The first part of Feng Shen released a new special to create a mythical epic with music.

The first part of Feng Shen released a new special to create a mythical epic with music.

1905 movie network news The film released a special music song and dance, and the director, music director/composer Meng Kezhuo Lan and others appeared in the film, sharing their creative experiences in exploring and presenting the music forms and music performance scenes in the Yin and Shang Dynasties, and taking the audience into the mythical epic world 3,000 years ago. The film is directed by Wu Ershan and starred by,,,, Chen Muchi, this sand, Wu Yafan,,, Hou Wenyuan, Huang Xiyan, and.


Presenting the theme of hero and emotion with music, building an epic temperament with Chinese traditional musical instruments.

The movie "Feng Shen I" opened the prologue, and the story was about the collusion between Shang Wang Yinshou and da ji, the fox demon, who was tyrannical and heartless, and caused the scourge. Jiang Ziya, the immortal of Kunlun Mountain, went down the mountain with the "list of gods" to find a common master in the world to save the whole people. Ji Fa, the son of Xibohou, gradually discovered the true colors of Yin Shou, and turned out the song … …

The newly released music song and dance special focuses on the music creation of "Feng Shen I". The main creative team presents the music form of the Yin and Shang Dynasties to the audience by creating role-specific theme music, multi-country and multi-cloud recording, and visually restoring ancient musical instruments, creating an auditory system of Feng Shen’s world.

In order to match the mythical epic type of the film, director Wu Ershan decided to use Wagner’s opera style, which is rare in China’s films, to make the characters have their own unique themes, and then tell the story through the development of theme music. Music director/composer Meng Kezhuo Lan said that around Ji Fa, the hero of the trilogy, the music team created heroic and emotional theme music. Among them, the hero-themed music is more focused on wind music. Based on the symphony, the horn of various types of traditional China folk music is used to simulate the sound of the ancient battlefield charge horn, which is full of heroic momentum and passionate passion. Emotional theme music uses the timbre of China traditional flute, which is melodious and simple, with a strong sense of quantity, reflecting the inner world of the characters.

This time, the music production of "Feng Shen Part I" adopted the way of cloud recording, and recorded the performance parts of traditional Chinese musical instruments such as drums, cymbals and sheng in several cities, which penetrated the Chinese classical music situation into the music creation and wrote the mythical epic temperament of the film from the auditory dimension. Director Wu Ershan said in the special edition: "There is the majestic power and delicate emotional expression of the symphony, and at the same time, there are some textures of Chinese musical instruments on the timbre." I hope to bring a different musical experience to the audience.

Creating the Music Situation of the Epic World with Visual Restoration and Sound Imagination

There are a lot of narrative music in the movie "The First Part of Gods", all of which are composed by music director/composer Meng Kezhuolan. She and other masters try to restore the musical form and performance scenes in the Yin and Shang Dynasties through the study of historical records, as well as the imitation and reproduction of ancient musical instruments such as Chi, Zhu and Bian. This special music song and dance series introduces three important song and dance scenes: enthronement ceremony, sacrificial dance, Lutai banquet, celebration banquet and proton war dance.

"The Ascension Ceremony Sacrificial Dance" is one of the big scenes in the film. In order to present the sacrificial ceremony of Yin Shang Dynasty, which only exists in written records, the music director/composer Meng Kezhuolan chose the traditional Sheng with ancient China characteristics, and found a rare traditional Sheng without reeds. Thirty performers performed an ensemble of the Sheng, which matched the lyrics in Ode to Shang Dynasty. Meng Kezhuo Lan said: "The bass group of male voices is particularly low in chanting, and the voice of Sheng is particularly high. The whole voice is a very three-dimensional feeling. It can give people a solemn sense of ceremony. "

In the scene of "Lutai Banquet", Yin Shou, the king of Shang Dynasty, struck the catfish drum and played Chi in Boyi, and an ensemble was hearty. Music director/composer Meng Kezhuolan hopes to express Shang Wang Yinshou’s "sense of oppression and strength" through intensive drumming. It is reported that ChristianRandPhillips, the actor of Yin Shou, practiced from scratch for three months to shoot this fast and difficult solo drumming. Boyikao’s works were made with reference to Chi unearthed in the tomb of Zeng Houyi. Wang Hua, a young flute player, played a flute in E flat minor to simulate the timbre of Chi, which sounded quaint and had the feeling of calling.

"Celebration Banquet Proton War Dance" is the first time that young actors of Proton Brigade have collectively completed a scene. In the special edition, Wu Fangmei, rehearsal director of Proton War Dance, explained the arrangement concept of this war dance: "The sense of ritual when going out to fight belongs to a variety of forms in arrangement, which reflects the heroic, handsome and tough side of Protons and their emotional explosive power." Therefore, the music of this play is played by ancient musical instruments with strong sound penetration, such as visual restoration, sound imagination, and construction. The crew replaced the timbre of the construction with guzheng. Meng Kezhuo Lan revealed: "In order to reflect its sense of strength, we basically use the method of sweeping strings for all stringed instruments." The innovation and ingenuity in music creation have created an auditory system to worship the world of gods, which made director Wu Ershan feel: "I think it is a great breakthrough to present our musical imagination of the classical world of China in the film." It is believed that the music of the movie "Feng Shen I" will also let the audience enjoy the mythical epic world 3,000 years ago.

The film "Feng Shen Part I" will be released nationwide on July 20th, so stay tuned.


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