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"No Devil Left" is a spy war in the earthquake reality (Figure)


  On March 26, the idol action drama "X Female Agent" will take over "No Devil Left". Tang Yan, an actress who became very popular because of rumors of a breakup, took up a gun for the first time in the play, challenging the image of a "ghost girl agent".


  On March 7, when the wonderful curtain was about to open, the main actors of the two dramas took the lead in coming to Hangzhou and appeared at the recording site of Zhejiang Satellite TV’s large-scale emotional intelligence variety show "Ace Mission Impossible". Yu Zhen, Tang Yan, and Hua Shao, the famous mouth of Zhejiang Satellite TV, had a "battle of wits and courage" first, and made a clean breast of all kinds of wonderful scenes before and after these two upcoming anti-Japanese and spy wars.


  "Ace Mission Impossible" laughed at the end, and Yu Zhen showed off in an ostentatious manner.


  This time, the crew of "Leave None Devils" who came to record "Mission Impossible" was all men-Yu Zhen, Song Jialun and Ma Shaohua, the "devil-abusing trio".


  "What a coincidence! This time on this program, the three of us are exactly the same as in "No Devil Left". The two of them, one is my eldest brother and the other is my brother, sacrificed first, and I lived to the end … and got the prize. "


  Yu Zhen, who just got off the stage, cheerfully "reported the situation" to the reporter, which showed that he was in a good mood.


  "My wife and I are at home at ordinary times. Generally, my wife and I like to watch such quiz shows. I will often answer many questions in front of the TV. This move … or this advantage is also a big reason why my wife likes me more. "


  Yu Zhen opened the chatterbox: "When we watch it together at home, she will applaud me,’ Oh, you can do this problem … you can do that problem!’" Later, when I was busy with other things, she would shout to me: hey, what is this question and what are the answers? Then I was in the kitchen, or in the bathroom, and I told her’ the answer is C’. When the answer was revealed later, she shouted,’ It’s really C!’ "He said more and more energised, and his hands kept gesticulating all over his face, showing off in an ostentatious manner.


  When Yu Zhen couldn’t "show off", Song Jialun and Ma Shaohua on his side were silent. Yu Zhen turned to look at them and said nobly, "I won this game, so today’s dinner is on me!" I am in Hangzhou, pick a restaurant and eat! "


  "No Devil Left" is better than grounding gas, and the pig slayer interprets the revenge of grassroots.


  In "No Devil Left", Zhuang Jizong, the pig-slayer played by Yu Zhen, is a common people living at the lowest level. He killed the devil angrily with a polished pig-slaying knife, and the encirclement and suppression of the devil did not rely on any careful plan, but on the rampage when he met the devil.


  "After meeting Li Zhankui, who is also full of hatred for the devils, Zhuang Jizong, who is impulsive and brave, and Li Zhankui, who is flexible and calm, became brothers and fought against the devils together." During the war, Zhuang Jizong learned to control his emotions and learn the sense of teamwork. Especially after joining the Eighth Route Army, the organization and discipline made Zhuang Jizong grow rapidly and became the soul of the anti-Japanese guerrillas in Liulin Town.


  When it was broadcast on local TV stations, No Devil Left, which was regarded as a "high-quality anti-Japanese drama" by the audience, was ranked as the number one viewing champion for many times. Yu Zhen said: "What impressed me most about this script is that the characters are very grassroots and real. I have played many anti-Japanese heroes in the past, whether it is "Secret Service Group 5" or "emissaries", they are all charming people in suits and ties. Such a pig butcher is really challenging for me. "


  Yu Zhen emphasized that Zhuang Jizong’s role is better than grounding gas: "In the past, there has never been a story of a pig killer picking up a gun to fight against Japan on the screen. This is the way for the bottom people to grow up in a special historical environment." In his eyes, this grass-roots spirit that runs through the whole play is the biggest highlight of "No Devil Left".


  The pig-killing knife can also kill devils, so there is a real prototype in World War II.


  Pig-killing knives, even stones and slingshots, seemingly insignificant things, were used by pig-killing craftsman Zhuang Jizong as weapons to punish cruel devils in Leave None Devils. However, the devils have plenty of guns in their hands, which can be said to be "armed to the teeth." Fighting against hot weapons with cold weapons has repeatedly succeeded. Will it be a way of "entertaining anti-Japanese dramas" as many netizens have said?


  "Zhuang Jizong is not a pig-killing knife, but a bundle of pig-killing knives. He uses various means to kill pigs to kill devils." Yu Zhen stressed to reporters, "He basically relies on sneak attack, just like special forces, but there is actually no frontal battlefield. I remember that during World War II, in the occupied areas of Europe, someone used a very old-fashioned gun at home to kill the Germans. But he is fighting alone, and in our play, fortunately, I have my eldest brother (Li Zhankui) to help me. Moreover, they all ambush in places like the narrow path on a dark night,’ stabbing a knife for a place’. " Yu Zhen believes that this truly reflects what is the "Wang Yang Sea of People’s War".


  In the play, the pig-killing knife lies in Zhen’s hand, and the knife falls from his hand, and he is playing tiger and tiger. However, recalling the process of killing pigs, Yu Zhen "has a lingering fear". He admits that he is actually most afraid of killing pigs.


  "The crew bought half a pig from the market and invited a professional pig killer to teach me to kill pigs. This is really a technical job." Yu Zhen recalled: "In order to let the pigs walk peacefully, I took a knife in one hand and fed the old corn beans in the other. It was still raining. The pig is quite uncooperative, refuses to eat, and keeps screaming. It was a short scene, but it was a toss-up. I was so timid that I collapsed at that time, so that I left sequelae after the scene, and I dare not eat pork in the future. "


  "X Female Agent" challenges Tang Yan, and many beautiful women dare to shoot after drinking.


  The crew of "No Devil Left" is "the man in power", so the crew of "Female Agent X" who stepped onto the stage of "Ace Mission Impossible" this time is "the mobilization of beautiful women". Tang Yan, a popular actress in the Mainland, Kong Wei, a big-mouthed beauty with the reputation of "Julia Roberts in China", and Coco and Wendy in Hua Dan. This beautiful landscape eclipsed Luo Jin and Zhang Xilin, two male compatriots in the crew.


  "X Female Agent" tells the story of Zhong Li (Tang Yan), a straightforward girl with vigorous skills and a dream of justice, who was selected as a member of the agent training camp with Tan Ruiling (Coco) and Luo Yifei (Wendy) during the Republic of China. Together, she experienced cruel international agent training, fought bravely with other students on the special training battlefield, forged a deep sisterhood, and grew into a calm, tenacious, capable and beautiful elite female agent …


  For Tang Yan, the No.1 female, Agent X is a great breakthrough for her. "The story of this play is different from any play I have shot before in terms of rhythm, suspense and action design." Tang Yan revealed to reporters that this is also the first time that she has performed as a girl with kung fu skills, and filming is very enjoyable. "Zhong Li is an agent who is the least like an agent. She is known as the Ghost Horse Elf. She has a tortuous life and is pure and straightforward. I hope the audience of Zhejiang Satellite TV will like it."


  For these "Charlie’s angels", it’s already a lot of suffering in the "special training", but it’s even more difficult to learn to play with guns. "I remember shooting the gun for two nights at the beginning …" Coco revealed.


  Why is this happening? "Because our training ground is indoors, the gunshots are ten times louder than those outside, and the bang is particularly scary." They quickly found a solution. "Everyone has a little wine, and with the strength of wine, they can carry it through the gunfire."



What is football? What are the advantages of playing football?

What is football? What are the advantages of playing football?

What is football?

Rugby, a kind of ball games, is popular in Britain, America, Australia, Japan and other countries. Originated in rugby, England in 1823, it was originally named Rugby Football, or rugby for short. It is called rugby in China because it is spherical like an olive. Rugby is a city in the middle of England, where there is a Rugby School, which is the birthplace of rugby.

What are the advantages of playing football?

More effectively improve that function of the respiratory system.

Rugby is a combination of running and leg sports. In the process of running, passing the ball, shooting the ball, etc., the depth of breathing will be strengthened, so that more oxygen will be inhaled and more carbon dioxide will be discharged, so that the vital capacity will be increased and the lung function will be strengthened. This is because the main respiratory muscle groups (diaphragm, intercostal muscle, levator costalis muscle, upper and lower serratus muscle, etc.) and respiratory auxiliary muscle groups (scalene muscle, sternocleidomastoid muscle, pectoralis minor muscle, pectoralis major muscle, etc.) strengthen contraction, and promote the development of these muscles, thoracic expansion, chest cavity volume increase, alveoli develop well, respiratory strength increase, vital capacity, lung ventilation and suction (photo) Studies have pointed out that people who exercise regularly have strong physical adaptability, and their breathing appears stable, deep and even, and the frequency is also slow. When they are quiet, their breathing frequency is 7-11 times/minute, while those who do not exercise have a breathing frequency of 12-18 times/minute, and women are 2-3 times faster than men.

Prolong life more effectively.

A ten-year study shows that people who don’t exercise are 42% more likely to die young than those who often play football. 5%。 The reason is that if you don’t exercise, you will accelerate aging in many places, and even get old before you get old. And these people who don’t exercise have lower resistance to cancer, heart and so on than those who play football.

Strengthen the bones of the legs.

Rugby is the best exercise for training legs. In the process of continuous leg exercise, the blood supply of bone is improved due to the promotion of metabolism, and the morphological structure and function of bone have undergone good changes: the bone density is thickened, which makes the bone thicker, the arrangement of bone trabeculae is more orderly and regular according to different pressures and tensions, and the protrusions attached to muscles on the bone surface are more obvious. These changes make the bone stronger and stronger, thus improving the functions of bone in bending, bending, compression and torsion. Insisting on physical exercise can also enhance the strength around the joint, and the joint capsule and ligament are also thickened, thus increasing the stability of the joint; At the same time, physical exercise makes the joint capsule, ligament and muscles around the joint stretch, thus improving the flexibility of the joint.

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Chinese and foreign scholars say cultural relics: capturing the "bright spot" of China culture in artifacts.

China news agency, Shanghai, November 25 th: Chinese and foreign scholars say cultural relics: capturing the "bright spot" of China culture in artifacts

China News Service reporter Wang Wei Kang Yuzhan

The World Congress on China Studies and the Shanghai Forum were held at the Shanghai International Conference Center from 23rd to 24th. At a sub-forum held on 24th, Wang Chunfa, director of the National Museum of China, presented a precious cultural relic in the museum-bronze rhinoceros statue with gold, silver and moire patterns in the Western Han Dynasty, from which he realized the unique charm of Chinese civilization.

This statue is in the shape of a rhinoceros, with its head held high and its eyes inlaid with black beads, which is the image of Sumen rhinoceros who lived in China in ancient times; The whole object is decorated with staggered gold and silver moire as thin as hairspring, which is exquisite and gorgeous, and it can be called a fine bronze ware in the Han Dynasty. The bronze statue made of animals shows the concept of harmony between man and nature and the nature of Taoism in ancient China.

"This precious cultural relic not only vividly narrates the past, but also profoundly affects the present and the future, enlightening us to respect history, respect our predecessors, respect nature and protect the environment." Wang Chunfa said that human knowledge is accumulated through exploration from generation to generation, and it should be passed down from generation to generation. Chinese and foreign scholars are welcome to the National Museum of China to feel the moving place of the bronze rhinoceros statue with wrong gold, silver and moire.

What are the China cultural relics that foreign scholars are interested in? In the face of a reporter’s question from China News Service, Han Yili, a former associate professor in the Literature Department of Moscow Humanities University, made a list on the spot-Oracle Bone Inscriptions, bronzes, silk books of Mawangdui … Some of them were related to the topic of Zhouyi he studied, and the other part was out of his personal interest.

In Han Yili’s view, the importance of ancient cultural relics and historical documents lies in helping people truly understand the ancient world outlook and living conditions. Compared with some subjectively recorded words, real artifacts can reflect a period of history more intuitively. "Many cities in China have their own museums, so that everyone can learn history and experience culture from ancient artifacts. How to better protect cultural relics and inherit culture is where we should learn from China. "

Yi Xin, an international student from Shanghai University in Mexico, immediately thought of blue and white porcelain. "I found that China’s blue and white porcelain is very similar to some artifacts I saw in Mexico. Later, I read the literature to know that these artifacts really came from China. Exploring how these artifacts arrived in Mexico from China and looking for connections between different cultures made me feel very interesting. "

Yi Xin told reporters that China has a long history and China culture has many "bright spots", which let her know the real China from different angles. "We will not stop exploring China, because there are many things worth studying here." (End)

The consumption environment has changed dramatically, and beauty cosmetics will usher in these trends in 2024.

More than half of 2023 has passed, and the research and development of new products in 2024 is being started. So what is the trend of the beauty industry in the coming year? In which direction will the industry develop?

On August 18th, the 2023 Top 100 Cosmetics Conference, jointly organized by CBO and China Department Store Business Association, was grandly opened in Hangzhou Bodi Liyun Hotel. At the "2023 Cosmetics Department Store Retail Conference", Meng Shuping, the trend director of authoritative forecasting agency WGSN in China, shared the report "Beauty and Skin Care Trends in Spring and Summer of 2024".

△ Meng Shuping, Trend Director of △WGSN China District

"In the era of dynamic changes in consumers, if you want to understand the trend of the beauty industry, you must first understand the beauty consumers." Meng Shuping stressed.

According to the results of WGSN’s multi-dimensional investigation, it is believed that in 2024, driven by macro factors such as economic recovery, scientific and technological development and post-epidemic reconstruction, there will be six categories of consumer ideas, namely, mindfulness care, mobility, building into a state, mass power, multi-personality and breaking away from convention.

WGSN said that 2024 was a very special year after the epidemic. Because people need to rebuild psychologically and physically after the epidemic, there will be a relationship of embracing and interacting between people, that is, from individual to individual and then to subject. In this process, there has been a gathering of groups such as mindfulness, multiple personalities and breaking the routine, so this trend has emerged.

Among them, "flowing state" and "building into Tuobang" are relatively new consumption concepts at present. "Flowing state" means that consumers are constantly changing under the influence of the big environment such as economy, so the industry should constantly understand consumers to adapt to consumption changes. "Building into a Tuobang" means that consumers are becoming more and more personalized, and there will be a beautiful vision of "taking practical actions to make society enter a utopian state". For example, more and more KOC help their favorite brands to enter the public eye.

After the concept of consumption, different portraits of consumers are hidden. If we evaluate the seven dimensions of beauty consumption motivation, such as sensitivity to big brands, environmental ethics, price awareness, efficacy, convenience, social media evaluation, personalized customization and so on, they will present the following seven kinds of consumer portraits: skincare slacker, factual activist, progressive, digital expert, sensitive romantic and universalist.

The first is "streamlining skin care lazy people", who are equivalent to the wisdom of the personal care industry. They show the new moment of beauty, use intelligent beauty technology and pay attention to all forms of mindfulness care. At the same time, they also admire big brands and like fixed products with good reputation; The value of environmental ethics is very high, and the price awareness is relatively weak. "Because they know that higher prices will have better quality."

The "Factual Action School" pays more attention to efficacy and personalized customization. Their environmental moral values are relatively high, and they are generally sensitive to big names, but they pay more attention to social media evaluation. "So, you can see why there are so many young people now. When buying a brand, they will first make an inquiry on the little red book." Meng Shuping explained. In addition, the group also strives to break the old norms of the beauty industry and eliminate potential prejudice. For example, this group not only pays attention to the expectation of the younger generation of beauty products such as generation Z, but also cares about the new product trends of generation X (people in the 1970s).

The value of environmental protection morality of "Tuobangists" has reached the peak, and they advocate nature, but this group has a moderate trust in big brands and a relatively high sensitivity to social media and efficacy. The group of "digital experts" pursues the brand effect, but also the direction of imitation makeup, digital virtualization and emotional communication. They can seamlessly change between the digital world and offline life, and reshape beauty with physical digital behavior and virtual character aesthetics.

"Sensitive romantics and universalists" also pay more attention to big names and environmental awareness, as well as social and personalized customization. At the same time, I also love emotional expression, and there will be some rebellious psychology such as "I want to be younger". They attach importance to co-creation and experimental products and brands that integrate art, science and nature.

Although "universalists" are more popular, they still pay attention to environmental protection and will pay attention to convenience and effectiveness. They need to redefine the crowd. This also explains why more and more neutral makeup and transgender makeup are becoming more and more popular. This group of people pursue the democratization of beauty, reject perfection, advocate high authenticity, and think that everyone should feel beautiful, popular, cared for and concerned.

In response to these consumer portraits, WGSN predicted three directions of beauty in spring and summer of 2024.

On the basis of exploring the integration of new and old, nature and man-made, WGSN believes that one of the trend themes of the beauty industry in the coming year is "blurred". These include meta-cosmic inclusiveness, space beauty, biotechnology, DNA skin care, healing beauty, healthy journey, from seeds to skin and many other development directions.

"If you want to impress consumers with the concept of" flowing state "and" digital talent ",you can combine it with beauty cosmetics in the direction of meta-universe and space beauty, such as skin care brand Youshiyan, and use consumers’ interest in space-related product design and interstellar aesthetics to cooperate with China Aerospace Culture Bureau to design its anti-wrinkle eye cream product 2.0, which presents a very space-like packaging."

Meng Shuping said that as the real and virtual fields become more interchangeable and people don’t care much about the differences between them, in this era background, the blurred theme highlights the dazzling design, immersive world and illusory solutions. At a deeper level, the confusing theme is rooted in the reality that the world is facing unprecedented challenges and how to deal with these challenges in an alternative or even speculative way. Here, science and science fiction are in perfect harmony, because creative people and scholars explore how to use the virtual world and enter Tuobang (a more active and pragmatic utopia) to explore new solutions for the real world.

"Chengfang" is the second trend direction of the beauty industry. Through freedom of expression and passion for cross-category innovation, this theme embraces multiple personalities, breaks away from convention and challenges the beauty narrative of the past. The main development directions are: a new generation of expressionism, hangover remedy, remodeling basic models, Gothic aesthetics, meaningless age beauty, new masculinity, embarrassing beauty needs and so on.

First of all, in the happy, naughty and innovative expressionism, bold, bright and flamboyant colors are the key. Global Google trends show that in the past 12 months, the search volume of "rave makeup" has increased by 250%, among which the search volume of "glitter eye shadow" has increased by 250%.

"hangover remedy" is combined with the rich nightlife of modern young people. The products focus on quick repair and makeup to meet the needs of young consumers’ living conditions; "Remodeling basic models" is to reshape basic products such as masks and mascara according to the preferences of young consumers. "Gothic aesthetics" is based on the return of punk culture, adding a large number of personalized metals and irregular metals to products, making products more cool.

"Unnecessary Age Makeup" will break away from convention, attract millennials and Generation X, and seek expressive makeup. The data shows that by 2025, cosmetics for people over 40 will become a growth area, because older millennials and Generation X will continue to use makeup as a source of happiness and a tool for self-expression, regardless of age restrictions.

With the increase of life expectancy of the global population, people no longer regard cosmetics as the patent of young people, and older people will continue to use cosmetics. It is estimated that by 2025, the global population over 60 will double to 2.1 billion (data from WHO).

"Anju" is the third trend direction of the beauty industry.

WGSN believes that with the readjustment of values, consumers advocate the value of interdependence and the power of adaptation and recovery.

On the functional level, this direction focuses on products that satisfy our sense of happiness and security. This can be expressed in the form of healing design and health design. It can also be expressed in the form of ultra-practical items with great adaptability by using the power of color, light and emotion. Considering the portable and packable design, it can provide preparation and protection in an unpredictable world, which is not only suitable for traveling and nomadic lifestyles, but also able to cope with changing weather. Such as balanced beauty, fermented beauty, more convenient perfect dosage, quiet fragrance therapy and so on.

Guangdong team news: The team will be renamed, Zhao Rui’s contract renewal is controversial, and Zhang Haojia will be reimbursed in the playoffs.

It is reported that the Guangdong team will change its name, Zhao Rui’s contract renewal is controversial, and Zhang Haojia will be reimbursed in the playoffs. We also know that whether qi zhou will join the CBA team now is always a topic worthy of people’s attention.

Zhou Qi can now say that his trading matters are a topic of concern, and even Chris Paul, a former teammate in the NBA, told him, brother, in fact, you can also consider coming to the Warriors. Our team system is also very suitable for you. After all, the Warriors are absent from players like qi zhou now.

Even after he returned to CBA, he also wanted to play basketball well. Now he has learned a lot in overseas leagues, and I heard that when he returned to the team, other players asked him for advice. He also didn’t have any shelf at all. He also wanted to play for other teams and learn something new. Guangdong Hongyuan Team in CBA also came to a new topic.

According to relevant sources, the Guangdong team will change the name of its own team, and the specific name is still unknown. In addition, Zhao Rui may also leave Guangdong Hongyuan team and join Xinjiang with high probability. What do you think of this?

22+7+8 per game! Will the Lakers really regret trading Wei Shao after he returns to the "peak" in the playoffs?

After the introduction of Wei Shao in the 20-year offseason, the Lakers did not play the expected record and returned to the championship. Even that year, under the leadership of "Zhan Weimei", the Lakers even failed to break into the playoffs.

After a failed season, I thought the Lakers management would trade Wei Shao for a star who is more suitable for the team in the offseason. I just didn’t expect that the Lakers management didn’t trade Wei Shao as expected for two future first-round signings …

So that in the early stage of the new season, the Lakers have been ranked in the bottom three in the West, until the trading day deadline, the Lakers reached a tripartite deal with the Timberwolves and Jazz-Wei Shao, Anderson, Damian Jones and a first-round draft pick won Russell, Malik Beasley and Vanderbilt.

The Lakers won three consecutive victories many times and re-entered the top eight in the West.And at the end of the season, through the play-offs, successfully entered the playoffs.. Judging from the impact and results of this transaction, the Lakers management has no need to regret it at all.

And judging from Wei Shao’s overall performance of averaging 15.8 points, 4.8 rebounds and 7.5 assists after joining the Clippers, the Lakers management has no need to regret it.However, Wei Shao’s performance in the playoffs recently far exceeds his performance in the regular season, averaging 22.3 points, 7.7 rebounds and 8.3 assists, giving people a feeling of returning to the "peak".

In the series G1, Wei Shao shot 9 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists. Although he only made 3 of 19 shots on the offensive end, he brought great vitality to the Clippers with 3 blocks and 2 steals. In the series, G2 Wei Shao scored 28 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists and G3 scored 30 points, 8 rebounds and 12 assists, which seems to be completely back to the "peak". Many people think that the Lakers management should regret it …

1. Compared with pepper, Wei Shao is not suitable for Zhan Mei.After Wei Shao joined the Lakers, he has not been able to adapt to the team system and have a chemical reaction with the "Zhan Mei combination". Mainly because he and the "Zhan Mei combination" play, there is repulsion.

After all, if James at this age wants to give full play to his own advantages, he must have the ball in his hand; However, if Wei Shao wants to play it out, he must have a certain ball right in hand, so James and Wei Shao can’t maximize their output at the same time.

In addition, because Wei Shao is not good at long-range projection, thick eyebrows can only transform from the fourth position to the fifth position, and constantly expand their offensive range.In this way, the thick eyebrows also lost their dominant play, which is the main reason why the "Zhan Weimei" Big Three have been unable to play the effect of 1+1+1 greater than 3.

And with leonard and George, Wei Shao has no problem of repelling each other. Because whether George or leonard, they all have strong ability of off-the-ball and single defense, the Clippers can give full play to Wei Shao’s strength without making major changes.

2. Compared with the Clippers, the Lakers will not adapt to Wei Shao’s play at all.Judging from Wei Shao’s current shooting ability and playing style, in order to play, in addition to having enough ball rights, the overall playing style and rhythm of the team must always maintain a fast pace, so that Wei Shao can give full play to his speed advantage.

Once the team stops to play positional warfare, Wei Shao is like a toothless tiger to the team.After Wei Shao joined the Clippers, because the Clippers’ overall lineup is relatively young, they can always speed up and create an environment for him to play. In contrast, the Lakers are now dominated by James, and Ham will not choose to speed up even though he knows that it can give full play to Wei Shao’s advantage.

After all, now that James is 38 years old, the decline in physical strength not only makes him suffer from the defensive end, but once the team speeds up for a long time, Wei Shao will be comfortable, but James’ role and output will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, no matter from the matching degree of the team system or the adaptability of teammates, even if Wei Shao plays a superstar performance in the playoffs this year, the Lakers management should not regret it; Because the Lakers can’t provide an environment suitable for Wei Shao to play, Wei Shao can’t have such a performance in the Lakers …