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Hot list of new cars in May: New models are listed together.


"Car Public Opinion" Issue 23

Author Miao Jian Research Institute

May is an important period for the automobile market. Many new cars exhibited at the Shanghai Auto Show began to appear on the market one after another. Joint-venture brands and independent brands are competing to launch brand-new, mid-term and annual models, bringing more choices to consumers. This also makes the domestic auto market more exciting and interesting.

According to the statistics of Miaojian Information Public Opinion Monitoring Platform, in the TOP10 public opinion hot list of new cars listed in May, domestic brands dominated, and among the new cars listed, fuel/plug-in models accounted for over 60%.

40% of the new models were launched in this month’s list, mainly medium and large SUVs. Among them, the price is divided into multiple grades, the highest is 389,800 yuan (Chuanqi E9) and the lowest is 79,800 yuan (Baojun Yueye).

In the list, the old best-selling models Accord and LaCrosse are all replacement models. Small and medium-term models are all plug-in models except Seal, which is pure electric.


List of new cars on the market: the new Haval Xiaolong won the No.1 new car communication in May, and BYD dominated the list of three models.

Haval Xiaolong (brand new) is the model with the highest heat index this month. On May 15th, the launch conference of Haval brand new energy night and Haval Xiaolong series was successfully held in Beijing, officially releasing the brand new energy strategy of Haval brand and launching a brand new energy product-Haval Xiaolong series, with the starting price of new cars ranging from 139,800 to 179,800 yuan.

Nearly 6.5% of Haval Xiaolong’s sound volume is generated at the client. Know the car emperor, today’s headlines and Sina Weibo are the main communication channels, among which Weibo has 91,000 interactive voices, which is the second highest interactive car in this month’s list. "Intelligent four-wheel drive" and "travel audio-visual room" are the main communication points of Haval Xiaolong.

There were many hot spots in the launch of Haval Xiaolong. In addition to the introduction of new cars, Feng Mu, president of Great Wall Motor, launched the "Five Questions of the Soul" on the spot. In addition to expounding the current situation of China’s automobile market and the development prospect of Haval brand, Feng Mu also pointed out the bad practices of disrupting the market, such as friends raising the water army and worrying product quality, saying that some car companies regard "controlling public opinion as the primary productivity" and even commented that some car companies "won sales and lost the bottom line"

Guangqi Honda Accord (replacement) is another popular model this month, which was officially launched on May 20th. As an old-fashioned best-selling model, the new car was widely discussed and paid attention to during the listing period, and "brand-new" and "intelligence" were the main communication points.

Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi brand continues to maintain the new strength and communication potential of "new cars every month".

During the listing of Chuanqi E9, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi 4S stores all over the country, with today’s headlines, knowing the car emperor and car home as the main positions, made a lot of momentum. The marketing text is short, matched with key words of product characteristics, emphasizing electricity and oil, four-fold luxury gifts and so on. Reflect saving and highlight preferential treatment.


Pre-sale release list: two brand-new models were officially unveiled, and Musa’s publicity momentum was strong.

In addition to the listed models, the models pre-sold and unveiled in May are mainly medium/large SUVs. Fuel vehicles account for 60%. There are two brand-new models, namely Beijing Hyundai Mussa and JAC Yttrium 3. Most of the other models were changed in the medium term.

On May 17th, MUFASA, a brand-new compact SUV product of Beijing Hyundai, officially announced its Chinese name-Musa, and started the pre-sale. Musa spread strongly, and "smart two rooms and one living room on board" was its main propaganda point.

On May 20th, the global pre-sale conference of Yttrium 3, an intelligent pure electric car of Jiangqi Group, was held in Hangzhou. Yttrium 3 (brand new) is Jianghuai Yttrium’s first intelligent pure electric vehicle. The new car is positioned as a pure electric small car with a pre-sale price of 97,900 yuan, focusing on "space, battery life and safety".


Observation on the launch of new cars this month

Enter the hall! Stars help out

Chuanqi E9 conference site: held in the Great Hall of the People, Zhang Yue, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Passenger Car, explained the whole process, and sports star Su Bingtian helped out …

Combined with selling points, multi-scene layout

Bao Junyue also released the conference site: multiple scenes fit different product points of Bao Junyue, such as outdoor cross-country, modified life, intelligent driving, etc., so that the audience can understand the products more intuitively …

Senior executives go into battle together and explain in sections.

Haval Xiaolong conference site: Feng Mu, president of Great Wall Motor, and Qiao Xinyu, executive deputy general manager of Haval brand, respectively took the stage to explain …

Accord conference site: Li Jin, director of Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., and Xiao Zhihui, general manager of the four-wheel development center of Honda Technical Research Industry Co., Ltd., took the stage to explain respectively.

Song ProD M-i conference site: Lu Tian, general manager of BYD Dynasty Network Sales Division, and Yu Yang, product manager of BYD Dynasty Network Sales Division, respectively took the stage to explain.


Today’s football recommendation analysis score forecast Bologna VS Lazio La Palmas VS Atletico Madrid

In the 11th round of Italian first-class football league, Bologna played against Lazio at home. Bologna’s scoring efficiency is good this season, but there are many draws. In the last round, Sassuolo was tied, and all the away games were tied this season. Bologna has been unbeaten in the last 9 games, with 3 wins and 6 draws, and all three victories were won at home. Lazio beat Fiorentina 1-0 in the league on Tuesday morning, and Inmobile scored a 90-minute penalty to help the Biancocelesti score all three points. At present, Lazio has won three consecutive victories in the league, while 2 wins and 3 losses in the away game, and defeated Sassuolo as a guest to end the two-game losing streak in the away game. This season, the Biancocelesti’s attack is average, with only 13 goals scored in 10 rounds and 12 goals conceded.

Lazio won 1 win and 1 draw against Bologna last season and remained unbeaten. However, in four consecutive seasons, Lazio only scored 2 draws and 2 losses without winning, and even failed to score in the last three games. The data of this game is insufficient for Lazio’s support. After all, as a traditional strong team in the league, the tie is not easy to overestimate when its reputation and status are dominant.

Therefore, the home team, Boluo, is always in Asia, and it is expected that the match will be more exciting than the match 1 midfielder. The right pair is in charge. The performance in the field is stable and has the strength advantage, while Lazio needs to show better performance in the away game to continue its unbeaten record.

Las palmas beat Manakol 3-0 in the last round and won two consecutive victories, in good shape. The team has a strong offensive ability, scoring only 9 goals in the past 5 rounds, but the defensive quality has improved, losing 4 goals in the past 5 rounds. This season, it has achieved 4 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses, ranking 10th in the league. Sandro ramirez, Fabio Gonzá lez and others were plagued by injuries or missed the game. It must be difficult for this field to face the former bitter Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid beat Aravis 2-1 in the last round, and the team’s morale is like a rainbow. So far this season, it has achieved 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, and its performance is excellent, ranking third in the league. In the last five rounds, he scored a total of 12 goals, averaging 2.4 goals per game. The quality of the team’s defense is very high, and he lost 6 goals in the past five rounds. French striker Gleizman scored 7 goals, and Morata scored 6 goals, which was the main scorer of the team. At present, Victor vitolo, Depe, Mandawa, etc. in the team are plagued by injuries or absent from the game. Atletico’s players can always adapt to different competition environments and play well. Their tactical flexibility and adaptability enable them to always have an advantage in away games.

To sum up, I think Atletico Madrid will win on the road. Although we know that the away game is full of challenges, Atletico’s strength, experience and tactical flexibility all indicate that they will win this victory. I believe they will show their advantages in the competition and finally win.

I knew it a week ago

 6 February

  Cold air ends "fake spring"

  After beginning of spring, most parts of the country are warm, as if spring has arrived, and many places are warmer than normal. However, from the 6th, affected by a strong cold air, there will be a wide range of rain, snow and cooling weather in the central and eastern regions, among which the temperatures in Inner Mongolia, Hunan and Jiangxi will reach 10℃. There is heavy snow in Hubei, Shaanxi and Anhui provinces. It is predicted that with the eastward expansion of the precipitation area, the range of rain and snow will reach the widest tomorrow, and the central and eastern regions will be generally covered by rain and snow. The public should beware of the possible adverse effects of rain, snow and cooling weather on Spring Festival travel rush’s return trip.

  South Korean government may announce Samsung Note7 explosion investigation report

  The Korean regulatory authorities will announce the independent investigation report of the Galaxy Note7 fire incident on the 6th. South Korean regulators will also announce new regulations on mobile phone safety, requiring smartphone manufacturers to report immediately when their mobile phones explode or catch fire.

 February 7th.

  60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Sri Lanka

  China and Sri Lanka have a long history of friendly exchanges. Sri Lanka is known as the country of the lion or Sinhalese in China’s ancient books. In 410 A.D., Fa Xian, a monk of the Jin Dynasty, went to Sri Lanka to study, retrieved Buddhist classics and wrote a book "The Story of the Buddha Country". Zheng He, a navigator in the Ming Dynasty, visited Sri Lanka many times during his voyage to the West. In the 15th century, Prince Si Yi visited China and settled in Quanzhou, Fujian on his way home. He was given the surname by the Ming emperor, and his descendants still live in Quanzhou and Taiwan Province. After Sri Lanka became a western colony, Sino-Sri Lankan relations were once interrupted. In 1950, Sri Lanka recognized New China. On February 7, 1957, the two countries established diplomatic relations. China and Sri Lanka have always maintained friendly relations with frequent high-level exchanges.

  China Foreign Minister Wang Yi paid an official visit to Australia and New Zealand.

  At the invitation of Australian Foreign Minister Bishop and New Zealand Foreign Minister McCully, Foreign Minister Wang Yi will pay an official visit to Australia and New Zealand from July 7 to 10. During the visit, Wang Yi will hold the fourth round of China-Australia diplomatic and strategic dialogue with Bishop, hold talks with McCully and meet with the leaders of Australia and New Zealand.

  Haiti’s elected president, Fanel moise, was sworn in.

  If Fanel moise, candidate of Haiti’s ruling Tekal Party, is elected president in November 2016, he will be sworn in on February 7th. Moise, 48, is a banana businessman with little political experience. In 2015, he entered the political arena and was elected as the presidential candidate by former President Martelli. Local media quoted political analysts as saying that moise will continue Martelli’s ruling policy.

 February 8 th

  The Korean inspection team will interrogate park geun-hye face to face this week.

  According to sources, the independent inspection team in charge of investigating the scandal of South Korean President park geun-hye’s best friend’s meddling in politics is negotiating with Cheongwadae, the presidential palace of South Korea, with a view to interrogating park geun-hye face to face one day from the 8th to 10th of this month (this Wednesday to Friday) to investigate the core part of the scandal of best friend’s meddling in politics. Earlier, park geun-hye was impeached by Congress because of his girlfriend’s political scandal.

  Somali presidential election held.

  The Somali presidential election, which has been postponed several times, will be held on February 8. In August last year, the Somali Federal Indirect Election Implementation Team announced that the presidential election would be held on October 30, but it was postponed several times later. According to reports, the repeated postponement of the election is related to the harassment of the extremist organization Somali "Youth Party" and the contradictions between various tribes and regions.

 February 9th.

  Some passenger trains of Guangzhou Railway were temporarily suspended from February 9 to February 11.

  1. On February 9, 2017, Hengyang-Guangzhou East K6625 passenger train was temporarily suspended; 2. On February 9 and February 10, 2017, Changsha-Guangzhou K6621 passenger train was temporarily suspended; 3. On February 9 and February 10, 2017, the Leiyang-Guangzhou East K6647 passenger train was temporarily suspended; 4. On February 9 and February 10, 2017, it became increasingly sunny-Guangzhou East K6589 passenger train was temporarily suspended; 5. On February 10th and 11th, 2017, Huaihua-Shenzhen West K6580/77 passenger train was temporarily suspended; 6. On February 10th and 11th, 2017, the Loudi-Zhaoqing K 6528/5th passenger train was temporarily suspended.

 February 10th.

  Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits the United States

  Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit the United States on the 10th. A number of Japanese and American media reported that Abe will send a "big gift package" to US President Donald Trump, including investing 150 billion US dollars in infrastructure construction in the United States in the next 10 years, creating 700,000 jobs and an infrastructure market with a market value of 450 billion US dollars.

  Communist party, the largest anti-government force in the Philippines, terminated the unilateral ceasefire announced in August last year.

  The Philippine communist party, the largest anti-government force in the Philippines, issued a statement on the 1st of this month, saying that the Communist Party of the Philippines would terminate the unilateral ceasefire because Philippine President Duterte did not agree to release about 200 detainees. Jorge Madeiros, a spokesman for the Philippine Communist Party, said that the government forces also used the ceasefire period to occupy its "territory", and the Philippine Communist Party will terminate the unilateral ceasefire announced in August last year on February 10.

  Uber suspended its service in Taiwan.

  Taiwan’s transportation authorities recently issued a huge fine to Uber, a well-known online car platform company that has been operating in Taiwan for three and a half years, and ordered it to close down. Uber immediately announced that it would suspend its service in Taiwan from February 10. This news caused controversy in Taiwan Province, and many people said that startups should compete fairly; Others think that sharing economy is an irresistible world trend, and existing regulations should not be an obstacle to innovation.

 February 11th

  the Lantern Festival

  After the Spring Festival, it is the Lantern Festival. This Saturday (February 11th) is the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month. Lantern Festival, also known as "Shangyuan Festival", is one of the traditional festivals of Han nationality and some brotherly nationalities in China, which existed in the Qin Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago. Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty ordered the 15th day of the first month to be the Lantern Festival. Buddhism was introduced in the Eastern Han Dynasty. In order to expand its influence in the local area, the traditional culture was attached to the Lantern Festival as an auspicious day to participate in Buddhism.

 February 12

  Turkmenistan’s presidential election was officially held.

??? Turkmenistan’s presidential election will be officially held on February 12th, and nine candidates, including current President Berdymukhamedov, will stand for election. According to the new Constitution of Turkmenistan adopted in September 2016, the term of office of each president has been extended from five years to seven years, and the restriction that presidential candidates should not be over 70 years old has also been lifted. Presidential candidates must meet the conditions of being born in Turkey, being at least 40 years old, mastering Turkmen, and living and working in Turkey for the past 15 years.

  The 59th Grammy Awards Ceremony was held

??? On February 12th, US time, the 59th Grammy Awards Ceremony will be held in Los Angeles. Beyonce, Adele and Justin Bieber were shortlisted for the annual production, annual album and other heavyweight awards for their new works. (Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency, China News Network, Guangzhou Daily, etc.)

"Exclusive Customized" Family Reunion Dinner for "Returned" Panda and "Native" Panda

  On January 24th, on Lunar New Year’s Eve, 10 giant pandas in Ziqinghu Wildlife World, Tangshan, Nanjing, had a "reunion dinner" in advance. Dumplings, bamboo, carrots, bamboo shoots … The "mix and match" New Year’s Eve dinner made the lovely giant panda welcome the New Year in a foreign land for the first time. It is reported that these 10 giant pandas "rolled in" on August 28, 2019, among which 6 giant pandas were overseas-born "returnees" and a pair of twins. In order to cater to the different tastes of each panda, the breeders also made a special dinner for each panda. The picture shows the giant panda "studying" his own private New Year’s Eve dinner. Photo by Wu Xue
  On January 24th, on Lunar New Year’s Eve, 10 giant pandas in Ziqinghu Wildlife World, Tangshan, Nanjing, had a "reunion dinner" in advance. Dumplings, bamboo, carrots, bamboo shoots … The "mix and match" New Year’s Eve dinner made the lovely giant panda welcome the New Year in a foreign land for the first time. It is reported that these 10 giant pandas "rolled in" on August 28, 2019, among which 6 giant pandas were overseas-born "returnees" and a pair of twins. In order to cater to the different tastes of each panda, the breeders also made a special dinner for each panda. The picture shows the "exclusive custom" reunion dinner presented by the breeder. Photo by Wu Xue
  On January 24th, on Lunar New Year’s Eve, 10 giant pandas in Ziqinghu Wildlife World, Tangshan, Nanjing, had a "reunion dinner" in advance. Dumplings, bamboo, carrots, bamboo shoots … The "mix and match" New Year’s Eve dinner made the lovely giant panda welcome the New Year in a foreign land for the first time. It is reported that these 10 giant pandas "rolled in" on August 28, 2019, among which 6 giant pandas were overseas-born "returnees" and a pair of twins. In order to cater to the different tastes of each panda, the breeders also made a special dinner for each panda. The picture shows "Tuanzi" and its "private custom" New Year’s Eve dinner. Photo by Wu Xue
  On January 24th, on Lunar New Year’s Eve, 10 giant pandas in Ziqinghu Wildlife World, Tangshan, Nanjing, had a "reunion dinner" in advance. Dumplings, bamboo, carrots, bamboo shoots … The "mix and match" New Year’s Eve dinner made the lovely giant panda welcome the New Year in a foreign land for the first time. It is reported that these 10 giant pandas "rolled in" on August 28, 2019, among which 6 giant pandas were overseas-born "returnees" and a pair of twins. In order to cater to the different tastes of each panda, the breeders also made a special dinner for each panda. The picture shows the New Year’s Eve dinner of the panda "Tuanzi". Photo by Wu Xue
  On January 24th, on Lunar New Year’s Eve, 10 giant pandas in Ziqinghu Wildlife World, Tangshan, Nanjing, had a "reunion dinner" in advance. Dumplings, bamboo, carrots, bamboo shoots … The "mix and match" New Year’s Eve dinner made the lovely giant panda welcome the New Year in a foreign land for the first time. It is reported that these 10 giant pandas "rolled in" on August 28, 2019, among which 6 giant pandas were overseas-born "returnees" and a pair of twins. In order to cater to the different tastes of each panda, the breeders also made a special dinner for each panda. The picture shows the "snacks" prepared by the breeder for the pandas. Photo by Wu Xue
  On January 24th, on Lunar New Year’s Eve, 10 giant pandas in Ziqinghu Wildlife World, Tangshan, Nanjing, had a "reunion dinner" in advance. Dumplings, bamboo, carrots, bamboo shoots … The "mix and match" New Year’s Eve dinner made the lovely giant panda welcome the New Year in a foreign land for the first time. It is reported that these 10 giant pandas "rolled in" on August 28, 2019, among which 6 giant pandas were overseas-born "returnees" and a pair of twins. In order to cater to the different tastes of each panda, the breeders also made a special dinner for each panda. The picture shows the panda "Fu Hu" enjoying the New Year’s Eve dinner. Photo by Wu Xue

The game version number was released in May! Can’t wait to play right away? These games can be played now!

The May edition number is coming! According to the approval information of domestic online games published in May, 2023, a total of 86 games, such as Netease Seven Days World, Tencent Ace Warrior 2, Lilith’s Party of the Gods, and Netelement Temple’s Dream of the Heart, have been approved. Some of these games have been launched overseas or on Steam, and they can be played now. If you want to try something early, you can try it first!

Dream of the deep heart

"Dream in the Heart" is a new work by Shanghai Candle dragon, who has developed the swords of legends series. The game has landed on PC, NS, PS and Xbox platforms, and the Steam standard version of 78 yuan, the deluxe version is 108 yuan.

This is an action game similar to "Galaxy Warrior" and "Demon City". The background of the game is western magic, and players will meet scary giants and lovely elves in the game. The biggest selling point of the game is exquisite hand-painted pictures. Moreover, the amount of games is large, and more than 20 maps with ten endings are not covered.

According to the official introduction, players will accompany Renee, a girl with amnesia, on a journey of fate to uncover the hidden secrets of the fantasy world. Explore the natural scenery and ruins of the imperial city, and meet mysterious beasts and lovely elves. Use all kinds of weapons and skills to confront corrupt monsters, break through crises and so on.

Yi xian pai

Yixian Card is a card game that plays chess by itself. A single game supports up to eight players to play against each other. Players need to place the drawn cards in the fighting area and automatically fight with other players in random order. During the interval of each round of fighting, players need to judge the opponent’s thinking, adjust the card order or add the newly drawn cards to the deck to beat the opponent according to the situation on the field.

The game of "Yixian Card" is the same as the pub chess game. To put it bluntly, it is "the card version moves by itself". At the beginning of the game, players will randomly draw several cards from the library. These cards can be directly used in battle, can also be synthesized with another same card, and can also be sold to improve their own realm-commonly known as "upgrading their capital" and greatly improve their construction limit. Of course, players can also exchange cards with other cards randomly when they encounter cards that are really unnecessary, so as to replace the refresh function in self-walking chess.

Although "Yi Xian Pai" adopts the battle mode of self-propelled chess, it is still slightly different from self-propelled chess in essence. Players still need to collect and build their own cards to participate in the battle, but this "process" of construction is quite a bit of a DBG game.

Compared with the traditional TCG, we only need to pay attention to three things when building a deck of cards: role, sect and deputy. Among them, the sect and the deputy will carry a fixed number and types of cards, and players can’t operate the cards, so they can only combine the deputy and the sect to form a complete set of cards. The character must belong to a sect, but every time he ascends the realm, he will unlock an exclusive talent and play an extra role in the game.

Party of the gods

The Gods Party is a mythical punk strategy RPG produced by Lilith, which has cool artistic style and diversified and aesthetic role design.

Related links:I was shocked to try it out: the legendary art uncle started a two-dimensional street card game, which was blown up by American primary school students.

The Party of the Gods tells the story that in the future world, some scientists died and released monsters that destroyed the world, and then some people mutated to have divine power and became diviners.

The game makes a hodgepodge of gods in fairy tales such as China, Egyptian, Nordic, Greek, etc. In "The Party of the Gods", it is common for the Monkey King to beat Zeus violently, and Anubis and Nuwa fought for 300 rounds.

The painting style in "The Party of the Gods" is all-encompassing, which can not only see the dark sister with real jitter, but also the cheongsam sister who is more in line with the oriental aesthetic. It is true that XP of players all over the world is grasped.

Digging into the background of the game, I finally found that the art director of "The Gods Party" had joined Tencent in the early years, and he was actually focusing on games such as Legendary World and Legend of Xuanyuan. This sense of contrast is really exciting.

Eluhill: Star Dawn

"Elohill: Xing Xiao" is a 3D real-time strategy card hand tour that presents the fantasy of the world of [Magic X Technology] through a light retro art style. It is characterized by the immersive combat experience of dynamic command operation, and it is presented with the 3D drama performance of the real opera, creating an Iluhir world with full details and strong immersion.

In this game, the player will be the acting head of the Gefeier Troupe, and take a flying boat to travel between Xinghai and the narrow land, guiding the degraded people to shuttle between the "present world" and the "dream paradise" to fight against the sudden paradise arrival events in various places, save the people who are asleep, and regain the real future from the ostentatious dream.

In the battle experience of core fun, the game not only retains the immersive sensory experience of ACT play, but also lowers the operating threshold for players to get started quickly. At the same time, it also adds a wealth of card instruction strategies in battle. Before the start of the battle, players can arrange their own character positions. In some difficult levels, there are random attribute bonus positions.

The game international service was launched on April 6, and the related demo evaluation will be released later, so stay tuned!

Explanation of light gap

"Light Gap Interpretation" is a different world strategy offensive and defensive mobile phone game developed by Cong Yun (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and distributed by the exclusive agent of the game. Mengmei yujie has all of them! All live2d!

In the game, players will be the guardians of lantern seals, join the strategic offensive and defensive battle field in the other world "Nuon Continent", and take risks with "interpreters" with various creative abilities to fight against the raging beasts and prevent the darkness from coming again!

A large number of "Interpreters" are freely combined, and diverse Live2D is within reach, with Yokoyama Masaru’s love and music! The ever-changing battlefields and powerful enemies, the "arrival technique" big move to reverse the war situation, and the strategic offensive and defensive gameplay of the operation are tested … In the endless night, the lamp of hope is incarnated, and together with the interpreter, the shackles of fate are broken!

Taifu was launched in October 2022, and related demo evaluation will be released later, so stay tuned!

Indy’s lies

Indy’s Lies is a stand-alone game with roguelike elements and card construction as the core gameplay. The game has been put on Steam, and the current favorable rate is 76%.

Randomly generate the content of the level, exquisite plot content, rich and changeable talent system, cleverly designed partner system, surprise and unexpected rune system, combined with hundreds of carefully designed professional cards, so that players can experience completely different fun every time they enter the level.

There are currently 12 heroes in the game, and each hero has a unique professional card, exclusive card and personal mechanism. The hero chosen at the beginning determines the general trend of the genre. After defeating each boss, you can invite new heroes to join the team to supplement your strategic choice-to brush the enemy with debuff, to realize infinite flow, or to add healers to the team?

More than 700 cards can collide with runes, randomly generated talent trees (more than 160 talents) and 50 props to maximize synergy-cleverly combine strategies and defeat more than 90 enemies! Every time you get a new card, you can also replace the old card to realize dynamic and flexible card set construction.

Cancelo sent a farewell message.

On the morning of March 11th, Beijing time, Bayern player Cancelo posted a farewell message on his personal social media to his Song Shiquan pet.

Cancelo wrote: "Your time here is short, but it is enough to make the story between us eternal! You in my heart forever, my loyal friend. Rest in peace in the starry sky, and we will meet again one day … "

Cancelo sent a farewell message to Song Shiquan, and his sentimentality at this time was related to his recent bad mood because he couldn’t play football.

Cancelo’s recent situation in Bayern Munich is not good. Since Manchester City joined Bayern on loan, Cancelo has won the starting opportunity in the first few games. In recent games, he has mostly sat on the bench, sometimes sitting on the whole game. This situation makes Cancelo, who has a high heart, a little depressed. On the training ground, he sometimes works alone and seems to have a bad relationship with his teammates. This has greatly reduced his expectation of a complete transfer to Bayern next season.

Originally, before the deadline of the international transfer window, Cancelo joined expect the unexpected on loan. Sources pointed out that due to personality reasons, he had conflicts with the coach and teammates in Manchester City, which led to Guardiola finally losing patience with him and determined to clean Cancelo. Bayern Munich immediately expressed their interest in Cancelo when they learned about it, and the two sides quickly reached an agreement, which made Cancelo rent Bayern like lightning.

It is reported that, in view of Cancelo’s personality, Bayern has decided not to buy him out after the loan, and Guardiola will not let him return to Manchester City. In this case, Barcelona expressed interest in him. It’s just that Barcelona is also very strange. How can such an excellent player, who was selected as the best team in the Premier League season, not start in Manchester City and Bayern? This makes Barcelona cautious about introducing him.

"The level of men’s football in China has been declining all the way," said the director of the General Administration of Sports.

On the 12th, the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress held the third "ministerial aisle". The first person to walk on the ministerial aisle was Gao Zhidan, director of the State Sports General Administration.

Gao Zhidan said that for a long time, the development of China’s three major sports, especially men’s events, was not satisfactory, and the level of men’s football was declining all the way. There were even many chaos in the football industry, which was in sharp contrast with the requirements and expectations of the CPC Central Committee and the people of the whole country.

Gao Zhidan said,It is a sign of a sports power that the three major goals should be achieved, and it is also a short board that we must make up to speed up the construction of a sports power.

Gao Zhidan pointed out that recently, in view of the serious problems in the field of football, we have been deeply rethinking and studying solutions and ways, and we are prepared to systematically treat them from the aspects of ideological education, style construction, deepening reform and doing a good job in current work.

In the spirit of re-taking the Long March Road, we should do a good job in all the work of the three big balls, focus on the outstanding problems such as lack of spiritual integrity and not hard work style in the current work of the three big balls with the determination to eliminate the disease with strong drugs and punish the chaos with heavy punishment, and persevere in changing the work style, being strong in responsibility and grasping implementation.Resolutely crack down and severely punish corruption and "fake gambling" in football and other fields.Correct the wind and discipline, be strict in discipline, improve the system, strengthen the rules, and comprehensively repair and reconstruct the good ecology of the healthy and sustainable development of the three balls.

On March 12th, the first meeting of the 14th National People’s Congress held the third "ministerial channel" interview. This is Gao Zhidan, director of the State Sports General Administration, interviewed by the media. Xinhua News Agency reporter Cai Yang photo

When talking about how to revitalize football in China, Gao Zhidan said that the current reform of football and basketball has entered the deep water area, and the task of deepening the reform and achieving a breakthrough is arduous and arduous. We should unswervingly follow the road of reform, innovation and development, further emancipate our minds, be upright and innovative, and start with the construction of management system, talent system, training system, competition system and guarantee system, and constantly improve the "three big balls" development path with China characteristics. We should face up to the problems, strengthen our confidence, face up to difficulties, accurately understand and implement policies and measures such as the overall plan for football reform and development in China, promote the modernization of the "three-ball" governance system and governance capacity, promote the standardized development of the league’s governance system, be firm and orderly, consistently take the road of "three-ball" development and reform in China, revitalize the "three-ball" and play a good role in football turnaround. We must strengthen the foundation and plant a strong talent base.

We should settle down, start with dolls, give full play to the advantages of the national system, make good use of the vitality of the market mechanism, promote the healthy development of campus football, promote the large-scale growth of young football talents, and consolidate the reserve talent base. We should start from the grass roots, actively support the development of youth football clubs, give more support and guarantee to social football in terms of policies, funds and talents, and promote the benign interaction between social football and professional football.

We should start from the foundation, constantly improve the football competition system and professional league system, smooth the growth channel of outstanding young players from campus football, social football to professional football, and train more outstanding reserve young players and transport them up.In the process of doing a good job of reserve talents, we should resolutely abandon the mentality of quick success and instant benefit, and build a path and channel for the cultivation and growth of reserve talents step by step, so as to revitalize China football for a long time.

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