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The lone ranger wants to be a sharpshooter, and it is urgent to smash the team and train new people.

Chemical reaction is very important in NBA. Stars need to learn how to play together. Just ask the Dallas Rangers. This team traded to kyrie irving at the closing date last year. The Lone Rangers are expected to win a great victory after this transaction. They didn’t meet these transaction requirements.

However, the Mavericks kept Owen this summer. This is the right thing to do. The team gave up their assets to bring in Owen. They need to see what he can do with Luka Doncic.

Considering this, they also need to strengthen other positions in the team. The Lone Rangers did well this summer, but they can use a better third option behind a vibrant backcourt. What about bojan bogdanovic of Detroit Pistons?

Trading scheme

Detroit Pistons won: G/F Tim Hardaway Jr., C JaVale McGee, 2027 first-round draft pick (DAL).

The Dallas Mavericks got: F bojan bogdanovic, G killian Hayes.

Of course, the Pistons themselves need to establish some chemical reactions. This team has one of the youngest core groups in the NBA. Unfortunately, last season, they failed to bring them together as they hoped.

After all, Cade Cunningham has been absent for most of this season. He should be a privileged player in Detroit. Without him, the Pistons can’t understand everything they have.

With this in mind, the Pistons traded Bogdanovic as an elite player to supplement their young core. It would be a bold decision to break up with Cunningham before he spends a full season with him. Is this correct?

Why did the Detroit Pistons make this deal?

I think so. Otherwise, I would not have written this article. The thing is, Little Hardaway provided enough floor space. He can perform the role the Pistons envisioned for Bogdanovic at a basic level. He is also a reliable veteran of this young team.

Giving up Hayes can also be painful. Nevertheless, it seems unlikely that he will achieve good results in the lottery selection. At the same time, because Cunningham and Jaden Ivey are in the backcourt, there is not much room for him in Motown.

Therefore, it is meaningful for him to get the first round draft pick. This is the driving force of Detroit. They can keep an experienced floor gasket and increase their draft funds. Should the Mavericks provide a draft pick for Bogdanovic?

Why did the Dallas Mavericks make this deal?

Absolutely. This is a matter of course for Dallas. After all, they are firmly in a win-win mode. This team doesn’t need to keep their draft funds. What they really need is the third scorer after Dancsics and Owen.

Bogdanovic will be perfect. There is one main difference between him and Hardaway Jr. Bogdanovic can create shooting opportunities by himself.

At the same time, the Mavericks should not miss McKee. This team kept Dwight Powell and bought Richaun Holmes this summer. They are in the middle-they just need a third choice. Of course, there is a little chemical reaction.

Six years of nothing, leaving James will reveal the truth! Durant can’t do anything, and neither can Dancsics.

After the opening of the NBA free market this summer, many teams in the west started to have competitions. The Warriors got Paul and saric. After losing the burden of Poole, they still have a chance to win the championship next season. While retaining the framework of the Western Conference, the Lakers signed four experts, Vincent+Hayes+Prince+Reddish, and their competitiveness was significantly improved. Including the signing of seven generals, Sun, the help of the four giants Durant+Booker+Bill+Ayton, including Gordon+Watanabe Xiongtai+Diop and others, made them the biggest favourites for the championship; But outside the competition, there is a team that is also buying and strengthening. They are loners. First of all, one thing is certain: the lone ranger has only one core: Dancsics. Before the opening of the free market, some American media revealed that Owen even intended to recruit James to be a lone ranger. Now it seems more like a joke.

The American media took a picture, and since Owen left James, he has achieved nothing! And Owen immediately commented back: collect this information and see what will happen in the next few years. At the beginning, after losing to the Warriors, Owen went to a party with the Warriors players, and then he swore that he must leave the Cavaliers. In the past six years, Owen was injured in 18 years and missed the playoffs; In 19 years, he hit the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs and lost to the Bucks. I came to the Nets in 20 years, got injured, and missed the playoffs again; In the summer of 21, Owen was trampled by the letter brother, and as a result, he lost to the Bucks again in the second round of the East. In the 22-year playoffs, Owen and Durant led the team and were swept by the Celtics 0-4 in the first round; Last season, before he came to the Lone Ranger, he was in the top four in the West. After he came to the lone ranger, the lone ranger missed the playoffs. Schiffer, a reporter with the Nets, once said this after Harden left: The Nets used Owen’s mistake to let Harden pay the bill.

How much do you know about the champions of the five major leagues? Manchester City Manchester United Bayern ranked in the top three!

After 33 years of waiting, Naples finally won the top league title in Italy again. For many fans, this long time may have felt quite long. However, in the five major leagues, there are still many giants whose champions are even longer than those in Naples!

Today, Xiaobian will take you back to see how long the champion shortage of the top five leagues has been:

No.1 Manchester City (44 years)

The Premier League in 2011-2012 is really an incredible season. Since local investors took over Manchester City, the strength of the team has been continuously improved, but to become a giant, they also need a Premier League championship trophy.

In this season, Manchester City successfully defeated the powerful Manchester United, twice defeated its opponents, and even scored an amazing score of 6:1 at Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United. Balotelli won the first battle in this game!

Before the last round of this season, Manchester City and Manchester United scored the same points, but Manchester City has the advantage of goal difference. As long as they win the last game, they can win the championship. However, in the face of the average strength of queens park Rangers, Manchester City fell behind 1-2 in 90 minutes.

On the other side, when Manchester United fans began to cheer for the team to win the championship, they didn’t expect Zhe Ke and aguero to score key goals one after another in injury time to help Manchester City win the victory. Aguero undressed to celebrate the scene has also become one of his personal classic shots.

And Manchester City won the championship this time, which has been 44 years since their last top English league title!

Second Manchester United (41 years)

Manchester United was a blockbuster in Ferguson’s era and swept England. Under Ferguson’s command, Manchester United won 13 Premier League titles in total! After Ferguson retired, Manchester United missed the top league title in England for a long time, and the best record was only the runner-up in the Premier League.

In the 1910-11 season, Manchester United won the top league championship in England, which was the second top league championship trophy in the team’s history. However, since then, the team has been in a downturn for a long time. Coupled with the influence of various unexpected factors, such as the outbreak of two world wars, football is no longer the main focus of people’s lives.

In the sixth League One season after the end of World War II, that is, the 1951-1952 season, Manchester United finally got its wish and stood on the podium of the top league in England.

Busby’s greatest contribution to Manchester United is definitely not from the so-called "winning the cup again after many years". Busby’s exciting factors are more from the vigorous exploration of young players. It is in this reasonable process of changing old and new that Manchester United’s record can always remain in the first group in the 1950s.

Third Bayern (37 years)

Perhaps you can’t imagine that Bayern Munich, which has occupied the dominant position in the Bundesliga for a long time, has also experienced the history of not winning the top league championship for 37 years.

In the 1931-1932 season, Bayern won the first national championship in the team’s history. Then World War II made Bayern go through various storms, and the German Jewish coach was forced to leave, which never recovered.

It was not until the 1968-1969 season that Bayern finally won the first Bundesliga championship in their team’s history, and it has been 37 years since they won the national championship last time.

At present, Bayern has won ten consecutive championships in the Bundesliga, and even this season, it is still expected to win the championship, and eleven consecutive championships are just around the corner!

4th Liverpool (30 years)

Since winning the top league title in England in 1989-1990, Liverpool has been unable to win the Premier League title for 30 years, although they have achieved the achievement of "five crowns" and won the Champions League trophy twice. In addition, they also set a runner-up record with the highest points in the Premier League.

In the 2019-20 season, Liverpool finally got what they wanted. Under the leadership of Uncle Zha, they scored 32 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses and 99 points. This is also their 19th league championship trophy.

5th Inter Milan (17 years)

During Moratti’s time, Inter Milan created brilliant achievements. However, when Massimo Moratti first entered Mei Acha, Inter Milan seemed to be a star black hole. Despite Moratti’s huge investment in the team, many bad transfer transactions and changing coaches make it impossible for the team to remain competitive in the league.

From the 1988-1989 season, Inter Milan could not win the domestic league championship again. Although they have also made some achievements in the European arena, they only won the UEFA Cup.

Due to the outbreak of Calciopoli, Juventus was punished by demotion. Therefore, Inter Milan was declared as the champion of Serie A in 2005-2006, which ended their 17-year championship drought and delighted the fans.

In the 2006-2007 season, Inter Milan performed well, accumulating 97 points with 30 wins, 7 draws and 1 loss, and successfully winning the league title. This moment actually marks the end of the championship drought that Inter fans have longed for for for many years.