Aauto Quicker Fashion Annual Festival ended 23 years ago, and the number of creators wearing content increased by 65% year on year.

Aauto Quicker Fashion Annual Festival ended 23 years ago, and the number of creators wearing content increased by 65% year on year.

On the evening of January 23rd, the annual Aauto Quicker Fashion Festival came to a successful conclusion next to Fuxian Lake in Yuxi, Yunnan. With the theme of "Flowers in Flowers", the event invited high-quality creators from Aauto Quicker in many fields, such as face value, music, dance, campus, fashion, beauty, parent-child and so on, to gather in the south of Caiyun to review the growth process of fashion in 2023, and to create a youth entertainment and fashion party belonging to Aauto Quicker Laotie, so that ordinary people can define fashion and let every fashion and beauty be seen.

Fashion, dance, beauty, music, facial features, parents and children, and campus dignitaries gathered together.

Multi-domain creators walk together to see every kind of beauty.

Advocated by Aauto Quicker’s values of equality, inclusiveness, truth and goodness, Aauto Quicker’s trendy videos have both a shining pace in the spotlight and an ordinary and simple fashion attitude. This year’s annual fashion festival will turn the traditional red carpet catwalk into a unique "beautifully dressed conference".

Fashion daren fashion grandma Tuan

Colorful flowers make up a beautiful "road of flowers". In addition to @ Shida Beauty, @ Xu Shan, @ Fashion Grandma Group and other head creators, they stepped onto the "busy road" catwalk, and @ Wu Xiaobei, @ 160kg Liuqi and other chubby girls and plus-size girls with little experience on the runway also boldly dressed up their own images and stepped out of different "flowers and flowers".

Beauty cosmetics daren Pangayu

In addition to Aauto Quicker’s fashion, beauty, and parent-child fields, @ Sang Na _, @ Wheat Color _, @ Su Xiaoxiao M, @ Uncle Sanpin, @ Liu Xuekun, and others who represent Aauto Quicker’s youth entertainment, are also well-versed, showing the "fashion" and "beauty" belonging to every ordinary Aauto Quicker.

Musicians @ Uncle Sanpin, @ Liu Xuekun

Aauto Quicker Annual Awards Promulgated to Show the Achievements of High-quality Creators

As an important part of this grand ceremony, the promulgation of "Aauto Quicker Award of the Year" can also be described as "letting a hundred flowers blossom". In addition to various wonderful performances such as singing, dancing and musical instruments, outstanding creators from different fields shared their creative experiences in 2023 on the stage, and more than 50 high-quality creators won 16 annual awards for Aauto Quicker Fashion.

Among the media organizations, China International Fashion Week, Fashion Media Group, Ruili Clothing Beauty, Watermelon Beauty, Front Teeth Video, Dayu, Meida Culture, Chengyi Media and other organizations won the "Partner of the Year" award, while other teams won the "Outstanding Beauty Brand of the Year" award, and @ Moshamaner won the "Popular Brand of the Year" award.

Personally, among them, @ 丞京京京京 won the "Fashion Pioneer of the Year" award; @ Lu Xianren won the "Fashion Person of the Year"; @ Xu Shan won the "Most Influential Fashion Person of the Year" award; @ Fashion Grandma Group won the "Silver Age Fashion Award of the Year" award; In the field of youth entertainment, @ Steel Bar Crab won the "Pink Saxophone Full Star" award; @ Xiao Li and @ Datousi won the "Campus Red Man Award of the Year" award; Five high-quality creators, such as @ Su Xiaoxiao and @ Wheat Skin, won the annual influence award; @ Beauty is not the same. Qi Nv, @ Wei Pin Gou ~ Da Mei Li, @ Tu Tu Mama, @ Bin Ge, @ Skin Future, @ Angela and @ Maiteyou won the "Breakthrough Award of the Year".

The content of dozens of award-winning high-quality creators is just like the theme of this grand ceremony, which is colorful and varied, including professional fashion sharing and humorous parent-child interaction; There are both the frozen goddess group and the dream-chasing uncle. It has truly influenced and promoted the aesthetic concepts of more users from the show to the field in a more grounded form.

Wu Rina (left), head of Aauto Quicker Trend Life Content Center, presented awards to the winners.

In an interview with the media, Wu Rina, the director of Aauto Quicker Trend Life Content Center, pointed out that the creator who won the annual honor not only grew up with Aauto Quicker, but also had his own unique characteristics, which recorded the real life of ordinary people, and was therefore deeply loved by the old irons. Aauto Quicker is willing to embrace those creators who are not limited by age and geographical factors and have their own characteristics. In the future, it will continue to pay attention to creators with Aauto Quicker community characteristics, create a more perfect service system for creators, and launch more activities with Aauto Quicker community mentality to help creators grow and develop better in Aauto Quicker.

In 2023, the search volume of "military coats" increased by 768% year-on-year

At this fashion festival, Aauto Quicker released the 2023 Aauto Quicker Fashion Beauty White Paper. According to the white paper, in 2023, there were more than 500,000 creators under the category of fashion+beauty in Aauto Quicker, among which the number of fashion wear content creators increased by 65% year-on-year, and the number of e-commerce live broadcasts broke through 10 million was as high as 800+; "Body tolerance, the rise of national tide, nostalgic fashion, durability and charm explosion" have become the five major trends of fashion wear in Aauto Quicker in 2023. Among them, the search volume of "plus size girl" increased by 79% year-on-year. Aauto Quicker creators and users bravely refused anxiety and became "girls who are not defined by size" and found that "self-confidence is beauty"; The search volume of "new Chinese style" increased by 142% year-on-year, and the search volume of "domestic products" increased by 138% year-on-year. Through the integration and innovation of tradition and modernity, Aauto Quicker creators planted flowers and made domestic products. The search volume of "military coat" increased by 76.8% year-on-year, and more classics and fireworks were presented on the platform of Aauto Quicker. The classic sense of the era such as military coat and northeast big flower was once again popular, redefining fashion; The search volume of "cost-effectiveness" increased by 88% and the search volume of "contrast" increased by 246% year-on-year, which means that the content creation in the field of fashion and beauty in Aauto Quicker has become more "rolled", not only rolling techniques and skills, but also rolling creativity, focusing on contrast, variety and high cost-effectiveness.

2024 traffic realization policy continues to escort outstanding creators.

"Thanks to each other’s two-way trip this year, we have this splendid gathering." Zhang Lanlan, the head of Aauto Quicker Author’s Business and Liquidation Center, said at the ceremony that Aauto Quicker Fashion has always been committed to let every ordinary person use his own voice to interpret diverse fashion concepts and see the beauty of fashion in different fields and different possibilities.

Zhang Lanlan also focused on commercial realization in 2024. She believes that Aauto Quicker Fashion’s first service user is Aauto Quicker Laotie, and at the same time, it will tilt more resources to the authors who are willing to take the initiative to operate in Aauto Quicker, encourage creators to interact more and create better original content, and Aauto Quicker will continue to provide rich and sustainable ways for high-quality creators to realize their cash.

Yin Chao, the head of Aauto Quicker Youth Entertainment Business, shared the status and prospect of youth entertainment business from three aspects: content ecology, creators and activities. According to him, at present, the youth entertainment business covering dance, music, face value and campus has 3 million+creators, of which 50% are young creators aged 18-30, with a daily publishing volume of 2 million+and an average daily consumption of more than 15 billion, which has become the backbone of Aauto Quicker’s creative ecology, and also reflects the positive yearning of the old iron people for a better life. In terms of activities, Aauto Quicker Youth Entertainment launched a number of special IP activities in 2023, such as Aauto Quicker Country Super Bowl, Campus Short Video Creation Competition, and Dialect Mai Ba Competition, which provided more stages for Aauto Quicker creators to show themselves.

Looking forward to 2024, Yin Chao mentioned that the existing rights and interests will be focused and integrated, and a more targeted and greater creator support plan will be carried out for key content tracks such as campuses, regional cities and featured content, providing creators with tens of billions of flows and recording Lao Tie’s most real interest content with the creators.


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