Douban 9.1, a high-scoring movie that watched millions of people cry, poked the biggest pain in our hearts.

Douban 9.1, a high-scoring movie that watched millions of people cry, poked the biggest pain in our hearts.

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It is said that the love of parents is the greatest love, but there is also a kind of love of relatives in this world. Whenever I think of her, many childhood memories will always emerge in my mind, and the softest place in my heart will feel warm. She is my grandmother.

The film love changes that I want to share with you today is a touching film about my grandmother.

This movie was released in South Korea in 2002, and it won the box office championship for four weeks in a row, becoming the highest-grossing movie of that year, and the netizens on Douban also scored 9.1.

Some netizens commented that watching the film reminds me of my grandmother, and every shot grandma appears is a tear …


Xiangyu, the hero of the story, is a little boy who grew up in a single-parent family.

Mother sent Xiangyu to her grandmother’s house in the country for a few days to facilitate her work.

On the way to grandma’s house, bumpy mountain roads, crowded buses and rustic country uncles and aunts chattered about chickens and ducks …

All these make Xiangyu, a city child, feel deeply disgusted and disgusted.

Xiangyu’s grandmother’s village is a very poor place. There are no entertainment facilities and places in the village, only a small grocery store, and grandma’s home is even more dilapidated.

Grandma is an old man in her seventies, her face is covered with wrinkles, and her back has been bent by perennial farm work.

Besides, grandma can’t read and is mute.

After her mother took Xiangyu to her grandmother’s house, she turned around and left.

Looking at this old and dumb grandmother, Xiangyu is full of disdain and disgust.

Grandma wanted to touch his head, and he was too dirty to avoid it. Grandma wanted to take his hand home, but he also forced it off and even made a gesture to hit someone.

There is no way, grandma hunched in front, followed by Xiangyu did not forget to scold: idiot.

Grandma just looked back at Xiangyu from time to time, for fear that he didn’t keep up.

This is the scene of the first meeting between grandparents and grandchildren, without a trace of warmth and touching.

In the evening, when having dinner, grandma brought Xiangyu food. He threw all the food into grandma’s bowl and only ate the canned food he brought.

Grandma’s eyesight is dim, and it is very laborious to thread the needle. She wants Xiangyu to help.

Xiangyu first pretended not to hear the video game, and after repeated requests from her grandmother, she got up impatiently to help.

Xiangyu’s game machine was out of power, so he pestered his grandmother to give him money to buy batteries, but her grandmother had no money, so she could only keep apologizing to Xiangyu.

He searched every corner of grandma’s house, but he didn’t find any money. He was so angry that he kicked the clay pot that grandma cherished and threw away her only pair of shoes.

Grandma without shoes can only walk barefoot on the rocky mountain road.

Xiangyu still refused to let it go. He took advantage of his grandmother’s sleep and pulled out her hairpins, hoping to exchange them for money to buy batteries.

When my grandmother woke up, she found that the hair clasp was missing, so she had to fix her hair with a spoon.

Xiangyu wanted to eat KFC, but grandma didn’t understand. He showed it to her like a rooster.

Grandma looked at Xiangyu’s cock and thought he wanted to eat chicken, so she braved the heavy rain and walked a long, long mountain road and bought a chicken.

After the stew, grandma brought the chicken to Xiangyu, but Xiangyu looked disgusted and cried and overturned his job, cursing grandma: you are a liar who knows nothing.

Grandma doesn’t know what to do, so she can only silently turn around and pick up the bowl that Xiangyu threw away, pick up the rice grains on the ground and stuff them into her mouth, for fear of wasting them.

Looking at Xiangyu who fell asleep in anger, grandma was full of guilt.

In the town, Xiangyu saw his little friend and was afraid that his grandmother would embarrass him, so he left his grandmother alone and went home by car with his partner.

Finally, in order to save money, grandma had to walk home alone.

Xiangyu’s personality is so capricious and stubborn, but grandma always only cares and tolerates him.

Grandma learns to ponder over his toys and wants to know more about her grandson’s world.

Xiangyu was afraid of going to the toilet alone at night, so grandma squatted barefoot and watched.

Grandma took Xiangyu to the town to sell melons, because grandma couldn’t speak. At the end of the day, none of them were sold.

But even if there is no income at the end of the day, grandma still takes Xiangyu to buy new shoes.

Take him to eat a meal in Zhajiang Noodles, and grandma only ordered one for Xiangyu, watching by herself.

In the face of her grandson’s unreasonable demands, my grandmother waved "I’m sorry" on her chest again and again and apologized to her grandson.


Grandma’s clumsy love made Xiangyu more headstrong at first, but as time went by, grandma’s love penetrated into Xiangyu’s heart, and he gradually changed, no longer just thinking about himself.

When grandma was not at home, it rained heavily. Xiangyu hurried to collect clothes. After collecting his own clothes, he saw that grandma’s clothes were still outside, and went out to collect grandma’s clothes.

Grandma got sick because she got wet in the rain. He would cover her with a quilt and put a towel on her forehead, hoping that she would get better soon.

On grandma’s sick day, he never cooked, and he prepared breakfast for grandma.

When grandma goes home, Xiangyu will take the initiative to take the bag in her hand.

Grandma bought him chocolate cakes, and he secretly stuffed one into her bag.

I accidentally fell down the hillside and was injured. When I saw my grandmother, Xiangyu jumped into her arms and cried bitterly.

Xiangyu’s dislike and complaint about his grandmother at first gradually turned into love and dependence. He is increasingly inseparable from his grandmother, and some even don’t want to return to the city.

Just when the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren improved, Xiangyu received a letter from his mother to take him home.

Xiangyu is full of sadness for his grandmother, and he doesn’t trust her to live alone. He teaches her to read and write letters.

He said to grandma:

Because you can’t talk on the phone, you should write to me.

Grandma, if you are sick, send me a blank piece of writing paper. I know it’s you, and I’ll be right back.

Speaking of which, Xiangyu has been sobbing, and grandma has secretly wiped her tears.

The day of parting still came, and Xiangyu helped grandma put on her needle and thread, which was enough for grandma to use for a while.

On the bus leaving, Xiangyu learned the gesture of grandma’s apology and gestured "I’m sorry" on his chest over and over again.

With the bus gone, grandma walked back to her hut alone.

After watching the movie, I remembered what Stefanie sang in the song "Good Youth":

Remember that someone is waiting at the end of the world, no matter how far away it is, don’t come back.

Affection is often the most easily overlooked emotion.

In many people’s childhood, there are always people who regard us as treasures in their hands and are willing to leave us the most precious things she has.

But because we are loved, we often have nothing to hide, dislike and blame them, and even never take the time to get to know them. It is not until we grow up that we find that the love we once ignored is so precious.

In the movie, my grandmother is old, and she is very indifferent to life and death. Even the old woman who runs a convenience store said flatly to her grandmother:

Come and see me again, before we die.

Xiangyu, on the other hand, didn’t understand grandma’s love until he left. Before he could figure out how to respond to grandma, he was about to leave her side.

In the future, how many opportunities will he have to repay his grandmother?

Don’t wait until it’s too late to try to make up for it.

Take advantage of this holiday, spend more time with them and listen to their stories when you have time. Only companionship is the longest confession.


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