Intelligent thinking of Wuling: Everyone loves and dares to use it.

Intelligent thinking of Wuling: Everyone loves and dares to use it.

  [car home Industry] With the rapid popularization of intelligence, people’s way of life and travel is undergoing significant changes. Users have also become more convenient in driving. But while intelligence brings convenience, these functions also bring a lot of trouble to consumers. Many technical terms and abbreviations are dazzling.

  At the same time, due to the consideration of safety, many consumers have a mentality of "not commonly used, not daring to use, not using". No matter for the industry or the car companies themselves, these problems need to be solved urgently. High above the intelligent technology, only in the use of the majority of users, can usher in a faster development.

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  While many other car companies, especially the new car-making forces, are still taking unmanned driving as their ultimate development direction and taking the stacking of various hardware and the introduction of obscure functions as their selling points, SAIC-GM-Wuling (hereinafter referred to as SGMW), which has always advocated that "what people need, Wuling will build", has given a seemingly opposite answer.

  On August 8, SGMW officially announced its important achievements in the field of intelligence at the important moment when SGMW’s first new energy global vehicle, Air ev (right-hand rudder version), rolled off the assembly line in Indonesia and new energy vehicles officially exceeded 1 million, and had in-depth exchanges with the media.

Forget the function and start from the scene.

  In the communication, SGMW has never mentioned the expressions of various computing powers and the functional introductions that other car companies often say, only the scenes that users encounter every day and the efforts made by Wuling in these familiar scenes. Because in SGMW’s vision, intelligence should "reshape future driving".

  What should driving be like in the future? For SGMW, it is intelligent driving that everyone dares to use, everyone can use and everyone loves to use, and it is intelligent driving that makes users feel at ease and happy. Since intelligence provides such a platform for cars, it should be well used.

  In order to realize this vision, SGMW has created the technical concept of "Emotional Engine", focusing more on high-frequency usage scenarios.

  The "Emotion Engine" takes "users" as the core and is driven by "emotions", focusing on users, segmenting scenes and gaining insight into people’s hearts, deeply focusing on the scenes that users are most concerned about and use the most frequently, and realizing an intelligent closed loop from user emotion capture → scene definition → algorithm realization → simulation test → real vehicle verification → user co-creation.

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  Through the "emotional engine", SGMW can capture the emotional changes of consumers in various car use scenarios. For example, users will feel scared and angry in scenes such as being jammed at close range and parking under the car. Users will feel angry and anxious in scenes such as speeding up and finding a parking space before going straight through the intersection.

  Based on the emotional engine, SGMW also found that the highest frequency scene of users’ travel is the driving scene of 0-80km/h in the city. With deeper insight, it was further found that "congested road conditions" and "parking links" are two major difficulties that users need to solve urgently. In order to solve these two major pain points of users, SGMW has solemnly launched the "Lingxi Intelligent Driving System".

  In SGMW’s view, good steel should be used in the cutting edge, and it is the key to effectively solve the user’s problems. Instead of spending money on intelligent functions with few usage scenarios and high cost, it is better to be pragmatic and let users realize the best experience with the least cost.

  To this end, SGMW has established an intelligent R&D team of more than 4,000 people, including 109 doctors around the world, and built the world’s first public test road integrating 5G communication, V2X, remote driving control and driverless driving. In 2019, it began to lay out unmanned logistics and actively explore the field of intelligent driving.

DJI DJI Technology Endorsement

  In order to realize the imagined intelligent vision, SGMW chose DJI as its intelligent driving technology partner. Of course, there are some accidental factors in choosing DJI, but more of them are the coincidence of the "user" concepts of both sides. One has millions of new energy users, and the other has tens of millions of product technology applications. The two sides can be described as hitting it off.

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  In the end, the "smart driving system" with the core advantages of "parking scene" and "congestion scene" came into being. On the core hardware, SGMW chose DJI stereo binocular camera as the key component. In SGMW’s view, binocular vision is the best choice after hundreds of millions of years of evolution.

  Based on DJI’s algorithm accumulation in the field of visual perception and the mass production experience of UAV’s visual perception system, the stereo binocular camera independently developed by DJI has the core technical advantages of stereo visual perception imaging, online self-calibration technology and real-time road online modeling.

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  Moreover, the structure of integrated binocular, not two independent monocular cameras, can bring higher stereoscopic vision synergy, not only can accurately identify common objects, but also can accurately locate any obstacles and estimate their distance, providing stereoscopic and accurate visual perception for the "Linxi Intelligent Driving System".

  At the same time, relying on DJI’s on-board vehicle regulation domain controller and intention prediction and multi-modal decision-making regulation and control technology, Lingxi Intelligent Driving System has extremely high software and hardware collaborative optimization ability and rich peripheral expansion and integration ability, and has the advantages of user’s intention prediction in complex road conditions, self-learning in various driving styles and full coverage of urban road conditions in China.

  At the level of test and verification, SGMW has established a complete simulation test system, especially a fully closed-loop virtual test platform for people, vehicles, roads and environment and a complete set of intelligent driving simulation test and evaluation system. AI restores complex and diverse traffic scenes and provides simulation verification for the "Linxi Intelligent Driving System" with more than 20,000 kinds of user usage scenarios.

  In the real vehicle verification, SGMW has completed more than 5 million kilometers of road tests and more than 1 million intelligent function tests, covering 20 provinces and more than 100 cities across the country, covering a wealth of driving and parking scenarios. What’s more worth mentioning is that SGMW has joined hands with 10,000 real users to create and improve the intelligent driving experience, listen to the feedback from real users, and create a number of "industry-first" intelligent driving functions.

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  At present, the "Lingxi Intelligent Driving System" has taken the lead in landing the 2023 KiWi EV and will be extended to other models in the future. With its excellent performance of "smart parking" and "smart driving" in urban travel scenes, the 2023 KiWi EV once won two honors of "Smart Parking Gold Award" and "Smart Driving Gold Award" in the 2022 World Smart Driving Challenge.

How does the "Lingxi Intelligent Driving System" solve the pain points of users? 

  Based on the deep thinking of intelligent application and the blessing of "Linxi Intelligent Driving System", many practices of SGMW are very different from those of the industry. For example, in the scene of chaotic lane lines, the general practice of the industry is lane line recognition, while SGMW adopts stereo recognition of the surrounding environment. For shifting the lever to change lanes, the general practice in the industry is to open the limited conditions and fix the speed to change lanes, while SGMW can realize intelligent identification of road conditions and accelerate and decelerate to change lanes.

  For another example, for obstacle recognition and response, the general practice in the industry is that obstacles need training to be recognized, while SGMW can avoid them intelligently without training; In the case of traffic jam at close range, the industry may suddenly brake or fail to brake, and SGMW can easily deal with traffic jam when the vehicle is 1.5m away from the vehicle.

  In the parking scene, the "Linxi Intelligent Driving System" can simultaneously support parking space identification in the static, forward and backward all-round states of the vehicle; Stop when visible, effective vertical, parallel and inclined train spaces, and can identify parking space locks; In the process of parking, the parking space limiter can be identified to avoid "offside". In addition, the "Linxi Intelligent Driving System" also pioneered the identification and accurate parking of parking spaces at any angle of 360, which can identify and accurately park parking spaces at any angle with the parking spaces, and can be operated both inside and outside the car.

  For narrow parking spaces (including horizontal, vertical and inclined train spaces) with one side exceeding the rearview mirror by 15cm, vehicles can park safely and smoothly. Facing the corner parking space, the vehicle can accurately identify and reasonably plan the parking path according to the parking space and the surrounding actual situation.

  It is worth mentioning that "Linxi Intelligent Driving System" also pioneered "AI Intelligent Parking", which integrates the functions of intelligent parking, direction judgment and path planning. The parking scene is not disturbed by the parking space shape and vehicle state, and any parking method can realize intelligent parking, and can respond to obstacles in time to reserve enough boarding space for drivers.

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  It is understood that after the user’s closed-loop verification, SGMW vehicles using the "Lingxi Intelligent Driving System" can keep users in a pleasant or surprising state regardless of fast road conditions, high-speed road conditions and parking links.

  Today, SGMW has completed the construction of a pure electric and hybrid power platform. Next, intelligence will become its important development direction. In the field of intelligence, SGMW’s achievements are not only "Linxi Intelligent Driving System". In the future, SGMW will also jointly develop the intelligent cockpit function-Scene Rubik’s Cube based on the concept of emotional engine and bytes, which can realize active interaction among thousands of people. (Text/car home Yang Yichun)

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