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"No Devil Left" is a spy war in the earthquake reality (Figure)


  On March 26, the idol action drama "X Female Agent" will take over "No Devil Left". Tang Yan, an actress who became very popular because of rumors of a breakup, took up a gun for the first time in the play, challenging the image of a "ghost girl agent".


  On March 7, when the wonderful curtain was about to open, the main actors of the two dramas took the lead in coming to Hangzhou and appeared at the recording site of Zhejiang Satellite TV’s large-scale emotional intelligence variety show "Ace Mission Impossible". Yu Zhen, Tang Yan, and Hua Shao, the famous mouth of Zhejiang Satellite TV, had a "battle of wits and courage" first, and made a clean breast of all kinds of wonderful scenes before and after these two upcoming anti-Japanese and spy wars.


  "Ace Mission Impossible" laughed at the end, and Yu Zhen showed off in an ostentatious manner.


  This time, the crew of "Leave None Devils" who came to record "Mission Impossible" was all men-Yu Zhen, Song Jialun and Ma Shaohua, the "devil-abusing trio".


  "What a coincidence! This time on this program, the three of us are exactly the same as in "No Devil Left". The two of them, one is my eldest brother and the other is my brother, sacrificed first, and I lived to the end … and got the prize. "


  Yu Zhen, who just got off the stage, cheerfully "reported the situation" to the reporter, which showed that he was in a good mood.


  "My wife and I are at home at ordinary times. Generally, my wife and I like to watch such quiz shows. I will often answer many questions in front of the TV. This move … or this advantage is also a big reason why my wife likes me more. "


  Yu Zhen opened the chatterbox: "When we watch it together at home, she will applaud me,’ Oh, you can do this problem … you can do that problem!’" Later, when I was busy with other things, she would shout to me: hey, what is this question and what are the answers? Then I was in the kitchen, or in the bathroom, and I told her’ the answer is C’. When the answer was revealed later, she shouted,’ It’s really C!’ "He said more and more energised, and his hands kept gesticulating all over his face, showing off in an ostentatious manner.


  When Yu Zhen couldn’t "show off", Song Jialun and Ma Shaohua on his side were silent. Yu Zhen turned to look at them and said nobly, "I won this game, so today’s dinner is on me!" I am in Hangzhou, pick a restaurant and eat! "


  "No Devil Left" is better than grounding gas, and the pig slayer interprets the revenge of grassroots.


  In "No Devil Left", Zhuang Jizong, the pig-slayer played by Yu Zhen, is a common people living at the lowest level. He killed the devil angrily with a polished pig-slaying knife, and the encirclement and suppression of the devil did not rely on any careful plan, but on the rampage when he met the devil.


  "After meeting Li Zhankui, who is also full of hatred for the devils, Zhuang Jizong, who is impulsive and brave, and Li Zhankui, who is flexible and calm, became brothers and fought against the devils together." During the war, Zhuang Jizong learned to control his emotions and learn the sense of teamwork. Especially after joining the Eighth Route Army, the organization and discipline made Zhuang Jizong grow rapidly and became the soul of the anti-Japanese guerrillas in Liulin Town.


  When it was broadcast on local TV stations, No Devil Left, which was regarded as a "high-quality anti-Japanese drama" by the audience, was ranked as the number one viewing champion for many times. Yu Zhen said: "What impressed me most about this script is that the characters are very grassroots and real. I have played many anti-Japanese heroes in the past, whether it is "Secret Service Group 5" or "emissaries", they are all charming people in suits and ties. Such a pig butcher is really challenging for me. "


  Yu Zhen emphasized that Zhuang Jizong’s role is better than grounding gas: "In the past, there has never been a story of a pig killer picking up a gun to fight against Japan on the screen. This is the way for the bottom people to grow up in a special historical environment." In his eyes, this grass-roots spirit that runs through the whole play is the biggest highlight of "No Devil Left".


  The pig-killing knife can also kill devils, so there is a real prototype in World War II.


  Pig-killing knives, even stones and slingshots, seemingly insignificant things, were used by pig-killing craftsman Zhuang Jizong as weapons to punish cruel devils in Leave None Devils. However, the devils have plenty of guns in their hands, which can be said to be "armed to the teeth." Fighting against hot weapons with cold weapons has repeatedly succeeded. Will it be a way of "entertaining anti-Japanese dramas" as many netizens have said?


  "Zhuang Jizong is not a pig-killing knife, but a bundle of pig-killing knives. He uses various means to kill pigs to kill devils." Yu Zhen stressed to reporters, "He basically relies on sneak attack, just like special forces, but there is actually no frontal battlefield. I remember that during World War II, in the occupied areas of Europe, someone used a very old-fashioned gun at home to kill the Germans. But he is fighting alone, and in our play, fortunately, I have my eldest brother (Li Zhankui) to help me. Moreover, they all ambush in places like the narrow path on a dark night,’ stabbing a knife for a place’. " Yu Zhen believes that this truly reflects what is the "Wang Yang Sea of People’s War".


  In the play, the pig-killing knife lies in Zhen’s hand, and the knife falls from his hand, and he is playing tiger and tiger. However, recalling the process of killing pigs, Yu Zhen "has a lingering fear". He admits that he is actually most afraid of killing pigs.


  "The crew bought half a pig from the market and invited a professional pig killer to teach me to kill pigs. This is really a technical job." Yu Zhen recalled: "In order to let the pigs walk peacefully, I took a knife in one hand and fed the old corn beans in the other. It was still raining. The pig is quite uncooperative, refuses to eat, and keeps screaming. It was a short scene, but it was a toss-up. I was so timid that I collapsed at that time, so that I left sequelae after the scene, and I dare not eat pork in the future. "


  "X Female Agent" challenges Tang Yan, and many beautiful women dare to shoot after drinking.


  The crew of "No Devil Left" is "the man in power", so the crew of "Female Agent X" who stepped onto the stage of "Ace Mission Impossible" this time is "the mobilization of beautiful women". Tang Yan, a popular actress in the Mainland, Kong Wei, a big-mouthed beauty with the reputation of "Julia Roberts in China", and Coco and Wendy in Hua Dan. This beautiful landscape eclipsed Luo Jin and Zhang Xilin, two male compatriots in the crew.


  "X Female Agent" tells the story of Zhong Li (Tang Yan), a straightforward girl with vigorous skills and a dream of justice, who was selected as a member of the agent training camp with Tan Ruiling (Coco) and Luo Yifei (Wendy) during the Republic of China. Together, she experienced cruel international agent training, fought bravely with other students on the special training battlefield, forged a deep sisterhood, and grew into a calm, tenacious, capable and beautiful elite female agent …


  For Tang Yan, the No.1 female, Agent X is a great breakthrough for her. "The story of this play is different from any play I have shot before in terms of rhythm, suspense and action design." Tang Yan revealed to reporters that this is also the first time that she has performed as a girl with kung fu skills, and filming is very enjoyable. "Zhong Li is an agent who is the least like an agent. She is known as the Ghost Horse Elf. She has a tortuous life and is pure and straightforward. I hope the audience of Zhejiang Satellite TV will like it."


  For these "Charlie’s angels", it’s already a lot of suffering in the "special training", but it’s even more difficult to learn to play with guns. "I remember shooting the gun for two nights at the beginning …" Coco revealed.


  Why is this happening? "Because our training ground is indoors, the gunshots are ten times louder than those outside, and the bang is particularly scary." They quickly found a solution. "Everyone has a little wine, and with the strength of wine, they can carry it through the gunfire."



Japanese publisher: Three-body is out of stock, which makes more readers understand China’s novels.

  As soon as it was listed, it sold out of stock, and "Three-body" was greatly loved by Japanese readers.

  On July 4th, the Japanese version of "Three-body" went on sale, and some bookstores quickly sold out, ranking first in the list of Japanese Amazon literary works. To this end, the largest science fiction publishing house in Japan, which is responsible for the Japanese version of Three-body — — Hayakawa’s study room had to quickly explain on social media that "we are grasping the third printing, please wait a little".

  "Earth-shattering science fiction covering all aspects of human history", "Once you start reading, you can’t stop, please translate the sequel quickly" and "unparalleled imagination is really amazing" … … As early as the previous trial reading meeting, Japanese writers and screenwriters, including Hideo Kojima, Hiroki Azuma and Y? Irie, the top game designers in Japan, gave high praise, and the waist cover of the novel was full of recommendations from big coffee in the industry.

  With the Japanese version of Three-body released, Hayakawa Study also held exhibitions and sales meetings of Chinese science fiction and reasoning works in major bookstores, involving works such as short masterpieces 1-3 and Rebirth by China science fiction writer Liu Yukun, Sacrifice of Spring in the First Year by Lu Qiucha, Beijing Folding-Selected Works of Modern China Science Fiction, and Variations by Diogenes by Chen Haoji.

  SF magazine, a science fiction magazine owned by Hayakawa Study, will also publish some works of China science fiction writers and articles written by three scholars on Three-body and China science fiction in its August issue with the theme of "Three-body and China science fiction writers".

  Can the popularity of "Three-body" open the China science fiction craze in the Japanese market? The Paper interviewed Yamaguchi, editor-in-chief of the "Three-body" project team in Hayakawa Study Room, and talked about the development and present situation of Japanese science fiction and his understanding of China’s science fiction.


  The PaperHow did you feel when you first read Three-body?

  Yamaguchi crystalI once read Liu Cixin’s short stories and thought that the author might be a genius. After watching "Three-body", I believe he is a real, real genius! Reminds me of my feelings when I read The End of Childhood by Arthur C. Clarke (Arthur C. Clarke) or Base Series by Isaac Asimov (isaac asimov) when I was young. Three-body is what I want to see.

  The Paper: What touched you? How do you understand the "naokou" in the novel?

  Yamaguchi crystalExcellent storytelling ability and the author’s deep understanding of history, science and philosophy, and the perfect combination of the three. The beauty of Three-body is not only technology and knowledge, but also Liu Cixin’s powerful imagination, which constantly surprises readers and always exceeds our expectations. After Three-body won the Hugo Award in 2015, it took us three years to win the copyright of this novel in Japan.

  "Naoko" is like a metaphor against progress, rationality and peace in the real world. There are always things like Naoko in our society.

  The PaperHow do you interpret the relationship between "earthlings" and "threesomes"?

  Yamaguchi crystalI am not in favor of parallelizing or comparing the relationship between "earthman" and "three-person" with the relationship between China (or Asian) culture and western culture. It has a more universal meaning, which can be "new and old", "poor and rich", "small and big", or just "human and aliens". It is precisely because of this universality that "Three-body" is more entertaining and meaningful and has become a global bestseller.

  The PaperDo you have any expectations for sales?

  Yamaguchi crystalWe hope to sell 1 million copies of the first volume, but the goal at this stage is 100 thousand copies.

  The PaperCan you introduce SF magazine and its influence on Japanese science fiction?

  Yamaguchi crystalAs early as 1959, Hayakawa study room founded SF magazine, which is the second oldest science fiction magazine in the world. For decades, it has trained a large number of Japanese science fiction writers.

  Japanese science fiction began to sprout and develop under the influence of American science fiction. The first issue of SF magazine published the works of Arthur C. Clarke (Arthur C. Clarke), Issac Asimov (isaac asimov), Philip K. Dick (Philip K. Dick) and Robert Sheckley (Robert Sheckley), which inspired and enlightened many young people who wanted to be novelists. In addition, writers such as Robert A. Heinlein (Robert A. Heinlein), Kurt Vonnegut (Kurt Vonnegut Jr.), Ray Bradbury (ray bradbury) and William Gibson (William Gibson) are often introduced and mentioned, thus influencing a group of Japanese science fiction writers, whose works and influence are still popular and exist among readers.

  The PaperWhat is the development of Japanese science fiction? What are its characteristics?

  Yamaguchi crystalThe characteristics of Japanese science fiction are very diverse, and each generation of authors has its own distinctive characteristics. For example, the first generation of science fiction writers in 1960s, such as Sakyo Komatsu (Komatsu sakyo), Shinichi Hoshi (hoshi shinichi) and Yasutaka Tsutsui, Yasutaka Tsutsui, will surprise you when reading their works. Komatsu sakyo is famous for hard science fiction, while hoshi shinichi’s stories have fable-like flashes. Yasutaka Tsutsui is characterized by experimental novels that play abuse.

  Most of the first-generation writers have passed away. The second-generation writers in the 1970s, the third-generation writers in the 1980s, and the fourth-generation writers in the late 1980s and 1990s are still active in the literary world, publishing various types of works, such as hard science fiction, space opera, fantasy, military adventure, humor, Cyberpunk, literary science fiction and light novels.

  Japanese science fiction experienced what we call the "severe winter" in the 1990s, but in the 21st century, a new generation of writers such as Project Itoh (Project Itoh), Hitotaka Tobi (Fei Haolong), Ogawa Yishui and Toh Ubukata (Tou Ubukata) appeared, and Japanese science fiction became popular again. In particular, Project Itoh’s "Killing Organs" and "Harmony" are the milestones of the revival of Japanese science fiction.

  In addition, Japanese science fiction is closely related to comics, animation and video game industries, and classic cartoonists such as Osamu Tezuka and Reiji Matsumoto were influenced by the early science fiction movement. Even in this century, film directors such as Makoto Shinkai (Makoto Shinkai, masterpiece Your Name) and Sunao Katabuchi (film must be straight), and game producers such as Hideo Kojima (Hideo Kojima, masterpiece Metal Gear Series) are also loyal fans of science fiction.

  The PaperWhat is the popularity of Japanese science fiction in the market at present?

  Yamaguchi crystalIf we only talk about the publication of science fiction books, we can’t say that it is very big. The sales volume has been relatively stable and there are fixed readers and fans. However, if anime and animation are included, the market is huge. Many cartoons and animated films and TV programs have sci-fi elements, such as robots, time travel, future world and so on.

  However, these readers are very loyal to science fiction. They have their own reading and study groups, and they also organize activities and vote for awards. Every year, the fan group votes for the Seiun Award (the most sci-fi work and novel award in Japan), which is equivalent to the nebula award in the United States. It is also very active on social media.

  The Paper: which countries and themes of science fiction are more popular? What are the criteria you choose?

  Yamaguchi crystalScience fiction in China is very popular, and we expect that science fiction in non-English speaking areas will be the next trend. Asian science fiction mainly comes from China, and it will be a development window in the next two to three years. I hope so. There are many themes, and it is hard to say which ones are the most popular, but topics such as artificial intelligence, feminism, brain-computer interface, human-computer interface, dystopia, monitoring, robotics, information pollution, thinking uploading, genetic modification and space exploration will all have great attention and importance.

  We always pay attention to sales data and marketing data, but these figures can only explain what readers want now, not next year or five years later, which requires our professional to judge and predict the future trend. In the selection of works, in addition to Japanese local science fiction, we have also established a good cooperative relationship with Science Fiction World in Chengdu, China. Science Fiction World will also recommend some short science fiction novels from China to us, and we will also consult some of our own science fiction writers.

  The PaperWhat impression did China’s science fiction leave on you? Are there obvious characteristics differences between Chinese and Japanese sci-fi works?

  Yamaguchi crystalThe three most obvious characteristics that China’s science fiction gave me are: first, a strong imagination; Second, anxiety about the rapid growth of economy and technology; The third is the nameless fear for the future. As for the differences between the two countries, I haven’t read enough China science fiction novels to discuss the differences, but in my opinion, Cyberpunk has a greater influence on Japan, while the proportion of hard science fiction in China’s science fiction novels will be larger.

  The PaperJapanese science fiction writer Rihara Toye once said that "Japanese science fiction can’t be as influential as China’s science fiction because we don’t have Liu Yukun (English translator of Three-body)". What do you think of this statement?

  Yamaguchi crystalThat’s for sure. Japanese science fiction needs translators like Liu Yukun too much. In addition, I am very sure that the level of some Japanese writers has reached the standard of the world’s top science fiction writers, but for now, we really haven’t seen any science fiction writer who has such a great influence in the world like Liu Cixin.

  The PaperWhat impact will the hot sale of "Three-body" in Japan have?

  Yamaguchi crystalThere is no doubt that Japanese readers will want to read more China novels. We also firmly believe that Three-body will become a best seller. Hayakawa Study also plans to invest more money to develop the China book market. We hope that not only readers of science fiction, but also other engineers, scientists, researchers, scholars and intellectuals will learn about China’s novels. (The Paper reporter Xu Minghui intern Xu Hangyan)

Qingming is a good place to go for a spring outing. These places hide the beautiful spring in Yantian!

Qingming Festival


spring outing

Grave-sweeping is one of the traditional customs in Tomb-Sweeping Day, in order to express people’s yearning and admiration for their ancestors. In the past two years, due to the need of epidemic prevention and control and forest fire prevention, Shenzhen has advocated "cloud sacrifice sweeping" for citizens and friends.

Another custom in Tomb-Sweeping Day, hiking, is becoming a travel choice for more and more Shenzhen people. The sense of ceremony in spring lies in going green and embracing nature. Seeing that the small holiday is coming, Xiao Bian has carefully selected three scenic spots close to the mountains and seas, and invited everyone to visit the beauty of Shan Ye in Shenzhen in spring!

Content of this issue

01 Sanzhoutian Scenery

02 Maluan Mountain Wild Interest

03 Mid-Levels Park Belt


Sanzhoutian scenery

Where exactly is Sanzhoutian mentioned by Shenzhen people?

Sanzhoutian, which we often talk about, is located.Yantian districtLonggang DistrictandPingshan districtAn area at the junction. There are 6 reservoirs and large and small peaks in the area, withNatural scenery of reservoirandCha chan Tian yuan styleFamous. You can not only breathe through it.High negative oxygen ionThe concentration of fresh air, you can also overlook the sea and see the mountains and seas!

Recommended scenic spots

First choice for mountaineering and hiking:Meishajian

Parent-child education through fun:Gengzi Shouyi sculpture garden

Rite Buddha and Zen life:Dahuaxing temple

Recommended reason

Of course, the most famous scenic spot in Sanzhoutian isoct eastBesides, OCT in the east has beautiful scenery, which benefits from the natural nature of Sanzhoutian scenery. These scenic spots recommended by Xiaobian today are all in the OCT area in the east.Free scenic spotsDo you want to spend a penny?Enjoy the 360 scenery of Sanzhoutian without dead ends.Come to these places!

Climb high and overlook

There is a panoramic view of the mountain.

Feel the majestic spirit of Sanzhoutian.

Let’s experience the wildness of hiking on Maluan Mountain again.

Green field pursuit

It’s even more emotional ~


Maluanshan wild interest

(Source: Xiaohongshu @ Udon who loves to eat)

How many entrances are there in Maluan Mountain?

(Source: Shenzhen Local Treasure)

There are 7 entrances to Maluanshan Country Park, in clockwise order.BilingEntrance (northwest gate),HuangzhukengEntrance,MaluanEntrance,ChiaoEntrance,XiaomeishaEntrance,dameisha beach parkEntrance andoct eastEntrance. The scenery of each entrance is very different, so you can choose the nearest entrance according to your location.

Recommended entrance

(Source: Xiaohongshu @ 嗮嗮嗮嗮嗮)

The first choice for watching waterfalls and going upstream:Biling entrance (northwest gate)

Meiyuan leisure flower viewing:Xiaomeisha entrance

Visiting Hakka villages:Maluan entrance

Recommended reason

(Source: Xiaohongshu @ 嗮嗮嗮嗮嗮)

Maluanshan Country ParkThe average altitude is 300-590 metersSurrounded by green plants, waterfalls and streams, the temperature is perennial.It is 3℃ lower than the urban area.If the weather in Shenzhen recently makes you feel hot and clear.Summer resortIt must be Maluanshan Country Park!

What? Do you think Maluan Mountain is too far away?

Ask Xiaobian if there is.Through subwayXanadu?

Of course there is!

Reservoirs, waterfalls, bridges and streams

Hiking, sea watching, flower viewing and camping.

Mid-level park belt

Can satisfy all your fantasies about hiking!


Mid-level park belt

What are the scenic spots in the Mid-Levels Park Belt?

The Mid-Levels Park Belt is a total length.69 kilometersMid-levels fire patrol trail network, includingThree waterfallsFour reservoirs6 parksand13 viewing platformsThere are as many as 23 entrances! The scenic spots recommended by Xiaobian "Wall Crack" are:Mandarin Duck Valley Scenic Area, Enshang Reservoir and Enshang Wetland Park.And along the wayViewing platform.

Recommended scenic spots

Secret state of Chengche Reservoir:Enshang reservoir

Small bridges and flowing water in the forest garden:Mandarin Duck Valley scenic spot

Overlooking the beautiful mountains and seas:Sightseeing platform along the way

Recommended reason

The Mid-Levels Park Belt, which was just fully opened during the Spring Festival this year, only took more than a month to go from obscurity.Small transparent"Become a newcomer in Yantian District"Internet celebrity",the coexistence of face value and strength is the most important reason. During the Qingming holiday, bring friends and family, and stroll through the Woods and flowers together. The Mid-Levels Park Belt is the best choice!

Green can not only bring people a good mood, but also represent hope. The Qingming Festival has a pleasant climate, and the spring rain moistens everything, which is the best time to enter Shan Ye.Climb high and overlook, watch the waterfall go upstream, and see the forest among the flowers.The limited scenery in spring is ready. Keep up with the pace of Xiaobian and set off for these hidden beautiful scenery!

Source: Changyou Yantian, Xiaohongshu, Shenzhen Local Treasure, Yantian District Media Center.

Overall production: Yantian District Media Center

What does the official unveiling of the State Financial Supervision and Administration mean?

  BEIJING, May 18 (Zhongxin Finance Gong Hongyu Xie Yiguan) On the morning of May 18, the State Financial Supervision and Administration was officially unveiled at No.15, Beijing Financial Street.

  As a red curtain slowly falls, China’s new round of institutional reform in the field of financial supervision has taken an important step.

  What’s the function?

  According to the "Party and State Institutional Reform Plan", the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau is responsible for the supervision of the financial industry except the securities industry, strengthening institutional supervision, behavioral supervision, functional supervision, penetrating supervision and continuous supervision, coordinating the protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests, strengthening risk management and preventive disposal, and investigating and handling illegal acts according to law, as an institution directly under the State Council.

  The State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau was established on the basis of the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, and the daily supervision duties of the People’s Bank of China on financial holding companies and other financial groups, the protection duties of financial consumers and the investor protection duties of the China Securities Regulatory Commission were assigned to the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau.

  At the same time, the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission is no longer retained, and the supervision pattern of "one line, two meetings" has become a thing of the past.

  What’s the point?

  In the eyes of many market analysts, the establishment of the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau is based on the background that China’s separate supervision system is not suitable for the comprehensive operation trend of the financial industry, and the communication between financial supervision departments is not smooth and coordination is insufficient.

  Dong Ximiao, chief researcher of Zhaolian, said that in recent years, after a period of rapid development, China’s financial industry has generated and accumulated certain financial risks, which has affected financial development and stability to some extent.

  This year’s government work report pointed out that major economic and financial risks should be effectively prevented and resolved, and the prevention of regional and systemic financial risks should be emphasized.

  Ming Ming, chief economist of CITIC Securities, said that the establishment of the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau can form a joint regulatory force in a timely and effective manner in the face of risk events, and gradually establish a regulatory framework that conforms to the innovative development characteristics of modern financial mixed operations, keep the bottom line of systemic financial risks and standardize the trading behavior between financial institutions and investors.

  In addition, Dong Ximiao mentioned that after the reform of the financial supervision system, the "double peaks" supervision with China characteristics has further revealed its clues — — The People’s Bank of China is mainly responsible for monetary policy and macro-prudential supervision; The State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau is responsible for the supervision of the financial industry except the securities industry and the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers. The CSRC is responsible for the supervision of the capital market and increasing the responsibilities of auditing the issuance of corporate bonds.

  After the re-allocation of functions, Dong Ximiao believes that the unified responsibility of the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau for financial supervision except the securities industry will help reduce regulatory gaps and regulatory overlap, and implement behavioral supervision and functional supervision.

  What’s the action?

  The reporter noted that on the 18th, the official WeChat of the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, WeChat official account, was launched simultaneously, and the official website of the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau was officially launched.

Screenshot of official WeChat WeChat official account of State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau.

  Earlier, on the afternoon of May 10th, the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau held a meeting of leading cadres. The responsible comrades of the Organization Department of the Central Committee announced the central decision: Comrade Li Yunze was appointed Party Secretary of the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau.

  On March 28th, official website, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission released the Department Budget of State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau (China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission) for 2023.

  The document shows that in 2023, the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau is expected to send 2,000 inspection teams of banking institutions and check about 2,500 banking institutions; It is estimated that about 800 inspection teams of non-bank institutions will be dispatched and about 800 inspections of non-bank institutions will be conducted; It is estimated that there are about 23 supervision cases and about 40 supervision and inspection cases.

  Specifically, first, for banking institutions, a series of comprehensive inspections, special inspections and online inspections will be carried out in 2023, highlighting the reform of small and medium-sized banks, effectively preventing systemic risks, continuously filling the shortcomings of the regulatory system, standardizing the financial market order, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and improving the quality and efficiency of serving the real economy.

  Second, the special inspection of non-bank institutions will focus on key institutions, and select market entities such as insurance companies, trust companies and financial asset investment companies to carry out targeted on-site inspections. The inspection contents include risk management and effectiveness of internal control of insurance companies, implementation of major policies of agricultural insurance companies, compliance inspection of key businesses of other non-bank institutions, and compliance inspection of small and medium-sized non-bank institutions. (End)

On New Year’s Day holiday, officers and men of the Armed Police Force stick to their positions all the time to ensure the safety of people’s travel.

CCTV News:During the New Year’s Day holiday, the passenger flow in many scenic spots and transportation hubs increased. Yesterday (December 30th), the national railways, highways, waterways and civil aviation are expected to send 41.768 million passengers, an increase of 73.3% over the first day of New Year’s Day holiday in 2023. The officers and men of the armed police stick to the battle position all the time to ensure the safety of passengers everywhere.
In view of the increase in passenger flow during the festival, officers and men of Tianjin Armed Police Corps used a combination of foot patrol and fixed-point alert to patrol scenic spots, important transportation hubs, crowded places and other places, so as to increase patrol density and ensure the safety of personnel travel.
Tourist Zhang Wenyujie:The scenery of the ancient cultural street is really beautiful, especially in such cold weather, it is really hard to see the patrolling armed police officers and soldiers, and I am very grateful to them.
As a popular tourist city, Kunming has attracted many tourists from all over the country to punch in, and the average daily traffic has increased by more than 70,000 people. A few days ago, the officers and men of Kunming detachment of Yunnan Armed Police Corps adopted a combination of fixed-point vigilance and armed patrol to strengthen the duty patrol at various stations of the railway station, maintain order at the scene in crowded areas such as the entrance, waiting room and exit, and also provide warm-hearted help for passing passengers to ensure safe and smooth travel of passengers.
As one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia, the average daily passenger volume in hangzhou east railway station during New Year’s Day was as high as 294,000. The officers and men of the Hangzhou detachment of the Armed Police Force and the public security department have strengthened the coordination between the military and the ground, established a comprehensive control network covering points, lines and areas, and made every effort to ensure the safe travel of passengers.
Chen Pengyu, Hangzhou detachment of Zhejiang Armed Police Corps:During the New Year’s Day holiday, the West Lake Scenic Area also attracted many foreign tourists. We adopted fixed-point vigilance and foot patrol, and added duty personnel to the sections with many people at the entrance and exit of the scenic area to escort passengers to travel safely.
(Source: CCTV)

The sales of "deep" high-end beauty cosmetics have fallen sharply, and the desire of middle-class women to protect their faces is declining?

Reporter | Viann

Editor | Zhou Zhuoran

Since late January, Simei, who has been isolated at home, has found that cosmetics are useless. Due to the inconvenience of going out and poor logistics, she hardly bought beauty products.

During the epidemic, there were not a few people who reduced the consumption of beauty products. According to the data obtained by Bain, a management consulting company, and Alibaba Tmall, the online sales of beauty products decreased by 30% from the first day of the first month to the thirteenth day of the first month (January 25th to February 6th) in the Spring Festival in 2020, among which the high-end beauty products were more affected, with a decrease of 40%.

Estee Lauder’s performance fluctuated greatly during the epidemic. After combing the data of ECdataway Dataway, we found that the brand’s sales dropped by more than 75% year-on-year in the two weeks from February 8 to February 21. After ranking 100 in the brand sales list, it became the first in Tmall’s beauty care category from February 22 to February 28. This may be because Taobao Live Li Jiaqi broadcasted two Estee Lauder products on February 27.

Shiseido Group previously said that the sales volume of its four top brands in China decreased by more than half during the New Year.

At the same time, affordable beauty brands have been hit relatively lightly.

According to the data of ECdataway Dataway, during the five weeks from January 25th to February 28th, the sales of high-end beauty brands in Tmall beauty category fluctuated greatly, while the low-priced brands such as L ‘Oreal, Perfect Diary, Huaxizi and Yuze remained relatively stable in the top 15 of the weekly sales list.

Although with the passage of time, the beauty category market gradually began to resume growth, the difficulties faced by high-end beauty brands may be long-term.

During the epidemic, the online sales of high-end beauty brands declined significantly. Bain and Tmall explained that the social needs of Generation Z (born in 1995-2009), young people in small towns and cutting-edge white-collar workers declined, and they contributed more than 50% of the sales of this category in 2019, so the sales dropped significantly.

But this is not the whole reason. The frustration of high-end beauty brands is also related to their special brand attributes.

Yu Jian, general manager of Kaidu Consumer Index Greater China, told interface fashion that high-end beauty products, unlike cheap beauty brands, also bear the gift function like luxury goods.

Valentine’s Day is the traditional sales season for high-end beauty brands, but this year’s high-end beauty brands are probably "lover robbery".

After combing the Tmall sales data of ECdataway Dataway, it was found that the sales of high-end beauty brands generally declined on Valentine’s Day and the week before the holiday (February 8-February 14).

Among them, Lancome sales decreased by 12.8%, Estee Lauder sales decreased by 60.2%, Snow Show sales decreased by 41.7%, CPB sales decreased by 44.3% and SK-II sales decreased by 2.3%.

However, in a special period, even if online sales decline, it is a timely help. What makes high-end beauty brands even more headache is that tourism retail, which they regard as a channel for growth, almost completely failed during the epidemic.

Tourism is always closely related to shopping, and the most crowded people in duty-free shops are always the beauty counters with fragrance. According to the data of Generation Research, a French tourism retail research institution, the total sales of tourism retail channels reached 79 billion US dollars in 2018, of which perfumed products accounted for 31 billion yuan. Beauty products are undoubtedly the largest category of tourism retail in the world.

Shiseido Group, Estee Lauder Group and L ‘Oré al Group all emphasized the importance of tourism retail to the group in their financial year 2019 performance reports, and it was even the fastest growing channel for Shiseido last year.

More than a month ago, these beauty groups should have ushered in a small sales peak by taking advantage of the East Wind of Spring Festival travel. However, according to the data of the Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Administration, the national civil aviation passenger flow in Spring Festival travel rush decreased by 47.5% within 40 days (January 10-February 18), of which the passenger flow plummeted by 86% from February 1 to February 18.

People greatly reduce their travel, so naturally they can’t and have no time to shop during the trip.

Shiseido CEO Masahiko Yutani previously revealed that after the outbreak, whether in department stores, pharmacies or duty-free shops, they obviously saw the impact of the decrease in China tourists on sales. Analysts at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities believe that Shiseido’s sales in the Asia-Pacific region including China and duty-free shops will decrease by 20%.

Because of the "avalanche" of tourism retail channels, in late February, Estee Lauder Group even offered a huge discount of 60% for three or more brands in duty-free retailers at airports such as duty-free shops in Japan.

Although the epidemic will always pass, high-end beauty brands are still worried that after the epidemic, the target group will become cautious in consumption and will take the initiative to downgrade beauty products.

Since the Chinese New Year, almost all walks of life have heard the news that the company’s cash flow is tight. Startups are struggling to save themselves, and large companies have successively implemented measures such as layoffs and employee pay cuts.

The middle class with houses, cars and loans should have been loyal customers of high-end beauty brands, but an epidemic will force them to grow.

Sun Xiaoji, a financial writer, said in an interview with Interface Culture that the outbreak of the epidemic gave people a rare opportunity to reflect on consumerism.

Sun Xiaoji suggested that people "get rid of the illusion of the middle class", control their desire for consumption, increase their desire for income, use their money for investment and savings, and don’t buy meaningless goods. "When you have to spend money, you can treat every expenditure as an investment."

However, consumers’ demand for high-end beauty products still exists, and brands also have opportunities to seize.

According to the data of the business staff, in February, the number of views, collectors and times of collection of Tmall cosmetics increased slightly, and the trend of beauty and skin care categories became more intense, with the number of views, collectors and times of collection rising sharply, with the growth rates of 64.09%, 39.10% and 77.80% respectively.

This means that in the days when people are isolated at home, although they have reduced shopping, they have more time to learn about beauty knowledge. Simei planted many new products, and saved two months’ salary when she went out, so she was going to buy them in buy buy after the epidemic.

L ‘Oré al Group called it the consumption base of beauty products at the presentation of "Cloud Release" China development strategy. Once the situation improves, beauty lovers will release their pent-up shopping desire.

After all, China women’s demand for beauty products should not be underestimated, and now they are the most mature consumers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Tao Jun, Director of Consumer and Market Insight of L ‘Oré al China, said that the overall penetration rate of female consumers in China in skin care products is close to 100%, and all categories are basically the same as those in South Korea, even surpassing South Korea in eye cream and mask, with an average of 13.8 skin care products.

In China, some high-end beauty brands have strengthened the operation of "private domain traffic" in sales channels.

On February 1st and 2nd, the sales of skin care brand Lin Qingxuan’s Wuhan store soared, and its performance rose to the second place in the country. On February 15th, Lin Qingxuan’s offline performance even increased by 45% compared with the same period of last year, and most of these sales were completed by digital platforms such as shopping guides and live broadcasts.

Lin Qingxuan told interface fashion that as of the end of February, 337 direct-operated stores had basically achieved the same performance as the same period of last year through digitalization. From March 1 ST to March 8 th, Lin Qingxuan’s whole network sales increased by 513% year-on-year.

Prior to this, half of Lin Qingxuan’s offline stores had been closed from the first day of the Lunar New Year to the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, and his performance plummeted by 90%. Sun Chunlai, the founder, once said that the cash flow could only last for two or three months at most, and tapping private domain traffic made Lin Qingxuan temporarily out of the predicament.

Fan Yijin, vice president of Tencent Smart Retail, said at the online summit of beauty private domain traffic held by Jumeili and Tencent Advertising that according to interviews with consumers, store managers and shopping guides and BCG analysis of consulting company, when brand store managers and shopping guides have 300 customer friends and 30 ~ 50 customers who interact frequently, and interact with consumers at least once every 1 ~ 2 months, and chat for 3 ~ 5 minutes each time, the service capacity of sales terminals can be improved by 9 ~ 10 times, and the repurchase rate of consumers can be improved.

Lin Qingxuan told the interface fashion that after the epidemic, Lin Qingxuan will also increase the digitalization of live broadcast, and upgrade to Lin Qingxuan’s digital live broadcast store on the basis of existing direct stores, which will increase the user experience and form two dimensions of online content dissemination and offline service experience that reach consumers.

However, private domain traffic is not a treasure mine that all high-end brands can tap. Song Xing, founder and CEO of Fanyan Consulting, said at the online beauty private domain traffic summit that China companies of international beauty brands are limited by overseas headquarters’ control over brand tonality and other aspects, and it is difficult to respond to some domestic trends quickly, so they may miss the tide of private domain traffic.

On the other hand, private domain traffic is a sudden rise during the epidemic. It seems to be a temporary savior, but its future development trend is still not clear. With the gradual overload of private domain information, some users have begun to quit the WeChat group full of sales links.

For mid-to-high-end beauty brands, the way to retain customers may be to enhance brand power and establish emotional ties with them. In Yin Kuo’s view, the middle and high-end beauty products are perceptual goods, and consumers will still be willing to use the customary beauty brands in the long run.

The efficacy of beauty products is difficult to be measured intuitively, and the consumption of high-end beauty products belongs to emotional consumption. What high-end brands need to do is to find the button that triggers consumers’ emotions.

Yu Jian believes that as long as China consumers yearn for a better life, the beauty market will be full of various possibilities.

Lose the sparring team for 2 consecutive games! Owen supports the American men’s basketball team: don’t take it too seriously. It happens sometimes.

Live on August 5 th, the US Men’s Basketball World Cup Training Camp is being held recently. The American Men’s Basketball World Cup team lost to the sparring team for two consecutive games and 10 minutes each.

Owen forwarded the report and wrote: "It happens at this time. This is part of the game. Every player in the American men’s basketball team is trying to find his own role and fight for playing time. You have to give the world cup players time to get to know each other and don’t take this report too seriously. "

Right now, Wei Shao, 35, has set an amazing record: he scored 37 high scores of 0 penalty and 0 penalty, and the second person in history was born.

# Hundred Watching Teams #

On April 23rd, Beijing time, the NBA playoffs continued. The Clippers still lost to the Suns 100-112, because both leonard and George missed the game. Now the big score is 1-3, and it is only a matter of time before they are out. The Clippers are unlucky. They originally had the chance to compete for the championship. Now, due to the injuries of two superstars, they will encounter the first round of the tour. The gap is too big. However, the Clippers have also won people’s respect, especially Wei Shao, who got a basic salary of 780 thousand, but carried the team forward, which is really admirable. From the schedule, the Clippers were ahead with seven points in the first quarter. However, in the last three quarters, the Suns gradually gained the upper hand, and Booker and Durant’s sudden upset made the Clippers really hard to beat.

Durant of the Suns scored 31 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists, and his personal performance is incomprehensible. As long as Durant finds the best state, the Suns have no opponents in the West. Booker scored 30 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 steals. His performance in the series is comparable to KD and he has become the best player in the league. Aidan scored 15 points, 13 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks, and Paul scored 19 points, 4 rebounds, 9 assists, 3 steals and 3 blocks. The Suns’ Big Four all performed well, which was terrible. Craig scored 8 points and 5 boards, Okoji scored 6 points and 3 boards, and Bi Yongbo scored 3 points and 2 boards.

Westbrook, Clippers, bombarded 37 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. It’s really a lonely hero to compete with the Four Suns on his own. I wonder what leonard and George think. Powell scored 14 points and 4 rebounds, Zubac scored 4 points and 9 rebounds, Morris scored 9 points and 3 rebounds, Gordon scored 10 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists, Mann scored 13 points, 2 rebounds and 4 assists, Plomley scored 8 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists, and Hylander scored 5 points and 2 assists. The Clippers originally had the most balanced lineup in the league. If it weren’t for the injury, the Clippers would still have a chance to eliminate the Suns.

It is worth mentioning that Wei Shao, a 34-year-old Clippers who just passed, has set a crazy record in the playoffs and is the second player in NBA history. Statistics show that Wei Shao scored 37 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists in 17 of 29 shots in this campaign, which is unbelievable. Wei Shao also scored 37 points in 0 free throws, ranking behind Chuck Persson in the NBA playoff history. Wei Shao’s personal performance is impressive. He received a basic salary of 780,000 yuan, but made a performance of 40 million yuan. Presumably, no one has questioned Wei Shao at present.

In fact, it is no accident that Wei Shao’s two consecutive games were upset. Wei Shao belongs to his own system and may not be able to react chemically with many players, but if he leads the team alone, he can often burst into great vitality. When George and Cass are absent, Wei Shao can score 34.3 points, 8.3 rebounds and 6 assists. So far in the series, Wei Shao’s data is 26 points, 7.5 rebounds, 7.3 assists, 1.5 steals and 1.8 blocks. What else can he be asked to do?

Wei Shao also completely conquered Paul, Durant and others, and they were deeply moved and supported him. Paul said that only people who know nothing about basketball can criticize Wei Shao. Later, Durant also made a statement, which is true. Wei Shao has been questioned by fans during his time with the Lakers, which only shows that both sides are not suitable for him. After leaving the Lakers, Wei Shao has found himself, and he is still an excellent star in the league.

At Shawn Dou’s wedding, Yi Jianlian wished the video continued to play, and finally really tied himself!

A few days ago, the famous actor Dou Xiao and the gambling king He Chaolian got married in Bali. Although Yi Jianlian, as a good friend, was unable to attend the wedding because he was going to play in the CBA playoffs, the United Arab League sent sincere wishes to the Shawn Dou couple by recording a carefully prepared video.

In the video, Yi Jianlian changed his image of being calm and taciturn in the past, and frequently played tricks in just one minute: "Shawn Dou is irreplaceable in the world film industry", "Marlon Brando, Al pacino, Robert De Niro and Teacher Shawn Dou are the four kings in the film industry", "If Teacher Shawn Dou participates in the NBA draft this year, he will be the first one" and "Can you relax? I have a game tonight. "

The last sentence of the United Arab League "Can you untie it? "I have a game tonight" is absolutely wonderful, which can be said to be the brightest point of the whole video. To be honest, it really surprised netizens.

As all the fans familiar with Yi Jianlian know, the United Arab League is a very introverted handsome young man. He is low-key and pragmatic, never takes the initiative to joke, and looks serious all day. This is also the most fundamental reason why he can’t stay in the NBA for a long time. If the United Arab League has half the humor of Yao Ming, maybe his achievements in the NBA will be higher than now.

In fact, the United Arab League was not like this at first. In his early days in the NBA, WB often shared his daily life, which was particularly funny. Unfortunately, he was shut down by sunspots and never shared his daily life again. Especially when he was called "Lianmei" by unscrupulous netizens, Yi Jianlian was quite angry. He devoted his whole career to China basketball and devoted himself wholeheartedly to the wonderful performance of the fans. In the end, he was not sure, and it was still dark everywhere. That period was the lowest point in Yi Jianlian’s career.

Now, the United Arab League reappears a naughty year, as if it had suddenly returned to the past, and the sunny big boy is still there. The 36-year-old Yi Jianlian is on the verge of retirement, and his remaining games seem to be touring performances. At this time, those sunspots have already turned to powder, and no one can hear the voice of Yi Jianlian anymore.

At present, qi zhou is like Yi Jianlian in his early years. Although many people don’t want to admit it, who can replace qi zhou in the China men’s basketball team? Therefore, the Basketball Association will take qi zhou back to CBA at all costs.