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Documentary "Animal Workers": Revealing the magical jobs in the animal world

Work is an important part of human social life. When human beings drag their tired bodies back and forth between two points and one line, when they see puppies playing happily on the lawn, they will feel a bit sour: "I really envy them that they don’t have to work!"

But you know what? Every species in nature needs to rack their brains and work hard to survive! From January 26th, at 12: 00 every Wednesday, the natural animal documentary "Animal Workers" jointly broadcast by iQiyi and Tencent Video will focus on the outstanding employees from all walks of life in the animal industry. The documentary also specially invited the voice actor Yang Zi to voice the Mandarin version as a narrator and interpret the interesting work of animals.

The university behind the magic job asked

There are 8 episodes of Animal Workers, which introduce small animals in different jobs in a relaxed and humorous way. It turns out that they are not only hunters and gatherers, but also unexpected occupations such as architects, musicians and undertakers! Moreover, their work has also brought very important inspiration to human invention and creation.

Many birds are "masters of architecture" in the animal kingdom, and they know how to build the most reliable safe haven in the crumbling branches and treetops: the lively starlings like to build their houses near their good friends’ homes, which is convenient for them to go back and forth in their leisure time; In order to show its domineering temperament and attract more young fans, the quasi-starling should pursue both space and beauty when building a house; African weaver birds think that safety and speed are the key to success, and usually they can build their own small homes in just a few days.

In the world of bees and ants, architecture is not only practical for living, but also scientific in structure and function. The regular hexagonal honeycomb structure has the highest density, the simplest materials and the largest usable space, which provides many inspirations for human beings in geometry, architecture and materials science. The ant nest above the ground is not only an air exchanger like the lungs and respiratory system, but also a protective clothing for the ant colony. In order to better operate the air circulation system, termites have to live the day of "007".

Interestingly, there are also "rowing kings" in the animal kingdom. They rarely take the initiative to attack, but rely on the labor results of other animals for a living. Black-backed jackals and ravens are the best among the "cute thieves", while scavengers like vultures play the role of "undertakers" and play an important role in the ecological cycle of nature.

Bring people closer to animals.

"Animal wage earners" embodies human’s careful observation and strange imagination of the animal world everywhere, and guides the audience to reflect on the relationship between man and nature, which is of great significance for popular science education.

Take the male satin-blue bowerbird as an example. The production and life of human beings have greatly occupied their territory. Originally, it used bright natural decorations to attract female birds to pair up, but now it has to use unnatural elements such as ballpoint pens, bottle caps and lighters to alert the audience to the urgency of the current natural environment protection work.

At the same time, the novel "Animal Laborers" creatively uses anthropomorphic techniques to quickly establish a "we are both unhappy — to the sky’s end" resonance with the audience through the concept of "migrant workers". On the one hand, it helps the audience to understand the positioning of various species in the ecological circle from the perspective of division of labor, on the other hand, it shortens the distance between the animal world and human society from the psychological level and improves the visibility of the content.

This documentary does not focus on a huge animal group, but focuses on a protagonist in a certain species or group, presenting the diverse lives of animal wage earners in a more concise lens language, which helps to enhance the audience’s sense of substitution.

"Animal wage earners" also gives animals distinctive human labels. The cute and whispering civet cats in the jungle, the musicians with magical cries, and the anti-involution gorillas … Each animal has its bright spots and memory points.

In order to highlight the liveliness and cuteness of animals, the music style of Animal Workers is more flexible, sometimes playful, sometimes quiet, and sometimes dangerous. The jumping music symbols are integrated with the personality characteristics of animals and the natural environment in which they live, bringing interesting and immersive viewing experience.

Easy-to-understand content, lively editing rhythm, humorous dubbing and fascinating soundtrack, Animal Workers is undoubtedly a well-made family fun work, which can not only resonate with contemporary young "migrant workers", but also attract elders at home to learn rich animal knowledge with their children. The Spring Festival holiday is approaching, so let’s make an appointment with friends and relatives to experience the charm of the documentary "Animal Workers"!

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Harden completely missed the Clippers, and Ballmer decided to give up the deal and pack George Mann for a new core.

According to a number of experienced NBA trading experts and reporters in Los Angeles, Clippers owner Ballmer has completely given up Harden. He has clearly told the rest of the management that the team will not be obsessed with chasing him. On the one hand, he does not want to see Harden put pressure on himself in renewing his contract, and on the other hand, he seems to change his mind and stay in Philadelphia, and then send out the plan after Philadelphia and the new team discuss the deal.

There is no doubt that the beard can’t be sent away by Philadelphia, and his agent has begun to push him back to the team training and make sure that Philadelphia will find a new team for him at this time. The Clippers are unwilling to bear the pressure of renewing their contracts, and they must definitely disconnect from George Cam, which is very clear to Deng Ge’s agent.

After completely missing James Harden, the Los Angeles Clippers will have to look for a new All-Star player. Judging from the suggestion report of some directors, it seems that everyone has an idea about Zion, and if he really gets him, the contract renewal problem of Cam can be solved, matching his annual salary of more than 50 million and adding Pang Hu to build a dual-core, which is absolutely strong. The league has stipulated a new policy and there should be restrictions on the rotation. Therefore, Tyrone has to be limited.

If you want to get him, the team is expected to send Paul George Gammann or Powell, and analyze the matching of transaction value and maintaining the fighting force lineup. I estimate that Ballmer will also ask for CJ mccollum. If so, it is enough for the team to send them both, plus the draft pick, Powell and Covington. If you want alvarado, you can also send a round and add some cash.

The Clippers have created a starting combination of Wei Shao, CJ mccollum, Zion, Leonard and Zubac, and with the assistance of batum and others, they definitely have a chance to enter the top four in the West. If there are no injuries, I think this combination can go further. Of course, it is important to improve the reserve strength.

After George and others go to Pelican, they will face the problem of renewing their contracts. Pelican can take this opportunity to ask for as many first rounds as possible in this transaction, and Clippers can also give them. Of course, the most important thing is that with Mann, the team can still guarantee its combat power in the future. Hylander is a good player, and the Pelican can take it. In the final analysis, if you want to ask for the opponent’s draft pick and young players as much as possible, your own young cornerstones will not work. If you can, I think it is king to exchange Varanciunas for the opponent’s Zubac.

On the whole, this trading scheme is very good. Pelican can solve the problem and meet the Clippers’ challenge. However, I think both teams need to hire coaches who can arrange defense reasonably now. The Clippers have many players who can defend, but they just can’t do it well. Telunlu has not changed this problem for so many years. If Pelican defends well, it won’t matter.

Harden’s situation is more complicated, so we don’t have to pay attention to it all the time. He will not be traded for a while, and the Clippers are not willing to spend more with him. Let’s look forward to the development of each team after the start of the season!

Mourinho’s Rome has become stronger in Europe.

Mourinho’s Rome has become stronger in Europe.

AS long as they play in Europe, the weak AS Roma team is changing since the "Special No.1" tax Morino took office.

On the 19th of this month (Korea time), Rome drew 0-0 in the second match of Euro 2022/2023 semi-finals with Leverkusen, but won 1-0 in the first leg and finally advanced to the final.

So far, after winning the conference league championship last season, the European Cup has also saved the possibility of winning two consecutive European championships. What’s more, as 100% Mourinho, he is very much looking forward to entering the final.

Before Rome came to Morino, it would become smaller as long as it came to Europe. For 31 years, he has never had any connection with the final. However, after Morino took office, Rome began to clear the bad luck of Europe. After the first General Assembly League champion, the Europa League champion was also saved.

If you win the Europa League, Morino will refresh the history of Rome. In addition, next season’s European Champions League (UCL) can also participate.

Mourinho is a head coach who has achieved results regardless of the team. During his tenure at Tottenham Hotspur, he was just insignificant, but he was ready to write a new history with Rome.

Kathy: I hope to play for Barcelona for a long time. Yaya Toure told me that Harvey is a great man.

Live on March 11 th Recently, Barcelona midfielder Casey accepted an interview with World Sports News. Casey said that he hopes to play in Barcelona for many years, and coach Harvey trusts himself.

Kathy said: "I hope I can play for a top club like Barcelona for many years." I am very happy here and I want to do my best for Barcelona. In addition, Harvey trusts me very much, and Yaya Toure told me that he is a great man. "

Kathy, 26, has played 30 times in various competitions for Barcelona so far this season, starting 12 times, scoring 2 goals and contributing 3 assists.