Cai Zhenhua: The difficulty of foot reform does not hinder confidence to get out of the road of football with China characteristics

Cai Zhenhua: The difficulty of foot reform does not hinder confidence to get out of the road of football with China characteristics

  BEIJING, Beijing, March 19 (Reporter Wang Muqing) On the occasion of the second anniversary of China’s football reform, the China Football Association organized an in-depth discussion among people in the football field. Facing the reporter, Cai Zhenhua, president of the Football Association, bluntly said that after the first step of the Overall Plan is basically completed, it will move towards the second step in the future. He said that when China’s football reform enters the deep water area, it will be confident that it can embark on a football road with China characteristics.

  The first step of foot reform has basically completed the goal of moving towards the second step in the future

  On March 8, 2015, the General Office of the State Council officially issued the Overall Plan for Football Reform and Development in China. In the past two years, the development of football in China has gone beyond the level of sports, including the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries and commissions, which have been deeply involved in the reform of football in China.

  Li Yuyi, executive deputy director of the State Council Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference Office and vice chairman of China Football Association, concluded: "‘ Three steps ’ The first step of the strategy has achieved initial results. " The so-called first step is clearly defined in the Master Plan: improving the environment and atmosphere of football development, rationalizing the football management system, formulating the medium-and long-term development plan of football, innovating the football management mode with China characteristics, and forming a pattern of coordinated development of football career and football industry.

  Speaking of this achievement, Cai Zhenhua said: "The first step has been basically completed, and (in the future) it is necessary to move forward to the second step." According to the Plan, the second step includes a substantial increase in the youth football population, the organization and competition level of professional leagues reaching the first class in Asia, the national men’s soccer team being in the forefront of Asia, and the women’s soccer team returning to the ranks of world-class strong teams.

  "No matter the colleagues in the football field, the society and the media, everyone has given great affirmation to the football reform in the past two years. However, the new contradictions of new problems arising in the development process need to be solved one by one. " Cai Zhenhua said, "We are confident that as long as we are on the right track and stick to the football reform, we believe that the hope of football in China will surely emerge. We will work hard to speed up this pace. "

  Football reform has entered the deep water area and is confident of stepping out of the road of football with China characteristics

  Cai Zhenhua said frankly that the reform of football in China is not a certain field, but all-round. At present, 94% of the primary tasks have achieved phased results, which can be copied and popularized. However, when the reform enters the deep water area, the difficulty will surely increase.

  He bluntly pointed out: "From the China Football Association to the local football association to the sports department, this reform is to change your own life, so it is very difficult."

  However, Cai Zhenhua believes that the initial results of the reform will give you confidence in the determination to deepen the reform: "As long as we respect the laws of football development, social development and market development, and learn from the experience of world football powers, we will certainly be able to combine China’s national conditions and embark on a football road with China characteristics."

  In the face of people in the football world, Cai Zhenhua mentioned a lot of exciting information, such as the goal of adding 60,000 football venues in 2020; For example, according to the international football industry accounting for 40% of the sports industry, by 2025, the football industry in China should reach at least 2 trillion yuan. He bluntly said that how to achieve this goal will be an important symbol to measure the success of the reform.


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