[2018 Online Media Ningxia Tour] Rice and Fishery Space Eco-tourism Park: the "online celebrity" of leisure tourism in Yinchuan Metropolitan Area

[2018 Online Media Ningxia Tour] Rice and Fishery Space Eco-tourism Park: the "online celebrity" of leisure tourism in Yinchuan Metropolitan Area

  At 22: 00 on August 14th, Hualong. com (special correspondent Luo Hao) On August 14th, more than 50 online media reporters from the northern line of Ningxia, a national online media, came to Ningxia Rice and Fishery Space Ecological Leisure Sightseeing Park in Sishilidian Village, Changxin Township, Helan County, Yinchuan City after finishing the interview in Shizuishan City.

  When I got off the bus, a neat piece of rice fields came into view, followed the steps to the observation tower in the garden, climbed high and looked far, and the pastoral scenery of full of green was panoramic. Different varieties of colored rice also made the online media reporter shout, "No wonder Yinchuan has ‘ Plug in the land of fish and rice in the south of the Yangtze River ’ The reputation of ".

  In 2016, Shilidian Village, Changxin Township, Helan County established Guangyin Rice Industry, Rice and Fishery Ecological Industry Sightseeing Park. In 2017, a rice fishing space was established, covering a total area of more than 3,600 mu.

  The rice and fishing space makes full use of agricultural and environmental resources, and builds a Yellow River Jin ‘an leisure agriculture industry demonstration base which integrates organic rice characteristic ecological agricultural production, fishery breeding, catering and fishing, sightseeing, leisure and entertainment, wedding photography, organic agricultural product processing, e-commerce sales and farmers’ training.

  "It’s not that I boast, we are really a leisure tour in Yinchuan metropolitan area ‘ Online celebrity ’ Point, it became a fire as soon as it was established last year, and a large number of tourists flocked to this piece of land with paper and rice and grass as pigments ‘ Painting ’ An idyllic complex. " Zhao Jianwen, the person in charge of the rice and fish space, said, "This place is not only suitable for gathering relatives and friends, but also suitable for bringing children to play. Children like to touch fish and pick up duck eggs in rice fields very much. According to statistics, in 2017, the rice fishing space received a total of 190,000 tourists, and it reached 150,000 in the first half of this year.

  Rice and Fishing Space has also conducted all-round training for leisure and organic agriculture practitioners, and radiation has driven 500 farmers to become rich.

  The innovation of the spatial pattern of rice and fishery is not only a beneficial exploration of the pilot work of the integration of the three industries in Helan County in recent years, but also provides important technical support and demonstration for the economic development of "agriculture+tourism" in the whole region. In recent years, leisure agriculture and rural tourism in Ningxia have developed rapidly, with nearly 900 related business entities, benefiting 170,000 farmers.


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