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The starting price is about 120,000, and BYD Qin L officially appeared.

At the Beijing Auto Show, BYD’s brand-new model, Qin L, was officially unveiled. The car was positioned between Han and Han, and adopted a brand-new interior and exterior design language. It is reported that it will be equipped with a fifth-generation DM hybrid system.

Sports design

Yan value modeling is a highlight of Qin L. The interior of the large-size air intake grille is decorated with lattice chrome trim, which has a strong sense of movement. The black trim above connects the long and narrow headlight groups on both sides, which is similar to the model. There are ventilation slots on both sides of the grille, which adds a sense of layering.

However, the new car does not adopt the popular hidden door handle, but the traditional shape. The slip-back body is more dynamic, and the internal shape of the penetrating structure is somewhat similar to BYD Han’s "Chinese knot". In addition, the design of the airflow diffuser of the lower bumper has a good sense of movement.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4830/1900/1495mm and the wheelbase is 2790 mm. A lap bigger than Qin PLUS, positioning a B-class sedan.

The interior design is more concise.

Entering the car, the biggest feeling of the new car is that it is more concise. The floating central control panel is adopted. According to different configurations, the high-equipped model is a 15.6-inch central control panel, and the low-equipped model is a 12.8-inch central control panel, and equipped with DiLink intelligent network connection system.

In addition, Qin L adopts a newly designed three-spoke D-shaped steering wheel and an 8.8-inch embedded instrument panel, and the auxiliary instrument panel is equipped with a 15W mobile phone for wireless charging. The design of shift lever area is consistent with that of Song L and other models.

Brand-new insertion and mixing system

In terms of power, it is reported that Qin L will be equipped with the fifth-generation DM hybrid system. The power system consists of a 1.5-liter engine and a motor. According to the information declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the maximum power of the engine is 74kW, and the driving motor is available in two options: 120kW and 160kW.


If BYD uses Qin PLUS to seize the A-class car market, then Qin L, as a B-class car, will seize the mid-class car market with BYD Han. After all, the mid-class car market is still dominated by joint venture models such as Camry, Accord and Teana.

In addition, combined with the price of Qin PLUS and Han, the starting price of Qin L is expected to be around 120,000, and the price of the main model will be between 120,000 and 150,000, which is likely to become an explosive model.

Old Hong Kong stars cluster together in Tik Tok, which is a bit of a painting style. ……

  The writer of this article is @Noodles of Xiaowan family.

  The shadow bugs in the world all begin with movies that eat away at the world.

  No star can guarantee that he will always be popular.

  Those who became famous overnight, or those who worked hard,The star aura will fade sooner or later..

  However, the fading of the aura mentioned here actually mainly means that the film and television works are less or relegated to a secondary role, which does not mean that they are really "out of breath".

  Carman Lee and Benny Chan’s "Embarrassing Dance"

  For example, outside the big screen and screen, on the short video platform.You can often brush some familiar faces.Then click on their homepage and find that the number of fans is millions, which is not as lonely as you think.

  Indeed,Short videos are becoming a place for the older generation of stars to gather popularity again.Sometimes a video clip and a beauty mix can make them turn red quickly.

  For example, the 1.8 billion broadcast shared before, this old film unexpectedly shot to fame in Tik Tok, which made Zhu Shimao fire again.

  Today, we choose a few of them.LaogangxingSee what their styles are in Tik Tok.

  First of all, look at the first place, the eternal "Zhan Zhao" in the hearts of countless audiences.Kenny Ho.

  Kenny Ho in his thirties.

  Handsome Kenny Ho relies onMan called hero.The Chinese heroes in the movie andBao Qingtian.Zhan Zhao in the series has become a generation of heroes in the hearts of mainland audiences, and his "Zhan Zhao" has been irreplaceable for more than 20 years.

  Kenny Ho, 60 years old.

  Although he has already retired for many years, Kenny Ho insists on fitness all the year round, and he can’t see that he is already.61 years old"Old age".

  Most of the videos released by Kenny Ho on Tik Tok are also related tofitnessandScientific dietYes, there are a series of demonstrations of fat burning action, which is not difficult.

  Another immortal male god similar to Kenny Ho isThe Bund"Li Ding" in the movie.Ray Lui, this year65 years old, also often share a lot.Home fitness actionandHealth "tips".

  Donnie Yen, Carina Lau, Rosamund Kwan and other friends have all appeared in his small video, and Lv Liangwei also loves painting.Chinese paintingThe cover of his home page is a picture of a peacock he drew.

  After talking about the immortal male god, let’s look at the immortal goddess-"Little Dragon Girl"Carman Lee.

  Since her official comeback in 2014, Carman Lee has appeared more and more frequently on the online platform. She plays with Tik Tok with a young mind and often ranks in the forefront of the list of love DOU.

  In addition to continuing the "fairy" painting style, Carman Lee also likes hair.fitnessVideo.

  Last year, Xiaowan shared an article about the nine years when the little dragon girl disappeared. What did she experience? Why did the little dragon girl become a fitness expert? There are answers.

  Similar to Carman Lee is "Zhou Zhiruo" in the 1994 edition of "Eternal Dragon Slayer".Kathy CHAU; Chow Hoi Mei.

  Kathy CHAU was a great beauty in the 1980s and 1990s, and her Hong Kong beauty videos have been widely played in Tik Tok, bilibili.

  After the new millennium, she entered the mainland and appeared in many costume dramas, such as Legend of the Condor Heroes and Legend of Wu Mei Niang, while Kathy CHAU, who has reduced her performance in front of the stage in recent years, showed it to her heart’s content in Tik Tok.Enjoy the lazy attitude of life.

  Most of the videos sent are related tofood and clothingtravelpetAbout, the style of painting is both cute and funny. No wonder the personal label says "I’m Garfield, I love sleeping".

  A great beauty who also became popular as early as the 1980s.Irene WanThere is also a Tik Tok account.

  The goddess is 54 years old this year, and her appearance and figure are in good shape. However, the video is full of beautiful girlish style, which is relatively lacking in personal characteristics, so the number of fans is low.

  Deric WanIn those days, it was familiar to countless audiences.TVB hong kong drama spokespersonWhen he was young, he became famous for his high face value and his free control of positive and negative angles.

  However, due to the complicated love story and the complicated gossip, Deric Wan’s popularity after 2000 is no longer the same as before, and his TV series is also inferior to that of TVB, so he gradually became silent.

  Nowadays, uncle Deric Wan, who is over 50 years old, often.Bask in one’s daily life, especially the video of my daughter.

  After the starlight and the ups and downs of life,Return to and enjoy the mundane lifeActually, it is a good choice.

  This is also the same point of many old Hong Kong stars mentioned above, and it is also another support point for them to continue to gather popularity beyond their actor status (past classic roles and sentimental cards).

  After all, in the era of short video, everything is necessary.have/keep both feet on the ground.

  Note: Some pictures in this article are from Douban and the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us actively.


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  A generation of sexy and precocious goddesses, from the age of 14 to today.



[See you at 8: 00] If you have this set of RMB in your hand, hurry to the bank outlet.

  [See you at 8: 00] If you have this set of RMB in your hand, hurry to the bank outlet.

  At 8 o’clock, witness the news every day. CCTV will sort out the big and small things that happened around us within 24 hours for you.


  If you have this set of RMB in your hand, go to the bank outlet to exchange it.

  "In less than 10 days, we will say goodbye to the fourth set of RMB that has been circulating for more than 30 years!" The People’s Bank of China recently announced that the fourth set of RMB bonds will stop circulating from May 1, 2018, and the deadline for centralized exchange is April 30, 2019. If you have the fourth set of RMB in your hand, go to the bank outlet to exchange it.

  On March 22, 2018, the People’s Bank of China announced that it decided to stop the fourth set of RMB 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 10 yuan, 5 yuan, 2 yuan, 1 yuan, 20-cent banknotes and 10-cent coins (hereinafter referred to as the fourth set of RMB partial coupons) from circulating in the market on May 1, 2018. According to the arrangement of the central bank, the centralized exchange period of the fourth set of RMB coupons is from May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019. During this period, holders can go to the business outlets of banking financial institutions for exchange.


  The maritime navigation picture of the first ship of China’s 10,000-ton destroyer was first made public.

  On the 22nd, Weibo, the People’s Navy, made public the picture of the first ship of a 10,000-ton destroyer sailing at sea for the first time. This type of ship is a new type of 10,000-ton destroyer independently developed by China. It has successively broken through a series of key technologies such as the overall design, information integration and final assembly construction of large ships, equipped with new air defense, anti-missile, anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons, and has strong information perception, air defense and anti-missile capabilities. It is a landmark warship for the navy to realize strategic transformation and development.

  These 20 3A hospitals will give priority to the "emergency classification" from next month.

  From May 1st, the emergency treatment methods of 20 major hospitals, including Beijing Tongren Hospital, Beijing Children’s Hospital and Beijing Friendship Hospital, will be changed one after another: patients will no longer be treated according to "first come, first served", but will be sorted according to the severity of illness. Patients will collect vital signs before seeing a doctor, and the level will be judged by machines and professional medical staff. The critically ill patients will be given priority to rescue, and the mild patients will be delayed.

  On the vision china incident by the Supreme Court: You can’t just identify the ownership of photos with watermarks.

  In response to the recent "vision china Copyright" incident, Lin Guanghai, vice president of the Third People’s Court of the Supreme People’s Court, said on the 22nd that the evidence of the ownership of photo works should be strictly examined, and the ownership of rights should not be determined only by taking the watermark as the signature of the photo author, so as to prevent one-sidedness and simplification.

  There is no open fire in Hulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia, and it has been completely turned into a guard to clean up.

  On April 22, the reporter learned from the forest and grassland fire prevention and extinguishing headquarters in Hulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region that as of 20: 00 on April 21, there was no open fire in the fire fields of Xinbaerhu Zuoqi, Chenbaerhu Banner, Manzhouli and Xinbaerhu Right Banner in Hulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia, and the left-behind team was fully guarding and monitoring the overseas fire and cleaning up the entry fire field.

  Central Bank: The new version of the credit report did not collect personal water and electricity payment information.

  The central bank answered a reporter’s question about the construction of the second-generation credit information system, saying that the upgrading and optimization of the credit information system is still in progress, and there is no clear online timetable. The credit information system has not collected personal water and electricity payment information. The credit reports inquired by financial institutions and the public have not changed, and they are not the so-called new credit reports. At the same time, the central bank responded that compared with the current version of the credit report, the proposed new version of the credit report has added some information, such as nationality and other information in the basic personal information, and information such as joint loan, personal guarantee for legal person and legal person guarantee for individual has been added in the credit information. According to the central bank, as far as this upgrade is concerned, the institutions and types of data submitted to the credit information system have not changed much before and after the upgrade, so the impact on personal economic life will not change much.

  A cadre of Lanzhou Health Bureau died of drinking at a party.

  The Propaganda Department of Qilihe District Committee of Lanzhou City, Gansu Province announced through the "Qilihe Release" WeChat WeChat official account that on April 12, 2019, Gao Xzhong, a cadre of the Education Center of Health and Health Bureau of Qilihe District of Lanzhou City, contacted Gao Xzhu and others through Yang Xhong, director of his office, to meet for dinner and drinking at the "Today’s X Zhai" teahouse in Guazhou Road, Qilihe District, Lanzhou City. During the dinner, the dinner party staff found that Gao X was pale and unwell after drinking a few drinks, and called 120 emergency number in time. By the time the emergency personnel arrived, Gao X was dead. After the incident, the Qilihe District Party Committee and the district government attached great importance to it and asked the District Health and Health Bureau to fully cooperate with relevant departments to do the investigation, verification and after-treatment work. At present, seven dinner parties and the families of the deceased are actively negotiating to solve the aftermath.

  Zhou Bin, the former deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Wuhan Municipal Committee, was opened.

  According to the news of the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhou Bin, the former deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Wuhan Municipal Committee, was expelled from the party and public office after the disciplinary review and supervision investigation by the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and submitted to the provincial party Committee for approval; The suspected crime was transferred to the procuratorate for review and prosecution according to law.


  Sri Lankan government says local extremist groups plan bombings: with international assistance.

  According to comprehensive reports, a Sri Lankan government spokesman said in Colombo on the 22nd that the local Islamic extremist organization NTJ(National Thowheed Jamath) was behind the Easter attacks on Sunday.

  Rajitha Senaratne, a spokesman for the Sri Lankan government and Minister of Health and Medicine, was quoted by the British newspaper The Guardian as saying that the terrorist organization behind the explosion that caused heavy casualties was the local Islamic extremist organization "NTJ".

  Sri Lanka’s president declared the 23rd a day of mourning and a state of emergency would be entered.

  According to foreign media reports, a series of bombings occurred in Sri Lanka on the 21st, killing 290 people and injuring more than 500 others. President Sirisena declared the 23rd a national day of mourning. Sri Lanka will implement laws on the prevention of terrorism and declare a state of emergency.

  North Korea confirms that Kim Jong-un will visit Russia soon and will hold talks with Putin.

  Korean Central News Agency issued a document early on April 23rd, saying that at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will visit Russia soon. This will be the first meeting between the two leaders, and it will also be eight years later that the top leader of North Korea will visit Russia again.

  Park geun-hye applied to stop imprisonment for low back pain, and the prosecution made a decision as soon as this week.

  Former South Korean President park geun-hye served a prison sentence for many crimes. His lawyer submitted an application to the prosecution for stopping the execution of imprisonment on the 17th, on the grounds that his back pain was unbearable and he could not sleep normally. According to the latest news, South Korean prosecutors will decide on 25th or 26th at the earliest whether park geun-hye can suspend his sentence.

  Does Boeing 787 have serious security risks? Internal staff: I will never take it.

  The 787 Dreamliner produced by Boeing Company of the United States belongs to Boeing’s main model, but some American media reported that it was found that the quality of the 787 passenger aircraft produced by Boeing factory was poor. In order to finish the shipment as soon as possible, the factory did not hesitate to use broken parts, and a large number of sharp metal fragments, even light bulbs and short ladders, were often left inside the fuselage, posing serious security concerns. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) investigated the accident and issued instructions to Boeing, but it was not listed as a safety accident.

  Boeing 787 Dreamliner was launched in 2007, and its fuselage is made of carbon fiber, which helps to save fuel, thus attracting a large number of orders. The plant in North Charleston, North Carolina is one of the two Boeing plants in the United States that produce 787. The New York Times collected hundreds of internal emails from Boeing, and visited more than a dozen current or former employees of the factory. He found that Boeing employees had reported to FAA many times that there were defects in the production process and the fuselage was covered with debris, and the company had pressured employees to conceal violations.

  Clayton, who used to work as a mechanic in the factory, said that he often found metal fragments near the wires at the bottom of the cockpit, which was quite dangerous. "I told my wife that I would never take a Boeing 787."


  The head teacher in high school slapped the two boys in the face. Official: Suspension inspection

  Recently, a video of a teacher slapping, pulling hair and kicking students in the classroom caused controversy. On April 22nd, the reporter confirmed from the Propaganda Department of Xuanwei Municipal Committee that the teacher involved was Chen Mou, the head teacher of Class 88, Grade One, No.9 Middle School in Xuanwei City. Chen Mou found that two students were eating snacks and talking during the unified self-study in the school, and criticized the improper behavior of corporal punishment of students during education. In response to this matter, on April 22, a staff member of the Propaganda Department of Xuanwei Municipal Committee of Yunnan Province told the reporter that the incident occurred at around 20: 50 on April 13, 2019. After the incident, the school attached great importance to it and communicated with the parents of the students in time to obtain the understanding between them. Two students are now in normal classes at school, and the class teacher involved has been suspended for inspection. The school will take a warning, strengthen the construction of teachers, and prevent similar incidents from happening again.

  SF responded to the courier’s private unpacking: zero tolerance has started the investigation.

  On April 22nd, netizen @ Double Chin Fairy Pei Jinjin said that SF Express opened the customer’s package privately, added her WeChat message to harass, and scattered the courier on the bed, pretending it was his girlfriend’s item. In this regard, SF Group officially apologized and said that it would never tolerate or condone any misconduct that violated laws, regulations and corporate codes of conduct. SF has initiated an investigation.

  Fun run, a woman from Leshan, Sichuan, was sentenced to death in the first instance.

  According to the WeChat WeChat official account news of Leshan Intermediate People’s Court, on the morning of April 22, 2019, Leshan Intermediate People’s Court publicly pronounced the "green heart road murder case" according to law. Defendant Li Jian was sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life and fined 15,000 yuan for committing intentional homicide, robbery and theft.

  Sixteen defendants in Jiangsu poisoned dog case were sentenced to more than 5.6 million public welfare claims.

  Recently, Jiangsu poison dog case was pronounced in the first instance. Sixteen defendants, including Liu and harmful food, were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from six years to one year, with fines ranging from 550,000 to several thousand yuan, and five defendants, including Qian, were also sentenced to pay compensation of 5,674,168 yuan. And publicly apologize in the national media!

  Villagers flip over their new houses and shoot to celebrate scaring more than 10,000 rabbits next door and being awarded 440,000 yuan in compensation.

  Firecrackers were set off to celebrate after Cai opened the new house in Xinyi, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The loud noise led to the abortion and death of the mother rabbit and the death of the rabbit in the Zhang farm next door. In desperation, Zhang appealed to Xinyi Court for compensation. On April 22, the xinyi city People’s Court announced the verdict of the second instance of this case, and Cai compensated Zhang for a loss of more than 440,000 yuan.

  Wonderful! The man had a car accident on the way to steal a car.

  Recently, Suqian, Jiangsu. A man stole a car, had a car accident on the way, and was injured. He reluctantly went to a nearby parking lot to steal another car, and was arrested by the police. After investigation, the man was also suspected of drunk driving and had a criminal record of theft. At present, he has been detained.

  The female driver crashed into the tunnel wall and died. She drove for 34 minutes and checked her mobile phone 30 times.

  Recently, in Sanming, Fujian, a car suddenly ran out of control and crashed into the tunnel wall, and the female driver died on the spot. After investigation, the police found that the driver had four illegal acts during driving, such as speeding, changing lanes in the tunnel, using a mobile phone and not wearing a seat belt, and looked at the mobile phone 30 times during the 34 minutes of driving.


  [Chen Lijun] broke the world record three times

  The 2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Qualifying Tournament entered the second competition day yesterday. In the men’s 67kg class, the China team sent a team named Li Lijun and Feng Ludong to play. In the snatch competition, Chen Lijun took the lead all the way, and set a new snatch record in the third place with a score of 154 kg. In the subsequent clean and jerk competition, the advantage of the Chenli Army was even more obvious, setting a new world record for clean and jerk with 185 kg, and at the same time increasing the total world record to 339 kg.

  [Master Dou] "Crispy helmet video" client: can’t find a job and can’t live a normal life.

  According to The Paper, several videos of "crispy helmet" unexpectedly became popular on the Internet, and aroused public concern about the quality of the helmet. Master Dou, the protagonist of the video in the storm of public opinion, told reporters that he used to do odd jobs on the construction site and "eat a bite", but since the video of "crispy helmet" was widely spread, he has not found a job recently.

  "I used to find a living one every day. Why don’t you look for me now?" Helpless, Master Dou had to return to his hometown in the countryside first, full of worries about his future life.

  See you at 8 o’clock tomorrow!

Mad Max 5 will be launched in 2021 without digital age reduction technology.

1905 movie network news As a sequel in 2015, Mad Max: Freosa is actually a prequel movie. According to the plan, Anja Taylor-Joy, an actress who has successfully appeared in The Witch, The Witch and The Witch, is expected to play the heroine in the film. And this role is Charlize Theron’s role in Furious Road.

When talking about the reasons for changing actors, george miller, director of the whole series, said, "All along, we have been considering whether to use digital age-reducing technology to age Cylons. However, I don’t think this is a good idea. Because of this film, it still makes people feel uncomfortable. After all, the horror valley theory still applies. Everyone is trying to solve this problem, including some Japanese game designers, but I think it will still make people feel uncomfortable. " 

What george miller said is true. Although the digital age reduction in The Irishman has reached the peak of technology, it still has a strong sense of CG. Earlier, in an interview, director george miller said: "The story is not over yet, and I believe the follow-up will continue. We are preparing the film. "

Mad Max 4: The Road to Fury tells the story that Max, a former highway patrolman, becomes the driver of a chariot in Ferriosa and takes five women across the desert. Mad Max is a series of films with apocalyptic and dystopian characteristics initiated by george miller. The film originated in the late 1970s. The first episode focused on revenge, the second episode focused on hope, and the subsequent film production was even more grand.

In the film, Max resists the violence and suspicion in the uncivilized world by himself, and gives people love and confidence like a savior. The film depicts the world in the post-nuclear war era in a realistic way. The director does not exaggerate violence, but he does not mince it. The miserable world and human beings who are fighting for the right to exist like animals have also become the "reserved elements" in this kind of movies. It can be said that all the post-nuclear war literary works of later generations have been influenced by this film.

At present, the film is tentatively scheduled to start shooting in 2021.

Why is the weather complicated and changeable in spring?

Strong winds in the north, severe cooling, rain and snow weather, regional heavy rain and strong convective weather in the south … The forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory shows that from April 1, China has ushered in the largest range of heavy rain and snow weather this year, and a large-scale precipitation process has occurred in the central and eastern regions. On April 2, the Central Meteorological Observatory successively issued a blue rainstorm warning and a blue severe convective weather warning. Why is the weather complicated and changeable in spring? Meteorologists interpreted it.
Fang Yi, chief forecaster of the Central Meteorological Observatory, said that the heavy rain and snow weather process mainly has two characteristics: wide range of precipitation, high intensity and superposition of various disastrous weather. "From April 1 to 5, the land area with accumulated precipitation above 100 mm will reach 230,000 square kilometers, which is the largest heavy rain and snow weather process this year."
Sun Jun, chief forecaster of the Central Meteorological Observatory, said that April 2-4 is the main period of precipitation and strong winds. In terms of precipitation, from April 2 to 5, there were moderate to heavy snow or sleet in eastern Gansu, Ningxia, northern Hebei and central and eastern Inner Mongolia, and there were blizzards or heavy blizzards in central Inner Mongolia. The main snowfall period was April 2 to 3; There are moderate to heavy rains in the southeastern part of Northwest China, the eastern part of Southwest China, Jianghan, Jianghuai, Jiangnan, South China, Huanghuai and the southern part of Northeast China. There are heavy rains in parts of Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Guangdong and Fujian, and there are local heavy rains. The main rainfall period is from April 2 to 4.
In terms of gale cooling, on April 2, cold air mainly affects northwest China and Inner Mongolia, on April 3, it affects the western part of Northeast China, northern North China, Huanghuai and Jianghan, and on April 4-5, it affects the central and eastern parts of Northeast China, North China, Jianghuai and the south. There will be 4 to 6 winds in the central and eastern regions, with gusts of 7 to 9; From April 2 to 5, the temperature in most parts of the north dropped by 6 to 10 degrees Celsius, and the temperature in the south dropped by 4 to 8 degrees Celsius.
"The land area with a temperature drop of more than 10 degrees Celsius is 940,000 square kilometers." Sun Jun said.
Sun Jun analyzed the causes of this weather process, which was mainly influenced by two weather systems, one was the cold air in the north, and the other was the Jianghuai cyclone from the south. The northern region is mainly affected by cold air. On the morning of April 2, cold air has reached the Hetao area to the eastern part of Gansu, and there are strong winds and cooling weather in Xinjiang, most of Gansu, western Inner Mongolia and Ningxia. Next, the cold air will continue to move eastward and southward, bringing strong winds and cool weather to most parts of the central and eastern regions. However, many places in the south are mainly affected by the Jianghuai cyclone, resulting in a regional rainstorm process.
Sun Jun said that as of April 2, the cold air and the Jianghuai cyclone had not met. Around April 4, the cold air moving eastward and southward will meet the growing Jianghuai cyclone. At that time, the confrontation between cold and warm air will lead to mixed strong convective weather including short-term heavy precipitation, strong wind and local hail, which will affect Henan, Hubei, Anhui and Hunan.
Recently, the weather in some areas has been cold and hot, and this time there has been a sharp drop in temperature. Is it a "cold spring"?
Fang Yi said that in meteorology, "cold in late spring" refers to a weather process in which the temperature drops rapidly in spring due to the influence of strong cold air, and a large range of crops are frozen due to warm before and cold after. "Late spring cold" usually appears from mid-March to April, which generally means that the average daily temperature in Jiangnan area is lower than 12 degrees Celsius for three consecutive days, or lower than 14 degrees Celsius for five consecutive days. As far as this process is concerned, because the temperature drop in the south of the Yangtze River is not severe, the temperature after cooling is close to the same period of the year, and it is unlikely that crops will be damaged by freezing in a large area, so it is unlikely to reach the standard of "late spring cold".
"Spring is the season when cold and warm air meet. The cold and warm air changes. When the cold air is strengthened, the temperature will decrease, but it is still in the process of gradually warming up. Therefore, it is normal for the weather to be cold and hot. The public needs to pay attention to the early warning information issued by the local meteorological department and adjust the dress in time according to the temperature change. " Fang said.
Our reporter Li Hongmei.
Source: People’s Daily

Mourinho’s Rome has become stronger in Europe.

Mourinho’s Rome has become stronger in Europe.

AS long as they play in Europe, the weak AS Roma team is changing since the "Special No.1" tax Morino took office.

On the 19th of this month (Korea time), Rome drew 0-0 in the second match of Euro 2022/2023 semi-finals with Leverkusen, but won 1-0 in the first leg and finally advanced to the final.

So far, after winning the conference league championship last season, the European Cup has also saved the possibility of winning two consecutive European championships. What’s more, as 100% Mourinho, he is very much looking forward to entering the final.

Before Rome came to Morino, it would become smaller as long as it came to Europe. For 31 years, he has never had any connection with the final. However, after Morino took office, Rome began to clear the bad luck of Europe. After the first General Assembly League champion, the Europa League champion was also saved.

If you win the Europa League, Morino will refresh the history of Rome. In addition, next season’s European Champions League (UCL) can also participate.

Mourinho is a head coach who has achieved results regardless of the team. During his tenure at Tottenham Hotspur, he was just insignificant, but he was ready to write a new history with Rome.

Just want to win every game. Tenghage: The team has proved that it can bottom out.

In an official interview, Tenhage said that Manchester United have proved that they can bottom out this season and that the Red Devils will not care about the results of other teams.

What do you think of the players’ personalities in the past three or four days? How they continue to perform for the rest of the season has a greater impact on your attempt to build a long-term future?

I think as the season draws to a close, it will be more difficult for every team, because the pressure will get bigger and bigger. So you need to show your character, you need a firm team, and you need an elastic team. You need a team with personality. I think we have shown many times this season that this team can cope with setbacks. We have seen this fact today, but it was the same before. For example, after the game against brentford, after the game against Arsenal and after the game against Manchester City, we can all bottom out and bounce back.

Are they trying to show resilience to prove that they are worthy of being part of the cause you are trying to build?

"If you want to win the trophy, it’s a big challenge. As I said, as the season goes on, you will get your place in the league. For the trophy, the challenge will be higher. You need a strong team to win the game."

Did last week’s game change your mind? What kind of players do you need this summer?

"No. This will not change after a game, but it is a continuous process. At this moment, the main focus is on one game after another, and the next game is always the most important. This is the case against Southampton on Sunday. "

You are still in the top four, but do you need to look at the opponents you are catching up with now, or can you still catch up with Arsenal and Manchester City?

"We have one game after another, and we have to focus on our process, and we don’t care what others do. We must improve our game level, every player must improve, we must win the game and do it in one game after another. "

The benefits of sauna

The benefits of sauna: 1. In a high temperature environment, the capillaries of the whole body can be expanded. Second, it can effectively eliminate toxins in the body, which is beneficial to the elimination of diseases.

3. It can effectively enhance the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent arteriosclerosis. 4. It has a certain weight loss effect and can be appropriately used for people who are obese. Fifth, it has a certain effect of beauty and beauty, and has a whitening effect. 6. It can properly eliminate fatigue, and also has certain curative effect on rheumatism and arthritis. Disadvantage: It may lead to an increased incidence of male infertility.