At Shawn Dou’s wedding, Yi Jianlian wished the video continued to play, and finally really tied himself!

At Shawn Dou’s wedding, Yi Jianlian wished the video continued to play, and finally really tied himself!

A few days ago, the famous actor Dou Xiao and the gambling king He Chaolian got married in Bali. Although Yi Jianlian, as a good friend, was unable to attend the wedding because he was going to play in the CBA playoffs, the United Arab League sent sincere wishes to the Shawn Dou couple by recording a carefully prepared video.

In the video, Yi Jianlian changed his image of being calm and taciturn in the past, and frequently played tricks in just one minute: "Shawn Dou is irreplaceable in the world film industry", "Marlon Brando, Al pacino, Robert De Niro and Teacher Shawn Dou are the four kings in the film industry", "If Teacher Shawn Dou participates in the NBA draft this year, he will be the first one" and "Can you relax? I have a game tonight. "

The last sentence of the United Arab League "Can you untie it? "I have a game tonight" is absolutely wonderful, which can be said to be the brightest point of the whole video. To be honest, it really surprised netizens.

As all the fans familiar with Yi Jianlian know, the United Arab League is a very introverted handsome young man. He is low-key and pragmatic, never takes the initiative to joke, and looks serious all day. This is also the most fundamental reason why he can’t stay in the NBA for a long time. If the United Arab League has half the humor of Yao Ming, maybe his achievements in the NBA will be higher than now.

In fact, the United Arab League was not like this at first. In his early days in the NBA, WB often shared his daily life, which was particularly funny. Unfortunately, he was shut down by sunspots and never shared his daily life again. Especially when he was called "Lianmei" by unscrupulous netizens, Yi Jianlian was quite angry. He devoted his whole career to China basketball and devoted himself wholeheartedly to the wonderful performance of the fans. In the end, he was not sure, and it was still dark everywhere. That period was the lowest point in Yi Jianlian’s career.

Now, the United Arab League reappears a naughty year, as if it had suddenly returned to the past, and the sunny big boy is still there. The 36-year-old Yi Jianlian is on the verge of retirement, and his remaining games seem to be touring performances. At this time, those sunspots have already turned to powder, and no one can hear the voice of Yi Jianlian anymore.

At present, qi zhou is like Yi Jianlian in his early years. Although many people don’t want to admit it, who can replace qi zhou in the China men’s basketball team? Therefore, the Basketball Association will take qi zhou back to CBA at all costs.


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