Qingming is a good place to go for a spring outing. These places hide the beautiful spring in Yantian!

Qingming is a good place to go for a spring outing. These places hide the beautiful spring in Yantian!

Qingming Festival


spring outing

Grave-sweeping is one of the traditional customs in Tomb-Sweeping Day, in order to express people’s yearning and admiration for their ancestors. In the past two years, due to the need of epidemic prevention and control and forest fire prevention, Shenzhen has advocated "cloud sacrifice sweeping" for citizens and friends.

Another custom in Tomb-Sweeping Day, hiking, is becoming a travel choice for more and more Shenzhen people. The sense of ceremony in spring lies in going green and embracing nature. Seeing that the small holiday is coming, Xiao Bian has carefully selected three scenic spots close to the mountains and seas, and invited everyone to visit the beauty of Shan Ye in Shenzhen in spring!

Content of this issue

01 Sanzhoutian Scenery

02 Maluan Mountain Wild Interest

03 Mid-Levels Park Belt


Sanzhoutian scenery

Where exactly is Sanzhoutian mentioned by Shenzhen people?

Sanzhoutian, which we often talk about, is located.Yantian districtLonggang DistrictandPingshan districtAn area at the junction. There are 6 reservoirs and large and small peaks in the area, withNatural scenery of reservoirandCha chan Tian yuan styleFamous. You can not only breathe through it.High negative oxygen ionThe concentration of fresh air, you can also overlook the sea and see the mountains and seas!

Recommended scenic spots

First choice for mountaineering and hiking:Meishajian

Parent-child education through fun:Gengzi Shouyi sculpture garden

Rite Buddha and Zen life:Dahuaxing temple

Recommended reason

Of course, the most famous scenic spot in Sanzhoutian isoct eastBesides, OCT in the east has beautiful scenery, which benefits from the natural nature of Sanzhoutian scenery. These scenic spots recommended by Xiaobian today are all in the OCT area in the east.Free scenic spotsDo you want to spend a penny?Enjoy the 360 scenery of Sanzhoutian without dead ends.Come to these places!

Climb high and overlook

There is a panoramic view of the mountain.

Feel the majestic spirit of Sanzhoutian.

Let’s experience the wildness of hiking on Maluan Mountain again.

Green field pursuit

It’s even more emotional ~


Maluanshan wild interest

(Source: Xiaohongshu @ Udon who loves to eat)

How many entrances are there in Maluan Mountain?

(Source: Shenzhen Local Treasure)

There are 7 entrances to Maluanshan Country Park, in clockwise order.BilingEntrance (northwest gate),HuangzhukengEntrance,MaluanEntrance,ChiaoEntrance,XiaomeishaEntrance,dameisha beach parkEntrance andoct eastEntrance. The scenery of each entrance is very different, so you can choose the nearest entrance according to your location.

Recommended entrance

(Source: Xiaohongshu @ 嗮嗮嗮嗮嗮)

The first choice for watching waterfalls and going upstream:Biling entrance (northwest gate)

Meiyuan leisure flower viewing:Xiaomeisha entrance

Visiting Hakka villages:Maluan entrance

Recommended reason

(Source: Xiaohongshu @ 嗮嗮嗮嗮嗮)

Maluanshan Country ParkThe average altitude is 300-590 metersSurrounded by green plants, waterfalls and streams, the temperature is perennial.It is 3℃ lower than the urban area.If the weather in Shenzhen recently makes you feel hot and clear.Summer resortIt must be Maluanshan Country Park!

What? Do you think Maluan Mountain is too far away?

Ask Xiaobian if there is.Through subwayXanadu?

Of course there is!

Reservoirs, waterfalls, bridges and streams

Hiking, sea watching, flower viewing and camping.

Mid-level park belt

Can satisfy all your fantasies about hiking!


Mid-level park belt

What are the scenic spots in the Mid-Levels Park Belt?

The Mid-Levels Park Belt is a total length.69 kilometersMid-levels fire patrol trail network, includingThree waterfallsFour reservoirs6 parksand13 viewing platformsThere are as many as 23 entrances! The scenic spots recommended by Xiaobian "Wall Crack" are:Mandarin Duck Valley Scenic Area, Enshang Reservoir and Enshang Wetland Park.And along the wayViewing platform.

Recommended scenic spots

Secret state of Chengche Reservoir:Enshang reservoir

Small bridges and flowing water in the forest garden:Mandarin Duck Valley scenic spot

Overlooking the beautiful mountains and seas:Sightseeing platform along the way

Recommended reason

The Mid-Levels Park Belt, which was just fully opened during the Spring Festival this year, only took more than a month to go from obscurity.Small transparent"Become a newcomer in Yantian District"Internet celebrity",the coexistence of face value and strength is the most important reason. During the Qingming holiday, bring friends and family, and stroll through the Woods and flowers together. The Mid-Levels Park Belt is the best choice!

Green can not only bring people a good mood, but also represent hope. The Qingming Festival has a pleasant climate, and the spring rain moistens everything, which is the best time to enter Shan Ye.Climb high and overlook, watch the waterfall go upstream, and see the forest among the flowers.The limited scenery in spring is ready. Keep up with the pace of Xiaobian and set off for these hidden beautiful scenery!

Source: Changyou Yantian, Xiaohongshu, Shenzhen Local Treasure, Yantian District Media Center.

Overall production: Yantian District Media Center


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