Hua Xizi was awarded the "Excellent Case of Scientific Research and Innovation" by Xinhuanet.

Hua Xizi was awarded the "Excellent Case of Scientific Research and Innovation" by Xinhuanet.

   Comments: Domestic brands compete for "high-quality development" and start a long-term promotion competition.

  On December 3rd, on the occasion of the 2023 China Entrepreneur Blogging Forum, the second domestic brand innovation conference hosted by Xinhuanet kicked off. At the forum, the "Looking for Treasures and New Domestic Products" and a series of special plans initiated by Xinhuanet invited experts and representatives of certified enterprises to share their experiences and insights on brand innovation.

  Among them, Hua Xizi, a domestic beauty brand, emerged as a typical case of high-quality domestic products with scientific research innovation and unique brand culture positioning. Thanks to the innovation of Yuyang series and its R&D system, Hua Xizi was successfully selected as the "Excellent Case of Scientific Research and Innovation" in the "Looking for Treasures and New Domestic Products" and became the only China cosmetics brand that won the prize.

  From the development of large single products to the establishment of the research and development system of oriental beauty cosmetics, Hua Xizi is not only deeply cultivating traditional culture, but also constantly carrying out iterative upgrading of research and development, integrating traditional culture with modern technology. Behind this is a differentiated road guided by long-term doctrine and rooted in oriental aesthetics.

  Won the Xinhua News Agency award again, and Hua Xizi’s scientific research and innovation achievements were affirmed.

  In the last ten years, from foreign brands to the rise of domestic beauty brands, the beauty consumer market has undergone great changes. The wave of new domestic consumption has created more new opportunities for beauty brands, and also brought an assessment of product strength and scientific research strength. For domestic brands, in addition to adhering to the cultural core, it is more important to think about how to achieve high-quality development.

  Based on this consideration, since October, the Second Domestic Brand Innovation Conference has taken the lead in launching the "2023 Plan for Searching for Treasures of Domestic Products" and a series of special plans. Xinhuanet has launched a series of special topics by means of case collection and product evaluation, aiming to actively explore treasures of domestic products and empower domestic brands to develop with high potential.

  It is understood that since its establishment in 2016, China Entrepreneur Boao Forum has been successfully held for seven consecutive sessions, which has gathered the strength of the government, experts, enterprises, associations and other parties, focused on hot economic topics, and talked about China’s economic development on the principle of cutting-edge pragmatism. It is professional, targeted and constructive, with rich cross-border integration and exchange scenarios, and has attracted the attention of all sectors of society. It is known as the annual ideological and wisdom feast of China business circles.

  As a sub-forum, the second domestic brand innovation conference provided a high-quality communication platform for domestic brands. During the implementation of "Looking for Treasures of Chinese Products in 2023", Xinhuanet linked its all-media matrix and launched the "People’s Vote" campaign to explore the light of Chinese products in an all-round way, and selected benchmark and pioneer brands in the field of Chinese products from the dimensions of product sales, social voice, brand reputation, R&D ability, marketing innovation and industry contribution.

  Finally, according to the six dimensions of scientific research and innovation, green manufacturing, creative marketing, annual cutting-edge, sailing out to sea and commercial goodness, the high-quality domestic brands that meet the corresponding standards are selected.

  Judging from the selection mechanism, multi-dimensional and all-round comparative screening tests not only the product strength and innovation, but also the value created by the brand in the industry. It is even more difficult to stand out from hundreds of China brands, which is enough to show the weight of the award.

  Hua Xizi became the only brand in the beauty industry to be selected as an "excellent case of scientific research and innovation" in this selection activity of "Looking for Treasures in China in 2023". Different from other brands that focus on oriental beauty cosmetics, Hua Xizi has opened up a new path by herself and created a differentiated brand positioning from the perspective of "Oriental beauty cosmetics research and development system". In addition, the development logic of Huaxi Zi Yuyang series products and its oriental beauty makeup research and development system have also been highly recognized by the government, enterprises, experts and other parties.

  TOP-level scientific research investment, the research and development system of Huaxi Oriental Beauty Cosmetics has been "effective"

  "If consumers tried products with an open attitude a few years ago, now everyone will be more cautious in the process of choosing products."

  With the trend of consumption degradation, the beauty market began to show obvious polarization, and the high-end market and the low-end market went their own way, and the determinants of consumer behavior became more complicated — — Public demand gradually extends from a single function to aesthetic, emotional, social and other values.

  For example, the main tone of Oriental make-up puts forward multiple requirements: it should not only meet the needs of Asian users, but also have distinctive China characteristics. However, due to the far-reaching influence of the western make-up system on China’s make-up industry, the standards, rules and systems of China’s make-up industry have always been deeply branded with western make-up.

  In order to meet the multi-level needs of users, domestic brands must invest a lot of scientific research as soon as possible to explore and build a brand-new brand R&D system.

  1. Initiate the research and development system of Oriental Beauty Cosmetics.

  In fact, since last year, Hua Xizi announced that he would invest more than 1 billion yuan in the next five years to build a comprehensive and technologically advanced research and development system for oriental beauty cosmetics. Nowadays, through the continuous layout in the fields of product innovation, basic research and applied basic research, the research and development system of oriental beauty cosmetics initiated by Hua Xizi has achieved initial results.

  It is reported that the research and development system of oriental beauty cosmetics advocated by Hua Xizi is not a point-like exploration of combining oriental characteristics in formula or raw materials, but includes a whole system of research on the skin color of oriental skin, theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine, research on oriental raw materials, research on oriental formula, research on oriental technical system, research on oriental color system, oriental materials, oriental crafts and modern applications, so as to realize the inheritance and innovation of China’s excellent traditional culture.

  Based on the consideration of building the research and development system of oriental beauty cosmetics, the parent company of Huaxi Zi, Yige Group, has established five research and development modules, including consumer research center, cosmetics science and technology innovation center, human skin and bioelectronics research center, industrial design and CMF research and development center, and oriental aesthetics and space innovation center. Through strong R&D resources integration ability, Hua Xizi is also constantly consolidating the R&D system of Oriental Beauty Cosmetics, and has made remarkable achievements in many innovative fields.

  Looking back at Hua Xizi’s performance this year, with excellent product strength and innovative strength, Hua Xizi has won authoritative awards and honors many times, which is enough to show his excellent product strength and value creation ability.

  On May 9th, under the guidance of Xinhua News Agency, the first China Brand Global Communication Conference hosted by Xinhua News Agency Brand Studio, Xinhua News Agency News Center and Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Branch was held in Shanghai, and the Research Report on China Brand Global Communication Power (2023) was released at the same time. Simultaneously with this report, there is also a list of "Global Communication Power of China Brands". Among them, Huaxizi, as the only beauty brand, was included in the list of "TOP10 Global Communication Power of China Brands" together with Maotai, Alibaba, Huawei and China Architecture.

  In November this year, the final list of the 2023 VOGUE Beauty Awards was officially released, and Huaxizi brand won the color research and development award with the help of Little Daisha lip yarn-Mulan yarn, and made a great contribution on the international stage with "China color".

  In the same month, another heavy award in the industry — — The award of "2022 China Cosmetic Industry Brand (Lip Product Category)" selected by China Flavor and Fragrance Cosmetic Industry Association was also awarded to Hua Xizi, which affirmed her product strength, scientific and technological strength and brand influence. Having won numerous awards from industry authorities, Hua Xizi has always been leading the industry and constantly creating new values.

  2. Expand the matrix of sensitive muscle makeup products, and forge a good reputation for the jade series.

  In the "Looking for Treasures of Chinese Products in 2023", as the main case of scientific research and innovation, Huaxi Zi Yuyang series fully shows the whole link process of the brand from basic research, raw material innovation to integration into oriental beauty makeup culture, and finally transforms its product strength into product reputation.

  According to reports, on March 8 this year, Hua Xizi explained the new product value it provided to users — — "Sensitive muscles apply".

  From air honey powder and silk honey powder cake to air cushion, makeup liquid foundation and makeup spray, Yuyang series, as the trump card product line of Hua Xizi, firmly adheres to the category development route of makeup demand of users with sensitive muscles and gradually expands the product matrix of "makeup suitable for sensitive muscles".

  Thanks to the strong innovation ability of single products, the sales volume of Huaxizi Yuyang series products has always remained stable in the "upper circle" of the industry.

  According to statistics, as of November 11th, in Tmall’s beauty sub-category list, Huaxizi air honey powder is not only ranked as TOP1 in Tmall’s hot-selling list/repurchase list/praise list, but also as TOP1 in double 11’s hot-selling list under this category, with more than 112,000 people repurchased each year.

  According to the recent list data of Tik Tok Mall, a number of items of Huaxi Zi Yuyang series continue to rank first in the sub-categories. For example, air honey powder is listed on the explosion list TOP2 of non-makeup loose powder, Huaxi Zi Yuyang air cushion liquid foundation is listed on the explosion list TOP1 of makeup air cushion, and Huaxi Zi purple honey powder Yuyang fixed makeup loose powder is listed on the brand light loose powder explosion list TOP1… …

  Behind Yuyang series products is Hua Xizi’s exploration and polishing of the research and development and innovation of "China characteristics" cosmetics, which is also the initial achievement of Oriental beauty cosmetics research and development system.

  From "quantity" to "quality", research and development needs to slow down.

  Li Huiliang, chief scientist of Yige Group, has publicly stated that there is no curve overtaking in cosmetics research and development. The overall level of cosmetics enterprises in China is 15-20 years behind the advanced level in the world, whether in hardware, software or formula research.

  In order to realize the transformation from maintaining business to building brand barriers, it is the only way to improve the sense of technology and innovation of products, and it is also the biggest dividend for a long time to come. However, from an innovative point of view, most domestic brands can only keep up with the trend, but can’t really lead the trend. They have "explosive thinking" but it is always difficult to appear classic items that cross the life cycle.

  Since Huaxizi was founded in 2017, it has grown into a TOP brand of domestic cosmetics in the past five years. With the brand image of Oriental Beauty Cosmetics, it has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and has moved from China to a global layout.

  This is inseparable from the long-term adherence of Huaxizi to the product development concept of "slow research and development, fast iteration". According to reports, the average development cycle of Huaxi products is 1 year and 9 months. From the multi-dimensions of formula, raw materials, use experience, user’s touch and weight, Hua Xizi prolongs the product life cycle by polishing the product details.

  For example, in the R&D layout, Hua Xizi deeply cultivated innovative patented technologies and raw materials, and took the lead in occupying the leading position in the domestic makeup track.

  According to the data of Sky Eye Survey, as of December 5, 2023, Yige Group had 188 patents, including 62 invention patents and 26 utility model patents. The total number of patents and the number of invention patents rank first among the local enterprises dominated by cosmetics brands.

  It is reported that at this stage, Hua Xizi is combining ancient wisdom with modern science and technology to carry out basic research and applied basic research on China’s characteristic plants and mineral raw materials.

  In addition to "nephrite powder", the parent company of Huaxi Zi, Yige Group, adheres to the basic pursuit of safety, gentleness and effectiveness, and also has a number of research results in plant extracts, research on the formula of effective products aimed at the skin color of China users, etc.

  As "Oriental Beauty Makeup", "China Makeup" and "Chinese Aesthetics" gradually become synonymous with uniqueness and individuality, or even become the most important cultural support behind the beauty brand, or lack of sufficient cultural precipitation, in-depth excavation of "Chinese Aesthetics", or excessively stick to brand marketing, ignoring the integration of brand culture and modern scientific research, it will mean the loss of cultural support, and finally become a "general talk" marketing story.

  From Hua Xizi’s series of R&D actions, we can see that new product development or raw material innovation is not in a hurry, and only by "slow pace" through the product cycle can we achieve a long-term leap.

  Born in the era of awakening, new domestic brands have been endowed with extraordinary significance and high expectations by consumers because of their advantages such as admiration, technology assistance and traffic crowding.

  For Hua Xizi, the lever of Oriental beauty makeup research and development system is used to incite greater growth; The promotion of product strength with traditional cultural heritage has been deeply integrated into brand genes. On the young track of Oriental make-up, they have long realized that grasping the trend of new technology is the best way for later brands to surpass the first-time brands.

  It can be said that the competition of new domestic brands is a marathon only belonging to the long-term, and Hua Xizi is on the road of continuous acceleration.


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