Melon and fruit fragrance | Xichang colorful fresh fruits in early summer "get together" listed sweet and sour and delicious "eat enough"

Melon and fruit fragrance | Xichang colorful fresh fruits in early summer "get together" listed sweet and sour and delicious "eat enough"

If the season has a "taste", then the early summer in Xichang should be "fruity", playful, lively, sweet and sour.

With the coming of summer in Xichang, colorful fresh fruits are on the market. Cherry, loquat, mango, grape, bayberry, watermelon, mangosteen … red, yellow, orange, purple, green and blue … are colorful "visual enjoyment" in the eyes, and sour and sweet "taste bud stimulation" in the entrance.

Xichang is located in the subtropical region of 27 north latitude, with abundant sunshine. The fresh fruits with colorful seasons are a gift from nature to Xichang people. The fruits produced here are rich in aroma and sweetness, and all kinds of fruits are dazzling. It is a veritable "hometown of fruits".

Especially in May and June, Xichang people’s "fruit baskets" are more abundant, and a wide variety of delicate and charming fruits add romance and sentiment to Xichang’s summer. Whether it’s red bayberry as sweet and sour as first love, watermelon to quench your thirst, or blueberry and cherries with bursting juice … In the summer season, fruits in Xichang are listed one by one, vowing to leave a sweet aftertaste on the tip of your tongue.

At this time, whether it is in the streets, farmers’ markets or fruit wholesale markets, a dazzling array of seasonal fresh fruits will always arouse your love for life.

In the fruit wholesale market of Chuncheng Road, the reporter saw that in front of each booth were summer scenery pictures of "red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple", and all kinds of fruits were "competing for fresh flowers", which attracted many tourists to "try early".

Ms. Yang from Dazhou said:

"Xichang has many kinds of fruits, good moisture and good taste. Every time I come here for business or tourism, I will pick some from the market and send them back to my family and friends to feel this’ sweetness’ together. Especially in summer, fruits are very rich, and you have an appetite when you look at them. "

Mr. Leng, a vendor who has been engaged in fruit business in the fruit wholesale market for more than 40 years, told the reporter: "Xichang keeps fresh fruits all year round, and the most comprehensive and watery categories are May and June, with dozens of seasonal fruits. Now the blueberries in Xichang are about to go on the market, bayberry and grapes have just been listed, cherries, mangoes, mangosteen and durian are all listed one after another, and the whole market has a complete range of fruits. "


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