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Plant a football seed.

"Go to Beijing to play football." Xu Jiajia fulfilled a dream of her own.

On July 8, Beijing Workers Stadium, like many famous players who play football here, photos of Xu Jiajia and a group of small teammates were hung in the players’ locker room. On this day, the U13 youth football team in Southwest Guizhou Province and the U12 echelon in Beijing Guoan mixed the competition.

Four years ago, with the help of poverty alleviation cadres, Xu Jiajia entered Luguan Primary School in Xingren City with more than 1,200 students from a rural school in Southwest Guizhou Province. There, she met a teaching policeman from Beijing, was selected for the football team, played well, and was promoted to a key middle school in Southwest Guizhou under the leadership of a "police coach". Last week, she flew to Beijing for the first time and kicked the football into the Beijing Workers Stadium.

On July 8th, the youth football team in Southwest Guizhou took a group photo with the players from beijing guoan football club. Beijing News reporter Wang Fei photo

This is a story about a girl’s dream in an ordinary mountain village, but behind it is a story about a group of people helping another group to ignite hope.

In March 2021 and September 2022, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau sent two groups of 40 policemen with professional expertise to Xingren City and Pu ‘an County in Southwest Guizhou Province to teach football and English for three years. Among them, two groups of 24 football teaching policemen (four remained) continued to popularize campus football, and a total of 22 campus football teams were formed, which led the campus football teams to achieve excellent results in competitions held in the country, Guizhou Province and their counties and cities.

Driven by the planning of the teaching team, the government of Southwest Guizhou established a youth football training base in Xingyi, the capital, and established a "full chain" promotion channel of "primary school-junior high school-high school-university-employment" for outstanding football talents in Southwest Guizhou.

Thirteen-year-old Xu Jiajia has a bigger dream, "Go out of the mountains and go to a better place to study." The teaching police planted a seed in the hearts of children.

On July 5, in the friendly match between the youth football team in Southwest Guizhou Province and the Beijing youth team, Xu Jiajia and his teammates embraced and cheered after the goal. Beijing News reporter Wang Ying photo

"I’m going to play football in Beijing."

In June in Guizhou, honey plums are in full season, and the branches and leaves of plum trees are pressed by fruits. When the wind blows, they sway gently with the rustling sound.

"I’m going to play football in Beijing." Children’s cheers came from the distance. Xu Jiajia, with neat short hair and a tanned face, ran home, followed by two "police coaches" from Beijing.

The yard was lively in an instant. Mother Lin Yi-fen rubbed her hands nervously, and her feet were busy, bringing washed plums for a while, touching eggs in the chicken coop, picking bacon from the beams, and then diving into the kitchen to get busy; Father Xu Shenggui told the two coaches that he had a strong accent and a fast speech, and repeatedly said, "Jia Jia has bothered you."

The 13-year-old Xu Jiajia is the only child in the village who went to Xingyi, the capital of Southwest Guizhou Province, to attend a public junior high school. She got good grades and was selected for the U13 women’s football team in Southwest Guizhou Province, and will soon go to Beijing to participate in the youth football summer camp. More than two years ago, she often skipped classes, was the "big sister" among children of the same age, and was also a "problem student" that made teachers have a headache.

In those days when she felt ashamed and regretted in retrospect, Jia Jia met Song Xiaochuan, a policeman who came to teach. He is like a light, shining into Jiajia’s life.

In 2021, the children who have just been elected to the football team are training. The former one in the picture is Xu Jiajia. Photo courtesy of respondents

On March 18th, 2021, the first batch of 18 teaching policemen from Beijing Public Security Bureau went to 6 schools (3 primary schools and 3 junior and senior high schools) in Xingren City and Pu ‘an County, Southwest Guizhou Province, and started the fixed-point assistance and teaching work. Song Xiaochuan and his partner set up a football team in Luguan Primary School in Xingren City.

Song Xiaochuan found that Jia Jia is a good prospect. In the fifth grade, she runs fast, has good physical fitness, is smart and has a strong understanding. She was not only selected for the team, but also selected as the captain.

After more than a year, these children, who didn’t even know what football was at first, sweated day after day on the training ground and learned to pass, dribble and shoot a little bit … They represented Luguan Primary School in Xingren Campus Football League and won many championships.

Xu Jiajia was selected for the training team in Southwest Guizhou, together with 15 male players and 11 female players brought by the teaching police. They can go to Xingyi, the capital of Southwest Guizhou, to attend junior high school.

The opportunity is just around the corner, but Jia Jia’s father is in trouble. When he received a phone call from his daughter, Xu Shenggui was blinded. He was working in a rubber factory in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, and he needed to do a good job.

The Xu family had five children, and Jia Jia was the youngest. Including her, three children were studying at that time. Reading needs money. His wife Lin Yifen has liver disease, and seeing a doctor needs more money. A family of seven lives by farming, raising pigs and Xu Shenggui doing odd jobs. And to go to Xingyi City to study, you have to spend an extra sum of money every month.

On July 1, Xu Jiajia’s mother Lin Yifen (first from the right) talked about Jiajia’s going to Beijing, smiling. Beijing News reporter He Junyi photo

Without hesitation for too long, Xu Shenggui quickly called Jia Jia back. "Go, you have to endure it at home no matter how difficult it is." In the depths of this mountain, reading is a top priority for ordinary farmers. Xu Shenggui has always regretted that she couldn’t go to junior high school because she couldn’t afford the tuition in 90 yuan, and felt even more sorry for her eldest daughter who was admitted to the university but voluntarily gave up choosing to work.

Xu Jiajia is very lucky. She met many "distinguished people" on her way to school. In the third grade, the resident poverty alleviation cadre and Xu Shenggui proposed to send Jiajia and her brother to Xingren City to study, and helped them contact the school. The two brothers and sisters just entered the city, and Jia Jia also had the opportunity to become a student of Song Xiaochuan.

"Go to a better place to study." It is the hope that the children of this family will walk out of the mountains. Jia Jia has gone further and further, and can go to Beijing to play football. Her parents are not at ease and keep telling her, "Listen to the coach and don’t get hurt during the game."

"Show them the outside world"

After teaching for more than two years, the "police coaches" from Beijing have established a football team from scratch in their respective schools, and they have also gained good results.

The police promoted the establishment of a football association in Pu ‘an County, achieving the goal of having a football association in the whole state of southwest Guizhou. Xingren Phoenix Middle School established the first high school women’s state-level team in Southwest Guizhou. At the 11th Sports Meeting of Guizhou Province held in August, 2022, it won the sixth place in women’s group A, which is the best result in Southwest Guizhou since the resumption of the provincial sports meeting in Guizhou Province. In the 2022 Youth Football Invitational Tournament in Central and Western China, two U12 football teams led by teaching police won all four games, and stood out among 20 teams from 9 provinces and won the first prize …

Walter WANG and Zhang Jinan led the women’s football team of Phoenix Middle School to participate in the competition on behalf of Southwest Guizhou. Photo courtesy of respondents

At the beginning, it was difficult to find a few children who had been exposed to football in the school. The brand-new playground, the newly-sodded standard football field and the shiny metal goal were just places to run and climbing tools in the eyes of children.

In order to set up the first high school women’s state-level team in Southwest Guizhou, Walter WANG, a policeman who teaches teaching, and his colleagues drove from place to place to find someone, and accumulated more than 5,000 kilometers of mountain roads. Finally, 28 junior high school graduates were selected in Xingyi, Xingren, Anlong, Zhenfeng, Wangmo and other counties (cities) and arranged for them to go to Phoenix Middle School for study and training.

Most of these children’s academic performance is not excellent, their family conditions are also very difficult, there are many brothers and sisters, their parents work outside the home all the year round, and even some children have taken on the burden of raising their brothers and sisters. Bellome is one of them. After being elected, her family didn’t allow her to play football.

"What’s the use of playing football?" Teaching police have been questioned more or less like this. They patiently explained, "There are many different paths in life, and football may open a window for children." When they have time, they will also visit their homes to persuade parents who are worried. With the joint efforts of the coach, the Wangmo county government and the staff of the Education Bureau, Bellome finally appeared in the training ground.

Walter WANG on the training ground is strict and unsmiling. Beijing News reporter He Junyi photo

Being a teacher is a big challenge for the police. Cai Shuo, a policeman who teaches at Longxi Shiyan School in Pu ‘an County, has a "headache" student named Chen Jinfang. The little girl is a versatile player with good physical fitness and strong explosive power, but she is too introverted and shy.

For a long time, Jin Fang never looked up, didn’t talk and didn’t respond to the coach during training. Cai Shuo was anxious to ask a few words, and she cried. Cai Shuo, who was less than 30 years old, was helpless in the face of such a small child.

When he first arrived at Longxi Shiyan School in Pu ‘an County in 2021, Cai Shuo was guiding the children to train. Photo courtesy of respondents

A year and a half later, Cai Shuo learned about her psychological state at that time in Chen Jinfang’s letter to him. "I don’t know anything about football, I don’t know how to play, how to stop the ball, and how to defend, just like a baby facing a fresh world …"

In this brand-new football world, coaches teach children the rules and skills of football hand in hand and take them into a broader world.

Walter WANG and his colleagues tried their best to "beg for alms", helping the children with clothes, football, backpacks and other subsidies, adding meals to them by stewing beef and chicken legs on weekends, and also raising various expenses such as transportation, accommodation and so on when going out for competitions. "Take them to see the outside world."

"I can do it!"

Football training is a hard job, and the ultimate pull of body and perseverance can be exchanged for progress.

Every training, Xu Jiajia tried her best to run on the court. "She dares to fight and rob," Song Xiaochuan said, which is Jia Jia’s advantage.

Xu Jiajia (right) and her teammates strengthened their training in order to welcome the friendly match of Beijing Summer Camp on July 4th. Beijing News reporter He Junyi photo

She still has an indomitable spirit. When she first entered junior high school, Jia Jia underwent two operations on gastroenteritis and appendicitis, and her training and study fell behind a lot. The former captain of Luguan Primary School was no longer conspicuous in the "master as a cloud" state team. Shi Miao, who is the physical fitness coach and life coach of this team, can see that Jia Jia is a little frustrated, but she is still trying to catch up.

On June 29th, in a training on the eve of going to Beijing for a youth football summer camp, Jia Jia started a low-grade fever, and her face was red and sweaty, but she still didn’t want to take time off. "I can’t delay any longer." After biting her teeth for two hours, she was still exhausted and almost fainted in the turn-back running event at the end of the training. When Miao forced her to have a rest, she sat on the sidelines and drank water to cool down. Jia Jia gasped and watched her teammates training, and her brow twisted tightly.

Xu Jiajia once said that since joining the football team, life has become more specific. "Fight hard and win."

Every time after training, Walter WANG is often hoarse and exhausted. Beijing News reporter He Junyi photo

But "winning" is by no means the only thing that the coach wants to pass on to the children. In addition, there are self-confidence, persistence and faith.

No team is sure to win or lose, especially for the newly formed team, losing is inevitable. Falling down and conceding goals again and again are all regarded by Bellome as a ditch on the road to success. If you get up and cross over, you will always make progress.

In the 2021 Guizhou Football Association Cup Youth Football League, the Phoenix Middle School Women’s Football Team won the eighth place, and seven players won the national second-class athletes’ places, including Bellome, which is a great help for her to get into a sports professional college in the future.

After Chen Jinfang was selected as the goalkeeper of the state team in Southwest Guizhou, it was like a different person. Cai Shuo was sure at that time that Jin Fang’s past performances came from his lack of self-confidence. "Until she participated in the selection in the state, she found that she was still the best, and she really never cried again. In the past, I made a detour, but now I dare to’ provoke’ me.’ Coach, you can’t run, so you’re not as fast as me.’ "

In the summer of 2022, Chen Jinfang (3 from the right in the back row) was selected to the Southwest Guizhou Women’s U12 Training Team, and the team members took a group photo with coach Tang Yongxin. Photo courtesy of respondents

The little girl crying on the football field is gone. Chen Jinfang is very hard-working in training, which she attributes to her childhood exercise. She has three sisters and a younger brother, who is born dumb. His parents take him everywhere for medical consultation. Young Chen Jinfang has to walk alone for more than an hour to go to school every day, from dawn to dawn. Since the third grade, she has to wash and cook, feed pigs and chickens when she comes home, until now.

In the past, Xu Jiajia would cry when she cut off her shoulder-length hair. Now, in order to facilitate running, she severely cut her ear’s short hair again, exposing her ears and forehead.

"I can bounce more than 500 balls in a row." "I got the seventh place in my class in this exam." Xu Jiajia constantly reported good news to Song Xiaochuan. "When she first started training, she couldn’t jump a ball. She had to practice for three or five consecutive times for a long time." Song Xiaochuan didn’t ask Jia Jia how she worked hard to reach this level, and Jia Jia wouldn’t pull him to complain and be tired.

"Look, I can do it!" The children proved themselves with solid achievements.

The baton of dreams

In July 2022, 14 of the first batch of 18 policemen returned to Beijing after teaching. Song Xiaochuan left, too. Before he left, he handed Xu Jiajia over to the remaining Walter WANG, Wang Haonan and the second batch of Shi Miao and Tong Jixiang who came to teach.

The coach was catching the bat, but the training never stopped. Walter WANG on the football field is a "tough character". He is uncompromising. He starts training at six o’clock in the morning, but the thunder can’t move. It rains in winter and turns into ice, and it is humid and sultry in summer. But he insists on "being late will be punished", and girls will be more demanding when they complain that they are tired. It seems that he will never be satisfied with their performance.

At 6 o’clock every morning, it is still dawn, and the girls have appeared on the playground of Xingyi No.5 Middle School. Beijing News reporter He Junyi photo

In Chen Jinfang’s eyes, Cai Shuo, her first coach, belongs to the type of "keeping things quiet", Walter WANG, the coach of "King", is like a strict "old father", and Wang Haonan, the coach of "Xiao Wang", can understand her without saying much, and always speaks a word in her heart at critical times … She sets the funny photos of the coaches as her own mobile phone screensaver.

Many of the concerns of "old fathers" are in places where children can’t see them. In private, Walter WANG talked about the difficulty of children when everyone met. "I learned to wash and cook when I was very young. I didn’t have parents to take care of me. My family’s conditions were not good, and my nutrition couldn’t keep up. Look at this calf muscle. Going out to compete is a lot worse than others."

After leaving southwest Guizhou, Song Xiaochuan was entrusted by his friend to deposit 300 yuan money in Walter WANG every month as a living allowance for Jia Jia. He repeatedly told Jia Jia, "Just rest assured, study hard, and don’t fall behind in football and culture classes."

Jia Jia couldn’t bear to part with him. She watched the video produced by Song Xiaochuan when he left after teaching. Every frame in it was a memory of training and competition together in the past. She buried herself in tears and made an agreement with her coach: "I’m going to Beijing to go to college, and we’ll see you there."

I didn’t expect to meet you so soon. On July 6th, just after the friendly match with the Beijing team, Xu Jiajia saw the coaches who were hiding off the court and wanted to surprise them. She rushed to Song Xiaochuan and asked him repeatedly, "Did you see that we won the game?"

July 6, Beijing,Song Xiaochuan (left), Tang Yongxin (middle) and Zhang Jinan watched the children nervously outside the stadium. Beijing News reporter Zhang Jingyu photo

Song Xiaochuan doesn’t talk much on weekdays, unlike children who express their emotions so enthusiastically, but he will still "break the defense" for such a moment. He looked at the child in front of him, who hadn’t been eager to "take credit" for him for a year, and saw that she had grown taller and made progress, which was very comforting.

On the title page of the English book for Xu Jiajia, Song Xiaochuan wrote the following sentence: "I hope you will stick to your dream and make efforts to realize our agreement. See you in Beijing in the future! "

He knows that the seeds of hope have been sown, and these seedlings are stubbornly absorbing nutrition and striving for progress.

From March 2021 to now, with the relay help of two groups of teaching policemen from Beijing Public Security Bureau, and with the strong support of physical education and public security departments in Guizhou Province and Southwest Guizhou, two players have been rated as national first-class athletes, 38 players have been rated as national second-class athletes, 6 players have been selected into Guizhou Youth Training Team and studied in Guiyang Experimental School, and 45 players have been selected into Southwest Guizhou Youth Training Team and studied in Xingyi No.5 Middle School.

Children’s dreams have taken on a more concrete shape. Cai Shuo’s students said to him, "Coach, my life has never been so wonderful before you came. I will go to college like you, be a policeman and teach football."


7月10日,夏令营临近结束,孩子们在天安门广场观看了升旗仪式。仪式结束后,一个女孩张开双臂迎接朝阳。新京报记者 王嘉宁 摄






新京报记者 张静姝 编辑 刘倩 校对 张彦君

Yao Ming is a good man! Try every means to get qi zhou back to CBA, but the illegal operation is doomed to be a waste.

On August 4th, Beijing time, according to the domestic media, the specific chips were exposed in the tripartite negotiations between Xinjiang Men’s Basketball Team, qi zhou, Beijing or Shanghai, namely, Shanghai 70 million+Yuan Tangwen, Xinjiang 35 million+Yuan Tangwen, Zhou Qifang 35 million, Beijing 80 million+Fan Ziming, Xinjiang Fan Ziming+40 million and Zhou Qifang 40 million.

However, due to the Basketball Association’s refusal to act as a guarantee, or its refusal to acknowledge the issue of Zhou Qifang’s signature fee, these are all at risk of illegal operation. In this regard, Shanghai and Beijing successively came down from the negotiating table, and qi zhou once again fell into the rumor that there was no definite next home.

In order to let qi zhou return to the CBA league, the Basketball Association almost tried its best. From the original heavy punishment of Xinjiang Men’s Basketball Team, qi zhou was tried to restore his status as a free agent. However, due to the insertion of a more powerful department, the Basketball Association finally cancelled the punishment of Xinjiang Men’s Basketball Team, and Xinjiang Men’s Basketball Team promised to actively solve the transfer problem of qi zhou.

From June to July this summer, qi zhou is undoubtedly the most concerned player in domestic basketball, and all kinds of gossip are circulating in major social media, among which, the entry of Beijing and Shanghai into the negotiating table brings him infinitely close to returning to CBA league. It is reported that every formal negotiation has basketball association related personnel to join, hoping to achieve a seamless connection to solve the problem.

However, Zhou Qifang’s request for the signing fee has become the key to the negotiation. Both Shanghai and Beijing are state-owned clubs, and they may be willing to pay a high transfer fee, but the signing fee paid to Zhou Qifang is not in compliance, which makes the negotiation unable to continue. However, if the qi zhou team is unwilling to let go or make further compromises, as long as the signing fee is involved, it is difficult for other clubs to pass the Basketball Association’s rules review.

Therefore, to solve the problem of qi zhou according to the rules, if both sides are in a unified category, perhaps Shanghai, the first negotiation club, can reach a state of easy solution. However, since there is no signing fee in the current rules and the qi zhou team insists on it, the Basketball Association may be a good man. From punishing the Xinjiang men’s basketball team to actively creating conditions for qi zhou to return to play in CBA, the work behind it cannot be underestimated, but no agreement can be reached on the signing fee, and the Basketball Association may be busy in vain this summer.

US media: Without Damian Lillard, the Heat would be fine!

Will star guard Damian Lillard finally join the Heat? This is his first choice to leave Portland. Although this situation has been delayed for two months, it is still possible to reach this deal sometime this summer.

However, although it seems only a matter of time, all expectations and rumors are to send him to Miami, there is still reason to doubt what the defending Eastern Conference champion Heat will look like if Lillard unfortunately goes elsewhere at the beginning of the 2023-24 season.

First of all, I want to ask what the players who have been rumored to be involved as chips, such as Tyler Herro and Kyle Lowry, will think when the trade comes out all summer. (It is widely reported that a tripartite transaction is almost certainly needed to facilitate the Lillard transaction between Miami and Portland. ) Lori performed well in the playoffs, and the Heat ranked eighth all the way to the NBA Finals. But apart from starting the new season at the age of 37, Lori’s efficiency in the regular season is his worst since the 2014-15 season. As for Hiro, he can explode occasionally, and of course he can score by himself. But no one will doubt his value to the team. Miami was a tough defensive team at its best. Even after the first game of the first round of the playoffs, they reached the finals as a weak team.

We should expect Eric Spoelstra’s team to maintain a tough defense, as they have always done, using defense tactics much more than other teams. However, it is obviously worth pointing out that some key players in the Miami system, such as Max Strus and Gabe Vincent, are now members of the Cavaliers and the Lakers respectively, and they are both important rotation players. Except that they fully understand and adapt to the Heat’s system, they are all 3D players and never question their resilience and defense. Miami has received endless praise for its internal player development-the Heat have seven players on their NBA Finals list who have not been selected-but it is doubtful whether Josh Richardson or Jamie hax Jr. can replace these two players. Having said that, at least Miami is familiar with Richardson, whose career started with this team. )

If the Heat don’t sign Lillard, perhaps the most noteworthy thing is that it may mean that they will still have to rely on Jimmy Butler next season. He will be 34 years old next month. He went to the Eastern Conference semifinals in the playoffs. After spraining his ankle against the Knicks, his speed slowed down obviously. If the lineup stays the same for six weeks, Hiro and Lori will have a lot of ball control responsibilities. If Adebayor makes greater progress on the offensive end, the team will be happy. (Small forward Caleb Martin made a leap forward last season, and his future self-creation ability may become a factor to change the game. ) But if Lillard didn’t come to Miami, Butler would have to shoulder the responsibility of the best scoring organizer again. To some extent, this is not ideal, because if he has a superstar teammate with scoring and organizational talent, his physical strength may at least be preserved.

It’s hard to imagine that the Heat won’t complete the Lillard deal, considering the fact that the All-Star guard openly asked to go there. Despite being the eighth seed, Miami just won the Eastern Conference championship! Most of the core members of this team remain unchanged. Therefore, the club will almost think that they are trading for Lillard, or not, the team still has a lot of good chips. All these circumstances, but it is still worth considering, if the team does not make a large-scale transaction after this transaction, but continues to fight with the existing lineup.

Being "silent" after home run: a unique prank on the baseball field

If you are an old fan of Major League Baseball, after some special home runs,"silent treatment".The scene should be familiar. It usually happens that after the rookie hits the first shot of his major league career, he returns to the rest area and is deliberately ignored by his teammates. The joy of the rookie and the cold contrast of his teammates always make fans never tire of watching it.

On May 15, Beijing time, the astronauts played against the white socks, and the astronaut rookie took over.Yainer Diaz (Diaz)After the first blast, he was "silent" by his teammates. Diaz, who just entered the second year of his major league career this year, served as designated hitter in this tournament, and knocked out the first shot of his career from Lucas Giolito in the fourth game! It’s just that Diaz returned to the rest area in high spirits, and his teammates didn’t seem very happy for him. But Diaz was calm and right, and finally waited for his teammates to "break the work" and surrounded him to celebrate him.

Premier League-Arsenal lost 0-1 to Nottingham Forest and sent Manchester City to win the championship without a fight+completed three consecutive championships.

At 0: 30am on May 21st, Beijing time, in the 37th round of the Premier League in 2022-23, the second-ranked Arsenal away to Nottingham Forest. In the first half, Odegard made a pass mistake and Awoniyi scored to break the deadlock. In the second half, the gunman countered but failed to score. In the end, Arsenal lost 0-1 to Nottingham Forest. With only one round left in the league, the Gunners were 4 points behind Manchester City, sending their opponents to win the Premier League title ahead of schedule, and the Blue Moon also won the Premier League title for three consecutive times.

Before this round, Arsenal were four points behind Manchester City, which topped the list, and still had a glimmer of hope of winning the championship. In the last round, Arsenal lost 3-0 to Brighton at home, which made it even more difficult for the team to win the championship. Nottingham Forest scored 34 points, only 3 points higher than the relegation zone.

In the 11th minute, Odegard made a cross on the right in the frontcourt. Trossat caught the ball and plugged it directly into the right of the restricted area. Jesus kept up with the catch and shot at a small angle. The goalkeeper had sealed the angle and confiscated the ball. In the 17th minute, Saka drove the right corner to the restricted area, and hollier headed the ball back, and Jesus headed the ball back slightly higher than the crossbar.

In the 20th minute, Odegard made a mistake in passing the ball back in the frontcourt. He passed it directly to Gibbs White, who pushed the ball from his own half and sent a straight plug to the restricted area. Avonii, who followed him, succeeded in pushing a long shot before attacking Ramsdale, and Forest led Arsenal 1-0.

In the 22nd minute, Thomas sent a ground ball to the right rib in the frontcourt. Jesus on the right side of the restricted area caught the ball and turned low. navas fell to the ground and saved the ball. In the 27th minute, Saka took the right corner kick to the top of the arc, and Trossat’s unguarded left foot volley missed.

In the 29th minute, Thomas went straight to the right of the frontcourt, and Jesus and Odegard hit the wall to cooperate. After that, they made a long-range shot with their right feet in front of the restricted area, and the ball went to the stands. In the 35th minute, the road on the left side of the forest frontcourt was blocked, and Awoniyi was cut off by the attacking Ramsdale after receiving the ball, and the former was offside first.

In the 45th+5th minute, Saka took the penalty and the right corner kicked to the top of the arc again. Trossat had to catch volley, and the ball was higher than the crossbar. At the end of the first half, Arsenal were temporarily behind.

In the second half, it was easy to fight again. In the 48th minute, a free kick from forest’s frontcourt was hoisted into the gunners’ restricted area, causing chaos, and Felipe’s push was saved by Ramsdale. In the 54th minute, Ben White made a cross from the right in the frontcourt. Jesus in the penalty area tried to grab the point but was pulled down by his opponent. The referee didn’t award a penalty. The Brazilian complained about the referee’s penalty and got a yellow card.

In the 61st minute, Ben White sent a cross on the right, and Saka, who was inserted into the restricted area, shot at a small angle with his right foot. navas blocked the near corner and saved the ball from the baseline. Then Saka kicked the right corner, and the forest player was not far from the clearance. jorginho pushed and missed at the top of the arc.

In the 67th minute, the forest backcourt made a long pass to the left of the frontcourt. Thomas broke the ball and returned it to Ben White, who made a mistake in stopping the ball in the restricted area. After Gibbs White stole the ball, he pushed it from a small angle and hit the side net. In the 72nd minute, the forest fought back, and Lodi received Danilo’s wonderful pass in front of the restricted area, and the former pushed the far corner and missed.

In the 87th minute, Saka and Jesus hit the wall in the opponent’s restricted area. The former fell to the ground after contacting the opponent’s defender with the ball, and the referee did not award a penalty.

In the 90th minute, Gibbs-White passed in front of Arsenal’s restricted area like a Hua Hudie. After entering the restricted area, he shot low with his right foot, and Ramsdale saved the ball. In the 97th minute, navas, the forest goalkeeper, jumped up to catch the ball and was injured. Hennessy replaced him.

In the end, at the end of the game, Arsenal lost 0-1 to Nottingham Forest and sent Manchester City to win the championship in advance.

0-1! Arsenal stop fighting! Manchester City, which aims to win the triple crown, will win the Premier League championship in advance.

At 0: 30am on May 21st, Beijing time, the 37th round of the Premier League in 2022-23 ushered in a focus war: theoretically, Arsenal, who still has the hope of winning the championship, fought against Nottingham Forest, a newly promoted horse.

In the Premier League standings before the game, Arsenal ranked second with 81 points in 36 games and 4 points behind Manchester City in one round. If the last two rounds win, Arsenal will eventually accumulate 87 points, and Manchester City will win the championship as long as it gets 3 points or even 2 points in the remaining three rounds. After all, the goal difference is much more than Arsenal. If Manchester City only gets 1 point or 3 consecutive defeats, then Arsenal will win the championship, but this possibility is too small.

Will Arsenal fight for theoretical hope? If you don’t fight, it will be for nothing to send Manchester City to win the championship trophy in advance.

As a matter of fact, it is normal for Arsenal, the second place in the Premier League standings, to beat Nottingham Forest, which has been fighting for relegation for a long time.

Nottingham Forest scored 34 points in 36 matches, ranking 16th in the Premier League standings, 3 points ahead of Leeds United in the relegation zone and 1 point more than the 17th Everton (37 matches), and has not been relegated successfully.

Let’s take a look at the starting lineup of both sides in this game.

Arsenal started in the 4-3-3 formation, with Jesus, Trossat and Saka forming a trident, with Zaka, jorginho and Odegard as midfielders, viol, Gabriel, Ben Wright and Thomas as four defenders and Ramsdale as goalkeeper. The total value of the first eleven people is 550 million euros.

Basically, it is all the main attack. From the starting lineup, Arsenal have no intention of "releasing water", but they still have to fight.

Nottingham Forest starts the 3421 formation, with center Awoniyi, two sides Danilo and White, midfielders Lodi, ohrel, Yates and hollier, three central defenders Nyahart, Felipe and voller, and goalkeeper navas. The total value of the first eleven people is 160 million euros.

After the game started, Arsenal took the lead in launching the offensive. The 11th minute, Trossat DeZhiSai, Jesus shot, navas attacked and blocked the ball. In the 17th minute, from Arsenal’s right corner, Saka drove to the restricted area and Jesus headed the ball to the top.

In the 20th minute, Odegard made a mistake in returning, and was countered by Nottingham Forest. Ramsdale attacked and Gabriel chased after him, but he still failed to destroy the attack. Awoniyi hit the door and succeeded. Arsenal are 0-1 behind.

Behind the score, Arsenal continued to strengthen their attack, but it didn’t work. In the 30th minute, Jesus shot high. The 61st minute, Ben Wright assists to the frontcourt, Saka hits the door and is saved by the goalkeeper.

In the end, Arsenal lost 0-1, and still scored 81 points in 37 games, sending Manchester City to lock the Premier League title three rounds ahead of schedule. Guardiola’s team can fully prepare for the Champions League final and the FA Cup final.

The Story of Hailian Football Team (Battle Becomes Big)

The Story of Hailian Football Team (Battle Becomes Big)

-Enjoy the days of "Happy Football"

During the rising period of Chengdu Rongcheng Football Team, the football atmosphere here has been expanded, the Chengdu football market has recovered, and the scalpers of banknotes have revived. Football has once again become a hot topic in the stage, and the number of people willing to play football has increased. This east wind has ushered in a new chapter in Chengdu City Football League in 2023. The number of teams has increased steadily, the number of players has greatly increased, and the intensity of competition has increased significantly. In 2023, Hailian set sail for the first battle, and met the most powerful winning team, a hard-to-play cowhide-style personal playing team. It tried its best to fight bravely in the trial array, but its strength was inferior to that of its opponent and it failed to score points.

Watching children practice football on the sidelines, I can’t help but think of football in the 1980s. At that time, China was the top four football teams in Asia all the year round, and suspended 5-10 "strong teams in Asia", and a large number of excellent players from Li Fusheng, Rong Zhixing, Gu Guangming and other countries tried their best to dominate Asian football, failing to enjoy the bonus of football league and get high salaries. Influenced by the reform and opening up, market economy, football culture and system, those young people who grew up in the 1980s gave up their cultural studies and entered the sports teams well, just to make a living. In the end, they were all injured and supported their families with low wages. In the early 1990s, the career of playing football was lost, and a large number of players were injured, but they could only earn some porridge to support their families. As everyone knows, the 90′ s football league, which was the devil’s errand, soared and ushered in the golden age of 20 years, making the players at the top of the professional football pyramid become rich. In fact, the proportion of getting rich with high salary is very low, and a large number of players below the top of the tower have failed to earn super-high salary, that is, the ability to support their families. Playing football, like other professions, only the top of the pyramid can get traffic and super-high money.

On the weekend, I heard a joke from the big Huaxi Dam team "Brother Yong": Every year, we win enough to charge ahead, and we break behind. This seemingly simple truth tells the spirit and culture of football. Winning or losing is not the only thing in the competition of the old age group. Everyone participates because of their love. We should pay attention to the competition and make friends with the ball. Players in their fifties are no longer young, but choose to pursue their dreams in a round football. That’s because they love sports, health, life and life, put down the burden of winning or losing, play happily, and even enjoy the days of pursuing "happy football" as a dam ball. Over the past few months, the understanding and knowledge about enjoying the happiness of football has been deeply integrated into the hearts of every player in Hailian, and it has become more and more in-depth into every game, every movement, every pass, ball control, and every rush …

The defeat in the last fight was just a climb and a cut on the way forward of Hailian, and the twists and turns that must be experienced on the way forward. Everyone came down to discuss the topic and had a clear understanding. Although they were not discouraged by the defeat, they expressed their opinions, worked together and brainstormed, and the gaps and problems were clearly discussed.

On the morning of May 20th, Taiping Temple Football Stadium No.1 was the second stop of Hailian’s voyage against Chengdahong team. Before the game, according to the observation of the previous game, the general situation of the players who have already played has been understood, the players and lineups who have played first in Hailian have been clearly excluded, the positions and captains have been clearly defined, and opinions and suggestions on defense and counter-attack have been discussed one by one. At the same time, the backup players are required to be ready to play, and they are required to abide by the rules and change players to maintain a constant confrontation with speed and strength on their opponents. According to the principle of "not for winning or losing, but for loving", personal physical safety always comes first. Regardless of adversity and prosperity, we should strive for the upper reaches, and we must fight against our opponent’s soldier sword spirit every field, not necessarily winning, and never giving up.

In the first half, based on defense, Shanghai United put up a 134-player formation for the midfield without a striker. In the midfield, it began to mark people and add defense to force a big red team, making it difficult for opponents to move forward easily and comfortably. At the same time, considering the small size of the eight-man system, the front waist is more than 20 meters to kill the opponent’s restricted area, and the sprinting players with speed, physical strength and acceleration ability are arranged in the front waist position, and the 1331 formation evolved during the counterattack. Into a big red team, make full use of the players’ personal physical strength, speed, ball control ability, long team time, skilled team cooperation and high tacit understanding, constantly attack each other in the midfield, and also play a long left-hand speed to cross the midfield quickly and launch a rapid attack on Hailian. In the third minute, the defense was deformed and was crossed by the opponent, and easily scored 1 goal. The midfield and the right area were suppressed and scored another goal in the 17th minute. Hailian used counterattack, and "Feng Ge" made a far-corner shot, hit the post and caused a serial collision, and recovered a goal. Five minutes later, Chengdahong Team No.9 completed a beautiful performance of individual player’s ability, from the midfield to the bottom along the right side of Hailian, and then took the ball horizontally to the front of the small restricted area, beautifully passing through four defenders and pushing another goal.

In the second half, Chengdahong team removed the No.9 player from the midfield organization, and the two sides fought for each other in the midfield. Chengdahong team made full use of cooperation and personal rapid breakthrough, causing threats several times in a row and once scored a goal. Hailian quickly organized a counterattack to complete a beautiful pass and moved back to 1 goal. Cheng Dahong once again used the long pass to the bottom, and the avant-garde quickly ran to the bottom to complete the last goal of the game.

In this game, the sea wing lost 2:5, which is also a true manifestation of the overall strength of the audience, and there is an obvious gap in strength. First, judging from the on-site performance, Cheng Dahong’s personal physical strength, which is the most basic and first ability to play football, is generally ahead, and its speed and strength are better. Second, half of the ball appeared, and Hailian players basically couldn’t outrun their opponents many times. Even if they ran, they could touch the ball first, but they couldn’t hold the ball many times under the anti-interference of their opponents. Third, the opponent’s individual soldiers have repeatedly completed one-on-one, one-on-two crossing, and two-on-two touching ball crossing, and several positions lack the ability to take the initiative to make up the position after losing the position. Fourth, the player’s personal technical ability limits the ability to receive and control the high ball. Cheng Dahong’s avant-garde is in an absolute advantage in receiving and controlling a long pass and throwing a high ball. Fifth, the cooperation between players is not skilled. After touching the ball in the standing position, there are too few points to meet the running position, which causes insufficient threat pressure to the opponent. Sixth, before the game, based on the weak team of Hailian, the defensive midfield formation was put forward, and the practical operation pressure was high, which made it too late to withdraw from the position to participate in the defense. The control of the midfield was weak, and the Hailian defender was suppressed to play, and the team became a big red team. The defensive situation was very passive. (The above is only personal experience of watching the ball, for personal learning reference only)




[Old ghost watching the dish] Serie A SMG Lazio is hard to win.

Earlier, Barcelona officially decided to regain the lost four-year La Liga championship. The whole team in Barcelona is naturally happy, but some media found that Greenzman once again perfectly avoided the chance of winning the La Liga championship. Greenzman fought in La Liga for 13 years and is still the 0 th champion, which is called the black king of La Liga.

Since his debut in the Royal Society in 2010, Greenzman switched to Atletico Madrid, which just won the La Liga championship in 2014. In the following five seasons, Atletico Madrid can only win the second and third place in La Liga, and always miss the La Liga championship.

In 2019, Greenzman switched to Barcelona, but it has never been able to integrate into Barcelona’s tactical system. Barcelona has since lost the title of La Liga, but Atletico Madrid regained the title of La Liga in the second season after Greenzman left the team.

In 2021, Barcelona once again lent Grinzman to Atletico Madrid, and Atletico Madrid declared that the defending league title failed, and Real Madrid sealed the title. The most magical thing is that last October, Barcelona announced that it would sell Grinzman to Atletico Madrid and cut off the relationship with the black king of La Liga. After that, Barcelona became more and more brave in La Liga and finally regained the title of La Liga.

Last year, Manchester United almost came close to signing Rabiot, but in the end, it fell through. Recently, it was reported that the two sides were in contact again, and Tenghage would meet each other in a short time. It was also helpless for Manchester United to do so, because at present, Manchester United’s transfer budget is limited, and it can only start with free agents for the time being. Rabiot, 28, has once again become the target of Manchester United’s poaching.

Last summer, Manchester United negotiated with Juventus to sign Rabiot for 17 million euros, but because it could not meet the crazy salary demands of Rabiot’s mother and manager, it gave up at the last minute and signed casemiro instead.

One year later, the contract period between Rabiot and Juventus expired this summer. Rabiot returned to freedom and was free to contact other teams according to regulations, and even initialled the contract. Manchester United recently contacted Rabiot again.

Due to Manchester United’s recent preparations for selling, it is temporarily impossible to mobilize funds to bring in more troops. At this stage, Manchester United can only build a team by limiting rice and cooking. Rabiot himself is Tenghage’s favorite player and free of transfer fee, so he has once again become Manchester United’s goal of poaching, and there is still a transfer fee left, which can meet the high salary requirements of the other mother. The two sides will actively interact in the short term, and the chance of this transfer is not low.

When you encounter a little pressure, you will become overwhelmed, when you encounter a little uncertainty, you will describe your future as bleak, and when you encounter a little unhappiness, you will make it seem to be the darkest time in your life, probably just to give up the worst excuse you will find tomorrow for not going!

Right now, Wei Shao, 35, has set an amazing record: he scored 37 high scores of 0 penalty and 0 penalty, and the second person in history was born.

# Hundred Watching Teams #

On April 23rd, Beijing time, the NBA playoffs continued. The Clippers still lost to the Suns 100-112, because both leonard and George missed the game. Now the big score is 1-3, and it is only a matter of time before they are out. The Clippers are unlucky. They originally had the chance to compete for the championship. Now, due to the injuries of two superstars, they will encounter the first round of the tour. The gap is too big. However, the Clippers have also won people’s respect, especially Wei Shao, who got a basic salary of 780 thousand, but carried the team forward, which is really admirable. From the schedule, the Clippers were ahead with seven points in the first quarter. However, in the last three quarters, the Suns gradually gained the upper hand, and Booker and Durant’s sudden upset made the Clippers really hard to beat.

Durant of the Suns scored 31 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists, and his personal performance is incomprehensible. As long as Durant finds the best state, the Suns have no opponents in the West. Booker scored 30 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 steals. His performance in the series is comparable to KD and he has become the best player in the league. Aidan scored 15 points, 13 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks, and Paul scored 19 points, 4 rebounds, 9 assists, 3 steals and 3 blocks. The Suns’ Big Four all performed well, which was terrible. Craig scored 8 points and 5 boards, Okoji scored 6 points and 3 boards, and Bi Yongbo scored 3 points and 2 boards.

Westbrook, Clippers, bombarded 37 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. It’s really a lonely hero to compete with the Four Suns on his own. I wonder what leonard and George think. Powell scored 14 points and 4 rebounds, Zubac scored 4 points and 9 rebounds, Morris scored 9 points and 3 rebounds, Gordon scored 10 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists, Mann scored 13 points, 2 rebounds and 4 assists, Plomley scored 8 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists, and Hylander scored 5 points and 2 assists. The Clippers originally had the most balanced lineup in the league. If it weren’t for the injury, the Clippers would still have a chance to eliminate the Suns.

It is worth mentioning that Wei Shao, a 34-year-old Clippers who just passed, has set a crazy record in the playoffs and is the second player in NBA history. Statistics show that Wei Shao scored 37 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists in 17 of 29 shots in this campaign, which is unbelievable. Wei Shao also scored 37 points in 0 free throws, ranking behind Chuck Persson in the NBA playoff history. Wei Shao’s personal performance is impressive. He received a basic salary of 780,000 yuan, but made a performance of 40 million yuan. Presumably, no one has questioned Wei Shao at present.

In fact, it is no accident that Wei Shao’s two consecutive games were upset. Wei Shao belongs to his own system and may not be able to react chemically with many players, but if he leads the team alone, he can often burst into great vitality. When George and Cass are absent, Wei Shao can score 34.3 points, 8.3 rebounds and 6 assists. So far in the series, Wei Shao’s data is 26 points, 7.5 rebounds, 7.3 assists, 1.5 steals and 1.8 blocks. What else can he be asked to do?

Wei Shao also completely conquered Paul, Durant and others, and they were deeply moved and supported him. Paul said that only people who know nothing about basketball can criticize Wei Shao. Later, Durant also made a statement, which is true. Wei Shao has been questioned by fans during his time with the Lakers, which only shows that both sides are not suitable for him. After leaving the Lakers, Wei Shao has found himself, and he is still an excellent star in the league.

At Shawn Dou’s wedding, Yi Jianlian wished the video continued to play, and finally really tied himself!

A few days ago, the famous actor Dou Xiao and the gambling king He Chaolian got married in Bali. Although Yi Jianlian, as a good friend, was unable to attend the wedding because he was going to play in the CBA playoffs, the United Arab League sent sincere wishes to the Shawn Dou couple by recording a carefully prepared video.

In the video, Yi Jianlian changed his image of being calm and taciturn in the past, and frequently played tricks in just one minute: "Shawn Dou is irreplaceable in the world film industry", "Marlon Brando, Al pacino, Robert De Niro and Teacher Shawn Dou are the four kings in the film industry", "If Teacher Shawn Dou participates in the NBA draft this year, he will be the first one" and "Can you relax? I have a game tonight. "

The last sentence of the United Arab League "Can you untie it? "I have a game tonight" is absolutely wonderful, which can be said to be the brightest point of the whole video. To be honest, it really surprised netizens.

As all the fans familiar with Yi Jianlian know, the United Arab League is a very introverted handsome young man. He is low-key and pragmatic, never takes the initiative to joke, and looks serious all day. This is also the most fundamental reason why he can’t stay in the NBA for a long time. If the United Arab League has half the humor of Yao Ming, maybe his achievements in the NBA will be higher than now.

In fact, the United Arab League was not like this at first. In his early days in the NBA, WB often shared his daily life, which was particularly funny. Unfortunately, he was shut down by sunspots and never shared his daily life again. Especially when he was called "Lianmei" by unscrupulous netizens, Yi Jianlian was quite angry. He devoted his whole career to China basketball and devoted himself wholeheartedly to the wonderful performance of the fans. In the end, he was not sure, and it was still dark everywhere. That period was the lowest point in Yi Jianlian’s career.

Now, the United Arab League reappears a naughty year, as if it had suddenly returned to the past, and the sunny big boy is still there. The 36-year-old Yi Jianlian is on the verge of retirement, and his remaining games seem to be touring performances. At this time, those sunspots have already turned to powder, and no one can hear the voice of Yi Jianlian anymore.

At present, qi zhou is like Yi Jianlian in his early years. Although many people don’t want to admit it, who can replace qi zhou in the China men’s basketball team? Therefore, the Basketball Association will take qi zhou back to CBA at all costs.