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Strong cold air comes with snow and snow. It snows in many places in Zhejiang. What about you?

"Source of this article: Zhejiang Rong Media"
Zhejiang News Client Editor Fu Lingli Xu Ting
Snow is coming! Snow is coming!
She came to us in the expectation of everyone.
Known as the "coldest cold wave since this winter" arrived in Zhejiang, and a wide range of weather finally opened. It is this cold wave with strong strength, fierce cooling and wide influence that will make Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai feel zero-degree crit.
Snow-capped wonders appear in Daming Mountain in Lin ‘an.
Last night (December 24th)
It snowed lightly in the high mountain area of Daming Mountain in Lin ‘an, Hangzhou.
The branches formed a beautiful spectacle of snow.
Wan Ru walked into a white fairy tale world.
(The above picture was taken by the mountain sentry of Daming Mountain in Lin ‘an, at an altitude of 1483 meters.)
(Zhejiang news client reporter Liu Jian correspondent Chen Wencai Yang Qi)
Snowfall in many places in Chun ‘an County.
From the early morning of December 25th.
Snow fell in Yaoshan Township, Chun ‘an County.
In the early morning of December 25th, on the third day after the winter solstice, it was snowing in Banqiao Natural Village, Wenjia Village, Fu Wang Township, Chun ‘an County.
Fine snow covered the whole mountain, and the tourist attractions and facilities in Banqiao Natural Village and the houses near the distant mountains in the whole village became "gray-headed" and became the first movement to play in winter.
Banqiao Natural Village, with an average elevation of 1,100 meters, is the highest natural village in Chun ‘an County. Because of its topographical characteristics, the first snow in Chun ‘an County falls here every year, which is also the place where the snow scene lasts for the longest time.
On the morning of December 25th.
Zhongshan Township, Tonglu County, Hangzhou City
Jinglinsi Natural Village in Dashi Village ushered in the first snow this winter.
Shuangping Natural Village, Jinling Village, Pingmen Township, Chun ‘an County, with an altitude of more than 900 meters, is the highest village in Pingmen Township.
At about 4 am on December 25, the screen door ushered in bursts of snow.
So far, the snow is 1-2 cm, and the ground and crops have been covered with snow, adding beautiful colors to the earth.
Tortoise shell village in shilin town, Chun ‘an County, with an altitude of more than 600 meters, is the highest village in shilin town.
At about 6 o’clock in the morning on December 25, the hawksbill village ushered in new snow. At present, there is no snow on the ground, but the snow is still underground.
Tonglu Gaoliangting Village ushered in the first snow.
On the morning of December 25th, the Gaoliangting Village, the highest elevation in Hecun Township, Tonglu County, ushered in the first snow. The snow in the morning has reached a thickness of 3 cm. The Shengxianli International Ski Resort located in Gaoliangting Village will welcome more than 700 tourists that day.
(Zhejiang News Client Sharing Alliance Zhongshan Micro-Rong Station Zheng Zerui Wang Wei Micro-Rong Station Xu Liangjun Pingmen Micro-Rong Station Yu Rongxiao Shilin Micro-Rong Station Jiang Wenfan Hecun Micro-Rong Station Zhang Li Correspondent Yang Qi)
Main urban area
Did the friends in Hangzhou see it? Welcome friends from Zhejiang to bask in the snow ~ Video coordinates: West of Hangzhou.
(According to @ Zhejiang Weather)
Snowflakes are floating in Simingshan National Forest Park.
December 25th.
Snowflakes are floating in Simingshan National Forest Park in Ningbo.
A thin layer of snow has been faintly visible on the road and on the car.
(According to Yongpai client)
Many places ushered in the first snowfall this winter.
The cold wave affected the temperature greatly. On the morning of December 25th, the first snowfall this winter began in Huzhou.
This morning, there was light snow in mountainous areas such as Anji Shanchuan Township, Tianhuangping Town and Baofu Town, and the grassland scenic spot on the mountains and rivers was beautiful.
Correspondent Yin Jie photo
In Changxing County, it began to snow in Fangjiazhuang Village, heping town, Chaotuo Village, Xiaopu Town and Maoli Town of Si ‘an. As of 10: 00 am on the 25th, snow was still falling in some areas, and roofs, trees and vegetable fields were covered with a layer of snow.
Affected by the cold wave, from the night of December 24th to the early morning of 25th, there was sleet in some areas of Moganshan area in Deqing, and the temperature dropped to minus 4℃ in the morning. Due to the low temperature and moisture in the mountainous area, the mountains and trees are covered with layers of transparent ice crystals, and the rime scene of Yushu Qionghua appears. The white and glittering frost flowers are covered with branches, as if putting on a layer of white sweater for Moganshan.
Share Alliance Deqing Station Baiyu
(Reporter Li Shichao Ye Shilei Meng Lin Editor Xu Fang)
Snowflakes are floating in many places
On the morning of December 25th.
It began to snow in many places in Shaoxing
Shangyu Lingnan, Xinchang County shaxi town
Shihuang Town of Shengzhou, Changle Town of Shengzhou and other places.
Snowflakes are floating.
(Zhejiang News Client reporter Jin Hanqing Sun Liang Zhu Yinyan Gan Wei Sharing Alliance Shao Rong+)
Snowfall occurred in Wucheng District.
From 20: 00 on 24 December to 7: 00 on 25 December
Snowfall has occurred in Beishan Station, Luodian Town, Wucheng District, Jinhua.
Netizen who lives in Panqian Village, Jin Huashan
Photographed the world of snow and ice wrapped in white.
(According to Jinhua Daily)
The snow scene is picturesque
The first snow in Quzhou this winter fell early this morning!
Early in the morning, Xiaobian enjoyed the beautiful snow scene in the circle of friends!
Shimen Mountain, Dajuyuan Village, Liang Shi Town, Kecheng District. Ark photo
Longyou liuchun lake. Longyou release
(According to Pocket Quzhou)
Is it snowing in your place?

Ten world-class classic TV dramas that you can’t stop watching, but unfortunately they are all made abroad.

Because we started late in the field of film and television, compared with our production level in Europe and America, we may still have some shortcomings, but we have been making progress.

I believe that in the near future, we can also produce world-class classic TV dramas.

The following small series recommends 10 world-class classic TV dramas, all of which are world-class classics. Once you can’t stop watching them, you can even watch them over and over again.

Especially in the last two movies, it makes people forget about tea and rice.

one、《The Walking Dead》

Chinese name "The Walking Dead", this film can be said to be the pinnacle of "Walking Dead" movies.

The film started in 2010 and ended in 2022, lasting 12 years, with a total of 117 episodes.

It tells the story of a world full of zombies. Survivors are intrigued with each other for survival and resources. The protagonist Rick insists on his own principles, but when faced with life and death, he has to fight back with a gun.

This film is very classic, which not only reflects the goodness of human nature, but also exposes the evil of human nature.

Friends who like watching doomsday movies, this drama must not be missed.

Two、《House of Cards》

Chinese "House of Cards", a political drama series produced by Netflix, is adapted from michael dobbs’s novel of the same name.

Directed by James Frey and david fincher, adapted by Beau Willimon, starring kevinspacey fowler, robin wright, michael kelly, Lars Micol Sen, kate mara and Christine Connolly.

The play mainly describes the story of a cold-blooded American congressman and his equally ambitious wife "operating power" among the top in Washington.

Frank Underwood, the hero, is the whip of the majority party in the US House of Representatives and a wily professional politicians. He firmly believes that the newly elected President of the United States and his aides betrayed him, so he vowed to oust this president, and he launched a series of arrangements by hook or by crook.

The finished version of the first season of House of Cards premiered globally on Netflix on February 1, 2013, and now it has been broadcast to the fifth season.

The excellent production and compact plot of this play make it enjoy high reputation and attention all over the world. These TV dramas are all classics, with excellent plots and actors’ performances, which are worth staying up late to watch.

3、《Breaking Bad》

Breaking Bad: It tells the story of an ordinary high school chemistry teacher who, after discovering that he has cancer, began to use his knowledge to make drugs, and then gradually became a drug tycoon.

His purpose of making drugs is actually very simple, just to earn more money for his family. He is actually a very loving person.

However, he ignored the love of others!

four、《The Big Bang Theory》

"The Big Bang Theory" This is a CBS comedy, which is very classic. It mainly tells some happy stories that a group of theoretical physicists and their friends met in their lives.

The script and actors of the play are excellent, especially Jim Parsons and Johnny Garic.

5、《The Wire》

FireWire, a HBO political drama, takes Baltimore as the background and discusses the relationship among drugs, politics, media and community. The script of the play is excellent, and there are many excellent actors, including Dominic West, Ian McShane and Wendell Pierce.


Lost is an ABC sci-fi TV series, which tells the story of survivors living on a desert island after a plane crash. The plot of the play is very complicated, and there are many amazing reversals.

This TV series is very popular in China. When I was studying English at school, the teacher took this gathering as an example.

seven、《The West World》:

"westworld" is a sci-fi series released by HBO in 2016. The idea originated from the 1973 film of the same name, with jonathan nolan as the general director, michael crichton as the chief screenwriter and Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins and ed harris as the main actors.

The play tells the story of a giant high-tech adult paradise with westworld as its theme, which provides tourists with the satisfaction of killing and sexual desire. With the receptionists’ independent consciousness and thinking, they begin to doubt the nature of the world, and then wake up and resist human beings.

This TV series is very classic, but because it is a restricted TV series, it may not be watched in China.

8、《Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.》

S.H.I.E.L.D. or S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, this TV series is very well-known in China.

It is a real-life sci-fi action series produced by Marvel TV, and it is also a part of Marvel movie universe.
The series is adapted from the Marvel comic organization SHIELD, but the protagonist is a human agent, not superheroes such as Iron Man and Hulk.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is a special force of the International Security Council dedicated to dealing with all kinds of strange events.
In addition, in Marvel Comics movies, the former director of SHIELD is Nick Fury, and the former commander is Maria Hill. In the drama, the main opponent is the evil organization Hydra founded and continued by Red Skull …

9、《Game of Thrones》

Chinese name "Game of Thrones", I believe many people have seen this drama.

Quan You is almost the ceiling of TV series, and no TV series can compare with it in terms of popularity.

This is a fantastic drama set in the overhead world of Westeros, which is loved by audiences all over the world with its wonderful plot and high-level cast. It includes a large number of violent and pornographic scenes, as well as complex character relationships and reversed plots, which makes it difficult for the audience to extricate themselves.

In particular, "Dragon Mother" Amelia, with her beautiful face, reaped waves of audiences.

Once the play is on, you can’t spare time for dinner!

Ten"Prison Break"

Why put Prison Break at the last finale? Because it is the most classic TV series in my heart.

Before I met my girlfriend when I first went to college, I met her first. In order to catch up with her, I suffered for a week (one episode a week), and then downloaded it by software and saved it on the hard disk. During the holiday, I watched it with my classmates, and I really didn’t think about tea and rice.

Prison Break is a story about saving lives. The protagonist Michael is an architect, and his brother was framed, which happened to be in the prison he designed.

In order to save his brother, Michael was deliberately arrested and then began his escape plan from prison. The process of his escape from prison, his successful escape, his re-imprisonment in his escape career, and his final collection of evidence in order to get rid of the crime …

Michael is a genius here, he is proficient in the application of mechanics, mathematics, chemistry and so on. The most important thing is that he is also a thief and handsome!

Wentworth Miller’s wonderful performance also won him the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

This is a TV series not to be missed, super classic and personal favorite!

Mutual benefit Zhang! Fujian Men’s Basketball Team Official: Li Zhanglin officially joined the team.

Live broadcast on August 4 th, Fujian men’s basketball team officially announced that Li Zhanglin officially joined the team.

The original text reads:

In order to better prepare for the new season and improve the team’s competitive level. Fujian SBS Xunxing Basketball Club reached the following intentions with Shanxi SDIC Professional Basketball Club and the players themselves: Li Zhanglin joined Fujian SBS Xunxing Basketball Club.

Our club will submit the registration materials to the CBA League. After approval and publicity, Li Zhanglin will officially become a registered player of our club and represent our club in the CBA League in the new season.

Li Zhanglin was born on July 29, 1997, with a height of 2.03 meters. He is a power forward in the field. As the scoring king of CUBA history, in 2019, Li Zhanglin was selected for the Olympic men’s basketball team. Li Zhanglin was selected by Shanxi Guotou Professional Basketball Club in the third place in the first round of CBA draft in 2021. He also represented the men’s basketball team of Shanxi Fenjiu Co., Ltd. in the CBA League for two seasons. In the 2021-2022 season, Li Zhanglin played 9.9 minutes per game, scored 3.3 points and 1.8 rebounds, and hit 42.9% from three-pointers. In the following season, due to injuries and other factors, Li Zhanglin only played two games. Welcome Li Zhanglin to join Fujian SBS Xunxing Basketball Club, and expect him to play more exciting games with his teammates through his own performance, so as to help Fujian Xunxing Men’s Basketball Team in the new season.

Thanks to the strong support of Shanxi SDIC professional basketball club, I look forward to maintaining good cooperation and exchanges with my brother clubs and contributing to the development of the club and the league together. At the same time, I also thank the fans for their support and encouragement to Fujian SBS Xunxing Basketball Club. The home team will also work hard and go all out to create better results in the new season!

Nine professions are about to disappear, and doctors may disappear in the future? Will all be replaced by artificial intelligence?

Introduction: With the development of artificial intelligence, more and more industries are being replaced by artificial intelligence, and many plots we see in science fiction stories have become reality, such as driverless and self-help shopping. The first thing that artificial intelligence replaces is simple and repeatable industries, and there are some industries that require few algorithms. Therefore, with the development of artificial intelligence, more occupations may be replaced in the future, and more and more workers will be replaced.

Now, some experts have evaluated and compared all professions, and compared their advantages and disadvantages and substitutability, thus drawing a conclusion that there may be nine professions completely disappearing from history in the future, including the doctor profession on which we are very dependent. How is this? Let’s take a look at the nine occupations.

I. Judges

This will happen in many international competitions now. There are no referees in the stadium, and there will be many high-definition cameras running around the stadium at high speed to record the competition process, which can not only record the most wonderful high-energy moments, but also prevent the contestants from breaking the rules. Therefore, in the near future, judges will also be replaced by machines.

Second, the translator

In this world, every country has its own language, which is a great thing. This is a splendid civilization in the world. Before, there was little communication between China and foreign countries, and foreign language learning was not taken seriously, so the foreign language level was very low. However, because the cultural level of our country has been improving, almost every young person can speak one or several languages now, and there is basically no obstacle to communicate with foreigners.

Nowadays, the translation software is very advanced. As long as what you want to express is input into the software, the software will automatically translate it, and even some software can read it directly. Therefore, in the near future, the translation industry may gradually fade out of people’s horizons.

Third, the programmer

Programmers are called "elites" in the network age. However, with the increasing intelligence of computers, various artificial intelligences have begun to rise. For example, ChatGPT, which is very popular recently, can automatically generate reports and write its own programs. The future programmer profession is still very dangerous, and it is likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Fourth, the driver

In many sci-fi films, we can see that many vehicles in the future have been unmanned, and people can drive remotely through the network background. Although this sounds like a fantasy, in fact, the current driverless technology has been developed by technicians to be close to perfection.

When the vehicle is in an unmanned state, the vehicle can automatically avoid the surrounding dangerous objects and find the best path to reach the destination. If this technology is really popularized in the whole society, then the profession of driver may no longer be needed by society.

V. Firefighters

Now, with the development of science and technology, more and more scientific and technological equipment are used for emergency rescue and disaster relief. For example, if there is a fire, the drone can carry out fighting and rescue, and it can also use various electronic technologies to enter the fire center to detect signs of life. This rescue method can not only minimize the risk, but also minimize the casualties of rescuers. Therefore, in the near future, frontline firefighters may be eliminated.

Six, physical store sales staff

For example, in the unmanned supermarket that is very popular recently, customers can pay the bill by scanning the product code with a machine when they enter the supermarket. In addition, most large supermarkets have opened self-checkout counters now, which makes customers have a stronger shopping experience than traditional manual cashier, and there is no need to wait in line. Therefore, in the future, the sales staff of physical stores may be replaced.

Seven, assembly line workers

The continuous improvement of machine automation level has triggered a brand-new industrial revolution. Today’s production machines are highly intelligent, and many factories have realized full-line automatic production, and the industry of assembly line workers will soon be eliminated.

Eight, gas station staff

As we all know, the gasoline added in the current gas station is refined. The annual output of crude oil is limited, and it is an unsustainable energy source. At present, there is no substitute for crude oil. If there is no oil, there will be no gas station and no gas station staff. The survival of this position is closely related to the exploitation of oil resources.

Nine, the doctor

Now, when you go to see a doctor, you always use all kinds of equipment to examine the patient first, and then the doctor can treat the patient. If there are enough medical records in the medical database, patients can do self-help, and at the same time, the rate of missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis can be reduced.

Although it has not yet begun to replace doctors, "cloud consultation" has been carried out in some areas. Where the doctor industry should go in the future depends on the development level of artificial intelligence.

Summary: The above nine occupations may disappear in our society in the future and be completely replaced by artificial intelligence. These occupations can be realized by simple algorithms of artificial intelligence and are simple and repeatable. Compared with artificial intelligence, our most precious thing is our creativity and imagination, so if we want to be replaced by artificial intelligence, everyone should improve their abilities in these two aspects. In the future, there will be more and more industries that artificial intelligence can replace. Everyone should pay attention to job competition and beware of machine replacement.

What do you think of this? Welcome to leave a comment.

After 3-0, 1-2, the Serie A champion team became worse, shooting 28 goals, making it the first defeat in history, and Milan had a good chance.

In the 26th round of Serie A, Naples won 2-0, which means that they are back on the right track after the last round of defeat. They scored 68 points and were far ahead in the championship, which also shows that the other four teams can only reach the second place at most. From the point of view of points, originally Inter Milan was most likely to hold the second place in the standings. After all, after the first 25 rounds, their points reached 50 points, temporarily ahead of Lazio, AC Milan and other teams!

However, with the end of the 26th round, Inter Milan, the 19th champion of Serie A, almost ruined its advantage. In this round of competition, the Nerazzurri played against spezia, and in the first round, Inzaghi led a 3-0 victory. In addition, the starting price of Vispe Zia of Inter Milan is 278.1 million euros, which shows that the Nerazzurri have won completely. Even the Nerazzurri are considered to have the strongest lineup in Serie A, and it seems that they deserve to win again. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out, and the "Nerazzurri" finally faced defeat under the frequent waste of opportunities.

From the 5th minute when lautaro got the chance to play, to the end of the first half, Inter Milan launched more than 5 attacks, but all failed, including a penalty. However, lautaro missed the penalty in the first half and became the player who missed the penalty the second time since the 2021-2022 season: 8 penalty kicks and 4 penalties. In the second half, Inter Milan stepped up their offensive. From the 46th minute to the 83rd minute, lautaro and brozovic launched attacks in vain, and finally the score was rewritten with the help of Lu Kaku’s penalty.

However, spezia’s luck was even better. In the 55th minute, Danielle Maldini was unguarded and scored from the front of the restricted area. In the 87th minute, Spezia relied on a penalty to kill the game directly, and Inter Milan lost 1-2. What we need to know is that the possession rate of the "Nerazzurri" in this battle is 38 percentage points higher than that of the opponent, and the number of shots reached 28 times, which is 7 times that of the opponent. However, it is still embarrassing that it is still impossible to win.

Interestingly, the defeat of this game is also the first defeat of Inter Milan against spezia. In the previous nine games, the Nerazzurri won eight games. It seems that the team’s instability has seriously affected a series of records! Of course, the defeat of Inter Milan is undoubtedly a good thing for AC Milan in the same city. After the first 25 rounds, the Rossoneri accumulated 47 points.

In other words, if we win this round, then AC Milan points can also reach 50 points, which is consistent with Inter Milan, and then better compete for the second place. You know, in the first 18 rounds, AC Milan beat Inter Milan and held the second place in the standings. Now it seems that Pioli is expected to lead the team to restore the victory!