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The Clippers officially gave up the deal, Harden! American media analyzes bearded reality: reconciliation with 76ers is the most feasible.

On September 18, Beijing time, the famous Windhost said that it was the Clippers who proposed to end Harden’s trading negotiations. Earlier, it was reported that the 76ers insisted on asking for a high price, and the teams including the Clippers were unable or unwilling to meet it. In the end, Harden’s trading negotiations broke down. Then the question is coming. It seems that joining the Clippers is hopeless. What should Harden do next?

The US media said that Harden had too few choices. "The disgruntled defender strongly urged to leave the 76ers, but his choices were obviously limited due to a series of related factors."

An important constraint is the new labor agreement, which may have a great impact on Harden’s career. If he chooses to refuse to report to the 76ers training camp, he will be severely punished, which will cast a shadow over his future career and even pay a high price.

It is understood that refusing to play for the 76ers for a long time will deprive him of the right to sign and negotiate with any team unless the 76ers approve it. In essence, 76 people have the absolute initiative.

So what should Harden do next? The US media said that the most feasible way for Harden at present is to reach a settlement with the 76ers, fulfill the contract, and strive to achieve mutual respect and understanding. Considering the high asking price of the 76ers and the limited number of teams interested in Harden, the deal seems unlikely. At the same time, any persistent resistance will lead to an unfavorable situation, which will not only damage his financial prospects, but also affect Harden’s reputation and future career.

Harden has already torn his face with the 76ers executives, but if the deal can’t be reached, he can only reconcile with the other party, which is also the most pragmatic solution. How Harden should deal with this situation, let us wait and see. The opening day of the 76ers training camp is getting closer and closer. Will Harden show up on time?

Being "silent" after home run: a unique prank on the baseball field

If you are an old fan of Major League Baseball, after some special home runs,"silent treatment".The scene should be familiar. It usually happens that after the rookie hits the first shot of his major league career, he returns to the rest area and is deliberately ignored by his teammates. The joy of the rookie and the cold contrast of his teammates always make fans never tire of watching it.

On May 15, Beijing time, the astronauts played against the white socks, and the astronaut rookie took over.Yainer Diaz (Diaz)After the first blast, he was "silent" by his teammates. Diaz, who just entered the second year of his major league career this year, served as designated hitter in this tournament, and knocked out the first shot of his career from Lucas Giolito in the fourth game! It’s just that Diaz returned to the rest area in high spirits, and his teammates didn’t seem very happy for him. But Diaz was calm and right, and finally waited for his teammates to "break the work" and surrounded him to celebrate him.

Guoping needs attention! Malone was so worried that he was lucky to win, praising the 19-year-old dark horse for his great progress.

Guoping needs attention! Malone had a lingering fear, calling it lucky to win, and praised the 19-year-old dark horse for its great progress. In the WTT Macau Championship in 2023, Wang Chuqin and Malone successively defeated their opponents in the semi-finals, successfully joined the men’s singles finals, and Guoping locked the championship and runner-up. After the game, Malone was full of praise for French 19-year-old Alex in an interview, calling himself lucky.

In the men’s singles semi-final, Wang Chuqin took the lead in playing against Japan’s core Zhang Benzhihe. Originally, everyone thought that the game would be fierce, but the actual situation was that Wang Chuqin easily defeated Zhang Benzhihe 4-0 and took the lead in advancing to the final.

Then Malone, the winner of the Grand Slam of Table Tennis, came out at the finale and played against Alex, a 19-year-old French teenager. This was their first match. Alex beat top seed Fan Zhendong in the previous match, so this match attracted a lot of attention. After the start of the game, Malone took the lead in 4-1, but then Alex tied 5-5, but Malone quickly stabilized the situation and won the first game with 11-8. In the second game, the competition between the two men in the first half was still fierce. When the score was 7-7, Malone made a mistake, and Alex scored 4 points and pulled back the game with 11-7. Alex led by 8-4, then Malone fired all the way, scored 7 points in a row, and won the game by 11-8. In the fifth game, Malone finished the reversal in the backward situation, and finally sealed the victory by 11-8, thus winning by 4-1.

After the game, Malone summed up the game in an interview. Malone’s first remark was that he was a little scared. Later, Malone said that Alex had made great progress in the past two years and his world ranking had also improved greatly. This was the first time to play against him, and I felt particularly great pressure, especially in the last two games, which were very difficult to win and finally won by luck. From Malone’s statement, it is not difficult to see that he was surprised by Alex’s performance. Perhaps he didn’t think that Alex could play like this before the game. Fortunately, Malone had rich experience in the competition and withstood the impact of Alex. Before Fan Zhendong was out of the game, he was probably not prepared. I hope the table tennis coaching staff can pay attention to Alex. In addition, Malone also talked about the final against Wang Chuqin. Malone said that he lost to Wang Chuqin several times last year, and this time he hoped that he could prepare in the best state.

Many fans also expressed their views on this: "Alex and Malone lost in experience!" Malone is the most experienced player in active service, no one! Fan Zhendong lost to Alex and relaxed after leading, giving Alex a chance and the last luck. " "I see it this way. Fan Zhendong is a master of attack, but he may lose when his physical strength drops and his attack is not smooth. Malone is both offensive and defensive. When his attack is blocked, he can use defense to limit his opponent’s play to win." "Malone’s experience makes Alex unable to exert his own backhand advantage, which is the key to Malone’s victory. On the other hand, Fan Zhendong doesn’t understand the change of placement, and his tactics are simple and his strength is insufficient. This is the difference between the two!" "The French rising star served strangely and played fiercely. Fortunately, Malone was experienced, played steadily and beat him 4-1 with excellent skills." This article was originally written by Xiao Lizi. Please don’t copy or carry it. # Hundreds of teams #

No Messi? Mbappé went too far, and the fans shouted: The pattern is too small, and Messi hurried away.

Paris Saint-Germain has just been out of the Champions League, missed the quarter-finals for two consecutive seasons, and immediately ushered in the 27th round of Ligue 1, and went to the away game against relegation team brest. In this game, Paris didn’t finish the winner until the 90th minute, and narrowly missed 3 points. However, Mbappé’s forced shooting made Messi very unhappy, and fans shouted that Messi should not renew his contract, so let’s go in the summer window.

There is a huge gap between the two teams’ paper strength, and Paris Saint-Germain mainly forms a siege. In the 37th minute, Mbappé’s powerful shot outside the restricted area was saved, and Sohler succeeded in making up the shot. However, before the end of the half-time, there was a serious loophole in the defense of Greater Paris, and Ramos watched Aunola equalize.

In the 62nd minute, there was a controversial scene. At that time, Fabian Ruiz made a direct pass to the restricted area, Messi took advantage of the situation to make the ball, and Mbappé rubbed his right foot and kicked the ball out of bounds. It is not difficult to see from the slow motion that Messi was speechless and bowed his head and left directly.

Why is Messi disappointed? The reason is very simple. We can easily see that Messi was in an unguarded state when Mbappé kicked off. If Mbappé chooses to cross, the high probability will turn into a goal.

Although a good striker is fed by bullets, it is understandable that Mbappé is unique as a striker. But Messi has no one to defend and doesn’t pass the ball. It’s really too much.

This season, Mbappé signed a super contract, and he also has the power to surpass the players. When a teammate doesn’t pass the ball to him, Mbappé will express his displeasure in public. However, when Mbappé has a chance to kick, his eyes are often only on the goal, and he will not pass the ball to Messi and Neymar most of the time.

In the 90th minute, in the backcourt of Paris, the ball was broken to fight back. Messi put his leg in place and sent a precise straight plug to assist Mbappé to score a goal, which was the 300th assist in Messi’s club career.

There is no harm without comparison, and many fans feel unworthy for Messi. A fan said: "Mbappé only has himself and data in his eyes. What is the difference with his idol Cristiano Ronaldo?" There are also fans who commented: "The pattern of Mbappé is too small, and I don’t know how to reciprocate at all. It will be difficult to achieve great things in the future."

As we all know, Messi has previously rejected the salary reduction and contract renewal in Paris, and he is likely to leave the team this summer. Therefore, some fans said that as long as Mbappé stays in the team, no matter how strong Messi is, he is just a tool for director Tim to brush data and compete for the Golden Globe Award. In this case, it is better to leave early, and there is no need to continue to suffer indignities!