The establishment of U18 Championship has added a new puzzle to baseball in our province.

The establishment of U18 Championship has added a new puzzle to baseball in our province.

Source: [Huasheng Online]

Opening ceremony of the competition.

Huasheng Online, November 27th (Reporter Chen Pu Zhuang) After two days of fierce competition, the first Hunan U18 Baseball Championship closed yesterday at Kaile Baseball Field in Kaifu District, Changsha. Baseball has added a heavyweight event in our province, and the promotion and development of the project has ushered in a new opportunity.

The players are in the competition.

The competition was directed by Hunan Sports General Association, sponsored by Hunan Baseball and Softball Association and hosted by Changsha Baseball and Softball Association. Six teams from Hunan Sports School, Changsha He Long Sports School, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Hengyang and Loudi participated in the competition. After two days and 11 competitions, the He Long Sports School team won the championship in four games, Hengyang team won the second place, the provincial sports school won the third place, and Zhuzhou Lingyu, Xiangtan Zuoke and Loudi team won the fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively.

Courtesy of the stadium.

According to Yu Xiaohui, executive vice chairman of Hunan Baseball and Softball Association, baseball and softball has developed rapidly in our province in recent years, relying on some universities, primary and secondary schools and non-governmental organizations in the province. Among them, Changsha’s baseball and softball competition system is particularly perfect, from U series for teenagers to city games, college leagues and social leagues, which can meet the needs of athletes and enthusiasts of all ages. The establishment of the U18 baseball championship in the whole province laid a good foundation for the further development of the project. Next, the provincial baseball and softball association will strive to develop baseball and softball into a new highlight and advantage project of sports in our province.

Li Yanling, Chairman of the Provincial Baseball and Softball Association, presented the award to Ye Yifei, winner of the home run award.

Kick-off ceremony of the game.

Wang Huang, second-class inspector of Hunan Sports Bureau and full-time vice chairman of Hunan Sports Federation, Fei Bo, director of competitive department of Hunan Sports Bureau, Qin Shiping, deputy director of Changsha Sports Bureau, Xiao Deqiang, president of Hunan Sports School, and Ye Bin, vice president of He Long Sports School in Changsha attended the opening ceremony. Li Yanling, Chairman of Hunan Baseball and Softball Association, presented awards to the champion team.

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