The 11-year-old boy accidentally injured his face when he set off fireworks, which happened frequently during the Spring Festival! Parents pay attention to these points.

The 11-year-old boy accidentally injured his face when he set off fireworks, which happened frequently during the Spring Festival! Parents pay attention to these points.

As the Spring Festival approaches, many children play with fireworks. Fireworks are beautiful, but if they are not set off safely, they are likely to cause harm to children. Chang Jing, deputy chief physician of the Department of Dermatology, Hunan Children’s Hospital, reminded parents to strengthen safety education for their children and set off fireworks under the premise of safety.

Recently, Lele (a pseudonym), an 11-year-old boy from Changsha, went to Hunan Children’s Hospital under the leadership of his father. Lele’s father said that the child died an hour ago.In the process of setting off fireworks and firecrackersAccidentally injured face,lead torightThere was an open wound on the face,At that time, all the clothes burned a small hole.,in a momentchildrightSkin flushing with peeling appeared on the face.So finally,Take the children to the hospital.

After detailed diagnosis and treatment, the facial wound condition improved slightly. Second daysIn the morning,There are a few blisters on the child’s face with bursting.Lele’s father takes care of the children.Came to Hunan Children’s Hospital.Chang Jing, deputy chief physician of dermatology, visited the doctor. After a detailed understanding of the incident process and diagnosis and treatment process, the wound ostomy clinic of Dermatology United Hospital was treated with ozone hydrotherapy and wound dressing change.A few days laterThe child’s facial condition has obviously improved.

Chang Jing said,Every year, the number of patients injured by setting off fireworks and firecrackers will increase during the Spring Festival. Most of them are children,Kids, becauseThe ability to predict the danger is low, and it is more likely to be injured when setting off fireworks. The injured parts are mainly concentrated in the vulnerable parts such as hands, face and eyeballs.

Chang Jing reminded,fireworks and crackersThere are many potential dangers hidden, and it is easy to be careless.Lead to childrenWound or burn,stillMay cause a fire.Prevention is the key to avoid fireworks injuries.,hopeEveryone keeps it at all times.Be alert,Pay attention to safety,avoidChildren accidentally injuredHappen.The following points can be noted when setting off fireworks and firecrackers during the Spring Festival:

1、Purchase qualified and good quality.Safety specification generationFireworks and firecrackers,Before dischargeCareful and detailedRead the discharge instructions.

2、Children must be accompanied by their parents when setting off fireworks. Don’t set off fireworks with your hands. Choose.Spacious and safePlace, at the same time avoid to the crowd gathering place, away from flammable.explosiveArticles.

3, it is strictly prohibitedGo and pick up the "blind gun" immediately、“dud".

4、childrenTry notLight firecrackers yourself,Set off fireworks and firecrackers to keep a safe distance,Prevent firecrackers and sparks from splashing and hurting people.

5, the discharge process is strictly prohibited.Play with each other to avoid accidental injuryanother person.

Children’s safety awareness is relatively weak, for the sake of children’sSafety andHealth, please.Everyone mustSafe discharge.alsoRemind parents to strengthen safety education for their children, especially during the Spring Festival, and strictly supervise the behavior of children setting off fireworks and firecrackers.

Xiaoxiang morning herald reporter Ren Wanwan

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