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Hot list of new cars in May: New models are listed together.


"Car Public Opinion" Issue 23

Author Miao Jian Research Institute

May is an important period for the automobile market. Many new cars exhibited at the Shanghai Auto Show began to appear on the market one after another. Joint-venture brands and independent brands are competing to launch brand-new, mid-term and annual models, bringing more choices to consumers. This also makes the domestic auto market more exciting and interesting.

According to the statistics of Miaojian Information Public Opinion Monitoring Platform, in the TOP10 public opinion hot list of new cars listed in May, domestic brands dominated, and among the new cars listed, fuel/plug-in models accounted for over 60%.

40% of the new models were launched in this month’s list, mainly medium and large SUVs. Among them, the price is divided into multiple grades, the highest is 389,800 yuan (Chuanqi E9) and the lowest is 79,800 yuan (Baojun Yueye).

In the list, the old best-selling models Accord and LaCrosse are all replacement models. Small and medium-term models are all plug-in models except Seal, which is pure electric.


List of new cars on the market: the new Haval Xiaolong won the No.1 new car communication in May, and BYD dominated the list of three models.

Haval Xiaolong (brand new) is the model with the highest heat index this month. On May 15th, the launch conference of Haval brand new energy night and Haval Xiaolong series was successfully held in Beijing, officially releasing the brand new energy strategy of Haval brand and launching a brand new energy product-Haval Xiaolong series, with the starting price of new cars ranging from 139,800 to 179,800 yuan.

Nearly 6.5% of Haval Xiaolong’s sound volume is generated at the client. Know the car emperor, today’s headlines and Sina Weibo are the main communication channels, among which Weibo has 91,000 interactive voices, which is the second highest interactive car in this month’s list. "Intelligent four-wheel drive" and "travel audio-visual room" are the main communication points of Haval Xiaolong.

There were many hot spots in the launch of Haval Xiaolong. In addition to the introduction of new cars, Feng Mu, president of Great Wall Motor, launched the "Five Questions of the Soul" on the spot. In addition to expounding the current situation of China’s automobile market and the development prospect of Haval brand, Feng Mu also pointed out the bad practices of disrupting the market, such as friends raising the water army and worrying product quality, saying that some car companies regard "controlling public opinion as the primary productivity" and even commented that some car companies "won sales and lost the bottom line"

Guangqi Honda Accord (replacement) is another popular model this month, which was officially launched on May 20th. As an old-fashioned best-selling model, the new car was widely discussed and paid attention to during the listing period, and "brand-new" and "intelligence" were the main communication points.

Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi brand continues to maintain the new strength and communication potential of "new cars every month".

During the listing of Chuanqi E9, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi 4S stores all over the country, with today’s headlines, knowing the car emperor and car home as the main positions, made a lot of momentum. The marketing text is short, matched with key words of product characteristics, emphasizing electricity and oil, four-fold luxury gifts and so on. Reflect saving and highlight preferential treatment.


Pre-sale release list: two brand-new models were officially unveiled, and Musa’s publicity momentum was strong.

In addition to the listed models, the models pre-sold and unveiled in May are mainly medium/large SUVs. Fuel vehicles account for 60%. There are two brand-new models, namely Beijing Hyundai Mussa and JAC Yttrium 3. Most of the other models were changed in the medium term.

On May 17th, MUFASA, a brand-new compact SUV product of Beijing Hyundai, officially announced its Chinese name-Musa, and started the pre-sale. Musa spread strongly, and "smart two rooms and one living room on board" was its main propaganda point.

On May 20th, the global pre-sale conference of Yttrium 3, an intelligent pure electric car of Jiangqi Group, was held in Hangzhou. Yttrium 3 (brand new) is Jianghuai Yttrium’s first intelligent pure electric vehicle. The new car is positioned as a pure electric small car with a pre-sale price of 97,900 yuan, focusing on "space, battery life and safety".


Observation on the launch of new cars this month

Enter the hall! Stars help out

Chuanqi E9 conference site: held in the Great Hall of the People, Zhang Yue, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Passenger Car, explained the whole process, and sports star Su Bingtian helped out …

Combined with selling points, multi-scene layout

Bao Junyue also released the conference site: multiple scenes fit different product points of Bao Junyue, such as outdoor cross-country, modified life, intelligent driving, etc., so that the audience can understand the products more intuitively …

Senior executives go into battle together and explain in sections.

Haval Xiaolong conference site: Feng Mu, president of Great Wall Motor, and Qiao Xinyu, executive deputy general manager of Haval brand, respectively took the stage to explain …

Accord conference site: Li Jin, director of Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., and Xiao Zhihui, general manager of the four-wheel development center of Honda Technical Research Industry Co., Ltd., took the stage to explain respectively.

Song ProD M-i conference site: Lu Tian, general manager of BYD Dynasty Network Sales Division, and Yu Yang, product manager of BYD Dynasty Network Sales Division, respectively took the stage to explain.


The first theme of the fourth quarter is coming! The most cattle concept stocks are targeted at these stocks.

K graph BK0984_0

  The first explosion in the fourth quarter of 2023It’s coming.

  On the first trading day after the National Day, A shares rose less and fell more as a whole.It once fell more than 1.2% in intraday trading, and the closing decline narrowed to 0.44%. Northbound funds resumed trading at 14: 00, with a net sale of 7.46 billion yuan throughout the day.


  The overall turnover of A shares was sluggish, with only 3 shares exceeding 5 billion yuan, namely.

  The leader of the trackThe turnover was 6.618 billion yuan, and the stock fell 3.71% today. The intraday share price hit a two-year low. The latest A-share market value was less than 860 billion yuan, and the closing price retreated 48.74% from the historical high.

  Satellite communication concept leaderThe intraday price once rose over 17%, and the stock price reached a record high. At the close, the stock price fell sharply, and the increase narrowed to 3.9%.

  , aquatic products, prepared vegetables, pork,And other themes fell sharply. The index fell the most, and the concept stocksDown limit,Such as falling more than 6%.

  With cars,Related themes are strong against the market. One of the most eye-catching is thatConcept, index increase is far ahead in the A-share theme sector.6 shares gain a 20cm daily limit.

K figure 300351_0

  Today’s direct daily limit, the stock is both,, cars and other themes, realized in the first half of this year.69 million yuan, down 15.27% year-on-year.

  Huawei asks for new M7 orders.

  In the news, in the past Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, the new M7 in the world has become a dark horse in the automobile market, and the amount of large deposits (generally referring to reservations and non-refundable deposits) has hit record highs.

  On October 7, Huawei andThe AITO brand jointly developed announced that the number of new M7 models has exceeded 50,000. From September 12th to October 6th, in just 25 days, the average daily increase in the number of large enterprises in the industry was close to 2,000.

  In an interview in early 2023, Yu Chengdong had confirmed that Huawei BU would achieve the goal of profitability in 2025. M7 has undoubtedly boosted Huawei’s BU business in terms of market realization. As of August 30, 2023, the cumulative sales volume of the industry this year was only 35,200 vehicles. In other words, the single product pulling effect of the new M7 has been greater than that of the previously released M7, M5 and M5 EV.

  existAs mentioned in the article, Mate 60/Mate X5 series has driven Huawei’s popularity to rise unprecedentedly, and the price of new cars has exceeded expectations (249,800-309,800 yuan, 60,000-70,000 yuan lower than the main competing products), as well as the improvement of product strength such as safety, which has led to the surge in the number of shops and orders. It is expected that the monthly sales of brands driven by M7 will return to the ranks of 10,000 vehicles.

  It is said that in September, the state proposed to stabilize the consumption of fuel vehicles, which is conducive to the recovery of the low-end auto market and further stabilize consumption; The superimposed auto show will drive the new car listing boom, and the product strength of the model is expected to gradually improve. The "Golden September and Silver 10" auto market is expected to exceed the expectations at the beginning of the year.

  Two funds are eyeing these concept stocks.

  In the A-share market, more than 100 companies directly or indirectly participate in the industrial chain. As of October 9, the total market value of Huawei’s auto concept stocks A shares was about 1.45 trillion.Since the beginning of this year, Huawei’s auto concept stocks have risen by an average of 23.12%, significantly outperforming the Shanghai Composite Index in the same period.

  In terms of funds, some stocks have been acquired recently., financing funds to add positions. According to the statistics of data treasure, according to the average transaction price of the interval, there are 6 Huawei auto concept stocks that have increased their positions by more than 100 million yuan since September, namely、、. In the same period, there were also 6 net purchases of financing exceeding 100 million yuan, namely、、、、.


  fromIn terms of growth potential, according to the unanimous prediction of more than five institutions, there are 19 concept stocks whose net profit growth rate is expected to exceed 30% this year and next.

  Of these 19 shares, 4 have a rolling P/E ratio of less than 30 times, including. Compare with that target price predicted unanimously by the organization,、、The upside is over 30%.

  The upside is 81.21%, ranking first. GuoshengThe research report believes that Xiangxin TechnologyStructural parts are expected to cooperate with Huawei,Wait, the incremental supporting potential is great; In the first half of 2023, the new fixed-point amount is expected to be 28 billion to 28.5 billion yuan, and the orders in hand are full; With the release of the company’s production capacity, the future growth can be expected.


Luoma county magistrate wrote three novels in prison, saying that being an official is walking a tightrope.

  Core Tip: The former county magistrate of Queshan County, Henan Province was sentenced to 11 years in prison for accepting bribes in 2004. In four years, he wrote three novels and became a writer, once again entering the public eye. When talking about his works, he said that the officialdom in the novel had his shadow when he was in politics; Looking back on his political career, he replied that being an official is like walking a tightrope.

Li Jianhua turned his back on the reporter

  On the afternoon of November 20th, Li Jianhua, 48, dressed in prison uniform, appeared to Zhengzhou Customs police who received warning education in the heavily guarded No.1 prison in Henan Province. On the podium, his speech was as cadence as four or five years ago, but he raised his hand and wiped his tears when he said, "How many 11 years can a life have?"

  These days, it took more than four years to write three novels and the news that the county magistrate of Luoma became a writer, which made Li Jianhua "walk" out of the high wall and re-enter the public eye. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison for accepting bribes in 2004, and he was the former county magistrate of Queshan County.

  In this prison where felons are held, Li Jianhua is deeply rethinking through writing and writing after working and studying.

  The reporter conducted an exclusive interview with Li Jianhua based on his works.

  The prison leaders are very supportive of writing in their spare time.

  Reporter: What are the contents of the three novels you published?

  Li Jianhua: The Liberator describes the life experience of an old Red Army from the revolutionary civil war, War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the War of Liberation to the founding of New China and its reform and opening up. Mr. Li Weichang, a book reviewer, said that this novel, which spans 65 years, is "a history book for the liberators of China". "Characteristics of China" is about rural reform. "Warm Home" pays attention to AIDS, and the editor wrote on the cover that "China’s first novel describing the first village of AIDS".

  Reporter: Did you start writing after you came to prison?

  Li Jianhua: It should be said that it was mainly finalized in prison. From May to September, 2004, I was detained in Runan Detention Center, when I was in the stage of investigation and interrogation. I had nothing to do all day, so I began to conceive The Liberator. The story of "The Liberator" was told by my father and his old leaders and comrades-in-arms when I was a child, and it has always been in my mind. The three novels are written in a cross.

  Before the Army Day in 2007, when The Liberator was published, I had already sent The Features of China to the publishing house. When I was reviewing the manuscript of "China Features", I started to write "Warm Home". The publication of China Features was originally scheduled for May last year, but it was postponed for some reason. In October this year, the two novels were published simultaneously.

  Reporter: Do you need to take part in labor?

  Li Jianhua: You don’t have to work in the detention center. You can write all day. In prison, like everyone else, I have to take part in labor, study and education, sewing balls and installing lighters. I spend the rest of my free time or rest and entertainment time writing.

  Reporter: What is the biggest difficulty for you to write a book in prison?

  Li Jianhua: At the beginning of writing, there was no information, only some newspapers; There’s no complete time, it’s just a blind alley.

  Reporter: What’s the situation now?

  Li Jianhua: The leaders of the No.1 prison in Henan Province know that after I write a book, they will provide me with the conditions as much as possible. I also subscribed to several newspapers at my own expense. Newspapers mainly play an enlightening role, and some things in them can also be integrated into books.

  In the detention center, I lie prone on the bed board or write with my knees on the manuscript paper. Six months after I came to prison, my second draft of Liberator was completed. The prison let me use the computer in the classroom, so I can write directly on the computer.

  Sometimes I don’t want to write, and the prison leader, the warden and the police who manage me will encourage me to write. They said that this is to win glory for parents and relatives, and also to hand in a satisfactory answer for their own transformation.

  The officialdom in the novel has the shadow of my time in politics.

  Reporter: How did you think of writing "Warm Home"?

  Li Jianhua: One day, instructor Chen showed me a newspaper with an article about AIDS. I worked as a deputy county magistrate in Shangcai County and Xincai County, and Wenlou Village was also a village I had contracted. After I read it, my thoughts were touched and I felt very guilty, and I began to conceive "Warm Home".

  Another reason is that a writer wrote a book about AIDS, and the people in it were miserable and helpless, as if the government had never done anything. I wrote "Warm Home" to correct this statement and write about the care of the government and society for AIDS patients.

  The protagonist in the book once served as the secretary of the county party committee in Cai Zhou, and was transferred from Cai Zhou when the AIDS problem was exposed. After retirement, he went deep into aids village to help the farmers in the village to cure diseases and produce, and build a warm home. Finally, even his wife, who had always opposed him to do so, was moved to join the help.

  Reporter: All three novels involve leading cadres, especially "China Features" shows the officialdom of a county. How does your experience make your writing about officialdom different from other writers?

  Li Jianhua: Both have limitations. Even if you have experience in officialdom, there are limitations. Some writers who write about officialdom have never been cadres in the county, and there are more fictional elements. I have read a book in which the retired party secretary became the boss of the underworld and hired a murderer. In fact, this is unlikely to happen in reality. The most fundamental thing in officialdom is the problem of thinking, inaction and chaos.

  I graduated from high school at the age of 16 and went to the countryside as an intellectual youth. At the end of 1977, he participated in the first college entrance examination after the "Cultural Revolution", entered the political and historical professional class, and then was admitted to the graduate school. At the age of 32, he became a deputy county-level cadre, and at the age of 39, he was promoted to a county-level cadre. What he wrote was definitely different from them and more real.

  There is a struggle between old and new ideas, between officials and doers in "China Features". Guests, gifts, running projects, the relationship between the county party Committee, the county government and the two houses, are all in the book.

  Reporter: The county magistrate Wang in the novel is a doer. He is a county magistrate, and you have been a county magistrate …

  Li Jianhua: that’s not me. I can only say that there is a little shadow of me. The characters in the novel are typical, but they can’t sit in the right place in reality because there are many creative elements in it.

  Reporter: Is the county magistrate in the novel like what is written in some works? Whoever gives him a gift, he throws it out the door? Are you like this?

  Li Jianhua: That county magistrate is quite strict with himself and will not be so ruthless, but everyone has his own bottom line. I just want to create the image of a grassroots county magistrate through literary works. As for me, I’m far from it, and I have many lessons to learn.

  (Reporter’s Note: In 2004, the Zhumadian Intermediate People’s Court found that Li Jianhua had received a total of 500,000 yuan in kickbacks from the contractor five times during his tenure as director of Zhumadian Commerce and Trade Bureau from April 2000 to May 2001. )

  Look at yourself, besides being an official, what else can you do?

  Reporter: Did you ever think that you would write a book one day?

  Li Jianhua: I had a writer’s dream when I was a student. Later, I was addicted to officialdom and put it on hold.

  Reporter: I heard from the prison leader that your book is going to be made into a TV series?

  Li Jianhua: After The Liberator was published, seven film and television companies competed to shoot it. When Changjiang Literature and Art Publishing House rushed to publish this book, it was because its story frame was good and it could be used for TV series in the future. But there are many big war scenes in it, and the film and television company estimates that it can’t do without an investment of 60 million yuan, and has been hesitating.

  Beijing Bobang Film and Television Culture Company is going to shoot my "Warm Home". I revised the script and their boss just took it away.

  Reporter: How much royalties do you get for publishing books?

  Li Jianhua: The royalty is about 15%. According to the number of prints, there is not much money. Adapted into a TV series, shooting an episode can get about 20 thousand yuan. In fact, what I value is not money, but honor. Honor is more important than money.

  I turned this corner a little steep, and I was not prepared at all. I was depressed when I first served my sentence, but how many 11 years can a person have? I have to face the reality.

  I want to tap my potential and see what I can do besides being an official.

  Reporter: How much influence does your imprisonment have on your relatives and friends?

  Li Jianhua: I was born in a cadre family, and my parents are old party member. My five sisters, the elder sister is the first postdoctoral fellow in the first postdoctoral mobile station in our province, and now she has been naturalized as a professor in the United States, and my younger brothers are also graduates of famous universities. Five of us were once the pride of our parents, and my father was invited by the school many times to give a well-taught report. How much do you think my imprisonment will affect my relatives?

  My daughter is 24 years old. At the age of 14, she went to the United States to study with her aunt. She could have got a master’s degree. Because something happened to me, she once gave up her studies. She comes back to see me every year.

  Reporter: What are you going to do after you get out of prison?

  Li Jianhua: I can have two choices, one is to be a professional writer, and the other is to do business. It turned out that I was in charge of attracting investment and made some friends. After I went to prison, a friend said, "Come out and work with me, and I’ll give you a company to manage." The boss of the film and television company in Beijing also said that I could go to him to write a script after I came out.

  Reporter: What do you think of your political career of more than 20 years?

    Li Jianhua: Being an official is like walking a tightrope … (Today’s reporter Lu Zhiou/Wentu) (This article Source: Dahe. com)

Editor: Zhao Xuanxuan

"Human Comedy" Allen cross-border beauty blogger recommended bitch color for Wang Zhi.

1905 movie network news Directed by Sun Zhou, starring Allen, Wang Zhi and Luno, and starring Yam Tat-wah, Jin Shijie and Pan Binlong, The Comedy on Earth will be released nationwide on March 29th. Recently, Allen and Li Jiaqi, the first lipstick brother, have a wonderful live broadcast. In the live broadcast, Allen accepted many tests, exchanged lipstick with Li Jiaqi, and remotely picked "bitch color" for Wang Zhi … … During the period, fans interacted enthusiastically and praised over 6.15 million.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, Li Jiaqi, the first brother of lipstick, brought the ultimate test of lipstick. There were many problems in price, color and texture, which made Allen, the "straight man of steel", look reluctant and shy frequently, and the number of barrage interactions soared due to funny reactions. Allen, on the other hand, was highly praised by Li Jiaqi, the "first brother of lipstick", and could consider becoming a beauty blogger.

When Allen meets dead Barbie powder, "it may be put on and she will die", which is simply invincible. Incidentally, I also praised Li Jiaqi for "I’ve seen you paint this, and it looks very nice", and they exchanged blows with each other very seriously.

Hard-core Allen uniform lipstick "Devil" Li Jiaqi recommended bitch color for Wang Zhi.

Allen and Li Jiaqi put lipstick on each other to set off the barrage, and straight man Allen made her beauty debut, wearing a "green" uniform of "devil" Li Jiaqi, looking like a doctor on the operating table, holding lipstick and saying "Ah, (open your mouth)" to Li Jiaqi. Li Jiaqi carefully selected the most popular blood orange number for Allen and painted it himself, which made fans very moved.

On the way to the live broadcast, Allen did not forget his wife, Wang Zhi, in "Comedy on Earth" and invited Li Jiaqi to pick the color number for Wang Zhi. In the film, Pu Tong (Allen) and Mi Mi (Wang Zhi), a coward, accept the pressure of life and meet several "old drivers" by accident. Allen also describes Mi Mi as a shrew in vernacular, asking Li Jiaqi if she is a shrew and has no desire to survive.


The film Human Comedy will be shown nationwide this Friday.

The Best Lifestyle: Immersion Life

In life, there is such an immersive happiness, which seems to accelerate the passage of time:

When doing some things, such as sitting by the sea quietly watching the sea, concentrating on reading a book, cooking favorite food seriously …

This kind of immersive experience, called "flow" by psychologist Mihaly, is a positive psychological experience, that is, the sense of fulfillment gained when focusing.

Immersed in the present, satisfaction arises spontaneously, and life becomes more comfortable. This is the immersive life.

Such a lifestyle can not only heal the body and mind, but also be a good way to resist disorderly life.

"Out of control" life will consume people’s mood.

The quality of life often depends on one’s ability to control consciousness.

In this world, unpleasant things often happen. I used to think that I was disappointed that my efforts were fruitless because I was not lucky enough and my ability was not strong enough. Later I realized:

Excessive internal friction is trapping us in an out-of-control life.

If you are always entangled in all kinds of unknown anxieties, you will eventually be unable to concentrate on your daily work and life, leading to out of control.

The way to relieve pain is to spend time on the right things.

Buffett once shared an investment viewpoint.

He said that in some areas, he resolutely refused to invest because he lacked understanding and could not control it.

Life is the same, wasting energy on unnecessary things will only make people impetuous and consume our attention.

Leave the limited time to the thing you love most, and you can get unlimited happiness.

A focused life is a great wisdom.

There are many things you can do in your life, but what is really important is to stay focused.

Yuan Longping, the "father of hybrid rice", devoted himself to cultivating excellent hybrid rice all his life and made remarkable achievements, which not only filled the stomachs of China people, but also had a far-reaching influence in the world.

Opportunities are infinite, but everyone’s time, energy and talent are limited, so if you want to be excellent, you must concentrate.

Wang Yangming once put forward a method: "the power of refinement."

The so-called "Jingyi" means focusing on the present.

If a person wants to succeed in a certain field, he needs to gather all his efforts and do it to the extreme.

Only by focusing can we constantly break through ourselves and pursue the limit wholeheartedly without being biased by other things.

Whether a person succeeds or not does not depend on how much he chooses, but on staying focused and deeply ploughing.

Staying focused and immersed is a great wisdom. When you are seriously involved in one thing, you can get happiness.

Immersive life, starting from these three points.

Only when you decide your own pace can you reap the happiness of enjoying yourself and experience the fun brought by immersive life.

If you want to live an immersive life, you may wish to make changes in the following aspects:

If you want to study, put down your mobile phone, stay away from the internet and concentrate on reading;

If you want to relax, put aside your worries and stop worrying about work or study.

Abandoning distractions and focusing on doing things can not only improve efficiency, but also enjoy the sense of fulfillment brought by the realm of selflessness.

"The antonym of anxiety is concreteness."

It is better to take every step of the moment in a down-to-earth manner than to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss in the imagination of the future.

There is no road to life in vain. Every step is silently accumulating confidence, which can also bring us closer to the ideal distance.

There is a saying: "When the inner time and space becomes smaller, we are easy to panic and move blindly like trapped mice, but in fact we have been living in a bigger time and space."

Enrich your heart by reading and traveling.

Once you find that the world is so big and your heart can become wider, you will no longer be troubled by the outside world.

In this regard, with a peaceful and comfortable attitude, to pursue the life you want.

Everyone is searching.
Immersion life immersion daily immersion housework What does immersion life mean? What are immersion experiences? What is immersion happiness?


Reading for the aged

A good article worth reading

Immersive experience, called "flow" by psychologist Mihaly, is a kind of positive psychological experience, that is, the sense of fullness gained when focusing.

Immersed in the present, satisfaction arises spontaneously, and life becomes more comfortable. This is the immersive life.

Such a lifestyle can not only heal the body and mind, but also be a good way to resist disorderly life.

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Autumn waters are the same as the sky.

Happiness is closer when everything is free.

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Xiaoyuan 198033

For example, focus on cooking when cooking, and focus on farming when farming, and your heart will be very calm.

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Escape nl

Living in the present, living in this moment is an immersive life.

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Tell the truth Lw2zq

The point is that there are no unpleasant things. Very happy.

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Stubborn and lost M0

There is no best in the world, only better. There is no best in the world, only better. A good lifestyle depends on your health and longevity. (Beijing People Branch)

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Opportunities are infinite, but everyone’s time, energy and talent are limited, so if you want to be excellent, you must concentrate.

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Feel the golden heart ball in winter at Wuzu Temple.

I am very focused when playing games. Is this an immersive lifestyle?

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DNP keeps the heart from shedding.

We can never change the world, but the world can’t change me easily.
Loneliness makes us outstanding.
Chuang Tzu wrote a story about Kun Peng in Happy Travel.
Everyone’s pattern is different, and their thoughts and practices will naturally be different. Kun and Xuegui don’t understand the responsibility of Kun Peng, and Kun Peng naturally despises the "freedom" between flying Artemisia.
People are either lonely or vulgar.
Life is a journey from Beiming to Nanming. Your world, they don’t understand.
In this world, many roads can only be walked by one person, and many things can only be done alone.
Instead of losing yourself in the vain excitement, it is better to stick to your heart and be yourself.
In this world, each of us is struggling to walk alone, and few people know how to feel the same.
A soul that can stand loneliness will always be stronger.

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There is no more.

Open the fig leaf of "high-priced domestic beauty": from the light of domestic products to the "price assassin", is the way out for head players such as Polaiya to become "all-round fighters" in the f

In recent years, the new brand of beauty that has been popular on the internet has been inseparable from the label of "domestic products" at the beginning of its debut. It is not only suitable for Chinese skin, but also relatively low in price, and can be used as a cheap substitute for big brands. However, 79 yuan’s Hua Xizi eyebrow pencil sent Li Jiaqi to the forefront. Netizen said that although it doesn’t sound too expensive, the eyebrow pencil weighs only 0.08 grams.The price per gram is more expensive than gold.. So,Hua Xizi has become the latest currency unit on the Internet.There is a ridicule that "the exclusive monetary unit of migrant workers: 1 flower west =79 yuan".

With the continuous fermentation of Li Jiaqi’s remarks in the live broadcast room, the cost performance of some domestic beauty products has been pushed to the forefront. After a media reporter counted more than 30 eyebrow pencil products of 19 makeup brands on the market, the results showed that the price per gram of eyebrow pencil of 14 brands exceeded that of 100 yuan, and the eyebrow pencil products of Mao Geping ranked first among the domestic makeup brands, with the price per gram reaching 1,222.2 yuan. Even if the unit price is not mentioned,There is still a hidden trend behind this-cheap domestic makeup products are getting smaller and smaller.. Insiders pointed out that in the past, small weight was the advantage of domestic products, and consumers also had a good impression on small weight. Because the iteration rate of cheap domestic cosmetics is high, for consumers, the trial and error cost of small grams of products is low. However, when the cheap domestic make-up products are getting smaller and smaller, consumers’ feelings are:On the surface, the price advantage within 100 yuan has been maintained, but in fact it is a disguised price increase..

However, there is another voice on social media that it is unfair to look at the price per gram. Some people suggest that the cost of cosmetics is not only the internal material, but also the packaging design, etc. "We can’t rudely take gram weight as the basis of price comparison", "Overall parity is also parity.”。 Another practitioner said that although it is not wrong to calculate directly according to the figures, cosmetics can’t be completely calculated like this, because many local brands almost never trade at the original price, and these pricing are illusory. "You will see discounts in many brands all the year round. In the live broadcast room, some of them are buy one get one free, even buy one get two free, and there are other complimentary items. And such pricing combined with large discounts,In order to stimulate consumers to buy.. "

From the Light of Domestic Products to the "Price Assassin": "Abnormal Marketing" Behind Small Grams

From being praised as "good quality and low price" in the past to being repeatedly questioned as high price now, when did the change of domestic beauty products happen? Insiders pointed out that,The price increase began when Internet brands began to seize the share of offline brands.. In the past, the adjectives’ good quality and low price’ and’ cheap big bowl’ all referred to domestic products, such as Nature Hall and Baique Ling. As more and more Internet brands begin to advertise with the help of KOL and platforms, everything will be different. Some insiders also bluntly said,The rise of live e-commerce has actually disrupted the price system of domestic beauty products. To some extent, this is also one of the big backgrounds of the general price increase of domestic products..

In fact, the raw materials and production technology of cosmetics only account for a small part of its cost. However, for the new domestic beauty brands that spend a lot of money on marketing,Often dubbed "working for KOL". Guojin Securities Research Institute has combed how the cosmetics industry chain distributes profits. A cosmetic, the brand takes most of the gross profit, and when it reaches the sales channel, it will be divided into a big slice. For the new domestic brands that started online, KOL, such as anchors and grass bloggers, must be given quite high profits. People in the industry bluntly say that, after all, high-priced cosmetics,More expensive in brand premium, marketing and sales. After these expenses are added, products with a cost of several dollars can sell for hundreds of dollars..

Overall, analysts said,There are only three ways to increase the price of domestic beauty products: product upgrading, "taking the opportunity" to increase the price; The discount is reduced and the hand price is increased; Directly push high-priced products or product lines.. Polaiya is a "typical" price increase by upgrading. According to the relevant research report of Ping An Securities Research Institute, in February 2020, the company launched Ruby Essence 1.0 at a price of 249 yuan /30ml, with an average 8.3 yuan per ml. In February, 2021, Ruby Essence 2.0 came out at a price of 279 yuan /30ml, with an average increase of 12.48% per milliliter of 9.3 yuan. At the same time, there are also brands that raise prices in disguise by reducing discounts. Some insiders said that consumers are very sensitive to the price of brands that have a certain popularity or often appear in the live broadcast room of the head anchor. Therefore, brands generally do not directly raise prices.Instead, the cost is reduced by reducing discounts, reducing/changing gifts, etc., or indirectly increasing the terminal price..

Finally, it is the "ultimate magic weapon" of price increase: directly pushing high-priced product lines. Considering that most domestic products are started by soliciting customers at low prices, they want to open up new high-end customers without incurring spit.Opening a separate high-end line is the best choice.. Among this kind of players, analysts pointed out that the typical ones are the high-end product line AOXMED launched by Betani, and the cutting-edge brands that directly locate the high-end, such as Chapter 14 and Wenmo.

In addition, with the rapid outbreak of the domestic cosmetics market and the increasingly fierce competition, it is obvious that consumers can’t be retained by marketing alone, and the general OEM model of domestic cosmetics has also led to many problems such as product homogeneity and poor quality control. Only products that are really easy to use can retain consumers. As a result, domestic makeup brands have made great efforts in research and development. Analysts said that several head make-up brands have also invested a lot of money in R&D. From the marketing war to the R&D war, domestic make-up began to adhere to the "long-term doctrine" and went to the second half.Facing the increasingly complex market environment, self-built factories have become a key step for domestic cosmetics brands to seek "transformation", but it is not easy to build a complete and efficient supply chain.This means that the brand has changed from a light asset model to a heavy asset operation, with high cost, long payback period and various problems in production management, all of which need to be dealt with by enterprises one by one. Even so, for domestic makeup brands, the transformation is imminent.Only by producing and developing products with better quality can we retain consumers with more mature minds and finally break through..

Head players stage "ranking" to chase the future market or only accept "all-round fighters"

Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that in the first half of 2023, the total retail sales of cosmetics in China increased by 8.6% year-on-year to 207.1 billion yuan, which is more than the total retail sales of cosmetics in 2015. The rapid expansion of the market has made China the largest overseas market for international beauty groups, and also allowed many local beauty companies to taste the fruits of victory. But,It is impossible for any industry to stay in a high-speed growth environment all the time.. Some analysts said that although the development of the industry has matured, consumer demand has always been difficult to meet expectations. After experiencing a rush from 0 to 1, local beauty began to slow down and enter a cyclical adjustment.

In addition,Domestic beauty companies began to stage a ranking chase.The scale of head enterprises continues to grow, but the gap is narrowing. According to the revenue scale of the semi-annual report, shanghai jahwa, which owns many skin care brands such as Yuze and herborist, still ranks first with 3.629 billion yuan. At the same time, the latest revenue of Polaiya, a latecomer, reached 3.627 billion yuan, only 2 million yuan behind shanghai jahwa. Huaxi Bio, on the other hand, bit behind with a scale of 3.076 billion yuan. Betani’s 2.368 billion yuan is not far from Shuiyang’s 2.29 billion yuan.

Analysts pointed out that domestic beauty companies that have gained market share in the past few years,Began to scramble to get out of the comfort zone. Huaxi Bio, Polaiya, shanghai jahwa and other track head players make new decisions at this crossroads. In the short-term interests and long-term benefits, the latter is chosen to seek a more stable chassis to confront possible opportunities and shocks. Under the background that the domestic consumption market is still in the recovery stage and the traditional cosmetics giants still firmly grasp the advantages of the industry,High-margin products have also become a "breakthrough" weapon for domestic beauty products..

Shanghai jahwa said in the semi-annual report that since the second quarter, the company has adjusted its business strategy and increased the investment in brand fees.Skin care products with high gross profit and rapid development have achieved recovery growth, which has promoted the structural optimization of gross profit margin.And digested the pressure brought by overseas business. Polaiya said that during the reporting period, the company wasContinue to consolidate the "big single product strategy", focusing on the three family series of Shuangkang, Ruby and Yuanli.

Obviously, under the impetus of these head enterprises,The cosmetics market in 2023 is opening a "hardcore war" of speed and strength.. Enterprises are faced with a comprehensive test of hematopoietic capacity, channel capacity and independent scientific research capacity. The upper limit of an enterprise’s development will no longer be determined by the longboard, but by its comprehensive strength. According to analysts, it can be seen from the interim report that China cosmetics enterprises are constantly refreshing their performance in each other’s "involution", forming a benign industry competition environment. But in the future cosmetics market,The future market may only accept "all-round fighters"In order to go to a broader world stage and compete with international beauty giants.

This article comes from Cailian Association.

Amber: Berlusconi is obsessed with beautiful football. He wants to control the ball more & win through wonderful performance.

Live broadcast on November 2 nd In the podcast, Milan star Ambrosini talked about the demands of former President Silvio Berlusconi on Milan.

Ambrosini said: "Berlusconi likes beautiful things. He hopes to win the game by playing wonderful games, and he has always been obsessed with it."

"I still remember one time during the halftime of the game, Berlusconi walked into the dressing room and told us in front of everyone that he wanted to see the team get more possession of the ball. This moment is called’ Marisa’, which means to control the ball. We players look at each other, but this is Berlusconi’s personality. "

(real steel fist)

Run-up bounce 90 cm! How fierce is Curry, who claims to be a floor runner, to participate in the NBA physical examination?

Run-up bounce 90 cm! How fierce is Curry, who claims to be a floor runner, to participate in the NBA physical examination?

Warriors guard Curry recently participated in a program to answer his question about vertical bounce. Curry said that he didn’t know the answer either. Before the joint trial in 2009, he probably jumped 70 or 80 centimeters, but it doesn’t matter now, because he has long been playing on the floor.

"That’s a good question, but I don’t even know the answer myself. I think when I participated in the joint trial before the draft in 2009, I jumped about 28 inches (71 cm), maybe 32 inches (81 cm). But it doesn’t matter now, I play floor flow. " Curry said.

It seems that Curry really doesn’t know the vertical bounce at his peak. Perhaps, as a shooter, Curry knew from the beginning that athletic ability was not his advantage, and he didn’t care.

But in fact, Curry’s athletic ability is not bad.

According to the statistics of NBA official website, when Curry participated in the joint trial training before the NBA draft in 2009, the maximum vertical bounce in situ was 75cm.

What is this concept? In contrast, Harden’s in-situ vertical bounce at that time was 80 cm, Holliday.

And Terry Evans are both 72.4 cm.

At that time, Curry’s run-up vertical bounce was up to 90 cm, which was the same as Griffin’s. Harden is 94 cm, and Holliday and Terry Evans are 86 cm.

Although Terry Evans and Holliday are not outstanding defenders, their athletic abilities are at least impressive. But at least at the time of physical measurement, Curry was better than Evans and Holliday in vertical bouncing.

Now, the athletic ability is really insignificant to Curry. With so many years of playing, the stability and speed of the hand and the ability of physical confrontation are what Curry values most.

Being "silent" after home run: a unique prank on the baseball field

If you are an old fan of Major League Baseball, after some special home runs,"silent treatment".The scene should be familiar. It usually happens that after the rookie hits the first shot of his major league career, he returns to the rest area and is deliberately ignored by his teammates. The joy of the rookie and the cold contrast of his teammates always make fans never tire of watching it.

On May 15, Beijing time, the astronauts played against the white socks, and the astronaut rookie took over.Yainer Diaz (Diaz)After the first blast, he was "silent" by his teammates. Diaz, who just entered the second year of his major league career this year, served as designated hitter in this tournament, and knocked out the first shot of his career from Lucas Giolito in the fourth game! It’s just that Diaz returned to the rest area in high spirits, and his teammates didn’t seem very happy for him. But Diaz was calm and right, and finally waited for his teammates to "break the work" and surrounded him to celebrate him.

Football News: Wei Shihao, Yan Dinghao and Li Yang are basically locked in the three towns.

Live broadcast on March 11th, according to Lu Mi, a reporter from Football News, three Guangzhou players, Wei Shihao, Yan Dinghao and Li Yang, were basically confirmed in the three towns of Wuhan, which showed enough sincerity in the process. After a long negotiation and waiting, three players were finally confirmed to join the team, which made the team more competitive. Under the current downward football market, the stable investment of the three towns and the AFC Champions League still have certain appeal to the players.