynasty. The genius of the painter lies in the fact that the title of the picture is You Chuntu, but there is no grass or tree directly related to spring in the picture. Instead, people feel the breath of spring through the gentle gesture of the fine horse and the thin and gorgeous spring shirt of the characters.

The silk edition of You Chuntu, the wife of the State of Guo, by Tang Zhang Xuan (Song Mo) is 51.8 cm in length and 148 cm in width. It is now in the Liaoning Provincial Museum.

You Chuntu by Zhan Ziqian, a painter of Sui Dynasty, is the only work handed down from generation to generation by Zhan Ziqian, and it is also the oldest picture scroll so far, with the words "Zhan Ziqian You Chuntu" inscribed by Song Huizong. In the painting, the water meets the sky. There are green mountains and lush lakes, scholars riding horse trails or stopping by the lake, and beautiful ladies boating on the water. The wind is warm, the water is microwave-lit, the peaches and apricots on the shore are blooming, and the grass is lush.

Painters attach importance to the mountains and rivers with turquoise, depict the foothills with clay gold, fill and dye the trunks with ochre, take a panoramic view from a distance, and arrange the figures properly, which is the first of its kind in the Tang Dynasty and is very representative in early landscape painting.

You Chuntu by Zhan Ziqian in Sui Dynasty is now in the Palace Museum in Beijing.

The color of the silk book is 43 cm vertical and 80.5 cm horizontal, and it is now in the Palace Museum in Beijing.

Ming Chou Ying’s "Spring Dawn in the Han Palace" is collected in the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

The Spring Dawn of the Han Palace is known as one of the "Top Ten Famous Paintings in China". The picture describes the daily chores in the palace in early spring by hand-rolling: dressing up, watering, cutting branches, arranging flowers, raising, singing and dancing, playing, playing around the stove, playing chess, reading, fighting grass, looking at the mirror, watching pictures, playing with babies, sending food, waving fans, painting empresses, palace moths, princes, eunuchs and painters. The characters were all clothes since the Tang Dynasty, and they were named Han Palace, which was a general term for the palace at that time.

Affected by the epidemic, the "The Truth-Chou Ying Special Exhibition" held by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in the United States for ten years had to be stopped.

Chou Ying’s You Chuntu in the Suburb in Ming Dynasty

In the Qing Dynasty, Zou Yigui painted the Hundred Flowers Map, which was collected in the National Museum of China.

In spring, spring flowers are blooming. To enjoy the flowers, you can see the Hundred Flowers Picture painted by Zou Yigui, a court painter in the Qing Dynasty.

There are more than 100 kinds of plants and flowers in the four seasons in the picture of Hundred Flowers. The first painting is red plum, narcissus and orchid, interspersed with peach blossom, plum blossom, apricot blossom, winter jasmine, begonia, magnolia, clove, peony, hydrangea, rattan, pomegranate, dandelion, lingxiao, broad bean, rose, poppy, hibiscus, lily, lotus flower, lentil, impatiens, gardenia, oleander flower and petunia. Flowers are arranged in the order of four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, and according to the time of flowering. Painting techniques combine work and writing, such as chrysanthemums outlined with lines, and flowers such as lotus flowers and magnolia flowers are directly rendered. Dotting flowers with chalk dipped in color, dyed the heart, and rendered with water, making the flowers full of three-dimensional sense.

Zhang Jigang lets you see the magnificent scene of "how the Yellow River’s waters move out of heaven"

  "Boom, boom", a deep voice came from the darkness, like the roar of the Yellow River, rapid and powerful. When the light came on, a yellow river covering the whole field of vision suddenly appeared in the air. It came from the sky and poured down in trembling, as if the waves were carrying sediment, rolling the Gangfeng and shaking the Tiangu. At this time, one, two, three, and a group of people "jumped" into the river one after another, went upstream in the rolling of turbid waves, and ran forward in the roar of wild waves … …

  On August 17th, a large-scale symphonic dance epic "Yellow River", which was secretly rehearsed for half a year and directed by the famous artist Zhang Jigang, finally showed its true colors for the first time. The reporter of Shanxi Evening News visited the class exclusively and watched the first official serial of Yellow River in the Yellow River Theater of Shanxi Song and Dance Theater.

  The performance of more than 90 minutes presents a subversion of artistic imagination! The unprecedented expression of stage art has long gone beyond the scope of "viewing", but brought "immersive" feelings. Surprisingly, the whole performance didn’t rely on high-tech means such as LED and holographic projection to present visual effects, and it was all done by manpower and the expression of the actors’ body language, which really achieved — — Return to dance noumenon.

  Dance can jump in the air?

  Can the "water of the Yellow River" flowing on the ground come from the sky?

  … …

  How many fantastic ideas, unprecedented and unparalleled are there in The Yellow River? As the first audience, please follow our line of sight, "fresh" to see!

  "Yellow River" is not only a river, but also a dance epic with a huge vision.

  The opening of The Yellow River is quiet and grand.

  An old ship that has been drifting on the river for nearly ten thousand years, in the form of inner monologue, slowly revealed the huge "vision" of this work — — This is a river of life, a river of heroes and a river of vigorous spirit.

  As a river of life, the Yellow River has nurtured Chinese civilization, is the mother river of Chinese people at home and abroad, and has made irreplaceable contributions to world civilization. Therefore, there are many stories in The Yellow River, starting with canoes 10,000 years ago, matriarchal society 6,000 years ago, and China civilization 5,000 years later. Generation after generation have multiplied their lives and nurtured their growth along the Yellow River.

  As a river of heroes and a river of vigorous spirit, the symphony dance epic Yellow River also has epic emotions. From encountering foreign national aggression to defending the Yellow River, the sons and daughters of the Yellow River have a national spirit and revolutionary spirit of going forward bravely after disasters. Now, at the moment of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the recent Chinese dream, the sons and daughters of the Yellow River are still high-spirited dreamers … …

  Shanxi Evening News reporter saw in the first row that "Yellow River" presented three major movements — — Wan Li Sand in the Yellow River, how the Yellow River’s waters move out of heaven, Dream Catcher in the Yellow River. There are 11 programs in the three movements: Nine Songs of the Yellow River, Wan Li Sand, Lullaby, Yellow River Beach, Pulling the Yellow River, Yellow River Boatman Music, Ode to the Yellow River, Yellow River Anger, Defending the Yellow River, Yellow River Dreamcatcher, Red Silk Dance and Yellow River My People,My Country, in which dance forms such as solo, duet and group dance are interspersed.

  If you are sitting under the stage at the moment, you will be deeply attracted by the 11 stories in the Yellow River, and follow the river from distant history, rushing through the vicissitudes of life, flowing endlessly in the war, and rushing around the world with great momentum … …

  For the artistic theme of "Yellow River", Zhang Jigang made a brand-new interpretation and creation this time. He led the team to travel through time, trying to find the source and soul of "Yellow River" and create a greater emotion of "Yellow River". He summed up the essence of the Yellow River in two sentences — — "Tian Xingjian, the gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement; The terrain is Kun, and the gentleman carries things with virtue. " Self-improvement and virtue are also the spirit of "Huang Heren".

  The "Yellow River" falls from the sky, and actors dance in the air, which is an unprecedented stage art expression.

  Zhang Jigang’s Yellow River has a magical "magic" that seeing is believing! For example, you can instantly "sculpt" a "real clay figurine" full of muscles and strength, or you can let actors dance while "going upstream" in the pouring Yellow River water.

  The opening dance of Yellow River is full of muscles and hormones! Let you fall in love with this river and Huang Heren from the first sight. A group of Yellow River men crowded into the embrace of the river, or rolled, or kissed, or played, or swam, and the dance movements were extremely simple and beautiful, with softness and rigidity. Many actions such as stretching arms and bending legs seem to challenge the "stretching" limit and "twisting" limit of human body, and convey emotions and strength from the inside out through body language. After a while, the yellow river man rolled in the sand and instantly became a "clay sculpture", and his muscle lines became more and more eye-catching. Interestingly, these "live" clay sculptures, in the most primitive physical expression, can stir up more swaying and boiling of the Yellow River water … … It also stirred the hearts of the audience!

  How the Yellow River’s waters move out of heaven, the second movement of the Yellow River, is even more amazing — —

  The tune of "The Yellow River Boatman Song" sounded, and the rushing and tumbling "Yellow River" poured down … … Very spectacular! It is worth mentioning that this "Yellow River" is not an illusory image produced by high technology, but a "real" existence. People’s minds can’t help but think of Liu Yuxi’s poem "Nine bends of the Yellow River, sand in Wan Li, waves sweeping from the horizon". What’s even more amazing is that some Huang Heren people have jumped into the "Yellow River" with a steep slope in front of them. They run "upstream" and "downstream" in the river, sometimes tumbling in the air and sometimes chasing in the water, expressing Huang Heren’s attachment, reluctance and intoxication to the Yellow River. When the special period came, helmets and rifles poured down from the Yellow River. At this time, the raging Yellow River and the surging Huang Heren merged into one, showing a picture of vitality … …

  These dances are extraordinary!

  Dancers dance in mud, water and even in the air, presenting a multidimensional space and three-dimensional expression for the audience, which is an unprecedented stage art expression! It also subverts people’s previous artistic imagination! Zhang Jigang said that artistic creation is the most taboo. "When looking at a work, first look at how much new content it has, and then look at the quality."

  "Yellow River" swept through with a brand-new look and growling. Before you see it, you can’t imagine that dance can jump in the air! After seeing it, you can believe "how the Yellow River’s waters move out of heaven"!

  Zhang Jigang’s Yellow River achieved this feat.

  Teacher Zhang’s homework can’t be wasted every minute, so he must go all out.

  After the performance, the curtain call applause of "Singing the Motherland" was still in my ears, and the actors were still panting on the stage, so "Teacher Zhang’s after-class comments" came — —

  Zhang Jigang standing in the audience, microphone in hand, without a word. The theater was quiet and the atmosphere became tense. Actors are very hard, many injuries, all of which are in Zhang Jigang’s eyes. He loves these children dearly, and he knows that countless eyes on the stage are full of affirmation. But there are some problems that must be said now.

  "What is your reason? Too hard! I thought (while watching the performance), just stop, but you didn’t stop. There are three injuries, all of which occurred in this part … …”

  "I didn’t wronged you when you didn’t raise your head in the section of Defending the Yellow River, did I?" "When dancing in pairs, who is the penultimate girl in the back vertical row (group)? You keep moving! You can’t move your head or your feet. "

  … …

  Zhang Jigang, who has always been demanding of his works, is rigorous in every detail of his work and every actor’s performance. He originally planned to return to Beijing after the first platoon, and decided to postpone the plan and stay in Taiyuan to take command, because there were still too many problems waiting for him to solve. Although there is still some time before the premiere on September 14th, Zhang Jigang demanded that all problems must be solved before September 1st. This means that there is only a week left for all the work such as clothing, props, lighting debugging and taking publicity photos.

  "Every minute can’t be wasted, you must go all out."

  Zhang Jigang, who is standing under the stage, has a firm tone. He clearly knows that the children who are resting on the stage need an opportunity too much, an opportunity to change their destiny by dance art. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to change the fate of the theater.

  "The Yellow River" has only 38 actors, which is completely unlike Zhang Jigang’s previous "big hand"! But this time, it is Zhang Jigang’s exclusive work "tailor-made" for the mother group. According to the existing actors in the theater, give full play to everyone’s potential, "38 actors, everyone is a fire, they can burn the audience." Considering the difficulties faced by the literary and art troupes in going to the market, Zhang Jigang thought about this issue from the beginning of the arrangement. "To create short and capable works, the performance time should be controlled at about 7090 minutes, that is, the time for the audience to watch a movie, so that they will not feel tired." He also hopes to change a consumption concept of the local performance market with the help of Yellow River: "Why do people get used to watching performances ‘ Free ’ And? It is necessary to break the habit of sending tickets in the past. " One month before the three performances in Taiyuan, all the first-class tickets have been sold out. Hearing the news, Zhang Jigang’s always serious face smiled.

  In three weeks, the eyes of the whole world will be focused here.

  The muddy yellow river will show its elegance and be famous all over the world with its majestic momentum.

  Written by Shanxi Evening News reporter Li Pei

  Photography Shanxi Evening News reporter Ma Liming

A complete collection of four common swimming styles

First, breaststroke formula

1, one of the breaststroke formula (total formula):

(1) Breaststroke kicks like frogs, pushing back and sliding forward. Close your legs and feet with your hips, and your knees are shoulder-width apart.
  Slowly retract your legs while retracting, and turn your toes to both sides. Push the water back hard and float your feet together for a while.
(2) The breaststroke arm strokes symmetrically, and the peach stroke strokes sideways. Bend your wrists with both hands to catch the water, and bend your arms and elbows back.
  Row under your shoulders, stop quickly, and clamp your elbows in hard. Stretch your hands forward in parallel, straighten and relax and move forward.
(3) Attention should be paid to breaststroke coordination, and the legs and arms should breathe properly. The two-arm paddling legs are relaxed, and the legs are closed at the same time.
  Stretch your legs forward and push the water, and slide your arms and legs straight for a while. Pull your head up slowly, slide your hand and exhale slowly.
(4) Two arms are paddling at the same time, and the head is raised and inhaled closely. Close your legs, turn your ankles to catch water, and exhale water with your nose.
  Close your hands and slowly retract your legs, and stretch your arms forward before kicking. This kind of cooperation should be kept in mind, and coordination should be learned.

2. The second formula of breaststroke (four-word key):

Break up and press the wrist, pull the fiber with double anchors, hold the water with high elbows, and turn your hands and shoulders. The stem neck comes out of the water, the snake waist drags the hip, the knees are lowered, and the feet are everted. Into the water, hide your head, gather your arms and hide your shoulders, turn your inner ankle backwards, and turn down the pedal clip. The front is low and the back is high, the sand slides and stretches, the legs are stretched and the abdomen is closed, and the water rises.

Interpretation of the four-word key of breaststroke;

Breaking up and pressing the wrist is the preparatory action to start paddling, and it is also the key to make paddling effective. You have to press your hands down into a dovetail shape before you can enter the drawing stage.

Different from the traditional wiper stroke, [double anchor drawing] tends to be similar to the butterfly stroke, emphasizing the stroke mode of resistance propulsion. When the hands are pressed down into a Y- shape, the hands are like two anchors stuck in the water, and they are pulling at an accelerated speed until the elbows are completely out of sight. The power of pulling makes the body jump out of the water under the guidance of the head.

When holding water with high elbows, the elbows should always be higher than the hands to pull water, so that the hands and forearms form a paddling surface together, and the body is pulled forward until the elbows are always in a state of tension.

[Stem neck water] is to say that water should not be held high, and the neck ridge should be kept in a straight line, rising and falling together.

[snake waist dragging hip] means that when pulling up, the waist and back must be arched, and then they can rush forward and rebound. The back bow should be erected like a cobra, ready to attack; The forward bounce is like a snake’s attack, and it is asserted. The former uses the waist, and the latter abdomen, falling together.

[Fold your knees]. When folding your legs, you just need to fold your knees and turn your legs into a [W] shape.

[Hip valgus] means that toes should point to both sides. Turn your feet from [the outer figure of eight] to [the inner figure of eight] and whip them backward and downward.

[Hidden head in water] means to hide your head after entering the water, and to be completely immersed in the water, preferably below the horizontal line of your body.

[Close your arms and hide your shoulders], keep your arms as close as possible, as if to squeeze your head from between your arms.

[medial malleolus backward], the medial malleolus should be facing the rear, which is the initial phase of kicking and the key to the success or failure of the kicking process.

[Pedal clamp downward rotation], the folding is upward rotation and the pedal clamp is downward rotation; Spin up until the toes point to both sides, and spin down until the soles of the feet are closed.

[The front is low and the back is high, and the sand slides and stretches] is a sliding phase when entering the water, until [breaking up and pressing the wrist], during which the feeling is as smooth as falling down from the sand mountain with head down; In the meantime, it seems that all the discs between cones have been released.

[Stretch your legs and abdomen, float to the surface], which means that in the second half of the slide, you should prepare for the initial position of the subsequent stroke [break up and press your wrist] and approach the surface of the water with inertia. If the body is still far from the water, [drawing fiber] will have to be replaced by pressing water, and the forward power will be halved. Therefore, when [sliding sand stretching], the body can neither bend back nor relax, but must [stretch the legs and abdomen] and still be streamlined, using the buoyancy of the chest to float to the surface at a small angle.

3. The third formula of breaststroke (detailed formula):

(1) Introduction of breaststroke

The legs are curved to hold water, and the mouth and nose are used to exhale in the water.

Paddling combined with slow leg retraction, two arms stretched forward and then pedaled,

The breaststroke posture is like a frog, and the arms stroke symmetrically on the side.

Slowly retract your legs while retracting, and turn your feet outwards to aim at the water.

Push your legs back and hold the water, and slide your arms and legs straight for a while.

Push the water backwards in an arc, straighten and float together for a while.

(2) Leg movements

Bend your knees slowly close to your hips, and the distance between your knees is shoulder-wide.

The rower’s legs don’t move, and the legs are closed after the hand is closed.

Slowly retract your legs while retracting, and flip your feet to both sides.

Stretch your arms first, then kick, and straighten your arms and legs for a while.

Push the water back hard and float your legs together for a while.

(3) arm movements

Press the water with both hands to the outside, raise your elbow and bend your arm and row back.

The parting is slightly wider than the shoulder, and the elbow is turned inward and stretched forward.

Pull under the shoulder and stop. Pull and stop.

Draw your arms back from side to side, straighten and float together for a while.

(4) Breathing action

When holding water on your arms, raise your head slightly and suck the air.

Lower your head and stretch your arms and exhale slowly. Row your arms, raise your head, and breathe in.

When your arms slide forward, your nose and mouth slowly exhale.

(5) Coordination of breathing with leg and arm movements

Pull your arms apart, raise your head and inhale closely,

This method is called late breathing, which is perfect for reducing resistance.

(6) Complete coordination action

Two arms paddling without moving legs, closing hands and closing legs at the same time,

Stretch your hand halfway to pinch the water, stretch your arm and kick for a while,

Pull your head up and suck in half, and reach out and shout slowly.

Second, the freestyle formula

1. One of the freestyle formulas (general formula):

(1) freestyle body must be horizontal, with arms crossed forward. Put your fingers into the water before your shoulders, and stretch your shoulders and bend your wrists to catch the water.
  Bend your elbows and palms to the water, and do the "S" route correctly. Finish paddling to the hip, turn your shoulders and lift your elbows to get out of the water quickly.
(2) The body is prone and streamlined, and the water appears in the brain. Stroke with both hands, and alternately hit your legs six times.
  Exhale slowly under the shoulder, push the water, lift the elbow and turn to suck. The legs and arms are breathing well, and the freestyle speed is incredible.

2. The second formula of freestyle (four-word key):

Wipe the head on the water, the neck ridge is flat, the chin converges, and breathe. The whole body should be rigid, the waist and abdomen should be tense, the logs should roll, and the umbilicus should look at both sides. Put your arm into the sleeve, turn your shoulder into the frame, draw straight close to your body, pull soft and push hard. The thigh is clamped, the calf is like a spring, and the ankle is relaxed, with relaxation and tension.

Interpretation of four key words of freestyle;

[Wipe your head on the water]. When swimming in, try to immerse your head in the water as much as possible, and the part exposed on the water should not exceed 1/4 of your head, so that your head can slightly brush the water.

[The neck and spine are horizontal]. The cervical spine and spine should be pulled into a straight line and kept horizontal.

[chin convergence], look at the bottom of the pool, the chin should be retracted and squeezed into a double chin.

[Breathe Moang], when breathing, the head should roll with the extension line of the neck ridge as the axis, and it is forbidden to breathe with the head held high.

[Perfect], imagine the whole body, especially the trunk, like a hard and full torpedo.

[Tension in the waist and abdomen], the waist and abdomen should be tightened, and the abdomen should be lifted.

[Log Rolling] means that the body should be like a torpedo and a log, and it should roll on the long axis as a whole with rhythm.

[Look at both sides of the navel], the rolling angle is just right for the navel to see both sides, or the audience on both sides can just see the swimmer’s navel.

[Put your arm into the sleeve]. When you enter the water, you should put your hand forward as far as possible, as if it were in a slender and soft silk sleeve.

[Turn your shoulders into the frame]. Imagine that your body is going through a narrow frame in the front, so the lateral amplitude of the action should be as small as possible.

[Close-body straight stroke], the stroke hand should be under the long axis of the body, close to the body and walk in a straight line.

[Pull soft and push hard], start accurately, grasp the water steadily, and gradually accelerate the stroke, pushing the water under your feet, but don’t bump into your thighs.

[Legs clamped], when kicking, the thighs can’t be separated, and it plays the role of connecting the preceding with the following, that is, transmitting the strength of the hip to the toe.

[The calf is like a spring], the calf should be elastic, and the range of kicking up and down should be controlled at about one foot.

[Relax your ankles]. Your ankles should follow the pressure of water and move with the trend, just like the tail of a fish, so don’t be stiff. Legs from hip to toe should be loose and unremitting, tight and not stiff, and the water should be strong and well-controlled.

3. The third formula of freestyle (detailed formula):

(1) Introduction of crawl (freestyle)

Crawl, such as crawling in water, alternately paddling with both arms,

Keep your body steady and lie prone in the water, crossing your arms and rowing in turn.

Keep your body level, and your legs are whipped up and down.

Whip your legs up and down, breathe slowly and suck quickly and row forward.

(2) Leg movements

The thigh forces the calf, and the legs alternately whip the water.

The thigh is forced to bring the calf, and the legs alternate to fetch water.

Draw water shallowly and quickly, and relax your ankles slightly and turn inward.
(3) arm movements

The palm enters the water first before the shoulder, and the arm slides down to hold the water.

Move the arm, relax the shoulder and insert it forward, and aim the palm of the forearm at the water.

The power of bending the arm and paddling is great, and turning the shoulder and lifting the elbow can get out of the water quickly.

Speed up along the center line, and alternate strokes with both arms.

The two arms cooperate with each other to paddle hard, and the thrust is gradually increased after holding forward.

(4) Breathing action

Row to the shoulder and exhale slowly, push the water, lift the elbow and suck up.

Breathe out slowly with your head in the water, turn your head and open your mouth to inhale quickly.

(5) Coordination of breathing with leg and arm movements.

Paddle with both hands, and hit the legs at will.

Hit two, hit four or hit six, or suck left or right once.

(6) Body position

The body is prone and streamlined, and the chest is slightly shoulders high.

The water is flush with the forehead and the brain is exposed, and the hips and abdomen should be flat and eyes open.

(7) Stroke arm type

There are three types of arm strokes, namely, front crossing, middle crossing and rear crossing.

It is old and long to travel before making friends, and the effect of making friends after making friends in China is good.

Third, backstroke formula

1. One of the backstroke formulas (general formula):

(1) Put your hand into the water on the shoulder extension line, and stretch your arms to hold the water. The palm bends to the water, and the stroke route should be kept in mind.
  Push the water behind the palm and forearm, and push the thumb out first. Turn your shoulders and lift your arm straps, and relax your arm movement in the air.
(2) Backstroke coordination is easy, with six kicks and two arms. Breathe two strokes at a time, and breathe in with your mouth.
  Push the water and exhale quickly, turn your shoulders and move your arms to hold your chest. Suck your legs three times, kick them three times and exhale.

2. The second formula of backstroke (four-word key):
The water overflows the cheeks, the nose refers to the blue sky, the breath sinks and floats, and the side slip does not turn.
Shoulder-lifting and hand-pulling, double-spoke rotation, sharp blade to cut water, arm extension to send hips.
With water in the palm of your hand, bend your elbow and collapse your shoulders, push the front line, caress your legs and stick to the edge.
Straighten your ankles, bend your feet inward, kick up and press down, and wave your toes.

Interpretation of the four-word backstroke;

[Water overflows your cheeks]. When swimming backstroke, you should straighten your head, neither accept your chin nor lean back, so it is advisable to let the water flow through your cheeks.

[Nose refers to the sky], although the body rolls, the head should not rotate with it, and always face upwards.

[Breathe, sink, suck and float], because the front of the body will be a little ups and downs after the hand enters the water, so breathing should be carried out rhythmically to avoid choking.

[Don’t turn when sideslip], when rolling sideslip, the head can’t rotate left and right.

[Lift the shoulder and draw the hand], after the hand strokes, it is necessary to lift the shoulder to complete the water; From shoulder-elbow-wrist-finger, out of the water in turn, use the big joint to drive the small joint, and pull the arm out of the water.

[Double spoke rotation], the arms are like spokes of a wheel, alternating at an angle of 180 degrees. The outer side of the little finger is called the [blade], and [cutting the water with a sharp blade] means that the little finger leads into the water, so that the upper arm is close to the cheek, and the arm is extended with the hip. Follow up when the little finger enters the water.

[reaching out to send hips], that is, something that seems to stand on tiptoe to reach high enough; And the [torque] of turning the hip comes from the downward leg press on the other side.

[Horizontal palm with water] is the first phase after the hand enters the water, that is, the palm is horizontal in the forward direction; Otherwise, if you don’t bring water with you, paddling will have no effect.

[Elbow down and shoulder collapse], start paddling, especially when paddling to the shoulder line, the elbow tip should be vertical to the bottom of the pool, and the shoulder should sink into the water, so that the paddling route is closer to the vertical plane of the longitudinal axis of the body.

[Push the first line], push the water all the way back. When the rower crosses the shoulder line, turn his palm to the bottom of the pool to press the water.

[Touching the leg and sticking the edge], after pressing the water, the arm should be close to the body, and the tiger’s mouth should slightly wipe the thigh.

[Ankle Straightened], both supine and prone kicking require ankle straightening, which is the key to effective water fetching.

[Feet are flexed inward], because the hips should roll about 45 degrees, in order to prevent the feet from crossing too wide when fetching water, each other can meet the water flow driven by kicking on the other side, so as to obtain greater propulsion power, so it is necessary to bend inward slightly.

[Kick up and press down], because the upper kick is limited by the knee joint, the lower press has a wide degree of freedom, so it is necessary to limit the amplitude. It is better for the waves to roll at the toe, and it is subject to no splash, that is, [Wave rolls the toe].

3. The third formula of backstroke (detailed formula):

(1) Introduction of backstroke

There are two kinds of backstroke postures, both of which are backstroke.

Lying on your back in the water naturally, your abdomen is slightly contracted and your chest is slightly expanded.

The reverse frog backstroke has been eliminated, and the reverse crawl backstroke has the upper hand.

Kick the water with your legs up and down, and paddle with your arms in turn.

(2) Leg movements

The thigh is forced to take the hip as the axis, and the downward pressure and upward kick are alternately played.

Exert your strength with your thighs and kick hard with your calves.

Knees and toes don’t get out of the water, and the movements should be consistent and natural.

The toes are inclined inward, and the whips alternate.

(3) arm movements

The shoulder extension line is cut in by the outside hand, and the arm is extended to hold the water and the palm is facing the water.

Water enters the side of the air moving arm. Bend your arms and sink your elbows at the water,

The curved arm paddles to the waist, and the forearm palm pushes and presses.

Accelerate backward and push the water quickly, and take turns paddling with both arms.

Pull and push the body to row sideways, press first and then lift the water quickly,

Lift the shoulder to drive the upper forearm, move forward in the air and extend the arm forward.

(4) Breathing action

It’s easier to breathe in backstroke. Breathe in through your mouth instead of your nose.

Push underwater and exhale quickly, lift your shoulders and move your arms to hold your chest,

Take a breath after kicking three times, and exhale after kicking three times.

(5) Coordination of breathing with leg and arm movements

Six kicks, two arms, one breath and two strokes,

Three kicks, one arm, and so on.

Four, butterfly stroke formula

1, one of the butterfly formula (total formula):

(1) Butterfly kicks like a dolphin, whipping water with his belt and legs. Draw water with your legs together and remember your hips.
  Turn your ankles inside your legs to relax, close your legs, lift your hips and straighten your waist and abdomen.
(2) The butterfly moves its arm like a butterfly, lowering its head and sending its shoulder arm forward. Reach into the water, spread your shoulders and grab the water, with your high elbow paddling and your arm bending inward.
  Aim your hands at the water at the same time, and push the water hard with both arms. Lift your elbows quickly after pushing the water, and spread your wings with your arms out of the water.
(3) Push the water head with both arms to lift, and inhale quickly and lower the head. Push the water and hit your legs at the same time, and put your feet together to exert your strength.
  Go into the water and whip your legs twice. Don’t forget to rotate your feet internally. Breathe out slowly with your arms in the water, and move forward like waves.

2. The second formula of butterfly stroke (four-word key):

Chest and armpit pressure, elbow tips apart, abdomen and buttocks, iron law of entering water. Side pressure stroke, internal sweep force, tiger’s back rising, back swing arm. Shrug your shoulders and swing your wrists, move your wings leisurely, take and put down gently, and your elbows are high and low. Legs rise and fall, originating from the back of the waist, snake-shaped, and the first item is the flag.

Interpretation of the key words of butterfly stroke;

[Chest and armpit pressure] is the first step to start the body wave state in butterfly stroke, and its amplitude depends on the flexibility of the shoulder blade. If the chest and armpits are not pressed down, it is difficult to get up with elbows, and it is impossible to hold water with high elbows.

The purpose of [elbow tip separation] is to ensure that the water is cut under the thumb, the water is held with the elbow high, and the side pressure is connected. When the front half of the body is pressed down, it will inevitably lead to the core part lifting up, showing the trend of [abdomen and buttocks], which is a counterweight to the kicking of the back half. This is the law of chain transmission of the body, so it is called [iron law of entering the water].

[Side pressure stroke] is the initial phase of stroke, which is the same as [breaking up and pressing the wrist] in breaststroke.

[Internal scanning force] is the later stage of pulling water phase, and it is also the stage of starting to exert force. In the process of pulling water, with the surge of water flow and the balance of legs, the body leaps up and forward, and the water comes out with the shoulder as the highest point of rising, that is, [the tiger’s back rises].

In order to push the water phase, the [swing arm] must accelerate the whole process, in which [swing arm] refers to the sudden return when the momentum reaches the maximum, that is, the arm returns at the original speed before pushing the water to the crotch; This not only pushes the water into place, but also allows the arm to bounce out of the water by pushing.

When moving your arms, you should [shrug your shoulders and swing your wrists, and move your wings leisurely], and throw your arms forward as far as possible, as far as possible from the water entry point, so as to fully drive your body. [Shrugging your shoulders, swinging your wrists and moving your wings leisurely] starts with [swinging your arms back], and the depth of your kung fu can be seen from the whole process of [moving your arms]. The butterfly stroke is the only stroke named after the feature of [moving the arm], so four sentences are used in the formula to describe the whole process of moving the arm: [shrug your shoulders and swing your wrists, move your wings leisurely, take and put down gently, and your elbow is superior and low], among which [taking and putting down gently] is particularly difficult, and [taking] and [putting] can reflect the control ability of your waist and abdomen when leaping.

[Legs rise and fall from the waist], the main power source of butterfly swimming is the chest, followed by the waist, and then the legs. Therefore, when playing butterfly leg, you need to forget the leg, so that the vibration of the chest can be naturally transmitted to the toe. When the chest is pressed down, the forehead is forward and the top of the head is close to the water; When the shoulders are lifted, the forehead is still forward and the hips are close to the water.

[Snake-shaped wave, the first item is the flag], which means that the butterfly looks like a dolphin and a snake eel from side to side. From beginning to end, all joints of the trunk and legs participate in the jitter. Bow your head when you come out of the water, lift it slightly when you enter the water, and always rush to the other side with your head, guiding the whole body forward like a flagship, that is, [the first item is the flag].

3. The third formula of butterfly stroke (detailed formula):

(1) Introduction of butterfly stroke

Butterfly swimming is like flying in butterfly water, whipping the water with your legs together,

Lie on your stomach horizontally to streamline, lower your head and move your arms forward.

Both arms are paddling at the same time, imitating dolphins flying in waves.

Waves draw water, push hands to suck, stretch your chest, lift your hips and waist to exert strength.

(2) Trunk and leg movements

Hips sink to straighten the waist and abdomen, legs move up and legs bend,
Retract your legs, lift your hips and waist, and your thighs drive your calves to kick.

(3) arm movements

Bow your head and send your shoulders forward, stretch your shoulders and hook your hands to catch the water.

The arms are wider than the shoulders when entering the water, and the shoulders should be extended when entering the water.

Bend your arms inward and paddle hard, push the water and lift your elbows to get out of the water quickly.

Do not separate your arms from each other when holding water, and row with the front wide and the back wide to accelerate the row.

(4) Breathing action

Breathe slowly with your arms in the water, push the water, stretch your neck and look up.

(5) Breathing is coordinated with leg and arm movements.

The butterfly position is not fixed, and the trunk waves move forward.

Kick your arm into the water for the first time, and then kick it under your chest.

The legs are combined like whipping, and the waist, abdomen and legs vibrate in turn.

Lower your head and stretch your arms to exhale slowly, accelerate the push of water and raise your head to suck.

Five, four common swimming methods of four-word tips summary

1. Breaststroke: break up and press the wrist, pull the fiber with double anchors, hold the water with high elbows, and turn your hands and shoulders. The stem neck comes out of the water, the snake waist drags the hip, the knees are lowered, and the feet are everted. Into the water, hide your head, gather your arms and hide your shoulders, turn your inner ankle backwards, and turn down the pedal clip. The front is low and the back is high, the sand slides and stretches, the legs are stretched and the abdomen is closed, and the water rises.

2, crawl: the head rubs the water, the neck ridge is flat and long, the chin converges, and the air is ventilated. The whole body should be rigid, the waist and abdomen should be tense, the logs should roll, and the umbilicus should look at both sides. Put your arm into the sleeve, turn your shoulder into the frame, draw straight close to your body, pull soft and push hard. The thigh is clamped, the calf is like a spring, and the ankle is relaxed, with relaxation and tension.

3, backstroke: the water overflows the cheeks, the nose refers to the blue sky, the breath sinks and floats, and the side slips. Shoulder-lifting and hand-pulling, double-spoke rotation, sharp blade to cut water, arm extension to send hips. With water in the palm of your hand, bend your elbow and collapse your shoulders, push the front line, caress your legs and stick to the edge. Straighten your ankles, bend your feet inward, kick up and press down, and wave your toes.

4, butterfly stroke: chest and armpit pressure, elbow tips apart, abdomen and hips, into the water iron law. Side pressure stroke, internal sweep force, tiger’s back rising, back swing arm. Shrug your shoulders and swing your wrists, move your wings leisurely, take and put down gently, and your elbows are high and low. Legs rise and fall, originating from the back of the waist, snake-shaped, and the first item is the flag.

After Yang Ming left, Guo Ailun announced his sad decision in the middle of the night, and netizens blessed him one after another, and Liao Lan feared regret.

On September 18th, Beijing time, the Liaoning men’s basketball team has lost their best and meritorious coach in the past three years, Yang Ming, who won three championships and one Asian perfect score for the team.

At midnight, we witnessed a player with the deepest affection for Yang Ming send him a farewell, that is, Guo Ailun. The affection between Guo Ailun and Yang Ming is really deep. Compared with Zhao Jiwei and others, he worked with Yang Ming for a longer time. When his teammates all sent their blessings, Guo Shaoyi kept silent.

But now it turns out that he may not have digested the emotion of seeing Yang Ming leave, and his heart must be mixed and very sad, so Guo Ailun is the latest to make a statement. In the middle of the night, Guo Ailun gave Yang Ming such a sentence: "13 years of comrades-in-arms, hug, Kiss kiss."

Although there are only nine short words, you can feel the affection between Guo Ailun and Yang Ming. It is no wonder that at the time of the championship ceremony, Guo Ailun went directly to Yang Ming’s collar with champagne to celebrate. We compared the last time Liaoning men’s basketball team won the championship. At that time, Guo Ailun seemed very calm, very calm, and even a little lost. He said that winning the championship was nothing special, and he felt very dull, and he didn’t feel this kind of excitement.

This season, according to the contribution from the field, Guo Ailun’s contribution is actually not greater than the last time he won the championship, because he missed three of the four finals games this time, so he went up for five minutes at the last minute of the third game and gave a performance to the fans. He didn’t attack or score. He scored 24 points after going to the fourth game and played well.

Only one of the four games contributed, which was completely different from the time when he won the championship the previous year. But this time, he was very excited and had been interacting with Yang Ming. The two of them were still taking various selfies. It seems that he may have expected Yang Ming’s departure. For this situation now, Guo Ailun is absolutely empathetic in his heart. At one time, he also had the idea of leaving the Liaoning men’s basketball team, and it was also very stiff at that time, which even led to Xinhua News Agency’s personal statement. He released the news that he wanted to go through this authoritative official media.

Some netizens shouted: "You leave with Yang Ming." "Leave the Liao basket, there is nothing to miss." Now that the Liaoning men’s basketball team doesn’t want coach Yang Ming, you might as well leave, which just breaks their last thought about the Liaoning basketball team. Guo Shiqiang left, Yang Ming left, and if Guo Ailun left again, it should be said that an era of Liaoning men’s basketball team is completely over. Of course, Guo Ailun didn’t reply to this netizen’s words, but he could feel that when netizens sent a blessing, some of them were dissatisfied with Liaoning’s decision that they didn’t understand or support it.

Looking back on the first part of the NBA draft, 08 is comparable to the golden generation in 03, 96 and 84.

The NBA draft injects fresh blood into the team and ensures the sustainable development of the NBA. In the past 15 years, many talented players have emerged, such as the leader of the small ball era, the baby-faced assassin Curry, the three pairs of crazy turtles Wei Shao, the god of death Durant, and the streaky Jokic … Among them, the quality of the draft in 2008, 2009 and 14 was high, which set off the NBA small ball era and changed our understanding of the past basketball.

Back in 2007, it was a draft that attracted the attention of fans all over China, because there were two China players in the 2007 NBA draft, Yi Jianlian was selected by the Nets with the 6th overall pick, and Sun Yue was selected by the Lakers with the 40th overall pick.

Today, Durant has the highest achievement, but it is definitely not the one with the highest talent. Durant was only selected in the second place. In front of him was Auden the Great, a favored son of James at that time. Even if you choose the No.1 scholar 10,000 times, it will be Auden, not Durant. Unfortunately, injuries destroyed Auden and made Auden a passer-by in the NBA. However, this draft still produces four all-star players, one mvp player and two best defensive players, and five players still play in the NBA.

Even in the past 16 years, there are still 6 rookie players in the NBA in 2007.

All-Star Players: MVP, FMVP Kevin Durant (2), Al Horford (3), Best Defensive Player Joaquin Noah (10), Best Defensive Player Mark Gasol (46).

Active NBA players: Mike Conley (4), Jeff Green (5), Thaddeus Young (12), Kevin Durant (2), Al Horford (3), and Allen Tucker (29).

China players Yi Jianlian (6) and Sun Yue (40)

the year of 2008

In 2008, no matter the quality and quantity of players, the rookie was comparable to the golden generation in 2003, 1996 and 1984. This year, two mvp players were produced, among which Ross played the MVP level in the rookie season and became the youngest MVP player, while Wei Shao even averaged three pairs in three seasons to keep himself on the honor list in NBA history.

All-star players: MVP Derek Ross (1), MVP Russell Westbrook (4), Kevin Love (5), Brooke Lopez (10), Roy hibbert (17), Sergey Ibaka (24) and De Andrew Jordan (35).

Active NBA players: Derek Ross (1), Russell Westbrook (4), Kevin Love (5), Brooke Lopez (10), De Andrew Jordan (35), Danilo Gallinari (6), Eric Gordon (7) and Robin Lopez (15).

In 2009

From the current point of view, the success rate and quality of the draft in 2009 are not worse than that in 2008. Two MVP stars Harden and Curry were born, as well as the all-round inside champion Griffin, who is proficient in offensive means. Together with all-star players such as demar derozan, Horodi and Jeff Teague, Evans, Lu Biao, Lawson, Jennings, Beverly, Gibson and Darning are important players who have contributed to various teams.

All-star players: Blake Griffin (1), MVP James Harden (3), MVP,FMVP Stephen Curry (7), Demar demar derozan (9), Zhu Holliday (17) and Jeff Teague (19).

Active NBA players: Blake Griffin (1), James Harden (3), Stephen Curry (7), Demar demar derozan (9), Zhu Holliday (17), Ricky Lu Biao (5), James Johnson (16) and Ty Gibson (26).

2010 years

Compared with the talents in 2008 and 2009, looking at the whole NBA history, the 10 rookie can be described as a draft year. Injuries haunt the current players, and most of them quit the NBA stage early.

Being "silent" after home run: a unique prank on the baseball field

If you are an old fan of Major League Baseball, after some special home runs,"silent treatment".The scene should be familiar. It usually happens that after the rookie hits the first shot of his major league career, he returns to the rest area and is deliberately ignored by his teammates. The joy of the rookie and the cold contrast of his teammates always make fans never tire of watching it.

On May 15, Beijing time, the astronauts played against the white socks, and the astronaut rookie took over.Yainer Diaz (Diaz)After the first blast, he was "silent" by his teammates. Diaz, who just entered the second year of his major league career this year, served as designated hitter in this tournament, and knocked out the first shot of his career from Lucas Giolito in the fourth game! It’s just that Diaz returned to the rest area in high spirits, and his teammates didn’t seem very happy for him. But Diaz was calm and right, and finally waited for his teammates to "break the work" and surrounded him to celebrate him.

A battle of the peak! Wang Chuqin narrowly beat the South Korean valiant soldier 3-2, and the game was brilliant.

A battle of the peak! Wang Chuqin narrowly beat the South Korean valiant soldier 3-2, and the game was brilliant.

In the men’s singles quarter-final of WTT Macau Championship, China table tennis player Wang Chuqin confronted Han Ping-pong expert Zhang Yuzhen, which was a great contest. Both of them are tough players, and this duel is definitely a wonderful duel.

At first, they didn’t meet any formidable opponents. Carlson and Carlberg were both defeated by Zhang Yuzhen. Wang Chuqin defeated Gacini and falk successively.

The two men have played four times before, three of which were won by Wang Chuqin, so he kept pressing the other side to fight.

The two men met again and the battle was fierce. This will be the most exciting event after the opening of WTT Macau Championship. Both of them performed well. Wang Chuqin finally turned the tables with 3:2. However, Zhang Yuzhen performed well, and many difficult serves were solved by him. Although at a disadvantage, Zhang Yuzhen did not stop there, but persevered in catching up. In one game, Zhang Yuzhen won, and in the other, it was a pity to lose. Zhang Yuzhen’s indomitable fighting spirit is a model for athletes to never give up.

In the first set, Zhang Yuzhen quickly found her place, leading by 6:2. Wang Chuqin scored three times in a row in the game to narrow the score. Zhang Yuzhen also scored four times in a row, and finally won a game at 10:5. Wang Chuqin was very tenacious, scoring four points in a row in the game, which narrowed the score gap. Zhang Yuzhen’s first line was successful. He won the first set 11-9. Wang Chuqin lost in the first game, but he also put great pressure on the other side.

In the second game, Zhang Yuzhen’s performance was like dreaming. His serve rate and catch rate were very low. With a score of nine to zero, Wang Chuqin is nowhere in sight. Zhang Yuzhen finally found her state and won three points, which narrowed the gap. Such a huge gap, where Wang Chuqin will let him have any chance of winning. Wang Chuqin fought to the death, got two heads in a row and won the game 11-3.

In the third game, Wang Chuqin continued to play well and won 3-0. But at 6:3, Zhang Yuzhen pulled back a city with five goals. Wang Chuqin also scored in succession and finally won a game with 10:8. Unfortunately, at the last moment, Wang Chuqin relaxed a little and was pulled back by Zhang Yuzhen twice in a row. The two played inextricably. After several draws, Zhang Yuzhen won the set at 15:13 and defeated Wang Chuqin with a big score of 2:1.

In the fourth game, Wang Chuqin opened with a beautiful 4-0. Zhang Yuzhen tied the score gap with 8:4. This time, Wang Chuqin didn’t let his advantage slip away in vain, and won the game directly by 11 to 8. 2:2。

In the fifth game, the two men tied one to one. The two teams played against each other between more than ten boards. Wang Chuqin scored a beautiful goal. That goal had a great impact on Zhang Yuzhen’s self-esteem. Wang Chuqin scored goals in succession, expanding the score to seven to one. Under the score of 9:2, Zhang Yuzhen persistently scored four points in a row. Wang Chuqin scored the final blow and won the game at 10:6. Zhang Yuzhen must catch up with four more points to have a chance of winning. This is a very difficult thing, and there is no room for any mistakes. Just one point, Zhang Yuzhen lost her confidence. Wang Chuqin won the fifth set with a score of 11:7.

Finally, Wang Chuqin defeated Zhang Yuzhen with a 3:2 victory and advanced to the semi-finals. This is a really exciting competition. Wang Chuqin’s victory was amazing, and Zhang Yuzhen’s performance was also excellent. Zhang Yuzhen’s body is extremely flexible. Some very difficult goals, he can turn them into victory. Zhang Yuzhen’s performance is undoubtedly the peak.

In an interview after the game, Wang Chuqin also spoke highly of Zhang Yuzhen. In his view, Zhang Yuzhen is a strong contestant, and there have been fights between them. This time, although Wang Chuqin was in a hurry, he won by luck.

The next game is the confrontation between Wang Chuqin and Japanese player Zhang Benzhihe. Wang Chuqin believes it will be a tough battle, and Zhang Benzhihe has made rapid progress in the last two years. He won’t carry his own burden on his shoulders and fight this semi-final battle well.

The match between Fan Zhendong and lebrun, and the match between Malone and Holguet. These two projects are great and interesting.

Google AI research: a step further from 1000 language models

When Microsoft and Google fight over whose artificial intelligence chat robot is better, this is not the only purpose of machine learning and language model. In addition to the rumored plan to showcase more than 20 products driven by artificial intelligence in this year’s annual I/O event, Google is moving towards the goal of establishing an artificial intelligence language model that supports 1000 different languages. In an update released on Monday, Google shared more information about the Universal Speech Model (USM), which it described as a "critical first step" to achieve its goal.

Last November, the company announced its plan to create a language model supporting 1000 most commonly used languages around the world, and also disclosed its USM model. Google describes USM as "the most advanced speech model series", which has 2 billion parameters and is trained in 12 million hours of speech and 28 billion sentences in more than 300 languages. YouTube has used USM to generate closed captions, and it also supports automatic speech recognition (ASR). This can automatically detect and translate languages, including English, Mandarin, Amharic, Cebu, Assam and so on.

Now, Google says USM supports more than 100 languages, and will be used as a "foundation" to build a wider system. Meta is developing a similar artificial intelligence translation tool, which is still in its early stage. You can read more about USM and how it works in research papers published by Google.

One goal of this technology may be to be able to detect and provide real-time translation in augmented reality glasses, just like the concept demonstrated by Google in I/O activities last year, right in front of your eyes. However, this technology seems to be a little far away, and Google’s wrong expression of Arabic during the I/O conference proves how easy it is to make mistakes.