Is it going to snow in Wuxi?

Is it going to snow in Wuxi?

February 3rd is the traditional "off-year" in South China.

"Little Year" is the prelude to "Big Year"

The Spring Festival is getting closer and closer.

So what will the weather be like in the next few days?

The latest release of Wuxi meteorology

According to @ Wuxi Meteorological Forecast

There is still obvious precipitation in our city today and tomorrow.

On the 5th, even the rainy weather will end.

On June 6-7, the city was dominated by changes in the cloud system.

But the weather is not too good, there is still weak rain and snow.

In terms of temperature, the short-term temperature is not too high.

The highest temperature is around 5℃

The latest release of Jiangsu meteorology

According to @ Jiangsu Meteorological Forecast

It will be rainy (snowy) in the province in the next three days.

Today is day to night.

There is snow or sleet in the area north of the Yangtze River.

Among them, along the central and western regions between Huai and Jianghuai

Moderate to heavy snow, local snowstorm

Other areas are cloudy with little to moderate rain.

National scope

It starts today (February 3)

Large-scale rain and snow weather in central and eastern China entered the strongest period.

Parts of Hunan, Hubei, Henan and Anhui

Will become a concentrated area of freezing rain and heavy snowfall.

There will be a heavy snowstorm in the local area

Under the pressure of rain and snow

The temperature in most parts of central and eastern China is lower than normal.

South China will also usher in a significant cooling from the 5 th

Do you expect snow?

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