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Luoma county magistrate wrote three novels in prison, saying that being an official is walking a tightrope.

  Core Tip: The former county magistrate of Queshan County, Henan Province was sentenced to 11 years in prison for accepting bribes in 2004. In four years, he wrote three novels and became a writer, once again entering the public eye. When talking about his works, he said that the officialdom in the novel had his shadow when he was in politics; Looking back on his political career, he replied that being an official is like walking a tightrope.

Li Jianhua turned his back on the reporter

  On the afternoon of November 20th, Li Jianhua, 48, dressed in prison uniform, appeared to Zhengzhou Customs police who received warning education in the heavily guarded No.1 prison in Henan Province. On the podium, his speech was as cadence as four or five years ago, but he raised his hand and wiped his tears when he said, "How many 11 years can a life have?"

  These days, it took more than four years to write three novels and the news that the county magistrate of Luoma became a writer, which made Li Jianhua "walk" out of the high wall and re-enter the public eye. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison for accepting bribes in 2004, and he was the former county magistrate of Queshan County.

  In this prison where felons are held, Li Jianhua is deeply rethinking through writing and writing after working and studying.

  The reporter conducted an exclusive interview with Li Jianhua based on his works.

  The prison leaders are very supportive of writing in their spare time.

  Reporter: What are the contents of the three novels you published?

  Li Jianhua: The Liberator describes the life experience of an old Red Army from the revolutionary civil war, War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the War of Liberation to the founding of New China and its reform and opening up. Mr. Li Weichang, a book reviewer, said that this novel, which spans 65 years, is "a history book for the liberators of China". "Characteristics of China" is about rural reform. "Warm Home" pays attention to AIDS, and the editor wrote on the cover that "China’s first novel describing the first village of AIDS".

  Reporter: Did you start writing after you came to prison?

  Li Jianhua: It should be said that it was mainly finalized in prison. From May to September, 2004, I was detained in Runan Detention Center, when I was in the stage of investigation and interrogation. I had nothing to do all day, so I began to conceive The Liberator. The story of "The Liberator" was told by my father and his old leaders and comrades-in-arms when I was a child, and it has always been in my mind. The three novels are written in a cross.

  Before the Army Day in 2007, when The Liberator was published, I had already sent The Features of China to the publishing house. When I was reviewing the manuscript of "China Features", I started to write "Warm Home". The publication of China Features was originally scheduled for May last year, but it was postponed for some reason. In October this year, the two novels were published simultaneously.

  Reporter: Do you need to take part in labor?

  Li Jianhua: You don’t have to work in the detention center. You can write all day. In prison, like everyone else, I have to take part in labor, study and education, sewing balls and installing lighters. I spend the rest of my free time or rest and entertainment time writing.

  Reporter: What is the biggest difficulty for you to write a book in prison?

  Li Jianhua: At the beginning of writing, there was no information, only some newspapers; There’s no complete time, it’s just a blind alley.

  Reporter: What’s the situation now?

  Li Jianhua: The leaders of the No.1 prison in Henan Province know that after I write a book, they will provide me with the conditions as much as possible. I also subscribed to several newspapers at my own expense. Newspapers mainly play an enlightening role, and some things in them can also be integrated into books.

  In the detention center, I lie prone on the bed board or write with my knees on the manuscript paper. Six months after I came to prison, my second draft of Liberator was completed. The prison let me use the computer in the classroom, so I can write directly on the computer.

  Sometimes I don’t want to write, and the prison leader, the warden and the police who manage me will encourage me to write. They said that this is to win glory for parents and relatives, and also to hand in a satisfactory answer for their own transformation.

  The officialdom in the novel has the shadow of my time in politics.

  Reporter: How did you think of writing "Warm Home"?

  Li Jianhua: One day, instructor Chen showed me a newspaper with an article about AIDS. I worked as a deputy county magistrate in Shangcai County and Xincai County, and Wenlou Village was also a village I had contracted. After I read it, my thoughts were touched and I felt very guilty, and I began to conceive "Warm Home".

  Another reason is that a writer wrote a book about AIDS, and the people in it were miserable and helpless, as if the government had never done anything. I wrote "Warm Home" to correct this statement and write about the care of the government and society for AIDS patients.

  The protagonist in the book once served as the secretary of the county party committee in Cai Zhou, and was transferred from Cai Zhou when the AIDS problem was exposed. After retirement, he went deep into aids village to help the farmers in the village to cure diseases and produce, and build a warm home. Finally, even his wife, who had always opposed him to do so, was moved to join the help.

  Reporter: All three novels involve leading cadres, especially "China Features" shows the officialdom of a county. How does your experience make your writing about officialdom different from other writers?

  Li Jianhua: Both have limitations. Even if you have experience in officialdom, there are limitations. Some writers who write about officialdom have never been cadres in the county, and there are more fictional elements. I have read a book in which the retired party secretary became the boss of the underworld and hired a murderer. In fact, this is unlikely to happen in reality. The most fundamental thing in officialdom is the problem of thinking, inaction and chaos.

  I graduated from high school at the age of 16 and went to the countryside as an intellectual youth. At the end of 1977, he participated in the first college entrance examination after the "Cultural Revolution", entered the political and historical professional class, and then was admitted to the graduate school. At the age of 32, he became a deputy county-level cadre, and at the age of 39, he was promoted to a county-level cadre. What he wrote was definitely different from them and more real.

  There is a struggle between old and new ideas, between officials and doers in "China Features". Guests, gifts, running projects, the relationship between the county party Committee, the county government and the two houses, are all in the book.

  Reporter: The county magistrate Wang in the novel is a doer. He is a county magistrate, and you have been a county magistrate …

  Li Jianhua: that’s not me. I can only say that there is a little shadow of me. The characters in the novel are typical, but they can’t sit in the right place in reality because there are many creative elements in it.

  Reporter: Is the county magistrate in the novel like what is written in some works? Whoever gives him a gift, he throws it out the door? Are you like this?

  Li Jianhua: That county magistrate is quite strict with himself and will not be so ruthless, but everyone has his own bottom line. I just want to create the image of a grassroots county magistrate through literary works. As for me, I’m far from it, and I have many lessons to learn.

  (Reporter’s Note: In 2004, the Zhumadian Intermediate People’s Court found that Li Jianhua had received a total of 500,000 yuan in kickbacks from the contractor five times during his tenure as director of Zhumadian Commerce and Trade Bureau from April 2000 to May 2001. )

  Look at yourself, besides being an official, what else can you do?

  Reporter: Did you ever think that you would write a book one day?

  Li Jianhua: I had a writer’s dream when I was a student. Later, I was addicted to officialdom and put it on hold.

  Reporter: I heard from the prison leader that your book is going to be made into a TV series?

  Li Jianhua: After The Liberator was published, seven film and television companies competed to shoot it. When Changjiang Literature and Art Publishing House rushed to publish this book, it was because its story frame was good and it could be used for TV series in the future. But there are many big war scenes in it, and the film and television company estimates that it can’t do without an investment of 60 million yuan, and has been hesitating.

  Beijing Bobang Film and Television Culture Company is going to shoot my "Warm Home". I revised the script and their boss just took it away.

  Reporter: How much royalties do you get for publishing books?

  Li Jianhua: The royalty is about 15%. According to the number of prints, there is not much money. Adapted into a TV series, shooting an episode can get about 20 thousand yuan. In fact, what I value is not money, but honor. Honor is more important than money.

  I turned this corner a little steep, and I was not prepared at all. I was depressed when I first served my sentence, but how many 11 years can a person have? I have to face the reality.

  I want to tap my potential and see what I can do besides being an official.

  Reporter: How much influence does your imprisonment have on your relatives and friends?

  Li Jianhua: I was born in a cadre family, and my parents are old party member. My five sisters, the elder sister is the first postdoctoral fellow in the first postdoctoral mobile station in our province, and now she has been naturalized as a professor in the United States, and my younger brothers are also graduates of famous universities. Five of us were once the pride of our parents, and my father was invited by the school many times to give a well-taught report. How much do you think my imprisonment will affect my relatives?

  My daughter is 24 years old. At the age of 14, she went to the United States to study with her aunt. She could have got a master’s degree. Because something happened to me, she once gave up her studies. She comes back to see me every year.

  Reporter: What are you going to do after you get out of prison?

  Li Jianhua: I can have two choices, one is to be a professional writer, and the other is to do business. It turned out that I was in charge of attracting investment and made some friends. After I went to prison, a friend said, "Come out and work with me, and I’ll give you a company to manage." The boss of the film and television company in Beijing also said that I could go to him to write a script after I came out.

  Reporter: What do you think of your political career of more than 20 years?

    Li Jianhua: Being an official is like walking a tightrope … (Today’s reporter Lu Zhiou/Wentu) (This article Source: Dahe. com)

Editor: Zhao Xuanxuan

On New Year’s Eve, Guangzhou’s household registration window opened normally! Click to view more office arrangements for the Spring Festival holiday.

The reporter learned from the Press Office of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau that according to the notice of the General Office of the State Council, the Spring Festival holiday will be closed from February 10th to February 17th, 2024 (from the first day of the lunar calendar to the eighth day of the lunar calendar), and the city’s household registration window will be closed to the outside world, during which only the "urgent business" account cancellation business will be accepted (appointment-free).
Among them, on February 3 (Saturday), February 4 (Sunday), February 9 (New Year’s Eve) and February 18 (Sunday), the public can make an appointment to attend the household administration business (office hours are 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00).
Guangzhou police reminded that during the holiday period, the online household registration room of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau normally accepts the online household registration and resident ID card business. Eligible citizens can log on to the WeChat WeChat official account of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau and enter the household registration service interface through the menu of "Government Service"-"Household Administration"-"More", in which the relevant information can be found in the "Service Matters" column. Citizens who meet the conditions for self-service of resident identity cards can also choose to go to the nearest self-service card machine for resident identity cards.
Text | Reporter Min Min Correspondent Gong Xinwen

How did the National Open University exam come?

The undergraduate course of National Open University is recognized by the state. The undergraduate course of the National Open University is the undergraduate course of the Open University, including the undergraduate course of the National Open University and the undergraduate course of the open universities in various provinces and regions. It is an open education and a series of national education. So how did the National Open University exam come? If you have any doubts about this aspect of the National Open University, you can take a look at it with Xiaobian.

1. Written test

Some courses in the Open University may arrange traditional written tests, and candidates need to take the tests at the designated time and place, and complete multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions and short-answer questions on the test paper.

2. Online examination

With the development of technology, more and more open universities switch their examination methods to online examination. Candidates can log in to the online examination system within a specified period of time and complete the examination of the corresponding subjects. Online exams may take the form of multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, short answers, etc., which are subject to the provisions of the Open University.

3. Practical assessment

Some professional open university courses may also involve practical assessment, such as experimental operation, demonstration, field trip and so on.

4. Paper report/homework

Some courses may require students to submit reports or assignments to assess students’ ability to understand, analyze and apply the course content.

1. Have People’s Republic of China (PRC) nationality, abide by the Constitution and laws, and have good conduct and professional ethics.

2. Persons with high school (including vocational high school, technical secondary school and technical school) and above.

3. At least 18 years old, in good health, with the basic learning ability needed to complete their studies.

4. Meet the requirements for applying for majors offered by the National Open University.

The above is related to the National Open University, and candidates can take it as a reference, which is subject to the official announcement! Candidates who want to get more information about China Open University, such as registration time, examination time, application conditions, preparation knowledge and related news, please pay attention to the China Education Online Channel of China Open University.

When does winter start?

Beijing Evening News Five Colors | Author Zong Chunqi
Winter is the coldest season of the year. In winter, "water begins to freeze, and the ground begins to freeze". Or ask: When does winter begin?
According to the climate theory, it is winter when the average temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius for five consecutive days.
Photo by Bai Jikai of Tanzhe Temple
According to the lunar calendar, October is winter. Lu You’s "Making Winter Work": "It’s time to give clothes to the moon, and it’s time to start autumn." September is called the month of giving clothes, and the Book of Songs says, "July is full of fire, and clothes are given in September." On the first day of October, the ancients called it "the first autumn day", and the son of heaven began to wear fur coats from this day. Emperors of past dynasties often gave ministers and soldiers golden clothes to keep out the cold on this day. On the first day of October, Chinese people celebrate the "Cold Clothes Festival", giving "cold clothes" and burning "cold clothes paper" to their deceased relatives. This is also the third festival in a year to remember our ancestors after Qingming and Zhongyuan.
According to the solar terms, winter begins in beginning of winter. This year’s solar term in beginning of winter is November 7th, and October 14th of the lunar calendar.
The ancients attached great importance to the solar term of beginning of winter. According to the Book of Rites, Zhou Tianzi began to fast three days before the beginning of winter. On this day in beginning of winter, the son of heaven personally led all the doctors to the northern suburb of the capital to welcome the arrival of winter. After you come back, you can "reward the dead, sympathize with the widowed"-reward the martyrs who died for the country and pay for their families. There are also a series of sacrificial activities: "La Ancestor, Five Sacrifices". There are different explanations about the Five Sacrifices. One explanation is to worship the five-color emperor in the palace; One explanation is to worship the gods of the five senses: door, door, well, stove and zhongliu; Another explanation is to worship the officials of Jin Mu’s five elements of fire, water and earth: Ru Shou, the golden god, Ju Mang, Xuan Ming, the water god, Zhu Rong, the earth god and thick earth. In short, all the "gods" that can be thought of and used in production and life should be sacrificed.
After beginning of winter, the Emperor of Heaven wanted to let the peasants rest, let the army generals train and practice martial arts, and let the civilian officials collect taxes-"It is the life of the water, and the fishermen collect the water from the spring." Shuiyu is in charge of Chuanze, and the fisherman is in charge of fishermen. The son of heaven warned these officials in advance: "Don’t or dare to encroach on the common people, thinking that the son of heaven takes the blame from the next"-don’t exploit the people and cause them to resent the son of heaven; "if there is such a person, there is no sin!" This is probably the earliest warning to officials that "corruption is not allowed".
Northern agricultural proverb: "If beginning of winter doesn’t cut vegetables, it will definitely suffer from frost." The critical value of Chinese cabbage freezing is-5℃. At this time, if Chinese cabbage is allowed to grow in the ground, it will be frozen.
According to "China Meteorological Disaster Ceremony: Beijing Volume", on November 7, 1968, the temperature dropped by 12.6℃ in 48 hours in beginning of winter, and the daily minimum temperature was-7.8℃. Chinese cabbage in the suburbs of Beijing suffered severe freezing damage, with a loss of more than 100 million kilograms.

No net, no liver, no krypton, take stock of those super-killing and super-interesting games.

Many of them can’t be found, but they are off the shelf.

The magic tower series

  1. Magic tower 24 th floor
  2. Classic magic tower 50 floors
  3. Xinxin magic tower
  4. The new magic tower 2 (updated on 20230628, but not played yet)

Gold miner Classic Miner

Monopoly (off the shelf)

Tribe and machete: steam transplant version, mod available, conscience stand-alone

Legend of Jin Yong’s Heroes X (off the shelf)

Legends of Heroes in Jianghu 1, 2 (once a web flash game, formerly known as "Legend of Heroes of Jin Yong")

Legend of Xuanyuan Jiansan and Xuanyuan Jiansan (pc Transplant Edition)

Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man (pc Transplanted Edition)

Heroes and Heroes Biography 1, 2, 3 (personal production, also available on pc-side steam (paid), mobile phones are free; Personal comparison recommendation series 2)

The legend of chivalrous man (pc transplant version)

[Weak networking martial arts rpg] single machine is the main one, and pvp exists, which does not affect the normal game)

Yanyu Jianghu

Hanjia Jianghu

My knight-errant

Call me Royal Guards.

Orange light games (there are quite a few games in the app, and the text options are mainly plot/numerical development, and there are many in love women and some in men).

Rusty Lake series.

The Room series

Lost island series

Doctor’s home series

Mr pumpkin adventure series

The house of Leonardo da Vinci

Agent A(Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise)

Mystery series of ship-snatching

Lost Garden Series

The chamber of secrets escape from despair series

If you can go home earlier.

Prison break series (four-part, good painting style)

Kingdom Rush Series (Kingdom Rush)

Tale of Happiness Apartment (one of Cairo games, Pixel Wind, like this kind of direct search Cairo games, super many)

Delicious pizza, delicious pizza (off the shelf)

Mini subway (educational leisure class)

Sims (weak networking)

Simulated city (weak networking)

fallout shelter

Plague Inc

Rebel Inc

Village of hope (weak networking, similar to famine)

Crown of the gods

Sniper (sniper)

Full moon night (puzzle, it’s not difficult to get started, single card game, good painting style)

Doodle God

Exception (if you want to know the programmer’s work, let’s feel the charm of logic)

Sword-telling (ink martial arts style, similar to fruit ninja, and chivalrous plot)

Blade of the Shadow 3 (action martial arts, very good painting style)

Flash customers and fight quickly (childhood memories series)

The original god (still into the pit, it is still very good to play alone, and there are many subplots ~ (unfortunately, it is a two-dimensional style, spit out when the martial arts can also have this level)

Lost in life (drawing and stamping xp, the character story is full)

Going against the cold hand tour (just out of the game, at present, it is still very good to play as a single player! Don’t force Krypton, the subplots are rich, and the degree of freedom is high. After playing this, you will lose the original god.)

Two major beauty giants bet on China, making beauty technology a "battleground"?

A few days ago, Shiseido (China) Investment Co., Ltd. added an investment enterprise-Xiamen Ziyue Equity Investment Partnership (hereinafter referred to as "Xiamen Ziyue"). It is understood that the registered capital of the company is 501 million yuan, and its business scope includes engaging in equity investment, investment management, asset management and other activities with private funds. It is noteworthy that on May 8th, L ‘Oré al Group officially announced the establishment of its first investment company in China market-Shanghai Meicifang Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Meidifang Investment") with a registered capital of 100 million yuan.

Beauty cosmetics technology leads the new wave

Although the L ‘Oré al Group and Shiseido have not disclosed the investment plans and targets, L ‘Oré al once said: "The strategic transformation of beauty technology is very important to us." According to official website, the beauty technology strategy refers to making changes in product innovation, omni-channel marketing, and enhancing enterprise agility by using technology and digital innovation. In addition, Bai Pu Le, Chief Financial Officer of L ‘Oré al Group, said that China is strategically important to L ‘Oré al Group, which is not only the key growth engine of the Group, but also one of the sources of inspiration for leading future innovation.

With the rapid development of online consumption channels and the impact of the epidemic on physical channels, AI/AR virtual makeup test, smart beauty mirror, smart skin tester, 3D printed lipstick and other products have attracted the curiosity of many consumers.

In 2014, L ‘Oré al launched the virtual makeup mirror Makeup Genius. With the help of augmented reality technology, users can see the makeup effect after using the product before buying it. This is the first test of AR technology in the beauty industry. Subsequently, major beauty brands at home and abroad began to try "beauty+technology". Shiseido has developed the invisible VR project "caico", which makes use of the interactive features brought by virtual reality, so that consumers can get the immersive experience of product interaction when they can’t directly touch the product, for example, they can smell the smell directly and satisfy consumers’ understanding of product information. In addition, at the 2020 China International Import Expo(CIIE), Estee Lauder launched an expert skin diagnostic instrument, which can make a comprehensive skin diagnosis for consumers with the help of AI technology.

It is worth noting that before the "Double Eleven" in 2019, Alibaba Tmall Beauty Channel launched the AR beauty function. The data shows that after trying AR beauty cosmetics, the customer conversion rate of makeup testers has increased by four times, compared with only two times that of pictures and videos. According to the Foresight Report on the Application of Science and Technology in Beauty Industry in 2025, under the traditional format, the beauty industry in China will develop steadily and reach a market scale of 620.35 billion yuan in 2025. If there is technology empowerment, the industry scale will reach about 1 trillion yuan in 2025.

Jean-Paul Agon, chairman of L ‘Oré al Group, once said that digital technology is compatible with the beauty business. "Beauty products are very expressive, and consumers are also very young. They like to take selfies with their mobile phones, broadcast live, virtual hair dyeing and color testing. These new services that incorporate technology are very suitable in the field of beauty." He also said that the L ‘Oré al Group’s digital budget is growing rapidly, and "digitalization" has become one of the key words of the Group’s development.

Collision with technology, the "magic weapon" for beauty companies?

With the increasing penetration of digital and virtual technology into every scene of daily life, beauty technology is gradually becoming the "magic weapon" of the industry.

In 2019, Neutrogena, a skin care brand under Johnson & Johnson Group, released a miniature 3D mask printer-Mask ID. According to reports, this mask printer uses the function of 3D camera, and users can create an accurate multi-dimensional face model by taking selfies. The 3D printing process can print nutrients on the precise area of the mask, providing an accurate skin care experience.

In 2021, Kose also brought a "customized mask" to China International Import Expo(CIIE). By scanning consumers’ faces, the customized mask can be printed on the spot, and different brands of lotions can be adjusted and matched according to everyone’s different needs, so as to achieve differentiated and fine services. At the same time, Kose also launched a Nail Printer jointly developed with CASIO. This device can identify the shape, bending degree, outline and other information of nails and directly print out the fitted nails. Consumers just need to put their fingers into the machine, choose a pattern they like, and press the button, and the machine can spray the pattern on their nails.

YSL, a brand of L ‘Oré al Group, displayed PERSO, the world’s first concept product of customized cosmetics for home use, at China International Import Expo(CIIE). Users can mix lipstick colors according to their own preferences. Today, PERSO has been commercialized, and the "YSL ROUGE SUR MESURE" Saint Laurent beauty cosmetics "lipstick printer" is officially on sale. It is reported that the price of "machine+two-color system" products is 3910 yuan.

Nowadays, the collision between beauty and new technologies is becoming more and more fierce, and AR/VR, AI and 3D printing technologies are more widely used. Improving the experience and meeting the individual needs of consumers have become areas that beauty companies are actively exploring.

Beijing News Shell Finance reporter Yu Menger

Editor Jake

Proofread Chen Biyan

IC photo with closed picture

How can China football rush out of Asia? These strategies are worth collecting.

# How can China Football Rush Out of Asia # China Football Rush Out of Asia, first of all, we need to examine our strengths and weaknesses, find out the fundamental problems that hinder development, and then formulate comprehensive and reasonable strategies.

Our advantages are: huge football population, strong football atmosphere and increasingly perfect football infrastructure. However, our disadvantages are equally obvious: low technical level, poor management and insufficient experience in international competitions.

To solve these problems, we put forward the following strategies:

Improve the technical level: improve the technical level of players through a large-scale youth training program. Learn from the experience of foreign excellent football schools, establish a number of high-level football schools and provide professional training and guidance.

Strengthen management: improve the management mechanism of clubs and national teams, introduce professional sports management talents, learn international advanced management experience, and make management more scientific and efficient.

Increase international competition experience: By participating in various international competitions, increase players’ competition experience and improve their psychological quality and coping ability. At the same time, it can also let the world know more about China football and increase our international influence.

Cultivate football culture: promote football culture in the whole society, so that more people can understand, love and participate in football. Through holding football matches, carrying out football training camps and other activities, we will cultivate more teenagers’ interest in football.

Do a good job in training young people: attach importance to the training of young people, provide professional coaches and facilities, and provide a good growth environment for young players. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the moral education of teenagers and cultivate players with excellent quality.

Attracting excellent foreign aid: On the premise of meeting the requirements, attract some excellent foreign aid to play in China, bring their experience and skills to China players, and promote the development of football in China.

Strengthen the contact with FIFA: By strengthening the contact and communication with FIFA, we can understand the development trend and dynamics of international football and learn the advanced international management experience and technology. At the same time, we can also use the platform of FIFA to promote China football and increase the international influence of China football.

Establish a scientific selection mechanism: establish a scientific selection mechanism to select young players with potential from all over the country and provide professional training and guidance. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the diversified development of players, attract players from different backgrounds to play in China, and enrich the cultural connotation of China football.

Establish a perfect professional league system: establish a perfect professional league system to improve the competitive level and appreciation of the league. Increase the publicity and marketing ability of the league, attract more audiences to pay attention to the league, play a "star effect" and let more people love football and participate in the sport, thus increasing the income and attention of the league and providing financial guarantee for the long-term development of the club and the national team.

Strengthen cooperation with the media: Promote football matches and related activities through the media, so that more people can understand and pay attention to China football, improve the popularity and influence of China football, and at the same time, use the power of the media to promote the importance of football culture and youth training, so that more people can understand and support the development of China football.

In short, China football needs the joint efforts and support of the whole society, from the government to the clubs, from coaches to players, from teenagers to professional leagues, in order to achieve this goal, we believe that as long as we make concerted efforts in Qi Xin, China football will certainly be able to rush out of Asia and go global!

After Yang Ming left, Guo Ailun announced his sad decision in the middle of the night, and netizens blessed him one after another, and Liao Lan feared regret.

On September 18th, Beijing time, the Liaoning men’s basketball team has lost their best and meritorious coach in the past three years, Yang Ming, who won three championships and one Asian perfect score for the team.

At midnight, we witnessed a player with the deepest affection for Yang Ming send him a farewell, that is, Guo Ailun. The affection between Guo Ailun and Yang Ming is really deep. Compared with Zhao Jiwei and others, he worked with Yang Ming for a longer time. When his teammates all sent their blessings, Guo Shaoyi kept silent.

But now it turns out that he may not have digested the emotion of seeing Yang Ming leave, and his heart must be mixed and very sad, so Guo Ailun is the latest to make a statement. In the middle of the night, Guo Ailun gave Yang Ming such a sentence: "13 years of comrades-in-arms, hug, Kiss kiss."

Although there are only nine short words, you can feel the affection between Guo Ailun and Yang Ming. It is no wonder that at the time of the championship ceremony, Guo Ailun went directly to Yang Ming’s collar with champagne to celebrate. We compared the last time Liaoning men’s basketball team won the championship. At that time, Guo Ailun seemed very calm, very calm, and even a little lost. He said that winning the championship was nothing special, and he felt very dull, and he didn’t feel this kind of excitement.

This season, according to the contribution from the field, Guo Ailun’s contribution is actually not greater than the last time he won the championship, because he missed three of the four finals games this time, so he went up for five minutes at the last minute of the third game and gave a performance to the fans. He didn’t attack or score. He scored 24 points after going to the fourth game and played well.

Only one of the four games contributed, which was completely different from the time when he won the championship the previous year. But this time, he was very excited and had been interacting with Yang Ming. The two of them were still taking various selfies. It seems that he may have expected Yang Ming’s departure. For this situation now, Guo Ailun is absolutely empathetic in his heart. At one time, he also had the idea of leaving the Liaoning men’s basketball team, and it was also very stiff at that time, which even led to Xinhua News Agency’s personal statement. He released the news that he wanted to go through this authoritative official media.

Some netizens shouted: "You leave with Yang Ming." "Leave the Liao basket, there is nothing to miss." Now that the Liaoning men’s basketball team doesn’t want coach Yang Ming, you might as well leave, which just breaks their last thought about the Liaoning basketball team. Guo Shiqiang left, Yang Ming left, and if Guo Ailun left again, it should be said that an era of Liaoning men’s basketball team is completely over. Of course, Guo Ailun didn’t reply to this netizen’s words, but he could feel that when netizens sent a blessing, some of them were dissatisfied with Liaoning’s decision that they didn’t understand or support it.

Epic deal, the Lakers offer Harden 5 for 1.

5 for 1, Harden will join the Los Angeles Lakers. Recently, according to American media reports, the Los Angeles Lakers made a deal negotiation with the management of the 76ers. They are willing to offer Hakimura, Vincent, Vanderbilt and Russell, as well as the second round of draft picks to get Harden, and the 76ers are also evaluating the deal, and it is expected that a consensus will be reached soon.

Sports Network | Manchester City defended the Premier League three times in advance, and Bayern lost the initiative to win the championship.

On a night full of surprises, Manchester City won the Premier League trophy three times ahead of schedule, while Bayern suffered a reversal and handed over the Bundesliga championship initiative to Dortmund.

In the early morning of 21st, in the 37th round of Premier League, Odegard’s passing mistake led Arsenal to lose 0-1 to Nottingham Forest, and fell behind Manchester City by 4 points with one round left. At this point, this season’s Premier League "finale" was announced in advance, and Manchester City defended the league title.

In the Bundesliga, Bayern lost to Leipzig 1-3-only one point ahead of Dortmund in the case of one more game. If Dortmund wins all the remaining two rounds, it will break Bayern’s record of 10 consecutive championships.

Odegard made a mistake in passing the ball, and Woniy took the lead in scoring.

Arsenal lost and Manchester City won three rounds ahead of schedule.

Before the game against Nottingham Forest, Arsenal had already lost the top position, but they were still working hard for the theoretical possibility of winning the championship.

However, in the early morning of 21st, Arsenal, who fought away from home, was first scored by their opponents in the first half-in the 19th minute, Odegard made a mistake in passing the ball, and the forest quickly counterattacked, and Avonii took the lead in scoring.

Since then, Arsenal still find it hard to find a good opportunity in the frontcourt. In the end, they lost to Nottingham Forest 0-1 away, 4 points behind Manchester City with one round left, and Manchester City locked in the league title this season.

Manchester City won the Premier League three times in a row.

"First of all, congratulations to Manchester City for winning the championship, but this is a sad day for us. Now we must face the reality."

Arsenal coach Artta concluded after the game, "This is my responsibility, and I will bear it. Sometimes the game will be beautiful, and sometimes it won’t. This is sports. We have been working hard for this goal for 11 months and have been ahead for so many days. "

Arsenal scored 81 points after 37 rounds of league matches, and it is impossible for them to surpass Manchester City with 85 points, while Manchester City, which has not played for three rounds, won the championship without a fight.

After winning the championship this season, Manchester City also succeeded in winning the Premier League three times in a row-they won the championship in 2020-2021, 2021-2022 and 2022-2023.

With the title of the league title confirmed, Premier League officials said that after Manchester City’s home game against Chelsea, the awarding ceremony of the league title will be held at Etihad Stadium.

Gnabry volleyed the goal and Bayern scored 1-0.

Bayern suffered a reversal in Leipzig, and the Bundesliga champion was in suspense again.

An unplanned reversal lost, so that Bayern’s team history record may have stopped at 10 times.

In the early morning of May 21st, Bayern, who was at home, suffered a reversal in Leipzig when he scored the first goal, and finally lost the game 1-3.

Because Bayern is playing at home, many legendary Bayern stars are specially present to help out. However, after losing, the camera caught Robben and Ribery in the audience, and the two famous players looked dignified …

Leimer equalised for Leipzig.

In the stadium, fans are also extremely disappointed with the process and results. The game is not over yet, and a large number of fans have left the stadium.

The German media "Pictorial" commented: "This kind of scene is rare because Bayern has the reputation of reversing at the last moment of the game. But the fans in this game don’t believe the team can do it. "

"I can’t explain this performance. Our state has always been good before. I saw our spirit in training in the team. I can’t explain everything on the court." Tuchel said this after the game.

Nkunku took the penalty and hit it.

It is worth mentioning that as a "fire coach", tuchel obviously failed to meet the team’s expectations.

After tuchel took office, Bayern lost to Frejborg in the German Cup and Manchester City in the Champions League, and has lost four games in various competitions. When nagel Mann coached this season, Bayern lost three games in Bundesliga.

Today, Bayern may not even be able to keep the Bundesliga title-in the case of a preliminary match, Bayern is only one point ahead of Dortmund. If Dortmund wins the remaining two rounds, they will break Bayern’s record of 10 consecutive championships.

Solas Roy scored another penalty.

Firmino scored a curtain call and Liverpool drew.

On the evening of May 20th, in the 37th round of the Premier League, Liverpool drew 1-1 with Villa at home, and there was little hope of qualifying for the Champions League.

In the 27th minute, Douglas Lewis passed the ball to the back to send an assist, and Ramsey pushed the goal. Until the 90th minute, Salah made a cross and sent an assist. firmino scored a curtain call at home and the score was fixed at 1-1.

Lewis crosses, Ramsey points back and grabs the goal.

"When I first came to Liverpool, the climate, football and everything here were not easy to adapt to, but it was the same for everyone."

"But we have achieved everything here, and we have won everything together. I am very proud of this history and the achievements we have made together. "

He finished his curtain call with a goal, and when he was about to bid farewell to Liverpool, firmino was elected as the best player in the Premier League official selection.

Firmino equalized the score.

"I am very excited and happy to finish the last game accompanied by fans, family, friends and everyone, especially when I scored the last goal at home."

Before this game, Liverpool officials have confirmed that four players, including firmino, will leave the team freely after their contracts expire this summer.

In another match, Manchester United beat Bournemouth 1-0. Like Newcastle, they were three points ahead of Liverpool in one game. As long as they draw in the next round, they will qualify for the Champions League.

Casemiro barb goal, Manchester United win 1-0.

Wu Lei shoots Javier red, and the harbor is 2-0 Meizhou.

On May 20th, the eighth round of the 2023 Super League continued, and Shanghai Harbour was a guest to challenge Meizhou Hakka.

In the first half, Lei Wu assisted Lv Wenjun to score a goal, and in the second half, Oscar assisted Lei Wu to score a goal. In the end, Haigang beat Meizhou 2-0 away and led the standings unbeaten in eight rounds.

In the 26th minute of the game, the seaport played a subtle match. paulinho cut into the front of the restricted area on the right and obliquely passed the back point. Lei Wu headed back, and Lv Wenjun sideways volley scored. After VAR confirmed that the goal was valid, the seaport led Meizhou 1-0.

Lv Wenjun sideways volley scored.

Later, Javier, the harbor coach, was too excited to protest against the violation of Caron by the referee, and was sent off with a red card.

Until the 94th minute, the seaport fought back, Oscar sent the ball behind him, and Lei Wu scored low in the restricted area, and the seaport scored 2-0 in Meizhou. So far, the seaport has remained unbeaten for eight rounds.

At the press conference after the game, Augustine, assistant coach of Harbor Team, said: "The progress of the game is as we expected. It is a very difficult game. We can see that the strength of both sides is very close and the game is very tight."

"Now, in fact, the season is still in its infancy. We will not pay too much attention to the ranking in the standings. There is still room for improvement in the performance of the team. I hope to help the team improve through day-to-day training."

Lei Wu sealed the victory.

League of Legends mid-season championship: China team locked the championship in advance

On May 20th, according to Xinhua News Agency, the League of Legends Mid-season Championship (MSI) in 2023 was staged in London, England. BLG from China’s LPL Division defeated T1 from South Korea’s LCK Division 3-1, and joined forces with JDG, another team from LPL Division.

This is the first time that the LPL team has joined forces in the League of Legends international competition, and it also means that the China team will win the MSI championship trophy for the third consecutive year.

JDG won the championship by beating BLG in the final of LPL Spring Tournament. As the top seed in the division, JDG directly entered the winning and losing group stage, and passed all the way. In the winner group final held on the 18th, it beat T1 3-2, taking the lead in getting the final tickets.

After breaking through from the finalists, BLG swept C9 from the LCS Division in North America, but then lost to JDG 0-3 and fell into the loser group. However, they quickly adjusted their state, and after defeating the European LEC team G2, they swept the top seed GEN in LCK division.

In the final of the loser group, facing T1, BLG was robbed of map resources by its opponents in the first game, and gradually fell into a difficult situation. However, in the key team battle, it seized the opponent’s mistakes and went to the next city first. Then they pursued the victory and won the match point 2-0 first.

Although T1 stubbornly pulled back a game, BLG focused on the opponent’s going down in the fourth game and established an advantage early. Although there was a mistake in the middle period, it still narrowly missed the game and locked the final seat.

After the game, Zhao Jiahao (ID: Elk), an excellent ADC player in this field, said that it was not easy for the team to go all the way to the final, and it was very happy to beat two Korean teams. Facing JDG in the final again, the team will play better than in the spring finals.

China Normal University men’s basketball team reached the top eight for the first time.

On May 20th, the 25th China University Basketball League Men’s Top 32 Competition continued, with teams from East China Normal University, Tsinghua University, civil aviation university of china and Shanghai Jiaotong University taking the lead to break through and get tickets for the quarter-finals. Among them, the men’s basketball team of East China Normal University achieved the best results in team history and broke into the top eight for the first time.

On that day, the first quarter-finals battle was held between East China Normal University and Ningbo University. Facing the men’s basketball team of Ningbo University, the last quarter-finals team, East China Normal University took the lead in finding the rhythm in the opening chaos, opening the gap and maintaining the leading position throughout the first half.

Easy-side battles, although Ningbo University briefly recovered its touch to catch up with the score, it is inevitable that it will be disrupted in the face of the opponent’s "three-point rain". In the end, with a score of 94-77, East China Normal University had the last laugh, which was the first time in the team’s history that it advanced to the top eight in the Chinese College Basketball League.

Sun Liuqing, head coach of East China Normal University, said after the game: "We won today because of the players’ desire for victory and positive fighting attitude. To be honest, our team is not mature this year. Many players have graduated, and almost a set of main lineups have graduated. The team is in the stage of alternating old and new. "

"Being able to achieve such a result is the result of the collective efforts of the team members, and it is also inseparable from the strong support given by the opening school to our team members’ daily training support and academic arrangements."

China University Basketball League is sponsored by China University Sports Association, operated exclusively by Orange Lion Sports and assisted by Kangpaisi Sports.

Theme activities of Shanghai Sports Museum opened.

On May 18th, the theme activity of "May 18th International Museum Day" of Shanghai Sports Museum was held in the Sports Building.

This year coincides with the 20th anniversary of UNESCO’s adoption of the Convention for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The Shanghai Sports Museum and the Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center cooperated for the first time to jointly plan and launch the theme exhibition of "Martial Arts, Heritage and Art".

With sports culture as the link, the theme exhibition of sports and intangible cultural heritage brings together 19 national and municipal intangible cultural heritage projects in Shanghai from the perspective of "big sports" integrating sports, health care, folk customs and performances. There are 54 sets of 79 exhibits distributed in 3 unit showcases, and there are also large-scale exhibition areas, multimedia sand tables and touch screens to show the charm of intangible cultural heritage projects in a three-dimensional way.

Since 2018, Shanghai Sports has adhered to the recording, protection and dissemination of intangible culture. In the past five years, 19 documentaries of sports intangible items, such as Jingwu Wushu, Chuanquan and Bagua Palm, have been filmed. Since 2022, the series of activities of "Sports Intangible Cultural Heritage" has entered four towns, including Wujing Town in Minhang District, Xinhong Street, Beixinjing Street in Changning District and Hudong Xincun Street in Pudong New Area.

With the aim of "inheriting sports culture and carrying forward sports spirit", Shanghai Sports Museum has devoted itself to creating public sports cultural space and urban sports cultural coordinates with Shanghai culture characteristics since it was officially opened to the outside world in July 2021.