What’s Tik Tok’s intention to launch a PC web version?

What’s Tik Tok’s intention to launch a PC web version?

Editor’s lead: Recently, Tik Tok launched a web version. This update has caused a lot of heated discussion. Some people cheered for the addition of an artifact to fishing at work, while others complained that the web version of Tik Tok was too crude in design and functional experience, which was inconvenient to use. So, why did Tik Tok do this?

A few days ago, on June 21, Tik Tok officially launched the pc web version, and Aauto Quicker also launched the web version a long time ago, but it was relatively low-key. Wechat also launched its efforts on the pc version recently, whether it was at the entrance of the online circle of friends on the PC version, it was even more powerful. It can be seen that more and more platforms have returned to the original, and more and more attention has been paid to the PC side. It can also be seen that the competition between mobile terminals has become fierce. For the extension of the scene, the PC side has once again ignited a war and become a.

Specifically, in the field of short video, in the past year, both Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker, bilibili, WeChat video number and other platforms launched fierce attacks in the field of short video and live broadcast. Especially in the field of live e-commerce, all short video platforms regard live e-commerce as the focus of commercialization in the future. So what is the purpose of launching PC web version in Tik Tok this time, and where is the short video platform to wait for the way out?

What's Tik Tok's intention to launch a PC web version?

From the screenshot above, do you find that the Tik Tok web version is very similar to bilibili? Of course, this is the most superficial feeling, but from this point, we can also see why Tik Tok entered the pc version.

As can be seen from the screenshot, most of the videos in the pc version are medium-sized videos over 1 minute, and many of them are horizontal videos. It is not difficult to see that the main scene of video recommendation in the web version is to meet the user’s demand for medium and long videos. After all, watching the horizontal version on the computer side is more experience.

Different from Aauto Quicker’s web version, many short videos on Aauto Quicker’s web version are still vertical screens, and the viewing experience is similar to that of the mobile terminal. However, Aauto Quicker does not classify according to the video tag area, but according to the types of short videos, live broadcasts, long videos, small theaters and movies, which is quite different from Tik Tok’s classification.

In my opinion, the layout of long videos, especially the web version, has provided new channels for office workers to fish, and in essence, it is more to seize the user’s time. Judging from the data released by Tik Tok before, the peak usage of Tik Tok app is at 12 noon and 19-21 pm, so it can be found that the long low peak periods are during working hours. For the fishing party, Tik Tok certainly hopes to compete for the usage time of this group of people. On the other hand,

What's Tik Tok's intention to launch a PC web version?

In fact, we can find this reason from the speech of the relevant person in charge of Tik Tok: "With the video-based creative expression becoming a daily life, Tik Tok has accumulated contents in different fields, and many professors and schools have also published knowledge and teaching contents on Tik Tok, which are often mainly horizontal screens and generally last more than 5 minutes, which is more suitable for viewing and consumption on the web version."

No matter any product, its launch is actually based on the three dimensions of users, scenarios and needs. Under the condition of meeting the different needs of users in different scenarios, it is the best solution to meet the company’s strategy and commercialization goals.

Another is that users in the web version can interact more easily. Here, it mainly refers to the form of barrage. The vertical comments on Tik Tok app are all put away, while the web version can make comments into barrage, so that users can interact better with up owners and users, and the atmosphere is better.

On the other hand, the web version also supports creators to publish videos. Many professional editors and mcn organizations use professional computer software to edit, and then send them to mobile phones after editing, and upload them again on Tik Tok app. Now Tik Tok supports publishing videos directly on the computer version, so it is more convenient for creators who use computer editing to publish videos, and the path is shorter and the experience is better.

Here are three commercial conjectures of Tik Tok layout web version:Pan-knowledge, live broadcast square, search,Let’s focus on why there are these three conjectures.

First of all, let’s look at the pan-knowledge field. It can be clearly seen from the speeches made by the relevant person in charge in Tik Tok. Many knowledge bloggers, schools, professors and creators in professional fields have released many knowledge-based videos, and a lot of pan-knowledge content has been accumulated in Tik Tok, which is more suitable for viewing on the web version.

Here you can see a data,In bilibili, as of May this year, more than 78 million users were studying on bilibili, accounting for 35% of the monthly life.From social sciences, humanities and history to science popularization and even health fields, the pan-knowledge videos on bilibili are widely welcomed by users, and among the 985 and 211 college students in China, bilibili’s penetration rate has reached 82%. Tik Tok certainly wants to seize such high-quality users.

Therefore, Tik Tok’s web version must be aimed at pan-knowledge videos, hoping to catch this part of users. In addition to making efforts on medium-and long-term knowledge videos, I think Tik Tok is aiming at the adult education market in the next bigger game, namely online education in the workplace.

Secondly, look at the live broadcast. The live broadcast is mainly aimed at three directions, one is live broadcast on the show, which is the reward mode, the other is live broadcast with goods, aiming at the direction of e-commerce, and the third is live broadcast of games. What I want to seize is platforms such as tiger teeth, fighting fish and penguin e-sports. Why do you want to launch live broadcast on the web version? The main reason is that the live broadcast on the web version has a larger screen and is easier to classify.

At present, several labels in Tik Tok include the classification of live broadcast. If we look closely, we will find that most of the live broadcasts on the current web pages are game-based live broadcasts, which coincides with my guess. The main target is the game market. Besides the live game scenes, we can also look forward to two steps. I think we will definitely aim at the release and distribution of games, and we can wait and see.

The last one is search. The headline has launched a search platform before. Why did I say that Tik Tok is also targeting the search market?

Here, the person in charge of them actually mentioned that there are a lot of high-quality content in Tik Tok, and many users are used to using Tik Tok to search when they have questions, especially some tutorial content, and the video is more intuitive and easy to understand. Although it is said that it wants to improve the user’s search experience, in the case of satisfying users’ search, search is actually a recognized commercial model. Search feed streams are inserted into advertisements, and hot search lists are also a big advertising space. Besides advertisements, the biggest purpose is actually to seize the search market.

Although Tik Tok has launched a web version at present, its function is still relatively rough compared with that of Tik Tok app: it is unable to view the concerned bloggers, the viewing experience is poor, there is no barrage, it is impossible to watch continuously, and the video classification is insufficient.

Generally speaking, Tik Tok has once again taken a step in the layout of medium and long videos. I don’t know if Aauto Quicker, bilibili and Youaiteng will be more worried when they see this news. As users, of course, they hope to have healthy competition among major platforms and bring better experience and content to users.

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