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What is culture and how to understand the word culture?

What is culture and how to understand the word culture?

What is culture? Let’s start with what is literature and what is culture.


"Shuo Wen Jie Zi": "Wen, wrong painting also. Xiang Jiaowen. " (Oracle Bone Inscriptions’s writing "

",with" people "above and" hey "below. "Man" and "Wa" are wrongly drawn and like essays. )

People: from the family, from the family.Hey.

Shuo Wen Jie Zi: "Hey, right. Like the shape of a left lead. All the genus is from the genus.”。

It is the paradigm of the word "Nuo" that the right is violent and the shape like the left is more like the shape of the male root.

"Shuo Wen Jie Zi": "Hey, left-handed. From reverse to reverse. Reading is the same as reading. " . It bends from left to right, so it is the paradigm of the word "Zi" that its character image is drawn from the right and is still like the shape of yin flowing out.

The two paradigms are superimposed. Youyin affects yang.Blind dateLovers are the paradigm of herringbone.

Because Oracle Bone Inscriptions’s "person" and "entry" are easily confused. Oracle Bone Inscriptions’s "human" writing (


"Shuo Wen Jie Zi": "Man, the nature of heaven and earth is the most expensive. This essay is like the shape of an arm and a shin. " . Its Oracle Bone Inscriptions shape is like the shape of a person saluting from the side. The form of the adult crown ceremony of the Jewish man is the essay (or Oracle Bone Inscriptions)

") The paradigm of the word" human ".

"Shuo Wen Jie Zi": "Hey, hey. From you, from you, intersect. " .

(See a picture "Hey")

(Hey: See a painting "Hey”)

The superposition of two paradigms: Yin and Yang.HeyIt is the paradigm of the word "Wa" to intersect with Yin and Yang and make friends with Thailand.

The two paradigms of "human" and "wa" are superimposed: the staggered painting still shows that the person who sends out the information of love and mating is the paradigm of "Wen"

(Person: See "Person" in one of the two paintings)


), the superposition of the two paradigms of human beings: Judaism teaches the exercise of human rebirth. If the person born is the paradigm of Chinese characters. Life is full of one head and one foot. From the fall of people, it means that what they are born into).

"Wen" is a message sent by interlaced paintings that still show love and seek mating.

change"Judaism teaches people to be born again if they are born.

"Culture" is the change caused by information orientation.

The Biography of Ben Gua in Zhouyi: "Rigid and soft are intertwined, and astronomy is also; Civilization stops, so does humanity. Observe astronomy, observe time changes, observe humanity, and turn it into the world. " .

The message of yin and yang is astronomy, and the message of civilization is humanity. Observing the information of yin and yang can tell the changes of the times. Observing the information sent by civilization and participating in it can make a world you like.

What people love now, then what the future world of mankind will be. This is the oldest and deepest understanding of "culture"

The definition of culture on the internet: culture is all human spiritual activities and their products relative to politics and economy. This is wrong. This is wrong. This is wrong. Say the important things three times.

"Culture" is the change caused by information orientation. It is not only human beings who have "culture". Everything in the world has "culture". For example, "fossils", from the information left in "fossils", we can refer to and study the changing process of paleontology. It’s just that we usually study the "culture" of human beings. Studying "culture" can let us know the past and the future. The Book of Changes was the earliest study of "culture". Unfortunately, our modern books classify it as a superstition of fortune telling.

"Text" is the information we get, or the information we send.

Information can deduce its predecessor source, what is happening now and its future development.

The "transformation" here refers to the changes after we accept the information. And the changes caused by the information we send.

The simplest and most practical understanding of "culture" is that what we love now will determine what our future will be. And everything we are suffering now is caused by our past kindness. Learning "culture" can help us to move forward towards the beauty in our hearts in the future. High-level "culture" can shape a world that one yearns for.

The "cultural" war is to confuse the beauty and ideals of the rival nation. Let its nation have no cohesion and combat effectiveness. So as to conquer the nation by using the deviant elements of the nation. Poison textbooks are an example, and the other party has already started. And we? ? ? ? ? ?


CIA’s Ten Commandments against China Youth

First, try to seduce and corrupt their youth with material things, encourage them to despise, despise and further openly oppose their original ideological education, especially communist dogma. Create interest and opportunities for them to be unrestrained in pornography, and then encourage them to have sexual promiscuity. Let them not be ashamed of shallowness and vanity. We must destroy the hard-working spirit they have emphasized.

Second, we must do everything possible to do a good job in communication, including movies, books, television, radio waves … and new religious communication. Making them yearn for our ways of clothing, food, housing, transportation, entertainment and education is half the battle.

Third, we must draw the attention of their youth away from the tradition of government-centered. Let their minds focus on sports performances, pornographic books, pleasures, games, criminal movies, and religious superstitions.

Fourth, they often create things that have nothing to do and let their people discuss them openly. This planted the seeds of division in their subconscious. In particular, it is necessary to find good opportunities among their ethnic minorities, split their regions, split their nationalities, split their feelings, and create new hatred and old hatred among them. This is a strategy that cannot be ignored at all.

5. We should constantly create news and vilify their leaders. Our reporters should find opportunities to interview them and then organize their own words to attack themselves.

6. Democracy should be promoted under all circumstances. Whenever there is an opportunity, whether it is large or small, tangible or intangible, we must seize the opportunity to launch a democratic movement. No matter on what occasions and under what circumstances, we must constantly demand democracy and human rights from them (the government). As long as each of us keeps saying the same thing, their people will surely believe that we are telling the truth. We catch a person is a person, we occupy a site is a site.

Seven, we should try to encourage them (the government) to spend and encourage them to borrow from us. In this way, we have full confidence to destroy their credit, devalue their currency and inflate it. As long as they lose control of prices, they will completely collapse in the people’s minds.

Eight, we should use our economic and technological advantages, tangible and intangible blow to their industries. As long as their industry is paralyzed unconsciously, we can encourage social unrest However, we must help and assist them very lovingly on the surface, so that they (the government) will appear weak. A weak government will bring greater turmoil.

Nine, to use all the resources, even gestures, a word and a smile, are enough to destroy their traditional values. We should use everything to destroy their moral hearts. The key to destroying their self-esteem and self-confidence is to hit their hard-working spirit as much as possible.

10. secretly transport all kinds of weapons and equip all their enemies and people who may become their enemies.

Ten world-class classic TV dramas that you can’t stop watching, but unfortunately they are all made abroad.

Because we started late in the field of film and television, compared with our production level in Europe and America, we may still have some shortcomings, but we have been making progress.

I believe that in the near future, we can also produce world-class classic TV dramas.

The following small series recommends 10 world-class classic TV dramas, all of which are world-class classics. Once you can’t stop watching them, you can even watch them over and over again.

Especially in the last two movies, it makes people forget about tea and rice.

one、《The Walking Dead》

Chinese name "The Walking Dead", this film can be said to be the pinnacle of "Walking Dead" movies.

The film started in 2010 and ended in 2022, lasting 12 years, with a total of 117 episodes.

It tells the story of a world full of zombies. Survivors are intrigued with each other for survival and resources. The protagonist Rick insists on his own principles, but when faced with life and death, he has to fight back with a gun.

This film is very classic, which not only reflects the goodness of human nature, but also exposes the evil of human nature.

Friends who like watching doomsday movies, this drama must not be missed.

Two、《House of Cards》

Chinese "House of Cards", a political drama series produced by Netflix, is adapted from michael dobbs’s novel of the same name.

Directed by James Frey and david fincher, adapted by Beau Willimon, starring kevinspacey fowler, robin wright, michael kelly, Lars Micol Sen, kate mara and Christine Connolly.

The play mainly describes the story of a cold-blooded American congressman and his equally ambitious wife "operating power" among the top in Washington.

Frank Underwood, the hero, is the whip of the majority party in the US House of Representatives and a wily professional politicians. He firmly believes that the newly elected President of the United States and his aides betrayed him, so he vowed to oust this president, and he launched a series of arrangements by hook or by crook.

The finished version of the first season of House of Cards premiered globally on Netflix on February 1, 2013, and now it has been broadcast to the fifth season.

The excellent production and compact plot of this play make it enjoy high reputation and attention all over the world. These TV dramas are all classics, with excellent plots and actors’ performances, which are worth staying up late to watch.

3、《Breaking Bad》

Breaking Bad: It tells the story of an ordinary high school chemistry teacher who, after discovering that he has cancer, began to use his knowledge to make drugs, and then gradually became a drug tycoon.

His purpose of making drugs is actually very simple, just to earn more money for his family. He is actually a very loving person.

However, he ignored the love of others!

four、《The Big Bang Theory》

"The Big Bang Theory" This is a CBS comedy, which is very classic. It mainly tells some happy stories that a group of theoretical physicists and their friends met in their lives.

The script and actors of the play are excellent, especially Jim Parsons and Johnny Garic.

5、《The Wire》

FireWire, a HBO political drama, takes Baltimore as the background and discusses the relationship among drugs, politics, media and community. The script of the play is excellent, and there are many excellent actors, including Dominic West, Ian McShane and Wendell Pierce.


Lost is an ABC sci-fi TV series, which tells the story of survivors living on a desert island after a plane crash. The plot of the play is very complicated, and there are many amazing reversals.

This TV series is very popular in China. When I was studying English at school, the teacher took this gathering as an example.

seven、《The West World》:

"westworld" is a sci-fi series released by HBO in 2016. The idea originated from the 1973 film of the same name, with jonathan nolan as the general director, michael crichton as the chief screenwriter and Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins and ed harris as the main actors.

The play tells the story of a giant high-tech adult paradise with westworld as its theme, which provides tourists with the satisfaction of killing and sexual desire. With the receptionists’ independent consciousness and thinking, they begin to doubt the nature of the world, and then wake up and resist human beings.

This TV series is very classic, but because it is a restricted TV series, it may not be watched in China.

8、《Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.》

S.H.I.E.L.D. or S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, this TV series is very well-known in China.

It is a real-life sci-fi action series produced by Marvel TV, and it is also a part of Marvel movie universe.
The series is adapted from the Marvel comic organization SHIELD, but the protagonist is a human agent, not superheroes such as Iron Man and Hulk.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is a special force of the International Security Council dedicated to dealing with all kinds of strange events.
In addition, in Marvel Comics movies, the former director of SHIELD is Nick Fury, and the former commander is Maria Hill. In the drama, the main opponent is the evil organization Hydra founded and continued by Red Skull …

9、《Game of Thrones》

Chinese name "Game of Thrones", I believe many people have seen this drama.

Quan You is almost the ceiling of TV series, and no TV series can compare with it in terms of popularity.

This is a fantastic drama set in the overhead world of Westeros, which is loved by audiences all over the world with its wonderful plot and high-level cast. It includes a large number of violent and pornographic scenes, as well as complex character relationships and reversed plots, which makes it difficult for the audience to extricate themselves.

In particular, "Dragon Mother" Amelia, with her beautiful face, reaped waves of audiences.

Once the play is on, you can’t spare time for dinner!

Ten"Prison Break"

Why put Prison Break at the last finale? Because it is the most classic TV series in my heart.

Before I met my girlfriend when I first went to college, I met her first. In order to catch up with her, I suffered for a week (one episode a week), and then downloaded it by software and saved it on the hard disk. During the holiday, I watched it with my classmates, and I really didn’t think about tea and rice.

Prison Break is a story about saving lives. The protagonist Michael is an architect, and his brother was framed, which happened to be in the prison he designed.

In order to save his brother, Michael was deliberately arrested and then began his escape plan from prison. The process of his escape from prison, his successful escape, his re-imprisonment in his escape career, and his final collection of evidence in order to get rid of the crime …

Michael is a genius here, he is proficient in the application of mechanics, mathematics, chemistry and so on. The most important thing is that he is also a thief and handsome!

Wentworth Miller’s wonderful performance also won him the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

This is a TV series not to be missed, super classic and personal favorite!

Argentina confirmed that they would come to China to play the game, locked in the live broadcast of flying fish, and could cheer for Messi if they didn’t go to the scene.

The Beijing Football Association officially confirmed that Argentina’s men’s soccer team and Australia will play a friendly match at Beijing Workers Stadium at 20: 00 on June 15th. At that time, the flying fish live broadcast will broadcast the friendly match in a panoramic way, so that fans can enjoy the performances of many Argentine superstars headed by Messi for the first time. After Messi led the Argentine team to win the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 championship, the popularity and attention of the team remained high. This time, the Argentine team was invited to play in China, which also attracted the attention of many fans.

However, for most fans, it is not realistic to go to the stadium to watch the match between Argentina and Australia. First of all, the tickets for Argentina’s match with Australia are expensive, and some scalpers have speculated the price to around 10 thousand, and this is only the price of third-class tickets. It is still very difficult for fans of all ages to spend 10 thousand yuan to watch the match between Argentina and Australia. Therefore, most fans choose to wait for the live broadcast of flying fish to cheer for Messi and Argentina.

Flying fish live broadcast will provide fans with an authoritative data system. Through this authoritative data system, fans will have a more comprehensive understanding of Messi’s assists, passes and shots. Flying fish live broadcast is a senior platform that has been deeply involved in the field of live broadcast for many years, and has rich broadcast resources of events. In order to make up for the regret of fans who can’t go to the stadium to watch the ball, the flying fish live broadcast will create a personalized live broadcast room for them.

In the flying fish live broadcast room, there will be Argentine fans from all over the country to discuss the game together, so that everyone can feel immersive. For the fans, the result of the match between Argentina and Australia will not be taken seriously. In the match between Argentina and Australia, fans want to see whether Messi can show his talent and passion to the fullest. As we all know, Messi has encountered a trough during this time.

Messi was questioned by fans and even booed by home fans because he didn’t lead the team to win the Champions League. In this regard, many Messi fans are very distressed. They hope to cheer for Messi through the flying fish live broadcast room and let him get out of the trough as soon as possible. Finally, the commentary styles of flying fish live broadcast events are diversified, including He Wei and Zhan Jun, cute girls and gags. It is worth mentioning that the live broadcast of flying fish also includes basketball, e-sports and popular variety shows, so that fans can enjoy a one-stop watching experience.